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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 25, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now," racial tension in chicago. demonstrators blocking highways, making demands after police released that video of a white officer shooting a black teen. a city on edge overnight. terror warnings on one of the busiest travel days of the year. police on the lookout on trains and planes. taking no chances. and new this half hour, extreme weather just in time for thanksgiving. >> the powerful storm bringing heavy snow and powerful winds from the west to the big cities in the middle of the country. accuweather tracking it right now. and who were you rooting for on "dancing with the stars"? bindi and the backstreet boy and their impressive moves during the final night. we're going backstage in "the skinny" on this wednesday, november 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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well, good morning on this wednesday. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we're still having that "dancing with the stars" hangover. it was a great night. of course we're going to get into all of that excitement shortly. but we do have to get to the breaking news of the day, and it's coming out of chicago where protesters rallying into the night after the release of dash cam video showing the fatal police shooting of a black teen. the demonstrators blocked traffic and chanted "16 shots," the number of times 17-year-old laquan mcdonald was struck as a white police officer opened fire. abc's alex perez is in chicago where that officer has been charged with first-degree murder. >> reporter: this newly released dash cam video shows the chilling moments chicago police officer jason van dyke unloads his gun on 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. we will freeze the video here. mcdonald died on hisay to the hospital. >> it is graphic. it is violent. it is chilling.
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>> reporter: van dyke from cop to inmate, turning himself in, charged with first-degree murder. protesters are taking to the streets, coming head to head with officers. the incident unfolding october 20th, 2014, 9:47 p.m. police get a call about a suspect armed with a knife who had been breaking into cars. just ten minutes later, 9:57, police zero in on that suspect, mcdonald, walking down the street. moments after arriving on the scene officer van dyke opens fire. the suspect falls to the ground, and prosecutors say he keeps firing, emptying his 9-millimeter on mcdonald. 16 rounds in 15 seconds. >> this is not a murder case. despite what you heard in the courtroom. >> reporter: the cook county state's attorney under fire for not pressing charges sooner, saying the thorough review was necessary for the case to hold in court. >> so many young people of color do not trust law enforcement. they see how long this took to be investigated for charges to come forward. what do you say to that? >> clearly this officer went
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overboard. you know, and he abused his authority. and i don't believe the force was necessary. >> reporter: van dyke becomes the first ever on-duty chicago police officer to be charged with murder. >> jason van dyke will be judged in the court of law. that's exactly how it should be. >> reporter: and the mcdonald family has already reached a $5 million settlement with the city. they are calling for peace. van dyke is being held without bond. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> and just north of there things turned tense in minneapolis during a tenth night of protests against a police shooting. a man jumped a barrier and was quickly detained. earlier in the day hundreds of demonstrators marched on behalf of jamar clark, who was killed by a police officer. his funeral is later today, and the family has asked for peace. three people have been arrest for shooting into a crowd of protesters monday night. on one of the busiest travel days of the year the nation is on high alert over worries of a possible paris-style copycat
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terror attack right here at home. travelers will see a heavy police presence at so-called soft targets from airports and train stations to malls. air travelers are being asked to arrive at the airport two hours early. abc's pierre thomas has the latest. >> reporter: at washington's union station an unmistakable show of force. repeating scenes from lower manhattan this week. fbi and homeland security officials sharing their most urgent concerns in that new bulletin to police across the country, that homegrown radicals inspired or directed by syria-based operatives could seek to replicate the effects of the paris attacks using similar weapons and tactics, although on a smaller scale. many of the 18,000 law enforcement agencies now stepping up security, even though no specific plot has been identified. amtrak's police chief showed us how the national rail system is protecting thousands of thanksgiving holiday passengers. so chief, there's no specific
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threat but you've taken some very specific actions. >> we have. and what you're going to see is patrol officers, some deployed with long guns. over here we have one of our explosive detection canine and up there are special agents who have additional tactical skills. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell abc news they've uncovered no intelligence that isis sent a cell from syria to the u.s. like it did in paris. but the fbi is focused on a pool of isis followers here. dozens of potential copycat attackers. each suspect under 24-hour blanket surveillance involving dozens of agents and analysts. there's no specific threat, but law enforcement officials say it's all hands on deck. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. we're learning more about a terror plot that could have claimed more innocent lives in paris. authorities say the ringleader of the first set of attacks was planning to target the city's busy financial district just days later. but abdelhamid abaaoud and an accomplice were killed in a raid before they could carry out the second plot. french police are still trying to track down a sleeper cell of about ten believed to be still
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on the loose. the head of the u.n. is calling for a de-escalation of tensions between russia and turkey after the shootdown of that russian jet. turkey said the plane disregarded repeated warnings and violated turkish air space before it was fired upon. president obama said that turkey had the right to defend itself but russian president vladimir putin warned that there could be significant consequences following the shootdown. back here at home we're turning to the weather now. a dangerous snow storm hits northern california. as much as a foot has fallen in the mountains and the snowfall could continue until midday. it's a nightmare for holiday travelers, snarling traffic on interstate 80 with spinouts and fender-benders. but a delight you might say for those planning a trip to the ski slopes. resorts are able to open earlier this year than in recent years. and tens of thousands of washington state residents are without power overnight after strong winds broke tree limbs and downed power lines. driving was also treacherous.
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the driver of this minivan that you see there had a close call. and the powerful winds are also kicking up the surf. accuweather's justin povick tells us the storm is taking aim at the middle of the country. good morning, justin. >> reena and kendis, thanks. and good morning to you as well. it's the busiest travel day of the year. and we've got our hands full throughout the central plains. i want to mention the west coast here quickly. i think there will be some rain, some snow showers and some chilly temperatures but it does appear the bulk of the moisture now taking aim at the upper midwest. lots of flight delays from minneapolis to kansas city. some soaking showers. and this front's arriving on thursday, back behind it some major cold for our holiday. 20s and 30s with some whipping winds. but out ahead of the front still feels like september with temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. cause for concern in between the air masses, soaking rains, flash flooding, and huge flight delays. reena and kendis, back over to you. >> thanks so much, justin. the cdc is warning about an e. coli outbreak linked to rotisserie chicken salad at costco.
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at least 19 people in seven different states including montana, utah, and colorado have gotten sick. no one has died, but two people have developed kidney failure. consumers are being warned to throw out chicken salad bought at any u.s. costco or before -- on or before friday. there's more information at a ups driver in oklahoma made a life-saving delivery to a customer. jason henley donated his kidney to greg hall. they were casual acquaintances, but that changed after henley learned that hall was suffering from kidney failure. the duo formed a special bond during several months of testing. doctors say their operations went well and both are on the mend this morning. okay. so thanksgiving weekend is coming up, and it's, well, known for turkey, family visits and football. and during all the football you won't see a better performance than this from a referee. >> yeah. check this guy out. racing down the field. keeping up with a speedy high school player in california. later in the game when the same
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player breaks another long run the ref is once again galloping down the field in a full sprint. >> clearly that guy is the usain bolt of high school football referees. >> yes. >> right? >> holy cow. they should put him on the team. >> they should call him bolt and have a challenge. >> put him on the jets. >> put him on the jets. >> put him on the jets! >> they just wouldn't be able to get the ball to him because that's the jets. >> oh, but look at that. he's in the lead. he's in the lead. and he makes a touchdown mself. >> he's a speed demon. good for him. coming up in "the skinny," the pop star who is challenging the beatles in shattering recording industry records. wait until you hear who it is. also, if you're up at this hour preparing thanksgiving dinner, we have some worthwhile shortcuts to help save you some time. but first the warnings going out to nfl teams after a questionable play. how the league is investigating serious injuries. this after our forecast map that is 62 degrees in los angeles this morning.
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do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ♪ it's the theme from "all my children." as we learn of the death unfortunately of one of its long-time stars. david canary played adam and stewart on "children" and he also played steve on "another world." canary was nominated 16 times for daytime emmy awards.
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he won five times. his tv daughter kelly ripa tweeted their photo saying she was sad to learn of his passing and calling him an incredibly talented actor and a wonderful man. ripa says she was lucky to know him. david canary died last week of natural causes. hard to believe thta he was 77 years old. >> he was so young. >> what a legend. i remember watching him on "all my children." >> me too. so good. stewart was my favorite. of the chandler boys. yeah. the coach of the st. louis rams is hopeful his starting quarterback will be back on the practice field today. case keenum didn't work out with the team yesterday. >> and that's because he's going through the nfl's concussion protocol following a head injury on sunday. abc's gio benitez has more. >> reporter: an nfl investigation over this hit. watch closely. that's st. louis rams quarterback case keenum taking a hit to the head during sunday's game against baltimore. he grabs on to his head. a teammate pulls him up. but he struggles. he's then seen speaking with
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head trainer reggie scott. but moments later keenum is right back in the game playing with a concussion. the nfl now telling abc news it is reviewing why he was not removed from the game for the necessary evaluation as required by concussion protocols. the coach revealing he didn't even see the hit. >> had i seen that, then i would have sent reggie out on the field to say hey, get him off the field. we didn't see it. >> reporter: the hit is eerily similar to the one described right on the nfl's own website. in 2011 quarterback colt mccoy sustained a concussion, and trainers didn't see it happen. that's why the nfl hired a second set of eyes, so-called spotters who are supposed to catch hits like this. the good news is the coach says keenum is okay and he'll be ready to practice and play this week. gio benitez, abc news, new york. backstage at the finale of "dancing with the stars." >> oh, boy. what a night. "the skinny" is up next. can't wait.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny "the skinny" lead this morning, of course "dancing with the stars." and the big season finale. >> it was really an incredible night last night. all 13 stars returned for the big two-hour show. it came down to the final three. alek skarlatos, nick carter, and bindi irwin. >> okay.
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alek got the boot first, taking it down to the final two. carter, the former backstreet boy, once a backstreet boy always a backstreet boy, whose last dance pulled in a perfect score. and then bindi the wildlife enthusiast also getting a perfect score. so who would it be? you know it had to be bindi. >> the fans voted. put her over the top. and she could hardly contain her excitement. the 17-year-old, who lost her father in 2006, overcome with joy. and we caught up with her and partner derek hough backstage. >> i actually think i'm going to explode into a thousand pieces of glitter right now. i'm so excited. never in my wildest dreams did i think that this was a possibility. and thanks to derek and just the support of my family. and you know, everyone who was on this season was so dedicated and so determined. and together we have inspired others but it's just such a blessing to be here.
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>> that never gets old. >> she is such a sweet girl. you know, there are big things ahead for her, no question about it. >> who were you rooting for? >> i don't like to give it away, but i have to say this ending finale you see here was so remarkable to see how excited she was and every week i looked for her brother and her mother. i looked for her brother and her mother. >> bindi. >> they were fun to watch. >> we'll likely hear what's next for bindi. she'll be on "good morning america" later on with all the other finalists live in times square. you're not saying. >> i'm not going to say. no, i don't like to say. my sporting teams and my "dancing with the stars." up next in "the skinny," just when you thought adele's album couldn't be more of a success, she breaks yet another record. >> yeah, the ballad queen's album "25" sold more than 2.4 million albums since its release last friday. that, by the way, is the biggest sales week in nielsen's history, beating out 'n sync for their 2000 album "no strings attached." >> guess what. she's not done yet. adele projected to reach the 3 million mark before the week is up. but still no streaming. >> and another record-breaking
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record. justin bieber blowing up the charts with his new album "purpose." broking a 51-year-old record for having the most songs on the billboard hot 100 at the same time. get this. 17. >> he beat out the beatles, who had 14 songs on the charts back in 1964. >> bieber, beatles. beatles, bieber. next up, big news for marvel fans. >> thanks to chris evans and robert downey jr., you now have your first look at captain america civil war. the two avengers superstars brought the first trailer for the film to jimmy kimmel last night. one scenes in particular, heartbreaking to see. ♪ >> sorry, tommy. you know i wouldn't do this if i had any other choice. but he's my friend. >> so was i. >> wow.
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captain america and iron man going at it. >> how could this happen? really? we should mention that marvel is a division of disney, abc's parent company. i don't know how somebody allowed this to happen. >> that said, we encourage you to go see the movie many, many times. and you won't be able to see the full movie until may of next year. >> also not happening until may the queen's birthday celebration. >> but already tickets are sold out. her majesty's 90th birthday bash sold out in five hours yesterday. 25,000 spots up for grabs. >> didn't we just celebrate her 90th birthday? >> her 89th. >> oh. excuse me. the four-day celebration -- >> it happens every year. >> -- will feature 900 horses and 1,500 participants including musicians, dancers, and choirs as well as famous actors and artists. members of the royal family will also be in attendance for all events. but the queen's only guaranteed to be at the final show. they celebrate this every year so grandly? >> it's so random. you know? every year a certain day of the year. >> do you think she gets tea at the ritz?
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that's what i would do for my 90th. >> coming up, turkey tips. when heartburn hits
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try delsym®. ♪ turkey lurkey ♪ i eat that turkey and i take a nap ♪ ♪ turkey lurkey dap ♪ i eat that turkey and i take a nap ♪ ♪ thanksgiving that's adam sandler. >> not adam lambert, as we thought. >> we're less than 24 hours away from one of the most american of holidays. one holiday that is frankly all about food. >> and speaking of which, for those of you preparing tomorrow's dinner, apparently today is a good day to get a head start on the feast. abc's sara haines has some turkey day tips. lord help us. >> reporter: inside good housekeeping's test kitchen, sherry rujakarn, associate food editor, has a hack or two to rock my thanksgiving dinner. first, if you're like me, you just might be missing a few turkey day essentials. why do you need a rack? >> it really secures the turkey
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so you don't have this 14 to 16-pound behemoth kind of sliding around. >> reporter: no rack? no problem. carrots and celery sticks are your friends. place them in the pan and set your turkey on top of them. done and done. >> not only does it become your de facto rack, but it'll flavor the drippings. >> that's so cool. >> super easy. >> reporter: next, don't spend the entire day in the kitchen. prepare your sides ahead of time. >> you can do half the work, most of the work really, ahead of time. >> reporter: peel pototoes for mashed potatoes hours ahead of time and leave them in a mixture of lemon and water in a salad spinner. you can even do it with apples for your apple pie. and speaking of pie, make baking a piece of cake with this nifty trick. no food processor to make pie dough? >> just grate the butter on the box grater. really easy. >> reporter: finally, my favorite. forgot to chill the wine? put a handful of salt in a
3:57 am
bucket of water and ice. you'll be chilling with your wine in a fraction of the time. >> the salt actually allows the water and ice to be colder than just ice and water alone. >> reporter: sara haines, abc news, new york. >> wow. those are great tips. i never go anywhere without my rack. >> you've got a good rack? >> you've got -- oh! you've got to have a rack, though, when you're making a turkey. [ siren ] >> yes, i agree. >> the police will show up at your door. >> i agree. i'm sorry. >> the importance of a rack. but if you don't have one, you can improvise. >> i love a good rack. i'm sorry. you're just going to set that up? >> don't miss our updates on facebook. for those with or without racks. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, protesters taking to the streets after video is released showing a teenager shot by a police officer. the officer charged with murder. and what we know about the victim. terror threats. millions of americans hitting the road for the holiday. security tightens around the world. new details about the paris attackers and what else they had planned. wild weather. snow, damaging winds setting the stage for a holiday mess for millions of americans. we're tracking it all. caught on camera during a demolition, a smokestack crashing down on a piece of equipment a worker inside. good wednesday morning, everyone. breaking overnight, the growing outrage in chicago, of course,


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