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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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stephen: as far as surveillance video, we do understand there is high-quality surveillance video taken of this incident inside mcdonald's last friday night. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00", i'll tell you about what may have happened to that video. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: look forward to that. thank you. today at the supreme court, a tradition that dates back to the 1870's to honor justice antonin scalia who suddenly passed away this past weekend. his chair and the bench now draped in black. this as we are learning more about his family's plans. leon harris in the newsroom with that. leon: that's right, jonathan. overnight sunday, early monday morning justice scalia's body returned to virginia. it will be lying in repose at the supreme court this friday, three days from now. a source close to the family says the funeral will then be held this saturday. n.p.r. is reporting it will be at the basilica of the shrine of the immaculate conception. we are working to gather more information on the
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we learn more about scalia's health. we know he visited his doctor twice before heading out to texas on a hunting trip and he did have some kind of heart issues. we are following the story. when scalia's family gives us more information about their plans, we'll pass it on to you. jonathan: yesterday the snow fell and it filed up pass before changing over to sleet and freezing rain. so many people slipping and sliding and falling. it was still icy this morning when you woke up. then came the heavy rain. >> people's umbrellas are going inside out. oh! there we go. that's a hard one. okay. well anyways, it's pretty intense out here. michelle: something to laugh at when you are inside. jonathan: an umbrella one minute and a propel lar the -- propeller the next. michelle: like everyone else around holding on to umbrellas for dear life when the wind gusts picked up. jonathan: this afternoon everything changed. some of us even started to see
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you saw it. michelle: we earned the sunshine. you might wonder what is next in the wild weather roller coaster. chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. it's weather whiplash here. doug: it's crazy. we had strong wind with the heavy rain and the downpours, and then midday the skies were bright. now look at this. all across the area is blue skies and sunshine. 58 degrees at the belle haven country club in alexandria. now the places that were 40's are warming up to the 50's now. through the night we will drop in the upper 20's so there could be refreeze in a few spots. nothing major. we expect the clear skies to hang on. we will pick up clouds. pleasant pattern for the next few days. incredible weekend forecast to boot coming up in a few minutes. jonathan: we'll see you then. thank you. last night everybody seemed to be falling on their bottoms and hurting themselves. the wild
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so now your car is feeling the pain. by the time the sun sets, it will be almost impossible to avoid a pothole somewhere in your path. mike carter-conneen joining us from arlington. everywhere you go, they are opening up like they were waiting for warmer weather and here they are. mike: we are seeing the huge swings. it is chilly but a big change in the conditions. not the downpours we saw earlier this morning. this pothole here, about two feet wide on philmore in arlington. they can't avoid it, the cars don't expect it to be there. but now since there isn't rain you have a more visible look at the potholes. you can see beach drive, every winter a lot of potholes. rock creek parkway. even the inner lanes of the beltway. two lanes were shut down as emergency crews moved in to fill a couple of very large potholes today. talking with driver, they are feeling very frustrated.
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a break this winter. maybe not as bad as past winters but they are sick of these potholes. >> since they have removed the snow from the roads, it seems like it's potholes ever few blocks that rattle your car horribly so. you have to be careful out here. >> snowmageddon was 2010. that was pretty bad, too. but they are rarely repaired. when they do repair it they just pour rocks in there. that's about it. mike: local transportation agencies are pleading for patience today. i spoke with many of them. vdot told me as the maintenance employees transition from the snow duty they focus attention on the potholes and patch as many as possible as the weather allows in between storms. we try to fill them as soon as possible. we consider them a safety issue. therefore, the highest priority. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00", how you can get the pothole on your street in your neighborhood filled and soon.
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carter-conneen, abc7 news. >> thank you, mike. crews were back out today keeping an eye on the road, not just for the pothole problems. they are still cleaning up from towing cars from last night. so many cars slid out and overturned. in virginia alone the police got calls from 500 accidents because of the conditions. vdot deployed more than 4,000 trucks. they will stay out throughout the entire day today. michelle: stay with abc7 news for everything weather related. even when you are away from the tv you have all kind of options to get updates. download the stormwatch7 app and keep in touch on facebook, twitter and new developments this evening in the case of the missing lyon sisters. a relative has pleaded guilty to a felony perjury charge. richard welch is lloyd's uncle. lloyd welch has been charged with murder. richard welch has not been charged. the girls disappeared from
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maryland mall in 1975. there has been no trace of them since. the sentencing is going to be in june and will face up to ten years in prison. jonathan: breaking this afternoon, a st. mary's college swim teacher has been arrested for porn charges. it happened friday. andre barbins is also accused of showing obscene material to someone under age. prince george's county police are investigating a deadly shooting. police were called to the 8600 block of greenbelt road in greenbelt. that was 11:00 last night. that is not far from nasa's goddard space flight center. when police arrived they found a man who was shot. he was pronounced dead a short time after that. police are trying to find the gunman in this case and trying to establish a motive. michelle: one prince george's county firefighter is recovering after getting hurt in the line of duty. it happened at a house fire this morning in the 5700 block of 37
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no one was found during the search of the home. the firefighter hurt his ankle and was taken to the hospital. jonathan: a second viewing now for a harford county sheriff deputy shot and killed last week is underway last week. deputy pat dailey and another deputy, both killed in the attack in an panera bread restaurant in abingdon. the officers then shot and killed david evans. he was wanted for questioning in the shooting of his ex-wife nearly 20 years ago. police at this point are still investigating what triggered last week's attack. well, isis appears to be strapped for cash. so strapped, in fact, it's slashing salaries and free energy drinks for all of its fighters. isis is also releasing detainees for $500 per person. a main reason for the cash shortage -- coalition airstrikes specifically hitting buildings that housed their money. u.s. official also says isis now is more restricted in the movement and the spending than they have been in months. how about this? emergency
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>> emergency! jonathan: a flight that left national airport on a cross-country trip but quickly had to land a few miles away at dulles. the pilots' message to crews and those folks on the ground. we have it for you coming up. michelle: if you are sick of the winter weather here, the feds make it easier to head to cuba. the new plans that just went into place today coming up. today at 4:30, zika is the subject of a workshop in d.c. right now. we will let you know why doctors believe we won't see the same type of spread that prompted health concerns and emergencies across
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michelle: it seems like annually the fairfax county board and school leaders are at odds when the budget comes out, both trying to squeeze every penny it can out of the resources. today, no different. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has the budget battle already underway. jeff? jeff: yeah, michelle, this budget battle is going to go for the next couple of months. it seems to be an annual right of passage. today is no different. there is a sizable gap between what the county board is willing to offer the schools at the moment and what the
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what you are seeing here is the preparation for a rally that will get going in 45 minutes. teachers asking for more money, invest in kids. that is what the sign says. here is footage from earlier this morning. what we are talking about the budget battle. ed long unveiling the budget for next year saying the economy, job growth and slow real estate market created budget challenges. long also saying the general assembly in richmond failed to fully fund schools across the state, leaving the county to fill the hole. the county is proposing property tax increases to get schools a 3% funding increase. but the schools are asking for a nearly 7% increase. board members know that a fight with the schools is looming. >> expressing to people somehow that the board of supervisors is cutting the school budget, which was expressed in writing again today from various folks at the school communities is just technically not true.
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this is getting ready for the rally. i am joined now by precious crabtree, a teacher in fairfax county schools. miss crabtree, what is going on here? why so much passion in the belief that the county board in the eyes of teachers is just not doing enough? >> it's about the kids. it's about the things that are important to them and the things they need. for so long we have been underfunded even though the board of supervisors and our county executive tend to say we are not under-funded, we are. if you look at the increase of the students we have had over the year, if you look at the needs of our students over the years, all these things are growing and they have not kept up with what they need to do. the programs that help our students are at risk. so much of what we do counts on money coming from the county because otherwise the state isn't doing their part and obviously we know the national won't. so it's up to the county to make a big jump and take a risk and do what is best for us. jeff: thank you, miss
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from the teachers, school superintendent and the teachers union. that is setting up the battle they are having with the board of supervisors that will play out for the next two months. we will be here at the rally starting in 30 minutes or so and have an update at "abc7 news at 6:00". until then, live in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: be interesting to see what happens there. thanks. frightening trip for passengers taking flight from reagan. it ended at dulles with an emergency landing. smoke was pouring in the cockpit. the pilots had on the gas mask so they could breathe. alison starling has the story. alison: emergency crews ran around the jetliner that was only in the air for minutes. >> declaring emergency. >> five or ten minutes in the flight i felt the engine slowdown. alison: moments after taking off from reagan airport for seattle, the pilots of the alaska airline pilot want to get on the ground with smoke
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in the cockpit and pilots with the mask on. they are asking to land at dulles, less than 30 miles away. >> dulles power, alaska one, emergency aircraft. we are going to need the trucks, please. >> alaska one, yes, the truck should be coming out. alison: one passenger tell us she watched a pilot wearing the oxygen mask walk in an ambulance. all six crew members were taken to the hospital. by the time the jet was landing, the smoke was apparently clearing. the pilots had an idea what had happened. michelle: all right. the changing relationship with u.s. and cuba is good for travel. s. airlines can apply for more air route to the caribbean island. as many as 100 flights a day. that is a big jump from the current flights from the u.s. they have 15 days to submit proposals to the transpo
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as early as fall. jonathan: all right. what a difference a day makes. let's get a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is joining us now. tonight we have traction out there after slipping and sliding last night. jamie: you say what a difference a day make, even five or six hours. we have the closure in loudoun county. this is between the dulles greenway and sycolin road. the best alternate is battlefield parkway. suzanne kennedy took this. -- brianne carter took this from mobiletrak7. you are now in alexandria and what a difference four or five hours does make. brianne: that is the key we said all along. what a difference it has made throughout the day. take a look from the mobiletrak7. this is the majority of what we see on the roads. a little slush left to the side. either wet or the dry pavement depending where you are driving. but most of the major roadways, it's now drying out. that is the good news as we
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hour. federal workers are going in late today, going to be heading home this evening. we are going to keep a close eye on the roads and what they are shaping up to look like. but again, the sun coming down and the wind picking up and drying out the roads. back to you. jamie: traveling on metro, here is what you need to know. orange, blue, silver lines expect delays. they have speed restrictions near stadium armory. as far as the big picture right now, you can see not too much really to worry about. one heavy spot on the inner loop as well as the outer loop in both directions where we are in the single digits between 270 and connecticut avenue. let's take a live look in the area near connecticut avenue. we do have some sun glare, but again this is not because of a crash. just slowing right now. we have see a lot of pothole repair. it's happening on the g.w. parkway. so again on your drive home, you may see a little bit of that popping up. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you very much. while the ice was a problem, it did make for pretty pictures. this one is from annandale. the tr
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completely frozen. look at this picture. an up-close shot of a snowflake in virginia. they say no two snowflakes are made exactly the same. that is a good-looking snowflake. if you see a picture, send it to us and we'll put it on the air. michelle: sure could take pretty pictures of the sky now. finally see blue. doug: think of the heavy rain, the ice, strong winds this morning and the clear skies. jonathan: what haven't we had in the last 36 hours? doug: no thunderstorms. we haven't had that. yesterday i think we showed a picture from carol, from ottawa, canada, visiting her sister in columbia. let me show you this. in honor of our friends in canada, i'll speak canadian. she would know all about ice i think. thanks for that. jonathan: don't you know? doug: yes! if you are going home this weekend, carol, it's warmer in ottawa than when you left. that is good news. good news for
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we have not noticed it so much today. the temperatures, upper 40's to about 50. wait for the weekend. a big change there. this is a time lapse from the sky valley lodge in garrett county. 31 degrees there now. take a look at the time lapse. look at the trees showing distress here from the weight of the ice. but see how the branches lift up. it's magic! crazy. as the ice begins to melt off, a little mist in the air. it's still cold but that's much higher elevations. look at the rockville campus of montgomery college. up to 44 degrees. blue skies and sunshine. delightful. with the chilly skies and the chilly temperatures we expect the possibility that some areas may drop for a couple of hours just below freezing. that might be just enough to give spotty ice. i don't think it will be a widespread problem. it's 51 in washington and reagan international. 50 in manassas. 45 in frederick. there is the clear slot that came in. there is the heavy rain from this morning pushing east/northeast. disturbance over the tennessee vall
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wash out, evaporate and fall apart as it heads across the virginia/north carolina border. we will get clouds from that, but that's it. tomorrow a pleasant day. temperatures in the 40's. turning cooler for thursday and friday. but the weekend looks terrific. here is the weekend forecast. 48 tomorrow. we will take that. partly sunny, breezy, chilly. look at our weekend. wow! 63 is a possible temperature on saturday. with partly sunny skies. lots of sunshine. upper 50's sunday. mild for monday. tuesday and wednesday and we'll see what happens there. it looks like another storm system may form to the south but it's too early to call the volume or type of precipitation that may come our way tuesday and wednesday. michelle: at least we get a little break for the weekend. doug: i can't wait. jonathan: it will be nice. we're turning the corner and we could see the spring down the road maybe? doug: phil said it was coming early. so we'll see. jonathan: know how much you love
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michelle: other animals to check in with. this is mr. president and the first lady. we introduced you to them yesterday on the eagle cam. a great resource out there to watch live. abc7 first showed you the camera yesterday. their nest was covered in snow. you recall. it looks like this now. all the snow is gone. eagles are nesting at the national arboretum and should hatch in a month. find the eagle cam by going to and clicking on this story. jonathan: as we leave the picture up for a second, the cool thing about bald eagles -- and i didn't know this. i learned this yesterday because i watched this for a while. she is sitting on two legs. when she is tired and wants to stretch her legs, he is comes back and sits on the eggs while she takes a break and flies around. michelle: coparenting. that is great. the branches. jonathan: that is fire wood. that is not a twig. if you see an
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looks like a garage. reminder today at 4:30, we will have the latest on zika spread from a conference happening as we speak in d.c. why doctors right now are confident we will not see the worst of it like they have in south and central america. michelle: first, jennifer donelan has a first look at part two of her series on the so-called "heroin highway." a route that covers maryland, virginia and west virginia.
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jonathan: in an hour, "7 on your side" continues the special report "heroin highway." michelle: it's a dubious nickname for a stretch of interstate that runs through baltimore, maryland, west virginia and virginia. fighting back against crime reporter jennifer donelan joins us now with a personal story that mirrors so many other families in the area. jennifer: this is the story that truly captures the devastation, the impact of the heroin epidemic and the loss felt in cities across our area. kevin, a former hagerstown police sergeant spent decades in the drug war. he was the guy everyone turned to for help. then came heroin. it got his deadly hook into his daughter just after high school. what followed was a year-long battle break her free from the addiction. >> we are trying to do right by her. like i
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be a drug addict. she definitely didn't want to die from an overdose of heroin. jennifer: that is coming up at 5:00 and he does not hold back when he talks about how we deal with heroin addicts. even looking back at he dealt with the addicts when he was a police officer. it's heart-breaking honesty. that is coming up tonight at "abc7 news at 5:00". jonathan: we'll be watching. a story that a lot of people should watch. if you missed her first part of the series it's online at just search "heroin highway." it is the first thing that comes up. take a look before you see part two which airs an hour from now. michelle: powerful stories from people that lived it. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- zika a top subject in d.c. today. we will take you to the workshop and explain why doctors are optimistic that we won't see the same outbreak in the states. jonathan: and wherever pope francis
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: medical experts are in town for a workshop on how to limit the zika virus. the workshop is being held at the national academy of sciences building. d.c. bureau chief sam ford fills us in on the plans to stop its spread. sam: they came to the national academy of sciences to talk
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about zika, a virus unknown in the northeast of brazil a year ago in places like salvador. and yet today, it's suspected as responsible for microcephaly or babies with small heads or other birth defects. >> i don't expect we'll have the transmission in the united states. we certainly have travelers coming back. we could have some localized transmission of the zika virus. sam: there have been three reported cases in d.c. others in maryland and virginia. the public health experts say said they were aware that zika, a mild virus traced originally to africa was out there. the concern grew to the link to microcephaly. >> we understood a single imported case could set off this epidemic. now the evidence is strengthening all the time. it's caused by the zika virus. sam: those in the audience included public health officials, some making plans to step up mosquito control orders. there is a general agreement that whatever happened here would be less severe than what
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the scientists want to develop strategies to minimize the impact, whatever it is. reporting from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: this week in brazil, an initiative launched capped "operation zika veer row." armed forces handing out information on how to fight mosquitoes carrying the virus linked to severe birth defects. officials are trying to assure athletes and visitors that zika is not something to be worried about for the summer games. if you have any questions about zika or want more information about the virus, check out search "zika." we have all of our stories there. jonathan: kulbir county -- culpeper county, schools on two-hour day until tomorrow. i made a random amazon purchases like the things on the bottom of your shoe, y
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i thought i'll never use them. michelle: they make things you -- doug: they wear things that you wear around your neck in case you do. jonathan: my cane works well when i walk to work. doug: damage is done. i'll do my job now. look at the national harbor. we are taking, amazing change after this morning with the ice and the torrential downpours and the strong winds. now a beautiful february afternoon with the temperatures fairly mild. we are at 51 at reagan national. still a breeze northwest at 14. that is why i have a chop on the river. the air is dry. that means later tonight that the temperatures that are in the 40's will drop close to freezing. perhaps below freezing in a few areas. so there is a possibility that there could be slipping and siding in a few areas that get down to 29 degrees for a few hours. 47 in aspen hill. 48 in ash burn. forecast tonight will see cloudiness. this is from
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systems scooting south. no precipitation. few clouds. the winds will diminish to four to eight miles per hour. the satellite radar shows a clear spot behind the storm. that is the one that will diminish. fine shape tomorrow. up to 48 with partly sunny weather. check out the rest of the week. we'll turn breezy and colder heading through thursday and friday. look at the warmup for the weekend. sunshine, lower 60's saturday. upper 50's saturday. too early to tell what kind of stuff. jonathan: deadly crash on valentine's day in montgomery county. 18-year-old freshman at the university of maryland killed. her boyfriend injured. he is expected to recover. kevin lewis in college park. you just spoke with the girl's friends. they have to be broken up about this. kevin: they certainly are, jonathan. christina was a freshman biology major at u.m.d. she had aspired to become a doctor. but on valentine's day, she and her boyfriend,
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brandon both pictured here were driving along a winding two-lane potomac road. he lost control of his dodge viper sports car and crashed into a concrete wall. i took firefighters an hour to free her. she died at the hospital. friends tell me the 18-year-old loved still photography, so much she had joined an on campus group and had been hired to take photos at a wedding. the same friends described her as a stylish ball of energy. the first girl you are about to hear from was actually planning on living with christina next year. >> it's not fathomable. it still doesn't seem real. so much potential. she was a beautiful soul. she contributed so much to the world as it is already at such a young age. she could have contributed so much more. it's not fair. >> any person in your life that is like having a positive impact on you. like remember to thank them. i kn
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positive impact on so many people's lives. you don't say "i love you" enough. kevin: at 5:00, the plan to honor her life an why speed may have been a prime factor in this crash. live in college park, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. there is a new police chief in maryland. hank stowinsky has been the interim chief was elevated to the full-time role. as brad bell reports the department has been through a lot in the first six weeks of the year. brad: he grows emotional as he describes this as one of life's moment. after 23 years of service he is about to be the prince george's county chief of police. >> it will be the highest achievement in my professional career. but something i feel prepared for. >> a job coming with
4:36 pm
the double murder of mother and child and arrest of a teacher's aide and a growing child porn scandal. today at his confirmation hearing councilmembers urge him to diversify his command staff. he promises he is up for the task. >> it begins and ends with fostering positive relationships. when people see me in public and when they see me on tv. when they see me dealing with the large events, they know hank and they trust him. brad: county executive baker who appoints the chief tells the council he is beyond qualified for the job. pastor lee says he worked with him for ten years. >> i believe he will be the chief to bring safety to the community and brings confidence in police department. [applause]
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of the council and is chief and gets a hug from 7-year-old daughter. he is a child of the prince george's county police department. his father retired as a sergeant. he lived his life in the county. he refers to the agency jokingly as the family business. as business he now runs. michelle: the county bus service is going to hold the last of the public hearing to receive comment on the budget. it includes a fair increase in the service -- fare increase in service cuts. the hearing is at manassas city hall council chambers at 7:00. jonathan: how about this? pope francis in mexico. huge crowds are meeting him at the airport. thousands are showin
4:38 pm
along his route. thousands. president obama will make a visit to vietnam in may. it will be part of the president's big trip overseas which includes seven days in japan. the last time he was in vietnam was 2006. we expect obama to participate in a news conference as the summit is coming to a close. michelle: don't miss a round table. your voice, your america. it's a town fortrum discuss challenges facing the generation. still ahead today, one ag
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group is drinking a lot of wine. so who is picking up almost half of it in the u.s.? the answer might surprise you. >> how big is that diamond? it says 404 carats. we'll put it on a scale to give you a better look at how big it is. we are checking back now. eagle cam. that is first lady. if you want to watch the h.d. live streak there are two of them taking care of the eggs the link is on the website. it has had a lot of attention. go to you will see the eagle cam link
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jonathan: if diamonds are a girl's best friend, this is your b.f.f.f.f. forever. michelle: this is huge. because look at the size of it here. according to mining company lucapa this is the length of a credit card making it one of the largest diamonds ever
4:43 pm
it is said to be entirely transparent and virtually flawless. all that means t will fetch a lot of money. they are talking about maybe $20 million. the discovery makes this the massive rock. the 27th. i thought it would be higher up. 27th largest diamond ever recorded. jonathan: there has been some of the other diamonds like the rose diamonds or those getting $15 million at auction. but the crazy part is guys the carve it up and make perfect stones. michelle: this was found in angola. the philippine got has given the go-ahead to auction a jewelry set worth $21 million. the jewelry once belonged to the former first lady of the philippines amelda marcos. it will go on public exhibition before the auction includes a rare pink diamond the violence of a grape -- size of a grape. jonathan: when
4:44 pm
here, she had more shoes than anyone in her closet. michelle: my kind of lady. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- who is drinking all the wine in the u.s.? one generation took almost half of the vino. we will let you know which generation is doing that. michelle: what makes this art teacher d.c.'s teacher of the year? kellye: i'm kellye lynn in northwest. i
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michelle: happening right now we are standing by for president obama to participate in a news conference in california where he and leaders from asia met. he is expected to take questions and we will be watching to see if he discusses filling the supreme court justice antonin scalia's seat. of course, that has been controversial. we will have it for you live as soon as it happens. jonathan: in the meantime in the spotlight for education, a rare honor for the art teacher that is teacher of the year. michelle: kellye lynn visited the school to find out what makes him deserving of the award. kellye: building confidence is
4:48 pm
cunningham. for 30 years he taught art for the d.c. public schools but doesn't consider himself an art teacher. >> i'm an artist educator. i'm an artist. i also educate. but i'm an artist first. kellye: the eastern high school and bowie state graduate sees art in everything and teaches the students to do the same. >> i can attribute most of the artistic growth to him and what he has taught me. >> he teaches people who have never tried art to be outstanding. kellye: a word d.c.p.s. uses to describe cunningham. so outstanding the system recently named him teacher of the year. >> he won't let us quit. he makes sure we know we can do the work. >> i can come to him and i can talk to him about anything. colleges. schoolwork. just my personal life. kellye: mentor who attributes the success to those who came before him. cunningham stresses to be great, you have to see it. >> pason
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a desire to not only teach but practice a craft. >> teaching art isn't his only passion. eight years ago he brought the learn serve international program to the school which allowed the students to pursue travel opportunities to japan, jamaica, paraguay and ethiopia. >> learning is not a classroom. it is a world. once you bring it to students, the entire outlook about what they want to be and can do changes. >> in northwest, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: so we were talking about wine being popular with one generation. could you figure out who they were drinking the wine? michelle: millennials. jonathan: they are everywhere. drinking up all the wine. michelle: according to new search from the industry non-profit wine market council. millennials drank nearly half of the wine consumed in the u.s. last year. 42% than any other generation. the report found that millennials defined as
4:50 pm
ages 21 to 38 drank more than 159 million cases of wine in 2015. that is an average of two cases per person. that is a lot. jonathan: well, you know, they say red wine is healthy for it. michelle: that is why they are going for it. the health benefit. there you go. they are smart. "7 on your side" with a recall alert. general motors needs to fix a quarter million vehicles with takata air bags. this affects saab and saturn owners. the saab nine three model years 2003-2011. the saab 95 in 2010 and 2011. for those of you with saturn astros, it covers two models from 2008 to 2009. at least ten people have died worldwide in accidents related to the air bag inflators that explode. 140 have been hurt. jonathan: all right, let's talk about the weather situation. we were just commenting in the last 36 hours we have seen it
4:51 pm
what we are looking forward to, you teased us, the weekend. steve: i am so happy. look at the picture behind us and it's beautiful. clouds, wind, rain this morning. in a matter of hours look at this. national harbor looks fantastic. if you think is it nice now, wait until you see what is on the way this weekend for saturday. 51 degrees at reagan national airport. the ice and the snow earlier is long gone. the temperatures are well above freezing for everyone. 46 in leesburg. 43 in frederick. coldest city on the map is cumberland, maryland. now at 39 degrees. that is where things with the latest to switch over from the freezing rain to all rain early this morning. satellite and the radar. look how nicely we cleared out around the capital beltway. only thing to may delay the traffic is the sun glare. there is so much sunshine out there. with the latest sunset date and time it looks nicer. 26 to 34 for overnight
4:52 pm
we will see refreezing possible. head to california to the president who is speaking right now. president obama: everyone here beautiful sunnyland and the people for their incredible hospitality the past two days. i have hosted foreign leaders here before. it's quite another to host leaders from ten nations at the same time. i want to thank everybody who helped make the summit such a success. for 50 years, leaders and people across southeast asia have worked together to advance the mutual security, prosperity and dignity. for decades, the united states has been a proud partner with asean. this is built on the cooperation we forged for the last seven years. as i described yesterday the spirit working together on behalf of mutual interests, and m
4:53 pm
work over the past two days. so i especially want to thank my fellow leaders from asean countries for being here for their commitment and the progress we have made together. one of my main messages in the past two days is the commitment of the united states to asean and its people. that commitment is and will remain strong and enduring. with our strategic partnership we have a framework to guide our ties for decades to come. here at sunnylands we agreed to a number of key principles, including the principle that asean will continue to be central. in fact, indispensable to peace, prosperity and progress in the asia pacific. when asean speaks, with a clear unified voice, it can help advance security, opportunity and human dignity. not more than 6020 million people across asean but for people across the asia pacific and around the world. i'm pleased that here at this
4:54 pm
summit, asean strong voice allowed us to make progress on multiple fronts. first we agreed to do more together to encourage intern sureship and innovation. we had excellent discussion -- jonathan: president obama talking about this right before his trip to asia. people are all ears to see what he will say about justice antonin scalia who passed away this past weekend and how he will go about replacing him. he will continue to monitor the president's speech. you can switch over to newschannel8 now. we will run the speech in entirety. but right no
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
john: the water heater goes cold, they will fix it. microwave quits, you get a new one. at least on paper. a man found big downsides when he tried to use his. steve is heating his house the old fashioned way with a wood fire. his furnace has been out more than a week. >> it has been awful. this is
4:58 pm
ever seen. >> he has been trying to get the home warranty company to fix his 8-year-old carrier furnace but says it has been a nightmare. >> we called multiple times. my wife and i have been on the phone minimum of ten hours. >> it has been 12 days. john: typically if your fur chase goes out, you call -- furnace goes out, you call a repairman. but with a home warranty you need to call the warranty company so they can their repairman. the repairman they finally sent tried to replace the circuit board. and then -- >> they came up from the basement and said there are more problems than we thought. we don't know what it is. you need a carrier expert. john: a couple of years ago travis complained to me about his unit going out. he was told his unit was too old. >> it seems like it is good on paper until you have something to go on. john: the better business bureau gets complaints from warranties because people don't read the fine print. many
4:59 pm
problems or if poor maintenance is to blame. many won't cover extra labor or all parts needed to finish a job. >> like they want you to give up. john: we are not saying they are all bad. but you typically can't choose your readministrator man. you go for the one they provide. john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight -- >> that was it. leon: abc7's on pothole patrol. showing you the hardest hit areas and why it is going to take longer than usual to get them all filled. pay now and play later. and the heroin and the war on drugs in part two of the "heroin highway," this heart-broken police officer explains why we are getting it all wrong. now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: man, oh, man what a ride we have been through here in the weather for the past few
5:00 pm
temperatures after days of bitter cold, snow and ice. federal workers came in late this morning avoiding the dangerous driving conditions outside. but tonight we are all facing a common foe. potholes. thousands of them. mike carter-conneen joins us live from arlington a look at the worst roads out there. hey, mike. mike: look at the pothole behind me. this is two feet wide. at least a foot deep. this is worth trying to go down but going around it means pulling into opposing traffic. a lot of drivers swerving to the left like this cab driver just did. when the cars are damaged by the potholes the local mechanics say prepares can host hundreds and sometimes thousands. beach drive is a hot hole horror show with -- pothole hor row show with sections gutted by the recent weather. >> coming through the park, hit a big one. i was scared


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