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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 12, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now" -- this morning on "world news now" -- intensifying storm. after dumping snow on the west and sending tornadoes through the midwest, the system is jeopardizing travel plans today for as many as 20 million americans. the warnings from accuweather. developing overnight, blinding laser lights aimed at planes and helicopters. >> news choppers targeted in several incidents within just a few hours. how one crew helped police make an arrest. birth control crisis. women were on the pill getting pregnant. the apparent mistake by a drug company. should they be helping to raise those kids? and later, the anticipation is over for justin bieber fans. his new album is about to go on sale. but that's not all of his exciting news. the frenzy in "the skinny" on this thursday november 12th. ♪ when you don't want me no more ♪ ♪ but you tell me to go
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." well-g morning on this thursday. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we're going to get started with the wild weather that is raking over the middle of the country right now, flipping big rigs, ripping off roofs, and delaying flights for hours. >> and after dumping more than a foot of snow across the rockies, that same system has marched east, triggering twisters and thunderstorms from texas all the way up till illinois. here's more from abc's clayton sandell. >> tornado on the ground. >> reporter: tornadoes and strong winds are pummeling the midwest. >> tornado warnings. >> reporter: in knoxville, iowa tearing down trees and ripping through industrial buildings in the town of corning. just down the road flipping this semi. the driver survived. others in nebraska trying to manage under attack from heavy hail and rain. in oklahoma towns are being evacuated as high winds push a
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line of fire across dry grassland, dangerously close to isaac hamm's house. >> pulling into my driveway. this has bad idea written all over it. >> reporter: and from fire to ice. in colorado drivers are getting a cold wake-up to winter. frozen roads sent cars careening like hockey pucks. >> he saved it. >> reporter: one after another. >> here's one. >> reporter: the storm brought the first major snow to denver this season, up to eight inches in some places, and in the mountains nearby nearly a foot. clayton sandell, abc news, in douglas county, colorado. >> our thanks to clayton. some impressive pictures there. and that massive system drenching a dozen states right now. >> take a look at this radar. heavy rain falling across the great lakes region. stretching all the way down into the deep south. so exactly where is it headed today? let's check with accuweather's cam tran. good morning, cam.
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>> good morning, reena and kendis. we're looking at howling winds across the great lakes region where we could see wind gusts of 60 miles per hour near the lakes. further out we'll see wind gusts of up to 40 and then those gusty winds will move over the mid-atlantic states on friday. we're also looking at widespread rainfall across the great lakes region as well with the heaviest parked over the northern lakes. this frontal system will also bring in widespread showers across the northeast. don't forget the rain gear before you head out the door. reena and kendis, back to you. >> our thanks to cam there at accuweather. a major hospital in san francisco forced into a lockdown while an armed man pointed a rifle at it from across the street. the armed man fired at least once before being shot to death by responding officers. he got the rifle and ammo while holding up a sporting goods store south of the city. no one else we're told was injured in that incident. and two college students suspected of posting online threats against black students at the university of missouri are in court a little bit later on today. connor stottlemeyer was arrested by campus police at his
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dormitory at northwest missouri state university and 19-year-old hunter park was also arrested for making similar threats. he attends another school in the university of missouri system. we're learning more about that horrific explosion that leveled a home in northern new jersey killing one person and injuring 15 others. investigators say the gas did cause the explosion but they're not sure if it came from a natural gas leak. and they say they're looking into whether someone inside the house was illegally tapping into a gas source. three surrounding buildings will have to be demolished. some fast arrests have been made after news helicopters in the new york city area were targeted by lasers. take a look at this. choppers operated by cbs and nbc stations were targets of attacks over brooklyn. at least one person was arrested there in that borough. the helicopter for our new york station, wabc, was hit with a green laser. this time near new york airport last night. the crew notified police, and one suspect was arrested. >> if we can get the cops over here, it would be awesome because we've got him. >> also last night three planes
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were hit by lasers while approaching love field in dallas. all of them were at altitudes between 3,000 and 4,000 feet and about 11 miles from the city. some new details this morning about the deadly crash of a small plane in akron, ohio. a pilot who landed at the same airport that plane was headed toward reports hearing no distress calls despite being on the same frequency as the downed plane's pilot. abc's elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: the plane plunging and bursting into flames, captured in this surveillance video. watch again in the corner of the screen. you see the plane, an explosion, followed by a plume of thick black smoke. >> the left wing hit the ground first and left a witness mark. then the aircraft hit half of an apartment building, destroying it before running up an embankment behind the building and coming to rest. >> reporter: police confirmed the pilot, co-pilot, and seven employees from a florida real
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estate company were killed when their chartered flight from dayton to akron smashed into an apartment building less than two miles from their destination. >> i'm just in shock and disbelief, and we just want to know what happened. and we want some answers. that's all. >> reporter: devastated and desperate for answers are victims' families and the plane's owner. >> we are very perplexed as to what happened. we are shocked. planes generally just don't fall out of the sky. i can tell you that they were very well-seasoned pilots, both of them. >> reporter: according to officials, no one on the ground was injured, but about a dozen families have been displaced with their homes now damaged or destroyed. investigators say they have recovered the cockpit voice recorder, and we are told it is already on its way to a lab to be analyzed for clues. kendis and reena, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you so much. russia is taking steps to confront allegations that its athletes benefited from an extensive state-sponsored doping program. while touring sports facilities
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yesterday, russian president vladimir putin called on sports officials to conduct an internal investigation into this week's doping claims. putin's demands comes as international track officials decide whether to suspend russian athletes. that decision will be made by tomorrow. we've got some breaking news right now from iraq. a major offensive is under way right now to retake a strategic city from isis. thousands of kurdish fighters backed by u.s. air support are battling over the northern city of sinjar. warplanes in the u.s.-led coalition have been pounding the area with bombs ahead of this offensive. now, heavy ground fighting was reported this morning. now, this is a strategic city right now. strategic isis supply line runs right through that city. and in neighboring afghanistan thousands marched through the streets of kabul to denounce the abductions and killings of seven people belonging to a shiite minority.
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protesters are blaming militants linked to isis and the taliban, and they're calling for new government that can ensure the security of their country. well, turning to the race for the white house, donald trump under fire for praising president eisenhower's mass deportation plan during tuesday's debate. as trump renewed his push to round up 11 million undocumented immigrants. critics blasted the eisenhower directive. they say mexicans were treated so inhumanely the program prompted a congressional investigation. trump also failed to mention the official name of the 1950s initiative was "operation wetback." that was a racially of course offensive term for mexicans. a day after taking part in the undercard debate new jersey governor chris christie putting pot smokers on notice. his message to recreational marijuana users -- "get high now." christie told supporters in iowa that when he becomes president he will aggressively enforce the federal drug law, even in states that have legalized marijuana. i do actually wonder what nancy reagan would have said about this whole legalization of marijuana. >> at this point. >> the just say no campaign, right?
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>> i wonder. that's a good point. all right. so as you know, america honored its veterans. the scandal-plagued agency charged with handling their benefits came under fire again. this time for handing out millions in bonuses. the veterans affairs department paid more than $142 million in performance bonuses last year. that's despite accusations of providing subpar health care. president obama says the va is getting a bigger budget and making progress on solving its problems. well, it may cost a bit more to put that bird on the table this thanksgiving. turkey prices are up 15% to 20% from last year. the avian flu, which wiped out millions of birds, is to blame for the hike. the rest of the thanksgiving menu will cost about the same as last year. there's always tofurkey. >> you can always do that. or save a bird. if you think that turkey is expensive, forget about what we're about to show you right now. this elaborate dollhouse is going on public display for the first time ever.
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just a few blocks from our studios here in new york. >> i really love this story. it's nine feet by six feet. and it weighs 900 pounds. the 21 rooms are filled with thousands of miniature pieces including oil paintings, fine rugs, even elaborate furniture. look at the detail. i love it. i actually want to move in. >> look at the space. for a new york city apartment that would be awesome. well, just like real real estate here in the big apple, all of that luxury comes at a price. the price tag for this dollhouse, $8.5 million, folks. for that. wow. well, coming up in "the skinny," the unusual photo of meryl streep that's going viral. and nancy grace takes her career away from the courtroom. also ahead, women on the pill getting pregnant and taking a drug company to court. what led to a birth control crisis? and later, a crisis in the bathroom. a bride to be accidentally flushes her engagement ring down the toilet. finding it was not easy. imagine how the wedding's going to be. after we take a look at the forecast map. 80s in reena's home state of florida. >> yahoo.
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kate adds finish jet-dry with five power actions that dry dishes and prevent spots and film, so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry. target will continue selling a controversial sweater that says "ocd: obsessive christmas disorder." despite some outrage on social media. critics accuse the retailer of mocking those with theental disorder obsessive compulsive disorder. target says it's sorry but it will continue selling the sweaters. a vaccine could one day be available to help lower bad cholesterol. researchers say the vaccine targets a protein in the liver which regulates the amount of cholesterol in the blood. so far the shot has shown
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promise in mice and monkeys. millions of americans take statins to lower cholesterol, but the drugs don't work for everyone. well, more than 100 women have joined a lawsuit over a mix-up in birth control pills and alleged mistake in packaging. >> yeah, the women say the mistake led to more than 100 surprise pregnancies. and now they say the drug company needs to help pay to raise their children. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: 113 women suing a major pharmaceutical company for mispackaged birth control pills they say resulted in unwanted pregnancies. the women from 28 states seeking millions in damages. some asking for the total cost of raising a child into adulthood including education. according to the lawsuit birth control pills made b a subsidiary of endo pharmaceuticals, were packaged in the wrong order, rotated 180 degrees, reversing the weekly
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tablet orientation. as a result the plaintiffs claim they were taking placebo sugar pills intended for the week of menstruation at the wrong time of the month leaving them without adequate contraception. that packaging error prompted an fda recall in 2011, but not before these women say they unintentionally became pregnant. in a statement the pharmaceutical company told us the recall was based on "an extremely small number of defective packs" and that they've only ever been able to confirm one single defective pack was sold to a patient. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> apparently, experts say that in pennsylvania it might be a bit of a stretch to try to get them to pay -- the company to pay for the cost of a child from when they're born through almost adulthood. >> and one legal expert says, and this is the striking thing here, the mislabeling of pharmaceuticals is actually quite common. who knew? frightening thought there. when we come back, the big announcement from justin bieber.
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>> and the viral photograph of meryl streep allegedly snapped after she was told she was too ugly. "the skinny" is next. >> unbelievable. ugly. "the skinny" is next. >> unbelievable.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny time now for "the skinny."
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and topping the headlines this morning, a major announcement from justin bieber. >> yes. i'm actually kind of excited about this. he's hitting the road with his new album. "purpose" dropping tomorrow. the biebs has announced a world tour that will kick off on march 9th. >> it's being called a world tour because it's really just the u.s. and canada. >> well, that's the world. >> okay. includes stops in boston, brooklyn, chicago, atlanta, and l.a. with a grand finale for you, kendis, at madison square garden on july 18th. >> yes. >> general ticket sales begin next friday at 10:00 a.m. get your cell phone. >> i will be on there. i'm going to set my alarm clock and call a few friends. world tour and it's just canada and the u.s.? >> part of the world. >> okay. true. next a photo of meryl streep that is going viral. >> the photo posted on an unverified facebook page was reportedly taken on the new york city subway. look at how gorgeous she looks. 1976. reportedly after streep had been rejected for a role as an unknown 27-year-old. >> look at all that graffiti. remember new york back then? >> mm-hmm. >> that photo is now being used
3:50 am
as a lesson in perseverance. and the caption, "streep is said to have written this is me on my way home from an audition for king kong where it was told -- i was too ugly for the part. today i have 18 academy awards." >> by the way, that role went to a very young jessica lange. >> a very beautiful jessica lange. >> we're not exactly sure if this is really her, but we'll take it. we like that lesson in perseverance. >> she looks beautiful. next, nancy grace steps out of the courtroom and into the kitchen. >> who knew, right? the tough as nails ex-prosecutor and host of hln's flagship show "nancy grace" is now hosting "cooking with nancy grace." each episode features grace whipping up nutritious dishes from her own kitchen that are targeted at working parents with kids. >> if i look in a recipe book and i see a long prep, i just move to the next recipe. i don't have time. >> it's going to be a quarter teaspoon of garlic. yes, i know, it's preminced. there was a time i minced garlic.
3:51 am
you have twins and get a job and let me see you mincing garlic. all right? if i had time i would try to cook like martha. but i don't. so i have to cook like nancy. this is my homemade -- >> the angry chef. >> but you know what? it's no nonsense. i do remember a time when i used to mince my own garlic too. grace says her toughest demo is actually an 18-year-old. cooking with nancy grace is a series that airs on, youtube, and weekends on hln. >> and it's tough for her because she does have an 8-year-old and it's tough to cook for kids like that and satisfy them. all righty. and he's still at it. shia labeouf watching his own movies. >> our continuing coverage now of shia. perseverance, as we showed you yesterday. he's been watching all 27 movies. >> he looks refreshed compared to 24 hours ago. >> in reverse chronological order nonstop since tuesday at new york city's angelica theater. he plans to go till 8:00 p.m. tomorrow.
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lysol that. ♪ ♪ ♪ is much more than it may seem ♪ oh, it's a lot of women's biggest fear. >> what? >> losing your engagement ring. down the drain. >> oh. >> one lady outside of los angeles did something even worse. >> it's a man's biggest fear too. based on the money we spend on that stuff. she accidentally flushed it down the toilet and not just that but her diamond earrings too. kabc's michelle tuzee has the story.
3:56 am
>> i stood there in shock. i wasn't sure if i really flushed it -- like who flushes a ring down a toilet? >> reporter: clarissa wolter was clearing out some makeup brushes when she tossed some dirty tissues down the toilet. she quickly realized her engagement ring and the earrings she placed in another tissue had gone down the drain as well. >> i called my mom first thing and i panicked. i didn't even cry. she started crying at first. >> the ring is a big deal. so i rush right over and we started, you know, taking the toilet apart to see if it was there. clearly it wasn't. so it was a really scary feeling, actually. >> reporter: clarissa immediately called jurupa community services for help. >> the young lady was actually very wise in reading online about how not to flush any more water and it helped her out a lot. >> reporter: they placed a trap in the sewer line and then ran water through it to see what they could catch. and as luck would have it they caught carats.
3:57 am
lots of them. >> they got the water hose from the front yard and just ran it through the toilet i guess, and they ended up finding the ring way down the street in the sewer, like underground. >> reporter: the engagement ring and the earrings were recovered and returned to their very thankful owner. >> a ring like that is very important, and we're just happy we were able to do the best to successfully recover it. >> to have it come back to be on her finger is priceless. it was just amazing. >> without them i wouldn't have my engagement ring. >> public works. wow. we were just saying public works. that's the tip from the story. you've got to call public works if that happens. >> i wouldn't have gone after it. i love that -- >> oh, yeah. and you know about what to go after. those toilets. >> it's a little toilet humor. she found carats and some corn. >> oh! kendis. >> i forgot this song. what is it? is that really gross? >> don't miss our updates on facebook.
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tracking it all. a military operation backed by americans. aimed at isis taking back a key iraqi town. the video just in as the attack gets under way. the alleged major birth control mix-up. more than 100 women on the pill getting pregnant now suing for the cost of raising those kids. and close call. a man walking over train tracks and he doesn't see what's barreling towards him. good thursday morning to you. we begin with the wild weather tearing across the midwest. blin


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