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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> it is something to worry about because it may or may not attacked.he leon: attacked inside a laundry room. defended e woman herself. breaking news. one of the worst hurricanes in now.ry hitting right we are tracking the impact. >> i felt like was a hero. leon: remembering a teen who defending his mother, next.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its aption content and accuracy. visit] leon: we have big breaking news the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western mexico's e slamming pacific coast. it is expected to be atastrophic with layoff threatening flooding and mudslides. winds are close to 200 miles an what is the latest? we have a storm of biblical proportions and thousands are out of the o get path. hurricane patricia slammed into mexico ern coast of around 7:00 this evening our time as a category five storm ferocious draws winds and 20 inches of rains acking a punch on the way to puerto vallarta. hotels were evacuated earlier and that sent tourists racing to
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get out of town. thers sheltered in place and filled sandbags and looked for supplies to try to ride it out. unprepared.ery first thing this morning we heard it was going to be a five.ory so, i raced over to the market nd everybody at the resort was doing the same thing. expected to is bring mudslides and flooding. peoplere some 20 million estimated to be in the flood zone. then it should head into our and there are flood warnings for texas, louisiana the weekend for getting up to 12 inches of rain. thank you, roz. see how those areas will a affected with steve having closer look. steve: new information just in good news. quickly as it developed
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yesterday that is as quickly as fizzle to this is where it is located just off the coast of mexico. landfall around 7:00 eastern. aximum wind are down to 130 miles an hour. 160 miles wind gusts an hour. this is the path reduced to an area of low pressure that will lots of rain to central exico and eventually into texas. you will hear about there storm the coming days. home, temperatures in the 40's, tomorrow it will be beautiful. of sunshine and we will talk about the full forecast the rest of the weekend remnants of patricia across our area. steve.hank you, now searching for a suspect after a terrifying attempted alexandria. this was 10:30 this morning at an apartment building.
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a woman there said she fought back and actually injured her with an industrial vacuum. live with the description. you managed to get into the room.y tell us about that. first, they have security measures here. but a resident took us inside building into that laundry room and into a crime scene and large.pect is still at the attack in this basement laundry room. said she got assaulted and asked me did i hear her screaming. steve: you see where the police dusted it for fingerprints. and she was e rape not allowed to leave. 10:30 a woman er was walking here and man grabbed her. struggled. he tried to remove her pants. she fought back. hit him with the nozzle
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of a vacuum cleaner. this was on the floor. down there.d to go steve: he pulled out a knife and anded the woman not to move ran off. >> we fully believe he intended rape her. it has security features and you use key cards and conventional locks. >> it is something to worry about. steve: storage areas and trash rooms provide easy hiding with camp rails. many residents are taking precautions trying to be on while police continue looking for the suspect. >> you inform know who is around when you are down there. you have to be careful. steve: police have only a vague description of the suspect. hope to work up a composite sketch. be on alert.
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a scary scene. no life threatening injuries fter a school bus crash in prorpb prince george's county. we saw.what the bus driver, aid and one hospitalized with two in the other truck. none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. all the other children were unharmed. they were picked up by parent. what are investigating caused the crash. his just in, d.c. police release surveillance as they investigate a homicide at a nightclub. four persons of interest. 19-year-old eric jones was tabbed to death thursday morning at layla lounge. police are asking anyone with forward.on to come he died trying to protect his mother. dozens came out in the memory of teen tragically stabbed to
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death in oxon hill. .eyshaun mason was 14 fplt ros was at the gathering. reporter: hearts broken, they hit a candle and gathered to keyshaun mason. many knew him. others didn't but they knew his story. trying to protect his mother. >> i feel like he was a hero. he did try to protect his mom did a good thing he should have never died. . it was early monday morning. there was an argument between the teen's mother and live-in boy friend armed with a knife. mason and his older brother the d their way into bedroom. he was stabbed in the chest and hospital. e >> it is hard. reporter: he was a popular student freshman at potomac high school.
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wendell was his middle school principal. >> it is a terrible waste. he was a bright young man. eporter: sean crawford is charged with murder in the death of keyshaun mason. is a tragedy for him to stab him and take him away. one of our children gone. ♪♪ i once was lost leon: a vigil for a prince george's county woman stabbed to her own amanda jones was killed monday night. jones on lking with the phone said a friend and heard her scream. body was found the next day. 56-year-old mitchell cole is charged with killing her. sources say they once had a romantic relationship. developing now investigators
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trying to trace the cause of a fire in new jersey in tpwhrupbs wick. lames seen shooting from the windows and roof. surrounding streets had to be evacuate the. reported. no injuries the synagogue is more than 100 laned -- and was labeled as a historic building in 1995. shocking discoverys of starving an neglected horses at farm. raided pieceable farm near charlottesville. they foundes arrived seven horses were already dead nd five others had to be euthanized there. another 81 horses were seized agencies. to rescue >> they have been out without ny kind of proper nutrition or hay or green for an extended period of time. that doesn't happen overnight. the owner was allowed to are about 20 but activists
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trying it seize all of them. more than 10,000 have signed on. has not been charged but remains under investigation. the kpapb is close to -- the campaign was close to home in ary clinton held a rally old town alexandria after her 11 hours of testimony about yesterday. the democratic race getting lincoln chafee dropped out. run andn decided not to jim webb dropped out. in iowa this weekend. on the other side of the aeufl hat might be a shift for the g.o.p. new polls showing donald trump is slipping. bloomberg poll has ben carson nine g him in iowa by points. john kasich is making new enemies. with include the nba or some folks there. he ohio governor bumped into
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the philadelphia 76ers at a hotel this week and they didn't what he later told the campaign crowd about them. >> the reason some of them make of money is they have skills. 76ers have had that many skills lately. and they heard that used his low poll numbers saying this. more 2% of the time. ouch! ahead, getting ready for the marine corps marathon. just race. is not >> tonight we raise over $55,000. leon: emotional stories behind the scenes and what you need to now about getting around because of the marathon.
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leon: this might be the biggest thing to ever happen on the madison james university. espn will be descending there "college their gameday" program tomorrow.
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j.m.u. will horst the university -- host the university of richmond. it from lly air traditional sites by j.m.u. producer because the is a j.m.u. graduate. eanwhile, around the way here the stage is set for the annual tradition the marine corps marathon on sunday. thousands of runners and spectators will flood our streets. iis more thanem just race. we will see how. tom? tom: you can see behind me they stands set up.e the fans are expected to watch 30,000 runners thursday. to do over here. you can see they have a lot of stuff to set up. in this race will be running in some cases for dozens including one receiving support for the first time from the marathon we tonigsrufr
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srufrtsrufr srufrted -- visited. >> we tried to find out. reporter: pam said when her granddaughter came she had an answer. >> she has a rare decease. -- disease reporter: they can stay here for free. she calls in a place better than home and would like to stay there. so rter: grandma is thoughtful at 66 she is running the 10-k portion of the marathon to raise money for the urinn. this was the first year they can race r raise it for the children's inn. is run on donations to support families who come here. aroundfamilies come from the world. >> she likes it very much. no problem. reporter: they game r came from elgium and they are not running. >> i couldn't. grateful but they are for those who are.
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>> they are willing to go for it really wonderful. reporter: pam says already granddaughter and kids like going will keep her sunday. >> my heart is in it. reporter: the children there are taying at the children's inn not only receive treatment at n.i.h. but part of research to the future who deal with the same things. they have been receiving a lot money from the marathon sunday. leon: thanks, tom. the marathon will interrupt in a lot of city streets. too many to list here. of ill have a complete list the closures and schedule of the weather is also a big factor nd we want to make sure it is good running weather. runner but 50's and
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lower 60's good stuff. do you think? now we know who is not running the marathon. all of us here. 54 degrees, well under way. and i think we will see more sunshine as we move through the midmorning hours and into the early afternoon. good news there. good news also with hurricane wind down to 130 miles an hour. still a really strong storm but considering earlier this evening winds were at 200 miles an hour, wind gusts at 240. here is the latest track going cross central mexico and turns to an area of low pressure by tomorrow afternoon winds 35 miles an hour. the winds will diminish substantially the next 4 hours, we are talking about heavy rain and it will eventually move into texas where they will look for flooding come monday and tuesday.
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we are talking up to 12 to 15 rain. of the remnants may move across our thursday.dnesday and i need to stress remnants. national.ow at reagan a few passing clouds mainly to the west of d.c. we hit 70 earlier. the average is 66. the record is 85. temperatures cooling off to the west of us and to the north. 45 leesburg, 43 m manassas. ild are air just -- milder air to the west will overspread the mid-atlantic so daytime highs 60's. this is all part of a cold front that will move across our area tomorrow night. nighttime lows around 45. cool off in the north and west winds out of the northeast three to six. omorrow morning 40's, 39 columbia, 40 gaithersburg, 42 in
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woodbridge. morning a few clouds, more during the midday, a few west by ove into the sunday morning. hopefully it will be out by the race. a little sunshine and temperatures warming up through the afternoon hours. peak fall color change to west of us. county we are not there create. daytime highs tomorrow 65 and cooler air ows monday and tuesday and by remnants you see the of patricia. nowhere what it is now. i'm only running if it is in the 80's. that is the last time i ran was the 1980's. steve: what were you doing in the noon 80's? probably shrink. pacifier?ttle
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>> last year the bucs beat the scans. evans had two touchdowns. torched the redskins. shouldn't have any problems getting focused for sunday. time a team beats us like that they will remember. not here ys that were but i think the situation we are in we have plenty of motivation to play well. we are 2-4, last plays in our division and we have to come out and play well whether the team we beat last year or lost to matter t. is n't
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important. desean jackson is ruled with the bad hamstring but he worry to according to the l.a. police epartment his home was broken in, four men transformed into the house. fled.truders jackson was in virginia and hasn't commented as of yet. hoops preseason finale the last to the raptors 92-82. going for their fifth straight win and they look ridiculous. three goals in the first more in the hree second. kuznetsov had two goals and assists. right now they lead 6-4 in the third. this.ys will love i will leave with you there to start the week. lhussain this over
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bolt. face these esn't guys next summer in rio. ate him.ks like they is that real? deal, : that is the real steve. for all high school action tune channel 8 starting at 11:30. now.l head down there leon: they have to repair that track now. that track is cracked. leon: you won't believe how long this guy held on to a look book.
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leon: it is inform too late to do the right thing. week an alabama man return 1952.k he took out in he was 63 years late. born brarian wasn't even when he took it out. she calculated the fine at about $1,500. but she waived it because he was appear honest guy. that is alabama. steve: do you think he read it about?mbered what it was leon: for $1,500 that is one not
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to read. a final look at the forecast when we come back.
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leon: weekend ahead good. steve: not as bad as we thought. tomorrow middle 60's and sunday marathon in the 50's. 70.ounding to up are 60's to morning showers very limited ast of d.c. and back to 16 monday and tuesday and by ednesday remnants of what is now patricia. leon: that is all we want is remnants. us.ks for joining stay tuned for jimmy kimmel live. website for the losings of the marine corps marathon. vo: does hal parrish share our values?
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as mayor, parrish cut school funding nearly three million dollars. reading and science scores fell. parrish said no to opening new women's health clinics, denying access to cancer screenings and breast exams. so instead of dealing with the economy and jobs, parrish will join with the richmond extremists to slash education and threaten women's health care. hal parrish -- too extreme for r virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad. parents help their children animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide
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and now abc's jimmy kimmel live. >> dicky: from brooklyn - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- howard stern, the national league champion new york mets, and music from public enemy, brought to you by cigna. with cleto and the cletones. and now, and hey now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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