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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  March 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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guys, golden state at the top, san antonio in second. their head to heads will probably decide if it stays that way. the difference is four in the loss column. right now golden state six losses, san antonio ten. they meet three times and the clippers remain on the heels of oklahoma city. they'll be tied in the loss column if it stays this way, as lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers, top team in the east, third best record in the league, are at staples. mike breen and hubie brown will have that tomorrow on abc. cleveland leads the east over toronto, just two in the loss column. cleveland wraps up a west coast trip. >> mark: not playing their best basketball right now. reason to be concerned because they're a team that needs to play great basketball and could be a problem facing the cavaliers. >> mike: toronto in second, boston in third. what does this mean for the thunder as they come in here and they do not have a good fourth quarter. this will count as
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got to get it in. no timeouts. morrow goes to the basket. misses the layup. aldridge the rebound, and the thunder will drop back-to-back games. the headline is san antonio 32-0 at home this year. they now are alone at third, 41 consecutive wins, a couple days shy of a full calendar year since they last lost at home. kawhi leonard, nine in the fourth, 26-point game and he's standing by with lisa. >> thank you, mike. kawhi, you guys turned it on in the fourth quarter. what was the difference down the stretch in in game? >> we p finally started to knock down shots. >> 26 points in the game but nine in the fourth quarter. what changed for you? >> like i
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to knock down shots, got my rhythm going, my teammates found me, and just kept going from there. >> on the defensive end, how are you guys able to keep their stars, durant, westbrook, from beating you? >> we just competed the whole game and contest every shot. >> thank you. >> talk about the stars, lisa and what they did. oklahoma city's best players only one of nine from three. as a team oklahoma city only 17 points, shooting six of 18 in the fourth quarter. guys, thanks for letting me hang with you saturday night primetime. >> mark: it's been a pleasure. >> get you back to your normal partner. mike can deal with you the rest of the year on saturday nights. >> jeff: no rush. >> mike: with mark jackson, jeff van gundy and lisa salters, mike tirico saying so long from san antonio where the spurs win by 8 here on the home of the nba finals abc.
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domestic violence through membered at a vigil in prince
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trump swarmed by secret service agents at a rally. the moments leading up to it and what prompted the scare. d.c. republicans had hoped to have a real say in the nomination process. today, they got that chance. the long lines to cast votes. >> now, abc seven news at 11:00 am on your side. hugerly: tonight, a turnout at suit when high school where he community remembered a woman who was murdered come along with her half-sister, in with the police believe was an act of domestic violence. roz plater was therefore the tender ceremony at a place where friends and family say that w alls-harris shined. roz: she had been on stage at her high school auditorium many times. we are learning by her family
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a victim of the county's latest domestic homicide. dozens gathered at an emotional candlelight vigil to mourn the tragic death of walls-harris. >> i never thought in a million years, a million years. roz: she was gunned down monday night while visiting her half-sister, jones. boyfriend shot and killed both women in front of jones' children. hours later, they found the gun man, kevin reynolds, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. knew about her half-sister's troubles, but at that night was in the wrong place at the wrong time. she was there,if she would not do that -- he would not do that because she was there. roz: the
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domestic-related homicides in prince george's county has nearly tripled in the past five years. baker is asking the council to approve spending $1 million on the mystic violence prevention and awareness. >> we are committed to doing everything we can to stop these tragedies from happening. the vigil, they played this recording of her singing. >> she has been in performing arts since, what, fifth grade? that was her passion, to sing. those dreams cut tragically short. funeral services are thursday. the prince george's county states attorney lobbied state lawmakers to expand the so they canf abuse put more abusers behind bars. roz plater, abc 7 news. if youy: 7 on your side need help. we know that making the first call is the first big step. the
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websites of places that can help you or a family member or friend. just log on to and search "domestic violence hotlines." many of our stories have those resources. searcheo is d.c. police for woman who was attacked earlier this week for step video the person of interest is posted on mpd's youtube page. this happened last sunday. a man push the victim up against a wall, tempting to sexually assault her. the suspect ran away. it's tough to see the man, but if he looks familiar, d.c. police want you to call. an update to a friday murder, the victim identified by d.c. police as 22-year-old james stewart. a shot monitor detected the gunshot. the police quickly searched and found nothing, but hours later somebody spot the body on 44th
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motive. in virginia, the plan to reform a slice of arlington has been approved. sits right by the potomac river. our studios are along the redevelopment plan. over the next 25 years, nearly eight acres will be overhauled. 5 million square feet of new residential hotel, office, and retail space. there is also an approved metro and pedestrian access, plus parking spaces connected to the potomac river. the older structures will be demolished. five buildings will replace them. view outsidee tonight make him it is dry. that will be changing over the next 24 hours. steve rudin has a first look at the forecast. handy,keep the umbrellas especially later tomorrow into the day monday. meantime
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late this evening, the temperatures in the 50's right now. 54 leesburg,52 annapolis. radar, not a and lot going on around the capital, widely scattered showers along i-81. on the way, lots of moisture. the timing of that through the rest of the weekend. and a warm-up that could very well push the cherry blossoms ahead even further. more on that in a few minutes. kerley? --kimberly? >> i know it's not -- [commotion] kimberly: a heart stopping moment at the end of a donald trump rally in ohio, secret service agents is pulling them on the podium and surrounding him. they say that a man tried to rush the stage. p and five other candidates across both parties are making big pushes for tue
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grabs. richard takes us on the campaign trail. >> it sounds like a couple of protesters. richard: donald trump campaigned in kansas city saturday night. still dogged by hecklers determined to keep them from speaking. >> we will take our country back from these people. richard: earlier in dayton, ohio, the boldest yet. a protester charged the stage. his secret service detail spring to his defense as agents overpowered the would-be assailant. know i would have done well, but i would have been boom, boom. richard: a different story friday night when trump haters crashed a rally. >> donald trump is not welcome in chicago. richard: he canceled the rally citing public's baby -- public safety, but the violence spilled into the streets.
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sanders called trump -- >> a candidate who in many ways has encouraged violence. richard: hillary clinton agreed. >> that is not leadership. it is political arson. richard: and he got no sympathy from fellow republicans. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. richard: tuesday, five states will have voters deciding who gets hundreds of delegates. senator marco rubio and for case it -- john kasich, it could be make or break. rubio is theco winner of d.c.'s presidential contest. thousands stood in long lines outside of the loews madison hotel to take art in the first-ever republican convention in the city today. in addition to voting for presidential candidates, ty
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delegates to represent d.c. at the national convention. it seemed everybody had a strong opinion about one candidate. thef donald trump does get delegates that he needs, we need to respect the will of the voters. >> i'm worried that he does not have a real sense of what democracy is about. kimberly: party officials scheduled the convention for today because they felt the city's primary originally scheduled for june 14 is too close to the rnc convention. marco rubio will get 10 gallon -- 10 gallons. john kasich will get the remaining nine delegates. tuesday night at 9:00, super coverage with scott thuman on news channel 8 and streaming on thes are up for grabs in winner take all portion of the republican primaries. will have both party's coverage. nationthe
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scene in louisiana, rescue by boat. -- floodwatersrs reached a historic levels and the governor toured some areas by boat. some rivers over their banksfo. people acrossour the south were killed. thousands have been rescued. if you are going to run a marathon, don't you deserve to be entertained? no ipod needed for this. the motivation was provided. click on the "reports to post" button on facebook? the social media giant explains how often that happens. cheryl: we will show you has people prepare to change their clocks.
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now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios kimberly: hundreds of people turned out at the walter washington convention center
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. guess included local sports figures, health care business executives, and members of the media. entertainment was provided by madiganne kathleen and the rock band bare naked ladies. they are taking in $3 million for the leukemia and lymphoma society. thousands of runners took part in the rock 'n roll marathon on the streets of d.c. today. was a 5k and half marathon along with the full marathon. it were bands pulling at one mile intervals all on the route. >> it was awesome. it makes this marathon unique. race had a 5.5 hour time limit to allow the streets to reopen as scheduled. runners who were still on the course at the deadline were shuttled to the finish line. i think that goes through every quadrant of the city.
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dread, where we all lose that precious hour of sleep. for some, turning the clock ahead one hour is a real job. daylight saving approaches, cheryl conner introduces us to the experts on time management. [chime] >> i love daylight. cheryl: time marches on. theng forward manually at clock shop in vienna, the evil spring forward. he has to synchronize his store. >> it's disruptive. we get a lot of phone calls from people who have problems with setting their own clocks. cheryl: the clock doctor says turn the minute hand to avoid pain. >> most people wrongly move the hour hand. we will all lose an hour of sleep on a saturday night. >>
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there is no time for blurred vision at the u.s. naval observatory master clock, which provide standard time for the department of defense. from st. patrick's day celebrations, to church in our earlier sunday morning, bow your head for this crowd. you know you're losing an hour of sleep? >> yes. cheryl: are you going to church in the morning? >> no, i'm not. cheryl: irish, catholic? >> not tomorrow. metro is:00 a.m. for really 2 a.m., which will be closing time. in vienna, cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimberly: irish, catholic, not tomorrow. steve: thankfully with phones, don't have to do anything. the computers, leave it alone. we are losing a
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of daylight. hard to complain about that when you look at this. kimberly: will we see the daylight? steve: a little bit. 6:13 was sunset today. if you get up early tomorrow morning, 7:22, compared with 6:23 this morning and the sun set at 7:15 tomorrow. follow me on twitter. this is from john, showing the cherry blossoms. they are getting so close at haines point. give it another week and we will have that puffy flowers. orusits,the t welcome to d.c., hope that you have a good time. looking down pennsylvania avenue, it is dry right now. it will stay dry overnight. that is the good news. the bad news, tomorrow, you need
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part of the day into the day monday. foremann the 50's, 50 assess, 52 frederick, 55 winchester. there is not a tremendous amount of cold air, nor are we looking at warm air. for this time of year, still above average. all the moisture off to the west, that moves its way for the day tomorrow, scattered showers. for the overnight, mainly dry, just a few lingering showers to the west. then we range from 48 tp 53. heading through the overnight -- then we range from 48 to 53. overnight into the morning, grab the umbrella. a little break in the action, only to have the rain showers reappear in the late afternoon into the evening. most of they should be gone by the rush-hour commute early monday morning. ,ive or take an hour or two may have somewhat pavement. 59 degrees the
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i tomorrow, scattered showers in the afternoon. it's not going to be a washout. upper 50's, near 60 monday. tuesday and wednesday, back into the 70's. i think those two days, with a little bit of sunshine, will help spike the progression of the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin. for those who are visiting, your planning is ok. kimberly: it's amazing, so early. kimberly: soccer highlights? robert: we do that for you every time. also basketball. the terps needed to prove something tonight.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: hoo
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ps, big ten some of fauna, maryland and michigan state, the terps and coach turgeon looking to make a statement. they come all the way back after trailing. the game tied at 50-50. downng seconds, the terps one. valentine misses. maryland with a chance to win the ballgame, melo trimble drives, missing. terps,n state beat the 64-61. acc, title game. cavs up. malcolm brogdon with the steal. isaiah wilkins, smash time. north carolina would go on a 13-2 run. , and theets the steal finish. the tar heels up after that. carolina gets the title,
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station news channel 8, d.c. united and the new england revolution met. d.c. on the road at new england. 28th minute, the revolution on the attack. charles davies tries the bicycle kick. it's a blocked. good d. the game was scoreless at the half. 85th minute, united with the corner kick. traffic in front of the net. the shot, wide left. this was a defensive struggle, ending in a scoreless tie. on a four-game losing streak. now is not the time to be losing games. trying to slide into the eighth playoff spot. taking on the nuggets right now. second quarter, wiz down by two.
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wizards lead 74-63 in the third quarter. high school hoops, big games. 4-a stateith the boys championship, eleanor roosevelt. the raiders up big and pouring it on. marshall finishes with a game-high 21. this was not even close. meade, claiming their first a title since 2013. girls hoops, largo facing williamsport for the state title. down 14 at the half, the lions with 50 seconds remaining. she makes two free throws, giving the lines the lead. the defense would seal it. largo wins the state championship, beating williamsport, 59-58. more girls basketball,
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state title, walt whitman taking on northwestern. myers with a floater, drops it. what women tops western and when that title -- walt whitman tops western and wins that title. and right now the caps are down 1-0 in the second. next, everoming up click on the "report post" button on facebook? your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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