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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 11, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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this morning on "world news now," strategy shift for the republicans. >> how donald trump and his rivals took a dramatically different tone at last night's debate. did any of the candidates break through to the voters without repeated personal attacks? >> primary push from bernie sanders, attracting big crowds in florida. to hillary clinton returning to her home state. the strategy behind her new campaign ads. >> tennis controversy. new details about maria sharapova's positive drug test. who is supporting her for the first time and what a famous competitor is saying. and later, the darkside of social media. one woman's chilling story about how a single post changed her life. the lessons she's sharing on this friday, march 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world newno
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>> good friday morning, everybody. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we're going to begin with the latest republican debate marked by a drastic shift in tone. >> who were those masked men on the stage there. >> somebody put a xanax in their water. they faced off in miami last night but this time, get this, they stuck to the issues. and refrained from personal insults. with the next round of make or break primaries just days away, of course, even donald trump was uncharacteristically low key. we get more now from abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: republican front-runner donald trump took the stage with a double digit lead in florida. trump was asked to explain his wednesday statement "i think islam hates us." >> did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims. >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. there is tremendous hate. where large portions of a group of people, islam, large portions want to use
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means. >> the candidates took on the issues including how to handle violence in the middle east. >> there is no peace deal possible with the palestinians as the there moment. there just isn't. >> i will rip to shreds there catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. >> trump was on the spot after he was accused his complain manager was accused of roughing her up. >> obviously no one wants to be touched and violated like that. >> trump was asked about violence at his rallies. >> we have some protesters who have done bad things. they are swinging. they are really dangerous. >> reporter: trailing badly, floer senator marco rubio is making what could be a last stand in his home state. texas senator ted cruz in second place says he's the only viable alternative to trump. governor john kasich hopes to stay in the race by winning his home state of ohio. this was the last debate before so-called super tuesday 3 next week which promises be a turning point in the campaign. the republicans and d
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events in several states. besides ohio and florida, there are also contests in north carolina, missouri and illinois on tuesday. reena and kendis. >> hey there thank you so much, kenneth mo tune. the candidates abandoned the school yard antics for for their most civil face to face discussion yet. >> abc's political director rick klein gives us his analysis on the debate from miami. good morning, rick. >> reporter: reena and kendis, donald trump tamed himself. his ultimate enemy finally he showed control dominated the stage because no one was attacking him. by far the tamest republican debate to date. republicans saving their tamest for the last. and the other candidates seemingly not wanting to hit donald trump. they had tried so many strategies and failed in the past. this time around they decided to hold their fire and donald trump was left standing at the end. he is the overwhelming front-runner. the other candidates playing in their own zones, playing in their own lanes. after some of the most wild
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are ending with an essential whimper and growing acceptance that donald trump likely to be the nominee. the next contest, of course, critical. reena and kendis. >> it was a bit of a whimper. thank you. as for the republicans as the republicans took the stage rather, hillary clinton wrapped up a rally in suburban chicago. she didn't mention trump by name but she had she said when you run for president, it matter what's you say. in the meantime, her campaign has rolled out a new ad featuring the leading women of shonda rhimes' hit smoepz kerry washington, viola davis, ellen pompeo and rhimes herself all praising clinton as a champion of the real world. and bernie sanders is hoping for more surprise victories in those key primaries next week. he made several campaign stops across florida yesterday. rallying about 20,000 people all together. sanders promised to expand social security and told supporters he could clinch florida if the's
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turnout. the world says farewell to former first lady nancy reagan. her funeral is being held today at her husband's presidential library in california. relatives of every president dating back to jfk will attend. abc's lauren had lifter has the details. >> reporter: crowds filing into the reagan library to pay final respects to nancy reagan. here lying in repose. >> forward march. >> reporter: mrs. reagan's casket made its solemn and ceremonious arrival wednesday. >> into your hands, oh, lord, we commend our sister nancy. >> reporter: bus loads of people following shortly after to remember the former first lady. >> she's totally behind her husband. and i think that's a beautiful thing to see. >> reporter: behind her husband ronald reagan for more than 350 years of marriage and soon she will be laid to rest beside him at the library in this hillside tomb. after wednesday's funeral procession to
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library, final preparations are under way for the private funeral of 1,000 invited guests including michelle obama and hillary clinton friday morning. >> security's going to be very tight. we've got a number of extremely important dignitaries coming from around the world. >> reporter: giving readings and remarks at that private service, mrs. reagan's son and daughter, journalists. >> dan: sawyer and tom brokaw and treasury secretary and the former prime minister of canada. lauren lyster abc news, simi valley, california. >> abc news will have live coverage of the funeral starting at 2:00 eastern this afternoon. and reagan, of course, is known for bringing glamour back to the white house. there certainly was a lot of that on the display at the executive mansion last night. president obama welcomed canada's new prime minister justin trudeau last night for a state dinner. the first plan prime minister to get that the treatment in nearly 20 years, praising him for his policies onli
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refugees while also taking playful jabs over hockey and justin bieber. president obama announced he will address the plan parliament in june. >> looked like a really fun affair. >> it's always fun. a treasure trove of inside information surfaced about members of ice. 22,000 pages of documents have reportedly been leaks by a former isis member to the british media listing the personnel data of jihadis from 51 nations. the documents include a detailed form asking about blood type, skills, and whether the applicant is interested in fighting or becoming an suicide attacker. prosecutors are set to formally charge iran for the 2013 cyberattack on a dam outside new york city. the hackers never managed to fully infiltrate the system and investigators say they never posed any danger. no arrests are expected but the feds hope the indictment will act as a deterrent. to top executives of one of the nation's
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fired. wounded warrior project ceos steve nar destee and cee al jordan fellow are accused of jandering millen i don'ts of donation travel and lavish retreats. according to reports, spending on conferences and meetings skyrocketed by more than 1500% after nar desee took over surpassing from the group spends on recovery for wounded warriors. for the first time since she announced her failed drug test it, maria sharapova is getting support from one of her major sponsors. her racket supplier head is sticking with her. the company also saying it will extend its current deal with sharapova. meantime, the best player in the women's tennis game was blunt. when asked about sharapova's situation. >> i was surprised. you know, as everyone else, i don't think anyone was expecting that. so that was pretty much my reaction, just shock. >> that, o
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williams you heard from. at least three of sharapova's other major sponsors have suspended support of her. she faces a lengthy ban. she failed a drug test at the australian open and admits to taking the drug meldonium for various health issues. >> sort of a sports note now. the marquee match-up in the nba last night saw lebron james and cleveland cavaliers visiting kobe bryant and the lakers >> and with bryant retearing after the season, it was the last time the two stars would be on the floor together early on, bryant showed the king how it's done. >> so they call him the black mamba. he had the ball. bryant getting james up in the air. then he took it to the hoop as you saw. in the end, james had the last laugh. cleveland won the game 120-108. >> james has really dominated the regular season winning 15 of the 22 times between the two of them through the years. but i don't believe it's over till it's over.
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face-off, maybe for charity. >> retirement. >> maybe just for "world news now" only. >> who is better of all time? lebron, kobe? crickets. >> michael jordan. >> yeah. >> he was pretty good. >> he's good. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i hear he does good sneakers, too. >> he's got a few jordans. pretty good. >> moving on. >> coming up "the mix," online reviews of restaurants and hotels. we're about to share a posted review of a prison cell. >> did this really happen. >> that was definitive. michael jordan. >> i was talking about the prison review. >> oh, that. >> tons of chocolate bars dumped into a ditch and set on fire. why did all this candy go up in smoke? >> and later warnings about the darkest side of the internet. how one woman's ordeal can be a lesson for us all. you're watching "world news now." dinner. dishes. marriage. dishes. divorce. dishes. sleeping. (snoring) (sputtering) dishes.
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you're watching 15 tons of snicker bars being dumped into a bomb crater in gaza and then set on fire on orders by hamas authorities. the bars were collected from stores and distributors after mars issued a mass recall saying a small piece of red plastic was found in its netherlands factory last month. >> that is really hard because she is chocolate bars you can't get stuff in. it comes in through underground tunnels from egypt and the sigh fly. it's not easy to get these chocolate bars from here. so this is a big deal. >> this a
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>> recall on our website. >> more details on the website. >> how about we move on to pistachios. they were produced in california and sold nationwide. they've been recalled because they may be contaminated with salmonella sold under the brand names wonderful pair month farms and trader joe's. health officials are investigating 11 cases of salmonella across nine states. no deaths have been reported. >> even with a few extra days to file this year, the tax deadline is fast approaching. the irs is out with a sobering figure showing us how important it is to file those returns. the irs says it has nearly a billion dollars sitting on the table waiting to be claimed by nearly a million taxpayers who did not file a return. who better to explain it than rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: a staggering statistic about your taxes. americans are losing out on an estimated $1 billion in refunds each year. $460 a person. >> okay, so
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>> reporter: there are many little known tax deductions. >> you can deduct the cost of your work uniform from your taxes. >> true. >> reporter: in fact, anything you buy for work, uniforms, supplies and tools you use on the job can all be deducted. >> are you saving for retirement. >> i am. i'm on an ira. >> you can deduct it. >> depending how much you make. you can even deduct financial planning expenses and some magazine subscriptions. >> that's awesome. i didn't know that. >> reporter: plus a break for people who travel during business hours. you can't deduct the cost of going to and from work but you can deduct the cost of transportation within the workday. >> reporter: if you're working part time with two jobs, you can deduct some of the cost of getting from one job to the next. there's more. a billion dollars more according to the irs for people who didn't claim their tax refunds in the year 2012. what you need to do to get access to that money, file those late taxes, those 2012 taxes by
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mid-april this year, you could be due $718. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> thank you. that's good to know. >> great info. >> reporter: coming up, why a handful of people are actually volunteering to go to jail under cover. we'll go behind the scenes of this bizarre new show and find out who can handle life on the inside. >> but first, meet the woman who says the internet ruined her life. how one wrong social media had people threatening her life. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ make sure you're connected, the writings's on the wall ♪ >> there are no songs about the internet. so you went with that. nice job. internet is great for staying connected, but there's a
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darkside is at the center of a new unscripted series called "the internet ruined my life." >> it follows people whose worlds have been turned upside often through one single post. here's juju chang. >> this actress said she never saw it coming. > i went to sleep and the following morning, referring kind of hit the fan. >> reporter: one single act changed her life forever. >> i was receiving death threats. it was devastating. >> reporter: and the cause of all this hatred? a single tweet. >> i never thought that one tweet would ruin my life. >> reporter: a place where something meant for a laugh or a share. >> thousands of people are telling me you don't deserve to live. >> reporter: can tear a person's life apart. it's the new reality for 20 somethings, documented in the sci-fi series "is the internet ruins my life." for nicole that moment came in the form of an acting gig as an extra on her favorite show "glee." nicole often took to witter to speculate mostly rumors about
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wouldn't even make sense to most people. >> k is pq and pk. >> you tell anyone else what happened. >> reporter: the cryptic letters a code, a major plot spoiler saying character kurt would be prom queen analyst longtime bully prom king. >> i woke up to thousands of e-mails of new people following me on twitter and i was like, wait, what's going on here? >> reporter: the fallout from her tweet quickly became clear wlel a producer saw it and responded saying who are you you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create? hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment. >> i couldn't believe he could come across my tweet. a lot of people were saying they wanted me to die. @nicole ca ruth they are? are you going to be hit by a train. >> that would be
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between someone being threatened with physical violence, emotional violence or death threats on a face to face basis than online. >> reporter: nicole says she was black listed from working as an extra. five years later, she now works with her pape's roofing business doing of all things, social media. >> if i could go back in time and change it, yes, i probably would. i probably would be have liked to save myself the stress and the pain that i went through. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> never know. you've got to be so careful with what you post online. >> you do have to be careful about the people who respond to it. we also had that spore not long ago about one woman who posted a photo of her first child online and some other folks from the internet used that photo to say this woman had 14 babies with 14 different dads. >> i do remember that. >> she got a lot
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flu liquid gel that is max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. now it's time for "the mix." can you believe a guy who spent time in jail actually while in jail wrote a four star review for the facility he was in? the jail he was in? take a look at him. he's from england and it's unbelievable. he wrote that the staff is pleasant enough. you get all day breakfast, your own ensuite room and butler who would come with tea and newspapers. >> he's in a jail and writes a review of a jail. >> this is the jail he's in. you see the toilet there. he's posted pretty much while he's in jail the images from his cell. the police aren't laughing and said they going to look into it. there could be a breach of security. >> it really is a five star. this is also from the uk. a bunch of guys out golfi
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this morning on "world news now," republican surprise. donald trump and his rivals setting aside personal attacks in place of substance at last night's debate, as the democrats head for political battleground states. life or death. the family held hostage by an escaped prisoner. the fear in their home and what they did to bring this ordeal to an end. new this half hour, cracking down on men who hog seats on mass transit. >> it's called manspreading. offenders can take away up to three seats. one city's plan to give out huge fines. later in "the skinny," the hottest stars from canada. blame canada for them, celebrating at the white house with the obamas and the trudeaus. a big story, who did not make it there. it's friday, march 11th.


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