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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 27, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," political showdown. trump versus carson and the rest of the republicans in tomorrow night's debate. donald trump's latest controversial comments and a surprising trend in the polls. deadly floods. the extreme weather system that dumped nearly two feet of rain on texas and louisiana. the human toll and the new storm threatening the flood zone. >> new this half hour, the fireworks explosion lighting up the skies overnight. with blast after blast, the dangerous scene for firefighters and the latest on the injuries. >> and later in the skinny, the royals and movie stars at the premier of 007's "spectre." daniel craig is asked again would he return to his role as james bond. his latest answer on this tuesday, october 27th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good morning on this incredibly busy tuesday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. it is busy for so many different reasons. we have politics, we have weather that we're covering and, of course, covering "spectre," as well which is opening up. >> one of my favorite stories. >> let's begin with that political take-down, donald trump, ben carson making big strides ahead of the third gop debate. the third poll in a row is showing trump losing to carson in iowa now by 14 points. but trump isn't buying it. it's your voice, your vote. tom llamas is following the republicans. >> reporter: donald trump telling supporters don't believe the hype or the polls. >> i'm number two in iowa. i said, i don't believe it. one's bloomberg, they hate me, the other one is a super liberal newspaper, "the des moines register," which is third rate, totally third rate, not respected in iowa. it's a third rate crummy newspaper. so, i've got these two polls. bloomberg hates me -- don't forget, michael did want to run for president.
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>> reporter: trump getting new scrutiny, saying he's had to fight his whole life, even though his father was a multimillionaire who gave him his start in real estate. >> it's not been easy for me. it has not been easy for me, and, you know, i started off in brooklyn. my father gave me a small loan of $1 million. >> reporter: nothing small about a million bucks, but trump says it isn't very much compared to what he's built. now, with ben carson well ahead in iowa, trump hitting the retired neurosurgeon hard. after saying you can't criticize someone's faith, trump then said this about carson's. >> i'm presbyterian. boy, that's down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. i mean, seventh day adventist, i don't know about. i just don't know about. >> reporter: carson demanding an apology. >> a couple of months ago, i said something which he took as an attack on his faith, and i apologized for that. i hope he will have the same grace. >> reporter: but trump refuses. and new comments on religion getting attention,
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saying women in muslim countries appreciate their customs and some want to keep their faces covered. >> in fact, it's easy. you don't have to put on makeup. look how beautiful everyone looks. wouldn't it be easy -- right? wouldn't that be easy? i'll tell you, if i was a woman, i don't want to -- i'm ready, darling, let's go. >> reporter: and despite those plo numbers we mentioned, donald trump is not giving up on iowa. he'll be in the hawkeye state today his last stop before the debate on wednesday. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> the white house and congressional leaders appear to have reached a budget deal. details released late last night ahead of a vote in the house tomorrow. the proposed budget would include cuts to social security and medicare. it would also increase the federal borrowing limit in order to avoid a government default next week. an oklahoma judge ordered
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the suspect in that deadly homecoming crash be held on $1 million bond. it was the first court appearance for adacia chambers who faces four counts of second degree murder. the prosecutor says chambers purposely drove around a barricade before plowing into spectators. he's awaiting results of toxicology tests but chambers' father says she suffers from mental illss. on the west coast of canada, the search continuing for one person still missing following sunday's sinking of a whale watching boat off vancouver island. the five people killed in the incident were all british citizens. a survivor says a sudden wave caused the boat to capsize. the 65-foot craft had operated for 20 years without a single problem. authorities say the complete investigation could take several months, however. those severe drenching storms spraying across the eastern half of the country. >> louisiana is finally getting a break from what's left of hurricane patricia. but many people across the state are still assessing widespread damage. we go now to you abc's elizabeth hur in new orleans. good morning, elizabeth. >> reena and kendis, good morning to you. these storms were not only
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destructive here in texas, here in louisiana officials are looking into a weather-related accident that turned deadly. driving in torrential downpours like these turned deadly in kenner, louisiana. police confirming a man lost control of his car during a storm and died. streets still swamped monday morning. 20 children needed to be rescued from their flooded school bus. more than eight inches of rain falling from new orleans baton rouge led to power outages for thousands and flooding around louisiana state university. in some spots, the water more than three feet deep turning even lsu football players into good samaritans. >> i didn't expect to see cars underwater over there like they are right now. it's a very unfortunate situation. everybody just needs to pay more attention to the barricades and signs. >> reporter: meanwhile in texas, residents are still reeling after taking a beating from mother nature over the weekend. >> we heard a crash and i thought somebody came in my front door with a truck. >> reporter: the focus in the
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lone star state is cleaning up and drying out after record-breaking rainfall from san antonio to dallas. the result more than 75 high water rescues south of dallas alone. here in new orleans, nearly 9 inches of rain fell on sunday alone. turns out that is the wettest october day on record. kendis and reena, back to you. >> our thanks to elizabeth. some of those areas hardest hit. can expect more flooding later on in the week. >> while this nasty storm system makes its way to the north, accuweather's molly cochran continues our coverage. good morning, molly. >> thanks kendis and reena. on tuesday, dallas, houston going to have some sunshine. definitely well deserved across the lope star state, but unfortunately, more wet weather to come on friday and into the start of the weekend from dallas to san antonio including the houston area. definitely could spell trouble as we were just hard hit with rain a few days ago. across the deep south, showers will continue for atlanta up
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towards the raleigh area and this wet weather is going to be traveling into the northeast. tuesday night and into wednesday. coming along with the heavy rain, some gusty winds along the immediate coastline could cause beach erosion and be prepared for some heavy delays along i-95. kendis and reena, back to you. >> our thanks to molly there at accuweather. an employee of our station in miami wplj came to the rescue of a pilot whose plane just crashed. engineer juan rodriguez was on a news helicopter which happened to fly over the crash site. the chopper landed and rodriguez rushed to the pilot's side arriving even before the ems crew got there. >> at least the guy was alive and he was in a lot of pain. his face was bloody. the arms was bad. >> that pilot being treated at a hospital. two passengers on board the small plane weren't injured. the department of
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transportation is forbidding airline passengers from packing e-cigarettes in checked bags. they can still bring them on board in carry on bags but can't recharge them while on the plane. the department says the battery operated electronic smoking devices have sparked at least 26 explosions or fires since 2009. and the rule takes effect in about two weeks. who knew? >> why did it take so long? >> good point. >> good to know. so the world series gets under way tonight. you're excited about it. with the royals hosting the mets. you know kansas city was there last year. the mets haven't been there in 15 years. >> that's okay. that's one of the reasons why hundreds of mets fans gathered for a pep rally in their team's home borough of queens. everyone decked out in blue orange. and some even brought along mets souvenirs they purchased from more than 30 years ago for good luck. not surprisingly, everyone predicted the mets would win the series. >> in kansas city, there's no shortage of world series gear on offer for fans to buy.
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sales are said to be swift despite the royals having been in the series last year. as you mentioned on the field the teams held workouts ahead of tonight's game one. both sides are shaking off rust. the royals captured the league pennant last friday. the mets haven't played a game in nearly a week. their series with the cubs ended last wednesday. >> we were thinking of taking sports with reena on the road. you have to wait and see if that happens. >> you mean to the stadium in queens. >> we have to check the budget. >> coming up in "the skinny," why is richard gere hanging out on the streets looking homeless? >> also ahead, those pictures from an animal shelter showing two dogs awaiting adoption hugging each other. it was seen around the world. where are they now? >> and a safety alert after a powerful explosion leveled a house. a homeowner attempting a repair job managed to escape. the life-saving lessons but this after we look in awe at this
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for lime, calcium and rust, lime-a-way is a must! y you're watching firefighters in pasadena, california, working to free a tree trimmer who is trapped inside the heavy fronds of a palm tree some 25 feet -- wow -- up in the air. it took nearly an hour to get him out. fortunately, he was wearing a harness and was able to lower himself to the ground though he was limp and injured. this morning, he is recovering in the hospital. >> glad he's okay. i bet his mama wants to know how that happened. >> never letting him climb that tree again. also in l.a., the bizarre ending to a bank robbery.
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the suspect seen throwing money out of a suitcase before being hit with a bean bag by police. since a production crew was working down the street, some people thought the shooting was part of a tv show or movie. only in l.a. but it was entirely real. >> glad everyone was okay there. >> don't worry. this was not someone getting an early or late start to their fourth of july celebrations. this was the scene in a town in the netherlands. the house loaded with fireworks where it was being store the was on fire causing an impromptu display. the house completely destroyed and the three people inside were injured. >> well, it wasn't fireworks that blew up one new england home but an apparent mistake in fixing an appliance. >> experts say the bigger mistake was trying to do it herself in the first place. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: a do-it-yourself job apparently went horribly wrong. >> there was a big explosion. there's a big fire. oh, my god, there's someone in the house. >> reporter: inside the house, a
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woman had gone down to the basement to repair her gas hot water heater. investigators say she accidentally removed her gas shutoff valve and gas poured out. something down there ignited the fire. >> she was upstairs in her bedroom when it happened. she ran down and ran out and she was, like, really confused and crazy. >> reporter: but also lucky. >> we all watched the top floor collapse, cave in and collapse down. >> reporter: these images showing the sheer force of gas explosions and how it can happen in an instant. but experts reminding people of the basics. never, ever do it yourself and go to a professional. you may want to even set up a gas alarm to detect a leak, but perhaps most importantly, your nose. this kind of gas smells a bit like a rotten egg. and take a look at that house behind me right now. it is completely leveled. that roof coming down. and right now, fire officials are investigating what happened here. gio benitez, abc news, taunton, massachusetts. >> sometimes there are gases you can't smell like furnaces, hot
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water heaters they say never try to do on your own because they can leak carbon monoxide and you can't smell it. >> that woman running out of house barefoot and many of her neighbors as you can tell calling for help. >> what would you expect? i would come out. you want her to get her shoes to come out? i would not be getting my nice shoes. >> enough time to get the curlers out. >> you get out of the house like that. >> good point. >> all right. coming up, daniel craig getting testy at the "spectre" world premiere. >> and richard gere responding to a fake story on facebook from someone else's account. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc after this from our abc stat
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♪ ♪ skinny, so skinny >> we begin "the skinny" with last night's star-studded event in london celebrating one man, bond, james bond. >> the world premiere of "spectre" the latest installment of the film franchise brought out, of course, daniel craig. this is the fourth time he's played the british spy look -- looking dap area >> look at that. he was, of course, joined by the bond women. they call them the bond girls but they look amazing. stunning there. and they were upstaged by the
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royal arrival of the duke and duchess of cambridge. look at them. oh, my goodness. william and kate turning heads as they always do. they stepped onto the red carpet. >> let's not forget prince harry rocking a regal red beard. >> he would make a great bond. >> he could make a good bond. >> is he auditioning? is that what this is about? >> they were received by craig who then got a little annoyed with a reporter asking a question very much on everyone's mind. >> people still want to know when might you make a decision. >> you asked me that the other day. >> you had the weekend to think about it. >> i don't know yet. >> good for the reporter. you had the weekend to think about it. don't dodge my question. he's right. we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. we see craig in "spectre" stateside on november 7th. >> so we've got to wait a little bit. >> look forward to that though. >> always. >> always i do want to put a plug for my favorite idris elba who i believe should be the next james bond. >> i'm not a big fan of that. i would like to see daniel craig again. but we'll see.
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i didn't know they were fighting words. >> turning to singing sensation known as the weekend along with elvis and the beatles, he's one of a handful of musicians to have two different number one songs in a row. >> he's living large on the cover of the "rolling stone" magazine. but all that success isn't keeping him out of trouble. the toronto native whose real name is abel tesfaye pleaded no contest to punching a las vegas police officer in the face outside a nightclub back in january. >> the judge agreed to dismiss the charges as long as he agrees to pay a $1,000 fine, complete 50 hours of community service and attend impulse control counseling. something we were surpriseds to learn existed in las vegas. richard gere responding to a fake story published on facebook because well, it's a nice fake story. >> let's explain. it all started with a photo of him dressed as a homeless man on the street. it was during filming for the movie "time out of mind." the pic was posted to facebook with a fictitious caption that
3:51 am
went viral and now has caught gere's attention. >> he borrowed jenna malone's facebook page where he'll be hosting a "q&a" on the issue of homelessness and hopes it will make something good and meaningful happen for our homeless brothers and siz teres. amen to that. >> you can join the conversation at 11:00 a.m. eastern on malone's facebook page. let's recap last night's spooky stars in the ballroom. >> it was halloween night on "dancing with the stars" with the competition narrowing, the contestants really going for it. but the night's biggest moment didn't involve any dance moves but getting into the holiday spirit by spooking guest host leah remini. >> aah! >> damn you! >> you know what? that wasn't the only scare. tamar braxton received the lowest score of the evening for her fox trot. she got a perfect score last week >> that might have been enough to keep her from avoiding elimination but hayes grier got
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professionals in their own tanks. finally this half hour, two dogs becoming best friends and the people coming to their aid. >> it is a heartwarming image that was shared by millions and now a happy ending for the two pups. abc's david muir with the update. >> reporter: it was right here it you met kayla and kyra, kayla the brown 8-month-old hound mix hugging the boxer mix kyra. the hug captured in a rural georgia shelter but the snapshot was soon seen all over the country. it was believed they were hours away from being put down at the shelter. but the image posted by the humane society then shared by the angels among us pet rescue came up with a message saying we've comforted each other while
3:56 am
we were here and went on to say we need help. >> within the first hours it went viral. >> the website crashing with good reason. with the original photo, that's the before. then we showed you the after. still hugging this time with one of the volunteers who helped find them a foster home, already playing. >> get it. >> they sent us that first image with their foster mom and the best development yet, adopted by two georgia residents, wendy and pam, who wanted to make sure the dogs would stay together forever. wendy had recently lost her two elderly dogs together saying their family now turning their tears into smiles giving those hugging dogs their new home. david muir, abc news, new york. >> i love that story. i'm so glad we got that story. that reminded us of one of our viewers, maria tweeted us a picture of her four-legged friends adding on some more legs while modeling this year's halloween costume. it is a great look. i've got admit.
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we want to say thank you for the well wishes and send you a "world news now" mug as a token of our appreciation and call on the rest of our viewers, as well to send us more glamour shots of your animal companions and our favorites will get the coffee mugs. >> share your pets' names and don't try to bother them too much. like young children, too much costume if they're fussing and don't want to get into it, it's not fun. >> that's what's going to happen. it will turn into a rabid dog. >> why do you look back at brian? >> he's petting his imaginary dog. i hope that's imaginary. >> this show is getting really weird. >> i don't know. >> we've got a lot more news coming up. we hope you'll stick with us. >> we'll be right back. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, republican showdown. more evidence that ben carson is surging passing donald trump in important polls just one day before the next debate. we're live in washington with the latest. breaking overnight, budget deal. a milestone agreement between the white house and congress just announced. has it diverted a looming government shutdown? caught on camera. a student flipped off a desk and thrown across the floor. the police officer's auctions being questioned this morning. dangerous display. a house goes up in flames setting off the huge amount of fireworks stored inside. and we do say good tuesday morning to you, everybody. we'll get started of course with the race for


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