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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 15, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news, president obama announcing a big shift in strategy. extending the u.s.' military mission in afghanistan, leaving thousands of troops there. reversing his plans to withdraw by the end of his presidency. break overnight, system failure. the computers that check passengers against the terror watch list shut down in some of the biggest airports in the country raising security concerns. could terrorists have slipped through the cracks? the dramatic 911 calls released overnight as lamar odom continues to fight for his life. >> they can't get him to wake up. he's like not almost not breathing. >> the combination of drugs found in his system and what he was doing in the hours before he was found barely breathing as family and friends rally by his side. and one of the craziest baseball plays you'll ever see. the catcher hits the player's
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bat with a flow, a runner scores to take the lead, even the umpires are confused. >> they're going crazy. >> fans throw bottles on the feel, benches clear not once but twice. we'll show you what happened next. everybody, just calm down. >> good morning, america. talk about a seventh inning stretch. took 53 minutes for the seventh inning right there. what a crazy game. the rangers versus the blue jays, see that runner come home. he was allowed to run even though the umpire was waving it off. it was just an insane inning. we'll tell you what happened. >> t.j. will have all the details. but we begin with breaking news. president obama announcing he will leave thousands of troops in afghanistan beyond next year, halting the withdrawal. abc's martha raddatz has all the details, joins us from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. all of the nearly 10,000 troops we have now in afghanistan were
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supposed to be out by the end of next year, except those at the embassy, but the president will now leave as many as 5500 troops beyond 2016, their mission will be similar to what it is now, counterterrorism operations and training and assisting the afghan troops. the commanders just felt the afghan forces were not ready to be on their own and as we've seen over the last few months, the taliban is once again on the rise and isis is as well, robin. >> how much does this have to do with what happened in iraq when president obama pulled out u.s. forces there and only for them to return later? >> reporter: well, that was a big consideration, robin. there's been a lot of criticism and spendinglation that if the u.s. had had a presence, we would have been able to track isis better in iraq or at least had more influence there. but today's announcement is a big step for president obama, who was the man who wanted to end both wars only to find them
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both flaring up again, robin. >> all right, martha, we'll see how this plays on capitol hill. >> he did not want to make this decision but felt forced into it. that disruption overnight at some of the biggest airports in the country. customs computers shut down delaying thousands of passengers raising serious questions about security. abc's aviation correspondent david kerley has all the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. dulles international airport, one of the airports hit overnight, a computer glitch making it difficult to get in or out of the country. line, long lines all a result of the computer system that checks the terror watch list, the no fly list against those who do want to fly. it went down meaning getting in and out of the country was not easy. customs and border patrol says it does have means to check the no-fly list with those trying to board planes, but obviously it slowed the system dramatically. >> it's crazy. i never saw anything like this. >> reporter: the department of homeland security says there is no indication this was a hack or caused by terrorism.
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>> they said it was a nationwide computer glitch and we all had to wait. >> reporter: and wait, they did. at international airports across the country, all affected when this system went down. passengers taken to social media with pictures of their line, one saying, customs outage was a blast. the problem affected those trying to leave or enter the untry. overnight, customs and border protection telling abc news, quote, it experienced a temporary outage and took immediate action to address the technology disruption. now, temporary outage lasted about 90 minutes. customs and border protection tells me they do have these glitches often but don't normally rise to the system going down like it did last night, robin. >> quite a nightmare. thank you. now to a wildfire in texas exploding in size overnight. thousands of acres burned. homes destroyed. dozens more threatened. abc's clayton sandell is there for us in texas this morning. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: and good morning, robin.
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you can see the sheriff here has set up a roadblock. they are blocking access to these neighborhoods. there are mandatory evacuations in effect right now for this fire which is now at 4200 acres and still growing. overnight this massive texas wildfire blowing up more than 10 times larger than 24 hours ago. firefighting planes and choppers keeping up a all-out aerial assault. >> the fire has been steadily growing. >> repter: so far the fire has destroyed nine homes, another 150 are in jeopardy. >> it's quite scary. less than a quarter of a mile away from this. >> reporter: flames threatening several surrounding neighborhoods prompting evacuations. >> i was able to get stuff out that i couldn't get replaced because a lot of people don't have that opportunity. >> reporter: firefighters have been working throughout the night desperate to keep the fire from engulfing any more homes. >> we're starting the operation to light a backing fire to try and get some containment on the
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wildfire. >> reporter: and firefighters are making progress on that number. it is now up to 15% containment. they obviously want that number to go up but are facing another day of hot temperatures, robin. >> thank you, clayton. we'll talk about that record heat, powerful wind gusts in the south are fueling that fire right now. ginger, you have more on that. >> we could see broken records from austin to houston, dallas, jackson, little rock, pretty much anybody on the map in the okay and red there, just a few hundred miles north and just north of that cold front, oh, it's cold. freeze warnings and watches from the northern plains by tomorrow morning to chicago, suburbs could see a frost and then you go and the core of that cold air moves to the east. look how chilly atlanta, 44. nashville, 37. boston the old 32 by sunday morning. >> thanks very much. the race for president now, "your voice, your vote." and front-runners riding high. hillary clinton smoking out joe biden after wednesday night's debate. donald trump packing in more big crowds. abc's cecilia vega tracking it all from las vegas. good morning, cecilia.
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>> reporter: george, good morning to you. we now know that debate shattered records more than 15 million viewers, hillary clinton, bernie sanders out there taking their victory laps today as you said, donald trump on the attack but this morning here's the big question, can both sides keep this momentum going? this morning, hillary clinton may be feeling lucky in las vegas, but the political focus now back on the one person who wasn't on that debate stage, joe biden offering praise for his fellow democrats on wednesday. >> i was proud of -- i thought they all did well. >> reporter: but no hints about his political future, even as clinton's campaign packs on the pressure. >> i think with respect to vice president, i think it's time for him to make the decision. >> reporter: clinton herself brushing off a potential biden bid. >> everyone else, whether they're in or they're not in, will have to make whatever judgment is best for them. >> reporter: her rival that is in the race, making a victory
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lap after tuesday's performance. vermont senator bernie sanders, that's him, dancing on "ellen." >> who has better hair, you or donald trump? >> that goes without saying. >> yeah. >> reporter: that famous hair drawing thousands to a rally in virginia. >> last night, with bernie sanders and hillary and the other three guys that nobody even knows who the hell they are, who are they? >> reporter: but the donald wasn't the only trump making news. ivanka saying her dad would make a great president for women. >> he's blunt, he's direct. he is nongender specific in his criticism of people. he would be incredible for women in this country. >> reporter: and ivanka says she is a close friend of chelsea clinton and says politics and friendship lines do not cross. i want to read you what she said. the politics of our parents is not relative to our friendship, george. i'm not sure her parents would be able to say the same thing today. >> let's hope they can keep it
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up. okay, cecilia, thanks very much. to jon karl about this and, jon, vice president biden saying he was proud of what he saw on the debate stage but it comes as a lot of democrats seem to think the door is closing on a possible bid by him. he's not saying anything. >> reporter: no decision yet from biden but i've got to tell you i've spoken to a lot of biden confidant, people very close to the vice president, there is a growing sense even among them that he may have waited too long, that the decision is being made for him. i mean, the debate, a big factor, as one biden longtime friend told me he needed to be at that debate. this biden friend said if you're going to run for president you actually need to run the party instead of seeing a wounded front-runner with hillary clinton out there saw a very strong performance for hillary clinton and much less of a rationale for biden to get into the race. >> first deadline october 29th. the vice president had lunch with the president yesterday. this could be putting the president in kind of a tricky
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situation. what's the white house thinking? >> reporter: well, i got to tell you, i cannot find a single senior staff member in the white house, a single senior aide to the president who thinks biden is going to run. the clear sense in the west wing is that he will not run although, george, all of those senior officials acknowledge that they don't know for sure that biden has not told them anything. a health alert about a popular vitamins and dietary supplements. a new study finds they are responsible for sending more than 20,000 people a year to the emergency room. many of them children and young adults. abc's dr. richard besser is here and, rich, this is the first study of its kind. tell us more about what it discovered. >> the first time anyone has taken a look to see, did there an issue with vitamins and supplements? the cdc and fda found on average 23,000 people every year to the er. 2100 people every year hospitalized from this and one in five are young kids getting
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into someone else's products th weren't for them but interestingly, a large group of the adults, one in four were young adults, 20 to 34, heart palpitations from vitamins, energy drinks and weight loss products and in the elderly difficulty swallowing from large pills. >> a lot are waking up and want to reach for their dietary supplement. how significant is this study and what advice do you have? >> the industry says millions of people take them every year so in general they're very staph but don't go through approval for safety or effectiveness. first thing, make sure they're kept out of the reach of young children and not required to be in childproof containers. the second thing you want to do, if you have any kind of problem with swallowing, there's no limit to the size of the tablet, think about gel caps or for liquids and for anyone especially thinking about taking a weight loss or energy product, talk to your doctor about the possible side effects. >> that is always good advice. talk to your doctor and you'll
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be on facebook and twitter. >> all morning. >> thanks, rich. now to new trouble at walmart. the world's largest retailer announced a huge drop in profits sparking billions of dollars this losses for its stockhold s stockholders. rebecca jarvis here with more on what it may mean for your holl shopping. >> good morning, george. that move affects almost everyone with the retirement savings account because walmart is one of the most wildly held stocks in the country but even if you've never invested in the market, walmart's struggles today will mean deeper discounts this holiday. this morning, the world's largest retailer facing a brutal sell-off. walmart's stock takataing wednesday wiping out $21 billion in value in a matter of hours. the worst day in 27 years for the company and it caused a domino effect across wall street taking down many other major retailers with it. now, all that setting the stage for deep discounts ahead for you.
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>> the retail environment has been very competitive lately and i think as we set up for the holiday season it's going to be increasingly competitive. >> reporter: walmart's billion dollar 14ru6r7 is caused in part by amazon. all struggling to grow sales and this holiday season isn't expected to get much better. the national retail federation expects consumer spending to increase only 3.7% from last year. so, retailers are slashing prices. >> what will you do with your savings. >> reporter: already offering everything from layaway to price matching to friends and family discounts to get you in their storrs and on their sites as soon as possible. >> i think we'll see pretty aggressive discounts. i think 30%, 40% off will be pretty standard fare. >> reporter: 30% to 40% off is standard fare. now if you're wondering why do all of these christmas sales have to start so early? here's your answer. one in four shoppers plan to
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finish their holiday shopping by the end of november, robin and george, it means the early bird gets the worm whether they're the shopper or the retailer. >> i'm not getting that early worm. >> following lara's example. already done. >> not done. getting there. >> let's go to amy with today's other top stories. this major protest in baltimore. >> i do. a tense scene early this morning in baltimore. demonstrators protesting police brutality occupied city hall overnight refusing to leave after a city committee approved the appointment of the new police commissioner, so far at least 12 protesters have been arrested. escalating tensions in israel have the white house scrambling for ways to calm that situation. israeli forces are sealing off palestinian neighborhoods to help stem the bloodiest violence since peace talks broke down last year. secretary of state john kerry will head to that rion but a state department comment on wednesday suggesting that israel may be using excessive force
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could further strain u.s./israeli relations. a plea deal could be announced as early as today in the scandal surround dennis hastert. he is charged with paying a former friend to cover up past misconduct which reportedly included sexual misconduct even with a deal, hastert could face prison time. violent crash on a california freeway. a truck speeds up trying to pass a mustang then loses control veering off the road flipping over and landing in a car dealership. witnesses say it may have been road rage because both vehicles tried to merge into the same lane at the same time. well, some sticker shock for commuters in denver. this is incredible. i actually had to reread this story. they may soon have to pay a $$40, 4-0 dollar toll on interstate 70. authorities are hoping to reduce congestion and push drivers to use an electronic toll pass. i think that'll do the trick, guys. finally, cue the music for
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this story. ♪ fly like an eagle >> look at this video shot by a camera mounted on the back of an eagle as it soared over london. the city's landmarks clearly visible. his name is sid think and his footage will be used in a new video game, cool but pretty much i just wanted to play steve miller band. >> absolutely. >> can we throw in some "jungle love." >> moving like that. thanks for bringing that to us. benches clear twice after one of the strangest plays you'll ever see in baseball and you will in just 30 seconds.
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>> back now at 7:17 with that bizarre play in game five between texas and toronto that caused benches to clear not once but twice and sent fans into a frenzy. abc's t.j. holmes has all the details. >> reporter: one of the strangest plays in playoff history. >> a run scores. >> reporter: and the result, benches clear. >> the dugouts have emptied. >> reporter: a crowd reveals. >> we have to get the players off the field. >> reporter: in the end the toronto blue jays brought home their first alds title in over 22 years. >> championship series. >> reporter: the turning point, the 53-minute seventh inning with a score tied 2-2. the blue jays catcher makes what looks to be a routine throw back to the pitcher but the ball deflects off the bat of the texas ranger shin-soo choo, a run allowed to score but even
7:18 am
the umps don't seem sure that was the right call and the game is temporarily halted for 18 minutes while they confer. the fans angrier by the minute. >> they are going crazy throwing everything in this place. >> reporter: the toronto player tries to calm the crowd but they're not having it. the benches clear, that ranger's run allowed to stand but it served as a rallying run for the blue jays and rangers make three errors in quick succession. then with the score tied 3-3, the jays' jose bautista steps to the plate. >> bautista with a drive. deep left field. >> reporter: capping off their victory with the bat flip heard around the world. you're not supposed to flip your bat. he tossed it in the dugout but the ump got it right. he got it wrong initially but that throw if there's interference by the batter then that's a problem but the batter was just standing in the box innocently and it was an accident so the ump said
7:19 am
initially i got it wrong -- >> called a live ball. >> a live ball and that runner can score. >> you've been on the baseball beat for us. >> i'm going to anchor "sportscenter" now so dah, dah, dah. >> so much more ahead this monday -- this friday morning -- thursday morning. an abc news exclusive. high school football player who says his life was changed forever. the latest on lamar odom found unconscious fighting for his life. sausage. hotcakes and butter. morning fare right? well mcdonald's has thrown away those rules and opened a new world of possibilities. now, you're free to start enjoying the breakfast you love any time you wish. no way. yes way. introducing mcdonald's new all day breakfast menu. once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. "how to lay down the law."
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. that same low pressure system that's been hanging out in the pacific has come back around now showers and storms especially in mountain areas in southern california, parts of nevada and arizona, you could see 1 to 2 inches plus snow
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good morning washington. we want to get an update on the weather. here is jacqui jeras. >> a couple patchy cloudy skies, plenty of sunshine expected through the day. temperatures will be where we should be in the the 60s. 50s by 9:00. get up to around 63 or 64 boy lurch hour. high temperatures in the upper 60s. cool night, but not as cold as what we'll see this weekend. a cold front will move through friday. stray shower possibility. highs in the 50s saturday, sunday. overnight lows in the 30s. >> on the community we have been teaing with this crash on interstate i-66 quite some time. eastbound, just after nuttily before the capital beltway, you can see the delays all the way way to fairfax county parkway.
7:27 am
for folks eastbound. on the capital beltway defensive you get to braddock road we're blocking the center lane with crash cleanup on the fertility. for folks on anacostia freeway, the crash has been cleared but atlantas back to eastern. >> the united states is halting its military withdrawal from afghanistan. senior administration officials say the president will keep 5500 troops in the country through the end of his term en2017. a major change expected to be announced at the white house prolonging the american role with the war there stretchling on for 14 years. in baltimore, 12 activists were arrested after an overnight city in in city hall. it was part of a protest to approve a new commissioner. 35 demonstrators occupied the chambers, protests were peaceful
7:28 am
but those arrested have been charged with trespassing. major problem across the country at a half to zen airports includes dulles. an outage involving the system used by homeland security to check passengers name against the terror watch lest. the problem was fixes in 90 minutes, you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. we are i've always only at back with another update
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good morning, america. and you're looking at the top of somebody's head live at dulles international airport. >> this just in, robin. >> it's one of the major international airports across the country hit by a major outage overnight. the computers that check against the terror watch list going down that raised some important security kerrs. >> david kerley is on that case. here's some of the other headlines. randy quaid back in court in vermont facing fugitive charges. quaid and his wife on the run for five years accused of vandalism in california. both being held on $500,000 bail. can you imagine flying from new york to london in an hour? airbus has designed the successor to the concorde claiming it could travel nearly five times the speed of sound. big question is will they actually build that? >> who needs to go that fast? >> everyone would have to wear g
7:31 am
suits or something. >> i would wear it just to get there that quick. they could make one my size, i'm in it. also this morning, big change coming to the way you pay at some restaurants. >> this could just be the tip of the iceberg. >> ooh. >> have we reached the no tipping point when it comes to tipping at restaurants? one of the men behind some of the most successful restaurants, you know, something he's going down -- something he's exploring and find out about that in "the speed feed." >> you've been hanging around us too much. >> puntastic. >> i'm learning from you. we'll find out about that in "the speed feed." we begin with new details about lamar odom. he is continuing to fight for his life this morning. we're learning the 911 and hearing the 911 calls from when he was found unresponsive. abc's kayna whitworth is in las vegas with the latest. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. right now the hospital is remaining quiet about lamar
7:32 am
odom's condition. this as his friends and family are gathering in support. now, we've learned that this was the first time odom visited that brothel and now everyone is wondering what happened what left this 6'10" former athlete fighting for his life? >> is he conscious? >> no. >> reporter: overnigeght newly released 911 calls from the brothel where lamar odom was found unconscious. >> he has blood coming out his nose, white stuff coming out of his mouth and they can't get him to wake up. >> the reporting part informed the dispatch the male had been using cocaine. >> reporter: odom unresponsive and barely breathing in the vip suite at the nevada love ranch rushed to a local hospital and moved to a hospital in las vegas, the 35-year-old now surrounded by family and friends. >> at this time we pray for his recovery. >> reporter: the kardashian family rallying around the former nba star.
7:33 am
kris jenner sending her prayers over instagram and kendall jenner tweeting please don't go. others offering prayers and support for odom. >> i hope that he really pulls through. that's really important because he's had such a big heart. he's helped so many people so now it's our turn to help him. >> reporter: staffers say he was there for four days drinking and taking herbal viagra they sold on site. >> lamar was acting like a fun guy. he wasn't out of his mind. he wasn't speeding around. he was going to bed at night, getting good sleep. he was eating healthy. >> reporter: but one employee at the love ranch saying something changed monday night. was there any, you know, any sign of his kind of attitude changing? >> he did get a phone call and that phone call had seemed to bum him out. the night before he was hospitalized, you know, he had told the girls that he wanted to spend that night alone. >> reporter: on tuesday morning he was visited once at 6 a.m.
7:34 am
and then again midday whe he was asleep. but when he didn't rise by 3:00, two women found lamar completely unalert. >> horrifying site. one of the girls in the last 24 hours has not quit crying. another girl is not available. we don't even know where she's at. >> talking to lamar much? >> i can't find him. >> reporter: it hasn't been an easy few years for the basketball star and father of two. after splitting with wife khloe kardashian, he was cut from the new york knicks after just three months and this past june, one of his best friends died of an apparent drug overdose. >> lamar stuff will weigh on me for the rest of my life. the marriage didn't work out, not because of me, that wasn't what i wanted so for the rest of my life i'm going to deal with that and worry about him and think about him and want just to protect him. >> reporter: now we've learned this morning that lamar's two children from a previous girlfriend have just arrived in las vegas. also it's important to note as of this morning khloe and lamar
7:35 am
have signed divorce papers but that judgment hasn't been entered into the court yet so as of this morning, they're still legally married and, robin and george, "people" magazine is reporting that khloe is making all of his medical decisions. >> i did not know that. >> how much she cares for him deeply. >> she does, okay. we turn to those fantasy sports sites in the headlines again this morning. fbi now investigating whether some of the sites have defrauded players and fostered illegal gambling. david wright with the story. >> reporter: this probe is reportedly in its early stages. the justice department still figuring out what to make of this billion dollar industry that for now is completely unregulated. the feds want to know is it many galing? is it something else and whether these companies are breaking any laws. this morning, the booming daily fantasy sports business faces a new legal hurdle. >> just choose a league, pick a team and get your cash winnings. >> reporter: the fbi and justice department launched an inquiry
7:36 am
into the practice of these billion dollar daily fantasy sports websites. after last week's revelation that an employee of draftkings won $350,000 on a rival site, fanduel and may have shared inside information. "the wall street journal" reports today that agents from the fbi's boston office have already reached out to draftkings customers. >> combines one day fantasy sports with winning life-changing amounts of cash. >> reporter: players have won huge sums but they would insist it's because they're good at picking team, not because ty he have access to inside information. the gomes brothers won a million dollars in one bet and are not targets of the current investigation. >> some are better than others but they put more time and effort into it and learned and grown to that point. i don't think anything is unfair honestly. >> reporter: new york's attorney general is launching his own probe demanding that both sites share internal information and policy. >> it's something we're taking a
7:37 am
look at. fraud is fraud. >> reporter: both companies have denied any wrongdoing and have voluntarily blocked employees from participating in daily fantasy games for now. draftkings said in a statement wednesday night, it's entirely predictable that the government would follow up on the misleading reports about our industry and that they strongly disagree with any notion that our company has engage the in any illegal activities." but we reached out to fanduel, as well, they told us no comment. george, robin. >> thanks. coming up on "gma," we have an abc news exclusive for you. the parents of that high school football player hit hard in the head, now suing the school district. what they said happened to their son. you'll see it next here on "gma." come on back. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast.
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just about anywhere you can use splenda®... calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar... ...without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda® 7:41. back now with a family of a high school football player who says their son is severely debilitated from hits he took on the field. they're suing the school
7:42 am
district claiming the coach put the junior back in the game even though he told the too much he wasn't feeling well. abc's matt gutman is here with the news, exclusive, matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: 17-year-old trey enloe said he was feeling nauseated, dizzy, had headaches. those are classic concussion symptoms. his doctor said he probably suffered a concussion on the first play of the game, but he ended up playing the rest of it making that brain injury so much worse. this is the moment trey enloe's life changed. number 60, the kicker, crashing helmet-to-helmet with that player. >> when he got home that day and his life changed. >> reporter: during this junior varsity game last year, the 18-year-old stumbling off the field asking his coach to bench him. his parents telling abc news exclusi exclusively -- >> he was trying to tell his
7:43 am
teammate something about a play and his words were slurred. >> reporter: he was unable to follow simple instruction according to a suit his family filed against the san diego school district but his coach allegedly sent him wobbling back in saying, i don't have time for this right now. he ended up playing most of the game suffering additional hits and when a doctor finally saw him -- >> he motioned like you need to get down here now. that's when i knew something was really wrong. >> reporter: his family says trey is now severely debilitated. >> he has very severe migrant grains. >> reading right now is very painful for him. he literally winces in pain. >> reporter: the coach denied the claims telling "the san diego voice" it was never communicated to me once that trey was injured. but the family attorney says they have a strong case. >> you've got a coach that violated every policy and procedure to protect our young students. >> reporter: researchers at
7:44 am
purdue university recently concluded that brain injury among high school football players like trey could be shockingly per vasistic, roughly 50% of the players examined even ones without concussion symptoms showed changes to the neurology and biochemistry of their brains. look at this preseason brain scan of one player involved in the study compared to the same player's brain after the season. the brain activity seems changed. >> once you've had a concussion the risk of additional injury is way up. >> reporter: trey's concussion happened a year ago tomorrow. and his father worries there still is not enough awareness. >> this will play out this weekend on football fields all over america. pay attention to how real this is. >> reporter: now, i want to show you those images interest that study. take a look on the left. that's a brain of a healthy high school football player before the season starts. see these orange and blue dots, that's the circuitry the brain is trying to use to complete a
7:45 am
tack. now take a look at the right side. the same kid during the season, see how those images on the right, there's so many fewer dots of the red and blue. those are the ways in which the brain has rewired itself to complete that same task. all to avoid using those damaged areas and, remember, this is a kid without a diagnosed concussion and maybe the most disturbing part of that study it took up to five months for some of those players' brains to heal. lara. >> does the brain ever really fully heal? that's also the question people are asking. you played football, michael. >> it is one of these things -- it's this catch-22. so many kids that want to play and parents who want them to play but you have to listen to the kid. if the kid says, i don't feel well, these are the symptoms, trust them they know what they're talking about. nothing worse than having some kid injured over trying to win a football game. it's not important at all. >> not worth it. matt, thank you, michael, thank you. coming up, you will have a tip for us? >> oh, yeah, you know what, to tip or not to tip.
7:46 am
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all right, time now for "the speed feed" and we all love those stories of waiters and waitresses getting that supersized tip but we also heard tales of those workers being stiffed which is not so nice. soon that could all change. industry experts say that diners tip an incredible $44 billion a year. now, danny meyer, the ceo of a string of high-profile restaurants tweeted on wednesday, friends, we've reached a no tipping point. total hospitality is a total team sport and in his statement he said that customers won't have to leave something extra at the table, at the bar or at the coat check and now his eateries will pay all of their employeesic quitably, competitively and professionally so what do you -- >> how do they do that? they make a lot of their money off tips. >> i wouldn't even mind if you raised the price of the meal as long as you know the employees are being taken care of and also helps me because i don't have to figure out how to add up for a tip. >> you always forget the carry the 1.
7:51 am
>> exactly. we'll be right back. ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. "how to lay down the law." i thought i told you not to come around here anymore. now get a husqvarna® backpack blower for only $249.
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only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. those wildfires and a big change in temperature. that picture from colorado. the record heat will end and look how quickly we drop off. more than 20 degrees in oklahoma city as we start the weekend into the 70s. it's going to be a lot chillier. all of that
7:55 am
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and good good with be[technical difficulties].
7:57 am
jamming up as you approaching lorton to the accident scene. a hive look at 39a all travel lanes are open, slow toward the 14th street bridge. we cleared the crash on interstate 66. delays remain from fairfax toward the beltway. still with volume delays from manassas to centreville as well. back to you. >> checking top stories now, a man has been arrested after police say he leaved in the affidavitic of an allergy church for 3 years -- arlington church for 3 years. he was charged with unlawful entry after his room was discovered earlier this week. police searching for an alleged peeping tom enwood bridge a man dressed as a woman spied on a mother and her child inside a bathroom stall. he peered into the stall using a mirror. he believed he tried to take photos.
7:58 am
when she confronted him she ran off. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. we're always online at
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. "dance moms" drama. the tough talking reality tv star charged with fraud and hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars. the moment the judge became suspicious. ♪ america's most famous quarterback tackles one of america's favorite drinks calling out coca-cola. >> i mean, it's poison for kids. >> he didn't stop there blasting frosted flakes and the companies who make them. meet the cupcake queens, the sisters with a sweet recipe for losing weight. >> together we lost over 100 pounds. >> how they teamed up to get back in shape. >> we didn't want to diet. >> the easy steps they took to get healthy. >> you can do it too and they're still eating those cupcakes. jack black is with us live and he's bringing our top five as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
♪ >> jack black, good morning, jack black. so happy to have you in the studio. >> ah! >> look at that. >> a little "kung fu panda" there but he's actually here for "goosebumps." always so much fun. >> we love it when he's here. he brings it every time. >> he's totally game. he's going to do a lot in this next hour so stay tuned. right now you might notice that michael is live streaming this morning, his whole morning routine, in fact, hello. >> hey, it's just a part of our routine. hey, hey. >> so you guys can watch it on our website. revealing his secrets to waking
8:02 am
up happy. that's to tell you about his new book and show you how you do it. it's all happening right here. >> only time i shut i off is when i change clothes. >> thank you. or maybe not thank you. >> i'm just saying. i don't want to advertise something that's not happening. >> we're on tv all the time but we still wave. >> hi. >> why does everybody do that. >> this is really interesting seeing it through here to see what you really do see. it's really great. everybody at home can appreciate it. >> also this morning we have great fall "deals & steals," lotions and soaps from my beloved hometown, and all the deals are less than $20 or less. >> with tory. the morning rundown from amy. >> good morning, everyone. the big story, a major policy shift by president obama. he is keeping 5500 troops in afghanistan beyond next year.
8:03 am
that is five types more than originally planned. this decision comes amid new concern about the readiness of afghan forces just weeks after the taliban seized control of a major city. well, a computer glitch is being blamed for major delays at some of the country's busiest airports. thousands of passengers entering and leaving the country were stuck in customs for hours when the system that checks names against a terror watch list shut down. officials say other security layers were in place to make sure no one slipped through the cracks. well, firefighters in central texas have a tough day ahead of them as they battle a wildfire that is now ten times bigger than it was just 24 hours ago. the flames have destroyed at least nine homes southeast of austin, 150 others are threatened. well, some disappointing news in the fight against colon cancer. researchers have found taking calcium or vitamin d does little to nothing to prevent growths on the colon that can lead to cancer. they say nearly half of patients
8:04 am
with polyps and other growths who took those sumps developed new growths. a reality tv star could face a legal battle that could land her behind bars. the "dance moms" instructor accused of stashing away cash while filing for bankruptcy. abc's linzie janis has that story. >> don't raise your kid to be a sneak. >> reporter: the tough talking reality tv star who lays down the law on "dance moms." but this morning, dance coach abby lee miller in real legal drama of her own. charged with fraud, concealing assets and lying in bankruptcy filings. >> sometimes your best isn't good enough anymore. >> reporter: miller who owns several dance studios filed for bankruptcy back in 2010 just four months before she started shooting "dance moms" but according to the indictment instead of declaring her new income, she knowingly concealed more than $750,000 in earnings from her hit tv shows, seminars and merchandise sales, in 2012
8:05 am
and 2013. >> there was a scheme to defraud. >> reporter: miller allegedly sending an e-mail to a business partner and her account apartment with the subject line, let's make money and keep me out of jail. instructing them not to raise any red flags and don't put cash in the bank. overnight, miller did not respond to our request for comment. if convicted, miller faces up to five years behind bars and a $250,000 fine for each of the 20 counts in the indictment. she's not yet entered a plea. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to linzie for that. finally a warning if you ever want to take pictures of a cola you may be subjected to the most adorable hug ever. watch what happened to this cameraman at a park in australia. he was not getting away without -- >> come on. >> oh, a little loving hug on the leg and that koala is known for causing mischief in the park
8:06 am
and there is just no stopping this little guy. >> i see that. >> when he's looking for some love. >> ah. >> he's a koala-fied hugger. >> that was top three. >> i agree. top three. >> thank you, amy. to michael in the social square. i'm still here live scre streaming. it's going to be hard. on the "gma morning menu," tom brady is tackling junk food and taking on some of the most popular treats your kids eat. how you can have your cake and eat it too. the sisters behind georgetown cupcakes, share secrets for losing weight. amazing "deals & steals" for $20 or less. we have all that and, of course, the one, the only, the amazing jack black is here coming up on "gma" live in times square. [ cheers and applause ]
8:07 am
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they use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every starburst. [ pilot ] it's about to get juicy. whoo! i feel so aliii... it takes guts. [ female announcer ] starburst. unexplainably juicy. where is this going? >> are you going to do it all day? >> i hope not.
8:12 am
my arm is tired. >> you can see this all on our website. >> yes. >> go on our website. can you see all of this. there you go. >> or right here. now it's time for the "heat index" and this morning's hot button, tom brady on a different kind of offense condemning food and beverage companies for lying to customers calling coca-cola poison for kids. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: this morning, america's most famous quarterback is taking on an unlikely opponent. patriots quarterback tom brady gets heated in an interview on weei on monday not about his latest game but about coca-cola. >> the fact that they can sell that, you know, to kids, that's -- i mean that's piecen for kids but they keep doing it. >> reporter: and he's not stopping at soft drinks. also taking a shot at breakfast cereal going after tony the tiger. >> that's just america and that's what we've been conditioned to so we believe that frosted flakes are actually -- is a food.
8:13 am
>> reporter: the 38-year-old four-time super bowl champ crediting a healthy diet as part of his on-field success accusing certain companies of false advertising. >> all those companies make lots of money selling those things. they have lots of money to advertise. when you go to the super bowl, it's, you know, that's -- who are the sponsors? that's the education that we get. that's what we get brainwashed to believe. that all these things are normal food groups. >> reporter: coca-cola firing back saying in a statement that all of its beverages are safe and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle. kellogg defending frosted flakes cereal for having valuable nutrients and being associated with lower body mass index in both children and adults. lately brady seems less inclined to hold his tongue after speculation about his marriage to supermodel giselle bundchen being on the rocks, he spoke rather candidly in this brand-new interview with our partner, yahoo! >> she's my best friend so we get to do everything together
8:14 am
and especially when you're, you know, fortunate to be in a relationship with someone that you love to death and you love doing anything with them. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> rich besser is back. i won't ask you to comment on his marriage. >> no. >> this is kind of unusual to see someone like brady speaking out in this way. >> it is. as a pediatrician and parent i know the issues with sugar and i also know that the advertising really makes a big difference of there's been a call of banning of advertising directed towards kids because they know that it sells sugar sweetened cereal and sodas and we've been trying to move away from that. >> it's not fair to kid, right? >> it's hard. they see their heros doing this and say, i want to be like them. >> so break it down. average soda, average sweetened cereal. >> so, yeah, take a look at this graphic. sugar cubes is agood way to look at it. 64 grams of sugar in a 20-ounce soda equivalent to 16 sugar cube, four types the amount of sugar a kid is supposed to have
8:15 am
in an entire day. it's twice what an adult is supposed to have in an entire day. enormous amount. take a look at a breakfast cereal. an average bowl, 12 grams of sugar, that's three teaspoons of sugar -- three cubes of sugar. it's about what they're supposed to have in an entire day. >> what are the effects of sugar. >> we're learning more and more. weight gain, obesity but increased cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, sugar is the -- it used to be all fat. now it's really all pointing to sugar. >> before you get to that you crash what are some alternatives for parents who may be on a time and budget constraint? >> there's simple breakfast. a banana, smear peanut butter and raisin, a little yogurt with fresh fruit. a piece of toast and peanut butter. all quick, out the door in five minutes. >> so really do try to stay away from cereal. >> doesn't mean you can't ever have sugar but kids are growing
8:16 am
up just living on this stuff and not good for their health. >> moderation. >> how about water instead of soda. >> water is the way to go. if as parents you set that example and start off -- >> my kids water when we go out to eat. >> mom, like, nope -- it's free, too. >> it is free. >> yeah, talk about -- it is if you don't buy the bottled stuff. out of the tap, great way to go. >> as kids we could never have what we call them cold drinks. we could never have a cold drink. >> it was a special event. >> now i don't have a taste for it because i didn't do it. next up our "heat index," a sweet weight loss story. sisters known for their cupcakes, but still shed a combined 100 pounds without giving up the cupcakes. abc's mara schiavocampo is here. how did they do it. >> reporter: speaking of sugar, right, losing weight is hard enough but imagine trying to do it when you're surrounded by cupcakes all day. well, these sisters say they did it just by literally putting one foot in front of the other.
8:17 am
katherine berman and sophie are related in more ways than just one. co-owners of georgetown cupcakes, stars of the popular tlc show "d.c. cupcakes"? we want to make sure it tastes good. >> reporter: and sisters and now the pair can add massive weight loss to their list of things in common. while pregnant two years ago katherine gained 60 pounds. >> the weight came on so quickly and so fast for me and my portions were a little bit out of control. >> reporter: sophie found herself getting heavier too. putting on the sympathy weight. >> i was basically eating as much as katherine even though i was not eating for two and katherine's sister, i went for seconds and thirds too. >> someone eating a lot you just naturally eat as much as they do. you're in the same surroundings and same situation and before i knew it, i had gained 40 pounds. >> reporter: so after the baby
8:18 am
came the sisters got to work and in nine months. >> all: together we lost over 100 pounds. >> reporter: necessary rest pay to sweet success. >> we didn't want to diet. that's not a word in our vocabulary as bakers so we started walking. that's all we did. we walked six miles a day, five days a week and we did it consistently. >> reporter: while they even allowed themselves one cupcake a day, they also focused on more sensible portions overall which experts say is important. >> it's really important to think about how one can balance their diet and how that fits into their overall lifestyle. exercise alone is not the only answer. diet alone is not the only answer. there needs to be a real balance and marriage of the two. >> reporter: two baking queens having their cupcake and eating it. love those puns there. the sisters say the big business partners also helped them because they're used to working together and supporting each
8:19 am
other, another thing they said they did they weigh themselves every day which i'm a big fan of. it's hard for weight to creep up on you when you're always paying attention so there you go. >> diet and exercise. thanks, mara. >> as always. outside to michael. >> all right, thank you, guys and now to big savings on tory johnson's "deals & steals" this morning. items you will love that are $20 or less. >> that's a way to wake up happy. there you go. >> let's get it started. >> first up from sun sash i brought these for you here. take a look. these were a "shark tank" company. easiest way to have halloween. trio from minnesota. they happily put those on for us too. such fun. not just for halloween but any day. an amazing deal. sitewide with a big assortment. normally $13, everything is slashed in half, $6.50. can't beat that. >> you said every day. i don't know if i will a walk
8:20 am
through times square they'll accept that. number two. >> look at this. >> this is from the pass globe company. we have to bring in reinforcement for this one. >> hometown. loving it. >> from robin's hometown of lemongrass, your favorite. not only that but the entire assortment of products of bath products and have their brand-new illuminations most gorgeous candles and a little crackling sound in the wick when you burn them. really amazing. amazing deal on these too. give a little love to mississippi. $8 to $24, everything slashed in half so $4 to $12. >> come on. >> pc for pass christian. i smelled robin roberts. she smelled good. >> pass christian. >> pass christian. >> there you go. next up from seed ling. a really small assortment. all do it yourself arts and crafts projects for 3 and up.
8:21 am
i do these with my 18-year-old daughter. i love them more than kids do. so super fun to make tiaras, crowns, stuff for boys and girls. make your own yo-yo. big assortment on these. i love this stuff. normally $9 to $25, perfect, perfect. >> how many dads -- >> slashed in half, $4.50 to $12.50. >> you do it for the kids. >> there you go. >> i love these. i found these in "o" magazine. this crowd is good. big assortment. these are great to adly little pop of color to a fall wardrobe in a simple, easy, inexpensive way from polka dot, ombre, you name it. normally $28, all of these are slashed by at least 64%. $8 to 20 bucks. can't beat that. >> all right. last but not least. another "shark tank" company game face. decals and tattoos for your face, easier than applying face
8:22 am
paint. >> great idea. >> we have a bump of them over there. our fun crowd is holding theirs up over there. those are just the decals but you can -- they stick on to your face or the tattoos actually go on to your face, a ton of fun, inexpensive. normally $3 to $8 slashed in half $1.50 to 4 bucks. you can't beat that. >> i tell you what, you can't beat that. you never cease to amaze me with all these great "deals & steals" and thanks to all these companies for providing great deals. head to on yahoo! to get the codes and links for these bargains and thank you, tory johnson, one more time. let's go over to ginger. >> oh, michael. we're out here making friends. taking selfies, new friend from minnesota and all talking about the chill on the way. if you are sticking around for the weekend it is going to get cold here and get cold there too. shenandoah, pretty fall foliage. the first freeze or frost of the weekend, hartford to
8:23 am
rhinelander, temperatures will dip. it won't stay around for that long but make sure everybody is well aware. west toght, fair skies th low around 50. a cldront willring a smal shower chance$ tomorr with a high around 67. a blast of cold air arrives for r the weweekend d with higghs in the 50s and the first frosof the season west of d.c. ass overnight lows dip into the 30s. >> too many birthdays to talk about out here. we'll go ahead and get to "pop." >> thank you, ginger. time for "pop news," you guys. and get ready to have a very murray christmas. >> oh. >> this morning we have a sneak peek for you. bill murray's new holiday special. it just makes me laugh saying it coming to netflix.
8:24 am
the star has high hopes, he actually promises it will go down as the greatest in history. >> wow. >> in history from the looks of the cast we're not doubting him. he's got george clooney, chris rock, miley cyrus and maya rudolph. >> come on. >> to name just a few all taking part in a variety style show. it's an early christmas gift arriving on december 4th. >> i love this song. >> i love it too. >> and i love bill murray. >> he's perfect. so george knows if you don't know this we talk about it sometimes an apple a day keeps the doctor away. you have one every single day. very healthy. strong like bull. that's what i think, strong like bull. we know that an asian pear a day keeps the hangover away. >> i bet you investigated this. >> i did investigate it. [ laughter ] i did. i did. i tried -- i tried many varieties of pears. turns out the asian pear is the
8:25 am
key. and we have discovered in this "pop news" investigation or in this have another pop investigation, the key to avoiding the grapes of wrath or the wrath of the grapes, amy, yes. >> love it. >> researchers in australia have discovered that eating an asian pear or drinking 7.4 ounces of its juice speeds alcohol digestion, participants in a study -- myself included -- rated hangover simms as much less severe if they had just an asian pear prior to a wild night out. boozers, be warned, you have to drink it before. it will not work as a hem di after the fact. >> i had a friend who said momma love the grape. >> momma love the grape. >> look at that smile. >> it wasn't me. >> momma love the grape. and finally just a quickie, it's getting close to halloween so we wanted to show you this kitten who wants to be a goat this year.
8:26 am
>> oh. >> or could it be a goat that is dressed up as a kitten? you be the judge. a little food for thought. >> or could it be dub smash? >> you know what, amy -- >> don't ruin it for us. >> okay. i'm sorry. >> impersonate, okay. >> her kids only drink water. >> i didn't say only. >> momma drinks more than water but her kids only drink water. >> all right. >> a lot more fun ahead. jack black is going to be here. behind the scenes of "how to get away with murder." >> murderer. >> murder.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm mc mcronald. >> our temperatures will be where we should be for this time of year in the 60s. hour hey forecast, expecting mid 50s by 9:00. up to around 63 or 64 degrees pie the lunch hour with our highs in the upper 60s. it will be cool tonight, but not as cold as what we'll see this weekend. a cold front will move through on friday. a stray shower possible. highs in the 50s, saturday and sunday. overnight lows in the 30s. >> we're going to start with good news, 355 rockville park, cedar lane all lanes have been reopened southbound. let's show you what's happening around the capital beltway, from i66 as you head into tyson's
8:28 am
corner, northwesterly delays passing dulles toll road. mean time, i270, your travel lanes are open. it's stop and go for the most part connecting with itch 270 spur a heave look headed into downtown on the southeast southwest freeway. issues, heavy volume between third street tunnel and 14 of street. >> checking top stories, the trial begins for a tattoo accused of capitally assaulting clients. two women say he inappropriately touched them at the demackis tattoo company. he botched one woman's tattoo leading to a nearsa infection. happening, live local traffic, weather and news updates on good morning washington on our sister station, news channel 8. and we're always online at
8:29 am
8:30 am
right now, time to count down "the top 5." >> that is right. it is time for the "top 5." new countdown every morning taking us to number one, the biggest, the best, the buzziest and you have a special guest. >> i sure do. none other than jack black with us live this morning. so we're going to talk to jack coming up about the new movie, fantastic called "goosebumps." right now, though, the "top 5" movie characters, named jack, compiled by amazon. jack will impersonate each one and we will guess them. jack, number five. would you please impersonate number five. >> here's johnny! >> oh. >> jack nick surveillanckeholso shining." >> it was just cannes.
8:31 am
it was only cannes. >> are you english? >> yes. >> no. no. it was jack travian from idea speed." >> hit the thing and they thought it was a baby carriage. that was my 00 keanu. need to work on that. >> i thought he was scottish. >> i'm the king of the world. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> jack dawson. >> sounds just like my other one. i hate these rather orange octobers. >> jack ryan. >> and the last one. >> on the shores -- >> jack sparrow. >> wow! >> way to go. your top five jacks in movie history besides, of course, the one and only jack black. talk to him coming up.
8:32 am
>> i, man, that was not very good to be honest. >> it was great. so -- ? wait. give me my blue card. i need that thing. oh, just go over there. >> come on over. >> oh, there it is. i had it right there all along. >> we sit with jack black and discuss the film. let us discuss your movie. >> absolutely. >> you have kids. is that why you wanted to do this? >> yeah. >> i read the books to my kids. >> it was one of the reasons outside just loved the character for real. >> so tell everybody a little about "goosebumps." you play the author. >> yeah. >> stines. >> i play,l. stins. all the creatures and monsters i have ever written exist in real life and trapped inside the manuscripts and when the manuscripts open out come my monsters that i've written and the whole movie is me and these kids trying to's capture the monsters by running around town trying to suck them in the book. >> none other than,ly, stine was
8:33 am
on the red carpet. >> jack black was the highlight of the whole experience. what an actor. what a performance. unbelievable. he looks just like me. >> that's really touching. that was so sweet of him to say. thanks, l. >> all right, it was you. what did your kids think? i understand you got to have a special screening. very cool dad move at their school. >> i did. i asked sony pictures if i could screen it at their school and they flipped. they loved it. obsessed with slappy, the ventriloquist dummy. >> i like slappy too. >> when we went to the premiere both of my boys wanted to be slappy in the premiere. >> so mission accomplished. my boys love it. >> how about you guys? what do you like to read and what's your favorite scary book or movie?
8:34 am
>> my favorite scary book of all time? well, i really loved edgar allan poe short stories when i was a kid. >> you really did? >> pretty advanced. >> that is advanced. very dark. >> yeah. >> but, you know, i love -- it's one of my favorite genres, "the shining" is probably my favorite movie of all time. jack nicholson in "the shining." >> you nailed in our "top 5." >> that was the only one i nailed. >> that was fun. >> my keanu reeves -- i don't know. >> so we understand that you have also agreed to play a game with us calling it you don't know jack. >> oh, good and it's basically two truths and a lie. >> okay. >> and you will say them to camera. two of these things are true. one is the lie. we will have to guess which is -- >> we'll see if you do know jack. >> okay. here we go, everybody. you don't know jack, begin. >> okay. my first truth, i cried three
8:35 am
times during "toy story 3." >> truth number two. >> truth number two. jack black is a blackjack master. >> okay. >> truth number three, my first paid acting gig was a commercial for atari when i was 13. >> blackjack master, atari commercial and what was the first one? >> and the first one was i cried three types during "toy story -- >> what do you think, what was the lie, the crying? the crying? i'm going to say -- i'm going to just say i think that you're not really -- it would be too coincidental to be a blackjack master. >> bing, bing, bing, you do know jack. >> there's a lot of subtleties to that blackjack game that i have not mastered but i did cry three times during "toy story 3." holding hands going into the -- and my first paid acting gig was a commercial for atari. >> do you remember -- do you
8:36 am
remember what you did in that commercial? >> just last night i was lost in the uple with pitfall harry. >> nailed it. >> surrounded by scorpions and man-eating crocodiles. it was like it was yesterday. >> yeah. >> you never forget your first gig. >> you never do. and we can see now why you are starring in a major motion picture. >> you're the best. >> you're the best. >> give me a hug. >> give blackjack master. everybody check out "goosebumps," kids, parents alike, it's terrific and in theaters tomorrow. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> back inside to miss amy. >> chilly out here. >> it is. >> thank you and another jack, jack osbourne opening up about his battle with ms three years ago. he went on to finish third on "dancing with the stars," hosted a paranormal investigation show and he and his wife lisa welcomed another baby girl in june. abc's sara haines sat down with the former reality tv star to find out how he and his family
8:37 am
are doing. >> reporter: how old is little andy now? >> andy is 16 weeks. she -- me and my wife are convinced she hates us already. >> reporter: you posted an adorable video. you're the reality tv guy. is she okay with that. >> she -- i've had to delete pictures in the past that i've -- videos i snuck of her. she gets a little ticked off. >> you don't ask for permission. forgiveness. >> i've learned now. >> i could give you a tip or two. don't do that. now you went on "dancing with the stars" just about a year after sharing your diagnosis. was that extra special to not only be able to do that but to do so well? >> i went in it being like, hey, you know what, i'll do this and prove a point, people with ms, we are capable of doing what everyone else can do and then after like three or four weeks you're just like i'm going -- i'm winning. i'm going to keep going. >> i'm taking this all the way. you've been working with a special cane to raise awareness
8:38 am
and dispel maybe some myths you mentioned. >> i partnered up and we started this campaign called you don't know jack about ms. when i got diagnosed i'd go online and go to certain medical websites and this and that and i couldn't find anything that was here's ms. here's what it is, here's some information on how to take care of yourself and here's some people's experience. >> what do you think the biggest myth people have about ms is? >> i mean there's so many. i think probably the biggest myth that i get frustrated by is that, you know, i think people automatically assume you're no longer able-bodied and i think that's a huge thing. you'll have to be confined to, you know, a wheelchair or what have you but it's not the case anymore. there's so many treatments out there. >> our thanks to jack and to sara and you can find out more info on the you don't know jack about ms partnership on that organization's website. time now to head back outside and ginger.
8:39 am
>> and, amy, all we can talk about is the chill and then we're starting to think, well, let's go ahead and get warm. but you get warm and go to south florida, this is what's going to happen. you see a beautiful sunrise but then you may get rain and storms. that stationary front will stick around. a couple of inches of rain but, of course a lot of those places still wanting it after being in with a lolow around 50. a cold front willll bring a sllll shshower chance e totomorrow witith a hihigh around 67. a blast of cold ir arrives for the weekend with highs the 50s and the first frost of the season westof d.c. as overniggt lows dip >> all that weather brought to you by amazon prime and now michael is here with legendary nfl tight end tony gonzalez talking about their inspiring documentary "play it forward." michael. >> thank you, ginger. and i am here with tony gonzales and, tony, yes. tony, everybody. and i got to say i had an opportunity to play against you
8:40 am
when i was with the giants and you were with the chiefs and you were with the atlanta falcons and made a documentary with you detailing your journey throughout your career and life with your brother, chris, and how was it to see this unfold at the tribeca film festival to see your life unfold in front of everybody. >> first of all it's surreal when you see everybody looking at the personal side. that's always been the football side but i was really proud of the story that we told like you said it was my journey to one of the best years of my life. we went to the nfc championship life but my brother's journey and the way it chronicled our family and how we support each other is a side of our nfl lives that most people don't get to see. it was really unique from that standpoint watching how we support each other and how i supported my brother through his journey of becoming a fireman. >> here's a player who brings a family with him. your case is a little different. you did bring your family with you but it was your brother's dream to play football and he stepped in and did a lot of things that a father would do for you to make sure you made it
8:41 am
and how is the relationship with your brother? i know you two didn't talk for a year and a half after this film was made. >> you know, he sacrificed a lot of his life and his dreams to really support mine and really help me. he was that confidant and that no guy. you have a lot of yes people but he was that no guy. you're not that good. you're getting out of hand. why don't we go home and shut it down early. after the doc was shot we stopped talking and maybe that was because football got taken away. that was always our common ground. what we always spoke about but went through ups and downs but we are talking today and it's one of those things, you got to get it wrong before you get it right and i think our relationship now is stronger than ever. >> and what do you hope people take away from this film? >> you know, like i debated on whether or not to tell anybody we stopped talking for a year and a half after the documentary because we supported each other but i want people to take away the family dynamic and how we support -- we're just one story of many out there. but like i said in the film
8:42 am
it'll make you laugh. it'll make you cry but most of all it's going to make you cheer not just for sports but for life. just chasing your dreams and getting after it and supporting each other. >> it's a family film. talk about families supporting each other, helping each other reach their dreams. that's what we're all about at "gma." we'll send it back to you, amy. >> all right, thanks so much. coming up your all access pass to speaking of family i need some help here, how to get away with murder. >> murder. >> the cast sharing their secrets about each other next on "gma." ♪
8:43 am
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>> as you can probably tell we can't get enough of "how to get away with murder" around here and our nick watt find out how to get on the show's set spending time with emmy winner viola davis and the outstanding cast. >> reporter: murder, mayhem, sex, more murder, more sex. >> oh. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: courtroom, bedroom, classrooms it's addictive tv. why? >> i think that it has a very intriguing leading lady on it. that's what i think. >> reporter: you think that's the secret. >> very attractive. >> you think that's the secret. >> yeah, i do. >> reporter: maybe the fact that viola davis puts in an historic emmy winning performance, the first ever african-american dramatic actress winner. >> this is criminal law 100 or as i prefer to call it, how to get away with murder. >> reporter: davis, of course, played annalise keating. >> i want you to kill me.
8:46 am
>> i'm sorry. >> reporter: i don't have to come in in season two and go, okay, we can't do this script because you wouldn't say a, b, c and d. she can do anything. >> you're a monster. >> reporter: and she does. legal queen bee with her hive of associates and student hangers on. >> it's a closed set but they've let us in. they may regret this. >> stop being so damned sensitive and get on board. >> reporter: today i'm taking class. my name is nick watt. welcome to how to give a press interview 101 or as i like to call it -- how to embarrass your cast mates. i find you all despicable but i can't help watching it. >> i feel the same way about "good morning america." >> reporter: who is most likely to actually commit a crime? >> this woman over here. >> i wholeheartedly disagree. >> reporter: in real life, who would you choose to be your defense attorney to save your life? >> no one. >> reporter: who is most like
8:47 am
their actual character? >> what! i think aja. >> sorry. >> reporter: my class, carla souz have wins the trophy. you're the most unprofessional interviewee which makes you the best. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angele >> i spent time before season one, they are so much fun to hang out with as you saw. >> like a family. >> nick always has fun with those pieces. >> catch a new episode of "how to get away with murder" tonight at 9:00, 10:00 central part of the tgit lineup here on abc but coming up next on "gma," tom hanks opening up about his wife rita wilson's health battle and his new role all of that just ahead. come on back.
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do you know someone whose home needs a face-lift? "gma" wants to make over a room for one lucky viewer so go now to on yahoo! to find out how to enter and give someone the epic surprise of a new room in their home. >> tom hanks generating oscar buzz for his new role in "bridge of spies." it's a harrowing spy drama about two superpowers on the brink of war and missile inland anchor juju chang spoke to him about the role and the health battle for his wife rita. >> reporter: he plays james donovan a little known insurance lawyer turned high stakes diplomatic negotiator. >> he was a bad ass. a brawler when it came down to the finer points of the law which he would be happy to parse out. >> reporter: asked to personally broker a spy swap during the height of the cold war, his client a convicted soviet spy for a captured american u2
8:51 am
pilot. >> he was extraordinarily great at sitting down and brokering a deal and talking turkey and let's both win here. i've read that from the secret of other like negotiators is that the only successful negotiation is when both sides win. >> the russians want their pan back. we want to you negotiate the swap. >> reporter: "bridge of spies" already garnering early oscar buzz, the fourth collaboration between hanks and steven spielberg. >> what he does, he either comes in and tells you exactly where you're going to stand and exactly what you're going to do and then you do that and it ends up being one of the most powerful moments in the motion picture. >> next mistake our countries make could be the last one. >> you're telling me your acting is intuitive. >> i read something and i know instinctively to do it, that i want to do it and how to process it. >> reporter: not a lot of drama classes or method acting for
8:52 am
you. >> no, actually the opposite. every role i have taken has been impacted upon by everybody else that i interact with and i've worked with phenomenal actors that i've learned a lot from. >> reporter: he's learned the most perhaps from his life partner, rita wilson. >> we've been married for 27 years. >> reporter: i know she's had some health challenges. >> yeah, she was very open about that, very smart about it. part of it is because, look, you know, people take our pictures when we walk into restaurants and she's not one to shy away from authenticity and the truth. >> so truth.
8:53 am
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tomorrow, the amazing story of this brave transgender teen born into this world as a male identical twin but they were anything but identical. now tomorrow the remarkable journey, the acceptance and one family's love on abc's "good morning america." before we go a note from our partners at yahoo! a great way to give during the month of october if you go to they will donate ten cents to a great organization founded by your husband >> that's correct. i agree, george. thanks for watching, george.
8:56 am
good morning. i'm mike conneen, news channel 8 on this chilly thursday morning. let's fet a check on the forecast.
8:57 am
>> plenty of sunshine expected through the day. temperatures will be with we should be for this time of year, in the 60s. hourly forecast, expecting mid 50s by 9:00. up to around 63 or 64 by lunch hour with our highs in the upper 60s. it will be cool tonight. not as cold as what we'll see this weekend. cold front will move through friday. stray shower possible, highs in the 50s saturday, sunday. overnight lows in the 30s. >> well, we have a lot of heavy traffic headed into the district as expected but if you're traveling on 7th street northwest you have to follow police direction. we have a crash involving a pedestrian struck new hampshire avenue. imyou're on inter66. earlier crash careenup toward the beltway. then eastbound crash enmanassas and 234 business adding to the volume delays that are still enplace. 395, george washington parkway, heavy shrined slow southbound.
8:58 am
northbound, the crash is before the bush center of intelligence. >> thank you. checking top stories now, the united states is halting its military withdrawal from afghanistan. senior administration officials say the president will keep 5500 troops in the country through the ends of his term en2017a major change in policy. 12 activists arrested enbaltimore after overnight sit enat city hall, part of a protest against the vote to approve a new police commissioner there. at one point, about 35 demonstrators occupied the champ brewers, the protests were peaceful but those arrested were charged with
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live with kelly & michael." today, star of "jess stone: lost in paradise," tom selleck. and from the new drama, "limitless," jennifer carpenter. plus, performing her big hit, "rise up," andra day, all next on "live." and now, your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan. [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]


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