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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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will be howling. check out the timing. this model has snowshowers by 6:00 west of the metro. at 8:30 coming through the region. across the bay by 10:30 or 11:00. high winds are the next story. in advance of that we have a wind advisory up. the snowfall, one,, two, .3 of an inch. we are talking the winds that could gust at times to 50 miles per hour. our future cast. i will stop it here. tomorrow won't feel more than one or two above zero. that is tomorrow. jonathan: weather team is posting updates on all the time at the platforms and on abc7 news. michelle: breaking news from southe
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shooting in a barbershop leafs a young child hurt on eighth street. brianne carter has update on the condition and a look at what happened there. brianne: well, police now say they are looking for three masked men. the police are still on the scene after this happened at 2:00 this an. look here where the police are coming out of the building. that is where this is located. three masked men walked in and shoot a man and a 2-year-old little boy. the shooting happened in broad daylight. around 2:00 this afternoon. police say there were a number of people in the barbershop and the police right now are talking to the witnesses. investigators do not believe this was a random crime. just in the last hour we heard from police saying both the man and his little boy, those injuries are not non-life threatening. tonight the police asking for the public's help. >> we had a white s.u.v. in thsc
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potentially with folks with masks on, or if you have information we'd appreciate you contact us. brianne: the investigation ongoing. the search for the suspects continues as well. coming up tonight at 5:00, hear from a woman who tells us she has been inside the barbershop and was walking in the area when it happened. we have hear reaction at 5:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. we have been following breaking news from prince george's county all week long. details continue to emerge each and every day. since child porn charges were announced against deonte carraway. that man behind me. a former volunteer and a school aide. now we are learning yet another victim come forward. maryland bureau chief brad bell has the breaking update. you are reporting that this happened in a church? brad: that is right. police are saying there is another location. we told of this location. this is the
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municipal center. but now they are saying at his church but they are not saying which one. 22-year-old deonte carraway, as you said, he is a young man who was doing everything he could to work with children. he was in a school working as a volunteer, he was out doing a youth choir in glenarden. and now police are telling us two things. you mentioned the location. but also this. that there is another victim. a 14th victim named. that is the list now. 14 is where it stands of victims. we have told you several times it is likely to grow in the dozens. that is just how many police confirmed. they are telling us about the church but not being specific about which church it is. very simply because they want parents to be alerted that it is possible that they went to church with this guy. they could be victims, too. >> perhaps the name of a location might spark someone's memory. a
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dropped a child off at a particular location for example. brad: so with regard to particular locations, judge sylvania woods elementary school seems to be at the heart of this, where most victimization occurred. alleged victimization. when we come back at 5:00, for the first time you will hear from the attorney representing some of the very young victims. he has harsh words for the principal of the school, says she should have known this was going on. she should be held liable. in glenarden, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. some of you might have first found out about the story from a breaking news text alert. you can sign up for the text alert at one way to ensure you get updates on the big stories as they come in the newsroom. as soon as we get them, we text them to your phone. tonight we are learning more about the man now charged in the death of a montgomery county police officer. luis gustavo reluzco is charged with manslaughter by
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maryland move over law for hitting and killing 2-year-old officer noah leotta. leotta was an officer, working at d. u.i. detail in rockville december 3 on the side of the road. he pulled over somebody impaired. he was struck. investigators say that reluzco's blood alcohol level at the time of the crash was .22. he had been previously arrested for drunk driving at least three times. >> when a repeat drunk driver gets behind the wheel of a car with a callous indifference for other people's lives, and even when someone is driving drunk and kills someone else, the penalties in this state are disgraceful. jonathan: right now reluzco is held on $250,000 bond and faces up to ten years in prison. michelle: no waiting on this one. still ahead in the newscast, earliest time frame for zika vaccine. jonathan: remember this scene? breaking news for
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raging fire, huge in new jersey. warehouse fire finally contained. find out how long it took and what was inside. michelle: we sent kidd o'shea out on the town to find love before valentine's day. turns out it was harder than he thought. jonathan: still ahead for us, the voice of the pride. brendan frederick is blind but it doesn't stop him from bringing excitement to a room or an arena no less. the surprise that g.m.w. got this morning.
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michelle: it has been almost 17 years since the doll lum bine shooting the deadliest high school shooting in u.s. history. april 20, 1999, when dylan klebold and classmate eric harris killed 13 people and injured 24 others before committing suicide. ayala joins us now with more -- alison starling joins us with more. alison: the mother of a shooter, sue klebold breaking her silence after all these years and spoke exclusively with diane sawyer and she joins us from new york. good evening. >> good evening. alison: good to have you with us today. i know this had to be a difficult interview. why is she speaking
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diane: well, you know, she says over the years she has been going over her life with a magnifying gas looking for what she missed, the lessons she learned and always thinking about the suffering of the families of the victims. she says not a day goes by that she does not think of them. alison: what did she say about her son dylan? diane: it's an interesting in a way dual reality for her. he was once the son she loved. she knows he became a murderer. so you will hear her tonight going through it moment by moment to see when she thinks the transitions began. if there is anything she can tell other parents a about what she missed or wishes she said. as i said before and i'll play a clip for you now there is not a day that goes by she doesn't think of the victim's families. >> there is never a day that goes by where i don't t
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the people that dylen harmed. >> you use the word "harmed." >> it's easier for me to say "harmed" than "killed. "still hard for me. >> is that about a certain need to deny what happened? or -- >> i don't know. perhaps. perhaps. it is very hard to live with the fact that someone you loved and raised brutally killed people in such a horrific way. i think we like to believe that our love and our understanding is protective. and that if anything were wrong with my kids, i would know. but i didn't know. all these kids. the teacher. i keep thinking constantly thought how i would feel if it
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one of their children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the way they did. i know i would. i know i would. diane: again, she is going to be talking about the moments where she looks back and says to herself i would do anything to go back and do my life differently. alison: i know you were telling me before we began here what a difficult interview this was but you wouldn't be doing it if you didn't feel that it was really, really important. what else can we expect from the interview and the special tonight? >> we do think it is important to hear what she says. even can make their mind up about her. also to examine the question because how do you get to the stage that you hurt other people? how does her son reach that point? we look at it very closely. also we'll talk about eventing school shootings. because as we know, they have become such an event in our
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we want to know if there is any way to prevent them. you will hear tonight someone who says there is. alison: okay. well, diane, wonderful to see you. we look forward to learning a lot from the special tonight. thank you for talking with us. and again, you can see diane's interview on "20/20" on abc7 at 10:00. jonathan? jonathan: looking forward to that. thank you. the world health organization says possible zika vaccines are 18 months away from large-scale trials. the virus is spreading rapidly across latin america. at home, congress is weighing the request for more money to combat the zika virus. at the n.i.h., the doctors are hoping to have a vaccine ready for testing by the end of the summer. it's clear how big a scale that would be. michelle: new jersey environmental experts are testing air quality in area after a massive factory fire. we broke the story with live pictures from the scene yesterday at 4:00. i was still smoldering this afternoon. according to the ab
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hours before the fire was contained. air quality tests came back safe. no word on what started the fire. rail cars behind the warehouse were also destroyed. smartphones are changing the way people find love. apparently friends as well. study of 200 college students found 73% of them ranked tinder as their favorite dating app. 50% of them con fenced they have never gone on a date using the popular app. more than half the students say they use dating apps to find friends. a college student says it probably depends on your definition of friend. she thinks people call random hookups friends so they are not judged. jonathan: the new college vernacular. michelle: perhaps. jonathan: two days before valentine's day. not a lot of time left to go out and make sure you are taking care of your valentine. michelle:
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"good morning washington's" kidd o'shea spreading the love. kidd: armed with dozens of roses i was on a mission to spread love throughout the d.m.v. but it wasn't as easy as i thought. >> happy valentine's day. happy valentine's day. >> no. no. kidd: i had to start begging. >> no rose? it's a free rose. kidd: after a little work, it got easier. smile and thank you. >> happy valentine's day. do you have plans for the weekend? >> going to philadelphia. >> do you have a valentine there? going to find one? >> all the single ladies. kidd: then a roll. the love thing is kind of fun. >> from abc7. happy valentine's day. happy valentine's day from abc7. >> good to see love still exists around our city. seriously. kidd: maybe it was a good reminder for me, too. love does still exist. get the roses. >> get the
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kidd: happy valentine's day. i'm kidd o'shea. abc7 news. jonathan: let me get this straight. you express love and hand a rose off and immediately selfie comes. michelle: instant. jonathan: get a check on the traffic situation. that is not what you are looking out the camera. looking out the windshield, today you see other cars. talk about the love. jamie: in d.c. we have a few different problems. car fire, we start off with eastern avenue near southern avenue. that is reported. police activity. watch for this traveling on eighth street southeast. it is closed between virginia avenue and "m" street. the best alternate is seventh street southeast. freeway, eastbound before ohio drive. keep in mind we have crashes in d.c. overwise it's okay. 23rd street tunnel. we see typical volume we are used to traveling on the inner loop. 95 in virginia. volume is 23 miles per hour.
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thornton. look at what we have outside. you can see the solid stretch of traffic. everyone is reporting a complete standstill. we don't have crashes. this is just a solid red line toward stafford county. back to you. michelle: all right. thank you for that. water main break causes a huge icy mess in scranton, pennsylvania. look at the scene. the break inundated -- inundated the street before it turned to rock solid ice. damaged every furnace in an apartment building. more than a dozen people were displaced from their homes. hear the crunchs? man. 30 customers without water. >> i looked out the front window and it looked like a frozen wave of water. literally
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>> everything was frozen. it was like iceberg coming down the road. i have a amazing. it was. >> the water company for the area says a valve burst. but no word on what caused it. jonathan: the hard part there, the firefighters and the guys from the water crew that show up. they get sprays down. if you have been on a scene. they look like living iceman walking around with everything hanging off of them. i feel bad for them. doug: tough. michelle: they have spikes in their shoes to make their way. jonathan: it will be tough this weekend for everybody working outdoors. doug: cold front preceded by the snowshowers or flurries to cause slick spots. the front will roar. in bitterly cold and cold tomorrow. then monday snow, freezing rain and messy pattern. next few days is tough weather. we are here to get you through it. the first headline is the winter weather advisory. 6:00 through
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the mountain is closer to the area snowshowers moving in. temperature wise, it's pretty cold. nobody got to freezing locally. in the next couple of hours we will continue to see the temperatures drop in 20's. the air is dry and the ground is dry. the flakes will stick. then the traction on the car will melt them and they will instantly freeze on the glaze pattern. that happened before the blizzard. we are afraid it may happen tonight. area of snowshowers tonight. but it will clear out and turn blustery overnight when an ark tech front comes through. snow on the outer banks. it looked online. couple of websites. this is covered in storm. we are getting a snowshower and squall ahead of the potent cold front to come blasting through tonight. the computer model has a line of heavy snowshowers at 7:00
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coming across east of i-81. by 9:30 coming through the metro. quickly moving offshore. the key is the strong winds and the bitterly cold air through the day. snow totals. couple of tenth of an inch locally. half. i or so north and west. but it's the timing and the dry paving and the temperatures to glaze the light snow. there is not much at all. wind advisory at 3:00 a.m. we could have the wind gusts in the day of 30 to 40 miles per hour widespread. some wind gusts to 45 miles per hour. feel close to zero. 26 at best tomorrow feeling colder. much lighter winds. monday for president's day, snow developing in the day. light snow. can't rule out a couple of inches. at night the mix will change to freezing rain and plain rain by tuesday. maybe heavy rain on tuesday. michelle: my gosh. a little bit of everything in
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doug: for sure. jonathan: you didn't have the kitchen sink in the forecast. doug: that is on my desk. i will bring over. michelle: thank you. jonathan: still ahead for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- 4:30 we have the story of the potomac spill. remember the sheen on the river? we learned it was oil that got in the river. today we learn where it is coming from. we have that coming up. >> i have been pumped ever since i did the interview last week. michelle: yesterday we introduce yod to brendan frederick. and the voice of the pride you know him now. talented public address announcer who brings life to any room. still ahead, the d.m.w. surprise and the highlights from his visit. jonathan: we have been live streaming a look at "abc7 news at 4:00". we'll keep going it. go to wjla tv at the facebook page to get a firsthand look of how we go what we do. you can interact.
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get the crowd charged up. michelle: today, scott is back with a followup to the story. scott, it's a long day for you. you were up early with the "good morning washington" crew and brendan was there. it was a special moment. jonathan: awesome. scott: it's well worth it. everybody loves a good underdog story. let me tell you, everybody is loving them brendan frederick. he is quite the popular individual. before last night not many people outside of heritage high school knew about the voice of the pride. we brought you a story of 14-year-old brendan frederick. blind, but not violent. his journey the last 24 hours, let's just say it has been quite the ride. >> i'm brendan frederick. and i am the voice of your heritage pride! scott: the first time we met brendan he was making his mark on the microphone. >> this is abc7 good morning washington -- >> not
4:26 pm
his mark on "good morning washington." >> it's great to be here! >> his personality shining under the bright lights. >> that kind of guy. i like to pump everybody else. get everybody's energy up. scott: besides sports, brendan loves the weather. eileen, move on over. >> this next system takes a lot of watching because the computer models change every few hours. >> with hemp from the washington capitals we said thank you to brendan. >> we have a surprise for you. i want to bring in peter robinson from the washington capitals. >> scott called us and said the dream is to help announce the washington capitals. >> it is my dream. [laughter] >> you are going to welcome the caps on the ice in the warmups. >> long life memory he will have forever. michelle: awesome. sweet. jonathan: how great is that? scott clap simply remarkable
4:27 pm
this morning and i still have tons of energy. the reason is that young man bright there. he has left a big smile on my face. i'm sure a lot of people faces out there. jonathan: everybody was tearing up this morning on "good morning washington" when he got the surprise for the caps. you realize when the caps game is on i hope we broadcast live. at least the intro. we don't have to do the game. scott: next saturday at home against new jersey. 7:30. he will be on the microphone at the verizon center. we'll be there covering the moment. jonathan: awesome. great job. michelle: natural. he if it in with the scene perfectly. jonathan: he will take my job. and the weather. eileen is gone, i'll be gone. c'ya! jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we are tracking the snow moving in. brendan was talking about it. i could impact your ride home. we break down when it is on our scene and what follows next. we have it all for you.
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jonathan: i think it is safe to say what we are breaking for this weekend is in the dangerous level. michelle: for sure. doug: the winds and the chill. if you are not prepared for this don't spend a lot of time outside. wind chills are near zero all day long. michelle: if you think today is bad this isn't the worst of it. doug: winter weather advisory, wind advisory. a lot to share. this is the radar. show you what is happening to the south and the east. not often as you get the
4:31 pm
falling around the outer banks. that is what we are dealing with. we have our own snowshowers. look down there. we are going to the carolla light beach resort web cam. take a look. as they pan around the beach, everything is covered with snow. the snow continues with gusty winds blowing across the sand under the snow. that won't last for long. it will blow out of town. we are on the receiving end of the snowshower ahead of the arctic front. this show snowshowers moving in well of advance of the cold front. that will come through 2:00 or 3:00. in preparation for the snow, light amounts that could cause the slick spots. from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. winter weather advisory for the area. the future cast shows the area of snow moving in later this evening. this model has the heavier snow bands at 7:30. it 9:00 or 9:30, go into er
4:32 pm
maybe to 40 to 50 miles per hour. i'll be back in a few minutes with more. back to you. jonathan: thank you. following today's snow when it comes the wind chills will drive and feel close to sere owe. it will be cold. michelle: how are you preparing for cold? jay korff is in alexandria today. jay, chatting with jonathan here and he says you are quite the outdoorsman. so you are already geared up for this. jay: in fact. in fact. i enjoy spending time outside. it's never been too cold. it's are you properly dressed for the outside? i'm bundled up. gloves, layers. as everybody we have run into it. particularly the men and women at the fire station 11 of alexandria fairfax county fire and rescue. you know, these guys know that in the
4:33 pm
busy. we know when we get the conditions, it will be hypothermia issues. there will be shoveling, there is shuffling injuries -- shoveling injuries. they want people to take it easy. pipes could be freezing. car crashes. so, firefighters here are suggesting that people again like the last blizzard hunker down for the cold i vent. -- cold event. if you don't have to be in the weather, don't be out in the weather. you are putting yourself in a place where you could get in trouble. don't work too hard or more than you are physically capable of doing. jay: in an hour coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" we will take you on a great ride. wild ride with the men and the women here at fire station 11. they let us ride along with them to save lives an
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weather conditions. reporting live, jay korff, abc7 news. jonathan: we will start running some of the closings that will be taking place, the school activities that will be canceled because of what is happening with the weather. keep in mind when there is breaking weather don't miss out even if you are not in front of your television set. sign up for weather text alert by logging on to just enter your phone number. boom. when something happens in the weather we text it to your phone. michelle: the source of a mystery spill in the potomac is finally solved. northern virginia chief jeff goldberg is live at gravelly point tonight. jeff, what the coast guard saying? jeff: we have seen the oil booms out here all week. they believe all signs point to dominion resources for the oil spill. but not specifically naming dominion as the responsible party. the coast guard holding a news conference this af
4:35 pm
northeast washington. revealing its findings following the oil spill that was discovered ten days ago in the potomac river. it was concentrated here at gravelly point and roaches run. across g.w. parkway. january 24, dominion tower experienced an oil spill at the substation in crystal city where 13.5,000 gallons spilled. 795% was cleaned up. the coast guard saying today all the oil samples tested can be traced directly to the dominion substation at crystal city and the storm drain near the substation that flow to roaches run and eventually in the potomac river. the petroleum could be mineral oil. that the same oil spilled on the january 24 spill at the substation. >> we have not named a
4:36 pm
we want to make sure the facts are accurate. >> we look forward to the material that the coast guard developed. we should have review completed soon. we find the mineral oil from the facility did result in the sheen on the potomac we will take full responsibility. jeff: it has had impact on the wildlife. 21 birds died. mostly canada geese. 32 were successfully rehabilitated at a facility in delaware. coming up in a half hour we'll hear more from the coast guard and explanation from do moinion as well as where the investigation goes next. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. funeral arrangements made for mark logsdon. they will take place next week at the mount christian church. that is thursday from 2:00 until 9:00. the funeral will take place the following saturday at 10:00 in the
4:37 pm
harford community college. logsdon with the fellow senior deputy glendale, arizona were killed wednesday in a shoot-out. the gunman also killed. the jury returned a jury in a sexual assault case against traveling nurse of prince george's county. jared kline found not guilty. accused of assaulting a patient at bowie health center in january of 2014. but kline still faces sex assault charges in the district for three other alleged incidents in different hospitals. michelle: in a child abuse investigation, mother and father charged. today they were in a montgomery county courtroom. kevin lewis has the information that is emerging as well as the trial date. kevin: place say craig and nicole williams would routinely restrain the 7-year-old son in the family clarksburg townhouse. the duo would encase the child in plastic wrap and zip tie him to a bed because the boy would act out. cops also accused
4:38 pm
of burning and starving the boy. craig and his family kept quiet leaving the circuit court moments before the judgment set the trial date for may 2. a trial expected to run for five days. in court, attorneys asked the judge to reconsider the couple's no contact status, which prevents nicole and craig from presently communicating. police say child protective services is now caring for that boy. while relative watches the couple's five other children. kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: yesterday, we showed you what is in the mattress. if you are buying a brand new one, take a peek at the story. it's online, too. today we explore what the smell is that is coming from a mattress. joce sterman has the story for us. joce: there is nothing quite like the feel of a new mattress. great for a good
4:39 pm
think about it. ideally you are going to lay here six to ten hours a night with your face pressed up against this. are you breathing in chemicals? after a concerned abc7 viewer asked us that question. the "7 on your side" i-team went undercover. tonight at 11:00, we show you the results of what we found. we put beds to theest to find out what chemicals with coming out when you are under the covers. we bought mattresses and put them through special screening using an accredited lab. we sent the results to the experts to find out whether anything buried deep inside the mattresses you buy could put your health at risk. >> we don't take into account people could be exposed to much more of the chemicals from sleeping on it and being so close to it. joce: tonight at 11:00 we will tell you what chemicals we found in a high school of mattresses. we will tell you how the industry is responding to this. we will tell you how to arm yourself with the information using things on the mat
4:40 pm
them. that is coming up tonight at 11:00. joce sterman, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. you remember bat kid? well, we will introduce you to another crime-fighting superhero making waves halfway around the world. that is coming up next. michelle: valentine's day gift that is making everyone else look bad. over the top display of love coming up.
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jonathan: do you remember kid in san francisco and the entire city got behind it? miles scott's wish became true. bat kid and he was fighting cancer. his herorism in the bay area took the nation by storm. it was fantastic. michelle: it did. now we have an update to the story. new kid that takes us to sydney, australia, where there is iron boy. >> doesn't he look awesome? dominic is fighting cystic fibrosis and the bad guys. aussie police made the iron boy's wish come true to dominant in the ironman costume. they went across
4:44 pm
mission to rescue kidnapped reporter. he got special honors from the colleague in the police department. >> it's a real pleasure. i'm very proud to present to you the medal of valor. [applause] jonathan: don't you love the stories? michelle: i love it. jonathan: robert downey jr. who plays ironman in the movies tweeted support for dominic. michelle: a great moment for a child fighting such an adult battle. jonathan: no question. michelle: a man in indiana is already winning valentine's day this year. check this out. this billboard. patrick sullivan says his wife patricia asked for modest gifts so he came up with the idea for a really nice big card. that just happens to be on a busy street. the billboard reads -- palt and patty forever. 27 years and counting. you complete me. love, pat. in case you are wondering his wife loves i
4:45 pm
doesn't know how he will top it last year. jonathan: nice job. you made the rest of us look like bums. balloons and the card won't get it done. michelle: step it up. still ahead at 4:00 -- have you filed your taxes already? there is a tax fraud warning for early birds that paid to
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jonathan: a warning about a group of tax preparers in maryland. 11 private businesses submitted questionable returns. two in lauren. deldon tax accounting services and tax relief solution. catch troller's say -- the comptroller's businessm in was issued when they didn't own a business and refund amount are much higher than the previous year. a customer who wants to remain anonymous says she never had any trouble. >> i never been audited. everything went through fine. i haven't had a problem with the check bouncing or anything. jonathan: in recent weeks the
4:49 pm
returns at 30 different locations to better protect the taxpayers from fraud. so coming up on monday at 11:00, they will weigh in on one big problem uncovered by the "7 on your side" i-team. fake w2's wildly sold on the internet and used to steal real refunds. michelle: this is when presidential candidate martin o'malley covered taylor swift on the view. he is getting the band back together. "the baltimore sun" is reporting the irish pub rock band will play at the patterson in baltimore a month from tomorrow. making it march 13. jonathan: cool. michelle: bad singing. bad blood, bad singing. jonathan: getting ready for the weekend. pit off the valentine's plan till the last minute? >> don't worry. we have you
4:50 pm
kidd's weekend kickoff. kidd: still looking for love? pen social will have a single game show tonight at 8:00. or get free help crafting a renaissance style love letter to your valentine at folger's shakespeare library at 6:00. despite the frigid temperatures why not run around d.c. in your underwear? the cupid undie run tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. it's to raise money for the child tumor foundation. sunday is valentine's day. you can head to the cork's annual champagne tasting. they have dinner and you can try six champagne with a tasting menu for $100. or dance your way through the holiday in the black cat valentine's day rock 'n' roll dance party at 7:00. i'm headed there. president's day is monday. a lot of you have off. tutor place in georgetown will have rare artifacts not
4:51 pm
mount vernon is offering free admission and wreath laying to george washington's tomb. on a ridiculously cold weekend check out "zoolander 2" in theaters starting today. whatever you do, have a great weekend. i'm "good morning washington" kidd o'shea. jonathan: good events. i discourage people running outside in your undies, especially this weekend. steve: too cold for it. but it is for a fantastic cause. jonathan: absolutely. steve: if you raise the money that is all is important. jonathan: just show enough sweats to say high. steve: stay safe for that one. brutal tomorrow. a little better on sunday but below average. there is the sun set for you. down in a half hour. daylight hours are getting longer and longer. we look out to national harbor. we didn't make it above freezing today. we are at 30 degrees at the airport. winter weather advisory in effect for 6:00 and the district metro. also charles a
4:52 pm
george's county, montgomery, fairfax, loudoun. nothing for the panhandle of west virginia. we could pick up a half inch of snow. maybe little more north and west of us. once the cold front moves through, the winds start to pick up. 3:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. we have a wind advisory. wind busts upward of 30, 40, 50 miles per hour. the wind chill advisory. if you going skiing you want to bundle up. if you stay in town you want to bundle up. daytime high is 26 degrees. same on sunday. wind chill factor around zero. warm it up on monday. look at a little snow. potential for heavier rain on tuesday. high temperature near 50 degrees. check on the roadways with jamie. jamie: we are seeing a typical afternoon commute. not bad. in the teens on 295. that
4:53 pm
national harbor or northbound on kennel worth avenue to get to the maryland-d.c. line. inner loop, tysons to 270 in teens as well. switching gears to virginia. 66. heavy heading outbound. before you even get to the capital beltway a crash at route 7. take a live look to show you the backup behind this. you can see inside the beltway really just in bumper-to-bumper traffic. move to the waze map. this is from the harbor continuing south. you see the two red lines. a lot of people use one as a bail-out thinking there is a crash or something. you know what? it's not a crash. it's typical afternoon traffic on 75 in virginia. jonathan? jonathan: thank you. coming up next the opposite of uber surge pricing. you can use it to save on a valentine's day date or anytime. the app to get in to some of the
4:54 pm
discount. we will
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terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? (all) no. that's why i'm reminding people if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who's had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist. about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise,
4:56 pm
and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
4:57 pm
jonathan: we will tell you about a app to help you save at the best restaurants in d.c. michelle: you'll need it this weekend. sam sweeney explains a local startup matches you with locally owned restaurants. sam: the newest app to sweep the d.c. area. it's called spotluck. >> we have a full-fledged belief we will change how people dine locally. sam this started in a basement. thomas left a day job to start spotluck with friends in the basement of his bethesda home. it's the opposite of the dreaded uber surge pricing. this app specializes in the discount pricing with the tap of your screen and spin at the wheel, you will save between 10-35% the next time you eat out. >> we fundamentally felt prices in a restaurant tuesday at 2:00 p.m. when it's raining
4:58 pm
friday at 6:00 p.m. >> you can call it supply and demand for the restaurant industry. fewer the people the bigger discount might be. idea is catching on. '% in people in d.c. use -- 50% of the people in d.c. use it. >> i went to get wings in leesburg and we paid $8. we got 20 wings. awesome. >> businesses are taking note. >> even the influx of the people on a slow rainy tuesday use the app, those people wouldn't here if it wasn't for the app. >> how do you start saving? first, download the app. once it is on your phone you open it up and you click spin. pick a restaurant and show you a discount. if you don't like it you can go anywhere else and save 10%. you only get one spin per day. good luck. reporting in arlington, i'm sam sweeney. abc7 news. leon: tonight. breaking news. masked men storm a local barbershop and start shooting. in the line of fire a toddler.
4:59 pm
turf? on the heels of a "7 on your side" investigation, action from the very top of the u.s. government. mystery solved. we now know the source of the spill from if the potomac. >> winter weather alert. alison: a winter weather advisory is in effect in an hour. local schools canceled evening activities. you can see the list at the bottom of the screen. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the weather center with a check on what to expect. could it get messy? doug: in some spots that is the concern. nothing happening now. cloudy skies around the area. temperatures are below freezing. we expect the massive cold front to see the snowshowers to slick up the roadways. get started to give you a live look on the campus on frostburg university. the sn
5:00 pm
arctic cold front headed in our direction. in one hour we have a winter weather advisory from spotsylvania to the pennsylvania line. metro area and beyond. not for a lot of snow. maybe .3 of an inch of snow. a little bit. but the little bit will fall on the dry cold ground. intersection with the tire and the cars of the trucks on the road will form a quick glaze on urn treated roads. that is the concern for the safety. on the radar you see a band coming across. we track that. it will come in area after 7:30. 7:30 to 9:30. overnight the front will blast through the area, you will hear it. strong busty winds will develop. that is the story tomorrow. wind chill tomorrow the entire day will be somewhere around zero. that is the latest. back to you. alison: all right. remember to stay connected with the thank


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