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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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brianne: hours before passengers get to climb on board for the first time. today was a smooth ride toward union station. but at times the streetcar driver was forced to stop because of an open car door blocking the lanes. when one streetcar stopped they all have, to maintain spacing along the route. >> there you go. cause a lot of traffic, too. >> i mean, i really do. you can see that now. >> the max speed the cars can go is up to 50 miles per hour. the average speed you are moving down h street is 12 to 15 miles per hour. taking it 30 minutes from one end to the other. each car holds up to 115 passengers. there is plenty of seats, space for bikes and three doors to get on and off. the question still remains will people use it? >> i don't know. it probably will be helpful for people who are disabled or old. >> you have a lot of traffic. i don't see how
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benefit nobody. >> so you can see it here. it officially launches tomorrow. those are the signs to be able to check to see when the next streetcar is arriving at your stop. now it will be free for the first six months. today we noticed in a number of businesses along h street the pamphlets to give everyone the information they need to know. reporting live along h street, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: one more note here. if mayor bowser has her way the h street line is just the first section of the 22-mile priority streetcar system. the city's ultimate goal is to build a 37-mile system that will reach each of the city's eight wards. leon? leon: alison, another mode of transportation having real issues in the area tonight, breaking news now. a serious accident on u.s. 1 in alexandria. look at this here. this is news chopper 7 live over the scene where five vehicles were involved in a crash. this is on route is just past russell road in fairfax county if you know the area. all the southbound lanes are blocked at the height of rush
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of delays if you are going through the area. five people have been sent to the hospital. some of them with serious injuries we're told. our sam sweeney is on the way to the scene on mobiletrak7. as soon as he checks in we will get an update on route 1. in the meantime, d.c. public service commission rejected the proposed pepco-exelon merger but in doing so they did leave open the point of the eventual approval. they said if a series of conditions are met, two of the three commissioners would approve the nearly $7 billion deal. >> it doesn't fit and it is not in our favor. it is not in the public interest. the people of the district of columbia were harmed today and will be harmed on into the future by the deal. >> until we review the fine print, it is hard to say. obviously we still believe this is in the public interest. we are pleased that they supported it. and kept it going. >> now the approval of the d.c. regulators is the final hurdle in the merger. maryland, virginia and other states signed off.
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the district, the combined power company would have $10 million customers in the mid-atlantic region. alison: to vote 2016. bombshell today. >> no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs at home and around the world than donald trump. alison: that is right. new jersey governor chris christie endorsed donald trump for president. you may recall christie and trump really exchanged vicious barbs on the campaign trail when the governor was still in the race to be the republican nominee for president. trump, though, is widely considered the front runner heading to super tuesday. we are going to have much more on this coming up in a few minutes. we turn to breaking news out of washington state where sheriffs say five people are dead following a standoff in the western part of the state. now police say four people were shot inside of a house. then the gunman shot himself. police negotiated with the man
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shootings. we will let you know what is going on there as soon as we get more information in the newsroom. leon? leon: we are keeping a close eye on a developing story coming out of kansas where a man is dead after opening fire at a factory. this all happened in the small town of heston, about 30 miles from wichita. jonathan elias here now with more on what is happening there in the situation. jonathan, what do we know now? jonathan: here is what we can tell you. police say cedric ford shot three people before going in the lawnmower parts factory, where he worked and he opened fire there. three people were killed. 15 others were wounded inside the factory. a crazy day. police say ford arrived for work at 2:15, an hour and 15 minutes later. he was served with a protection order for abuse. an hour later coworkers noticed he didn't come back from the scheduled break. it was 5:00 when the first person was shot. a man driving with his two children. moments later ford shot another driver. then stole that person's car. his next stop was
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caught up with him and shot him dead. >> a hero out of all of this. understand that there is probably 200 or 300 more people in that building while this is going on. this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> the first officer to confront him got in a gun battle with him. that officer killed him. police say ford did have a lengthy criminal record and that the protective order had to do with abuse in the workplace but they are not saying much more about that. today president obama offered his condolences to the families and he called on americans not to get complacent about the mass shootings. back to you. leon: thank you. calling it a new era, virginia governor terry mcauliffe signed gun policy bills
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out of the state permit holders to legally carry firearms in virginia and it prohibits people's subject to the permanent protective orders from carrying guns. police will now attend gun shows for the voluntary background checks. the law passed the general assembly with the byte support. alison: meanwhile in northern virginia the debate is raging about a plan to open a gun store in arlington. the owners are getting the green light to open this shop. it will be a north pershing road not far from fort meyer. we'll have more on the story coming up in a few minute. leon: tonight the clean sup under way after the deadly tornadoes in virginia this week. today the national weather service confirmed seven twisters touched down in old dominion wednesday. four wiem were killed. three in the town of we have aerly. the -- waverly. the fourth was appomattox. a fifth person died in shenandoah county where the car was swept away in flooding. winds were the story today. alison: windy and cold today
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chief meteorologist doug hill in the weather center with a look at when the winds will subside. doug: they will diminish later this evening. with the clear skies the temperatures will get chilly in the 20's all areas later tonight. look at the current temperatures around the area. 38 at reagan national. so for this time of day, this time of february that is well below average. 37 in manassas and baltimore now. the winds, these are the gusts in the past 20 to 30 minutes. still 31 miles per hour at reagan national. the winds will diminish later tonight. with that the temperatures will fall to 30 in downtown washington. 20s in the remainder of the area. the weekend we will get off to a sunny, chilly start tomorrow. get to 48 with the sun in the afternoon. have a big turn-around on sunday. we are forecasting sunshine and a high of 61 degrees. can't wait for that. more for you in a little bit. alison? leon: you are not alone. alison: thank you, doug. leon: new information on a latex spill in the potomac river. maryland department of the environment fined paper-maker verso
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the state says two spills sent thousands of gallons of synthetic latex and red dye in the river last fall. much larger latex spill prompted two west virginia town to close the drinking water intake until they determined there was no health dangers to them. police in bowie found three different skimmers in the last week. so cheryl conner asked what to do to keep your pin and money safe from people who are planting the devices. cheryl: we watched dorothy davis fish for her bank card and get out cash at the a.t.m. located inside 7-eleven on racetrack road in bowie. >> you used the machine yesterday. >> yes. cheryl: she said her bank account checked out but we told her to keep an eye on it since she used her card the same day that bowie police say a technician found devices to steal account information. the chief showed us the evidence. skimmers and the cameras found on three a.t.m.'s at 7-e
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stores here on mount oak road and crane highway. >> you can run your fingers to see if there is a seam. the reader itself will be loose because all it is, it's a sleeve going over the top of the reader that is connected to the machine. cheryl: skimmers catch the information on magnetic strip. the tiny camera shows you entering a personal identification number. added protection you can cover up your card with your hand as you enter your pin number at an a.t.m. >> do you think you would recognize the devices? >> no. cheryl: since the alert went out chief says his officers have taken several reports on hacked bank accounts. >> you are not safe anywhere unless the money is under the bed as they say. cheryl: chief says if you used one of the machine change the pin for the card and check your bank account regularly in case your information was sold. in bowie, cheryl conner, abc7 news. leon: coming up at 5:00 -- she is a hero and
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kids' guardian angel. leon: a fourth grader gives her life to save two others. we will tell you what happened. alison: and officer noah leotta's death shining a light on drunk driving in maryland but wait until you hear how many officers have been hit in the last few years. leon: as we head to break we take a look back. 3 years ago today. bomb -- 23 years ago today the bombing of the world trade center bombing in new york city. six killed. several injured.
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there is a serious accident on route 1 between fry road and buckman road. right now we are told by the fairfax county police that five vehicles are involved. two of them collided head-on. five people have been taken to the hospital. some are in serious condition. we are in mobiletrak7 on the way to the scene. we will have an update as soon as we get there. a live look right now over a serious accident in fairfax county. back inside to you.
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>> this is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> do you know what -- >> no, no, no -- >> every time anyone points at donald's actual record and what he said on national television donald yells "liar." leon: just a sampling of the fireworks at the last night republican debate in houston. there were five men on stage but it turned to a three-person argument between donald trump, senator marco rubio and senator ted cruz. texas considered the big prize on super tuesday. but virginia, you have a primary next week, too. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg went out today and asked around to find out if anyone here is excited about it. jeff: despite the big names in the race virginia voters don't seem excited about super tuesday. he says the problem is the selection. >> i'm not happy with the ca
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jeff: but the candidates would like to win virginia and they are showing it. hillary clinton will be in northern virginia on monday and bill clinton was here earlier this week. marco rubio will be in loudoun this weekend along with other stops across the commonwealth. donald trump was in virginia beach on wednesday. and will be in southwest virginia on monday. places you might find campaign signs along polling places or roads it is hard to find any indication a big election is around the corner. >> i'm surprised by how little people care. >> jeremy mayor is a professor of government at george mason university and says the voters in virginia are not used to the attention of iowa or new hampshire. that mentality is hard to change. >> if any year was going to, it would be this year when donald trump is running as a republican. and bernie sanders is a democrat. jeff: clinton has a huge lead over sanders in virginia and trump's
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>> in every election any voting is important. jeff: sophia cares about super tuesday but many of her friends do not. >> not excited. jeff: that is not good news for any candidate of either party. in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: a reminder that several virginia school districts decided to close for super tuesday. they include fairfax, loudoun, pins william and spotsylvania counties. school administrators say they are closing because of the large crowds they are expecting. leon: stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage for super tuesday. we have a team of reporters spread out across virginia as the results come in. for those keeping track at home maryland primary is scheduled for april 26 and we will be all over that as well. alison: this is a delicate topic. you may want to be careful asking if an older woman may be the newborn's grandmother? because births to women in their
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last 15 years. >> we are going to have like baby and menopause crashing down on each other. alison: our consumer investigator kimberly suiters finds out how many of the women in their 50's are getting pregnant naturally and how many are paying for pregnancy. pregnant and pushing 50. tune in sunday night at 11:00 after the oscars. doug: i have a feel for that. my twins are 19. i remember they were babies and toddlers and in strollers. people say i watch you on t every night. are these your grandchildren? no. they are my kids! alison: you shiled tweetly. the weather will do a turn-around for us. this time lapse from nationals park. not that long before the nats are home playing but right now we are starting off with clouds around area.
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36 at the park. look at the sky. it cleared out. high pressure moved in. we still had gusty winds. we still do. we can flip the coin and talk about the nats right now in vierra. south of there at melbourne the closest airport there is 65 degrees. so when you seer rin down there enjoying the warm sunshine she is really cold because it's 65. i will take it any day. we won't be that far from it by the time sunday rolls around. 30 in frederick. that is chilly given the average around this time of february it's near 50. 33 at children's hospital in the district. capital heights at 34. look at the wind gust. 45-mile-per-hour gusts in the past hour or so. it's mid-to-upper 30's everywhere you look. the wind gusts are scattering reports in the
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minutes. strongest is up in baltimore at b.w.i., 30-mile-per-hour gust. 31 at reagan national. stronger. 29% gust in manassas. chill is the story for a while. we haven't had the wind chill maps up often in the past few weeks but we have today. it feels like the 20's now. as the winds diminish, this is the future wind speed. look at this hour. sustained winds projected in the upper teens to 20 miles per hour. before the overnight temperature, the temperatures will drop in the 20's. but the winds will diminish. that is good news. it won't be as gusty tomorrow. southern california is warm. but most of the country is mild. there is a chill in the east. coldest air is the extreme northern new england, maine and quebec in canada. that is where the real cold air is. we have high pressure building in but it will eventually move to the east here over the weekend.
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winds to turn southwesterly. northwesterly wind. cold direction from canada and the lakes. as we get over the weekend it will change around. tomorrow we will have the southwesterly winds developing. six to 12 miles per hour. that will boost up to the 40's. sunday check it out. 616 degrees. nice. sunshine. partly sunny monday and hit 62. that is a leap day. happens every four years. same story for tuesday. we hit 60 before the showers arrive and we'll turn colder for thursday. maybe more rain developing by friday. leon: do you still have snow piles at your place? doug: all gone. gone for a week or so. leon: still do. i wonder the date we finally have no snow. doug: with the 60's, it will be soon. leon: talk to you monday. alison: we'll see what happens. thank you. leon: the outfit that shocked the fashion world. alison: yes. we'll look back as we inch closer to one of the biggest fashion nights of
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kidd: good afternoon. i'm kidd o'shea live in hollywood on the red carpet. we take you inside one of the fancy hotel rooms where the stars will be hanging out this weekend in a live report. alison: but first a look at what is coming up at abc7. you can log on to to be a abc7 fan. that is how you can get information on all the favorite shows. right through your e-mail. we'll be right back.
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alison: welcome back. at we count down to the oscars which is really soon. coming up this sunday on abc7. so, did you know that the same company made the little golden statues for more than 30 years? rs owens and company based in chicago. they are all capped by hand. leon: but they look different this year. they are going back to the design from the 1950's. alison: real gold, right? leon: on the outside. not the whole thing. you know what it would be worth? amazing. alison: earlier this month most of the nominees got together and met for the traditional preoscar lunch and the class photo you could call it. leon: that is what we see here. but do you wonder where the
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hollywood? our colleague kidd o'shea is live in l.a. he has the answer for us. hey, kidd. kidd: good afternoon. setup is still underway. there is excitement on the red carpet now. all the stars will be here sunday. where are they staying ahead of the big show? we went to find out. it's all about location. the hollywood roosevelt hotel is right next to the red carpet. it's where the very first academy awards took place in 1929. >> been going four or five awards. the first award went to mary pickford who was an investor in the hollywood roosevelt at the time and created the academy with douglas fairbanks. kidd: the winners were announced three months in advance and ceremony only lasted 15 minute. 88 years later celebrities will city be staying in the he fell for the oscars now held across the street. >>he
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kidd: the roosevelt v.p. of the brand development gave us a behind the scene look at the rooftop, too, great spot to watch the red carpet. >> i can't talk right now. could you please call my assistant. i have to post more pictures on instagram. the producer suite is home base for chris rock and the other celebrity presenters. it goes for $35,000 on afternoon. it has the only balcony in to showcase views of downtown l.a. to the hollywood sign. as you come back live here on the red carpet this afternoon look behind me. you can see press from all over the globe. broadcasting live already. take a look, they are still putting the finishing touches on everything. we have been here since tuesday. we have seen the red carpet transform. i started with just the red carpet being laid which is now covered in white plastic. that will be picked up on sunday. of course, they are also gi
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that is above me to make it feel like a greenhouse in here. the forecast for sunday is sunny and 80. so imagine being in a gown and a tux and all the lights and the cameras. they have to try to cool it off in here before then. live in hollywood, i'm kidd o'shea, abc7 news. alison: i have no sympathy, kidd, with the cold wind we have here today. it sounds nice. leon: enjoy it while you got it. alison: have fun. leon: the oscars are considered the biggest night for fashion of the year. alison: of course. get this. this was exactly one year ago that this, the dress, that we all know it as now hit the internet. do you remember if it's blue and black or white and gold? can you believe it has been a year? leon: i thought it was longer. alison: i saw blue and gold. leon: is that what you saw last time? i see white and gold. alison: i see blue and gold. leon: it's white and gold. but they say if you see the dress in person
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black and blue. alison: yeah. leon: it's the light. the window and all of that. the back of your eyeballs and there you go. gold and white. some people see it differently than last year? alison: what does it mean? your eyes are going bad? leon: i don't know. it depends what they are watching for the past year. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a good tip for you here. find out what a player did off the ice that is getting on the buzz tonight. alison: then later, we are going to take you under ground. look inside the future for dupont circle. brad: i'm brad bell at the montgomery county police headquarters. we have just release video of an officer getting struck by a drunk driver. what is really stunning is how often that
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood,
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now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. leon: officer leotta's death put efforts to stop drunk driving in maryland but he was the far from being the first officer struck by a drunk driver on duty. brad bell has a look at sobering statistics. brad? brad: the number is stunning. in the last three years 50 montgomery county police officers have been struck by
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we will show you a video in a second. they tend to happen like this. officer is coming up to check on a car he has pulled over and suddenly a drunk driver comes by too close. the officer is struck. look closely at the video. officer michael murphy approaches a car and a driver. an survivor roars in and out of view. he runs to the car and gives pursuit. >> traffic stop. brad: he has just become one of the 50 montgomery county police officers to be hit by a drunk driver in the last three years. the driver pulls over. >> do you know you hit me with your mirror? brad: they learn his identity. a multiple repeat drunk driving offender. he flunks every field sobriety test and yesterday sentenced to three years in prison. state attorney john mccarthy. >> thank god that officer
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jump out of the way. brad: this week officer murphy among those in annapolis to lobby for a bill for alcohol sniffing interlock devices. ironically sanders was already supposed to have one but when he hit murphy he was driving a borrowed car. another reason that the fellow officers are applauding the sentence. >> we are in the street and it is just inches or seconds away from being killed or seriously injured. brad: officer murphy lucky the side mirror hit him in the back. he suffered bruised ribs. in december, police officer noah leotta was killed in a similar way. that bill in annapolis mention the story named for him. noah's law. brad bell, abc7 news. leon: thank you for that. when officer leotta was laid to rest hundreds lined the route for the
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progression gression including local students. one of those paid tribute to the fallen officer with a letter. >> in maryland where a seventh grader was surprised by officer leotta's family. i have the touching memorial coming up tonight at 6:00. alison: also today, people have donated nearly $76,000 for the funeral of a heroic san diego girl. 10-year-old kiera larson died monday after she pushed two toddlers out of a car's path. the children were playing outside when a car parked in the driveway slipped out of park and began to roll. >> she saved both of my daughters' life. these are my two kids that i have. both of them could have been gone in an instant. she stepped in and took over. did what she knows best to do. that is to protect those around her. alison: the car was knocked out of park by a
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it. leon: that is just heart breaking. heart breaking. alison: devastating. leon: the thing is there is no one to blame for it. you know? makes it sadder. this one completely different. a little lighter. this will make you feel better. the washington capitals on the ice tonight looking to get back in the win column against the minnesota wild. one of their players is already winning on the internet. michelle marsh has more on why the player is trending now. michelle: brooks like has been praised for generosity before in 2010 after a game seven loss to the canadiens. the hockey star changed a flat tire for two stranded cap fans. on wednesday after another loss to the canadiens his generosity was on display once again. a waitress who works at in clarendon posted a photo on instagram. receipt for $24. but like and the fiancée, dancing with the stars julienne hough left a $100 tip.
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much love. the seven-month pregnant server cried when she saw the tip and called called the two te sweetest couple ever. nice surprise. even though he wasn't having the best day he managed to make someone else smile. leon: that is the guy he is. i love that. alison: a great story. michelle: kind of want him to lose again but not really. leon: no, don't do that. alison: thank you. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- forget the lord of the dance. you will meet the working woman behind a local dance company ready to celebrate 20 years. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen near the white house where this weekend a new movie act jacquelyn kennedy onassis will film exterior scenes. coming up details on the plot and the information for drivers about the road closures. leon: coming up ahead at 6:00 tonight, the reason facebook ceo mark zuckerberg got angry at his pleas and this has nothing to do with the battle with the f.b.
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steve: the weekend is here. partly cloudy skies. the winds will ease so form when you head to the farmer's market in old town or dupont circle you will look for the temperatures a bit milder. not going to deal with the wind chill factor. 48 degrees for a high tomorrow. near 60 on sunday. look at the next seven days. when is the last time we saw four days to 60 or better? we drop to 40's next week. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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alison: tonight's working woman is the founding artistic director. >> choreography is working with the dancers on a series of romantic and the elegant duets ahead of a huge performance for t
5:41 pm
with love" at the kennedy center. >> i found the fascination with the step and the music. >> she had a scholarship to the jaffrey ballet in new york at age 18 and lived there for ten years but a car ran over her left ankle and she could no longer dance on point. so she gravitated to modern dance and ultimately choreography. >> i want to be a person who bounces back. i'm resilient. as long as i was able to dance it was okay. it was a rough blow. >> she founded it in 1986 of in arlington and created 80 works. what makes the company special is the community outreach. dancers work in schools. do impromptu performances in airports, malls and grocery stores. >> we try to bring dance to the public also without, you know, no ticket charge and bring the jail of dance and professional -- bring te
5:42 pm
dance. >> there is dance for parkinson's, giving patients free classes six days a week. >> we just trump the disease while they are there. maybe we should keep ahold. >> as she prepares to celebrate 20 years she says she will continue to follow her heart and the music. >> i knew the hard part of dance and the hardships. i knew i was going to be rich. rich in experience. getting to follow my passion. alison: they will perform at the kennedy center march 18 and 19. leon: what a great example. i have seen people give one a lot less after not being hit by a car. alison: can you believe that? leon: ran over her ankle and she didn't give up and still doing it. alison: bring it to the community is so special. leon: that is great. alison: good stuff. good luck. leon: coming up at 5:00 -- >> every day of the week. but
5:43 pm
>> is that a recipe for success? bryce harper hopes so. erin hawksworth goes one-on-one with the m.v.p. to find out his game plan for a healthy 2016 season. sam: i'm sam sweeney. underneath dupont circle in the old abandon centrally car tracks. could it be the newest art exhibit? or possibly a speakeasy? i have that story coming up when "abc7 news at 5:00" continues.
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leon: check the roads with a bad situation. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. jamie: i want to start with the sun glare and the slowing. gallows road. it is cold. no rain to deal with. we are heavy to route 32. that will take you an average of 25 minutes. 45 minutes on 75 between the
5:47 pm
beltways. we have mobile crews all over the weekend. we still have the potholes that are not filled. so be careful and take it easy. i went to mobiletrak7 with sam sweeney who is approaching an accident all afternoon on route one. what are you seeing? sam: good afternoon. it is a mess out here. take a live look. it's some of the backup on route one richmond highway right now. approaching fry road. this is because of a serious accident. if we can go to pictures from news chopper 7. five vehicles involved. five people to the hospital. three in critical condition. two of them are taken by ambulance. one by medivac. two people with non-life threatening injuries. this was one truc
5:48 pm
we understand someone in the northbound lane was driving and they crossed over the yellow line and hit another car head on and that hit three other cars. a big mess here. in the alexandria section of the fairfax county shut down now. if you know someone who uses this route, they will be late. back to you. alison: thank you. the restaurant and shops made dupont underground a hit in the 1990's but the novelty was short-live and it's sat vacant for two decades. now the push is on to bring it back to life. sam sweeney shows how to help make the plan. sam: dupont circle is an iconic landmark but underneath the circle is a place few have seen.
5:49 pm
>> it is spooky actually. people used to stand here to wait for the trolleys to go to work. sam: but for the better part of the last century the gate has been closed. >> it used to be a lively place. lively part of the city. sam: now the group dupont underground is trying to bring life back to the abandon corridor. >> you want to turn the space to an amazing art space. a place open to open thinking. zach right now rail line and creeking pipes, 6 of 50,000 plastic balls that used to call national building museum home are in hundreds of boxes that line the abandoned track. dupont underground believe the balls will change the art scene in the capital. >> having a creative economy and art is critical to having a world class city. >> they need proposals.
5:50 pm
you think you have an idea of what to do with the balls under dupont circumstance? you have a week to get the idea in. d.c. underground needs money. $100,000. in addition to an art scene they want a speakeasy style bar, party place and maybe pop-up hotel. but first they have to get it up to code. >> we are at a moment in the d.c. history where it is changing rapidly. >> this is the next big thing in d.c. they expect the doors to open april 30. reporting underneath dupont circle, i'm sam sweeney. alison: interesting. leon: cool spot. >> definitely. see what happens. alison: we are ready for a change. doug: starting off with a nice look with the weather conditions outside.
5:51 pm
the temperatures are cold. 38 in reagan national. northwesterly wind at 20. it will drop in 20's overnight. that is a change coming our way. later tonight watch wind speeds as they drop off late tonight 5 to 10 miles per hour. light winds overnight. we will be in the low to mid-20's. more sunshine and highs to 61 degrees. last time i checked is 65 in florida where erin hawksworth is having a chat with the new skipper. erin: it's gorgeous here and a perfect day to talk to the reigning .v
5:52 pm
how does the 23-year-old stay in phenomenal shape for what really is a long season? he said you know what? it comes down to diet. now you may remember last year harper was in espn's "the body" issue. he looks fantastic. he doesn't just wake up and get out of bed looking like that. he says it is about nutrition. and it's not just about the weight room. he says his diet is super clean. you talk about eating right. what is your diet like? >> they help me out with it. he has for the past two or three years. so pretty much everything he eats i'll eat. during the year -- erin: what does it entail? give me a sample. >> it's a gluten-free/dairy-free. a lot of protein and high-end green, super foods. i love ice cream. erin: what kind? >> i love caramel toffe
5:53 pm
erin: do you have a cheat day? >> absolutely! every sunday is my cheat day. so you try to go into it the right way every week. you have good meals throughout the day. my sunday i kill it. definitely. erin: what do you eat? what is your favorite cheat meal besides ice cream? >> man, i'm not sure. pasta, things like that. pizza. i could kill that every day of the week. yeah, ice cream is my thing and double stuff oreos. >> favorite pizza place in d.c.? >> two amies. it's a great place. i enjoy that down by the cathedral. i enjoy that after games. erin: he said he could eat pizza every day of the week. i said that sounds right. i could go for
5:54 pm
delicious. coming up at 6 of:00, we talk about the baseball and new manager dusty baker and how they are they getting along. we look to his goals for the season. hard to top last season. but he is only 23. have you been to two amys? i haven't tried. alison: got to go. leon: since you are the newcomer. bryce has good taste. it's a winner. alison: now we're all hungry. thank you. it will be looking like cam lot in the district -- camelot in the district
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
alison: a new movie about the kennedys is in production with some scenes filmed in washington. as mike carter-conneen report, tourists near the white house this weekend might think they have gone back in time to one of the darkest chapters in american history. mike: the upcoming biopic "jackie" has
5:58 pm
following the j.f.c. 1963 assassination. in december, "vanity fair" released the first portrait of natalie portman, the latest to portray jackie onassis. >> she was a classy elegant woman she handled it with grace. >> the production company is tight-lipped but this weekend the crews will film exterior scenes around the white house. >> you can't duplicate the nation's capitol. you can do the sound stages and sets but at the end of the day you need the real thing. >> the crews started to set up around constitution hall and the d.c. police are warning drivers to annoyed the area saturday and sunday when they will close down a few blocks of 14, 15, and 17th street northwest. >> according to the d.c. office of motion picture and television development, the exterior scenes in washington will recreate president kennedy military funeral procession. with frigid 40-degree weather any movie extras will need the bundle up. >> i brought my b
5:59 pm
today. >> the wind chill makes it really unbearable. >> still some tourists just getting wind of this plan to check it out. >> movie with natalie portman, yes. in a second. mike: with the film focus on the kennedy funeral event it's unclear if the production will try to recreate the iconic moment on the step of the st. national cathedral. a spokes certain said there is no film on site because they don't allow the property to be used as backdrop or hollywood sets. in northwest, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: that will do it for the news at 5:00. here is what is ahead at 6:00 -- deal or no deal? pepco-exelon merger hits a snag. the conditions that have to be met before it can move forward. ready to roll. a first look inside d.c. streetcars and how long you will get to ride for free. and out of tragedy comes something beautiful. how a group of students and police officers came together to honor fallen officer noah
6:00 pm
announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. leon: this breaking news is a serious accident on u.s. one. five vehicles were involved a crash there just past russell road in fairfax county. maureen: live in mobiletrak7. what can you tell us about this? sam: maureen this is being cleaned up. take a live look behind me. accident investigation reconstruction crews on the scene. five vehicles involved. you can still see there are four of them here on the scene. one a tow truck. three of them are smashed up right here as crews try to clean up the road. several lanes are blocked. traffic is backed up all the way down in the southbound and the northbound lanes. we are standing route one at buckman. if you know anyone that normally comes home on this route, they will be late. here is what we are told by the fairfax county police. car driving in the northbound


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