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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> i don't trust this neighborhood. friends of the woman found dead on a popular trail in hyattsville opens up as we learn more about the investigation. seized from a local home. officials are calling the case complex. >> hillary clinton created isis
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with obama. trump's latestd comments as a terror group uses a video of him in their recruitment video. now, abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. a homicide investigation in prince george's county brought ews lasts breaking n night. the victim has been identified as katherine alvarado of hyattsville. chris papst spoke with one of her friends tonight and has this update. trail whereis the the body was found come just a half block away from where she lives. tonight, family and friends say that her boyfriend is in a gang that is known for violence. according to family friends, this is katherine alvarado, as seen on facebook. in they was found 7:20
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morning on new year's day along the popular northwest branch trail, which goes from hyattsville to silver spring and wheaton regional park. detectives do not believe this was a random killing. >> words cannot explain the pain. a gooddaniel sanchez is friend of alvarado's mother, who was from nicaragua. >> she is not eat or drink or sleep. chris: katherine lived in their hyattsville home with her mother and brother. she also said her boyfriend was in a gang? >> yes. chris: a few hundred feet from where katherine's body was found they found gang graffiti, and they say that gangs are strong here. so strong, she moved. >> i don't trust this neighborhood. i just don't. chris: you would never walk that trail at night? >> no. chris: if you have information about the murder, there is a
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reward of up to $20,000. kimberly: the man accused of driving drunk and slamming into pedestrians on new year's day will stay behind bars. dhe judge almost let malik lloy walk out of court after he pled guilty to dui, reckless driving, and assault with a dangerous weapon. that dangerous weapon was a car. it was only after prosecutors reminded the judge of that charge she denied lloyd's bail. just after 2 a.m. friday, his car skidded across the road, jump to the sidewalk outside of the barcode nightclub. seven people are injured, including the club bouncer that is listed as critical. at the time of the crash, boyd was out on bond for an illegal gun charge. 66 dogs were seized from a home in the montgomery county. neighbors are telling abc 7 they never solve the dogs. the conditions inside the home were so bad that the authorities had to give several dogs
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immediate medical attention as they pulled them out one by one. jennifer donelan is live in rockville with what sparked the investigation and what's happening with the dogs right now. jennifer? right now, those dogs are being evaluated one by one. this will be a massive investigation that will take days before we have answers. i'm in rockville. it's not exactly farmland, but these houses are set apart from one another. we ask neighbors, how could you not know there were 66 dogs inside the house? the house just beyond this wooded section, we have this video, we approach the house earlier, knocked on the door, nobody answered. what you see all across the driveway is basically the remnants of what the authorities did when they were here. investigation began friday in the evening and went well past midnight.
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it started with a dog bite report. animal control went to the house. the homeowner would not let them in the house to find the dog. they noticed evidence that made them concern. asre is a distinct stench you approach the house. they got a search warrant, when in the house, and found 66 dogs. in the last hour, we spoke by phone with the director of animal services of montgomery county police. know it is there is a wide range of reads and sizes and ages. all ofjust now capturing that information and trying to get a sense of what we have. we are taking care of the dogs that have the most immediate need. jennifer: did you have any idea it was 66? >> not a clue. i'm just flabbergasted and appalled. about 15 minutes ago
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we spoke with a neighbor who said one time he was walking his dog down the street when the door to the house beyond the trees open. cameid 20 to 30 dogs running into the street. he called animal control back then, though he did not know the number of the house. one neighbor said it was perhaps a rescue operation. the authority said they are investigating. they need to figure out who owns the dogs. no pictures of the dogs this evening because they are now evidence. live from rockville, jennifer donelan. kimberly: turning to the forecast, it is chilly tonight. the mild weather continues tomorrow, but enjoy it because we could get our first taste of winter this week. devon lucie joins us with the first look at the forecast. you are talking about arctic temperatures? devon: yes, they will be rolling in. two of the coldest days this season will be monday and tuesday. the nation's capital, from the
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belfort furniture weather center, crystal clear skies, the temperatures on their way back fast. are already down from the highs, nearly 50 degrees washington, culpeper, charlottesville. already upper 20's. it will be frosty tomorrow morning. generally 20's and 30's overnight. radar, tons ofnd sunshine, relatively chilly compared with the record warmth we have been going through the last few weeks. 51 tomorrow. soak in the sunshine because monday, 38 degrees. we may even see some snow flurries. the coldest day, a frigid start tuesday morning. only 35 in the afternoon. the entire seven-day forecast and what is beyond, all of this coming up. obama signedsident an emergency order that will
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give federal aid to misery after historic floods -- that will give federal aid to the state of after historic flooding. homes and businesses have been swept away and local churches are serving as relief centers. bridges and roads in some cases. missouri's governor toured the area. >> we have to get the debris out of there. in cape girardeau, missouri, floodwaters are expected to hit 50 feet tomorrow, surpassing the record set back in 1993. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a massive explosion that leveled a home in oklahoma city. [sirens] >> we have one house that has been totally destroyed and is involved in fire. neighbors caught the dramatic scene on camera just after 3:00 in the morning. the firstities say
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house caught on fire, then exploded into pieces. house,son was inside the sleep on his bed, blown from the house and survived with only minor burns. >> the windows are busted out, the brick walls are laying in. forced to reports is miles away that people felt this explosion. kimberly: eight homes had to be evacuated. he for the explosion, and utility workers were in the backyard of the house next door checking for a ghastly. the investigation is ongoing. new information about the site of the san bernardino shooting. the inland regional center will reopen monday. ,t will be tighter security with 600 employees returning to work. the center has been closed since december 2, after syed farook -- his wife tie shane mosley injuredlled 14 an dozens.
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supreme court justice antonin scalia said the u.s. is not neutral when it comes to religion, comments made in a speech in louisiana. he said the idea of religious neutrality is not grounded in the country's constitutional traditions and that god has been good to the u.s. because americans honor him. who was appointed by president ronald reagan in 1986, has consistently been the -- has been one of the court's most conservative members. a terror group is now using donald trump and one of its recruitment videos. shabab isant group al- highlighting donald trump's call to ban muslims entering the u.s., a few weeks after hillary clinton claimed that isis was using donald trump's comments to recruit members. on theas not commented video, but in a rally tonight in
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mississippi he told supporters both clinton and president are responsible for the rise of isis. >> they have a bunch of dishonest people, they created isis. hillary clinton created isis with obama. kimberly: the clinton campaign declined to comment on the video. eight-week-old kitten recovering tonight after ue anddy dyed him bl injured him. plus, a delay in the latest "game of thrones" book. kimberly: and are you a multimillionaire? the winning number of tonight's powe
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absolutely sparking outrage on social media right now, that is an eight-week-old kitten on the left, abused and dyed blue.
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but the kitten is on the mend. this is what he looked like after being dropped off at a san jose medical center christmasy. he will have surgery next week to repair about 20 puncture wounds all over his body. the shelter has affectionately named him smurf and says he is already made friends with another kitten in the shelter that they will be placed together in foster care. 7 on your side consumer alert -- the first of six lawsuits against general motors is is set to begin this month in federal court in new york. they will narrow legal issues in other cases affecting more than 1000 people. beginning january 11 involved in oklahoma man who says defective ignition switch prevented his hair back from deploying after his car smashed head-on into a tree. failed to recall millions a vehicle with the faulty switch, causing more than 100 deaths.
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disappointing news for "game of thrones" fans. said hed george martin will not be able to publish the next installment of his popular fantasy series before season six of the hbo hit starts back up in march. martin made that announcement in a blog saying, "you are disappointed and you are not alone." the latest book called "the winds of winter" was supposed to be released before the end of the year. it's not clear what that means for the hbo show. powerball -- get the ticket, it happened a few minutes ago. up their luckyed numbers -- many people picked up their lucky numbers. folks whoup with some were trying to become multimillionaires themselves. >> everybody needs money. if you don't try, you don't win. everybody is like, $300
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million, and i feel lucky, so -- kimberly: was that a teddy bear hat? devon: i think that was a hat. kimberly: i like that. you're the winning numbers -- 29, and the, powerball number is 10. the last time the powerball jackpot was this i was three years ago. shoot. devon: we have some recyclables here. kimberly: can i look one more time? devon: i already cross them off. we are already winners with the weather. maybe you want to get some ice skating. rinks.urning into today we were still above the average, well above average, 43. this is the coldest average temperature the next several weeks, then the average goes
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back up. usually the harshest months are january and february. real-time temps 20 manassas sand culpeper, 40 degrees downtown. though we were still above average today, it has been so incredibly warm that today felt chilly. the next few days, cold tomorrow, sunshine, still cool, mild. then we have the arctic cold front tomorrow night. it is called. we are not just talking chilly, much colder. yep, see this on futurecast? that is a chance of a flake, if you snow flurries at best, no accumulations. sundayng the forecast, service, mid 20's culpeper in manassas, 33 downtown. the sunshine we expect tomorrow. the latest information coming in , the high dr. forecast will be going up.
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let's go well into the 40's, about 42 hancock and hagerstown. the media metro i'm taking this back up to 53 tomorrow. zones, is southern think close to 50. towards monday, a chance of snow flurries, but that would be the first flakes this season. highthese are 30's for the temperatures, folks, but it will not feel close to that. combined with the wind, the windchill factor, it will feel like 20's and teens. be prepared. confirms weycast will have sunshine starting the day sunday, 33 and cold, bright sunshine through the day. blue skies, beautiful. soak it in, high of 53.
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smartphone, tune in right now -- if your heat is not working very well, get on the phone tomorrow. by the time it is here monday and tuesday, you will not find anybody. sometimes the heat pump struggles. tuesday morning the coldest morning, 19 at reagan national, could be single digits elsewhere. monday will feel like the coldest day because that is the windchill factor making it feel like 20's time even though the actual coldest they will be tuesday. kimberly: a good reminder to went to rise your car, too, at least put gas in it, check the battery. devon: take your of that tomorrow. kimberly: thanks for the wonderful stop you have some good news? robert: we have lots of college basketball. the powerball? kimberly: i used to like it. college hoopsf
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tonight, from maryland and georgetown, and george mason. and hockey news.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by her local toyota dealers. hockey news -- alex ovechkin has been selected to be one of the four captains at the nhl all-star game in nashville. the caps on the road in columbus. in the third, the game tied at three have in three, the caps pushing the puck. his 12th goal of the year, however the3 caps, blue jackets would tie the score in the final minute. the shootout, nicklas backstrom, stoned. caps lose 5-4. the last big ten matchup for the
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terps a little too close for comfort, only beating penn state by six point. northwestern tonight, different story. melot carter jr. finds trimble who finishes with the double clutch. maryland lead at the half. the second half, more melo. fourth threee, his pointer of the game. maryland wins big. chi-town hosting marquette -- g-town hosting marquette. the freshman finishes strong with the foul. he led the hoyas with 16. second half, not as smooth, the lead wendell's to 6. steps back, the hoyas improved to 2- in conference play with a win. -- they improve to 2-0 in conference play with a win.
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anthony finishes strong. the at 13 in the first half. second half, the cavs up. 77-66.ises, george mason and bcu. tough night for the patriots in richmond. four three-pointers, leading all scorers with 22. george mason gets blown out, 71-47. virginia tech and n.c. state. .e pick this up in overtime drives the lane, the floating bank shot. 73-68.beat the wolfpack, a huge matchup today in women's hoops, the lady terps hosting ohio state. before today, they were undefeated in conference play. this was not easy.
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the fourth quarter, the buckeyes , the pass in the corner, drains it. the terps only trail by three after that. down,n down -- maryland the no look pass. --ilyn drops its first-ever maryland drops its first-ever in big ten play. high school, dematha, closing seconds of the game, down 73-71, a chance to win or tie, no good. stags take the number one team in the country to the edge, but fall short. erin hawksworth is in dallas and will have reports from big d tomorrow. kimberly: that basket would not have won it. robert: no, it would have tied it.
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kimberly: ok. it was a great run. -- up next, it, is a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a bear.
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>> i did not realize it was a
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bear until we pulled over and saw him. kimberly: a very large bear. somehow it ended up in a high tree in new jersey. the black bear weighs about 400 pounds. quite a large crowd had gathered below to check them out. officials say he will climb down on his own, so you may want to step back just in case.


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