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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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mcdonald's, they found the child's father in the middle of the road and the little girl was unconscious. he made the decision to transport the child to the hospital and got the child there within 13 minutes of arriving to the scene. later that night he found out that he and the other firefighters that responded to the call placed on nonpunitive administrative leave because the fire engine is considered a non-transport unit. >> i would do the same thing. i'm 100% confident in the decision i made. diane: he says the child is doing fine now. that is all that matters to him. coming up, we will have more on the developing story tonight at 5:00. we are live in stafford county, diane cho, abc7 news. jonathan: saved a life. thank you. also today a police officer is honored 'hue mousily for her work -- posthumously for her work. ashley guindon shot the weekend before last. the funeral held in her hometown of spr
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being laid to rest. family, friends and officers from all over the country are on hand to pay respects. two other officers shot in the domestic dispute continue to recover in the hospital. one person is dead following a stabbing in landover overnight. another person stabbed and survived. this is in the 3100 block of 75th avenue. police say this wasn't random. this is one of two instances domestic violence just today. maryland bureau chief brad bell on the scene with the investigation. brad? brad: jonathan, the police were called here at 3:00 a.m. when they got in the apartment building here they found a terrible crime scene. as you said, two women had been stabbed. one of them was deceased on the scene. the second woman is still alive. we are told her injuries are critical but at this point they are not believed to be life threatening. what we can tell you is that this is believed to be a
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man involved. but at this point the police won't go much farther than that. this is what they are saying right now. >> this does not appear to be a random act. we have strong leads in the case. brad: very strong leads. police believe they know who the suspect is in this matter. you mentioned at the outset this was not the only crime of domestic violence. that is right. there was another stabbing this morning as well. it, too, involved a woman. when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you about that. and this disturbing trend that seems to continue here of domestic violence murders. in landover, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. you may notice a change in taste and smell when it comes to your tap water. officials say it's still safe to drink. they have changed the disinfectant in the drinking water system as part of what is described as a routine cleaning program. the temporary switch will affect d.c. and
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virginia residents. to reduce the odor they suggest to run the water for a couple of minutes and refridge rating it. to maryland now and the v.c.s. destroyed in the riots in baltimore following the death of freddie gray. the c.v.s. is back open. it has taken 11 months to rebuild. the men and women who worked there in the riots were transferred to other stores in baltimore while waiting for reopen. the location was ransacked and set on fire following the funeral last year. jonathan: vote 2016 news. the "washington post" endorsing congressman chris van hollen to replace barbara mikulski. she is retiring at the end of her term. van hollen going up against fellow democrat in house, donna edwards. the democratic primary is april 26. former first lady nancy reagan died over the weekend. she was 94 years old. in her role she coined one of the most famous phrases children still use today. "just say no."
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talking about drugs. her legacy goes beyond 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> nowing flowing in and preparations underway to lay nancy reagan to rest. the former first lady passed away at her los angeles home sunday. >> she died peacefully. it was her time. alison: in the capitol, staff staff -- flags at half staff. public sent. the president today. president obama: i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but the country as a whole. alison: frail at 94, mrs. reagan's mind was still sharp. >> mentally she has been 110%. fun to work with. alison: she remained the chairman of the board at the reagan library and said to be a guardian of her husband's legacy, one barbara walters says she contributed to. >> she was a dignified, elegan
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husband's legacy. alison: president reagan died in 2004. one of the last times m's reagan was seen in public was here in a wheelchair at his grave site on the tenth anniversary of his passing. that is where her body will be laid to rest. beside her beloved late husband. >> he would come into her office to talk to her. he had to know where she was, find her and be with her. alison: on sunday a hearse carried mrs. reagan body from her home to san sta monica for a few days until she is brought to the reagan library where she will be buried. alison starling, abc7 news. >> for me i know i'm the best quarterback on this team. i feel like i'm the best quarterback in the league. i have to show that. any athlete at any level concede to someone else they're not a top competitor. jonathan: so we're losing the best quarterback in his own mind t
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who could forget that interview? robert griffin iii confident he was ready to bounce back as the starting quarterback. michelle: we thought he had the job locked up until the surprise announcement not long after that kirk cousins would be number one. jonathan: erin hawksworth is joining with us the inevitable decision. this is the worst kept secret here. he is on his way out the door. kirk cousins did a fantastic job. erin: he did. the way kirk cousins play last season there is no doubt he was not going to come back. we knew that rgiii's days were numbers. it was a matter of time. now it is official. it really is a sad day for redskins fans when you think about how electrifying the rookie season was in 2012 and how quickly things started to unravel. on his facebook page today griffin left a long message. here is a portion -- "i just want to take the time to say thank you skins nation, thank you to my teammates for all the memories and the relationship over the past four years. you guys have helped through all the ups and dow
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and have become a part of family for life. i wish you all the best. you always have a brother to lean on. thank you, thank you, thank you. although my time here is over i'm excited about what the future brings." there are several other players that will not be back with the team. fan favorite and one of our own durell young is not coming back but he will call in to our special hour-long edition of the "toyota sports talk accounts tonight from 8:30 to 9:30. we want to hear from you, too, what you think about rgiii not being back. jonathan: this guy has skills and talent. he will be good for some other team obviously. erin: you hope so. you hope he get another shot. he is not lacking confidence. that should do well for him. jonathan: now he has a test, when you put the gauntlet down he has to live up to it. thank you very much. michelle: this is the subject of the twitter question today. will the redskins regret letting rgiii go?
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70% of you say no. keep voting. the poll is open all night rand you can follow us at abc7. jonathan: some of you are weighing in on facebook. here are the comments we have got. "he was overrated from the start. too much hype made about him. skins can do better without him." others wish griffin the best. chris says, "classy guy. he will be missed. good luck, rgiii." the conversation continues on facebook. some of that may end up on television. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the supreme court weighing in on the bat mobile. michelle: of all things. still ahead, big changes to the s.a.t. go into effect. we'll have help for your children and explain why you will probably wish this version was around back in the day when you were in high school. >> how bad are the issues that need to be tackled on metro? what a general manager had in an open conversation today.
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so you thought it was warm this afternoon. wait until you see what is on the way. temperature close to 80 degrees.
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jonathan: breaking news regarding the pepco-exelon deal. exelon has a new proposal and it hopes to get the district behind this. the company sweetened the pot a bit to give the d.c. public service commission $20 million to be used for the customer discounts, help with low-income customers or modernize the grid or all of the above. that is on top of the $25.6 million exelon agreed to pay for customer discounts. we reached out to the mayor's office for comment and have not heard back. we'll let you know. michelle: covering metro. today, general manager and ceo paul wiedefeld says metro should be the best transit system in the country. he admits there are lot of hurdles in the way. brianne carter has his plan to turn wmata around. brianne: paul wiedefeld today saying there isn't just one thing to be done. to restore the issue with the transit system. today outlined his plans to do just that and let the authorities need to be transparent and accountable. answering questions for an hour at the
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club today, wiedefeld was trance parent and said this area is -- agency is serious about safety they have to make decisions about safety. he announced that he is restructuring management within the authority adding there needs to be a focus back to basics. to focus on the nuts and bolts of the system. when it comes to finances there is many discussions if they need funding source and how to get the financial house in order. wiedefeld says they need to manage efficiently and adding tough decision. he also addressed an issue many riders focus on in the morning and the afternoon commute. crowded platforms inside the station. he said some station employees will now be reassigned to be platform attendants at the key transportation in addition to metro transit police getting down in the system on the platform and on the train.
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when he was asked about the system as a whole this is what he had to say. >> worse than i expected. we have to go after the issue. brianne: they announced a new customer accountability report. so they will be able to see the progress made on each one of the projects. he says he expects to be updated every other week or every month depending on the project. he talked about getting more information out to riders as they approach the stations. we have more on how he plans to do that tonight at 5:00. jonathan: news from around the nation, alabama lawmaker proposing a controversial new bill to permanently and physically punish the child molesters. i would requir
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castration for men and women convicted of crimes against children 12 and younger. it would be required before the offender is released from prison. opponents say it does not correct the offender's mental help. michelle: the supreme court rejected appeal from apple over the price of ebooks. they found apple violated the antitrust laws in 2010. apple wanted to raise prices of the downloadable versions of books to try to meet the top spot in the market on the best sellers list. amazon controlled 90% of the market with the kindle. selling books for under $10. the ruling is new york stands. >> it was a busy day on the nation's highest court. they decided the fate of this. does it look familiar? the bat mobile. the supreme court is allowing a lower court ruling involving a copyright infringement decision to stand. a cal
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replica for car collectors found to have done so without getting permission from d.c. comics which has the rights to the bat mobile. and batman. replicas were selling for $90,000 each. that has to hurt. the thing is, who will drive one around the street. if you see it on the freeway? look at the roads with jamie sullivan. messy for monday. jamie: it has been. start with 95 in virginia to show how good it looks now compared to the five-mile backup we had earlier. back up in the 40's. if you are on 95 northbound through fredericksburg. take a look outside. show you what else we are working. the traffic looks good if you are traveling on 95.
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typical for southbound. northbound is clear without problems. i want to move to the maps. focus in on what we are seeing in d.c. the one issue we have is the slowing. of course. it will take you 11 minutes. if you are heading northbound on 295 to get closer to baltimore washington parkway. the other issue is a car fire. third street northeast between l and m street northeast. all lanes are currently blocked. traveling on the northwest corner, the inner loop at 15 miles per hour. getting from i would say a little bit closer to the american legion bridge and the g.w. parkway to 270. a little bit of a break and heavy again closing in toward bethesda. moving to the waze map, talk about the maize wazers. if you pull out you can see many of the wazers on the stretch reporting the same thing. definitely slow. back to you. michelle: thank you. how about this for
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conditions? heavy snow shut down i-80 in california around the sierra mountains. pileup and spin out for miles brought traffic and cut vacation short. maybe extended them. no report of injuries. chatting with jonathan and it will cut back in the snow deficit for the past few winters. jonathan: 18 feet of snow in ma mouth mountain. 18. huge. jonathan: this is the northern lights across the u.k. if you have never seen them, they turn the sky all kind of colors, like a rainbow in the middle of the night. you feel like it's daylight because it's so bright. michelle: no filter. no instagram filter needed. nature's natural beauty. gorgeous. >> belly button cork.
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it's amazing. no filter. jonathan: the first time i saw it what is going on? the guy was laughing saying it's the northern lights. steve: we are on the northern edge. for us tonight, enjoy the milder temperatures. a touch of early summer i would call it. this is national harbor. sunshine out there. 64 degrees. dew point level is this low so it will feel dry and comfortable. it will change. feeling that make you feel like the summertime will be back by wednesday and thursday. ill is cooler to the west.
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shenandoah 55. 70 in stanton. later this week we have a chance to hit 80 degree mark. our winds are out of the south isouthwest. gusting from 15 to 20 miles per hour. breezy out there right now. we move through the evening hours if you have the dinner plans outside you want to bring a light jacket. temperatures will fall to the lower 60's. to the upper 50's by 7:00. 9:00 tonight. may be walking home in the middle 50's. 40's early tomorrow morning. satellite and radar added clouds to the west of us. it will stay dry tonight. it will stay dry tomorrow. the next time you are going to need your umbrella will come in the upcoming weekend. it is not a wash-out. let me take you out to look at the seven-day outlook. temperatures around 75 degrees on wednesday. upper 70's on thursday. the record stands at 78 degrees at reagan national. thursday, chance to tie it or break it. thursday the best chance for the temperatures os
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michelle: 80? steve: 80. and on top of that daylight saving time is sunday morning this weekend. the sun will set after 7:00 next sunday. michelle: i like that part of it. but then you lose an hour. steve: give and take. would you rather have 12 degrees or lose an hour? michelle: i'll take the loss of an hour. jonathan: if you like stars you will see stars on the emmy awards. kimmy kimmel host the primetime awards september 18. "kimmel live" after the news. this is his second time hosting the emmys. he did it in 2012. nominations will be announced in july. apologies to matt die mon. he wasn't invited this year. michelle: that joke never gets old. jonathan: coming up at 4:00, the s.a.t. overhaul. the changes your children need to k
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wishing the options were availle when you were in high school. michelle: d.c. neighborhood fighting back against crime today. the seemingly small fix some say could cause a serious crime problem. today on abc7 news at 4:30.
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alison: you may heard of the new college s.a.t. entrance exam. it debuted saturday. it is getting good reviews from students that took it earlier. i'm joined by the regional director to break this down for us. so tell us about the feedback you has gotten so far. >> good question. we have gotten great feedway so far. the students like how the questions were worded. they are more straightforward and easier for them to follow. on the flip side, though, the timing is an issue. a lot of the sections are longer and it is taking longer to get through it. mental stamina and endurance is tougher. alison: what are the biggest changes? >> the big ones there is
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even in the math section. another big thing is the scoring. going back to the 1600 storing. answer all the questions. alison: guess. >> absolutely. absolutely. with essay, it's optional. we found 85% of the people did take the essay. we would encourage that. odds are they will probably apply to a school that will require that. if by chance they don't take it and later apply they will have to retake the whole test because you can't just do the essay. >> there was attention given to the multiple choice broke down from five options to four. is there a big difference for the students? >> we haven't seen anything as a big difference so far. the wrong answer penalty going away is the one thing we heard a lot about. the other thing that students are on the mix about and scared of is no calculator section. part of the math and they take the calculator away. alison: what advice do you have for the students as they prepare to take the s.a.t. s?
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now is the time if they are taking the test. if you start running you don't run a mare on the the first day. these are the same way. the courses, practice test. now is the time to prepare. alison: thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. alison: take care. all right. michelle: thank you, alison. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- it's a seemingly small problem with a fence in washington. the community fighting back coming up. jonathan: still ahead, apple users if you think you are immune from the virus and the hack attacks we have a warning for you. the program to look out for and how getting caught with it could cost you hundreds of dollars. this is all on "abc7 news at 4:00" when
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: just a hole in a fence but the residents say it's a big problem. michelle: they are worried this allows drug dealers and other criminals into a neighborhood. d.c. bureau chief sam ford shows us how some residents at the hilltop apartments are fighting back against crime. sam: at the hilltop apartments in northeast, neighbors mitchell
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are tired of it. >> i am scared to come out at night to take out the trash. sam: so your son is coming home -- >> coming home and got robbed coming in the building. >> where you live. >> unsafe. sam: they blame the fears on the hole in the security fence behind their building they say provides no security at all. people use it as a neighborhood short cut since it is there. worse, others use it as a hangout at night. february 19, 23-year-old michael adams was shot to death and fell in front of the bedroom window. the case is unsolved. >> what if i was taking out my trash. i would have been caught in the crossfire or my son would have been caught in crossfire. saz residents say it is getting worse. not only are they dealing dealih this hole but people coming through made another hole in a fence here to give them access to people's balconies. they are concerned about theft. >> they can go up to the top to get out or come up on
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sam: the property manager declined to go on camera but she told me she has bids to repair the fence. >> i have been saying stuff to her for two years now and ask her to get it fixed. all she keeps telling me is they are working on it. sam: they say they pay enough rent, $1,300 a month to have safety. in northeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: this is a day that you feel like winter is behind us. beautiful. steve: in the back window, right? if you thought it was a little warm today and you like it a lot warmer it will get better in the next three days. no complains unless you suffer from the allergies and the pollen count is shooting through the roof. look at the temperatures across the area. 65 in reston. 64 in gaithersburg. the reason why annapolis is cooler. they are on
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the winds in the middle 50's. 65 in woodbridge. wind gusts 15 to 20 miles per hour. those will ease a little bit later tonight. you don't have to worry about the wind chill factors. once the sun goes down the temperatures will get chilly out there. the day planner or the evening planner for the night out is calling for temperatures in the upper 50's. 7:00, we'll see a few clouds here and there. added clouds by 9:00. temperatures in the middle 50's. we will fall through the 50's to down to the 40's by tomorrow morning. there is no rain until upcoming weekend. 73 tomorrow. 75 on wednesday. we could look at the record time or the record breaking warmth by thursday. michelle?
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to break. thank you, steve. a beautiful day for drivers to roll down windows. but for tens of thousands of northbound travelers on i-95, a horrible day because of the midway traffic jam. emergency repairs for made to overhead sign north of the rappahannock river bridge in fredericksburg. as mike carter-conneen reports, virginia state police say it was all caused by a speeding driver. mike: traffic moved at glacial pace impacting the highway traffic and the local drivers. >> i had to make my baby to his first doctor's appointment. he is 5 days old today. i went to get on 95. it was blocked off and we have been in traffic for two hours sitting he
4:35 pm
and down the corridor and electronic highway sign. many angry drivers complain they did not get the message. >> according to the virginia state police, speeding driver in caroline county was pursued on northbound 95. the crash dislodged several bolts requiring the sign removal to result in the backup as far as the high could see. >> it reopened at 2:30. >> i took me an hour to get from here to there. >> the traffic impact continued in the afternoon. the police identified the traffic as 29-year-old maryland res debit who was charged with reckless driving, felony assault and other charges
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for the damage to the sign. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. gas prices on the rise around the region. according to the a.a.a. mid-atlantic drivers are paying six cents more than a week ago. the national price for gallon of regular is $1.81. higher in the district at $1.90. gas prices are still 64 cents lower than this time last year. jonathan: republican congressman and the marine veteran says the navy seals don't have enough combat rifles of all things. duncan hunter says the seals returning from the deployment hand over their weapon to the units that are shipping out. trading the guns. the issue is not funding but too much bureaucracy involved.
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michelle: around the nation, jury deliberations underway in a lawsuit filed by sportscaster erin andrews. she is suing an operator of a marriott for $75 million. she says they bear responsible for allowing her stalker to rent the hotel room next to her. barrett was convicted of taking nude video of andrews and posting them online. he received a two and a half year prison sentence. former pro wrestler hulk hogan took the stand in his $100 million civil suit against gawker media. it began this morning. in 2012, the gawker website published portion of the video showing hogan having sex with a friend's wife. hogan is suing for invasion of privacy. gawker claims that since hogan is a public figure the t
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the first amendment. jonathan: when a plane crashes it's not often you talk to people on board the aircraft. a small plummeted 2,000 feet down to long island. a man and his daughter surviving. fortunately this is opted with a parachute so when the engine lost power the pilot was able to safely bring the plane down. he and his daughter are thankful to be alive. jonathan: you could be a pilot for jet blue. no experience necessary but it comes with a price tag. we let you know how many pilots-to-be enter the class. michelle: meet guys to join the jet blue class. the
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billion dollar jackpot. that's when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns.
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michelle: a nearly $300 million payday could create sibling rivalry. jonathan: it could but these brothers say it won't happen to them. on a trip to florida, james won $291 million in power ball. his brother bob won just $7 in the same drawing. james says he has no intention of keeping the money for himself and his entire family will benefit. >> if you can't help family, who can you help? jonathan: sure. michelle: that is the right spirit. exactly. before he spends the money on his family, james has to split the winnings the the two other people who bought the ticket with him. so in the end he will end up with $47 million. still a nice by a day. you can do a lot with $47 million. jonathan: even if he has a big family he can help out a big family. michelle: he goes going back to florida. good start. >> now to a man who doesn't need more money. kobe bryant. did you see the s
4:43 pm
lucky thing for him. custom made for kobe and the lakers to honor his career. jonathan: one has a number two, the other a four. for kobe's number. we have seen comem rative shoes and shirts but not socks. interestingly enough the lakers one of the worst teams in the association are terrible this year. they beat the defending champs and the best team out there right now golden state. so maybe hang on to the socks for a little while longer. that was the talker. michelle: lucky charge. jonathan: the lakers beating golden state. michelle: yeah. jonathan: there you go. michelle: you have your own sock theme going on. jonathan: robert burton and i do. sock contest. coming up month-long mystery. the former aide by vladimir putin found dead in a d.c. hotel. four months later no closer to solving what killed him. why the case is so difficult to crack. we'll have it coming up. >> plus, if you are an apple user thinking nobody hacks a
4:44 pm
the viruses, pay attention to this. the program you need to be on the lookout for so the device isn't hijacked. the warning after this. announcer: countdown to spring --
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michelle: a mystery to medical examiner's and stephen tschida has japan update on the investigation. it explains how long a case like this typically takes. stephen: november 5, body found in the luxury sweet of the dupont circumstance -- suite of the dupont circle hotel. the mystery just got deeper. the d.c. medical examiner's office has not been able to determine what killed him. >> they know. somebody knows. it's just whether it is publicized or not. stephen: the national association of medical examiner states 90% of all investigations should be complete in 90
4:48 pm
>> they don't know where russia is. >> within days of the 57-year-old death, the case captured international headlines. some speculate the billionaires was knocked off possibly cooperating with the u.s. intelligence. a recent british investigation found cause to believe that russian president putin ordering the poisoning in 2006 of k.g.b. agent turned kremlin foe. this woman who doesn't want to be identified thinks the current case deserves more scrutiny. >> there has been remarkably little reported on it in general, which is surprising. >> as far as going forward in the quest for the cause of death, all the medical examiner's office is saying keep checking. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: breaking news to tell you about. we'll show you the live pictures. this is happening outside the white house now. posture would indicate to us nothing urgently is
4:49 pm
police are coming together. something may have happened. fence jumper attempt or something. we don't know. trying to figure that out. we have a crew on the way. if we get information we'll let you know. this is outside the white house gate on pennsylvania avenue. michelle: now a "7 on your side" consumer alert. apple computers are being infected by ransomware. the hackers hijack your computer and lock it out until the ransom is paid. program to look out for is carringer that will make you pay $400 to get your files back. apple is taking steps to protect you from the malware. jonathan: if you have $125,000 and four years of your life you want to give up, you could be be a pilot for jet blue. "could" is the operative word. you don't need aviation experience, you just need money and time. 24 spots open for a new pilot training program run by the discount
4:50 pm
replace the traditional pipeline and the pilot hiring process. the airline actually hired more than 300 pilots last year. for the weather, great start to the week. beautiful out there. michelle: meteorologist josh knight is in. it will get better from here. josh: this is just the beginning and it will continue to warm up. that doesn't stop people to take advantage. this is my dog. we are so dog friendly the restaurants have out water bowls him. got to come as well. we are walking people. people are walking the dogs enjoying the nice weather. as you switch around over here to the other side you will see quite a few people enjoying more of the sunshine as well. restaurants not quite with their seating outdoors yet.
4:51 pm
66 degrees for you in chevy chase. 67 in manassas. as we go throughout the evening, thanks to the cloud cover that is moving in, the temperatures don't fall too quickly. like we were saying the temperatures are going up. we have the mid-70's on the seven-day forecast. the temperatures will cool off some and bring in a few showers. the best days are here for the middle of the week. this weekend we have have the rock 'n' roll d.c. marathon and the half marathon. we are watching for a chance of spotty showers. we are starting out in 40's to work toward 60's for the end of the day. mid-60's now. working to the mid-70's throughout a lot of the week. so for now we'll enjoy this. see if we can talk to anybod
4:52 pm
well. i hope it's transitioning to a nice commute. how does it look for your world? jamie: it's slowing down in some areas. i love the see you with dollar. i know you are enjoying it. these people here across from the wilson bridge not enjoying what they sit in. slow traffic due to an accident. they have moved everything to the right-hand side. get to the west. moving to the map, i want to show you how big the backup is. it's building. on the inner loop aheading the wilson bridge. to get to maryland, prince george's county to alexandria. the waze map, we have a waze reporting a serious
4:53 pm
there are big delays southbound. jonathan: thank you. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- cashing in on one of the oil change coupons could have you paying more than a standard oil change. the add-on and the surprise cost to burn a hole in your wallet faster than the oil in your car. michelle: at 5:00, remembering nancy reagan. remembering her little known connection to a neighborhood when she was a chitted and how they are paying tribute ahead. jonathan: at 6:00, what a local man is doing to help the flint, michigan, residents affected by the water crisis going on and how you can help as well.
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john: ryan chamberlain figured why bothering change his own oil if he can get it changed cheaper at a shop? >> i went online and found a voucher for $14.99 for oil change. >> he clipped a coupon for $14.99 oil change and tire rotation. but the bill was almost $50 in total. it turns out -- >> paid $34.99 additional charge. >> the shop billed extra for oil disposal, filter disposal, recycling fee, shop supplies and equipment cost. >> this can range from $28 to $68. >> he says no shop can make money doing oil change for
4:58 pm
under $25. the oil and the filter alone costs -- >> $22 to $25. >> the fine print says they can charge up to additional $39 in fees. >> the car is up and the oil is removed. >> what extra fees come with the oil change before they pull in. not once the oil is drained so you don't waste your money. >> i would do the same thing. i'm 100% confident in the decision i made. >> two firefighters are defiant after being put on leave for breaking rules to save a toddler's life. it's sparking a change. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: breaking news today from the white house. where moments ago there was
4:59 pm
heavy police presence there. police say someone attempted to jump the fence. the person made it past a low bike rack sized barrier before taking into custody and no one was hurt there. the bike rack was one of the few counter measures added recent months after a string of fence jumpers at the white house. we will bling you more information on -- bring you more information on this when we learn it. leon: good news is the bike rack worked. alison: that is good. leon: the definition of the no good deed going unpublished. two staffer firefighters found themselves in hot water after they opted to rush an 18-month-old little girl to the hospital in a fire truck rather than waiting around for an ambulance. alison: so after the story went viral over the weekend. the fire department is changing its tune. diane cho live in stafford. you spoke to a firefighter and now the chief has spoken. what can you tell us about this? diane: the stafford county fire chief sa
5:00 pm
decision is under review is because the way the little girl was transported to the hospital not because of the care that was provided. captain james kelly wouldn't change anything about the decision he made last month, responding to the 911 emergency. kelly, a firefighter with the volunteer fire department and a d.c. firefighter responded to a dal for an 18-month-old little girl who had a seizure. he got to the mcdonald's on ferry road he saw the child's father standing in the middle of the road with his daughter. >> i would day the same thing. i'm 100% confident in the decision i made. diane: he called dispatchers and was told the first medic unit was 12 to 15 miles away. another unit was closer but never got their exact location. he said he called for mutual aid from the city of fredericksburg. >> he said we were riding down the road. she vomited. she started to have convulsions. diane: he made the decision to put her in


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