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tv   Defense News With Vago Muradian  ABC  December 13, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EST

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♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] go: secretary ash carter has opened all jobless to women. the european defense agencies job is to corn it europeanan defense programs pit headquartered inin brussels, drives collabotive programs to clip member nations with tankard airc,raft, drugs, satellitite communications, as wl as cyber antitank and logical capabilities. ambassador jorge is linking what he is doing with u.s. efforts to improve innovation and forge a new offset strategy to keep the united states and its ales ahead of fast-moving potential enemies.
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one of spain's leading diplomats, who has held top nato d in you p postswas in the united states for meetings with the pentagon as well as nato official expxplain his coerative priorities with h nato on the third o offset and advancing the innovation agenda. strategy,third offset i think it is important that the u.u.s. government keeps its alls in europe and eu involved. to ensure that our armed forces are going to be operable and can work on the field wherere they e needed. that is one ofof the reasons whi have come here, to try and make sure that they keep us in the loop. -- vago: how do you think the eu, united states, and edu can advance common innovation interests? thee technological games changing
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for everybody and yet everybody faces financial constraints. >> iis very important we get the transatlantic relation right. we talked about burden sharing. we need d to commit to work on . defense budgets are finally going up in europe. i think we have to get this moy to be spent in the best possible way. p promotes defense cooperation. because we produce and havave research concentrate on issues which are really relevant for the critical technologies we need tomorrow. that is what the third offset strategygy we are gog to do. -- votto ba -- vago: what are -- >> we should concentrate in four defenses, drones, cyber
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, air to air refueling, which was a capability gap in thee libyan c crisis, and finally the government satellite communication, which is not only military communications. but e-government at -- government in general. the other categorieies that ministers have approved to go medicalncentten equipment and antitank equipments. all issues which could be's shawl -- could be solved in n a short period. states who2 member require these capabilities and we can help them to procurement and to have them in the most post effective manner. one of the innovation challenges, ash carter is trying to attract as much innovation from the commercial worlckd back
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defense world. european governments have historically leaned much heavily on their commercial industries to advance their defense interests. what are lessons the united states can lrn from the european model of accessing commercial technology? >> for sometime now there is the use e of commercl technologies. inhe old times it was more of a direction -- it was then offs from defense technology research. other thing is in europe we are feeling that civil military synergiesre more the word of the day. it is very difficult to -- and whereetween
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it is defense start now? where europe is very well placed to be able to share its experience with a u.s.. >> the issue haseen increasing for europe. -- the issssue of defense spendg has be increasing in europe. -- it has b been aa challenge. -- recent recent attack attacks actually going to drive a sustained i increase in europn defefense spending? especially in the all article research and technology budgets? >> i think that will be the case. not only defense spending. to finish defense, being played only with national interests. the threats -- the threats are transnational.
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we need more defense cooperation. we need moref a quantum m leap. civilo need t to finish mimilitary instruments that have to be used in the fight nsagaint the new challenges. you said healthy defense capabilities will depend on industrial capilities. if you look at the research anda technology spending, it has been cut by one third in europe. what do you see r the outlook for those budgets? >> it is the most serious effect of spendinbadly for mamany years. we have to reverse that trend and reversrse only a percent of what we do in eope is done jointly. think verimportant factor in reversing this trtrend will e that the european union will be
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devoting for the first time money from the eu budget to defense research, which was not the case. th shoululd be a catalyst and a potential game changer for industry, being able to in domains, which would be critical for the capabilities we need tomorrow. severs one of those areas where you feel like eope and the united states can have the most fruitful cooperation? then i think there is no use in having very good cyber cabilities and isolation. sooner or lateter the hyper going to challenge us as a group o of nations that share the same values. member states and nations do not
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want to show their vuerabilities. >> let's go to aerial tankg. you said one of the priority progms in march, polandnd, the netherlands and norw banded airbusr to get t tatankard. give u us an idea where the program stands.. has been chososen as the company who will be proving an offer by the end of the year. ththis will be analyzed and we hope to be able to sign the contract for the multinational eet. is not only limited to those three countries, we have other countrs that show interest tjoin.
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it will imimprov the situation n ththis area where wead a serious capability gap. it is not only limited the work on this come to work on tankers -- looking for synergies with other fleets in europope, franc, and the u.k., ensuring there are clear answers so ere is compatibility among combat aiaircraft and air tankers acros the board, including u.s. tankards which operate in europe. t to make sure the kc 46 is inoperable with the new aircraft. you are shooting for 2020. themf the initiaial operation capality will be 2020. >> let me ask you about drones. that i is one of yr priorities needed -- your priorities. ever leading european country is gone for drones.
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hemtain has them, spain has , turkrkey operates in a nato conferen. what is the outlook for a drone program in europe if everybody is hurtingng to the amican soluti? >> if we aept that a defense capabibility is only a comomplet defense capapability if it has a strong industrial techlogical base that endoes it and in the case of the drones it is more than find that our armed forces in eope is on the market. ahead for thehink next generation of drones. it is important to have the next generation in place when we needed to have it 10 or 15 years fully and --
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vago: we are connuing our conversation with a top spanish diplomat who is now the chief executive of t the europea defense agency in ussels. abilities issponse industrial strategy. we met with him last week in washington and i asked him if he would like to see more big mergers to create larger and
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more competitive european champions that can better straddle the transatlantic fence. >> consolidation is important, but it is not an objective if we do not improve the function of the single market in the defense sector in europe. that has to involve not only the primes come but t smaller and medium enterprises, which are important in many of the supply chains. and we have to work across the borders. this goes hand-in-hand with having a stronger d defense in europe. the capability and operatn side has to go hand-in-hand with the technological advance. my wish would be we have to open the supply chains across borders.
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votto bank has it reached the senior levelbut also -- vago: it has reached the senior defense- thahat industrial capabilities, the competiteness are all at risk eurean - att this point. european industry cannot sustain lower levels of investment and still end upup becoming a viable organization for the strategic long-term. fragmentation is a disease which will kill european industry in the medium and long term. is no member r state that would be of a have a sustainable industry in the medium and long term if it is not through defense, cooperation. the means that we have a at present with challengers coming from all sides, including inside our country, oblige our industry is make an effort and for
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our government to give a clear perspectivive of what are the te requirements ahead of them, so they can work together around programs. the only way our defense history aroundnable is programs that european couries have to define the requirement and let the industry deliver them. >> do you think unite states in particular has to be freer abo sharing energy with their allies. think it is important the transatlantic market is relieved of any preconditions. technology is the word of the future. cyber, which be at thcenter, will be very important. the sameme thing will l happen t the third strategy andhatever technology program they will gain i europe. if we do not ensure we can p plg in, it w will be a bad things --
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it will be bad thing for both of us. a thirdes europe need offset strategy? or should that be the central foundation in which everyone bands ininto? i think the u.sand eupeequires different approaches. but the synergy we get in working together would be great. there hasorically been a a tense relationsp between ththe eda and nato, including in the unitited state, where there is a perception the 80 i is working a separate agena from what he ally -- what the alliances -- what the alliance is even if it could be compitive or not necessarily, with the other two. what is your strategic v view on what thehe relationship of all these ththree has to be? jorge: ultimately i have been away from brussels for years, where a worked with natato last time.
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things have moved on a lot. looking at a distrust has finished. europe has to get its act together, with -- it's act together, whatever it does. that has meant the issue of nato , we are doingting so far in the political limitations that exist. have a mandate from defense toisters in may of this year enenhance and synchronize our defense spending in europe and in nato to ensure we do not duplicate. specifically on one
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of the challenges of the future. hand-in-hand is close contact with all sectors choosingnato, and what is done better in one place or another is the best way forward. the u.s., which has shown a key interest in the last years, which has been formally been considering with the eda hasas o ofoffer should also have a lookt .he struure of the agency ofoffer should also have a lookt .he struure of the agency vago i knew it could rough in there, but how rough? there was no way to know for sure. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas.
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and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that? oorah oorah open to the armed forces and their families for over 80 years. navy federal credit union. historic decision n to open all combat jobs to them and was loud by somome and criticized by others. it also started the complex process of opening jobs that have always been mailed that been male-dominated.
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andrew, welcome back. ll us, dr. carter made this historic decision. what is meant in terms of implementation? >> the policy takes effect, with 220,000 jobs that re previouslyly close to women in e army and marine corps are going to be opened up. qualify, it means women currently in the military will be able to consider putting in lateral transfers to those .areer fields this is going to take a while. they have to go to a school for their specific career field. i think it is going to be about a year or two until we see these units filling up with women.
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>> women aren't put into isolation. >> exactly they are not going to start sending 19-year-old women to random infantry units. havere going to want to substantial groups. they are going to want those tracking with female lieutenants. they are going to want to have some female ncos. this is going to be a carefully orchestrated process. capitol hill has a broad authority to manage the affairs and military. the chairman's of the armed that wascommittees, kind of stern and they said they were going to conduct some pretty rigorous analysis and oversight during the 30 day implementation period, required by law.
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these days, when you wonder whether the congress is going to be doing anything, the safe money is on them probably not. take a vote to block this. >> the stand would be open t win -- it would be open to women with it -- with appropriate standards for both when and women. -- both men and women. >> i t think the decision is beg received as predictable. you have a lot of people who say this is great, this is going to clear the wayor people to finally get to the upper regions . also you hear the other end. you hear a vocal minority, expressing conrn about this.
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if a guy get shot he needs his buddy to be able to drag him to safety. is concern if you have a 230 pound guy and a 130 pound woman, just that basic physics is going to be tough. states marineed corps, not of the time is now the joint chiefs of staff -- united states marine corps, don marineted states record corps --of the time is now the .oint chief of staff >> they compare all male units to female and male units. they performed better in a variety of ways. they shocked better, they clred obstacle course is better, and it looked problematic. women since -- womeneemed to sustain injuries at a higher rate. seconds left.30
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dunford was not at carter side when the announcement was made. sources telling you about what that means? >> i think it is clear general dunford did not support this decision. it was his signature on the recommendation for the marine corps that was done a couple of months ago. he was not there to testify on the hill. >> he did put a statement out ying he would execute it. >> a conspicuously lukewarm statement. vago: personal-finance expert tells us how financial technology can make life easier. >> the military uses some of the
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vago: think you verit is alwaysn
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the united states and its allies are getting on the same page when it comes to defense -- defense. to litally offset gains by potential adversaries to keep the u.s. and allied forces in the global military lead.
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america's allies have en bracing both goals. the european defense agency is eager to partner with both washington and nato to drive innovation and thinking.g. that is good news when threats are g growing at defense news is rising faster than defense costs. that means more cooperation and less redone -- less redundancy. europe is home to some of the advanced companies, including autonomy tecechnologis that are increasingly attractive the pentagon. budget constints have forced european militaries to get goo at adapting good commercial ideas for military u uses, which is exactly what the pentagon was thinking. allies must reach a true partnerip. while eliminatinall barrie that impede cooperation. thank you for watching. visit us at defense including outlook 2016 special repo with cmentararies from
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todefense leaders worldwidide. how anti-muslim rhetotoric may hurt the rep pararty -- hurthe party strong relationship with arab leaders. until then, have a great week. [music]


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