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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 30, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," fiery escape. the airline jet erupting into flames just before takeoff. the dash for the emergency slides and today's intense investigation. the new video and developments overnight. new video of the chaotic scene involving a huge group of bikers exchanging fire with police. our first inside look at what really happened in the deadly shoot-out. and new this half hour, a terrifying ordeal for a sky diver. >> how did this daredevil get stuck under a plane mid flight for a half hour? what he did to free himself and get to safety. and glamour magazine crowning this year's crop of women of the year. and leading the pack, caitlyn jenner. the olympic champion turned champion of transgender rights. her very public transition and the magazine's controversial decision on this friday, october 30th.
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from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning on this friday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. we do thank you for joining us on this final friday here in october. of course, we're going to get started with the very serious news coming out of fort lauderdale. >> the jetliner on fire there on a runway at the airport in south florida. >> we've gotten some new video from fort lauderdale that show the black smoke billowing from the plane while passengers exit on emergency slides, then sprint away from the burning aircraft. frightening images as an intense investigation gets under way. abc's linzie janis has the details. >> reporter: passengers frantically fleeing this burning jetliner, sliding down emergency evacuation chutes. >> i heard a loud bang, turned around, saw the lights, saw flames. ran for the front of the aircraft. >> reporter: at that point, the jet was still moving toward takeoff. flight attendants springing into
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action. >> he calmly as soon as the plane stopped, he opened the door, let the chute out, the chute opened to the side where the flames were. >> reporter: the call coming just after 12:30. within two minutes, broward sheriff fire and rescue are there. a minute later all 101 on board are off the jet. within another 60 seconds, foam has knocked down the largest flames. >> all passengers are off the aircraft and the engine fire is out. >> reporter: i was scared, says this passenger who hurt her ankle running. at least 21 injured in all. including at least one serious injury. the dynamic airways jet was taxiing to take off to venezuela. what the pilot of the 767 didn't realize is that the jet was leaking fuel over the taxiways. another pilot seeing the leak. >> dynamic out of the left engine, looks like it's leaking a lot of -- i don't know if it's
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fuel, it has fluid leaking out of the left engine. >> okay, dynamic 405, do you copy? >> yes, sir, we copy. we'll probably need 0 go back to the ramp. >> about ten seconds later, that fuel ignites. >> engine's on fire. engine's on fire. >> those few moments of panic gave way to a mystery. why was it leaking fuel? >> it sounds very much to me like the culprit may be a fuel line in the engine because fuel was seen spilling out of the engine and rapidly ignited. >> reporter: that plane with the red tail still on the tarmac and it will likely be here for many more hours. but the emergency evacuation is being called textbook. it could have been so much worse. linzie janis, abc news, fort lauderdale, florida. >> federal investigators want to know what caused a plane crash that killed four in arkansas outside of little rock. no one on the ground was injured. the small plane crashed shortly after takeoff and burst into flames. investigators say it was foggy
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when the plane went down. >> an american airlines made an emergency landing because of a passenger. the flight from los angeles to philadelphia diverted to phoenix. a man was arrested there and taken for psychiatric evaluation. passengers say he had gotten up from his seat during the flight and ranted about the military, the government and 9/11. >> the poor guy needs help. i mean, but he scared the hell out of everybody. i think he scared me because you know, we didn't know at first if he had somebody with him and he was very hostile to people with money. >> other passengers and the flight crew took the man back to his seat until the jet landed in phoenix. there were 153 passengers and six crew members on board. they arrived in philadelphia about seven hours late. terror in the air for a peruvian sky diver, his ordeal captured on camera as he dangles in the air for 30 minutes.
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his jumpsuit caught on plane. he was finally cut the legs off of his jumpsuit with a knife and parachuted to the ground and landed safely. incredibly, his only injury was a minor cut to his hand. >> that's absolutely amazing. >> quick thinking. turning to politics now, republican presidential hopeful jeb bush is doing damage control one day after what many political insiders feel was a disastrous debate for him. jeb bush denies his campaign is "terminal." bush told an interviewer just saying that is pretty funny. he points out there are still about 100 days before the new hampshire primary. he's on the defensive about the way he's conducting his campaign though. >> i will campaign the way that i will govern. i will campaign with my arms wide open. with a hopeful optimistic message, not one that is trying to prey on people's fears. >> but in a private conference call to nervous donors yesterday afternoon, bush reportedly admitted he was -- he has to do better. fellow republican chris christie is facing trouble. today's "new york times" editorial board is telling the
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governor his campaign is terminal and it's time to go. now, vice president joe biden met with the democratic candidate bernie sanders for an hour behind closed doors. the two talked about campaign finance reform and plan for free education. the men are long-time friends. an illinois man pleaded guilty to attempting to join the islamic state. muhammad hamza khan was arrested last year at o'hare national airport about to board a plane with his two teenage siblings. he is cooperating with prosecutors. they have agreed to seek a sentence of no more than five years. minnesota authorities may be ready to reopen a cold case from 26 years ago. a man questioned in 1989 about the disappearance of an 11-year-old boy was arrested this week on child pornography charges. jacob wetterling and two other boys were riding their bikes when a masked man abducted them. wetterling has never been found. now police say the man arrested
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for child porn is a person of interest. >> a new look inside that deadly shoot-out among dozens of bikers in keiko, texas. video leaked from the case file shows the moment of chaos and terror. here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: as the cases against more than 100 bikers involved in a motor cycle gang shoot-out at this waco, texas, restaurant move forward, a sunning new look at the action in a series of videos apparently leaked from the case file. in one video, the gunfire erupts just off camera, but watch the reaction of the bikers. some grab guns. others hit the floor and crawl to safety. one surveillance camera catches a biker firing a shot toward the parking lot as he runs inside. >> i just got a call from a passerby, thought they heard a gunshot and looked over and saw a lot of people running. >> reporter: the videos obtained by cnn appear to be part of the evidence after the shoot-out left nine dead and
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1 injured. waco police say they did not release the surveillance videos and whoever did may be in legal trouble. the videos also show terrified twin peaks employees running for cover. minutes later a parade of bikers surrendering with their hands up. these videos are being made public just as the grand jury down in waco hears all of the cases against all of those bikers and that's why police and the already prosecutor are so upset. they're worried this league could affect the outcome. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> switching gears now, a guard for the los angeles clippers is apologizing for accidentally hitting a fan with a seat cushion. austin rivers was fined $25,000 by the nba. you see it right there on the center of the screen there. the cushion seat was thrown into the stands and striking a fan and reportedly injuring her eye. he invited the fan and her family back to the locker room after the game. rivers is the son of clippers coach doc rivers. >> the new england patriots still undefeated this morning
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after absolutely destroying the miami dolphins last night. this was the tom brady show. and the fish they were just spectators. brady hit rob gronkowski for a 47 yard touchdown to open the scoring. he also connected on three more touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to julian edelman. the patriots make it look easy, beating miami 36-7. >> you definitely have to score more than 30 in order to beat the patriots or try to compete with them. the dolphins didn't even come close. >> no, okay. in another half hour of "world news now" this morning, we showed, of course, kittens taking over offices across the country. the kitten visits were done through the driving service uber. >> that means one thing, lyft needs to get into the act. so today they're going to be delivering zombies. you can order them through the lyft app. >> so the company says it will dispatch a zombie to "res sect a dead party, speed up a sluggish
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meeting or just show your friends and frenemies you care." it's only available in new york and san francisco. yea, us. >> wow. that would be interesting to send that over to the news desk this morning. >> can you imagine? >> yeah. >> coming up -- >> that's one way to compete, lyft. >> how alma and george clooney are expanding their family. >> and also ahead, the high school football coach sent to the stands for praying with his team. and last night the satanists that showed up to show their support for the school. in "the skinny," harrison the dog harrison ford showing up on kimmel last night. but not going with a "star wars" theme. yeah, he's hans sausage. and the big weather map, by the way. a chilly 35 in anchorage. >> it's 35? >> i wonder if they'll have to wear jackets with their halloween costumes. "world news now" weather,
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you see this guy here, he's from oregon. he might look like he's getting an early start on halloween. he's guardian shield. he's serious about fighting crime at apartment complexes. he carries a shield, stun gun, petr spray, baton and a flashlight. he says he's happy making sure nothing goes wrong in his neighborhood. bad boys, bad boys, what you going to do, what you going to do when they come for you. >> nice. you got into that. she owned it. >> you rocked that one, reena. >> you really did. >> thanks, jack. all right. >> the washington state high school football coach placed on leave because he refused to stop praying on the field watched last night's game from the
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bleachers. several players came over to hug coach joe kennedy before the game, but a group of satanists also showed up to show their support for the school's decision. they said it was an effort to keep church and state separate. the intersection of prayer and hollywood back in the headlines. >> actress leah remini is again taking on scientology in her new book and she sat down with abc's dan harris for an exclusive preview. >> reporter: long before she was tv riotty starring on the hit cbs sit-com "the king of queens," >> do you have to build yourself up by tearing me down? >> yes. >> reporter: leah remini was a child who joined scientology at the behest of her mother who are to use church terminology, brought her daughter into the faith and put her on course. >> what does that mean go on course? >> learn how to apply the techniques of scientology to yourself and others. >> so for a kid who was always looking around cparing herself
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to other people to be part of a faith where you had a mission to save -- >> the planet save the planet. >> reporter: that must have been a big deal. >> yes. and because scientologists view children as spiritual beings, you're not treated as a kid. so you're given a lot of responsibility. your ego becomes extremely inflated. >> reporter: leah would go on to be an active member of the church for more than three decades. >> i love it. i love being involved with it because then i feel like i'm a good person. >> but as she describes in her new book, "trouble maker," she would ultimately leave the faith and level some scathing and very public criticisms. >> the decision to leave is you are giving up everything you have ever known and everything you haveorked for your whole life. i feel that people need to understand, this has been my whole life. i want them to understand how it happens. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. >> you can see the full story behind remini's decision to
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leave scientology tonight on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. eastern. looks fascinating. > it really does. i can't wait to tune in for that. next trail blazers who top glamour magazine's women of the year list. >> you won't believe who kelly ripa is dressing up as for halloween. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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skinny, so skinny ♪ okay. it is that time for "the skinny" and topping our headlines, the women who made this year's cut for "glamour's" women of the year. >> for the magazine's 25th anniversary, among the eight title winners transgender champion caitlyn jenner, the 66-year-old shocked the world this year after transitioning into a woman after decades of identifying herself as olympian bruce jenner. >> and making the cover of the magazine? oscar winner turned film producer reese witherspoon who shifted her focus to behind the camera, developing films run by women. >> also making the cut this year, record-breaking ballerina misty copeland. >> of course, your favorite. >> i love them. >> 2015 fifa women's world cup champions, the entire u.s. women's soccer team. we do say bravo to the ladies. >> absolutely. what a year it's been for women in sports. i always say that, 2015. next in the spirit of halloween,
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jimmy kimmel hosted a special "star wars" themed costume party on his show last night. >> we did have to suspend belief for a bit for kimmel's costume dressed as vintage princess leia complete with hair buns. >> we decided for our halloween show this year, we would dress up like "star wars" characters and somehow i wound up princess leia, which made more sense before i had the beard but makes very little -- i could have been princess leia in had the slave bikini so count your blessings. >> and dropping in on the party, conspicuously without a "star wars" costume and looking out of place here, harrison ford dressed as a hot dog with relish. >> relish that. >> there's no relish. >> it's great to see you. >> but there is mustard. >> there is mustard. speaking of high priced hollywood talent, george clooney is back in the headlines this morning. >> one year into their fairy tale marriage, george and amal clooney are growing their
3:51 am
family. >> what? >> they've an adopted a dog. >> the couple visited the and gabriel humane society on tuesday and fell in love with millie, a 4-year-old basset hound. i love when people adopt. >> they adopted the rescue dog on the spot. the news was shared with a photo on facebook. >> congratulations to them. >> cute dog. finally a halloween tease from our friends kelly ripa and michael strahan. >> their halloween cos tups are legendary and they've leaked some costumes they'll be showing off later this morning on live starting with donald trump. >> oh she nails it. the hair, the power suit, the power pout. >> looks amazing. keeping with the upcoming release of "star wars" produced by our parent company disney, they also dressed up as luke skywalker and princess leia. >> that's landon powers. also, michael also crossed the gender barrier dressing as cookie. wow. from fox's "empire."
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>> very good and kim and kanye, of course. impressive. >> very nice. hands...where it belongs.
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♪ well, this week's headlines were nearly dominated by politics but there was also some time for friendly transatlantic competition and the final word on fashion. >> oh, yeah. >> leggings ain't pants. >> who knew. here now is our weekly "friday rewind." >> we need a bunch of help. we've got a car into a crowd up here. >> it hit people just like thump, thump, thump as people were flying. most of the people i saw were just laying on the ground in crumbled messes. >> what we all watched on that shamefully shocking video is reprehensible, unforgivable and inconsistent with everything that this district stands for. >> we are on the verge perhaps of picking someone who cannot do this job. >> his poll numbers tanked.
3:56 am
that's why he's on the end. and he got nasty. and he got nasty. so you know what, you can have him. >> when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term. you should be showing up to work. >> someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> this is not a cage match. how about talking about the substantive issues people care about. ♪ ♪ you're going to hear me roar >> who would you rather run against, donald trump or ben carson? >> i'm going to leave that to the republicans. >> you can picture either one of them in the office, right? >> well, i can picture them in some office. >> this team taught all america's children that playing like a girl means you're a bad ass.
3:57 am
and perhaps i shouldn't have used that phrase. >> i should also apologize to him in advance for all the gold medals that america will win in orlando. >> you better bring it usa. >> if you can't wear a shirt that covers your tail so i can't tell that you got some aztec print thongs on, you don't need to be wearing them. >> what a hoot. >> and some things to look forward to, game three of the world series tonight in new york city. democratic debate next week thursday. so politics will be back in the headlines. >> and the clocks, don't forget, sunday morning, 2:00 a.m. >> it falls backwards. an extra hour of sleep and at the bars. see you there. >> don't miss our updates on facebook, this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. orming insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, manhunt over. the search for a fugitive on the run ending in an early morning shootout with police. scary sight. a packed passenger jet catching fire moments before takeoff. people on board using the emergency chutes and running to safety. caught on camera, rival biker gangs grabbing guns and knives, a terrifying look inside a wild shoot-out. and harrison ford and his halloween costume having laughs with jimmy kimmel and getting serious about his plane crash. good morning to you. we begin with that breaking news from kentucky. >> the search for an armed and dangerous fugitive ended just hours ago. poli


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