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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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announcer: this is a breaking news alert. >> we are following breaking news in prince george's county, where one teenager was killed and another injured in a domestic incident. it happened on audrey lane. victim, only 14 years old. diane cho is live with the details. we understand that one suspect is in custody. we just learned new
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details. you can see police are at the scene. they're a pain -- there appears to be evidence markers and a bag in the doorway of the apartment building. this started around 7:25 this morning. a stabbingsponded to and found two teens had been stabbed. a 14-year-old boy was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. a 17-year-old was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police arrested the suspect at the scene. they believe it started from some argument. they have not released the suspect's name. we will keep you updated as the information comes in. back to you. melanie: thank you. stay with abc 7 for the latest on this breaking news. sent to yourpdates
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phone. to for breaking news text alerts. it we are warming up after the frigid start to monday. some of the coldest temperatures we have seen in months. the freeze warning expired hours ago. the thought is underway. devon lucie is here with a look at the forecast. devon: you look at some of the information, this is where some of the freezing occurred. low temperatures were only 37. outside the immediate area, bright blue skies and it feels nicer. culpeper, 26.
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we are making quite the headway. the bright sunshine feels nicer. of 57.k for a high tuesday to wednesday, temperatures start to go back up near 70 degrees. we will track our next cold front to come through. we will let you know when the next chance of rain comes through. melanie: thank you. we got a glimpse of the winter weather over the weekend. parts of new york saw as much as nine inches of snow. around here, it was not so bad. john gonzalez is in fairfax. caughtalk about being off guard.
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it has gotten as cold as 31 degrees according to our phone and our cars. 37 degrees has been our highest. it is very cold. frost on some of these cars. people do not have their scrapers in their car, and a lot of people do not have their heat on inside their condos. off the air conditioning on friday. they are set to turn on the heat tomorrow. some folks are frigid, even though they are trying to stay warm. >> i wear this every day, trying to keep warm. night, iddle of the
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turn the electric heater on because it is so cold. john: how cold is it inside? >> my electric heater says last night it was about 55 or so in the house. john: we spoke with the property manager. she says they were caught off guard. they were expecting it -- they were not expecting it to be this cold on october 19. melanie: the manning -- accused -- the man accused of a deadly shooting well appear in court today. lessond hearing starts in than an hour. he is charged with murder in the death of deandre smith. the two had been friends, but were involved in an escalating dispute. smith was lowered into an alley suspect came from behind
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a dumpster and shot her repeatedly. police are investigating a deadly shooting near gallaudet university. the victim was found shot in the chest. he was taken to the hospital, where he later died. 's identitythe victim or if there are any suspects. a judge decided to delay a trial charles severance's concerns about his attorney. he is charged in the murders of three high profile alexandria residents over the course of a decade. the trial will continue at 10:00 tomorrow morning when the defense is set to present its case. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a home to go up in flames this morning. this was taken when firefighters first got there around 8:00 a.m.
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flames shooting out the front of the home. no one was home at the time. no firefighters were hurt. some traffic trouble near alexandria. down wires forced officials to shut down route 1. >> it has been a messy monday morning commute for people who travel through alexandria because of this power pole that snapped. if you travel in this area, you know how busy it can get. all morning, crews had been working to get this fixed after a car hit it last night. they have waited for crews and parts and pieces to come out here. not fixed. is still it could be fixed as early as
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2:00 this afternoon. we expect this to continue until up around 2:00ck this afternoon, before the rush-hour commute. are planning to travel in the next hour or so, you should avoid richmond highway, route 1, in alexandria. drivers can expect a slowdown in the district this week. the dot is starting its bridge and tunnel safety inspections. inspections will continue through the week. check out for more details on these closures. coming up, controlling drones. it means for anyone who
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owns one. fighting fake reviews, the lawsuit filed by amazon and how it could impact can ever's. helping every one bundle up. giving kids a warm winter and how you can help. devon is back with
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. a search intensifies for the shooting of a zombie themed festival in florida. one was killed and five others
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were injured. a collegentified football player as the person killed. hundreds of people started running down the streets. the shooter disappeared into the crowd. police have not released information about the suspect or a motive. officials expected to make a major announcement today concerning drones. the u.s. department of transportation will detail a new to regulate the unmanned aircraft. anrequires anyone who owns unmanned drone to register it. joe biden is expected to announce whether he will enter the presidential race within the next 48 hours. a new poll shows he would have ground to make up if he enters the race.
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clinton leads with 45% of the vote, followed by bernie sanders. biden has 18% of the vote. on your side with a consumer alert. amazon going after people who sell fake reviews for products on its website. soldthan 1000 people five-star reviews through a website where odd jobs can be picked up for us little as five dollars. policyicy bands fake reviews -- fake brand reviews. macy's and the washington redskins are making sure the kids stay warm. >> hundreds of kids will get vip treatment from their favorite players.
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a dozen gave back in the warm coat giveaway. 300 lucky elementary schools showed up. right before they are sent off, they take a selfie to capture the moment. >> if i were a kid, i would look forward to this event. >> they are very helpful people. the best way you can help is to donate money to events like this. we have that information on our
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website. >> a lot of people were hunterdon -- were hunting for their winter coats. devon says a couple extra minutes for the scraper. great weather to come in. a beautiful, sunny day. here is a view of the temperatures. numbers, it is still cool outside. compared to the breeze, clouds. did you get the sprinkle yesterday? local mountains, nash -- national harbor looking north. we had some snow squalls come through. 37 officially, reagan national, a cold start to the day.
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culpeper, one of the coldest spots. real-time temperatures, 52, leesburg. it is fantastic outside right now. a look ahead into the three-day forecast. temperatures go up to 74 degrees towards washington. watching 50 degree readings. forecast, ad to the live look outside. hardly anything out there. bright sunshine, a little cool today. that cool air is feeling nice out there with the bright sunshine. a domination of sunshine into our forecast.
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into tomorrow morning, low temperatures not as cold as what we went through. a little cool, little chilly. think about hautes -- think about coats, hats, and gloves. there may be a few high, thin cirrus clouds. 70 degrees tomorrow. 70, washington. upper 60's into metro. 67 towards charlotte hall. culpeper, orange, 70, 71. to wednesday, it is even nicer. the 70' rise into we have gotten past the cold stretch. this is one of our newest
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features. we have our sky cast to look forward to. 43 degrees looking east. a beautiful sunrise. high clouds come around, but another blue sky day. tuesday. a great made to upper 50's today. it feels nice while the breeze. 70 degrees coming around up to thursday. thursday evening is our next cold front to come around. at cold front is not bring any rain. we dropped temperatures a bit. there's going to be a second system the second half of the week and it could be the next rain chance to come around. we need a little rain after we have gone through a dry stretch of the last couple of weeks. after this, you for weather to becoming away. a gorgeousat is forecast. thank you. up next, surviving a shark attack.
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how good samaritans helped a
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inanie: a big cleanup arizona after a day of hail, wind, and rain. it left nearly 27,000 people without power. lights back on overnight. there are still dozens of power poles that will need to be fixed or laced.
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a man fighting for his life after an accident in california. had to pull two people from the ocean after their car smashed through a fence and careened off of ap. the men were trapped inside for nearly 20 minutes before lifeguards could get to them. the first man died. no word on what caused that wreck. a man in critical condition after a shark attack in hawaii. >> get out of the water. it happened saturday afternoon off the coast of the coast of oahu. >> he fought off the shark, polished -- punched him a couple of times. two good samaritans helped the pair get back to
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shore. the man suffered extensive injuries. a few hours later, a 32-year-old man was rushed to the hospital after a shark attack injured his left foot. another frustrating loss for the redskins. 34 yards rushing. the passing game was not enough to do the job. the redskins go on to lose this 134-20. not a good weekend. texas student suspended for having a homemade clock in school will be at the white house. the team was suspended last month after a teacher mistook his clock for a bomb. council onght, the american islamic relations gave him an award for american-muslim
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of the year. it was shaped like a clock. thawing out. the cold morning gave way to sunshine.
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hasnie: a california woman been helping out at the senior center for the last 25 years worse though, this fight the act she is older than most of the people there. she just turned 103.
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every year, she dresses up as wonder woman. could be the secret to her longevity. she is an inspiration to the people there. sunshine right now is probably putting smile on faces. up to 50. numbers look pretty chilly, but they are feeling ok. tomorrow morning, low temperatures. nothing freezing. pretty chilly. tomorrow, look at this. temperatures on the rise. we could do 70 degrees. a cold front thursday will put cooler weather in place. melanie: we like the s
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