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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 9, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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now," your voiceyo vote. trump and a stunner for bernie sanders. bier challenge? >> also ahead, the hot button issues that sent voters to the polls last night. the mood of the electorate so revealing this morning. and new this half hour, the world cup of soccer. >> no, not that world cup. these soccer players are actually robots, and some of the competitors were actually on fire. >> and later a sneak peek at the new season of "game of thrones." fans want to know, is jon snow alive or dead? what does it all mean? that's in "the skinny" on this wednesday, march 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good wednesday morning to you. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. >> you know how big a night it was for bernie sanders
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michigan. >> you know what? hillary clinton does so well with minority community. i think possibly evangelicals, as well. so it was really a surprise for so many people that he broke out of that group and was able to turn it around. >> yeah. they gave her a 99% chance of winning michigan. >> you should have bet against the odds. >> i should have gone the other way. all right. let's start though with that race for the white house. yes, donald trump regaining momentum after a week of blistering attacks but bernie sanders enjoying that big victory that no one saw coming. > that photo finish in michigan, sanders winning by a healthy margin of more than 20,000 votes proving the pollsters wrong. hillary clinton handily winning in mississippi thanks to overwhelming support from african-americans. >> here's how it the republican race shaping up. donald trump winning in mississippi and michigan where john kas
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showing. ted cruz the projected winner in idaho and marco rubio finishing >> donald trump's ability to pick up the bulk of the m legates shows e has virtually been ineffective. >> bernie sanders is promising the best is yet to come after his big win in michigan. abc's liz kreutz begins our coverage from cleveland. good morning, liz. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and reena. hillary clinton took the stage here in cleveland, ohio, last night not even mentioning those races in mississippi and michigan. that one turning out to be much closer than her campaign expected. bernie sanders, the comeback kid? overnight, the vermont senator eking out a surprise victory in michigan. >> the bernie sanders campaign, the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country. we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> reporter: for hillary clinton, an embarrassing loss. al
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mississippi, her campaign was hoping to lead by double digits hillary, bill, and chelsea clinton have campaigned there focusing on issues like detroit's auto industry and the water crisis in flint. >> i asked if we could have that debate there because i want to keep shining a bright spotlight on what happened in flint, michigan. >> reporter: sanders meanwhile now getting that extra boost of confidence, tweeting late last night, the corporate media counted us out, the pollsters said we were way behind, but we won in michigan. thank you, michigan. in recent days clinton has been showing signs she's ready to get to the general election. tonight clinton and sanders come face to faces in miami for the eighth democratic debate. kendis and reena? >> abc's liz kreutz in ohio where the next big contest is on tuesday. it was a big night for the republicans with donald trump winning huge. >> and our coverage begins again live in detroit with abc's megan hughes.
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megan, is michigan really important for trump? is this a big win? number one, it is obviously adds to his momentum. number two, it is a state with a huge number of delegates just on the republican side, we're talking about almost 60 delegates. trump is going to get a big number of those. it's also significant when it comes to the general election. we're seeing a lot of reports that a number of independent voters came out for trump. now, if that's the case, there is a chance that we'd see a strategy to make michigan a real battleground state come november. >> and really things start to really change going forward. ted cruz is making gains, as well, right? >> reporter: we did see one win from ted cruz in the state of idaho tonight. that's significant because ted cruz, the only republican to beat trump tonight. or last night rather. so that's a case that we've been hearing cruz make over and over
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he's the only one that can beat o what's next for the republicans, megan? >> reporter: well, march 15th big day for both parties. but on the republican side especially, you've got ohio, you've got florida where john kasich and marco rubio are going to be defending their home turf. also important to point out for the republicans, some of those states are winner take all. so that's going to be a very big night to watch. >> next tuesday very big indeed. we'll look forward to it. abc's megan hughes live in detroit. thank you for your time. >> sticking with the republicans, some revealing information from gop voters. >> in exit polling, mississippi republican voters overwhelmingly supporting trump's plan to ban non-u.s. muslims from entering the country. 76% supporting that plan. >> when you look at michigan, half republican voters prefer an outsider as the next president. 41% said they want someone with experience. >> staying in michigan, the
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question, is donald trump honest and trustworthy? it was split down the middle there as youhour, at least one r severe weather in parts of texas, arkansas and oklahoma. and ityet. with more rain, flooding and damaging winds expected today, we have more from abc's phillip mena. >> reporter: powerful storms roaring through the lone star state. at this gas station in saginaw, texas, winds gusting to 70 miles an hour, whipping this canopy. >> the store was full, and everybody was just standing in there scared to death. >> reporter: and confirmed tornadoes. in stevenville, the top of these apartments ripped off. another in the town of cool. this is damage from winds over 85 miles an hour. >> whoa. >> reporter: power flashes caused by this tornado near tolar, lighting up the sky. >> i heard the hail come and
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roofs coming off and spinning. >> reporter: jimmy hill helping pull two injured from the rubble. torrential rain leading to multiple high-water rescues, including six students and their driver, after their school bus got stuck in thigh-deep waters outside denton. at least one person dying in floodwaters near houston. friends and family are digging through the debris trying to salvage a lifetime of memories. phillip mena, abc news, tolar, texas. >> to the west coast where normal train service is expected to resume this morning in northern california after a storm-related derailment. investigators say the commuter train derailed because of a mudslide that sent a tree across the tracks. one of the cars plunged into a creek. nine people were injured, four of them seriously. but rescue crews say it was a miracle no one was killed. >> a health alert this morning. the world health organization reporting sexual transmission of the zika virus is more common than previously thought.
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women not to travel to places with zika outbreaks. >> well, incredible pictures this morning from the middle east. quite a rush hour in qatar. >> here's what we mean by a rush hour. look between the cars coming this way. that's a large tiger cub that's on the loose. >> holy cow. reports say it was an escaped pet. >> thankfully the cub, there was plenty of traffic on the expressway. no one was going anywhere too fast. by the way, it's illegal to keep wild animals as pets so somebody should be in big, big trouble if they come to claim that little guy. >> do you think that's why traffic was stopped? >> no. >> doesn't seem like anybody was too panic ked. >> no, but i wasn't about to roll down my window to say hello. >> keep on, big kitty. coming up in "the skinny," the star hollywood filmmakers who are
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but clinton trounced sanders in mississippi with more than 80% of the vote. the biggest prize. and ted cruz, he won idaho. in michigan and trying to figure out what went wrong. >> incredible. i got to tell you, the past 24 hours the news cycle has been donald trump is losing momentum he's losing momentum. but after this mississippi win, i find it hard to say -- that he pretty much swept the south. did really well last night. how can we say his momentum is draining. >> hillary clinton did have a huge victory in mississippi, but the michigan defeat is stunning. the 538, our partners over there, are saying that the sanders' win there was one of the greatest upsets in modern political history. that's how huge it was. not a single poll had sanders coming within 5 points. >> jus
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viewers just because we put out polls doesn't mean they're always right. that most of us have because of our smartphones. textg distracted walking, they're amusing. > a new study reveals how dangerous this can be. abc's t.j. holmes has the story. >> reporter: we know the dangers of texting while driving. a new warning. a study finds the number of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents last year increased 10% from the year before. and from 2009 to 2014, a nearly 20% increase. one possible reason for the spike, more people walking while distracted on their cell phones. something we've all likely done at some point. like this guy. he barely flinches as a car turns inches in front of him. and look here. a bear on the loose and this man almost walks right into him.
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>> reporter: from "the office" texted himself right into that koi pond.epped off the curb and twisted both of my ankles. >> ever since then i haven't texted and walked. >> reporter: and watch what happens on the nat geo show "crowd control." distracted texters didn't even notice this gorilla. >> i was on my phone. >> t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. >> so nine in ten u.s. adults own a cell phone as of january, 2014. that's a l o
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>> i do. >> i can see you doing that. >> and i hen ithe lobby, not paying attention. >> bad. the latest fan fake t >> and weighing in, the new cast of "dancing with the stars." the "skinny" is up next. you have something to say? he's a big fan. big fan.
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leading off "the skinny" this morning, the brand new trailer for "game of thrones" and it is sending the world confused messages. >> fans are in agony as it's still unclear if lead character jon snow is dead. >> is he alive? one of the most successful tv shows ever is now entering uncharted territory showing images from season six as the series has now outpaced the books it's based on, and there new trailer raising many questions as it first showed the slain snow, but then some astute fans found a very quick shot where it appears a very much alive jon snow is riding horseback in a battle. >> many fans have been freaking out including our resident "game of thrones" expert bk.
3:49 am
he's right behind you. right behind kendis over here. >> it's not just me freaking out, guys. >> let's see what some people are saying. lizaj17 is saying i'm having some kind of panic seizure anxiety attack. me too, liza. what's happening? others like guadabloop, they're inspired. saying they'll be watching all the past seasons until the new one comes out. and that's actually what i've been doing back here, guys. just watching an "game of thrones." >> everybody does all the time. >> now you guys know i just sit back here and watch "game of thrones.." >> you do. also, i was wondering, was that the same shirt you wore yesterday, too? >> what are you saying here? i do laundry. >> you've been there so long watching "game of thrones." >> moving on. >> the mother of dragons. >> hollywood film making siblings revealing what they
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both have in common being transgender. yesterday the second wachowski lana came out as a transgender woman. >> the two known for being behind the matrix franchise. feeling they might be outed, lily writing her own headline, wachowksi brothers now sisters. >> she also cited the 1991 film "the silence of the lambs" as having demonized anvillified the transgender community, adding we are not predators. we are prey. >> the kennedy center with its 2016 season set to delve in the hip-hop genre. and they've enlisted the producer q tip bringing him in as their very first artistic director of hip-hop. >> and he's well suited for the task. tip as he's known has been on the cutting edge of hip-hop for nearly three decades
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for his early work with the group a tribe called quest and will include a e competition. excitement. anspki of danecape ong on the 22nd season of "dancing with the stars" announced. >> the official reveal took place yesterday on "good morning america." we already knew that abc chief meteorologist ginner zee is in it along with jodie sweetin of "full house" fame. rounding out the women, actress mischa barton, kim fields known for tutti on the "facts of life," ufc fighter paige vanzant, and ex-wife of donald trump marla maples. they round out the ladies. >> so for the fellows we'll have our fellow journalist geraldo rivera, boys to men crooner wanya morris, and model nyle dimarco and a trio of football players former quarterback doug flutie and two of the top players on both offense and
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for better results, use finish jet-dry. ♪ >> here on "world news now," we love our sports. but that doesn't necessarily mean that we're good at them. >> so if -- speak for yourself. >> okay, sorry. >> so if you don't have the skills yourself, why not enlist the help of some robotic friends? knbc's rob hayes reports. >> reporter: soccer. >> in the corner, kick. >> reporter: familiar to people around the world. the players, fast and graceful. >> suspended goal. >> reporter: but over at caltech, the players are not so
3:56 am
not so graceful. and the game is definitely not -- s cc w students battling it out with their grades on the line. >> for a lot of people, this is the largest project they'll do in their entire undergraduate career at caltech. >> reporter: this is the 31st year of competition, an annual fan favorite you could call caltech's super bowl. >> i wouldn't call it the super bowl. >> reporter: all right. fine. but it's a pretty big deal for these students who designed and built these robots from scratch over the past school year. >> they spend the better part of four years learning theory, but then for about six months or two quarters, they get to build robots. >> that's another score. >> we have a very solid drive train. you have very good control of our robots.
3:57 am
it's been serving us incredibly well. no different. eads to the question, are the carli lloyds and david beckham's doomed to be replaced by these cleteless machines? >> david beckham doesn't catch fire on the field. i'd say definitely not. >> reporter: rob hayes reporting for abc news. >> congratulations. don't make fun of them. it's a really good scal and i have to say they're super smart. we'll never be able to put something like that together again. >> no. >> that's not your cup of tea. >> can you imagine what their social life is like? >> they'll probably making way more than us. >> all the dates they go on. >> kendis. kendis.
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a front. prowling in a traffic jam, an escaped tiger dodging cars and scaring drivers. and total eclipse. good wednesday morning. we'll start with the stunning results in the race for the white house. bernie sanders with a big night, donald trump


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