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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  March 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon on your side. jummy: take a look at this video. it shows montgomery county police officers running towards a burning car and into the flames to save a person inside. the officers are being honored for their valor. brianne carter spoke with the heroes moments ago. :rianne
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being honored in montgomery county for what is being called their heroic action. look at this video. video giving us a firsthand look at what unfolded along the beltway. the officers were called out to a collision on 495. flames shooting from the car and a man unconscious in the vehicle. officer cody fields got out his baton and try to open the window, breakthrough and get the door open. several unsuccessful attempts, he was finally able to get the door open. of thehe challenge officers trying to get the man out of the burning car. dhey could feel the windshiel and the -- of the car starting to melt. take a listen at what they had to say. >> the flames were coming
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the dashboard was melting, the windshield was melting. becoming more engulfed in flames. they were able to get the driver out of the vehicle, to get him back a safe distance. the two officers and the man in the car has never met until today. we will have more on the conversations them what the man had to say to the officers who saved his life. live looking a outside, we are a bit cooler the past few days, but nothing to complain about. doug hill is here with a look at the forecast. doug says it will be colder tomorrow and warm up on sunday, but we will not get chilly weather. just compare it to the 70's and 80's we have had the past few days. the sun is going to break through a little bit more. way above average. the wind will bring
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dry air. we expect to see more sunshine as we head through the afternoon hours. midday temperatures in the 60's, although a 70 popping up my name manassas. 67, baltimore, 67, fredericksburg. we will watch things through the afternoon. mild tonight. as we look forward to the next couple of days, cool air moves in tomorrow and we turn it around for sunday. details coming up in a couple of minutes. jummy: now to the search for a killer in fairfax county after an early-morning shooting that locked it down a neighborhood. just after midnight, someone shot and killed and 83-year-old man. that launched a manhunt that lasted past sunrise. jeannette reyes has updates on the investigation. jeanette: the serenity of this neighborhood was shattered overnight after reports of multiple gunshots
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gruesome discovery. around 1:00 this morning, residents were jolted out of bed. some heard one gunshot after another. some heard as many as 12. to telldent called police. later, a woman called about her 83-year-old husband, who was found unconscious in the backyard of their home. he had trauma to his upper body and died at the hospital. neighbors were urged to stay inside for hours. we went door-to-door, trying to make contact with the neighbors, see if they saw our heard anything. jeanette: most of the canvassing was done overnight. k-9 units searched the ground. the searches yielding no additional evidence. far, no one saw anything unusual. it is typically a quiet neighborhood with retirees. the house
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away from carly fiorina. a neighbor talk to him just yesterday. >> out there working in his yard every day. any day in the garden is a good day to me. he is in his 80's. he splits would. jeanette: this afternoon, detectives say they have no motive and at suspect. they are considering the possibility the suspect could have gotten away on foot or water. there is no immediate threat to the community. police remain on scene. reporting in lorton, jeannette reyes. searching. police are for a gunman. it started around 5:00 this morning. someone had been shot near 44th -- roads in northeast. initially, police did not find much.
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victim or a suspect. in a few hours, the nation will bid farewell to nancy reagan. the funeral will be held at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. the guests range from celebrities to four of the five and georget ladies w. bush. short, buted it sweet. something everyone would remember her well by. president obama will not be in attendance, keeping with tradition. mrs. obama will be there. we will carry the service live at 2:00 this afternoon. a surprising endorsement to tell you about in the race for the white house. his supporton threw behind donald trump. despite his repeated insults, the two have buried the hatchet. dr. cars:
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it is about america. jummy: he said his meeting surprised him with how cerebral donald trump is behind the scenes. many describe the debate in florida as civil. d.c. republicans have the chance to weigh in. the gop primary is 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. in northwest d.c. 19 delegates are at stake. that is equal to hawaii's deligate count. an accident happened at the intersection of branch avenue and accokeek road. the driver was pronounced dead at the hospital. if they people expect are hitting the roads now? let's check in with angela. you expect? can a couple of
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and volume delays for the most part. and on slow in interstate 95 in virginia. traffic cameras are showing periodic displays between occoquan and 123. crash activity along the side of the roadway through stafford. a work zone as you make your way into fredericksburg. checking the ride in the district, midday work, long-term works own any third street tunnel is jammed solid from new york to massachusetts avenue. lose the right lane between 14th and maine avenue. beltway,e capital prince george's county, we are moving nicely. southern maryland, the crash situation in brandywine, and over light -- and overnight crash with a utility pole knocked out -- and overnight crash with a
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semi-took out a utility pole. moving nicely at the american legion bridge. you should not find trouble spots in tysons or mclean. that is the latest on the afternoon ride for this morning. jummy: thank you. some must-see video you have got to see this afternoon. a high-rise rescue in arlington. it happened right outside our studios. a construction worker was injured on the fifth floor of a building that is under construction. crews had to use a crane and a basket stretcher to move him. his injuries are not life-threatening. new information in the death of a former vladimir putin aide. night, abc 7 reported the man died from blunt force trauma. he was
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service "russia today." he was found dead back in november. police are not saying whether he was murdered. over --., the worries the woman who touched of the nation's heart. what is being done for the woman who danced for the president as she gets ready to turn another year older. doug hill will break down the weekend rain risk.
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moment that stays with you. the 106-year-old d.c. resident who danced when she met president obama at the white house. we will not be calling her 106 years old. she turns 107 tomorrow. john gonzales was there and she got a special party with a surprise guest. >> you are best friends with the president now. >> yes. john: age is just a number. the number has to be special. she is turning 107 years old tomorrow. the city is throwing her one heck of a birthday bash today. am pleased to present to you an award. john: she loves to move those feet. the stage here, she started cutting a rug. we all saw, as part of black history
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of dancing with president obama and the first lady at the white house. >> how are you feeling today? >> fine. i feel better since i see these nice people. john: and she has volunteered for the past 20 years. >> if you volunteer, you live longer, live a happier life. she was born in south carolina in 1909. to d.c..she moved she has lived through 18 presidents. >> thank you for everything you are doing for me. i ask the lord to bless you. john: students performed, nearly 100 years younger. >> happy birthday to you.
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in southeast washington, john gonzales, abc 7 news. jummy: happy birthday, virginia. doug: she is amazing. jummy: she never stops dancing. she has the keys to life. doug: happy birthday. that is terrific. it is in the upper 60's. more sunshine. we have a brand-new weather camera to share with you from the howard 01 science center in maryland. clouds passing overhead, spectacular. dry air north of lanham. it will sink to the south. more sunshine through the day. may touch 70 degrees in spots. very comfortable. 70, manassas. 68, reagan national. 64, winchester.
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will break out. average still.e into the weekend, looking cooler tomorrow and probably mild on sunday. here is the front coming through. the front is going to hang south for a while and bring us showers. in the meantime, the weather is pretty good. we will give you our futurecast as we head through the afternoon, showing clearing skies. cloudiness creeps into the area tomorrow and we may see an isolated shower in the afternoon. that is about it. it will be cooler with the cloud cover. it looks likey, the main weather is cloudy. a warm front will push through. for the weekend, besides getting the forecast, 61 degree high tomorrow and 66 on sunday, we are going to turn
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you go to bed. it will be fine. after tonight, i will not bug you about changing the clocks and the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. in the upper 60's today, lower 60's tomorrow. shower chances, 30% late in the day on sunday. monday, the warm front slides through. degrees on tuesday. on wednesday, 74 and looking ahead to next thursday. you know what that green thing is. jummy: is that a leprechaun? doug: it's a leprechaun, dear. jummy: thank you. we will be back.
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jummy: last month, we gave you a look at the heroine problem in parts of our area, including the heroine highway -- highway. the problem stretches from coast-to-coast. david joins me now with a look heroin ing point, america. what can we expect to see tonight? hoping to put this on the national stage tonight, to start a conversation about is fact that heroin ravaging america at an alarming rate. the numbers are staggering pair 129 people die every day from a drug over dice. the vast majority
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and prescription pain pills. we have to do something about this ourselves if we are not going to get help. jummy: what did you find that surprise you the most? these are homes where children are loved and raised, looked after. these are kids out in the football fields and had an injury and were prescribed pain medication, which is the precursor. usersut of five heroin begin with prescription pain medication. it is staggering to think that that is the gateway. when the pills run out, a lot of young people have an opioid six. when they cannot get the pills, they turn to heroin, far easier and cheaper to get.
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families for more than a year. many of these families will tell you even they had no idea how it would turn, where it would lead in their family. it is very difficult in many ways. it is very important we look at it. all of these parents said not my child and then it happened. jummy: we look forward to seeing the investigation tonight. you can watch "breaking point," at 10:00 tonight, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. taxpayers have looked into their bank accounts and thought it looked a little short. d.c. tax office accidentally withdrew $7 million from because's bank accounts of a bank error. than 580ed more people. they are in the process of giving money back. happening now,
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prince george's county police getting ready to update a serial bank robbery case. four banks were robbed in a matter of minutes. those cases stretch into new carrollton. robbery investigator saw the vehicle while leaving a restaurant. the suspect was captured minutes later. we will have more ahead. a small town in connecticut is home to newly discovered species that is captivating local biologists. snot forled rock sure. it is a brown, clumpy algae. if not treated, it could damage the ecosystem. potential to grow and form large quantities, like a carpet completely blanketing and a smothering what would naturally be there. hasy: so far, rock snot been found in rt
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only. -- park hamstead only. doug will be back to lay out when we
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jummy: it has been seven weeks since the d.c. blizzard and it is still causing problems. forcing aat rfk is reschedule of
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another. begins twoervice hours earlier. doug: the weather will be just fine. let's hit starter with the forecast. sunshine is returning. about 68l reach degrees. through the evening hours, we will look for mainly clear skies. temperatures will turn cooler, mainly in the 40's. that is where we will stop the race in the morning, in the mid 40's. we expect to see temperatures reach the lower 60's on saturday. mid 60's on sunday. turn your clocks forward before going to bed as we return to eastern daylight saving time.
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>> they say $1 million doesn't buy what it used to. maybe, but it's still a pretty good paycheck for 30 minutes of work. you ready? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, me too. our returning contestant is a new mom on her way to the $1 million. from new york city, new york, please welcome back sarah mclaughlin. [cheers and applause] how you doing? >> i'm good. >> welcome back. >> thank you. [applause] >> a new mom. how new? >> seven months. >> seven months. >> yeah. >> how's it been, being a mom? >> you know what? >> not what you thought? >> it's a tt


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