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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 24, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," donald trump wins nevada. >> the projected winner as the caucus votes come in overnight. the impact on the republicans as trump looks ahead to super tuesday. live extensive coverage straight ahead. >> dueling democrats. hillary clinton addressing controversy at last night's south carolina town hall while bernie sanders reaches out to critical african-american voters. another major story, extreme weather and the deadly tornadoes hitting the south. the threat far from over. get this morning's warnings from accuweather. >> and later after so many celebrity performers won grammy awards, this humble bus driver with an amazing voice is getting the attention he deserves. it is wednesday, february 24th. ♪
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>> announcer: everyone abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to everyone. on what is a busy wednesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. incredible numbers for donald trump. really surprised 37 we'll get into the entrance polls and what we've seen. but i never thought we would say this morning that he did incredibly well with hispanics. >> he did very well with hispanics getting more than 40% of the vote there in nevada. so that's where we're going to get started. it really is a winning streak for donald trump scoring a dominant victory in nevada. >> he racked up his third straight win far ahead of the rest of the republican packet. marco rubio inned a distant second follows by ted cruz this third place. now trump promising similar results for super tuesday. lauren liveder joining us live from las vegas. morning to you, lauren. >> good morning, reena and kendis. entrance poll results showing that gop kaungss here
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candidate and voter anger. those voters helping to vault donald trump to that victory. gop voters lined up to caucus here in nevada. choosing who should represent republicans in the race for president. >> the reason i'm really for trump is he's really saying what everyone's thinking. >> there's only one, trump, of course. >> lee we love you trump. >> reporter: abc news projecting donald trump won the nevada caucuses as expected. >> if you listen to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> reporter: trump made his final push with nevada voters tuesday, hurling insults at ted cruz. >> this guy is the single biggest liar i have dealt with in my life. now, i've met much tougher people than ted. he's like a baby compared to some of the people. he is like a little baby. >> and cruz responded. >> frankly i'm not willing to gamble my daughters' future with
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thinks trump's insults are a barometer for how rattled the front-runner is. cruz taking some jabs of his own. >> the truth of the matter is if donald became president, nobody knows what the heck he would do. >> marco rubio escaped trump's attacks but launched a few himself. >> i didn't just become a conservative like a year and a half ago when i thought about running for president. >> ben carson and john kasich still in the race despite low poll numbers. now, just 30 delegates were at stake here in nevada. up next is super tuesday, march 1st when 11 states will vote and nearly 600 delegates are up for grabs. kendis and reena. >> trump did have a late night victory speech. but what are we hearing from his campaign at this point. >> reporter: he did, he gave a victory speech at his watch party right here in las vegas. he said you know, a couple months ago, his campaign was not expected to win this, and it did. and he said the country is going
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he touted his success as you mentioned kendis, with evangelicals and also with hispanics. he also touted his success was the poorly educated saying he loves the poorly changed. he also spoke of the upcoming contests and gave a vote of confidence that he will do well in those. >> he always says it like it is. you never have to doubt what's in his mind. we always get the first word from him. abc's lauren lyster, thank you so much live in las vegas for pass. we'll check back with you a little bit later. >> the quote of the night we love the poorly changed. to the democrats now and hillary clinton and bernie sanders looking to sway voters in south carolina. ahead of saturday's primary there. the candidates took part in a town hall last night laying out their differences and battling for the crucial african-american vote. we get more from abc's liz kreutz. >> reporter: overnight hillary clinton fired up. >> 100 reasons why. >> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else.
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that giant lead in the palmetto state now brushing off new concerns about her e-mails. >> i'm well aware of the drip, drip, drip. it is just not something that you know is going to have any lasting effect and i am not all worried about it. >> reporter: in the final days before voting here, both clinton and bernie sanders making their final pitch to african-americans in a state wherer that expected to make up half of the democratic vote. >> we must sustain and strengthen the historically black colleges and universities. >> racism along with economic issues, changeal issues and all the rest have to be addressed. otherwise, you know, we are never going to be the nation we should be. >> reporter: earlier clinton in a church joining grieving mothers from the mother of eric garner to trayvon martin. >> nobody reached out to us. nobody listened to us. nobody said black lives matter. until this brave and powerful woman stood up for us. >> meanwhile sanders admitting his campaign still has
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do. >> why do you believe that your message is not resonating, as well there? >> we starred with no support. our support has grown and it has grown in the african-american community. >> reporter: there are new questions over clinton's e-mails. late yesterday a judge said some of her her top aides would have to testify over the use of her personal e-mail server. sanders is hoping to do very well in some of the super tuesday states next week. >> our thanks to liz there. look for more political coverage coming up in a few moments. our deputy political editor is here with her insight that's later in this half hour. an all out fight brewing over the replacement for are antonin scalia. mitch mcconnell with his strongest words yet ruling out any set action on whoever president obama nominates. he says republicans will not hold hearings or a full senate vote until after the next president is sworn in. president obama is expected to name his nominee
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weeks. the deadline past approaching, we're getting a look how apple plans to defend itself against the fbi. there were rallies nationwide yesterday to support and. the tech giant will say the court order violates its free speech rights and apple will argue that konging gres should decide the issue, not the courts or the justice department. a major storm system is bringing in severe weather to the south particularly the gulf coast. at least three people are dead, two of them in louisiana. trailer park home exactly where a tornado also critically injured more than half a dozen people. not far away that, or another twister badlyamamaged a ld's gym that was filled with people. i starred screaming everybody get down. take cover. and before i knew it -- >> a mississippi man was killed when a tornado hit his mobile home. overall at least a dozen tornadoes have been reported. this storm is bringing snow, freezing rain and a tornado threat to millions today. here's accuweather's paul williams. hey, paul, morning.
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that same deadly storm is not going to die out anytime soon. this low pressure system that's really the controlling mechanism will create a mix of snow on the cold side of it. torrential downpours throughout the ohio valley region. this is the parts we have to watch out for. going to affect florida, georgia, going into virginia. we're looking for another event where several tornados are likely to form. so please continue to stay tuned. kendis, reena. >> it's going to be a long night. two people died in a house explosion near seattle. the blast in port orchard so powerful it sent debris 30 feet into the air. amazing these pictures. people eight miles away were shaken by the explosion. investigators from the atf have joined the search for a cause. investigators found six reasons why is takata air bags inflated with too much force in the past. those esexplosions have caused at least ten deaths worldwide. scientists say
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certain chemical without a drying agent increases the risk of explosion after long-term exposure to heat and moisture and found parts of the air bag do not holds up under extreme humidity. investigators say they're finding apply so most the 28 million vehicles with the air bags recalled in the u.s. >> consumer reports out with its ranking of top cars. the top five brands include audi, subaru, lexus, porsche and bmw. the top ranking domestic brand is buick at number seven. magazine considers performance and reliability before issuing the annual list. >> my toyota corolla isn't on that list. >> no. >> and here's the newest offering from another luxury brand. it's land rover's new collaboration with the british shotgun maker holland and holland. >> there it is. in holland and holland's signature green color. only 30 of them will be sold
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the u.s. starting in the spring. >> here's what you get. it features rear seats that recline and comes with tables. there's also a leather trimmed gun case. it can hold two rifles. luxury. it's going to cost you a bit. here's the sticker price. $245,000. for that, i want a kitchen in the back seat. >> but it can hold two guns. >> all right. >> america. yeah, apparently it's also french walnut wood detailing, custom leather trim floor and pats and ended door handles. >> if only i could afford it. it's the most expensive suv to go on the market ever. >> it's a beauty. it's very nice. >> can we get somebody to pay for that? >> coming up "the mix," the third grader who nailed a talent competition doing all of michael jackson's dance moves. >> also ahead, the humble bus driver with an amazing voice who has a lot in common with artist who's won grammy awards. >> and we're returning to our top story in a mome.
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go long™. ♪ . returning to our top story, donald trump easily winning the in caucuses overnight into there as trump's third first-place finish after new hampshire and south carolina. 60% of caucusgoers said they
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prefer someone from outside the political establishment. >> and abc news political director shushannah walshe joins us with morive sighs about the voters especially what's so striking to me shush is that you see these voters. they want someone who is a outsider. but the republican establishment has really rallied around marco rubio. at what point do the two sides meet. >> you make a great point. since jeb bush got out of the race, we see the establishment circling the wagons coalescing around marco rubio. but the question really is, is it too late. now you saw donald trump tonight with what looks like a big win. third state winning. and we've seen in this cycle how much do endorsements matter. i think that this question of these two sides is the story going forward. >> and really we should mention we keep talking about this being a really big victory. we were talking where he has won already. it really shows his depth right now. >> exactly. he's won in the south. in south carolina, a
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course, in nevada. but talking about let's look at the entrance polls a little bit. he won with hispanic voters over two hispanic candidates, he won with conservative voters and evangelical voters. that's a real blow to ted cruz who wants to be the conservative in the race but also to rubio trying to be the establishment choice. >> i want to also turn to the democrats. looking ahead to super tuesday, can you say with 100% confirmation that by super tuesday we'll have a democratic nominee locked in? >> no, because bernie sanders says he is going to go all the way to the convention. he says it all the time. he has the money to back him. of course, though, the field doesn't look as favorable right now to bernie sanders. and on super tuesday, we'll know how much more he has to go. >> okay. so looking ahead to super tuesday, obviously, donald trump has the momentum right now. do we see rubio and cruz winning any of those dozen states
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grabs next tuesday? >> well this he have to. in order for this to keep on going, they have to keep winning. you see marco rubio and teds are you on election nights coming out and giving victory speeches but donald trump is the one that keeps on winning. so i think that as this goes on, we're going to see the home state fire walls first it's going to be in texas, ted cruz's home state. then in florida and even ohio where john kasich is still in the race. if they can't win their home states, that shows a lot. >> every political journalist is hoping for a brokered convention. >> it would be uncharted. i still think we're long way from that especially in donald trump keeps on winning there's not much to broker. >> he's he won three in a row. it's pretty clear what's going on here. >> we still do have a lot more to go. >> thank you. >> deputy political director shushannah walshe. >> all right. let's move on.
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in, pursuit of justice. the "dancing with the stars" favorite who's landed herself in a real-life courtroom drama. ar why erin andrews is suing the national marriott hotel and what it suggests about hotel security for the rest of us. outside of nashville, the celebrity hiding in plain sight. the school bus driver who won a grammy. why he's back on the job this morning. you're watching "world news now." ♪
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♪ ♪ why don't you rock my soul i love this. this makes my soul smile. this next story. the american gospel group the fairfield four has been around for more than 90 years. >> can you believe that? nine daks. last week, the group won a grammy award for best roots album launching one of hits members an unassuming 80-year-old bus driver into unexpected fame. here's abc's steve so sun sammy. >> reporter: to the children he gets to school every morning in wilson county, tennessee, joe thompson is
3:21 am
♪ >> reporter: but families here learning the man behind the wheel for the last 14 years is now a grammy winner, too. >> still rocking my soul, fairfield four. >> reporter: on the grammy is taken, an he thanked the folks back loam at the bus barn. >> we'd like to send out a shoutout to the transportation department in wilton county, tennessee. >> reporter: he sings bass for the fairfield four, an legendary acappella gospel group. his day job pays him $17 an hour driving little boys and girls with special needs. children he serves are now sharing their love which he says feels just as nice as his grammy. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> really is a wonderful story. thanks to steve for bringing us that. they just sound absolutely amazing. > apparently thompson built trucks for a while and then retired in 2002 and then decided he was going to start being a bus driver. >> yeah.
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and now it's time for "the mix." will a third grader in north carolina enters his talent show and boy, does he nail it. he has autism and decided he was going to be his hero. michael jackson. look at this. >> get it. ♪ >> look at that. >> and he nails the moon walk. >> apparently he was in a restaurant and just started dancing and realizes he's got talent. he nails the talent show, don't you think. >> very cool. congratulations to him. >> i could watch this all day. who doesn't love "billie jean." >> apparently he likes bruno mars. he's practicing other moves of bruno mars. so you have a son and you have a daughter. >> yes. >> and you always
3:26 am
son needs to be a little better with his sister. >> yeah. all the time, talking about that. love my boy but it's a struggle. >> we know how siblings can be. take a look at this video. >> what is this? >> oh, no. >> what? >>. >> that's a really silly name. >> that's adorable. >> used a sharpie to draw a little brother into a zebra. >> he does look like a zebra. >> get creative. >> he's just like chilling. >> i hope that wasn't a permanent sharpie. this would have been a lot of scrubbing in the bathtub. >> can you imagine? >> debra, i think you succeeded. congratulations. >> he's just adorable. >> you know i spends a lot of time googling recipes throughout the day. very obsessed withcooke. last week i wanted a recipe on pizza apparently our producer
3:27 am
it's a rap. take a listen. >> when i'm done making this pie, now you want to get some pepperoni, cooked sausage, bacon bis for homies. slice onions and a cup of mozzarella cheese. that's all the greens you ever need. >> we're making a pizza. >> why did katie tell me this is exactly fit for me? she said this is the perfect mix story for me. he's she's right. apparently it only takes ten minutes for the dough to rise which is the big thing. >> is that the key to it. >> pizza in an hour. >> that's a great way to get around it, learn the greens by just making it into a rap. it actually requires a lot of work. >> there's a lot of greens. >> flour,iest, cooking oil, salt, sugar, pepperoni, bacon bits. >> there's been worse. >> mozzarella cheese. >> it's much better than getting the pillsbury dough from the fridge. >> he definitely puts kanye to
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>> this
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this morning on "world news now," breaking news. extreme weather, the furious storms leaving behind destruction and heartache in the south. the powerful system on the move right now. >> also breaking overnight, nevada victory. donald trump's caucus celebration and what it means for the rest of the republicans. we'll take you live to las vegas. and new this half hour, the workout video that became an unexpected sensation. >> the fitness freak and busy mom who uses wine in her exercise routines. the laughs and support she's getting worldwide. and later, celine dion returns to the las vegas stage dedicating her performance to the love of her life, her words her music in "the skinny" on this wednesday, february 24th. ♪


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