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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. ofberly: we are on the cusp the coldest air of the season as winter comes rolling back. hard to believe this was this morning -- patios open, sidewalks filled with people enjoying breakfast. i even saw somebody outside wearing shorts.
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tonight we are heading into a stretch that may include flurries and single-digit temperatures. devon lucie is monitoring the conditions right now. it is pretty chilly now, what are we in for tomorrow? devon: even colder temperatures and the addition of the wind. the nation's capital from the marine corps memorial. the belfort furniture weather center, 54 felt more like 64 today. the real-time temperatures are already in the 30's, and you factor in the north wind at 5 to 10, it feels more like freezing or below. upper 20's winchester, manassas one of the only spots above freezing because of the windchill factor. the satellite and radar, the arctic cold. lows tomorrow, subfreezing, low
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to mid 20's, freezing in washington. it will feel colder when you factor in the windchill. the bus stop forecast, parents, get the heavy coats, earmuffs, gloves, and scarves ready for the next few days. i will let you know how cold in the complete forecast just minutes away. kimberly: it's hard to be shocked when january feels like, well, january. the sudden temperature plunged will be a shock to the system anyway. plater is live in dupont circle with how people are handling it. roz: we have been watching the big thermometer dropped down. 38 when we got here, but my iphone says it feels like 28 because of the wind, so it's officially time to bring out the winter gear. on this relatively balmy january
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night, hovering around 40 degrees, the ice-skating rink was packed. skaters laced up and bundled up against the cold. >> i'm wearing two layers. i'm still cold. roz: some did not seem to mind it at all. >> i like it when it's cold. it cold,ou like standby, it's about to get colder. front is headed our way monday and tuesday, with the coldest air we have seen so far this season. only a sweater and jacket, jacket to a sweater, it's confusing. >> it's 70 degrees and i forgot its winter. >> i'm looking forward to snow. on thep horizon just yet, but the temperatures are dipping as students are headed back to
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school. >> i have to wear a bigger jacket. that's right, bigger jacket, scarf, gloves, hat. believe me, you will need it. roz plater, abc 7 news. -- sudden coldon snaps have been known to cause commuting problems, from school buses that will not start to water main breaks. count on "good morning washington" to help you conquer the cold, starting at 4:24. prince george's county fire investigators are blaming this fire that destroyed a new carrollton home on an electrical problem. those living in the homes said they believed the powerline broke, landed on the home, and set it on fire. a spokesperson would only say an electrical problem started the fire and the fire broke out on the roof. is looking into the incident. the couple and child living in the home got out safely. moments and a northwest
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washington neighborhood, where a d.c. police shut winchester avenue because of a standoff. the police say that a man threaten somebody with a gun, then barricaded himself inside his home. he was taken into custody at 8:00 and nobody was hurt. strange circumstances tonight in prince service county, their second homicide this year. a man's body was found just before 4:00 on a quiet cul-de-sac in fort washington. nothbors say they did recognize the man or the mercedes he was lying next to. >> i'm shocked. i have been here six years. nothing like this has ever happened. kimberly: the police are not releasing the victim's name or how he died. found a cell phone at the scene after the police left. he did not touch it and call the police, who came back out and took it into evidence.
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of aw know the name motorcycle rider killed in a crash this afternoon in northeastern montgomery county. the police say that the 42-year-old man died when his motorcycle hit a woman's car on centreville road. tom roussey spent the afternoon at the scene. neighbors had an eighth or sting theory why the road has become so dangerous. today's accident happened on spencerville road, route 98. ever since the intercounty connector opened and folks had to pay tolls, an increasing number of drivers realize they could run parallel to the connector for free. it has led to more cars and more accidents. after dark, a man told away what was left of a motorcycle. next to it, the car that ahead at slammed into. >> initial investigations say that the motorcyclist potentially cross the yellow line. the initial investigations
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say the motorcyclist, joe dababneh tried to pass. medics were not able to save him. >> it's very sad when you see somebody lying on the ground in front of you, passed away. >> this is nothing new to have an accident right by my house. she says it happens about twice a month, ever since the intercounty connector opened four-plus years ago. more and more drivers are using 198 to avoid the expense of tolls. cars, and they see that long stretch and the speed. tom: the police are investigating if speed was a factor in this accident. as far as the woman who was driving the car, making the left turn, the police describe her injuries as minor, but she was initially taken to the hospital. tom roussey, abc 7 news.
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kimberly: tom, thank you. another motorcyclist critically hurt after a crash in prince george's county, in beltsville at olympia avenue and teresa street. no other cars were involved. victim is in his 20's and was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. d.c. police believe they have found the suv that killed a father of four in a hit-and-run new year's day. 4:00 a.m. friday, an issue vehicle 36 are rolled jerome butts as he crossed minnesota avenue and southwest washington. distraught families said he had been walking home from a friend's house. the police have found a vehicle, but so far no arrests. a man takes his opposition to donald trump public. why he is speaking out by
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vandalizing his own property. militiamen sees a government facility in oregon. kimberly: and new video showing the final resting place of a container ship lost in a hurricane.
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♪ ♪ [captioning performed by the
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: the ntsb released video today of the container rro which was lost at sea during hurricane joaquin. the lead investigator said they are trying to locate the ship possible act box in the wreckage. the data recorder, the images taken by remote control under the water and devices -- underwater devices are shedding light on the case. you're really, investigators say
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they have seen no signs of victims or personal belongings, only one boot found so far. is severing diplomatic ties with iran over rising tensions of the execution of a prominent shiite cleric. [yelling] kimberly: dozens storm the saudi embassy in iran with firebombs and shattering windows, protesting the execution of the cleric. the saudi government executed him along with 46 other people. iran has sharply criticized that execution. armed protesters have seized a government-owned wildlife refuge in oregon. kendis gibson tells us what the protesters hope to a couple is comesn act some believe close to tear. kendis: dozens of armed militiamen took over the
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building in oregon country. >> this is rightfully owned by the people. we intend to use it. it is the duty of the people to put government back in its place. kendis: one of their grievances, the sentencing of two local ranchers over a dispute over land rights. >> we are here based on the constitution of the united states. s: the family was involved in a standoff over grazing rights with the government two years ago. they say they have come with generators and other supplies, preparing for siege-like conditions. they say protesters will stay put until the local government gives them safe haven from the local government. local schools have been closed for a week, and local enforcement is urging people to stay away. they also accuse the militants of an attempt to overthrow the county and federal government in an effort to spark a movement
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across the united states. >> saying we are going to rise up if we don't get our way, we are going to use armed resistance, that's not right. ranchers say they will turn themselves in peacefully monday. site of the san bernardino shooting rampage will reopen tomorrow. employees will be returning to work at the inland regional center. conference area where the terror attack happened will remain closed indefinitely. malikarook and tashfeen killed 14 people and injured 21 in the shooting massacre one month ago. not backing down from his calls to block all muslims from entering the u.s. that is despite terror group al-shabab using video of trump in their latest recruiting video. leading democratic candidates
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders both called donald trump over the edge. during the last debate, clinton warned that groups like isis were using trump's rhetoric as a recruiting tool. james porter is using graffiti on the side of a rundown house to make his point. the registered independent says he is normally conservative, but people ask him who he will vote for, he says any candidate that has experience and is legitimate. the house is set to be demolished in the next few weeks. the latino community celebrated a holiday tradition today. it is called three kings day, a threess story of the magi kings who visited the baby jesus.
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the service was both in spanish and english. it's beginning to look a lot like winter at snowshoe mountain ski resort. after a rough start to the ski season because of warm weather, it's finally cold enough for the resort to make snow. beautiful. the resort sent this video this afternoon. it is not from the north pole. finally open. i have to get out there. devon: it's a beautiful site. everything falling of the trees, making it look like how it should have looked about five weeks ago. kimberly: have you ever skied through that? devon: no. kimberly: you end up coming out looking like the abominable snowman, but it's fun. we had another very warm day today. old man winter is back tonight. a snapshot of the nation's capital, real-time temperatures. the beautiful look at the
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nation's capital, real-time temperatures, but only part of it. get to know this -- the windshield will be a here in full force. to 10,ned winds of t making it feel like teens and 20's at the highest tomorrow. the satellite and radar together, the arctic front moving through with the northwest wind. that is coming over the great lakes with open water, relatively warm water compared with the cold air, that is lake-effect snow. they really cold weather pattern, the arctic air charging in. the next two days, it is breezy, the wind ramping up. windy and cold tomorrow. the wind goes away tuesday. sunshine and cooler. wednesday morning is the coldest time. resetting the forecast, going closer to where you are. overnight, the futurecast forecast, yup, i had to update
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the guide at the top of the screen. this is rain, but the rain, mix, snow is a prediction of snow coming. it will feel cold when you combined the wind with the windchill factor. could feel like the teens in winchester. .he potential of a snow shower it is just a brief flurry, maybe a snow burst at times. 40, maypper 30's, near hit 41 is the high tomorrow, but will not feel anything like it. the wind out of the northwest at 15 to 25. tuesday is actually colder. nothing but sunshine coming in. so the mid 30's will probably feel better than tomorrow. resetting the forecast once again, the abc 7 skycast, depicting the lower cloud activity that could bring a brief flurry overnight. at times we can have a good
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patches of blue. like 28.but feeling wednesday morning, 19 at reagan national, could be 5 in some spots. the next likeliest rain is friday night. next sunday as well. this is the cold stretch. we have to go all the way back to november with the record stretch of cold. we have three days in a row where it will be cold -- monday, tomorrow probably feeling the worst with the wind. kimberly: will we see icy roads? devon: none of that tomorrow. looks like all rain at this point. kimberly: the redskins, icing the cowboys. robert: they were good, and minnesota-green bay right now. has the fullth
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report from dallas. ok, we're e here.
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: call tonight's game against the cowboys a tuneup, keeping warm until the playoffs. now all we can do is wait to see who the skins play in minnesota, waiting on green bay-minnesota. erin hawksworth has more. erin: with this perfect pass to rookie jamison crowder, kirk cousins broke the redskins' single-season passing record. kirk: it is an individual record in the stat book, but in my opinion it's a team record. >> he has been a great leader for us on offense. shined withr also five receptions and 109 yards, plus a touchdown.
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jamison: it's all the hard work i have put in. i put in the reps and made the most of the opportunity. erin: another player who stood out was running back alfred morris with a 100 yard rushing performance. love the way i that he just stay committed to the franchise and kept working. d: i really don't care about stats, to be honest. i'm just glad we won. erin: middle linebacker will compton did not let his tweets with kevin durant go to his head. instead he got his first career interception. -streak going, it feels good. erin: doesn't feel good to be your former team? >> it does.
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i left on a good note. it still feels good to beat their butts. erin: after the game, scott raightn shouted four st wins! it seems like the redskins are truly peaking just when it matters most, because the playoffs are later this week. erin hawksworth, abc 7 news. , the wizardsops at home hosting the heat. not a lot of, but this may be one. john wall, strong to the bucket. .iz trail on theohnson blocks wall drive, on the glass. the fast-break layup. 97-75.l to 15-17, losing g.w. hosting fordham.
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to tyler cavanaugh, who finished in the inside for a two of his game-high 24 points. the colonials win. en contest for the g.w. wom tonight, wreaking havoc on defense, on the inside and outside. she finished with 16 points, 13 rebounds. wins easily, 70-45. bills-jets, the bills kicker misses the extra point after the buffalo touchdown. naturally, not happy. the frustration, there goes the helmet -- and it comes right back. adding insult to injury. double embarrassment. laugh,ls get the last though, eliminating the jets from the playoffs. in a final note, the vikings beating the packers 20-13.
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lose, they will play the redskins in the first round of the playoffs. win, the redskins will play seattle. next, newup contenders try to topple "star wars" at the box office.
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>> nothing will stand in our way
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. destroy: "star wars" the competition for the third straight week at the box office, earning $88 million. with $740 million earned in the passed "titanic" for the second-biggest u.s. box office ever. it is only $20 million behind "avatar." came intarantino's film third in its first week of national distribution.
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kimberly: i'm really feeling for the kids tomorrow morning. devon: it will be cold at the bus stop.
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driver and the heat does not work, tell them you cannot do it. it will be 38 as the high, but it will feel like 28 because of the windchill factor. we finally get out of the deep freeze before next weekend. kimberly:
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