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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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announcer: from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: and the breaking news out of new york city -- a large crane collapsing in manhattan, killing one person, and injuring three others. all of this started before 8:30 this morning in the tribeca
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neighborhood. we are told the crane smashes through several parked cars, spanning almost a city block. also happening right now, new york city mayor bill de blasio saying the collapse has caused gas leaks. guess has been shut off in the building around the area. make sure you stay with abc 7 as we follow updates. we also learning more about the zika virus. today, brazilian health researchers discovering the presence of active zika virus in urine and saliva samples. they also confirmed the first case contracted through a blood transfusion. this comes as health officials confirmed cases in the district. john gonzalez is at the department of health in northeast with details. john: well health officials scrambled to put together a vaccine to fight the zika virus, officials here at the department of health in downtown d.c. are
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keeping a close eye on what is now three confirmed cases in the district. we understand there is a confirmed case down south in virginia. two of the cases in the city were reported this year -- one a few months ago -- and all of peopleocal cases involve who traveled to other countries, specifically in central and south america. one of the recent cases here locally involves a pregnant woman, and that is one of the biggest fears, biggest concerns, because the zika virus is known to cause major birth defects. to get shotsgoing -- what are we going to do? john: those are your questions? >> yes. i have kids. i do not want to catch it. >> i think the u.s. has the means to avoid a massive outbreak. include swollen , and joint, a rash
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pain, it is transmitted from mosquitoes, and perhaps, even, sexual activity. officials say they are monitoring this and talking constantly with the cdc. they want residents to know they have no immediate threat if they did not travel outside of the u.s.. in northeast washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. jummy: we want to look at the first look at the weekend forecast. if meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at our first forecast. doug: we had a little bit of east and east of the city. not much of anything. 1.3 inches of snow in ridge, maryland. leonardtown, one inch. otherwise, wasn't much of anything. upper-30'sl in the north and west of town.
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41 at reagan national. chillier elsewhere around the region. we will get into the 40's with partly to mostly sunny skies. the breezes gusty with 22 sustained at reagan national. 18 miles per hour winds in hagerstown. through the afternoon, seasonably cool. rain, snow, should dry up from the combination of sun and wind. a winter storm warning is up for interior new england. that storm will be out of the way. through the rest of the day, we will be in fine shape. not, clearing out, cold weather, 29 to 31. i will talk about the possibility of another storm in a couple of prince. jummy: he will see you then. what roads drying up. angela foster has a look at traffic. hey, angela. [indiscernible] right, we will try to
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check back in with angela in a little bit. metro says it is looking into a train that ran through a red signal outside of the smithsonian station wednesday night and we are told the train was out of service, no passengers were onboard. operator and our occ controller have been removed from service as metro investigate. police are investigating another homicide in prince george's county, this time in hillcrest heights. police believe about them -- victim was targeted, but as sam sweeney explains, the entire neighborhood is really shaken up. sam: good afternoon. it is quiet right now in the courtyard of the southpointe apartment complex here in prince george's county, but earlier this morning it was a much different situation. who live, residents inside these buildings, say gunshots ran out at about 12:30 a.m. panic ensued. people came outside, and then police flooded in. >> you cannot describe it,
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because when i last saw him, he was alive, breathing. the she was one of many in apartment complex who will covertly this morning to gunshots. >> i heard shots. they were echoing, so i know it is close. i could hear the eco it was in the building. he was outside, in front of the door. afterolice showed up just 12:30 this morning, found a man wounded from gunshots. they rushed into the hospital, but it was too late. >> everyone ran outside to call for help. he was laying on the ground. he was breathing, like -- if the amulet would have got here sooner, -- ambulance would have got here sooner, he would have lived. sam: witnesses say the man was 19 or 20 years old, and shot in the face. police have not realized -- release the name, but they say it was not a random shooting. four people have been killed this week alone in prince
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george's county. police are asking for the public's help. if you heard something or saw something, they want to hear from you. jummy: we want to get our traffic check now. let's get back to angela foster. angela: thank you. on the roads, a live look at the capital beltway in bethesda, moving nicely through this stretch. through fairfax county, a slow-moving made its vehicle tying us up between little river turnpike and gallows road. i-66 and 95 moving freely through prince william and fairfax county moving toward and from the capital beltway. another look at the beltway in montgomery county, where everything is moving smoothly i-270. i 95 and north and southbound lanes are clear from germantown to the eye-270 spur. in the district, the on the look for a water main break. m street northwest closed in both directions.
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that will tie you up headed through the district. we have slow traffic on the southeast, southwest freeway. collision westbound between a street and south capitol street. a live look at central avenue through prince george's county. clean and free. north of the city, toward baltimore, 95 looks good. route one, we have some utility work that might tie you up. that is a look at the roads. for now, we send it back to you. followingre also chilling details about the virginia tech student accused of killing nicole about. oscar does believe they said in a fast food restaurant and planned the murder. investors believe they bought cleaning supplies and a shovel before slitting her throat and disposing of her body. they are both behind bars in prince george's county, a community is coming together to heal. a memorial is set in capitol
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heights. people there will be remembering the teacher who was shot and killed along with her two-year-old daughter in capitol heights. darren boswell johnson admitted to ambushing them. right now, he is awaiting trial on murder charges. also right now, police are looking for this woman right here. they say she stole a purse with a lot of cash meant for a young woman's college tuition. police say the victim and her 18-year-old daughter were driving to an out-of-state college to make the payment. first, they stopped at the dunkin' donuts on arlington boulevard in falls church. the woman left her purse there. police in the suspect of the purse and left in a dark-colored suv, believed to be a 2009 to 2011 mitsubishi endeavor. a version of panel has approved a bill that would require students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological sex.
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the bill would mandate schools and state agencies adopt a policy designed to keep transgender people from using the bathroom with which they identify. it comes as a federal appeals court is weighing the case of a transgender student born female who sued after being barred from using the boys restroom. vote 2016 news now, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are back on the campaign trail, hours after their final debate before tuesday's new hampshire primary. last night's debate was the first since clinton narrowly won the iowa caucus, and the first since martin o'malley dropped out of the case. in their most heated exchange, clinton accused sanders of implying she could be bought. mrs. clinton: you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations i received. senator sanders: i am very proud to be the only candidate all here that does not have a
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super-pac, that is not raising money on wall street or special interest. jummy: sanders also said by definition, president obama and vice president biden would not qualify as progressives. abc 7 news at on noon, another look at a bazaar road rage encounter. the victim's daughter now speaking out. plus, getting ready for super bowl 50. why one group is planning a protest.
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uber drivers in the san francisco area plan to create gridlock on super bowl sunday, blocking traffic, in neighboring santa clara. uber -- drivers want uber to pay them more. cut wages due to down times. a lot of people will be at the game and watching at home on sunday. doug: it will be spectacular. 72 degrees at kickoff time. jummy: he means there, not here. doug: here will be fine. things are clearing up nicely right now. the only warnings that are out for the storm are across new england, and for good reason.
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take a look right now, our kamar aiken in downtown, hartford, connecticut. -- weatherbug camera in downtown hartford, connecticut. all of that is moving slowly along the coast. big news there. here, not so much hit a little bit of snow this morning. clearing skies at the naval academy from the time lapse. at this point, it looks pretty good. winds with chilly temperatures will be the story. it will produce a wind chill. figure that, early-february. 40 degrees at andrews. the winds are a feature. sustained winds of 15, 18 miles an hour. wind gusts up to 30 milean hour at joint base andrews. 29 at reagan national. gusts inper hour fredericksburg. it feels like 31 in leesburg.
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28 in hagerstown. 31 in washington. 32 in annapolis. what is coming our way? lots of sunshine, clouds, and sustained wind. the temperatures are just a couple of degrees below average for this day. nice friday. the wind and sunshine helping to drive things up. as we get through the weekend, we will waive bye-bye to the storm. you can see on a satellite and radar, heavy snow continues moving into new hampshire and coastal maine. that will work away. we will have sunshine here. tomorrow, and again on sunday, it looks pretty good, as high pressure moves into the area. plenty of sunshine, partly to mostly sunny at times saturday and sunday. one system will pass to the south and east sunday night. it will not affect us, but monday, tuesday, we are exacting a service low-pressure system to form somewhere. determining where -- depending
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on where it forms, it will determine whether we get rain, snow, both, or a mix. to get significant snow, the storm would have to develop down here. it probably will not happen. still a few days away. things could change. right now, we are not overly concerned. we will certainly keep a close eye on it. sunshine over the weekend. temperatures climb into the lower-50's sunday. in the monday-tuesday timeframe, a chance of rain or snow. turning noticeably colder through the tail end of next week. cold, but dry, but this time next week -- by this time next week. jummy: thank you. a pre-super bowl tradition underway in montgomery county. jeannette reyes is live in rockville for the seventh annual puppybowl celebration. who is winning? jeannette: doug hill is telling you the weather. we are going to try to cut who
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the winner is going to be this sunday. here is resell. go get it. i threw it already. somebody else took. germany is heather. tell me -- joining me is heather. tell me what is going on -- it is the fifth annual game. -- pat'swe are at pats dominion. we are hoping to predict the winner. we had a mix of last year. we are back at its strong this year to do the good prediction. we are calling them the panters -o's.he bark last year we picked the sea dogs, and enforce it we were wrong. we will see what happens after this timeout. i no pet owners can
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produce up, and the dogs get a prize or some kind of treat. jeannette: they get plenty of treats. we give them plenty of treats and praise. daycare is one of the great things that we do. while the pet owners are at work, we make sure the pets have a lot of activity and fun and keep them busy so when they get home they can relax and be with their parents. jeannette: who is winning. barkos:ight now the are in the lead. here comes bradley. jeannette: we do have a tom brady -- one of the smaller dogs inside. we'll see how this goes. patriots -- i am from rhode island. i kind of have to. we will confirm it on sunday to see who wins. jummy: so cute. thank you. now we switch gears to a story of a bizarre road rage encounter and deadly shootout in arizona
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that gripped the nation last year. now we are hearing from the victim's daughter and the alleged shooter's best friend. that will happen tonight on "20/20." deborah roberts joins us with a sneak peek. there are still questions, including whether or not it was the result of road rage. deborah: that is right. that is what captivated summit of people. it seemed to be an open and shut case of road rage, but then questions began to surface about what happened to tammy myers. could she have played a part in the shooting. we take you behind the scenes in what is a head-spinning story of possible road rage, bad decisions -- all of those things that so many of us see playing out on the roadways all of the time. as you say, we speak with the myers family. for the first time, we sit down and they give an in-depth interview about what they think happened. we talked to her son, who was on the deadly ride, and, for the
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first time, the young woman who was good friends with the alleged shooter breaks her silence. she helped police crack the case, and we will tell you about a wrenching decision she had to make. it is an hour tonight of, i think, riveting television, behind what we all see. ofording to experts, 66% roadway deaths are due to aggressive dying. it -- driving. it is something we need to pay attention to. jummy: thank you so much. you can watch "a dangerous intersection" .
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jummy: a united nations human rights lawyer says julian assange should be able to leave london. he tried to claim asylum. he lived in the embassy for the last three years. written's foreign secretary called the panel ruling predict this. he says a julian assange leaves the embassy, he will be sent to sweden. now to a health matters alert -- bring attention to the toll heart disease takes on women. today is national go red day. killedisease and strokes a woman every 80 seconds, but the vast majority of these events are preventable.
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jummy: all right, a pretty quiet weekend ahead. doug: you realize it will be 72 hours before we do this again? jummy: thanks, doug. doug: sorry to leave it on a bumper. tonight will be cold, but drive. the weekend looks fine. partly cloudy -- sunny skies. high temperatures, upper-40's tomorrow. 51 on sunday. jummy:
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