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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon. on your side. jummy: a storm watch weather alert. an icy start to your day followed by heavy rain. we are bracing for possible flooding as we warm-up. we are tracking it for you this hour. has a look at the forecast. doug: things will improve quickly. we expect sunshine to come into the area. as for the moment, we are starting to fall out and melt. want to start with this time lapse, early this morning. look at the roadway here.
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the rain came in, temperatures starting to rise. look at the melting. through the day, sunshine, melting. parts of southern maryland, pretty much all the snow is gone. a look at the flood watch remains in effect. effect.ood watch in the quicker the rain gets out of here, it is almost off to the east. the temperatures. cold air hanging tough. getting to the 50 degree mark and higher, along with the gusty wind. the area picked up close to an inch and a half of rain. 50, downtown washington. sunshine through the afternoon. degrees by 9:00 tonight because the system moves out and high pressure builds in.
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southwestern virginia. heavy rain pushing to the north. getill be good to go as we through the next three or four hours. satellite shows the break and the clouds from the west. overnight, there could the light re-freezing possible. have had so much rain, early tomorrow morning, it could be a concern. we will keep an eye on things for you. on town to have a bit of spring in the air. jummy: the wind made using your umbrella almost useless this morning. that, combined with the ice overnight, jeannette reyes is live in alexandria. jeanette: just got off the phone with dominion power, they are having about 2000 customers
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i want to show you what we are seeing now. a lot of melting. this was not the case earlier. tree branches were encased in ice. we knew itretty, but was going to be a problem. images, it was pretty amazing to see the icing problems on the roadways. multiple cars slid off the road. these conditions, they were slick. many schools closed for the day. a lot of parents have complained about what is the point of closing the schools. it seems like it was not that serious. was very we were on a parking lot and in leesburg and it was like an ice rink. very treacherous. sidewalks were
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in existence. it seemed it was a triple threat. the freezing rain, slush, snow, the melting, now having to deal with the flooding in many areas. the power company will try to get the power up soon. they feel the worst of it is behind us. i will hand it over to sam sweeney. what are you seeing on your end? sam: it is unbelievable how much the weather has changed from this morning to now. rain has pulled away. hopefully the last bands have moved out of the city. few people a trickling off. it has been the same situation all morning. officecoming into the late. some people just chose to stay home. this morning,
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ice, snow. it was a miserable morning commute. around 6:00, warmer temperatures moved in. at one point, it jumped 19 degrees and less than two hours. melting alle in, the snow and ice. the delays may be great for federal workers and students, it is a punch to the stomach for a lot of the businesses in downtown. this truck i started was started not more than three months ago. i have been dead. i am thinking about going out of business. if the weather does not change soon for me, i do not know how to pay for my bills. sam: it is a struggle for these people who depend on federal workers downtown every day. is, the news
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snow, ice, moving out of here. that is the latest live from d.c.. i want to send it out to john gonzalez. it is amazing what 20 degrees -- what a difference it makes. we are live in gaithersburg, maryland. we started off with icy conditions. folks slipping and sliding. sidewalks were treacherous this morning. the a's has -- the ice has melted away. we have the snow, it is quickly melting. it is slushy. it no longer has the shell of ice. the problem is the right off. we have been getting pounded all morning long with rain. we are getting a bit of a break right now. the train system is working overtime.
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from the rain and the melting ice and snow. it has posed a challenge. hydroplaning a bit. having to walk the sidewalks that are melting, also the workers have been challenge with all of this rain. new are actually creating a dam in the montgomery village section of gaithersburg. they are flushing out the water. that is lake whetstone below. i was told they are shocked to see the level of the water. it is double what it was just 24 hours ago. keeping a very close eye on the bodies of water, making sure they do not jump their banks. they have to work
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conditions. this hill is muddy and slick. they are keeping and i on the water is a flush out the water from the dam. whetstone in the montgomery village section of gaithersburg. thisstarted off icy morning, now, the concern is the and a flooding in low-lying areas is a possibility. roadsour time on the today. you will need the wipers at full blast. you will need extra windshield wiper fluid. jummy: crews around the area are back out. night inafter a busy virginia. police got calls for more than 500 accidents. vdot deployed more than 4000 trucks. they will stay out throughout the day. totake you to the district show you a crash from this morning.
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western avenue and harris avenue. neighbors heard explosions after the crash. the ambulance went up in flames. the driver and personnel were able to get out unharmed. let's get a check of the roadways. joins us with a check. in d.c., flooding southbound dc-295 that burrows avenue with the left lane blocked. are going to head south, seeing the delays on kenilworth avenue starting near the d.c.-maryland line. chevy chase, traffic lights flashing. flashing red at wisconsin avenue and bradley boulevard. keep in mind, treat it as a four-way stop. the of volume traveling on inner loop
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getting closer to silver spring. near georgia avenue, we have a disabled vehicle. avenue, seeing a sluggish inner loop. outer loop, moving well. quite a bit of road spray. the interstates go, traveling along the capital beltway, 270, 90 five, nothing to report. lane and right lane is where you may see the most standing water. that is a look at traffic. on thewe want to check roadways. here is brianne carter. : a couple of hours make a difference. a lot of slush on the roads people woke up to today. wet pavement. a lot of road spray as well.
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some roads, there may be potential for flooding. lots of windshield wipers on, not because of precipitation, but because of the road spray. no ice we are seeing remaining. mobile track seven reporting 48 degrees outside. quite a bit of water. standing water in some areas. weñ will keep an eye on the ros throughout the day. jummy: our team coverage continues this entire hour on abc 7 news at noon. we will have reports throughout the area. you can stay connected on our stormwatch app, from your phone or tablet. .oming up, on alert from tornadoes to snow. continuing coverage of the weather.
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jummy: more on the messy storms dropping snow, ice, and rain. 15 states on alert from north carolina to maine. the storm is being blamed for thousands of accidents. elizabeth: the national weather service will be on the ground, looking into 17 reported tornadoes from florida to louisiana, that left homes and businesses damaged. roofs ripped off buildings and debris thrown across streets. north, snow and ice
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emergency crews, responding to wrec it0 greg's -- 2000 wasn't just carsks. . look at the pedestrians. out and slid to the curb. elizabeth: conditions leaving flying miserable. hundreds of flights canceled. in philadelphia, some 200 passengers spent three hours on a plane without heat or air conditioning because their flight to florida was delayed due to weather and then maintenance issues. passengers in north carolina are taking it in stride. >> to canceled flights, a third canceled flight. you have to deal with it. elizabeth: forecasters say mor
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possibly up to a foot of snow in parts of new york and pennsylvania. elizabeth her, abc news, new york. jummy: when is the system going to get out of here? doug: it is on the way out now. as far as the future, looking at temperatures climbing close to 60 over the weekend. we are not finished with the effects of the snow and the ice and the rain. a live look in northern calvert county, 51 degrees. area, the wind is gusty. of heavy rain. rainfall totals, some of the highest on the list. 1.4, frederick. a little over an inch and a quarter in the district. temperatures still chilly in some areas. mid
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40's elsewhere. some strong wind gusts this morning. 43 mile-per-hour gusts reported. 39 proud -- 39 mile-per-hour at children's hospital. a possibility of some flash flooding. that expires. right now, it stands at 2:00 p.m. temperatures holding stubbornly at the freezing mark. we knew that was going to happen. warm air comes in from the southeast. it will take longer for these areas to warm up. another hour or two, the sun comes out. somewhere around 50 degrees later in the afternoon. overnight, right in the 50 degrees range.
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storm center is moving out. a few lingering showers move out. skies clear. of getting potential to the upper 20's to low 30's by tomorrow morni. there is potential for a re-freeze. satellite and radar, clearing skies that develop virginia to the carolinas. this area of moisture will pivot to the south and not bother us. elements moving out. heavy rain off the coast of the outer banks. a little storminess off the southeast virginia. it is keeping us in partly sunny skies. that is the forecast tomorrow morning. still on track for a big-time warm up by the weekend. here are the numbers. tonight, clearing skies.
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partly cloudy skies. cooler on thursday and friday. over the weekends, look at that. sunshine, temperatures 60 degrees on saturday. that on sunday. those are much nicer numbers. jummy: thank you. thatve just learned justice antonin scully at will lie in repose at the supreme court on friday. the funeral for the justice will be held on saturday. he died last saturday in his sleep in texas. he was 79 years old. in princeng story george's county. police searching for a man involved in a shooting. police were called to greenbelt road around 11:00 last night. they found a man who had been
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he was pronounced dead. police are trying to find a suspect and motive. you have information, prince george's county police want to hear from you. a viewing will be held for a hartford county sheriff's deputy shot and killed last week. pat daly and another were killed breadattack at a pineiro restaurant. -- at a panera bread restaurant. police are investigating what triggered the attack. up, the latest on a blaze that damaged a home and in
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jummy: one firefighter is recovering this noon after getting hurt in the line of duty. the 5700ppened in block of 30 7th avenue in hyattsville. no one was found during the search of the home. the firefighter suffered an ankle injury. cause of the fire is under investigation. 7 on your side continues. heroin highway, a section of interstates that begin in baltimore and travel through our area. we will show you every community suffering from a nationwide heroin epidemic. with anto detail personal story we heard during our travels. this father is not holding back. of the policeeran department. he worked in narcotics. when the heroine
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caused his daughter her life. do not miss this story tonight. ahead, we are back with more of our stormwatch coverage. the threat of flooding.
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jummy: welcome back. a live look at route 50 in arlington.
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and ice starting to melt. a different story a few hours ago. some of the pictures you sent us. thank you for this picture. you see what appears to be a garden gnome covered in snow. another picture, we have from falls church. at the freezing rain. a sheet of ice on a window or a car. a site many people saw this morning. thank you for sending those in. you can send pictures and to another half-hour of abc 7 news at noon is next. we have coverage checking out the roads and skies.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. water we are watching the levels as warm up today after a day of ice, snow and heavy rain. a flood warning remains in effect. a flood watch until 11:00 p.m. for the entire area. rain?remember the heavy here is where it is now. ocean city. wins at 39 miles per hour. the system is moving away and we will be good to go here locally as the heavy rain moves offshore here within the next hour. in the upper 30's. 36 and hagerstown third 36 in


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