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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, abc 7 news at noon on your side. jummy: right now it noon, a state of emergency in virginia. the first aerial images of the destruction to our south. at least four people were killed in these powerful storms that ripped across the area last night, with dozens more injured. this as our local area deals with dam
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we have stormwatch team coverage of the storm's aftermath. ofwill check in with each our crews from southeastern virginia to montgomery, maryland. we want to begin in waverly, virginia or three people were killed and what has been confirmed as an ef-1 tornado. sam sweeney is live. what are you seeing in waverly? witnesses say the tornado came out of nowhere and as fast as it came, it was gone. it started in the southwest, came through this field, snapped this power pole, and slammed this house before continuing to town, everything in its path destroyed. by the time it lifted off the ground, three people were dead. >> we hear tornado, tornado.
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going off. sam: this man was working on the railroad when he heard a tornado alert 90 seconds before the storm touched down in front of him. >> everything is gone, everything is gone. came up over the small town of waverly, virginia, mother nature's fury was evident. dryers in this laundromat were tossed like toys. the path of destruction ripped the side of this home out and blew out windows on main street, before it moved out of town. it killed three people in this mobile home, including a two-year-old child. town,is very sad for this a small town like us. >> it was almost like something out of a movie. sam: back to work
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railroad, but with a new perspective. .> i consider myself lucky i might not be here talking to you if i have not gotten that call. they will be in waverly to tour the destruction in less than an hour. the people that live here say they will stand by each other and help each other out and help each other out until their town is rebuilt. reporting live, sam sweeney. jummy: such a heartbreaking story. the fourth death in virginia happened in appomattox county. dozens of homes are damaged and multiple people are hurt. a church was also destroyed, the steeple blown 200 feet away. schools are closed and shelters are being set up as crews continue to sift through the damage. >> everybody know somebody that has been affected by it, and we are a close community. our heart goes out t
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loved ones or anything. jummy: appomattox is also on the governor's schedule for a stop as he tours the damage. dozens of people are hurt and homes ripped apart, amazingly everyone survived in the community of tappahannock. suzanne kennedy just arrived. what are you finding? suzanne: just to give you some perspective, we are about 95 miles southeast of washington, d.c. the storm ripped through about 7:30 last night. we have a gutter ripped off a house. take a few steps, there is debrief from a roof, a barbecue grill, and a chair. , it is see over here absolutely uprooted trees throughout the entire area. the storm tore through here and as we hear time and time again,
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sounded like a freight train. the man who owns this property said he planned to retire here in two years but now he has a lot of cleaning up to do. >> it is a war zone. we have the natural preserve next-door. the trees are all blown down, they are all horizontal. it is mind blowing. i have lived here since 1960 two and right now, this place is unrecognizable. suzanne: and this community alone, 30 buildings were damaged , 15 are a total loss. buildings being used as shelter. they are expecting the governor to tour this area later this afternoon. reporting live and tappahannock, virginia, suzanne kennedy. jummy: a lasting effect of the storm for much of the d.c. area has been
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chopper seven captured the scene during the morning rush. that is the bw parkway. you see one car was stranded before the road was closed. scene insimilar annapolis as water from the day spilled over the banks and onto downtown roadways. police had to close several lanes of several roads so traffic could move through. and upper marlboro, the water street bridge is at risk of closing has of rising water. brad bell sent in video, showing the patuxent river right at the bottom of the bridge. what does all of this mean for our roadways? let's go to jamie sullivan on traffic watch. jamie: you may see in some areas that standing water and be careful. if you approach any area there is standing water, please, do not try and go through it.
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people were stuck. currently, pothole patching on the gw parkway. last night, they close the northbound side. .oday it is southbound there are no delays in either direction. betweenhole patching edsel road and the king street. new hampshire avenue to old georgetown avenue, emergency road work was put into place and that drive will take you 30 minutes. some of the volume we have is on the outer loop. jummy: the other lasting affect his power outages. around 1000 people are without power in our viewing area. reports, fores hundreds of people in great falls, the
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jeannette: a tree fell on this wire, affecting several polls. as of right now, hundreds of customers are without power and it will be that way for quite some time. the power went out before many residents got out of bed, around 5:00 this morning. the culprit -- a tree that came crashing down, dragging with it for polls and breaking 10 cross arms. remained 500 customers without power as dominion power crews worked. it is always a pain. it is very, very difficult, a very labor-intensive job because of all of the work it entails in removing the debris and
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improvements. officials say they have rerouted some of the circuits to restore power to a handful of customers, but it will not be completely restored until about 7:00 this evening. jeannette reyes, abc 7 news. jummy: news chopper seven continuing to find evidence of the powerful storm from last night. in damascus, pat -- several trees ripped straight from the ground. chief meteorologist doug hill is here. doug: it is a quieter weather day with temperatures in the 40's, gusty wind. i want to give you a couple of quick updates. the tornado that was reported and waverly was an ef-1. wind. 110 mile per hour it was three football fields wide, on the ground for nine
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to go the nine miles. a fast-moving storm. clouds, tornadoes, flooding, all sorts of damage associated with these storms. we even had a funnel cloud reported just north of fredericksburg and stafford. lots of reports of lightning and flooding and wind damage. that is going to be the legacy of the storm. has yetin tappahannock to be investigated but we hope to have the diagnostics on that later. for us, cloudy, breezy, and chilly with increasing -- improving weather for the weekend. jummy: the stormwatch team can keep you ahead of any storm. sign up forom and our text alerts for your area. we will have more on last night's storm
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gonzalez. metro, thews from general manager is announcing they will be increasing patrols on metro trains, buses, and stations. this comes three days after the shooting on a metro on the green line at the anacostia station. a frightening scene and rockville after a car crashed right into a building. luckily, the building is vacant and people inside the car had just minor injuries. take a moment to look at this video just into the abc 7 news room. valveater tells us a malfunctioned, sending water sky high. the valve is now closed and the road is now back open. crews are working to repair the valve. a boy thatit was took the internet by storm. the big gift for a little boy whose
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stormwatch coverage continues. we will also get a look at what to expect as we head into the weekend.
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a bizarre: students in prince's george's county just .efore yesterday storm firefighters were called to a house on ramble would drive just after 4:00. a teenager ran up to tell them a house down the street had caught fire. in all, 10 people have lost their homes.
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damage in montgomery county after a garage on mckinney avenue in silver spring caught fire. damage is estimated at about $675,000. no one was hurt. one man seeking shelter in his basement last night ended up in an emergency when a wall collapsed. john gonzalez explains exactly what happened. john: such fierce wind came through and so much rain so quickly, it was too much for this small home to handle. you can see the orange sticker on the door condemning the home. we spoke off-camera with the woman who rents this room. she was home at the time and luckily she was home because she heard the cries for help. we want to show you the incredible images from inside. the 86-year-old homeowner was inside at the time, the rain was slowing down, and he wento
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wall fell down, tracking him. >> very strange. >> very tragic. he is a nice old fellow so i hope he is ok. >> he was talking to us the whole time. he was very lucky that that post held everything up. elderly man did have that wooden column supporting what was a week ceiling, and that more than likely saved his life. this woman saying that post is directly under her bedroom. the older man is expected to survive. house inspectors have been out to take a closer look at the damage. in silver spring, john gonzalez. jummy:
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and evening of storms. doug: considering that it is february. snow south of chicago, we saw the violent weather on the east coast, and it is out of here. looking over the next six or seven days, i think you will be pretty happy. dozensyou a live look at and dozens of weatherbug cameras around the area. if you were up early this morning, you saw some sunshine across your area, then the clouds rolled in, and this is how it will stay all day. do not expect anything more than a brief passing sprinkle or shower. 39,s cold and hagerstown, 45 in leesburg, 47 in fredericksburg. the wind is a factor, no wind
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consistent wind out of the west, southwest that will turn more westerly. it will drive the wind chills down a little bit, but it is february. it is cold. detroit,umbus, 32 in 33 in pittsburgh, not dramatically colder than our weather, and temperatures will moderate. over the weekend, things will change. the wake ofin, in that system across portions of new england, still lingering snow from the storm as we get a backlash of very cold air. the snow will not make it east of the mountains. they will stay on the western facing slopes. as we get through the day tomorrow, it will be chilly with increasing amounts of sunshine. we will get you into the weekend,
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see a change of the wind direction again. we will start to warm things up and the next seven days look really good. 52, warming up to 48 on saturday with sunshine. our average high is up to 50 degrees, that is our average high. look what we have to offer in the next seven days. about 48,a warm-up to then sunday, 60 with sunshine, 63 on monday with a chance of sprinkles. now, will it come in like a lion or a lamb? baaaa. that is how march is coming in. that was not indigestion, that was my animal sound. jummy: scott
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final news conference from aboard the international space station. return to earth after spending 340 days in outer space. it is an experiment with he and his twin brother. it could give the best information yet on the effects of long-term space missions. next at noon, the restaurant planning to give d.c.'s streetcar a run for its money. plus, a boy with a kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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jummy: a live picture of governor terry mcauliffe touring
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virginia, where one person died and the storms that blew through the area yesterday. the governor will then go to waverly around 1:00 this afternoon, and after that he asl head to exes county -- six in tappahannock, virginia. stay with us right here on abc seven for the very latest. after much delay, the d.c. streetcar service will finally be open for business on saturday, but they are not the only ones. -- these color phil trolleys will offer free service between the atlas performing center to the new nando's restaurant on h street. a clever idea. stumbling, stunned, and
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-- veterinarians are seeing dogs who have ingested marijuana. times face fines and jail if they intentionally drove their dog. in most cases, they say the dog got into their marijuana edibles by accident. tonight, kimberly suiters investigates why so many dogs are on dope. boybig gift for a little who took the internet by storm. double be back with
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andy: it was a heartwarming heartbreaking image that swept the internet, a little boy in afghanistan whose brother made him a jersey for a soccer star out of a plastic bag because they could not get a real one. until the player found out himself. he is the owner of a signed jersey, number 10. he got other shirts and a soccer ball. i love stories like that. doug: that is terrific. let's talk to next seven days. tomorrow, colder, it will start onwarm up with sunshine sunday, and very mild next wee
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>> welcome to movie week. we've got some of the most fanatical movie buffs in the country playing our game today, hoping to create their own hollywood endings. will someone ride off into the sunset with $1 million? we're about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. thank you, welcome to the show. are you guys ready for movie week? [cheers and applause] it's been a great one. and we have a returning contestant who comes from a family of diehard movie fans. please welcome back, from astoria, new york, miss joni gallagher. [cheers and applause] joni, welcome back. >> thank you. >> come on over.


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