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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 22, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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some extreme weather right now after the aftermath of another deadly typhoon in the philippines, the storm roared through on sunday leaving extensive damage and plenty of flooding. the death toll climbed to nearly 40 and expected to go higher as remote areas are accessed. more than 100,000 people were forced out of their homes. this was the 12th major storm to hit the philippines this year. in the southwestern u.s., hail was a problem in new mexico. in some areas hail was -- there was hail storms and winds in the el paso, texas area. the region is in for more extreme weather because of a tropical storm system. justin povick at accuweather has the details into thanks and good morning to you. once again, we're tracking the tropics in the latest on patricia has it moving off to the north and west and again, this could cause some major flash flooding throughout mexico, eventually some of the
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rains getting pulled off to the north into the gulf of mexico and even before that happens, we are concerned about major flash flooding from dallas north and westbound thursday through saturday. reena and phillip, back to you into justin, thank you. here's one for the dumb criminals file comes to us from houston. >> a couple of guys tried to rip off coach's sports bar and grill after breaking through the door. they tried to get into the atm but would could not, one of them falling over trying. they also tried to to take down a big tv but ultimately they failed. >> crazy, scary. i mean you just don't think it's ever going to happen at a place that you work or anything ta that you're associated with. >> when i saw the guy fall, i thought it couldn't happen to a better person. >> one of the crooks he was nice enough to look straight into the security camera. while he was behind the bar. now you try to cover your face. there you go. coaches, that establishment are offering $1,000 for information
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leading to the arrest of these geniuses. good luck to them. >> not exactly oceans 11. >> the high cost of parenthood and some financial advice on when to splurge on your kid and when to be cheap. >> las ahead, high school students accused of hacking into a computer system to change their grades. the serious trouble a so-called ferris bueller now faces into in court. >> later the stars of "back to the future" on a key day in movie history. "world news now" gets up an close and personal with the time travelers overnight. that's after today's forecast map. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather. brought to you by mucinex fast max. s and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast!
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researchers say they look pretty healthy. there are five new babies and several appear to be pregnant. they're hoping to use the images to track the health and growth of or cas over time. >> a warning about a popular over the counter cold medicine called cory see din. it comes in pill form or syrup form and when taken with soda to get high, it can cause serious problems including hallucination. at least five teens where is hospitalized in one northern california district alone. all right. a recent survey conducted by rutgers university says that 95% of high school students admitted to some form of cheating. > that includes tests, plagiarism on papers or copying homework. but hacking into school software to straighten up straight up change your grade is as severe as it can get. three students are now finding that out the hard way. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> three new york students trading the classroom for the
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courtroom. facing serious charges for allegedly hacking into their long island high school's computer system. officials saying daniel suarez used his cyber skills to boost grades for himself and a friend as well as access class schedules of hundreds of other students. his alleged accomplices eric vaseman and alex mosquera, all 17 years old suarez the alleged mastermind now facing charges including burglary, computer tampering and identity theft. some now calling him a modern day ferris bueller. >> i've got it right here in front of me. he has missed nine days. >> i asked for a car. i got a computer. >> but officials say this is no laughing matter. the school district confirming types of information that may have been viewed include student id numbers, name, address, contact information, and student
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schedules. >> we're waiting for a full have to be done and he maintains his innocence. >> mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> the teens all plead the not guilty and have been released on bond. if convicted he faces up to seven years behind bars. >> the other two looking up to four years in prison. the school district says they have beefed up security since the breach. you're smart enough to pull that off, you're smart enough to do what you got to do the right way. >> a lot of people feel like they can cheat and get away with it and get ahead. >> excellent example of that not being the case. >> coming up, celebrating back to the future with the people that matter most. >> we caught up with all the stars of the films, plus their super fans last night. find out why michael j. fox still prefers the walkman to the ipod. ipod. "world news now" conti
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♪ got to get back in time >> all day yesterday, we celebrated "back to the future" day. and last night, they rolled out the red carpet for the stars of the beloved films for a special 30th anniversary screening. >> fans of all ages lined up around the block to watch along with marty, doc and lorraine and our team were there to
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experience the frenzy surrounding the classic blockbuster. >> doc. ♪ >> i'm kind of a big nerd when it comes to this movie and only this movie. >> i dress for marty for halloween a lot of years. >> you control your future and you have to make it a good one. >> it surprised me about 15 years ago when i realized it was going to last. it's lasted now all these years. >> 30 years after the opening of a film that's still -- >> it means more to them than just a show. it's part of their lives and that's an amazing privilege as an actor. you don't get that many chances to make that kind of connection. >> it's a mashup of all these different genres that just plays through almost effortlessly. i found my father's high school yearbook when i was visiting my parents. my father i discovered had been the president of his graduating class and i wondered wow, i didn't like the president of my
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graduating class. if i'd have gone to school with my dad, would i have been friends with him and that's when lightning struck. >> it's exciting that people out here that you guys are out here. thank you and you still want to watch the movie and share it with your family. >> it's an iconic family and words can't begin to describe how amazing it is. >> marty, yeah. i'm just visiting just for a couple hours. >> i hear there's a secret that nike's going to really come out with those shoes. >> are those the self-lacing nikes? >> fashion that is -- that you wish. i'm still into the big hair. check it out! big hair. not giving it up. >> my kids make fun of me when i talk about the ipod. i call it a walkman. and they are like roll their
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eyes. >> walkman were advanced technology. >> you have to rewind it. >> it was pathetic. >> thank you. >> that was already cool. >> hover boards. i mean, we just drove here from brooklyn from the kimmel show. took us an hour. an hour and 15 minutes. hover board i could have been here in about ten. >> probably the hover board. i like the hover board. >> you've got the fish tail design i see. >> how does it taste? >> i don't know. i'm not going to open it. just going to have to guess about it. i'm curious but at the same time i'm not trying to open it. >> it probably tastes terrible if it's from back there. >> definitely. it's perfect still. >> the delorean is a legendary vehicle in my mind. that's a key player. >> if you could ask doc one question, what would it be? >> how does it feel to know so much from so many different time periods? >> what caused him to slip and bump his head because had he not slipped and fallen, he never
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would have come up with a flux capacitor. >> a genius ahead of his time, many times. >> go somewhere on the field, knock the ball out of the hands and let the mets win tonight. >> what do you say to haters of the third movie. >> how could anyone hate -- will the cubs come back from 3-0? >> absolutely. >> it's 2015. there's no reason for it not to happen. it's 2015. >> you have to root for the cubs. >> and strike three called. and the mets are on their way back. >> oh. we got some things right. >> some things. but that was interesting though that the cubs got so close to this premonition or whatever you want to call it. >> the foreign correspondent within me wants to know what doc felt when they got gadhafi. are the libyans still chasing him? >> that we find out in back to the future 4. coming up, saving for the
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ditch the misery. let's end this. ♪ finally this half hour, we're going to take a look at the financial challenge of raising children. >> each little one will cost you an average of a quarter million dollars can until they're 18. that does not even include college. rebecca jarvis has new ways to lock up a secure future for your kids. >> reporter: meet adorable charley massey. the 3-month-old has her future ahead of her. the challenge for mom sharon and dan craig is how to pay for that future. >> you want the best for your kids and you want better for your kids than you had. >> reporter: babies come with considerable price tags.
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according to government studies, the average cost of raising a child to age 18 is $250,000. fortunately, to help baby charlie's parents, we knew just who to call. catherine alford, a financial writer and mother of 18-month-old twins who specializes in family finance. >> hi, guys had lou are you today? >> step one says catherine, start an education fund. beyond a 529 plan, catherine likes to advise coups to invest in a mutual fund in a child's name. >> the benefit of that is that they can use that money for anything so if they want to go on a trip or study abroad, they can do that. >>. >> reporter: step two, don't splurge on luxuries like too many baby gadgets or annual over the top birthday parties. >> get used to the idea of minimalism. there is so much pressure to have the most amazing it birthday parties in sneb three, consider investing in a rental property. >> the key is to buy a home with
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a 15-year mortgage. by the time they're 18 and going to college, the mortgage is totally paid for and it just becomes a cash generating property. >> reporter: real estate can come with downsides notes catherine but it's a risk that can prove worthwhile for a baby's future. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> another reason i don't have any kids. wow. that is something. >> don't let the money hold you back. >> 30% on housing, child care 18%, food another 16%. mom, dad, buy me jordans. >> you know, i always like to factor in grandma. >> look, you're able to figure it out very nicely. >> that's because i live in downton abby. and i borrow the middleton's prince william's carriage. actually it's prince george's carriage.
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this morning on "world news now," joe biden's emotional decision. >> why he's not running for president despite personal and political pressure. what fellow candidates are saying now after there long awaited campaign move. breaking developments in the road rage case in albuquerque. what police announced a short while ago after a 4-year-old girl riding in a car was shot and killed. mets victory for the first time in 15 years. the team is going to the world series. the exciting moments in chicago and which player made history. and later, oscar's comeback. chris rock returns to host the next academy awards. the humor we can expect from the so-caused mvp of the entertainment world. it is thursday, october 22


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