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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 15, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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gotten under way in geneva. >> many residents of the south will be cleaning up today after a storm system launched torrential rain, tornadoes, flooding in spartanburg last evening. hail, that is actually hail, not snow. it's the largest hail to hit the area in more than 30 years. more on the extreme weather from abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: from extreme flooding to dangerous tornadoes, the south is getting rocked by severe weather. across texas, streets and ohios have turned into rivers. hundreds of homes underwater for miles. the floodwaters here are expected to break records as they continue to rise. >> this is going to slow it all up. >> reporter: familied packed up what they could. those who refused to leave are pleading to be rescued. >> we're going to go back in and we're going to keep doing this till we get them out. >> reporter: many now are turning to shelters for help. >> we're told it could be several weeks. >> reporter: across the state in louisiana, at least four people
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nearly 5,000 homes damaged. >> but if you get in it and you're gone, it's over. >> reporter: the national guard has stepped in to help as the water starts receding here in some neighborhoods. while in northern california, more heavy rain led to this mudslide forcing several families to evacuate their homes. strong winds have toppled trees here on the west coast. one fell on top of a car, killing a man in washington state. reena and kendis? >> thank you so much. checking today's forecast, snow in the west up to two feet. severe weather threatens the midwest with powerful winds and downpo downpours, rain in miss and tennessee valleys. rainy and chilly in the northeast. >> 40s in great falls, montana and boston. 50s in denver and detroit. 60s in kansas city and washington, d.c. 80s from phoenix to miami. let's get to this next video. this one we're about to show you, we promise you will absolutely melt your heart. >> this is
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and she's nearly deaf. and this is the moment when she's reunited with her human. 21-year-old army private hannan. it's her first time in three months since she left for basic training. > buddy was so excited. she actually seemed to be crying since the private says she's never been away from buddy before. she keeps in touch with her regularly on skype. >> this is so touching. because sometimes dogs don't know don't understand. buddy also suffers from arthritis and she was amazed her homecoming seemed to give the dog so much joy. look at that. the dog won't let go of her. >> it also gave us a lot of joy, too. >> thank you, buddy. >> coming up, the surprise that florida 93-year-old woman on her birthday. >> the hometown of the living dead. what life is like for zombies and their neighbors where a hit tv show is filmed. >> fun f
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my little t-rex. >> just imagine what they'll find in ca zek stan. >> this could be a good children's book. >> this is fascinating me. a bookstore in france might give amazon a run for its money with a way to sell books. they print them. and bind them on demand and on the spot. while customers relax with coffee. customers can choose from more than 3 million titles from the all digital bookstore which says it's particularly great for books that have small print runs. that's really great. >> this could work for a children's book. >> exactly. you're going to have to read a few books if you want to graduate high school. >> and if you don't, prominently display that well earned diploma, the next story might might make you think twist. david. >> reporter: dorothy houston a senior married her high school sweetheart. it was against the rules and she was never given that diplo
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she raised five children, and taught them the importance of an education. >> mother! >> reporter: 74 years later, on her 93rd birthday, she thinks she's going for a walk with the family. instead, outside, the superintendent of schools is right there with that long overdue diploma. >> i'm here to present you with your north high school diploma. >> oh. >> all right? >> mother made it very clear that the worst decision she ever made in her life was to leave school. and she was so regretful of that. and so it was pounded into our heads, you've got to finish school. >> reporter: dorothy has her diploma and her cap. >> my head was probably smaller then. >> the diploma map that finally arrived on her 93rd birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you >> david muir, abc news, new york. >> very nice. we'll be right back.
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some toys have become complicated in this digital age. it can be a nice change of pace to put down the touch screens and make things by hand. we've got to have toy insider mom laurie schacht. our favorite. >> it's easy to inspire kids sometimes by giving them a pencil and a piece of paper. but we can really have that creativity soar when
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great kits in front of them. i can attest to the fact that a cardboard box is a great thing to give kids. >> i'm with you. >> here's another way to play with cardboard. this is called cal i fant. there's different size sets. basically these are precut pieces of cardboard. kids color everything in and connect them and construct them together. this is a small size. there's a medium and large size that's kind of life like. hours of play supply can't even put a gift box together. you're saying this is easy to do. >> easy to do and easy to follow instructions with it, too. so for kids as young as 3, they'll love the magic in the color wonder light upstamper. i'm going to let you try this out. we have ten different stampers. look at the color that just happened. push it down a little bit longer. now i want you to put it on the pad. what i love about this one thing we have ten different stampers. pick it up. now we have our little turtle th
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>> but magic is the lightup. if you start to color this in, you'll see the color will eventually appear. but if you use this stamper on your clothes or your skin or the walls, nothing happens. >> let's try it. >> it only works on the paper. moms love it. >> that's huge. >> one of my favorite things, this has called real construction by jack pacific. kids are building things. so feel this. >> styrofoam. >> think about the noodles when you're swimming in a pool. same material. we have all these pieces of material. hammer, nails. saw. and we can make, why don't you saw this in half. plastic saw, not going to cut my skin but it will cut this. >> oh, yeah. right away into look that the. kids are building anything. we have lings. we can build treasure chests. great for the stem concepts so important and will keep kids busy for hours. >> are you ready to feel the
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>> let's do it. >> our lightup heart marquee. it's room decor. kids make make this and hang it. they decorate this with markers and glitter glue. rhinestones and then we're going to light this up. >> light it up. >> so it's really pretty. kids get to look at what they made forever. we're so proud of this em. >> lighting up things, my daughter loves it. it's a big thing. arts and crafts are not just for little kids these days. coloring books are getting a new life with adults. this is from crazy art. it's timeless creations. you're looking at nature. all kinds of beautiful things. and adults find that they unwind, they unstress. so it's not just kiddy arts and crafts. >> i do it sometimes with the kids. it's very relaxing. >> kids are using thereby crayons with their coloring books. we have detailed designs. it's great. >> the kids like it you're a part of the thing, too. >>
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$4.99 when you're talking about coloring books. >> that's great. >> i don't want you to think you can only draw in 2 d. these days we can also draw in 4 d. it's called at moss flair by redwood ven furpz all of this is built with this. squeeze this. you're going to see the gel come out. and the led light on it as you bring this up and draw up, out, anything you want, will harden it. so yep, you need to go slow. it takes practice to get used to it. >> it's awesome. both of these, the eyeglasses and our tower was built with this pen. >> that's it? >> that's it. and light just cures it. >> that's awesome. it dries quickly into it dries already really quickly. it's a lot of if. >> unyou've got the best ideas always. think this is a remarkable changing the look of arts and crafts completely. thank you so much, laurie schacht. for more details, head to our facebook page
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♪ ♪ when the mamas sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out ♪ >> what do you have against flow ride silver. >> finally this half hour, we're taking you to the set of one of the biggest shows on tv, "walking dead" filmed of course in a quiet georgia town being taken over by cameras. >> not to mention zombies. here's abc's steve osunsami with a look what the residents there really think. >> reporter: the zombie fever from the hit tv show "the walking dead" doesn't look like
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as many as 14 million americans are tuning in sunday nights. >> i'm not going to kill you. you know what? yes, i am. >> reporter: it's gotten so big, so-called walker stalkers are now running all over the small georgia town where the show is filmed. >> you're huge fans of the show. >> reporter: but some of the family who's live here aren't filmed. especially with the show's security. people tell you you're not allowed to take pictures. this is my community. >> reporter: fred morris said before the sets were built, it was a quiet place to live. now he can't escape the sound of explosions during filming in the middle of the night. he says producers once called the police on him when he tried to trim the trees in a scene. >> they come out of there saying i need to stop. they're filming. i said well, no, you just carry your happy butt right behind the wall. >> reporter:
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different story from two people who built new house. >> andy lincoln said thank you so much for letting us film here. thank you for filming here. what are you thanking me for? but they're that polite. >> it has not come without challenges. but we've been able to be make everything work for not only the production folks but most importantly the citizens of sa no. >> reporter: the show pays some of the town's families $400 a month for their inconvenience and their silence. they want no plot twists or story line leaking out of town. steve osunsami, abc news, sa noia, georgia. >> that should help you get to sleep tonight. that's it for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook, >> all right. so what's wronging with flow rider?
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this morning on "world news now," it's primary day in five key states. >> from the front-runners to the challengers, why the candidates have been fighting so hard for today's votes. the contests and why they could be game-changers. voters bombarded. the smack talk on campaign commercials. flooding the airwaves and the internet. who is spending the most to get attention? >> amtrak accident. the retailment that sent train cars on to their sides and passengers to trauma units. the split second decision that saved lives. and later, consumer alert about potential dangers lurking in household humidifiers. what he tests revealed and how to keep your family safe. it's tuesday, march 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "


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