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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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rossing signals. but one thing we notice and people show us when you get the walk sign here the vehicles like the bus also have a green light to turn. that is part of the investigation. but as you said at the daycare center that is over here, the focus is on the victim. there is sadness at star child development center tonight. and confusion. devika gunasekere was a beloved teacher here working with 2-year-olds because they reminded her of her grand daughter in sri lanka. she was killed yesterday morning as she walked to work. hit by a ride-on bus leaving behind a husband of more than 40 years and the devastating coworkers. >> my heart is broken. >> she didn't deserve it. she didn't deserve that. i can't imagine in any way
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it's her fault. brad: whose fault it was is the focus for the montgomery county police investigation tonight. she is believed to have been in or near the crosswalk at the ride-on bus turned left from battery lane. but the crash reconstruction unit still has many questions. >> they also have to determine the traffic signal cycle as well as the pedestrian signal and the time of the collision. brad: at the daycare center they want answers, too. >> i think all of us are so hurt by the circumstances of the death. you know such a wonderful caring kind, giving person. brad: a terrible thing. we need to tell you not an isolated incident. this is only the 6th of january sixth day of 2016. already 15 pedestrians have been struck by vehicles in montgomery county. in bethesda brad bell abc7 news.
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leon: thank you, brad. now get an update on breaking news we brought you in the 4:00 hour. a man is shot and killed outside a town home and that forced two nearby schoolses to shelter-in-place. the order has been lifted now. richard reeve just talked to a witness on the scene. what are you hearing? richard: we just talked to the guy moments ago who was working on his car. you see him over there. he is working over there now. he said he heard arguing coming from this parking lot. pan over to show the parking lot. he saw two men arguing here in the parking lot. one man took off and chased after the other man. one man running fired at the other man. the man shot we are told the witness tells us ran into the town house there. he was inside for 45 minutes. screaming for a family member. he came back out and collapsed. that is what we know so far from this witness. police now looking for one to two suspects at this point. they believe possibly at least one of those people is armed.
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so right now they are not asking people to shelter-in-place. but to take precautions. right now look for suspects in what is now considered a homicide. live in waldorf richard reeve. alison: thank you. fire and e.m.s. made a change after first responders were sent to the wrong address over the weekend. albert jackson suffered a heart attack sunday. and crews responding to the call were sent to another address by mistake. an investigation is underway to see if the 20-minute delay cost him his life. >> if there was anything that went wrong with the response the investigation will show that. alison: while the investigation is ongoing, d.c. fire is now now arequiring units to re -- requiring units to repeat the address to dispatcher when they arrive on the scene. two years ago this month cecil
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mills died outside a fire station in northeast washington. in that case firefighters inside a nearby fire station refused to help unless they were officially dispatched. then emergency pop raters sent an ambulance to the wrong quadrant of the city. family members ended up flagging down a passing ambulance to try to get help. leon: a very odd twist in the d.c. leaders announce a new effort to fight crime in the city. our very own news crew was out there covering the event, announcing the new task force. when we ourselves became the victim of a crime at the same time. stephen tschida joins us now live from southeast d.c. to explain what happened in the city's push to fight back against crime. this had the whole newsroom going you've got to be kidding! stephen: it was stunning. i can tell you that. the mayor and the chief of police and the other representatives of the public service agencies, safety agencies were right there. we were parked right over here. right where you see the truck.
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speakers were at the podium and someone eyed our vehicle. they smashed in the window and made off with several pieces of valuable equipment. a surge in robbery in some part of the district has the residents worried. city leaders are alarmed. >> we can and must do better so every d.c. neighborhood is safer. stephen: today they announced a special task force to bring an array of law enforcement agencies together. the goal an orchestrated effort to put robbers behind bars. >> this is what it takes to the current effort from all of us together to focus on this up-tick in robberies before it gets out of control. stephen: the news conference held hours after a robber slashed a man on a metro train near the georgia avenue station. as they took to the podium someone focused on our news
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vehicle parked nearby. they shattered a window and stole valuable equipment. this type of crime has some city residents fed up. >> they shouldn't be doing that. like even else, they should be working too. stephen: after we finished talking with police we fanned through the neighborhood canvassed looking for the pieces of equipment that the thieves may have discarded. we did find a computer bag. brought it here and check with the businesses in the vicinity and indeed it had been stolen from a vehicle just a couple of days ago. reporting live stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: wow! quite a story. thank you. a driver is in custody after crashing in a strip mall and sparking a huge fire there. it happened last night in owings mills. the driver troy was arrested for d.u.i. after running from the scene when the building caught fire.
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we spoke to the owner of a flower shop that was destroyed in the fire. >> it's amazing how fast things change. my whole family freaking out. where is everything going to happen? alison: three firefighters suffered minor injuries after the roof collapsed. luckily they were able to get out. the investigation is ongoing. an ammonia leak caused a scare at the canal park ice rink in southeast d.c. this morning. many in the area were unaware of what was going on as the hazmat teams descended on the scene. authorities still aren't sure what caused the leak. ammonia is highly explosive and it can be deadly if inhaled. leon: a rough morning after a water main burst in owings mills. it turned the road to ice rink. it took until 6:30 to slow the flow of the water and halfr salt truck to get there to start cracking through the ice. the road has been reopened since. luckily things are warming up after the this morning's
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temperatures that started off in the teens. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with more on that. what are you looking at tonight? doug: below freezing but not as cold as the recent mornings have gone. the center of the cold mass air moving out. clear skies in arlington. we look at the view from the potomac river from the national harbor on the prince george's county side of the river. crystal clear. gorgeous sunset. sun down for seven minutes now. we'll see the temperatures drop 38 degrees at reagan national and andrews. 39 in manassas. 35 in hagerstown. we get through the overnight hours with the clear skies we may see some increasing cloudiness by morning. slight southerly winds. mid-to-upper 20's in most of the metro area and south and east. high pressure center northward to new england. it will allow the clouds to come in from the south/southwest. we will see more in cloud cover tomorrow. we will get to 41 degrees in the afternoon. more clouds and rain chances in the weekend forecast.
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we will highlight the timing in a couple of minutes. alison: thank you. millions of americans have champagne wishes and caviar dreams tonight. the powerball for a slot at $500 million. tom roussey with a shot at a lot of money. toms that is right. we take you behind the counter at the 7-eleven here. hot dogs to the right. tonight they are not the big seller. tonight the big seller you have to go over here. she -- he has been getting a workout. >> $500 million. >> every customer that comes in he says that. you need to buy a lottery ticket, too. most of them i have to say are. we are talking to customers throughout the afternoon. the odds are low they think they could be the winner.
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hope springs eternal. he said he recently won $400. now he has a sight on number 2.95 million times as high. many don't buy tickets often. >> not usually. every once in a while when it's big. toms $500 million. >> good enough to buy a ticket. >> many folks dream of the beach houses and fast cars, we found a lot of people say they would spend it on others. >> i want to pay off the bills and keep people happy i know the family. this guy here is selling me a ticket. >> i would share it with mymily and friends. other than that no clue. >> as we told you last hour by one estimate the odds are better to be killed by an
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asteroid than winning. >> somebody has to win it. you know? >> why not me? >> i'm very hopeful. very hopeful. i could use it. >> back down here live. they are selling the powerball tickets as we speak. this young lady here how many are you buying? >> one. >> do you think you can win just one? >> i bought a couple of different stores. i will go to another and buy another one. >> she has a strategy. if it pays off i want at least $1000. she will give me $1000 if she wins. they are doing a brisk business at the 7-eleven. they will continue to throughout the night until the drawing later on this everything. reporting live in fairfax county i'm tom roussey abc7 news. leon: all right. thanks tom. chief justice of the alabama supreme court is challenging the authority of the u.s. supreme court on the issue of same-sex marriage. today roy moore bars probate
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judges from issuing marriage licenses. he says alabama supreme court ruling in march remains in effect despite the supreme court legalizing marriage in june. coming up we look at the story of a local man who lost his job because he is married to another man. alison: the white house is casting doubt on the north korea claims that it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. that type of bomb is more powerful than an atom bomb and it would represent major technological advance for the communist regime. we are joined with how the world is responding to all of this today. scott? scott: we are hearing from all angles. it's firstly important to understand that it's unclear if north korea has done what it says it has done. that is as you point out detonate hydrogen bomb, an h-bomb. more damaging and destructive than the a-bombs that were
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used to end world war ii. overnight the reports of the state owned media they had successful detonation. and on the richter scale of 5.1 nearby. there was a test. but whether or not they have a bomb that could devastate the country maybe even reach the united states is something that the white house today cast doubt upon. >> this is a serious thing. the initial analysis has been conducted of the events reported overnight. it's not consistent with north korean claims of a successful hydrogen become test. there is nothing that occurred in the last 24 hours to cause the united states government to change our assessment of the north korea technical and the military capabilities scott: either way this is considered a violation of the-up security rules. there was an emergency meeting held this morning to discuss possible repercussions, which might include new and tougher sanctions. we talk more about that coming up at 6:00. we will outline for you the
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rest of the global community. which countries have hydrogen bomb technology and are considered risks as well in less than an hour. live on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. leon: coming up at 50:00, a major ruling in the freddie gray case and who will take the stand in the next trial. alison: plus, the man accused of helping the suspect in the san bernardino terror attacks answers to the judge. what he had to say about the charges against him. leon: the story behind a frightening scene in a maryland school district. that is
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fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. leon: the baltimore county has quite a story to tell. the ride to school, the bus got stuck in a sinkhole. up in of the students on board were hurt. police say another bus did show up to pick up the student and the driver to take them to school. it was caused by a water main break that always happens this time of year when we see the temperatures do what they are doing this time of year. doug: where alison grew up orlando the sink holes there could swallow a school. alison: we have a water main
5:18 pm
breaks all over the place. doug: the rapid change in weather. news a year ago today we had 2.4 inches of snow the firstthe season. 20 years ago today was the first day of the blizzard of 1996. we start with a map. leave it up there for a couple of seconds. if you're like me you have to put your glasses on and put your nose on the tv screen to see the numbers here. the average range, heaviest snow west of the metro area. lighter amounts closer to the bay. we are talking about 14 17 inches of snow in this area. and north and west of the city in the 30's. to three feet of snow. there were three separate snows in three and a half days. the biggest snowstorm in my 38 years on tv i ever covered. it was amazing. you know that is that. just huge storms. it shows you that all it takes is a certain weather pattern for everything to come together at the same time to get that january weather. this january morning we have this. beautiful crystals on the
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windshield. meteorologist alex liggitt took this before coming to work. beautiful picture. early morning live the skies were clear but enough moisture to cause frost to give you extra time to come to work. now the third consecutive clear sky days. the temperatures in the 30's will drop. looking at alexandria torpedo factory. we have temperatures in the upper 30's. these numbers are five or six degrees warmer than this time yesterday. this is all because the center of the ice pressure will push back to new england. so we are starting to see the warmup. starting to change more southerly. richmond at 42. 50 in hatteras. we are seeing the milder air move in. it won't get spring like but it will be in the 50's. maybe briefly on sunday and then it will get cold again. satellite shows the center ice pressure. clear skies up and down the i-95 corridor. the center of the high will retreat to the northeast. it will open the door from the
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cloud cover from the west/southwest. and south tomorrow. so it will become mostly cloudy tomorrow. the future cast shows this area of the cloud. the moisture will stay offshore. we get through the afternoon and the evening hours a little peek of sunshine for a while. then we look to the west. warm front on friday. increase cloud cover. more in the way of the increase in temperatures to the 40's. then we see a slight chance of rain. on saturday we will get the best chance of rain. that is saturday afternoon and saturday evening especially. our forecast tomorrow more cloudiness and it will become mostly cloudy. we see temperatures 41 for an afternoon high. technically a couple of degrees below average. but close. heading through the next seven days take one day at the time and talk about the implications. 41 tomorrow. a sprinkle other shower. milder air comes in. 46 on friday. saturday we will see glimmer of sunshine before the next clouds move in. warm front will bring 60% chance of rain late in the
5:21 pm
day. the temperatures will fall through the 50's. dry for the redskins-packers game. gusty winds. turn colder again with the sunshine. monday tuesday wednesday. >> you think the winds might affect the play. >> it could gust that might affect long passes. leon: as long as it only happens when aaron rodgers has the ball. fine. alison: all right. we'll see. thank you doug. a common practice in the area around the end of the year to donate your old car to charity. for one man the gift turned into thousands of dollars if tickets. years later. "7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes explains how it happened. horace: robert thought he was doing a good thing when he
5:22 pm
made a donation to the vietnam veterans of america association. >> why not? get a tax break. horace: the 1999 ford taurus. took off the license plate. signed over the title and they towed the car away. out of sight, out of mind. until october of last year when he received a letter from the city of baltimore division of towing. >> the car had had unpaid parking tickets and had 11 days to contact the city and satisfy the fines before it put a hold on the ability to register any other vehicle in maryland. that started letters to prove he no longer owned the car. then he receiverred this letter saying the case has been deleted from the lionel files and no further action would be taken. he thought he was in the clear. he thought.
5:23 pm
be in december he got a letter saying the car collected $2300 in tickets. he still had to pay up though he says he is not responsible. he says he has no the vietnam veterans association. but the trail of ownership stopped with him. >> he says he won't know for sure until he has to renew the registration on the vehicle he owns now. and at that point he doesn't know what will happen. horace holmes abc7 news. alison: that is not fair. leon: save your paperwork. alison: still to come another twist in the case of freddie gray. still ahead. who a judge is ordering to
5:24 pm
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leon: the man accused of giving an assault wife to the husband and wife has pleaded not guilty.
5:27 pm
>> pleading not guilty to five charges including lying and purchasing two assault rifles use's by the friend syed farook and tashfeen malik in the san bernardino terror i was attack killing -- terrorist attack killing 14 people. he is also charged with conspiracy to support terrorists and other attacks with farook and other schools and highways as early as 2011. the slots were never carried out. on tuesday the f.b.i. turned to the public pleading for help. they traced the killer's whereabouts the day of the massacre. there is mysterious gap not detected by traffic cameras or witnesses. >> we are missing 18ment of
5:28 pm
their time. reporter: that is when they may have ditched a computer hard drive that remains missing. they searched the nearby lake and did not find evidence. >> this appears to be an inspired terrorist act. no indication it was directed by anyone overseas. in los angeles, brandi hitt abc7 news. leon: still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the marriage that cost a church worker his jo changed his life. alison: plus, montgomery county has a new proposal for a grieving father who built an ice rink in his daughter's memory. leon: next. ordered to take tstand. the newest twist
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: the first officer to face trial in the freddie gray case has been ordered to testify at the trial of a colleague. that is despite a new case pending against officer william porter after the first trial ended in a mistrial. joy was in the courtroom today. this order is already facing some criticism there. joy: it is. what some attorneys are telling me tonight is the event that unfolded at courthouse east a short time ago could directly impact the timing of the upcoming trial of officer caesar goodson. he is the second of six baltimore police officers
5:32 pm
charged following freddie gray's death to stand trial. jury selection in goodson's trial is scheduled to start on monday. but now that is being questioned. after officer william porter took the stand today in a pretrial hearing and invoked his fifth amendment rights in an effort to avoid self-incrimination if called to testify by the state in goodson's trial. now, both sides argued their point. and the state offers porter partial immunity. and then asked the jurge to grant or to compel porter to testify which the judge agreed to admitting though, that this is all unchartered territory. >> you still have to prove that goodson knew that this man was in serious shape. meaning he needed medical attention. i just don't think that the evidence is there to show that. >> what makes this case so important is that we have the driver of the van.
5:33 pm
i'm waiting to see whether the driver will testify or whether he will present any kind of shifting responsibility to other officers. joy: what is known is this. porter's attorney planned to file for an injunction with the court of special appeals. when that hearing might be scheduled is still unknown. even that decision could be appealed. keep in mind all along the state maintained that porter's testimony is critical in the prosecution of the officer goodson as well alaska sergeant alicia white. that is one of the reasons why the state wanted porter to stand trial first. but that trial ended in a mistrial when the jury couldn't reach a verdict. in d baltimore tonight joy abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. gallows road is back open in falls church tonight after an ambulance slammed into a utility pole. it happened earlier today in front of the inova fairfax hospital.
5:34 pm
there was a patient in the back at the time. the ambulance's driver and three occupants all suffered non-life threatening injuries. no word on what caused the accident. leon: update now on a story we followed for more than a week now here. montgomery county is sticking by the position that a backyard ice rink has to move. county executive sent mark cohen a letter. why the county is willing to work with him to keep the rink open it has to bed because of the safety concerns. the owner refused to do that and fears the rink will have to close. alison: checking the top story. the investigators are still piecing together the events leading up to a deadly crash in bethesda. devika gunasekere died last night from injuries she received hours earlier. she was hit by a montgomery county ride-on bus as she crossed old georgetown road tuesday morning. the 67-year-old was a teacher's assistant at a
5:35 pm
daycare and a grandmother. leon: despite the claims from north korea that they successfully tested a nuclear bomb the white house is skeptical saying it was not that of an h-bomb. china is north korea closest allies joined other countries and the u.n. security council in condemning nuclear testing. alison: the powerball jackpot is up to $500 million. tickets are sold in 44 states d.c. and the virgin island and puerto rico. this puts the odds of winning at roughly 1 in $292 million. in most places you buy tickets up to an hour before tonight's drawing wis at 11:00 p.m. leon: you know what happens anytime we see numbers this high. tongues start to wag. how would you spend the money? alison: we got lots of
5:36 pm
responses. alison: okay. leon: no one gave us creative ways to say we're walking off the job. that is interesting they say they will keep working. if you enjoy your job. leon: trust me. they're lying. the minute the check clears they are out of there. alison: all right. moving on. still ahead tonight at 5:00, the new concerns about the effects all the digital devices are having on an important part of our body. >> ready? i'll start. did you hear? you look at me and said i heard. >> i heard.
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leon: this week's harris' hero. a local non-profit bringing the arts to the underserved communities. how it's changing lives ahead at 5:00. >> at 6:00 the surprising number of americans who are a paycheck away from being on the street.
5:38 pm
steve: i'm steve rudin. we are talking about the weekend and changes in the weekend forecast. more sunshine in the day on saturday. more on the cool side but not as cold as its has been for the past couple of days. lower 50's. but sunday, how about daytime high of 60 degrees. that means for the redskins football game, against green bay at 4:40 temperatures will range from 55 to 60. partly sunny skies. at least early on. breezy with winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. i'll take you out to look at
5:39 pm
the next seven days. we had showers in the forecast saturday. dry on sunday. then lower 40's on monday. upper 30's by tuesday. stay with us. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". back after this. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody
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leon: montgomery county using arts to brighten lives. professional artists have been on a mission to make arts accessible to everyone. that makes art stream this week's harris' heroes. these teens and the young adults with down syndrome aren't just playing a game. they are learning communication skills. >> basically in the class we talk about things like conflict resolution. how do i talk to someone at the dinner table. we role play. leon: the class is offered through art stream non-profit to bring the arts to underserved communities. these young adults have given them self-confidence and making them independent. >> i want to be hooppy and strong. as an actor and advocate. >> out there in world to handle that. a lot of different ways. leon: the cofounder says she
5:42 pm
sees the role in helping others become what t best sell evers. >> everyone and everyone has the capacity to be creative. you have to help them create it. leon: they run theater company to put on performances throughout the year and they are open to the public. in addition to people with disabilities they work with immigrants senior citizens and people suffering from illness and the family and care-givers as well. alison: really nice. leon: keep it up. alison: here is a cute alert for you. you will love this. i saw this on twitter today. i love it. prince george reached a big vent in his young life. he started nursery school today. we had to hear about it from kensington palace. they tweeted out photos of the little prince heading to school. leon: that's right. prince george is now two and a half. the oldest child of the duke and the duchess of cambridge. they had daughter charlotte last summer.
5:43 pm
you all know that. prince george is attending the mont sorry school there and -- montessori school and they say he will be treated like any other student. just ahead at 5:00, lebron james is in town talking about the skins-packers playoff game believe it or not. tell you who he is picking. you don't want to miss that. >> i'm legally married. but out of respect for people who disagree with me i didn't broadcast it loudly. alison: well, what cost a gay church c
5:44 pm
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alison: a local man is speaking out after being fired from a part-time job at the germantown catholic church after the church found out he is in a same-sex marriage. joce sterman explains the moment that changed everything. >> shock. i never thought it would be a problem. joce: jeffrey higgins was a part-time cantor and choir member at mother seton catholic church. in november, the church pastor confronted him about his
5:47 pm
marriage after allegedly a parishioner found his wedding photos online. >> he told me it had been discovered that is the word he used, that i was gay and married and would i re -- i resign. joce: he he refused. he received a letter that said higgins signed employment document that requires them to act consistent with the doctrine and that it contradicts the church teaching and there is a potential for scandal that might lead people astray. >> my sexuality and religion have never been at odds before and i'm sad it suddenly has become so. joce: the father told abc7 this firing is not rejection of higgins but when you work with the church you agree to promote the vision of the church. dignity usa is a religion non-profit working to promote justice for the lgbt catholic. the director said he was fired because he exercised his civil
5:48 pm
right to marry the person he loves. this is wrong and inconsistent with the fundamental of our catholic faith. higgins is considering legal action but hopes for wider results. >> i'm hope that the church they have been a part of my whole life will one day be as open and accepting and loving as i would like it to be. alison: the letter from the archdiocese to higgins says he is welcome in the church but he has not returned since being fired. we have a straitment from the archdiocese -- statement from the saturday on our website if you'd -- from the archdiocese on the website if you want to read that. leon: health matters. the majority of americans suffer from digital eyestrain. irritated eyes blurred vision and headaches. it's worse for people that look at more than one screen at a time. symptoms can be reduced by taking breaks adjusting
5:49 pm
lighting and getting special eye wear. alison: all right. time for a check on the roadways today. jamie sullivan standing by on traffic watch for us. how does it look, jamie? jamie: we have seen big delays. earlier i am talking about the 11-mile backup. unfortunately i'm still talking about the 11-mile backup. the better news is the crash we had near connecticut avenue is gone. a pretty bad one. the backup is mixed in with the normal congestion we typically see through the tysons and continuing north to maryland. i want to go ahead and switch gears. we move to virginia talk about how heavy we are heading outbound. 11 miles per hour as you approach 50. it will take you 30 minutes continuing closer to the fairfax county parkway. a crash near route 28 has added to the delay. take a lock rat some of the heavy -- look at the heavy traffic behind this. give you an idea. 66. we are used to the slowing. not as heavy as what we have seen.
5:50 pm
this is before route 28. you can see the flashing lights further up. so again 66ding out. the capital beltway, the earlier accident than we had on the inner loop. still the delays though as you work your way to northwest corner. that is a look at traffic. back to you. alison: okay. not so good tonight. thank you. leon: this is beautiful out there. it feels like winter. no snow. alison: it has been better in the last couple of days, doug. doug: yeah. not quite the level of the cold we have had. keeping score here on the maps for you. first six days of the month, the first days we had above average temperatures. the last three including today is below average. it looks like they will go on the plus side as we go through the next three or hour days. 38 at reagan national airport. 28 degrees. clear skies. light winds. the temperatures will fall quickly through the evening but not to the levels we saw last night.
5:51 pm
this morning some suburban areas will be between 20 and 30 degrees. there will be increasing cloudyest in overnight and the light wins. that will help the temperatures be warmer than last night. looking ahead, we have high pressure overhead. this is the air mass that has given us three clear days in a row. that holds back to the north and open the door for the high clouds in the map. lower clouds that aren't showing up in the imagery. that result will be increasing cloud through the ning and the afternoon. highs of 41. still two degrees below average. closer. go to the next seven days to warm up. 50's on saturday. 50 on sunday. rain saturday night. good news is it looks like clear off on sunday. during the midday hours. turning colder. so 4:40 kickoff at fedex on sunday afternoon and the rain will be gone. partly sunny. breezy and mild. 15-mile-per-hour wind. tonight may be enough robert
5:52 pm
burton. robert: at least it's warmer that day. it's cold today outside. but for two skin fans it could have been 30 below and they'd still be outside redskins park today. you can't call the two fair weather fans. how cold is it out here now is >> pretty cold. robert: chris and kevin wanted to be ooze close to the redskins as they could, even if it meant freezing their skin off. what makes it better. redskins making the playoffs. >> say the redskins make it to the super bowl, could you even imagine that? >> no. i got nervous when you said that. it's a big thing for us. >> in the 2012 game we get in playoffs and nothing seem to happen. all the other cities take our fame. i think it's our time. robert: even though the players can't see the two outside they hear them loud and clear. >> people are standing outside.
5:53 pm
ain't running or doing jumping jacks. they're outside. in the cold weather to hold that sign. just that alone telling me man, we got to go out there and win. >> literally, they would die for you as long as you give them something to be proud of. robert: they say you guys are the people that drive them. what does that mean to you? >> it means the world. i love watching them play. i'm big fans of theirs. the fact makes me more excited to see them play this sunday. robert: we like that. we love that. all right. meanwhile the king is in town. a.k.a. lebron james. wizards hosting the cavs tonight. this is personal for lebron. wizards gave him his only loss atther hand he will be watching the redskins play the packers sunday. scott abraham talked to lebron at shootaround. >> i know you are a football guy. in d.c. everybody is excited about the redskins team on summed. curious about your take and opinion on the redskins-packers game here. knowing you are a big cowboys
5:54 pm
guy. >> go aaron rodgers. robert: whoa! whoa! i put on my twitter page asking will the redskins beat the packers. coming up at 6:00 we hear from you. alison: we know what lebron thinks.
5:55 pm
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alison: now vote 2016. nevada is where all three candidates are focusing tonight. this is as donald trump continues to attack hillary clinton and raise questions about the birthplace of g.o.p. rival ted cruz. kenneth mouton has the latest from the campaign trail. >> the countdown to iowa for all the presidential contenders. but hillary clinton bernie sanders and martin o'malley will be in nevada looking for support for the first of the caucus center tonight.
5:58 pm
>> generating a grassroots excitement to result in a high voter turn-out. democrats need a high voter turn-out to win. >> this is not a sign of leadership. this is a sign of showmanship, to be rejected from the american people. >> try to ignore but trump is getting clouder. >> hillary clinton doesn't have the strength the stamina. she doesn't. she doesn't have the strength or the stamina. >> trump is focusing attention on ted cruz. trump fueled a birther debate over president obama says the fact that cruz was born in canada could prove problematic .
5:59 pm
>> child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural citizen. people will continue to makessues about it but as a legal matter it's straightforward. >> cruz refused to attack trump. they made stops in iowa. reporting in northwest kenneth mouton abc7 news. alison: that is it for abc7 news at 5:00. here is what is coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a cause to worry or something a little less? tonight reaction from the white house and capitol hill. to north korea's claim it tested a hydrogen bomb. and new developments in the second officer to go on trial in freddie gray's death. the person who will have to testify at his trial. time is running out to buy the powerball ticket. the jackpot total. why you might have an easier time becoming president than winning. announcer: now "abc7 news at
6:00 pm
6:00". on your side. maureen: it's hard enough for a teenager to navigate the criminal justice system. but it's even worse if you are a teen and your identity has been stolen by those who put you behind bars. leon: the d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live to explain a case. tell us about that. sam: well, leon maureen, for years if a young person was booked at the d.c. jail behind me here, there was a man named marc bell who would go into the computer, get the information and use it to file fake income tax return and get money. he pleaded guilty to all of that yesterday.


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