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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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ur side. president obama: every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. leon: emotional president obama outlines why he used an executive order to institute his gun control plan. alison: his move is legal. maureen: but not everyone is pleased with it. senior political reporter scott thuman has details. >> the president vowed he would act in the final year even if he had to do so alone. he wasn't going to wait for what he said is a reluctant congress to act on gun control. he did it today. he says he has legal authority for but ones that might need approval from congress. >> i am not looking to score sing the executive action he took gun control in his own hands to take it out of the hands of criminals. primarily labeling anyone in the business of selling firearms at a gun show or over the internet a dealer
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meaning they have to conduct a background check. >> in the business they ought to do a background check. >> some support the moves and the others say the president is eroding the second amendment. with little benefit. >> i oppose gun violence. i don't think anything that the president is talking about doing will prevent it. >> the background checks will now be 24 hours a day seven days a week. the f.b.i. is adding 230 more employees to process them. mental health another major sh by the president brought to tears while explaining how he will also seek another $500 million from congress to expand access to counseling and care. then there is technology. the president pushed for tools to track stolen weapons. more research to smart guns that can only be fired by the owner based on the fingertips. president obama: if a child can't open a bottle of aspirin
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he should make sure they can't open trigger on a gun. scott: the actions may be legal but not all are permanent. a lot of the republicans running for president say if elected they will quickly erase them from the books. leon: the president is going to work around congress but what is he calling for states to do? scott: he had loretta lynch push a letter for the states to be cooperative and share information on the data bases. they may have a list of people who have men the health issues. they have always kept those at a state level. because they thought there was a violation of hipaa to go ahead and give names. now the president is saying it's okay to do that, it is not a hipaa violation. put them in the f.b.i. data base. but it is going to take some encouraging from the federal level to get states to play ball. leon: okay. see where it goes from here. scott thuman reporting live for us. maureen? maureen: attending today's white house event was news
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anchor chris hurst. he was the boyfriend of alison parker. the reporter with a photographer adam ward that were shot and killed by a former coworker live on the air last august. we spoke with hurst outside the white house. while he didn't endorse the president's plan he said something needs to be done. >> i think we need to do something because i think every news room needs to ask the question is gun violence an issue that needs to be reported and meticulously reported and investigated. once you answer thation? that guides you to whether or ll really think that something should be done by the government. maureen: you can see more of the interview with chris hurst on news talk tomorrow morning on newschannel8 at 11:00. leon? leon: today is the fourth day that armed protesters refuse to leave a wildlife refuge in oregon. this group calls itself "sits for constitutional freedom" and they say they are it for the long haul. the local sheriff is now
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asking them to go home to their families and end this standoff peacefully. the groups say they want president obama to grant clemency to two local ranchers who are confused of setting fire to public land. protesters including militia members took over the fe fuge on saturday -- refuge on saturday. the f.b.i. is asking for help in the san bernardino mass shooting investigation. at a news conference this afternoon the investigators said they want to know what the shooters did in the 18 minutes after the shooting. before they werer killed by police. syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik killed 14 people at a holiday party. investigators say the time frame is important because they don't know where the couple went in that time or if they had contact with anyone else. maureen: d.c. residents who want security cameras to keep an eye on home or business can now help to get -- can now get help to pay for them. it's touted a way to fight crime in the district. but a councilmember has problems with the plan.
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d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in northeast with how the rebate plan will work. sam? sam: maureen the councilmember that has problems with the plan is may from high crime ward. she is concerned that her residents may not be able to afford cameras. we are here at the 15th and the east capitol street where the regular police camera stands. soon could be joined by more private eyes watching the public and the private space. >> for years now police have been putting out videos like this one asking for the public help to locate the criminal suspects. many of the videos already come from cameras and the private businesses or apartment complexes. this was passed unanimously to have the city fund cameras for private homes churches or businesses that can't afford them. the theory is this is a
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multiplier to aid police who would have access to camera video and it would deter residential crime as in this anacostia neighborhood. >> this is a great idea. it's up to the community to make the neighborhood safer. >> it would reimburse $500 for resident security system and up to $750 for businesses. so $500,000 allocated for the program is used up. but in today's council meeting, councilmember may complained it's unfair to the poor. >> many of the needy residents in the high-crime areas are low-income. so to ask them to put out $200 to get a cand wait for the government to get them the $200 back is unfair. >> that is a great point. >> they passed the bill as rebate program only today but will revisit expanding it to a voucher program for those who cannot afford to wait for a
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rebate. >> when the police cameras came out years ago there was a lot of concern about the big brother watching you. that was not part of the debate today. reporting live from southeast washington, sam ford abc7 news. leon: thank you. it's cold out there. 0ously cold. now the sun has gone down. doug hill knows about that. he has a report. hey, doug. doug: we'll maximize the cold air tonight. crystal clear skies. dry air and light to calm winds. as cold as you can be. it's clear and cold outside the belfort furniture center. we are looking live at the national harbor and the national capitol and the wheel. we are loot 31 at reagan national. a little breeze, more along the river than anything else. look at the dew point at five. the air is dry. because of that the temperatures are upper 20's to 30 across the area. including 25 from manassas. 23 in kulbir.
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31 at reagan national airport. they are going to drop overnight. we will see a range of nine to 21 degree air temperature tomorrow morning. maybe we will crack 40-degree mark tomorrow. is that part of a trend? we will see. the seven-day outlook coming your way in a few minutes. maureen: thank you, doug. coming up at 6:00 -- in the wake of freddie gray's death, what baltimore is doing to change the look and feel of some of the city's most blighted neighborhood. leon: plus construction dig in old downturns up something very historic. maureen: becoming a military is on your new year esresolution list you're in luck. the powerball jackpot has grown again. we will tell you how much.
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leon: vacant homes that saw blithing and looting after freddie gray's death and this will be paid for by the city and the state. maureen: the f.b.i. and the alexandria police want your help to find a man who robbed
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a bank. the surveillance pictures were released today. on east monroe street. the suspect gave the teller a note and left a fake bomb. the suspect got away with undisclosed cash. no injuries and it was not explosive. f.b.i. is offering a $5000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest. leon: metro is making emergency repairs rather to the blue, yellow and the green line. that starts tonight. metro officials say they are replacing a switch component and they need to do the work. lost one station. green light passengers experience days as the trains use the same single track. you have been warned. coming up next on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a new hotel construction project in old town uncovered something very old. we will show you what it is up
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next. >> we will tell you how cold it will get tonight. doug hill is back with the forecast. erin: i'm erin hawksworth with sports. a twitter pick called a stir. why today rgiii to dallas could be more than fan fiction. that is when
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maureen: a bit of american history found in the construction of a new hotel in alexandria. leon: this is not something you expect to find on land. diane: photos of an old ship. >> i wanted to get pictures of the great prize. you will never see this again. >> to get a glimpse of piece of history the the archaeologists work to document what was uncovered.
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>> from the point of view of understanding the shipping pack tises from the past this is an important find. >> the ship dismantled in the 18th century used to extend the waterfront from the deepest part of the potomac river. >> the founders of the city had aspirations to become an international port. >> it wasn't uncovered until the construction workers working at the indigo in old town. they don't know what the ship was used for. they could keep it in the wet environment to preserve it. >> a treasure.
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maureen: like hitting the powerball. speaking of the powerball the jackpot is continuing to grow. wednesday night drawing is now worth $450 million. that is the if there is a single winner the cash would be $275 million. leon: is that all? doug: the core of the cold air coming in tonight from the east coast of new england. first off this is what the cold air will do for you. pictures from dick in
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virginia. the numbers will be colder tomorrow. we have 34 and 16. high and low. both below the average. we are keeping up to date with the calendar. first three days above average. the last two have been below average. 22 in winchester. 17 degrees is the wake up near andrews air force base. 22 degrees in lexington park.
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the rest of the country moderation in temperatures. it's nothing dramatic but the air mass is here tomorrow. this is the core of the high pressure will move tonight. we expect sunshine all day tomorrow. thursday a high of 45. we could have a few showers on friday. partly sunny. sunday is cloudy and mild. 50 with a 40% chance of shower s. cold here by wednesday and thursday of next week. back to you. leon: all right.
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erin: the caps have cooled off a little bit. two-game losing streak. but rgiii's days in d.c., well they appear to be numbered. where will he wind up? interesting possibility when we com
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erin: the capitals face adversity for the first time this season. 8-1-1 in the last ten. they lost the last two. washington will take on boston tonight. the key to the win is the caps that are going to rely on a familiar strategy in an attempt to end the first two-guam losing streak of the season. they are going to start hotby who has been dominate for washington this season. after suffering two scary injuries the redskins announced today they signed quarterback kerry williams. they also activated lichensteiger who was on injured reserve. one guy that won't start sunday for the skins, rgiii. photo of rgiii custom made cowboy jersey attracted attention on sunday. today there are reports that griffin would love to end up
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in dallas. it is wildly expected the redskins will release rgiii at the end of the season. what a game last night. kansas beat second ranked oklahoma in triple overtime. 46 points in the loss. it didn't go unnoticed. after the game. dick vitale had words and many kansas fans gave him a standing ovation. there is a big high school basketball game tonight. bishop mcnamara. the newest member of the scourts team scott abraham will be there and we will have the highlights at 11:00. don't forget georgetown. they look to remain unbeaten tonight. leon: you have a chance to win
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the redskins playoff tickets. good morning walk thursday. don't miss it. maureen: what is the latest from you? doug: warmup. sunshine tomorrow and 45 with the clouds thursday. warm front will bring us a chance of showers and 48 degrees on friday. morning shower or mild start. low 50's. rain, clouds 50 degrees on sunday. steve rudin will track the overnight lows and update the weather. kickoff. 4:40. erin: will it be raining? >> there is a chance. we'll punt it to steve tonight at 10:00. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. leon: we call that "teamwork." join us at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. the showdown after the president breaks down. the president taking executive action on gun control, and begins to cry with victims families standing beside him. but tonight, the opposition, swift and sweeping. also breaking at this hour the new plea from the fbi tonight. after the terror attack in california. they have just revealed an 18-minute mystery. they need your help now. the major storm. the passenger jet off the runway. the emergency evacuation and the bitter blast now gripping the country. armed and dangerous. the young woman, at least six stores now, barrelling in leaving nearly nothing behind. the feds now releasing this surveillance. and the breaking headline at this hour involving bill cosby's wife. the new turn in the case.


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