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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant. >> now abc 7 news at noon. on your side. jummy: remembering delay supreme court justice antonin scalia a. of thent obama endeavors extended supreme court family are paying respects to the justice today as he lies in repose. john? we understand the president and the first lady will arrive at around 3:00 is afternoon. by now hundreds if not thousands have already walked up the on
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we want to show you a live shot of the line. it is been steady and around the block all day long. the body of justice scalia will lie in repose until it :00 tonight. it will remain here until tomorrow morning when it is moved to the basilica of the national shrine. 's casket is resting on the same wooden frame created for president abraham lincoln. this marks his final trip to a place where he served more than three decades. a polarizing figure who is known as the intellectual leader of the conservative wing. vocal on controversial issues such as affirmative action, abortion and same-sex marriage. the 79-year-old was the father of nine. born in trenton, new jersey before attending georgetown university. 's love for law group at xavier high school in new york. andpoke with the president a longtime friend. >>
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's are great to have a son of david on the court for the past 30 years. and a real honor for us. we want to pay our specs and picture be to his work at the court by being here. the funeral for the longest-serving justice will be a catholic mass tomorrow at the basilica. vice president joe biden will be in attendance. the homily will begin by his son who was currently a priest in arlington, virginia. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. jummy: thanks for that report. stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage as we honor the life of justice scalia. we will air the funeral live at 11:00 on the channel 8 and on switching gears and a live look at the nation's capital. warmer than average winter weather is heading our way for the weekend.
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a look at our first forecast. doug: we have got some work to do to get the temperatures up. still very chilly at noon. we look live at our weatherbug camera. kind of a heavy overcast. a mid-level overcast with some breaks of sunshine now and then. 34 at reagan national. 35 it fredericksburg. 34 degrees at andrews air force base. we will climb of it this afternoon. many areas will probably stay in the upper 30's. 45 for this afternoon. we are still on target to get high pressure through here and off the coast tonight. level open the door for warmer winds from the south and southwest tomorrow. temperatures will get into the 60's. but then we deal with this cold front on sunday. it will not make it much colder but it will be bringing clouds and white patches of showers. there is a next winter storm in the tuesday-wednesday timeframe. we will answer your question.
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friday traffic update jamie: we are starting with slowing on 395. the reason is because of a crash. if you look at the 14th street bridge, we have one lane over to the left hand side midspan on the bridge. this back up quickly building from the pentagon. let's take a look at our map to show you how happy we actually are. in the teens right to the pentagon as you can see. is where we really start to slow. once you get past this you clear on the freeway. no real problems right now. north one the maryland 270 from the capital beltway continuing towards clarksburg. that will average you about 20 minutes. it is about a 20 mile stretch. traveling on metro, silver line delays expected because they are operating from rest of the false and. workline scheduled track at addison and stadium armory. at addison and stadium armory. back to yo
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loop of the beltway are open at connecticut avenue after a fatal crash this morning. sam sweeney explains some responders say this wreck was one of the worst i have ever seen. -- they have ever seen. reporter: one of the most heavily used highways in america were shut down. this tractor-trailer was the reason. they crashed just before 5:00 this more -- this morning, killing the driver. he was ejected and his body landed in the inner loop. >> this is bad. reporter: traffic was snarled for miles. the beltway was closed from 355 to connecticut avenue. exit the beltway, causing sidestreets to become gridlocked. as the sun came up we got a better view of the wreckage. troopers on the scene tell us the accident started several hundred yards down that way on the outer loop of
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walls, bounced off another wall and that's when the cab of the truck fell off. you can see the wheels. they came off as well. the fuel tech ruptured and then all of these boxes in the back of the truck spilled out onto the inner loop and the outer loop of the beltway. >> we have a small hazmat situation to deal with. pretty large debris field. reporter: the investigation continues into why the driver crashed. his name is not yet been released. sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: the beltway crash snarled traffic for most of the morning. jeannette reyes has a look at how that impacted metro. reporter: that accident on the beltway having some major ripple affects. the twinbrook metro station, this is one of the buses that is getting here nearly an hour late. it was about to get here around 8:25. a lot of passengers wondering what was going on.
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happening. inot of the buses caught up the traffic on those sidestreets along with those other cars trying to avoid the congestion. listen to what a frustrated rider. told us this morning >> i have been here forever and i am cold. 20 minutes per bus. i have been here since the 8:25 bus. the 8:55 bus is also almost 20 minutes late. i guess that one should be here any minute now. were the the rails best bet to get to work or school this morning. everyone was at least slightly affected by this major crash on the beltway that tied up traffic for the better part of the morning. jeannette reyes, abc 7 news. jummy: now to the race for the white house. what could be a key endorsement for hillary clinton. south carolina's james clyburn threw his support behind the clinton this morning. the announcement comes
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shows her with a widely over bernie sanders in south carolina. a much closer race in tomorrow's nevada caucus. they took part in the town hall last night. >> there is one of the two democratic candidates here who actually ran against barack obama. it was not me. >> i think a backseat to nobody and i am very clear about what i will do to make sure wall street never crashes main street again. turn out the democratic caucus is inspected to be lower than the record of 117,000 who turned out in 2008. three of the republican candidates took part in their own town hall last night. donald trump, jeb bush in john kasich each spoke for nearly an hour on cnn. the other candidates in the race spoke at a town hall the night before. record turnout is expected for tomorrow's republican primary in south carolina. to a developing story closer to home in the district. darren
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guilty to .ll court -- charges in court victims were held for hours during a kidnapping and extortion plan. after the murders, the mansion was set on fire. if convicted he could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. we have got some sad news. harper lee has died. she is best known for her pull it winning book "to kill a mockingbird." her second novel, a follow-up to the first bill -- novel was released last year. her --lth can find confined her to monroe, alabama. we've got an update on that helicopter crash in hawaii as a witness shares his story. new hope for the city of flint, michigan. found
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money they are now receiving to fix their water system. and justin was the blizzard of 2016 snow removal is costing the district as a look ahead to a warmer weekend. we will be right kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition,
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you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. >> you're watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. a teenage boy is in critical condition after a helicopter crash in hawaii. the boy and his family were returning from a sightseeing tour when something went wrong. with shopper went into the water not far from the arizona memorial and pearl harbor.
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rushed to say those on board. there were a hundred people standing right there. it would have heard a lot of people but it looks like he pulled it back into the water. jummy: the people on the chopper suffered less injuries. memorial havethe suspended so they can recover the chopper. the city of flint, michigan will receive an additional $2 million in emergency funds to fix its deteriorating water system. it's water contains toxic level of lead after the city's wastewater sources in an attempt to save money. they are confirmed dangerously high blood lead levels in children and federal prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation into that water rices. -- crisis. the city of chicago is being hit with flight-like water accusations. a class action lawsuit was filed over possible by contamination. the group claims the
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on aging water pipes. the pipes could leach lead into the water. the complaint lanes the city had not properly warned residents. now to an update on the financial impact of the blizzard of 2016. the latest figures show d.c. spent more than $55 million on snow response, nearly nine years worth of snow removal money. officials say funds will be available if there are any other snowstorms later on this winter. let's hope not. especially since this weekend will be like spring. doug: it will feel that way. are normal temperatures are about 47 degrees. we are talking about lower 60's tomorrow. a little spring preview. it won't last but it's nice to the outside for little bit tomorrow. let's get started with some of the beautiful images. this is by harrison jones. he was down at the vietnam memorial
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we love seeing your pictures. send it to us at we will get them on air, some online, social media platforms. as far as the day goes a little bit on the chilly side. temperatures running in the 30's. only 31 at annapolis. 32 in baltimore in frederick. 34 at reagan national airport. a lot of cloudiness so temperatures will be slow decline. there is a warm front approaching late tonight and early tomorrow. that will boost our temperatures to spring-like levels for a bit. we are calling for highs between 30 and 42. 38 will probably be the best we can do around the area. winds are fairly light. plenty of warm air going on. look up to the west. in st. louis, 71 degrees. 67 at little rock. 65 at nashville. atlanta at 57. no 70's
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tap for the day tomorrow. once we get rid of high pressure that is overhead now they really -- they will be moving up to the east. the high will get offshore end of the surface winds will start coming more out of the southwest tomorrow. it will be partly sunny and i think we are in good shape. the rain is probly 59-64 across the viewing area. it will be very pleasant. on sunday the cold front will approach. it will come through slowly and bring some clouds with it. a slight chance of showers but chilly temperatures lack behind. upper 50's on sunday with a slight chance of showers. tracking's and evening hours. it looks like temperatures will pretty much be with you are right now because the winds will be turning out of the southwest. it will range through the lower 60's in the terrific weather. as far as what goes beyond what i described for the weekend,
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clouds. on tuesday and wednesday we have talked about this all week, the possibility of another storm developing to the south and living in. this track being advertised on the computer models, looking more and more like rain and snow mixed. in many areas just rain. towill not be cold enough reduce any kind of snowstorm or ice storm in the area. jummy: let's hope so. we look forward to this weekend and 60 degrees. thank you. switching gears. it was a murder mystery that lingered for years. a wife and mother found dead a week after going missing. her husband accused of the crime. the story does not end there. -- joins us live with a preview of the story tonight. reporter: this is a great story. one of obsession. a fascinating story of obsession. is about the husband who is assessed with surveilling.
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his house to watch his wife and family. he may have watched for they watched -- while they watched tv. and a police officer who decides he is not going to let this case go. he has an obsession to finish it. we watch what he does to find out what happened and who did it. jummy: you also talked to the daughters were now teenagers who supported the death of all of this. reporter: is an interesting story. in the a family feud middle of this murder case. this is a couple, matt and nicky lyle. they had two daughters. the nikki disappears, daughters of love for the father who they loved and adore. when he is charged with the murder, they take his side and post youtube videos saying he is innocent.
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it and saying her mother is crazy. it's really a fascinating case about what went on down in georgia. jummy: very interesting. look forward to that tonight. you can what's that all new "2020" tonight on 10:00. then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. 7 on your side hitting the heroine highway. we are on the road with maryland state police in hagerstown and rescue crews as the city battles a rising tide of heroin and prescription drug overdoses. it's all part of our weeklong series on interstates 70 and 81. the drug is crushing lives and communities along the way. tonight we are bringing in the experts to you for a two hour substance abuse phone bank. we will have drug treatment counselors in studio and dea agents. all those calls will be private.
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starts on abc 7 news at 4:00 in hagerstown. at 5:00 a former addict takes us inside the pull the deadly drug -- of the deadly drug. coming up at noon -- >>. it didn't occur to me this was a scam with ar: 7 on your side consumer
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jummy: we moved to a 7 on your side consumer alert. computer hackers are making it more dangerous and expensive for you to surf the web. they are using ran somewhere -- ransom-ware.
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or open an unknown, e-mail attachment a hacker could steal all the data on your computer. they will demand hundreds or thousands of dollars for you to get your data back. >> it's just the tip of the iceberg. it has the power to actually shuttle companies down. financial services operations, they can do financial transitions that are required. avoid to protect yourself clicking on suspicious links or attachments from people you don't know. backup all your data to an external hard drive. virgin galactic will roll out its newest spacecraft today. spaceship 2. they are preparing for a return flight for the first time since a 2014 crash destroyed the original spaceship. one pilot survived and the other was killed. it was blamed on pilot error. suborbital flight before gliding back to earth.
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is at work after a train nearly slammed into the back of her bus while it was full of students. this is cell phone video of that near miss. the train is driving right on by. the school district said the driver did not follow standard protocol. he was best to stop 15 feet from the track and she did not do that. >> we were screaming and telling her to move forward. everyone was really freaking out .and really terrified at the moment reporter: the school district says the bus driver was fired. break doug will be back with the final look at the weekend weather. we w
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jummy: i am looking forward to tomorrow's 60 degrees. doug: take a look at today first. 39-45 for the forecast today. then tonight temperatures will pretty much hold steady as a warm front comes in. will push us winds to the low 60's tomorrow with sunshine. a frontal system comes through on sunday. we will still be mild in the upper 50's the slight chance first you scattered showers. tuesday and wednesday with a storm centers of the south, we will talk about in detail at four clock. -- 4:00. jummy: we are all invited.
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