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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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determine how long the car may have been there. what led up to this, it's in the beginning stages of the investigation. the ramp to 198 east is closed to the baltimore lanes of the parkway. the police are in the area and they expect to be here for quite some time this afternoon as well as the investigation continues. we will continue to follow this developments and we'll have more coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, thanks. can you imagine having a fun held to your face, being robbed of everything you have. you do as you're told and the robber runs off. alison: what happens when you call 911? the person on the phone says they can't help you? stephen tschida in northeast d.c. with a story you will see only on abc7. what went wrong here? stephen: first, alison, 30 minutes ago i got a phone call from nicole chapel at the office of unified communication. she told me right now her
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collector and chief cathy lanier are changing protocol for how 911 calls are handled. this is after a man was walking down this street. rhode island avenue on october 3, 10:30 at night. he got to that tree, the big tree and he ran into two teenagers with a gun. in the district, the body count mounts as the bullet echo across the city. the district leader call in the public for help. one man tried to help but got nowhere. >> are you sure you don't want to to know where the kids with a gun are operating? they said no. we're not interested unless you come back to the city. stephen: he walked to his car and two teens intercepted him, pulled a gun and demanded all he had. he held on to his car keys. when they left he raced home to hyattsville. >> i called the police. the operator said i had to come back in the city. stephen: we contacted d.c.
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police and the rep referred us to the call center. we asked if this is standard policy we are told someone is looking into it and would get back to us later. >> you can't turn on the news or open the paper without seeing problem of the gun violence in the city. the police department doesn't want to hear about it is ridiculous. >> we told him ten minutes ago what happened. he came to "7 on your side." we took the information to the office of the united communications. he has high praise for taking the information and making a change. jonathan: nice to see that happen. thank you. mysterious deaths of two teenagers is under investigation in woodbridge. davis and for ainger -- farringer, 17 years old were found dead inside a van. kevin lewis talked to the boys' father and an interview
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you will see only on abc7. kevin? kevin: lyle's father tells me his son dated india davis for two years but last week the couple broke up. fast forward to saturday afternoon. a prince william county park ranger found both teens dead inside of a red minivan. they found the team inside. on friday, she was late for the 10:00 p.m. curfew. they thought the teens had got away but they did not expect this. his senior as garfield high school. he had hopes of becoming a
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body mechanic. >> it was devastating. >> was there a third party involved? >> no. no. anything that happened inside the van was between the two teens. kevin: police want us to reiterate there is no wanted suspect or third party involved here. they performed the option of both the bodies. we expect results tomorrow. i'm kevin lewis. alison: thank you. students at river bend high school in spotsylvania return to class for the first time since a thwarted attack. it follows a weekend announcement that a 15 and a 17-year-old student plan to call in a bomb threat. concerns students saw texas
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and the social media about a plan. the students behind if attack have been expel and face charges of conspiracy to commit murder. jonathan: the police was supposed to wear body cameras was supposed to start today. mayor rawlings-blake said three vendors were involved in this. it has been a huge issue since the death of freddie gray in police custody. it sparked riots in the city six months tomorrow. alison: shoot-out on georgia avenue this morning. store owners walked in on a burglar a suspect is dead. this happened as the children were walking to school right there. >> the kids were going to school when the employees of the store behind me, moore and
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millerly quore store came to work and found two masked gunman inside. in minutes the alleged robber was kill and another person was arrested. they arrested this man as a robber. they stopped him several blocks from the liquor store outside which another young man was killed by police. body was kept behind a blue tarp in a parking lot. the dead man witnesses said decided to have a shoot-out with repeat and ignored the commands for him to drop the gun. police say the pair were inside the liquor store before they opened this morning. >> they had guns. the employees called 911. >> i told him to stop. he returns fire. i told him to put it down. >> you can see the cadets here. there are a number of the
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police cadets around here moving around the area. looking for possible evidence. the man that police stopped there didn't have the clothing that was described. they believe it's the accomplice to the robbery. reporting live, northwest washington, sam ford. jonathan: thanks. the remnants of hurricane patricia brought historic downpours to the southwest. part of texas shattered cold rainfall records. houston, galveston saw localized flooding about 20 inches of rain falling in some area of the state. closures to major highways are happening. the system weakened. but the rain we get is what is left of patricia coming our way. when is this going to come and how much can we expect?
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doug: an inch of rain late tomorrow through wednesday. this hurricane's as huge as it was, having the deepest pressure, the lowes pressure and the highest winds on record. 24 hours after it hit the coast of mexico on friday night. it was over. prolific rain maker. a beautiful afternoon with the temperatures in the upper 50's to 60 degrees. 60 at reagan national. 57 in fredericksburg. upper 30's to 40 for the temperatures tomorrow. through the day tomorrow the clouds will increase south to west. here comes the rain. a warm front comes in wednesday. cold front wednesday night. clearing skies. between now and then a fair amount of rain.
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we have more about that and we will look ahead to halloween in a few minutes. alison: see you then. after a weekend break the alexandria murder trial resumed today with a focus on defendant charles severance's emotional writings. jeff goldberg stepped out of the courthouse. it looks like the defense is close to wrapping up its case. is that right? jeff: it does seem that way. we expect the defense to wrap up the case before court ends today in the next hour or hour and a half. the defense focus on the writing of charles severance. while it might be strange and eck sen rick it does not prove that he is a killer. we heard about a psychology that performed analysis and gave a diagnosis that he had schizophrenic and paranoid tendencies. the doctor saying many of the
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writings advocate violent and murder against the system or the elias, they don't -- system or the elite they don't reveal he would carry out the violence. the prosecutor focused on the violent and the well-known writings we have heard about, including "murder on my mind" and "my mind on murder." he conceded he never didn't base the diagnosis on his own interview. but he based it on analysis and said that it damages the credibility and the validity of the diagnosis. how this is received will depend on the jury. defense attorneys were implying that there could be a suspect in the murder of ruthanne lodato. we will have more at 5:00 and where things start in the schedule of the trial and
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moving forward. we head back to the courtroom in an update in a little while. jonathan: dr. ben carson leads in iowa. the latest poll out has him ahead of donald trump by 14%. that's outside the margin of error, too. this is the third poll in iowa has carson pulling away. ted cruz and marco rubio is in third and jeb bush in fifth place. coming up for us at 4:00, how you can give a sign that the candy you are handing out is allergy free. alison: we have a warning for you. you may not like it. processed meat. red meat. we tell you about the cancer risk and how you can avoid it coming up next. jonathan: the president goes for a stroll in d.c. this always creates a scene. especially not flanked by all the security and he doesn't have the motorcade. where did he stroll off for lunch? we will tell you coming up.
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alison: plus a followup to animal abuse case in virginia. the new charges and the red flags that were raised in maryland long before the discovery in orange county. that is coming up on "abc7 news at
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alison: you've heard this today because everyone is talking about it. world health organization says processed meat could be as cancerous as cigarettes. even red meat as a whole could contribute to developing cancer. from bacon to burgers, there is a risk for what you eat. it's cars generic for humans. for carcinogenic for humans. we're joined by the founder for responsible medicine. thank you for being here. you have written about the issue. this is not new for you but new for us. we are hearing that things we'd back in our kids' lunches is something to avoid. >> the way tobacco smoke causes cancer, you breathe it in.
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so the meat goes in the digestive track. so you get more cancer there. also hormone related organs like prostate. so it's not a question anymore. alison: so bacon, hot dogs, pepperoni? >> bacon, sausage, ham, delhi delhi -- deli meat. alison: what about a burger or a nice piece of steak? >> i wouldn't use the word "nice." these are a problem. the beauty is when we get these, not just our cancer that falls. the diabetes risk falls as well. the best choice is a
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plant-based choice. veggie hot dog, veggie sausage or beans and rice. those are better choices. so being vegetarian is the best option? or eat mostly vegetarian and once in a while have meat? >> the closer you get in that direction, the better you will be. the healthiest diet a totally vegan diet. they are the trimmest, the healthiest. if we eat that is a challenge think about what we feed our kids. how much cancer ris dock you want the child to have? if they have a taste for healthy food, that is a gift. when i was a kid, our dad gave us cigarettes when we were little. alison: really? >> you don't want to do that. alison: so maybe in 50 years we will look back or this the way we view tobacco was that we'll be completely different
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in the eating habits? >> no question about it. meat intake is going down since 2004. it will keep dropping. there are so many other good things. you can be in the best italian, chinese and they have the vegan items. people are choosing them. doctors are saying do it for your health. alison: wow! eye opening. a lot of people it will take a while to adjust. we appreciate your insight. thank you very much. >> a growing number of families are painting their pumpkins teal. the color of food allergy awareness. it's a way for trick-or-treaters to know that home has treats. jonathan: not a bad idea. get a check on the traffic
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situation. angela foster in the abc7 traffic center. how is it looking, angela? angela: it's not bad. we have the usual rush hour in effect on the beltway. you will see the authorities on the scene. we have a live look at the traffic flow for those making a drive out of the district. you will see the tractor-trailer crash as the left lane is blocked. it's adding to the afternoon congestion. the ride slows on and off to sycamore street. slow on southbound 395. the congestion from bethesda. you are on the brakes around
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to colesville road. that is a check of the roads for the afternoon hurt. back to you. jonathan: thank you. this is a well-earn honor for our immediate roll gist doug hill -- chief meteorologist doug hill. he received the award from the academy television art and scientist and it's one of the prestigious award for the broadcasts two left the mark on the industry in the area. he has done that. check out his career by going to long read. prepare yourself. pack a lunch. alison: awesome. doug: it was cool. jonathan: congratulations. fantastic. alison: was it fun to have everybody together last night? doug: it was. it was an honor and very fun. i was a public information officer to the aging process.
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alison: we are proud to have you here. alison: we have rain to talk about. doug: by tomorrow evening and wednesday. maybe an inch. time lapse from the weather bug cameras here. this is from mclean. if you look at the school, the clouds will start to clear. 503 in frostburg. 59 in rockville. upper marlboro is 58. overnight lows to upper 30's. this took the clearing all day long. there is plenty of sunshine in north and west but the eyes are drawn to the southwest. this is moving across eastern section of louisiana through
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the day. but the rain is extending well east and the north. so it will continue to march northward and northeastward in the next couple of days with a warm front on the north side. we have the opportunity for rain, a cold front is going to come through wednesday night north and west. a time lapse here, the rain will move in to make it chilly tomorrow. the skies clear. we'll be in good shape. the next seven days show the likelihood, the 100% chance of rain up to an inch on wednesday. clearing on thursday and mild. cool on friday. the weekend looks good. maybe sunshine saturday. cloudy and chilly but dry for trick-or-treaters saturday night. alison: perfect. doug: i think so. alison: thank you. congratulations again. doug: thanks. jonathan: breath of fresh air for president obama. taking advantage of the great fall weather.
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a walk to lunch for the metropolitan club. the chief of staff and the legislative director joined him for the presidential stroll for a bite to eat. nice to do that. if he had taken a walk for breakfast he could have scored free tickets to the opener. the big surprise from the wizards and how you might find free ticket yourself. alison: plus, we can do it. a world record attempt in michigan. how many rosie the riveters turned out for the attempt. that's coming
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narrator: for state senate, who shares our values?
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jeremy mcpike supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health c clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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jonathan: the washington wizards ready to start the season. to ramp up the excitement the team is giving away tickets but you have to work for these. john gonzalez at the verizon center with what you need to know to score tickets. john: days before opening night, wizards star went trick-or-treating and had a scavenger hunt. he went along for the ride. >> it's opening dame at the verizon center. >> you are adding for a password. it's d.c. rising.
4:27 pm
>> who has the password? a couple of hands up. >> we have the first winner. >> what is the password? >> d.c. rising. >> time to make the doughnuts for the wizards. >> he does not know the password. >> it's not a bad day. we serve doughnuts. >> a fun day. it was the first opportunity to be with the fans this year. >> so look out for the tickets in the near future.
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>> at the verizon center, john gonzalez. jonathan: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a state university removing the state flag. what is going on at ole miss? the southern symbol at the center of the controversy. alison: plus a maryland state trooper opened fire killing a suspect. what police say happened that left an officer with no other choice coming up. >> but first, a woman charged after dozens of horses are found starved or dead. i'm chris papst. coming up, why this investigation is now coming to maryland.
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jonathan: "7 on your side." this is a horrible story. we told you about the allegations in virginia. a woman is officially charged with this. alison: dozens of horses starving or dead on a farm that was supposed to really be a sanctuary for them. our i-team investigator chris papst brought us the story first on friday and this is a disturbing images. chris: she is being charged with animal cruelty. these are the pictures and they can be difficult to look at. dozens of horses starved to near death. the orange county sheriff office seized 81 severely malnourished horses from the somerset virginia farm.
4:32 pm
when they arrived seven were dead and nine more had to be euthanized. we have learned this is not the only horse rescue farm she runnings. she owned one in montgomery county which has been citing for not properly caring for the animals and had to undergo weekly health inspections. >> this is not uncommon for to us do regular site visits to make sure the owners are complying with what the county code requires. chris: i want to let you know what we found her in tax filing. it's non-profit. chris papst, abc7 news. alison: thank you for that. doug has more on the forecast. it seems like a decent week that is shaping up. doug: we have an area from tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and wednesday. let's have a weather story. it's beautiful outside.
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time lapse for you. this is from centreville. during the days the skies have cleared from north to south like most of the area. this turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. the cloud come back due to remnant moisture and the circulation of hurricane patricia. a lot of moisture is pulling in from the gulf of mexico. just the mechanisms we need to produce more cloudiness ams more -- and more in way of rain. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and through the overnight to wednesday morning. moderate and steady rain through wednesday. cold front coming through late in the afternoon or evening. maybe a rumble of thunder in the mountain. back to clear skies. by the time the rainfall comes to an end, the amounts are close to many inches here. it will be in good shape the time thursday rolls around. that is the latest, jonathan.
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jonathan: thank you, doug. developing this afternoon, a maryland state police trooper shot and killed a suspected car thief. two departments working on the case at the same time. maryland bureau chief brad bell has late-breaking details for us. this was a chaotic scene. brad: this was a mess! it started in front of the sheets convenience store where -- front of the sheetz convenience store. he ran the tag and find out it was stolen. there was an attempt to flee according to the state police by the suspect. this ended up here in the middle of the crime scene tape. you know what? this morning it was as busy as now. people coming and going. this happened at the height of morning rush hour. people were buying coffee and gas. rick was eating breakfast when the troopers rushed up to the man in the allegedly stolen survivor next to him.
4:35 pm
>> they told me to get out of the vehicle and on the ground. the suspect got in the vehicle and attempted to drive off. >> instantly the suspect ram the police car. the officer trapped inside was injured. several troopers on foot run to the survivor. guns drawn, yelling at the suspect to surrender. >> gave command. the next thing i heard it sounded like four quick shots. the was it. >> the suspect is killed on the spot. the suv was stolen in baltimore last night. the car's owner telling police he ran after the car thief until the man displayed what appears to be a gun. no gun was found with the man at the sheetz today. but the witnesses say the shooting appeared justified to them. >> the trooper did what he needed to do once the guy crashed into the other vehicle. brad: even before the violent
4:36 pm
episode with the police, the suspect exhibited bizarre behavior at the sheetz. when we come back at 5:00, you will hear from a man who had a strange encounter with the suspect in the bathroom. that is coming up at 5:00. in frederick, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: prince george's county police are investigating what happened leading up to a murder in largo. 35-year-old sullivan was killed by her husband according to police. one of several murders in prince george's county this year. last week a town hall was held to prevent this kind of violence. ed walker, lock-time host of the -- long-time host of the big broadways has passed away. he had been on air in washington for six decades and was battling cancer. he helped found wamu in 1951. walker was 83 years old. looking around the nation, the woman accused of plowing her
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car into a crowd at a homecoming parade was arraigned today on four counts of second-degree murder. the judge set bail for adacia chambers at $1 million. her lawyer asked for a mental health evaluation. among the four people killed in saturday's crash, a 2-year-old child. nearly 50 people were hurt. many of whom are still in the hospital. jonathan: there is no sign of a tourist who disappeared when his boat sank in british columbia. five died when it capsized. the rescue teams rushed in to save 21 people from the water. it was cold. witnesses say the weather conditions were rough at the time of the sinking but not unusual for the area. updating a story we brought you last week. ole miss now has removed the state flag from the flagship campus in oxford. part of the flag as you can see with the confederate battle symbol on it. students and faculty supported the decision after the student senate voted to take the measure. the vote was nonbinding.
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removing the confederate battle flag imagery has been a hot topic since the charleston church shooting. the gunman had taken pictures with himself and the flag. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- have you see the new bond car? look at that. that is sexy. it might take the entire budget of the britain spy agency to purchase the real deal. how many are available for you to buy? we have that coming up. alison: i can see you driving around in that. jonathan: yeah. alison: we can do it! recreating the world war ii poster in real life for a world record in michigan. how many slowed up? that's
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alison: this is a great story. more than 2,000 women in michigan are showing the world we can do it. that was the slogan for rosie the riveter. over the weekend, the women gathered at the willow run bomber plant to take back their guinness world regard for the largest gathering for people dressed as the cultural icon, rosie the efforter. that was if image used to recruit female industrial workers in world warii. 43 women who worked on the war effort appeared in this photo. jonathan: how cool is that? alison: you saw a child there,
4:42 pm
too. it spanned a generation. jonathan: awesome. from many to just one. one person in the entire world will own james bond latest aston martin. it's beautiful. the car maker will auction off one of the d.b. 10 it made for the fill. since the car does not have the road certification so it's not street legal, they can't sell it on the open market. you can check out the car when the 24 bond film his theaters. this is a 200-mile-per-hour car and half a million dollars. not street legal. you spend half a million dollars on a vehicle you can't take out on the road. alison: that is a sleek-looking car! well, call it biopic or fiction. it doesn't matter what you call it. audiences didn't want to see steve jobs. it flopped at the box office. it made just more than $7 million and cost $30 million to make. hollywood analysts predicted take of $15-20 million for the
4:43 pm
first weekend in wide release. it's a surprise to a lot of people. jonathan: we love the product. but maybe like sausage you can't want to see how it's made. alison: now we can't eat it as of today. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- an aids cancer drug that costs hundreds of dollars a dose has a new rival at a deep discount when you compare the two. how much does the rival drug cost? we have that. horace: good news tonight for vo: today's the day.
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do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be sererious and life-threatening. ask your doctor about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions. tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. check your blood sugar. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans.
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alison: christmas came early for the toys-for-tots in montgomery county. this is a story we aired two weeks ago. we told you that the organization lost the warehouse and figured it wouldn't be able to connect the toys. but as our trump shooter horace holmes tells us, a you view -- troubleshooter horace holmes tells us a viewer saw the story and answered the call for help. horace: i'm horace holmes. good news for the folks from toys-for-tots montgomery county thanks in part to a call to "7 on your side."
4:47 pm
we'll explain coming up on abc7 news. it may not sound like it to you but the warehouse door opening is the sound of the holidays beginning for the people at toys-for-tots montgomery county. >> i'm thankful. very. horace: earlier paul gunther was given the keys to the warehouse. that means there will be christmas for thousands of disadvantaged children in the county, something very much in doubt until he called "7 on your side" two weeks ago. >> we are an organization that doesn't have a whole lot of money. money that comes in needs to be used to buy toys. not pay for warehouses. horace: but without a whorehouse to -- without a warehouse to distribute the toys, toys-for-tots could not function. we aired it. >> the word on the tv went and somebody heard it.
4:48 pm
horace: gunther received a call from metropolitan moving and storage. they had a warehouse to donate. >> the families are banking on the fact they have the toys for the children year after year. so that was really, you know, the big motivating factor. horace: now the work begins to fill the 8,000 square foot warehouse. toys-for-tots montgomery county is behind schedule in doing that. that is where they need your help. >> you don't have to know people to help people. that is our biggest reward ever. we reached some child heart for the christmas holiday. horace: the work collecting toys begins. that's fine, gunther says. he is happy to have a home, a place for the kids to come to enjoy christmas. in gaithersburg, horace holmes, abc7 news. jonathan: we find out about the stories thanks to you. if you have something that you want our team to check out for you, helping us.
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give us a call. 866-236-3401 or e-mail us at alison: well, there could be a low-cost alternative to the cancer and aids drug that has seen a spike in price by 5,000%. the pharmaceutical company will offer new low-cost version of daraprim that sells $750 pill. the rival version of the medication will cost as little as $1 a dose. this compete with the drug produced by the touring pharmaceutical whose ceo came under fire for the price hike. his company is now under investigation. nissan fuel leak recall has expanded to include 59,000 more vehicles worldwide. it impacts 2013-2016 nissan atmas. 2016 maximas and 2014-2016 sedans made in russia. all have v6 engines.
4:50 pm
nissan says safety regulators found in a crash fuel could leak from a seal and cause a fire. the problem was discovered in a crash test. no other incidents have been reported. all right. coming up here at 5:00 today -- is it worth it? "7 on your side" taking a closer look at home warranties before you decide to buy. jonathan: the redskins win but it comes with a cost. find out the impact of the weekend injuries tonight at 5:00. alison: nasa has released a stunging image. take a look at this. from the telescope of the 94 galaxy. it's 15 million lightyears lighs from earth. you see the star burst ring around the galaxy? the european space agency says new stars are quickly forming inside that ring. the e.s.a. says the star-forming region is an unusual shape, likely caused by a pressure wave coming from the center of the galaxy. that is a beauty. jonathan: turn the attention
4:51 pm
to the weather. this is a weekend that a lot of runners couldn't complain. i rained early and at the time of the race time it was a drizzle. alison: perfect. steve: the sun came out for the redskins win. the upcoming weekend, though it is a ways off there is a lot going on. trick-or-treaters and daylight saving time comes to an end. we are warming to the middle 60's on saturday. that is near average for the time of the year. the trick-or-treat forecast. subject to change. but right now we are confident it will be dry. trick-or-treaters with an early start, 7:00, 58 degrees and it will drop through the 50's. i will stay dry. scattered clouds. this is saturday night. also saturday night before you head to bed don't forget to set your clocks back by one hour. we fall back. in the springtime we spring ahead. the fall color change looks good for the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend. we are at peak or slightly
4:52 pm
beyond peak for western maryland. closer to the d.c. metro area the fall color beginning to increase. especially around the g.w. parkway. looking really nice right now. here is a look at the seven-day outlook. calling for the showers. period of rain tuesday and wednesday. then by thursday we will clear things out. there is the weekend. 60 and 65 degrees saturday and sunday. few showers for the day on monday. angela foster has an update on the rush hour commute. angela: thank you. good afternoon. on the rush hour drive. extra caution if you traveling the baltimore-washington parkway have accident investigation for the clash discovery. the collision occurred last week. if you are traveling 295 approaching maryland 198, the northbound lanes are open. but the ramps are closed. westbound to 198 and approaching the b.w. parkway.
4:53 pm
quickly we could see the heavy delays this afternoon. on the beltway making your trip to bethesda. heavy and slow from the clara barton parkway that will continue to silver spring. as you approach colesville road. in the meantime, we are dealing with the crash clean-up on 50. john hanson highway. traveling outbound it's as you approach the church overpass. delays all the way back to 410. that is latest on the commute. back to you. jonathan: thanks. d.c. is preparing for a royal visit. prince harry is coming to the nation's capital this week. the prince is set to join first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden on wednesday. prince harry is scheduled to attend a reception at the british ambassador's home in d.c. crowd favorite. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- if you are thinking about refinancing a loan. how offers to lower your payments can end up costing you much more. three things that you need to do to get a deal that is good. opposed to too good to be
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alison: you can refinance any loan but it doesn't mean it's a good deal. john matarese shows warning signs of a refi deal too good to be true. john: people in d.c. pay a lot for car loan, student loan or mortgage would love an opportunity to refinance and pay much less every month. but one man learn an offer for a lower payment may not be what it seems. >> lower your monthly payments. lower your mortgage. money is tight, the ads are attractive. >> it has 40,000 miles on it. john: tom was paying $460 a month for his toyota pickup truck. so when he saw an online ad to lower the car payment he signed up. >> he said we are excited to be able to lower your monthly payments $33.22 a month. john: but he noticed the old rate of 8% and the new rate was 12%.
4:58 pm
>> if they raise my rate by 15% how are they saving me money? john: they extended the loan by two years. shady refinancing company for a get people falling behind on the home loan, car loan or student loan. they promise lower payments but they're really extending your loan so you end up paying more. >> you never sign over any paperwork or sign any documentation stating that they have control of your loan. john: credit counselor says research any lender and be careful of ads with the f.h.a. or logos and images of president obama. you can lose your home. beware of any lender who requires a large upfront fee or tells you to stop paying your loan and pay them instead and throws around the terms like f.h.a., hope, harp. don't respond to the ads that could leave you worse off like tom did. so be skeptical to lower the
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monthly payment. don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: a car found overturned in the water off the b.w. parkway. a person found inside. tonight the search for clues into what happened and how long it has been there. >> what i saw was one of the most horrendous things i've seen in 28 years on law enforcement. >> leon: that we saw that led to an arrest. and health warning about meat that could change your dinner plans forever. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: breaking news. investigators are trying to figure out how long a car was in the water. investigators found it and a body inside. just after 2:00 at the exit for route 198 in laurel. traffic is still backed up there right now. brianne carter is live on the scene with the latest information.
5:00 pm
brianne? brianne: the ramp off the b.w. parkway is still closed. take a oak why. you can see the investigation underway off the northbound lane of baltimore-washington parkway. you can see the park police are on the scene to determine how this happened. it was just after 2:00 this afternoon. when the crews working in the grass made the discovery of the overturned car submerged in water down an embankment. we understand according to the park police this is a heavily wooded area. there is water down there. they say it is 100 feet down from the roadway where the car was discovered. authoritiesauthority were able o the scene. look at what they found once they got there. >> lieutenant from the united states park police and officer from the fish and the wildlife service responded. they were able to break in the car to determine whether or not there was anyone in distress in the vehicle. >> once they got into the vehicle they found an adult male subject who was later pronounced dead b


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