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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> from abc 7, this is a breaking news alert. >> breaking news, supreme court justice antonin scalia dead at the age of 79. the sometimes controversial we areconservative -- following this breaking news from our live desk. doing now how he died yet good natural causes. the u.s. marshals service is confirmed his death shortly before 4:00 this afternoon. the authorities believe the justice died of natural causes. he was visiting a private residence in south texas, a u.s. marshals service spokesperson says he arrived at the ranch on friday and attended a private party with 40 people. when he did not appear for breakfast, somebody found the body in his room. offici
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evidence of foul play. the texas governor released a statement calling scalia a man of god and an unwavering defender of the constitution. he was nominated to the supreme court in 1986 by president reagan. again, justice and 70 -- justice anthony scalia dead at. >> thank you. joining us now to talk more about this is our national correspondent scott thuman. the political fallout from this is enormous potentially. >> it is something we saw instantly. we saw a tweet from ted cruz saying that the next appointee should be something decided by the next president. going to facea is fierce opposition. the president would like to put somebody in there. to continue the
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one who is going to follow up on things like gay marriage and obamacare. what he is going to face is a lot of republicans there they are going to say, we should wait until the next president. are in famet, you duck, in view should not have such power although he does. cans there any way obama push it through? >> i believe he can he has the ability and timing wise, it is not out of the realm of possibility. president obama is in office until january 2 thousand 17. that is basically one year. there is no reason he should be able to do it. look at the political spectrum, justice scalia could not be farther apart from president obama. >> he was a leading intellectual voice for conservatism.
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he was typically very conservative. he was blunt, not worried about what people think of his language or tone and as a result he was considered one of the stalwarts for the conservative voice. he was appointed by reagan. withplace this person somebody that is not of that same mindset, that can cause backlash. because this is an election at such a highe level with passion, emotion, and political toughness involved. we should expect quite a fight between congress in this administration and you can bet this will overtake the conversation for some time. >> we are diving right into the impact. the scalia family is a local family, from the claim. priest paul is a
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i played soccer with his daughter in high school. the justice in southgate our graduation speech. theher reporter said justice recently gave a graduation speech. a very active member of our community. >> what you are touching on should not be lost in our viewers. first and foremost, we need to take a breath and recognize what just happened. he was a sitting supreme court justice. it is very natural in this town for politics to quickly try to take the headlines and a half. that doesn't mean we need to stop and reflect -- >> condolences in sympathy to the scalia family tonight. please do stay with us for continuing coverage of the death of antonin scalia. another big story tonight, a winter weather alert, snow causing a horrific and deadly pileup in the north. at home, cold temperatures
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more snow. we are looking at a winter storm watch for the start of the week. >> a lot to deal with. potentially dangerous cold. wind chill advisories and winter storm watch is coming in. you can see the churn on the potomac, strong wind shaking the camera. we have a wind advisory in effect on the eastern shore. there is the wind chill advisory in effect through 9:00 on sunday morning. the entire region could feel as cold as five below zero. winter storm watch in place for monday. a lot of this is encompassing counties further east. highest today into the
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, combining with the wind at 25 miles an hour, gusting nearly 30 miles an hour, it already feels like it is below zero. , we needext three days to get through all of this cold. monday.ential on in a transition back to rain on tuesday. a lot to cover. thank you. developing now as a result of the weather, a deadly pileup on i 78 north of harrisburg, pennsylvania. this scene is absolutely horrific. authorities say there are multiple deaths. blamed forrong wind the disaster. people living nearby rushed to see what happened. >> it just sounded like to bonds
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said that there was a couple people laying out and trucks and cars all smashed. just a total destruction. >> that highway is still shut down. we will stay on this throughout the night. we will have an update in 30 minutes. cold weather not stopping people from heading outside. our coverage of this weather coverage with live from the national mall. you can see from the flags blowing behind me that the wind is really picking up tonight. as we head into our third night under an emergency alert, some people raced past the warnings.
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it, you might not know the temperatures are in the 20's. >> my legs are numb. placeh alerts in throughout the weekend, brutal temperatures brought about dangerous conditions for the popular race. >> i put on tights underneath my underwear. organizer chad says the frigid weather makes them nervous. as a precaution, they shortened the cupid underwear run, an event to raise awareness for the children's tumor foundation. >> if i can enter a few minutes this, iing cold to help can layer up. >> you cannot even open your gloves. your fingers will freeze. >> others compared it all. -- others
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it all. spending too much time outside hurts. >> it is very cold. >> how freezing is it? ask juliana. >> very, very, very cold. >> whether they are in underwear or dressed for cold, they say it is all for a good time. >> i figured, might as well go all out. >> the cold emergency is activated from 7:00 until the morning hours. it allows more access to emergency shelters and offers free rides to safety. the cold emergency lasts until tuesday morning. stick with abc 7 for the latest on the forecast.
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conditions on the go by downloading the wjla weather app. metro likeusing piecing together a puzzle this weekend. which trains are running and which are not purely are a few hours away from the next gop debate. why the candidates think it is going to get ugly. plus, tracking
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ninth gopw hours, the debate will get underway. it comes one week before their primary. stage --he >> we lead the world when we have a shared
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>> to the debate stage, bush and basic warming up for the face-off by courting voters. >> give me a chance to take this message to america. give me your thoughts and get others to vote. will beirst showdown between the six remaining republican candidates in some contenders expect the tone is going to shift. >> it is going to get nasty and personal and ugly. in newr his win hampshire, trump has stayed positive but not anymore, taking in the ted cruz tweeting, if he have't clean up his act, i standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. ted cruz punched back on the airwaves. >> imagine the damage he can do as president. >> for marco rubio, tonight is a chance to redeem himself.
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democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing off on the campaign trail. their next battleground state, nevada. iowa, weprised them in surprised them in new hampshire. we are going to surprise them here in nevada. >> sanders is capitalizing on his momentum after trouncing clinton in new hampshire. clinton is rallying supporters for a comeback. >> i am not new to this fight, my friends. >> one week left to woo voters ahead of the next caucus. new developments tonight in the local child point scandal involving the prince george county public school worker. police say there are a total of 16 victims of deonte carraway. investigators say kerley victimizes a child at zion praise tabernacle church. he was a volunteer at an elementary school in
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youth choir director. the principal was suspended. investigators found e-mails on her computer confirming concerns were raised about kerley. we wil (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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alerts major metro tonight and tomorrow. the redline is operating every 16-20 minutes. the orange line, every 20 minutes. the blue line operating every 20 minutes. the yellow line operating between huntington and national airport. expect to use a bus shuttle on the green line to navy yard. in other
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online before you go. >> with temperatures like this, the rails can crack. really getting cold. potentially dangerous cold. a winter storm watch has gone up. a lot to cover. real-time temperatures, still in the teens. combining the wind in the temperatures, feels like form below zero in hagerstown. , the main weather features right now, wind and cold. combining just to make it feel awfully cold and dangerously cold. , stillwindy today gusting overnight and tomorrow.
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wind going away on sunday but not until after the morning. ,resident's day monday, yes this is snow coming in. at 3:00, we are already watching the mix of precipitation coming in. not an entire winter event. those tomorrow in the single digits. with the wind, possibly up toward five below zero. negative two has what it feels like in washington with wind gusting at 25. the wind chill advisory in effect. high temperatures in the 20's as well. wind chill advisory makes it feel like it is five below zero. and then the winter storm watch is in effect for monday. let's track that snow coming in. but we are watching this for some of that snow developing overnight and early
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monday, some light snow falling. transitioning into precipitation and sleet eventually. finally, all rain. we look at the forecast, it is not that impressive. a voice of 1-2 inches of snow in the forecast. we are looking ahead for our initial snow totals map. 1-3 in the washington metro. higher totals coming on toward wednesday. right now, not much in the way of higher totals. this feeling is that was a little bit of that precipitation, if it all melts away, we will transition to rain overnight monday and tuesday. >> winter and spring all in the same week. the royals made a huge comeback on saturday versus pr
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with only six games left in the regular season, georgetown sits on the outside of an ncaa tournament. is now outes indefinitely after breaking his hand in practice on thursday, serving as a huge bonus to saturday. first half, the friars go the other way. rodney slamming it in. georgetown trails by as many as 26. but there is a huge comeback. trey mourning makes it look easy. point. them within one eight seconds left, georgetown down by three. the three
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and the comeback falls short. 75-72 final score. george mason hosting davidson. mason down one in the final seconds, jenkins with the floater, no good. the patriots up by one. the inbound pass goes to gibbs who throws up a desperation shot at the buzzer. no good. george mason pulls out the victory. americanantime hosting army. anduson finishing with 19 10 rebounds. caliparihad coach john didn't hang around long after arguing an offensive foul. john. not happy. he had to be
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that is not a good luck that fired at the wildcats because 80 9-62. out, the capitals conclude their road trip tonight against a very good down this team. they are ranked first in the nhl in points. a woman to build upon their impressive record this season. much of the teens success has to do with the sky, who has been playing out of his mind including that had trick over minnesota on thursday. ladies and gentlemen, do not forget our new sunday night sports show is tomorrow at 11:30. we have some great local stories plus will be chucking nba all-star game. join us on sunday every week on abc seven. >> it is a great show and it only -- always has great, timely stuff. amazing. >>
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>> snow tomorrow night in going into monday. that is really on everybody's mind right now. 1-3 inches before transitions into rain. we could have some slick roads on monday because that is going to be cold enough. tuesday, back to work and school. -- melting enough for it to all go away. >> really a mix of everything. thank you so much for joining us. [cap
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. the longest-serving justice on the nation's high court, a towering conservative figure known for his blistering dissents, his strict interpretation of the constitution. the court and the conservative movement suffering a huge loss. team coverage tonight. and good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we do begin with that breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. justice scalia was the longest-serving justice on the high court. appointed by president ronald reagan back in 1986. scalia passed away on a visit to texas, and abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas joins us with what we know at this hour.


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