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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 23, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," pope francis in america. >> the historic visit here in the u.s., finally under way, as the pope touched down. the huge reception. and the already growing controversy over some of today's major events. we're live in washington. wiped clean. county clerk kim davis opening up about her past marital affairs. and why she says the same-sex marriage certificates are just a piece of paper. a viking's quest. meet the nfl mascot who says he deserves $20,000 each game for dressing like a norseman. a ridiculous asking price? or pennies in the pro football world. and food for fall. on this first day of autumn, we'll make some dishes that inspires you to pull out the
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sweaters and pull out the rakes. we'll go inside "the insomniac kitchen." on this wednesday, september 23rd. good morning, everyone. phillip mena joining us today. >> great to be back here. a big week for the northeast here. >> it is a big, big, big day with pope francis in america. and i heard a priest say on-air, so much of what he does, he thinks what would jesus do in the moment? he downsized his apartment. he showed up, got picked up in a black fiat. downgraded that. and i'm guessing jesus wouldn't like rib-eye or sushi. he's asked for boiled vegetables and rice. they're going to have fancy meals. they're pulling out the stops. he is clearly humble all the way down to the food he eats. >> yeah. taking that message that the pope has of humility to heart. i do believe that jesus would be into sushi.
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what do i know? >> you like your sushi, too. >> that's where i'm getting that from. after months of preparation for the pope's visit, it's being put into motion today. >> the pope will make up at the vatican's diplomatic residence, in washington, d.c., across from the vice president's residence. when he arrived outside the capitol yesterday, he was greeted by president obama and his family. and they will all be together this morning for a welcoming ceremony at the white house. >> after his welcoming ceremony, francis will ride the popemobile, a few short blocks to st. matthew's cathedral for a prayer service. this afternoon, he will say mass at the basilica of the national shrine. it is a busy start to pope francis' three-city trip in the u.s. >> let's get details about his visit. we're joined by karen travers. she joins us from capitol hill. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, reena and phillip. the next few days have been nothing like what washington,
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d.c. has ever seen. 15,000 people will be at the white house to greet pope francis. and later in the day, 25,000 will be on-hand to attend mass with him. of course, we're a little jaded sometimes here in washington. we're used to motorcades. world leaders and v.i.p.s. but many people in this town are saying this historic visit by the pope is really something special. pope francis arrived here in the u.s. to a massive, excited crowd. and a very all-american cheer. >> hey, hey, welcome to the usa. >> reporter: the first latin-american pope. a jesuit and former archbishop after buenos aires. francis has been hailed as a revolutionary by some. others think he strayed too far from the church's traditions. he spoke to reporters on the flight from cuba to washington. and was asked about this
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"newsweek" cover that asks, is the pope catholic? some think i'm a bit leftist, he said. but this is in error. and i'm certain i have not said ll sit down with president . obama, who has called him a transformative leader. on thursday, he will deliver a speech to congress, a papal first. >> i think the things we'll hear, are income disparities and the poor. something about the environment. and also, something about migrants and refugees. >> reporter: the visit is an immense security challenge. large crowds expected in every city. but true to the humble nature of pope francis, this isn't just v.i.p. speeches. instead of dining with people in congress, he will have lunch with homeless people, in a tent set up outside on the street. it's moments like that that makes francis so popular. for the first time in 20 years, a majority of american catholics say the church is in touch with their views. and nine in ten say they approve the direction francis is taking the church. phillip and reena, that
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direction has been a big shift from pope francis' predecessors. he hasn't shied away from pushing his agenda. it's an agenda that many catholics say is long overdue to bring change. >> he's passionate about that. you're standing in washington. there's some controversial, even with the pope. tell us about the controversial that's brewing at the event at the white house? >> reporter: this event at the white house. 15,000 people, a massive welcome ceremony. and that means there's a wide range of people that will be there. there were reports that the vatican was upset with some people that the white house had invited, including some critics of the catholic church, and transgender activists. the vatican tells abc news, that president obama can invite anybody he wants. this is not something he is weighing in on and they didn't have official statements. the white house said people were
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able to obtain tickets. but they weren't trying to make a statement, as well. >> you mentioned tens of thousands of people that will be there today. a lot of preparation going on at the nation's capital. what's the feeling like, now that he's finally arrived? >> reporter: so much excitement has been buzzing in the capital for a couple of days. one security official said, it's like having an inauguration, over the course of a morning, an afternoon, and the next day and afternoon. inauguration after inauguration. the security presence is immense. the road closures are going to be stretching through many parts of the city today and tomorrow. in fact, people are being encouraged to stay home from work and commute -- work from home if they can. i'm keeping my daughter home from day care today and tomorrow because it's just not worth it to try to bring people down in vehicles. there's a local news site that had a headline, sums it all up. it just said, seriously, don't drive in washington while the pope is here. i think that point, hopefully,
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will get across to people. take metro or walk or just stay home. >> good advice there. a lot of traffic. and a lot of excitement. karen travers, live in washington. thank you. the pope is getting a warm reception online from lots of famous faces. >> the catholic charities of the archdiocese of new york invited people of all faiths to welcome pope francis by creating a video of themselves reciting the universal words of charity, taken from the gospel of matthew. >> for, i was hungry. >> and you gave me food. >> i was thirsty. >> you gave me drink. >> i was a changer. >> he welcomed me. >> welcome to our home, pope francis. >> those are just a few of the many americans who jumped at the chance to send a personal welcome to the pope. and the videos are still pouring in. >> we can do ours. and stay with abc news throughout the morning for more live coverage of pope francis in america. in our next half hour, we'll have more on the expected events in new york and philadelphia, later in the week. there are new developments in the growing refugee crisis
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overseas. european union officials have agreed to relocate 120,000 people to ease the strain on greece and italy. those officials acknowledge it's a small step toward resolving the crisis. four eastern european countries, czech republic, slovakia, romania and hungary, refuse to agree to the plan. presidential politics. and republican candidate ben carson blamed p.c. culture for the fallout over his statement against electing a muslim president. he said everyone has a right to be president, as long as they embrace american values and the constitution. president obama has declared a major disaster and one of the worst wildfires ever. the declaration helps for funds for the cleanup. the fire is still burning. three people were killed and two others are still missing.
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we have happy news for a family that lost nearly everything in that fire. >> the couple and their baby escaped the flames with a few personal items before their apartment building burned to the ground. but what annette did not know is that eric has left one important thing behind. a diamond engagement ring for his upcoming surprise proposal. >> as you can imagine, eric was frantic, thinking it was lost forever. but when they went back, to dig through the rubble, eric found the ring where he had hidden it. behind the tv. the tv was destroyed but standing. >> they're meant to get carried. >> he hasn't proposed. the cat's obviously out of the bag now, right? >> too late now. can't go back. >> that's okay. he'll have a great story to tell both of them the rest of their lives. >> you're right. coming up, a man who just set five new world records and is 100 years young. and summer is officially over. if you're ready for some tastes of the season, we have some dishes to get you in the autumn
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spirit. that's coming up later in "insomniac kitchen." and the county clerk standing her ground on same-sex marriage. opening up in an interview with abc. why she says her past isn't the issue. if you want to weigh in, head over to our facebook page and twitter. you're watching "world news now." about because of a saggy diaper it's time to dance freely thanks to new pampers cruisers the first and only diaper that helps distribute wetness evenly into three extra absorb channels. so it stays drier and doesn't sag like other diapers so wiggle it jiggle it and do, whatever that is, in new pampers cruisers love, sleep and play. pampers
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well, it's a busy first full day in the u.s. for pope francis. you see his arrival outside washington there, being greeted by president obama, his family and hundreds of others. this morning, francis receives a formal welcome at the white house. in the afternoon, he'll say a mass, at which missionary, who founded california's mission, will be canonized at that pass. and tomorrow, francis will be the first pope to address congress. in washington, another government shutdown is looming. this time, over funding for planned parenthood. conservative republicans want the funding cut. a series of videos, that purports to show that planned parenthood traffics fetal issue. lawmakers have been meeting behind closed doors, trying to work out a compromise. there's no compromise for a clerk over marriage licenses for same-sex couples.
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>> kim davis sat down with paula faris. >> reporter: kim davis is standing firm. not signing the marriage licenses. though her deputies are. your name is not on the licenses. in your mind, are they valid? >> they're not valid in god's eyes. i have given no authority to write a marriage license. >> reporter: to defend that principle, davis spent six days in jail. one of the voters who finally received a marriage license, said he finally felt human. people will question why is your moral conscience, kim, more important than someone else's happiness? >> i think dignity is something you find within yourself. i feel really sad that someone could be so unhappy with themselves as a person, that they did not feel dignified as a human being, until they got a piece of paper. >> reporter: it's not just a piece of paper to some people. and it's not a piece of paper to
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you. >> but that's what it took to make him happy. for him to feel dignified as a human being. i just -- you know, i don't know. i can't -- it's really sad. >> reporter: you've been married four times. you had children in adulterous relationship. are you a hypocrite? >> no. i'm forgiven. washed clean. >> reporter: paula faris, abc news, moore head, kentucky. in our next half hour, sean penn's league battle. what he's angry about now, coming up in "the skinny." had enough burgers on the barbecue? you're in luck, it's fall. and fall foods are back. we're cooking up some in the "insomniac kitchen." you're watching "world news now.
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♪ all right. that is a wrap on summer. so, happy fall, everyone. and with the change of the seasons comes changes on the menu. >> okay. at king's side, one of new york's hottest restaurants, they're serving us produce and meats, harvested right from the area's farms. and tina trinn stopped by their kitchen for "the insomniac tich kitchen." >> we're at kingside restaurant here in new york city, to check out the new dishes inspired by the season. we're with chef murphy at the kingside restaurant. summer is over. it was a fun summer full of hot dogs and hamburger. now, i'm ready for responsible fall food. what have you got? >> the first thing i think about is brussels sprouts.
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what we do here at kingside, we take a raw salad. we take a mandolin like this. and you shred the brussels sprout like this. i'm going to add mince. a little salt and pepper. a squeeze of lemon use in here. >> just got me. >> did i get you? there you go. and then, we're going to drizzle a little olive oil. going to throw in ricotta. and i'm going to put in toasted pine nuts. i'm going to mix this up. make sure the seasoning is right. and finish it off with a little more ricotta over the pop. >> on to the main course. >> main course. we're going to do a duck bollanaise. we're going to go with a little olive oil. black garlic. and add in our duck boulianaise.
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we put our duck through a grinder. a little ladle of that. a little bit of mint. a little bit of thyme. a little rosemary. and of course, the all-important salt and pepper. as we always say here, you have to season with authority. and then, we have the ricotta, which we smoke in house. we do a cold smoke. i like to put my pasta in there and let it mix in and cook with it. we're going to finish off with a little bit of parmesan. we're going to plate this. and finish off with a little bit of the ricotta right in the middle. >> all right. i'm ready to eat. >> please do. try it out. for fall and winter. all fall and winter. >> really nice. i like the crunch, too. >> and we have our duck boulaniase. we're taking a liberal approach to what we're calling things. >> that is so good.
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>> she likes it. we're lucky. >> really good. thank you, chef. >> you're very welcome. >> happy fall. >> happy fall to you. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> happy fall. and our thanks to kingside, which is located in the viceroy hotel. you were upset it's brussels sprouts. >> i'm not familiar with brussels sprouts. >> try it. tell us what you think. >> it's good. it's like shredded lettuce. >> this one has mint, lemon, pine nuts and ricotta. and so, you like? >> my taste isn't so refined. where's the meat? that's the whole deal, right? just up your alley, there you go. it's good, though. feels healthy. just eating it. i feel healthier. >> you do? >> yeah. maybe i should continue. >> i think the pope would also like it. this is not boiled. it's upclass. >> there you go, pope. you have time? swing by kingside.
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>> i'll bet they comp your meal. >> for sure. we've been changing things up with k-y love.
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♪ all right. it's time for "the mix." in the nfl, you've heard of holdouts before. those are guys who don't want to play because they want a bigger contract. >> oh. >> it's kind of their one-man strike. we got that going on with a mascot in the nfl. his name is ragnar the viking. there he is. he rolls in on the motorcycle before every vikings game. now, he wants more money. he was making $1,500 a game. now, he wants $20,000 a game to show up and do his thing. >> what? and his thing is rolling in on a motorcycle? >> yep. and looking like that. exactly. to inspire the team and its fan base. but he wants a ten-year deal for a total of $1.6 million over ten years. good luck, dude. >> i would say use the black fiat. downgrade a little. >> i don't think the vikings are going to bite.
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age might be just a state of mind for some people. take a look at this guy. he's 100 years old. and he broke five world records. a california man, he's done everything, from the meter dash, to the high jump. this was his reaction after winning. that was the one i wanted. i wanted the 100. it's a 12-year-old record that some japanese guy had. >> a 12-year record that some japanese guy had. he looks great, doesn't he? >> and the high jump. my goodness, that seems dangerous. >> it does. >> for anybody. there he is. oh. yeah. look at that. >> that's great. >> new world record. good for him. yesterday, we showed you -- it's time to talk rodents. we showed you a rat that was dragging the pizza slice down the subway stairs. there he is. rodents, that's the theme here in new york.
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now, there's this squirrel, that sees a milkshake? the trash and bounces. he fears humans beating him to it. jumps to safety over that fence. i don't know if you've ever had a chocolate shake from the shake shack. i get where the squirrel is coming from. he figured it out. he knows what's up. he saved himself 12 bucks or whatever it costs to have one of those. >> didn't have to pay for it. >> there you go. got it figured out. a young boy turns 2. a little dilemma. who is going to blow out the birthday candles? it's very hard for him. he is trying. just turned 2. blows it out. move it a little closer. that blow, doesn't quite work. push it a little closer. give it another college try. >> a little higher, dude. >> poor noah, a hard time doing this. >> someone come to the rescue? >> you have
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this morning on "world news now," the pope touches down as the historic visit gets under way. pope francis and his big day ahead, including the massive security effort along the entire east coast. we're live in d.c. with a full report. and the other visit. the president of china also here in the u.s. ahead of this week's state dinner. will president obama be able to calm the tensions and strike a deal on some very tough issues? and new this half hour, trump on late-night. >> doing some damage control last night. and trying to recapture the energy of the summer. but there was one question the donald would not answer. and hollywood's war of words. sean penn going after the creator of the hit show, "empire," with a massive lawsuit. what was said on that show that got penn seeing red. and how much green he's looking to get for it.


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