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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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police officer. he shot and killed both of those officers before he was killed by other law enforcement at the scene. >> to the people who wear this uniform, there are no words. these men are heroes. i don't know what to say in detail about them. they serve this county. they serve this country faithfully and honorably. they lost their lives doing what they love to do. alison: the deputies are believed to be the first in hartford to be killed by gunfire on duty in more than a century. we will take you back to abingdon with more information live at 4:30. jonathan: thanks. to get instant updates on stories like these when they break sign up for the text alert. log on to you will get the news sent right to your phone from our newsroom as soon as we get it. michelle: well, jonathan, we told you it was coming. bitter
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temperatures are poised to drop even more with whipping winds making it that much worse. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the forecast. doug, we are talking about dangerously cold temperatures outside. doug: as we get through the weekend. temperatures are much colder than this time yesterday. the first batch of arctic air in place. reinforcement. the coldest air of the season will move in here saturday morn. it's 25 in frederick. 21 in hagerstown. it's 28 in annapolis. 29 in the capital. these are the sustained winds speeds between 17 to 22 miles per hour in the area. that is strong enough to produce wind chills from the single digit to the teens. it feels like 6 in hagerstown. it feels like 13 in frederick and 17 in washington. we will find clear skies but the next push of the arctic air is on the way. we will get a few flurries ahead of it tomorrow an. when the front comes through you will feel it
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with the strong winds developing here on saturday. brutally cold temperatures all weekend long. the wind chills at time in the day on saturday will probably remain in the single digits. that is how cold it will get. we will look ahead to see if there are warmer days in the future coming up. michelle: we look forward to that. thank you. in d.c., mayor muriel bowser is proposing several shelters across the city. but it is one in particular in ward five that has residents nearby on 26th place second guessing repurposing an empty building there. it is part of the plan to close d.c. general. bureau chief sam ford explains the controversy surrounding the latest plan. sam? sam: michelle, across the city this evening, there will be eight meetings in'm of the city's eight wards for the pub -- meetings in each of the city's eight wards for the public to weigh in on the plan. the plan is housingf
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each ward except for ward two downtown where the shelter is for women. in the neighborhood, the reaction has been on both side. ward one the idea of turning a vacant lot in a shelter for 50 families. >> i think d.c. general is a disgrace. having folks placed in the neighborhood would be great. sam: in ward five, reaction to a family shelter put here in this warehouse district. >> i am not opposed to what the mayor is doing. i feel as though it is honorable and it needs to be done. ward five already has a homeless shelter. sam: the councilmember in that area mcduffy has not said he is opposed to any shelter in ward five but has not suggested another location other than this one. he does not want a shelter
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there. but anyway at 6:30, across the city in eight different locations there will be a meeting. mayor bowser is attending a meeting in ward six, southwest d.c. we'll have more on that at 6:00 and we'll hear the angezity that the -- the angezity that the residents have about having one in their ward. jonathan: police are investigating the first murder of 2016 in prince william's county. the body found in 800 block of barrett drive in manassas. there is no actual cause of death right now but they are investigating it as a murder. still, they have not identified the person they found or announced any suspects in the case. closing arguments now underway in the trial of a former traveling nurse accused of sexual assau
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assaulting a patient at the bowie health center in 2014. opening statements began today at the courthouse. verdict is expected before the end of the day. he sals accused of sexual assault at three different hospitals in the district. michelle: this evening there are still more questions than answers in the child porn case involving a former volunteer and an aide at sylvania woods elementary school in glenarden. school leaders and the parents are trying to figure out how this can happen. brad bell has been breaking news in this case. brad, everyone is just so perplexed by how it could happen on school grounds. brad: absolutely right. that is really the number one question. we expect a full house here tonight. in about two hours or so, hundreds of parents expected to brave the cold to come in here because even though the man at the heart of the case was arrested last saturday, tonight
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opportunity parents will have to speak directly to the top school and county officially. of course the man arrested last saturday 22-year-old deonte carraway worked here as a teacher's aide. first he was paid. his job was eliminated. then he came in as a volunteer. it is alleged he abused at least 11 young children, forcing them to act out explicit pornographic scenes that he recorded on his cell phone. as you said, so many parents wondering how it was he was allowed to be in here and how it was that he was not caught. allegations being made in lawsuit and through sources to me that the principal here was warned by parents and teachers that something was going on and did not act. tonight parents will hear directly from the school ceo. >> i am troubled by the allegations that are floating around. i want answers as much as everyone
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it. we will certainly be as transparent as possible. brad: well, that is what parents are asking for. they are asking for transparency. they are asking for answers. when we come back at 5:00, you will hear from some of the parents. you will hear their anger. in glenarden, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. around the nation, city of cleveland is apologized and no longer charging the family of tamir rice for use of an ambulance. in 2014, a cleveland police officer shot and killed with a 12-year-old as he played with a toy gun. the city sent rice's mother the $5,000 invoice for the ambulance used to take rice to the hospital. jonathan: in the race for the white house, another definite. this time the democrats squaring off in milwaukee, wisconsin. the first opportunity now for hillary clinton and bernie sanders to go one on one since sanders' blow-out win in new hampshire. our political correspondent scott thuman is
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to shore up her support. if you look at the breakdown in new hampshire, she lost everything except for those over the age of 65. scott: yeah. that has to be a shocking revelation for them. it wasn't an unexpected loss in new hampshire but if you see the numbers it is a big dose of cold water on the clinton campaign trying to break down who to go after demographically. she has to chip away at that tonight and her constituents, that is one thing they are going to look at. and second, her scrutiny. early in the campaign she never mentioned sanders in campaign speeches and she glossed over, perhaps overlooked the ability to be a real contender. now will she go after him? not necessarily attack him but will she go after him in a way to put holes in the proposals that the clinton camp considers
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that is one way to do it. and the race-space. we are talking about demographics. what will they do to go after the african-american vote. in south carolina, hillary clinton is dominating. but bernie sanders is chipping away at the numbers recently. so she has to hold on to it or build on it. the next two states are south carolina and nevada voting on the democratic side. completely different than what we saw as a breakdown for iowa and new hampshire, which were very white states. will it be something they focus on tonight? we believe it will be. we will bring you analysis, coverage, reaction to all of that tonight. jonathan: a lot of undecided on that side of the fence. that is what they are fighting for. these two candidates for the most part have been civil. bernie was basically dismissing the e-mail controversy. all bets off, gloves coming off now? are they going to t
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hay-makers now? scott: i think so. i think there is a reason that they decided to be civil and relatively timid to each other early on. it gave them separation from the behavior on the g.o.p. side. but now when you start to see iowa was a virtual tie and hillary clinton losing by large margins in new hampshire, they have to. it doesn't mean they have to be nasty. she wants to avoid that. it's an image issue for clinton. she doesn't want to appear as someone a hardened washington insider willing to say anything and mud-sling. that is not the goal. but they definitely need to at least put pressure on bernie sanders. we'll see if they do that. jonathan: interesting to see. scott, good having you there. stay with abc7 and scott thuman. he will have much more leading up to the debate. coverage following it at abc7 news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. coming up, gravitational waves. we'll explain the discovery to change how we look in th
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universe. michelle: and in annapolis, who should be tested to drive? it's raising the question how old is too old to be trusted behind the wheel? >> i can't guarantee when we will have a vaccine but we have a good head start. jonathan: one of the top doctors will break it down for us. >> you know tonight the return of "scandal." and kidd o'shea is talking to the firs
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michelle: n.i.h. leaders aren't promising but they are planning to start texting on a zika vaccine by the end of -- start testing on a zika vac vene by the end of the summer. the first case of maryland. this is a live look at the press conference happening now. again, that information is just coming in the newsroom that maryland now has its first zika case that was contracted while a person was traveling. researchers are searching for answers whether zika is behind
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been telling you about that. diane cho has the information from the congressional hearing. diane: today on capitol hill, the national institute of allegeergy and infectious disease testified on the zika virus outbreak. >> many are concern it will make its way to the mainland when the warm weather returns. speaking for moms and grandmothers across the country this is deeply concerning to all of us. >> that concern is centered around pregnant women. health officials believe the zika virus could be connected to microcephaly, a rare neurological condition that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. >> the evidence that zika is causally related to microcephaly is getting stronger. it's not proven. but yesterday we published the zika virus genome in the brain tish --
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diane: they won't know more until time goes on. >> we have already seen cases so severe they resulted in early death. we have seen case resulting in blindness or deafness. diane: for those actively infected the tests are active. but the c.d.c. is saying all pregnant women to get tested whether they show the symptoms or not. >> the bigger challenge is to diagnose prior infection. the virus is similar genetically to other viruses. therefore people who have had yellow fever vaccine or even west nile virus may have a falsely positive test. diane: diane cho, abc7 news. michelle: if you have any questions about zika log on to we have all of our reporting online. and information on howi
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around the state. advocates are calling for major changes when it comes to older drivers for americans. americans for older driver safety is maryland is one of the four worst states in the country implementing license renewal procedures for those 65 and older causing the process outdated and unsafe. tonight abc7's kevin lewis takes a much closer look at maryland's policies including how long drivers can go without renewing the license in person. that is coming up at 5:00. while we are talking about getting around in cars let's check in with jamie sullivan for a look at traffic on thursday. a bus is sitting there not moving. jamie: that is right. dhsabled bus on the capital beltway. this is on the inner loop before you get to connecticut avenue. tow truck on the scene. we have a few police cruisers behind to give everyone a heads up to get to the left or the right. a bad spot. move to the ways map. i want to check in with the ways community saying it'
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complete standstill. this is approaching old germtown road. just past the 270 spur. you can see how solid the red line of traffic is. moving to the maps let's break down how big the backup is. show you where it is. this is near connecticut avenue. the disabled bus. this backup is 14 miles. that is mixed in with an earlier crash near georgia avenue to add to the typical slowing we see. then we have a disabled bus. so on average of 11 miles per hour hour. water main is still in place. woodly park closed between 27 and 28 street. this is scheduled until 5:30. when they hope to get the repairs done. connecticut, cathedral avenue are good options as an alternate. back to you. jonathan: thank you. a hundred years ago albert einstein figured out that gravitational gravity waves
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universe. michelle: he knew how to do it in his lifetime. now a team of scientists announce the findings today. jonathan: they are very excited. kevin lewis takes us to college park with the significance and the celebration of the discovery. kevin: faculty and students gather around a big screen tv to witness history. until now mankind relied on electromagnetic and light waves to name a few. today scientists prove existence of gravitational waves predicted by albert einstein theory of relativity a century ago. >> so it is a direct confirmation of the crazy notion of a black hole. kevin: u.m.d. has a special connection to the discovery. they crafted the first gravitational wave detectors in the 1960's.
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sensitive resonant detechors. >> this is a new way to observe the universe in a way we could not do before. kevin: in exploration that may lead scientist to the beginning of the universe. >> who knows what we will find. we may see premother's dayial black holes that were present -- premordial presence of black holes that are present. >> i'm not sure 100% what we're talking about. doug: sounds good to me. jonathan: i hope there is no midterm. doug: e equals mc squared. michelle: but not m.c. hammer. doug: that is the other answer. it's cold over the weekend. just when it starts to warm up monday and tuesday, we have a storm and rain or snow. that is the headline.
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river. it is 26 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 5. up to 15 miles per hour. 32 in fredericksburg and pax river. that is a warm spot. we have the winds. the winds drive down the wind chills. these are the air temperatures tomorrow. 11, 12 degree readings will be common in the western zone. 13, 14, 15. ashburn, leesburg through frederick. metro is not much warmer. not much in cloudiness here. it's from a push of cold air across the great lakes. low-level clouds. mostly sunny. we will see the clouds increase. storm system is running up the east coast. this is fascinating. it won't affect our area. it will spread snow to the outer banks. a rare winter storm warning in effect tomorrow for the northern outer banks. a couple of
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rain through hatteras. we will see increasing cloudiness tomorrow. near 32. cold winds will come in. early saturday morning that we think when the cold front arrives that will be with us through the day. the high of 32. lower to the mid-20's over the weekend. snow that could mix with rain on tuesday. warmup next week. coming up thursday as we do a trivia question. today is the anniversary of coldest temperature ever recorded in washington, d.c. how cold was it? eight below zero, 15 below zero, 18 below zero. if you can stand it, eight more minutes and you will have an answer. make you wait. that is the story. back to you. michelle: all right. we'll decide which one we go with her. thank you, doug. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- kidd o'shea
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first family and hear what they say about visiting d.c. that is next. jonathan: program for mental health access after the high profile confrontations with police. the initiative targeted to help those mostly at risk. that is still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00".
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bellny young took on a new responsibility to bring her to the d.c. area more often. >> nice. >> i get to be an ambassador for the national mall. chelsea clinton and i are ambassadors. i'm so excited.
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they are married. she will be coming here so much. suggested this. >> i just ♪ moved that. rent is expensive. i have a couch. >> i'm the best roommate you could want. i'll never be there. >> we may be roommates. "scandal" new tonight at 9:00 on abc7. i have a preview coming up. if you want more of my one-on-one interview check out i have the full interview up there. we have the preview of what will happen tonight. there is interesting stuff. jonathan: they get along so well. but on tv -- ooh. >> they are the sweetest people. oscar contest up next. wake up tomorrow for a chance to win a trip. i'm headed to os
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get you in kelly and the michael aftershow. on the stage that the oscars take place. qualify tomorrow. wake up with us. jonathan: thank you for staying up late for us. kidd: thank you for having me. michelle: i can't wait to hear who you are wearing. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we are going to hartford county, where two sheriff deputies were killed. stores nearby open back up for business. >> these words have a future for the law enforcement in a northern virginia community.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: okay. so there are a lot more people than just michelle and i talking about the trivia question. we are on facebook and 400 other people are chiming in. i am going with phone a friend. they say 15 degrees below. what do you say? michelle: 8 below. doug: today is the anniversary of the coldest temperature ever recorded in washington, d.c. it happened today in 1899. it was 15 below temperatures. they say it was the coldest temperature ever. people love superlatives. weather records here go back to 1871. it could have -- jonathan: when you started keeping track of them? doug: it could have been 38 below in 1427. jonathan:
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thank you. doug: go full screen. another trivia to pass along. that winter, the weather was crazy. the warmest ever got in three days was 12 degrees during the ninth and the 12th day of record low every day. on the tenth it only reached 4 degrees for a high. three days in a row had records below. i bet you the cars had a hard time starting that morning. i'm just going to suggest that. temperatures across the area, there weren't cars then. okay? 279 degrees at reagan national. 25 in frederick now. that is part of the story. the other thing is the wind making it uncomfortable. wind chill from the singles to the teens. fortunately the winds will diminish a little bit. overnight 14 to 20 degrees for overnight lows. some clouds increase by dawn with much lighter winds. through the day tomorrow it looks like the clouds will roll in. by the an flurries. high of 32.
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early in predawn of saturday. brutally windy and cold. i will fill in the numbers in te fail in a couple of -- detail in a couple of minutes. back to you. michelle: thank you. a crime that is really rattled an entire county in maryland. jonathan: it has. two sheriff deputies gunned down in a restaurant. the man that opened fire was killed in a shootout. but we are learning more about all of this. jeff abel takes us back to the scene with the information we have tonight. jeff? jeff: good evening. the community here has been paying respects all day to the two fallen officers. we are at the police sation they are falling in all afternoon. they are struggle toking figure out what went wrong and why. today they are talking more about the chain of events that began at abingdon's panera bread and e
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of officers patrick dailey and mark logsdon. vermonts say they had come there to investigate report of a suspicious person but they were shot dead by a man police now identify as 68-year-old david evans who had an outstanding warrant in florida. >> it is our belief because he knew there was a warrant out for his arrest and the ultimate outcome of the encounter would be, his arrest, that is why he took the actions against the police officer. we don't believe he laid in wait to ambush. but, you know, essentially the officer was target -- certainly the officer was car getted to the extent he didn't want to be apprehended. jeff: the suspect was wanted in the state of florida he does not have a violent criminal past. the gun used in the attack was legally purchased in 1
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jonathan: thank you. sad story. former redskins player josh morgan facing charges after he accidently shot himself. according to the loudoun county police he fired the gun cleaning it a week and a half ago. he was hospitalized. not seriously injured. he grew up not far from r.f.k. stadium. played at virginia tech and then briefly with the redskins. he is charged with reckless handling of a firearm. michelle: prince george's state attorney is going to deliver opening remarks tonight. this is hosted by maryland national capital park and planning commission in partnership with the state attorney's office. summit is designed to bring awareness of the issue that affects a large segment of the teenagers in prince george's county. fairfax county is taking big steps to help people with mental illness. northern virginia
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program is a way to get people to treatment so they stay out of jail. jeff: in many ways it looks like an average office building but they say the response center is vital in an effort to save lives. >> when i was at my worst i was sick and psychotic and i needed help. jeff: kevin early who has bipolar had special run-in with police in the past. now he is working with a program to reducem in of people with the mental illness jail by instead giving treatment to low-risk offenders in places like the response center. >> people with mental illness can focus on getting well opposed to being afraid that something bad is going to happen to them. jeff: a year ago, nastasha mckenna who struggled with mental disorder died with a struggle with the deputies inside the jail.
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>> quite a bit of it is a reaction to that. prior to that incident, this is something that has been on the forefront for quite a long period of time. jeff: in the first month alone they handled 265 mental health investigations. 62% of which resulted in handoffs to staff members at maryfield. >> the officers love this. morale is good. they are not resistant to it. jeff: the budget to be released next week. they will dedicate several million for funding diversion first. in the next three to five years. a commitment to make it work. jonathan: breaking news. this is in new jersey, hillsborough. huge shipping container -- a warehouse, really, where semis come to pick up and drop off
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we are at the mercy of the affiliate with the helicopter. they are on a tighter shot. if they pull out wider you see how mass aive fire it is. it is not only burning the warehouse but the semis parked there are also on fire. they have it surrounded. you don't see an active fight right now. that means whoever is in charge of the firefights efforts will call it a defensive posture so they don't put any of the men or women at ris sock they will surround it to make sure it doesn't jump to a neighborhood or to nearby buildings and just let it burn. this is in new jersey. it started at 3:30 this afternoon. you can see how big it is. we don't know what is inside. but obviously with all the trucks that pulled up, it could be anything from who knows? electronics to shoes. i mean we just don't know what is going on as far as what is inside the warehouse. huge fire
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looks to be burning out of control. we will keep an eye on it. back to you. michelle: thank you. covering metro this afternoon, rail system plagued by a number of incidents that has v slowed and at times brought service to a halt. latist was a near collision outside the smith stonian station. as brianne carter reports that was the subject of a hearing today. brianne: two metro trains landed after a near commission. >> a combination of things that went wrong at a terrible location and a terrible time. the system did work. we should never get that far in the system. brianne: metro officials say it happened wednesday outside the smithsonian station. switch problem caused an empty orange line train to reverse and head back to new carrollton. the metro officials say the co
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federal triangle. instead he thoughthe was able to come here to the smithsonian station where a train was sitting on the tracks. >> were there distractions from the operator's standpoint or the controller standpoint? that is under investigation. >> metro officials say moving back to the operator they ran a red light signal. >> under no circumstances is an operator to go past a red signal. brianne: metro officials say the moving train was only going 10 miles per hour and the train operator was able to stop as soon as he saw the other train. >> if we get in the reverse move, before any of it occurs we have another person, supervisor come over the shoulder. in fact, of the controller to make sure that we are all moving in t
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>> the investigation involving both metro and the f.t.a. is ongoing. in southwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: still ahead --
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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michelle: it is t.g.i.t. a big night on abc7. kidd o'shea has a preview in his "scandal" scoop. kidd the president. the first lady. >> how often do people take the show to the point you are like you know it's television show and we are not the president and the first lady? >> surprisingly often. i get called "mr. president." >> you love it. he loves it. >> gives me a little -- kidd: "scandal" is back with a new twist. >> i wrote a book. >> my open letter to the country. my statement of belief and hopes. this is me tossing my ante to the center of the table and airing the dirty roundry before the campaign rolls around. so i'm not hounded with questions about the sordid lo
4:45 pm
>> she has wanted to be out there and go i'm human. let's go on with running the country. >> ladies are messing it up. >> i blame them. >> yes. >> men. >> it's not my fault. >> men. >> do you miss him? >> no. >> miss pope is on the line for you. michelle: the t.g.i.t. line-up -- then stay tuned for 11:00 news with leon and alison. jonathan: we are following breaking news from new jersey. a massive warehouse fire. firefighters are just standing back watching it learn. more information as we watch it unfold. horace: i'm horace holmes. "7 on your side" is putting mattresses to the test. you won't believe what we found out when we looked inside this one.
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monitor breaking news from new jersey. hillsborough township. trucking warehouse engulfed. this is a small piece of what is burning. this is a massive fire. our affiliate in new york is telling us whiles away they can see the black smoke heading up in the sky. we don't know how it start ord if there were injuries -- started or if there were injuries. theyare treating this as a total loss. you can see that they are spraying down the surrounding buildings and the cars to cool them down to make sure they don't catch fire from this. as soon as we get more information we'll pass it along. when you think about it we spend a third of our lives sleeping. so shouldn't you know what you are sleeping on? "7 on your side" set to find that out for the question. michelle: in a hidden camera investigation we put mattresses to the test. results will leave you disgusted, angry and you may lose sleep here. troubleshooter horac
4:50 pm
horace? horace: i didn't expect when we went to buy mattresses, we bought one like this. this looks good. that we would find what we found when we pulled back the covers. we started going undercover taking the hidden camera with us as we shopped for mattresses at stores in the d.c., maryland and virginia. chris hudgins is with the international sleep product association. they advocate for laws regarding bedding. the problem is not every state has a bedding law. >> there is a lot of sellers out there. some of them unscrupulous and some not. you don't always know what you are getting. horace: when we brought them back to take a closer look the surprises began. we hired christopher's inc., a company that specializes to test, clean and care for the textile p
4:51 pm
>> we will cut the plastic off. saturate half with water. suck out the water. we have a special blue light to determine if there are fluids or spills. horace: the real test and the big shock came when we ripped it open. >> oh! what is that? horace: absolutely jaw-dropping. we will show you tonight. the "7 on your side" mattress test at 11:00. i'm horace holmes. steve: we have a look at the weather forecast. not bad out there. look at the daylight hours. 42:51. still sunshine. a bit breeze i have -- breezy. it's 28 in leesburg. 28 in manassas. 32 in fredericksburg. wind chill factor make it feel colder than that.
4:52 pm
there, wait until you feel what is on the way for the upcoming weekend. wind chill factors are below zero in part of the area. 14 to 20 overnight. clouds increase a little bit by tomorrow morning. winds or the of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. moving toward the holiday weekend, 26 on saturday for a high. sunday is valentine's day with a high of 23. president's day, a lot of folks have that day off. 34 degrees. chance for snow. maybe mixing with rain. we will tell you more about what is coming up with doug hill in a few minutes. michelle: thank you. great story coming up. jonathan: this is so good. abc7 sports reporter scott abraham working on a story. i got a sneak peek. it's fantastic. scott: a story that will leave a permanent smile on your face. remarkable young man. heritage high school freshman brendan frederick was bor
4:53 pm
see. but believe he is not silent. let's just say varsity basketball games at the school would not be the same without the young man behind the microphone. >> i am the voice of your heritage pride! scott: coming up at 5:00, you will hear from the young man only on abc7. we will show you how he is not allowing the disability to hold him back. brendan is simply living his life inspiring many. tonight at 5:00, you don't want to miss this story. michelle: love it already. jonathan: the voice of the team. fantastic. scott: only a freshman. he will only get better and better. jonathan: look forward to it. michelle: next at 4:00 -- the oregon standoff is over. how the agencies were able to get the remaining occupiers to finally surrender. the emotional and at times
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scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i'm not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles.
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michelle: it is finally over in oregon. standoff that lasted a month. it's peoplely ended after emotional showdown. brandi hitt shows us. brandi: a tense ending to 40-day standoff in the wildlife refuge in oregon. first, three of the final four occupiers turned themselves in after negotiating with federal agents. >> come out. brandi: the surrender playing out over a live streamed phone call. >> it looks like they g guns pointed at us. i don't know. >> are they being gentle? >> yeah. brandi: assembly woman michele fiore stepping in. they pleaded with the group to surrender. >> we don't ne
4:58 pm
they cannot fire on you with the world watching. brandi: they are remanding they turn over public land to local control. a spokesperson was shot and killed after a police chase and investigators say he reached for a gun. >> the right thing is to kill us? >> after another hour of negotiations the final manholed -- the final man holedded up inside gave up peacefully. all four are set to appear in court tomorrow. they have also arrested cliven bundy, the father of one of the occupation leaders on charged tied to a different standoff two years ago. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. leon: tonight, heavy hearts. family, friends and strangers pay tribute to two maryland sheriff deputies gunned down in the line of duty. families of people killed in
4:59 pm
for changes to put the elderly to the test more often. they call him "the voice." >> everybody who doesn't know who i am is about to. leon: a blind high school announcer that you have to hear to believe. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: oh, tonight we are feeling the chill as a stretch of winter weather hits the area. we could be seeing snow before the cold snap ends. how about that? does it make you feel good? chief meteorologist doug hill is standing by in the weather center. don't tell us more snow. doug: talking monday on president's day but more guidance that comes in it looks like it might be temporary and more rain over a mix. before it happens we have to deal with the coldest air all year. major arctic outbreak is coming. look at chesapeake beach. western shore of the chesapeake bay. 27. enough of a breeze to make it feel like 20 degrees.
5:00 pm
current wind chill reported of 17 degrees. it feels like 5 in hagerstown and 11 in baltimore. 11 it at andrews air force base. not much on doppler at all. it's quiet now. mainly clear skies, we will drop like a rock. 14 to 20 are the overnight temperatures. only good news is winds diminishover night. put it together have the forecast for the holiday weekend in a few minutes. alison: we have new information in the murder of the two sheriff deputies in maryland. senior deputy patrick dailey and senior deputy mark logsdon were shot after responding to a call for a suspicious man inside a panera restaurant. jonathan elias has the latest on the story. jonathan: a horrible story. david evans' son said his father had emotional problems but he never spoke poorly about police so investigators are trying to figure out why he shot a d


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