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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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reporters at the scene describing what he saw. >> they are not taking out the two guys and one of them who has been hit in the knee is salah abdeslam. scott: that was him identifying the suspect in that video. we just had a press conference from belgian authorities, the prime minister of belgium as well as the french president hollande who said more arrests will come. this is not the end of the investigation. interesting note, president hollande says he wants that suspect, abdeslam, brought back to paris to be tried for the attacks. michelle? michelle: all right, scott. thank you. stay with abc7 news for updates to this developing story. even when you are away from the tv. sign up for breaking news text alerts at jonathan: there is a developing weather story heading into the weekend. you wouldn't know by heading outside right now but this weekend we actually could see snow! chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. people are walking around in shorts today.
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the last work day of winter. look outside now. beautiful sunshine and clouds. 66 degrees. a nice spring-like wind out there at 13 miles per hour. mild temperatures but things will change tonight. cold front will come through. no rain. just colder temperatures in the 30's to the 40's by morning. the gusty westerly winds will go northwesterly tonight and draw in colder air. so as we go through the nighttime hours we are look for clear to partly cloughs. northwesterly winds. 36 to 43 by morning. then everything changes tomorrow. high pressure overhead now. a storm system will move in and bring rain and snow to the region. the future cast, take you this far to tomorrow afternoon, rain moving in from the north and west. farther west we will see the area of wet snow. the pattern will advance easterward. some areas will have impact from the snow late saturday and sunday. others not so much. i will break it down. who may have disruptions and who may
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minutes. michelle? michelle: thank you. rain or snow the cherry blossom festival kicks off this weekend even if the weather doesn't cooperate. jonathan: the cherry trees are beautiful out there. already blooming now. you can expect to see more people around tidal basin taking in the sights. including suzanne kennedy who is there with a look at what we can expect. a few trees are opening up and are showing off now. suzanne: very few but it is hard to believe on a day like today, when it is unseasonably warm we'll head into a cold snap. i want to show you what is happening here along the tidal basin. some of the trees look like this, the buds are closed and not open yet. if you look here you see a few peaking through. all of these are poised to open. for most part the buds are in the stage between the fourth and the fifth stage of blooming. there are a total of six stages. they are in what is call the
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it means right before the bloom they are in the stage where they will head to the puppy white stage as you saw the one i just showed you. the national park service says the roller coaster temperatures made planning for the peak bloom very difficult. they are hoping this weekend's weather that the impact will be minimal. >> cautiously optimistic the blossoms are not far enough out, at least the most abundant of the trees are not far enough out they will suffer any damage. the trees around the tidal basin, it may stay warmer because of the water there. suzanne: if you look at these, you can see a lot of them are still in a protective coating. that will prevent them from getting damaged this weekend when the storm rolls through here saturday into sunday. right now peak bloom time remains to be the 23rd or the 24th. that is the beginning date. that is
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the yoshino cherry trees are open here along the tidal base -- tidal basin. jonathan: good news for everyone using metro, for the next five straight weekends there will be no track work going on. taking a break so everyone can enjoy the festival. barring emergency repairs all rails will be running on the regular weekend schedule. stay with abc7 and as we take you outside and inside the festival in the next month. we are the proud media sponsors. today at 4:45 we will have a preview of the pink tie party. i should be a blast. michelle: tens of thousands of dollars worth of cell phones stolen, the heist caught on camera at a sprint store in aspen hill. maryland bureau chief brad bell has a closer look at the video. brad: as security camera videos go, this is a
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17 minutes. there is suspense. he hangs from the crowbar. he stumbles. can he get it open? then the interesting wardrobe, sheep skin coat, tight pants. there is a costar. the guy in the red hat. if it's a movie the people we give sneak preview say call it "dumb and dumber." >> they are wrong, they are breaking the law. is it worth it? brad: it happened yesterday morning at 6:00 a.m. at the cell phone store in asen hill shopping center. a man told us he arrived to work and discovered the crime. the cell phone bandit got in the sprint store through the back door. you see he had to pry the metal door open, the new bolts. he's persistent, a hard worker. he might not be such a good reader. take a look. he had a warning. a warning that every move would be caught on camera, including the moment he fina
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and is able to steal $57,000 worth of cell phones. to merchants here, definitely not a comedy. >> everything i have, i earned. i have my own house, i have a six-bedroom house and i'm proud of that. when i see people that take from other people's plate, it upsets me. brad: so police ask, if you recognize the bad actors, give them a call. they would like to arrange a booking. in aspen hill, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: new developments in a lawsuit against "rolling stone" magazine. the woman identified as jackie wants a deposition order against her thrown out. at issue is the discredited "rolling stone" article alleging gang rape at a university of virginia fraternity house. the associate dean is suing the magazine and the piece's author for defamation. jonathan: a judge sentenced a maryland man to nearly 16 years in prison for fire bombing the loudoun county department
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building. he pled guilty in the attacks. no one was hurt when he and another man were accused of throwing moll to cocktail through -- molotov cocktail through the window. >> former c.i.a. director david petraeus will testify about benghazi for a second time. they are calling on him for more information according to the source familiar with the deliberations. petraeus apparently agreed to come back for a closed interview this weekend on the hill. in the meantime, we are getting more information about public information requests and lack of transparency. last year the u.s. government set a record for number of times federal employees told citizen journalists and anybody else despite a search, the information wanted couldn't be found. one of six freedom of information requests were turned down according to the a.p. jonathan: the scandal deepens in the air force over nuclear missiles and drugs. at least a dozen airmen are
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force base in wyoming. some are accused of having used cocaine. there is little other information about the investigation. other than the airman involved, most with the security force the 90th missile wing. they have been suspended from the duties while the investigation goes on. michelle: let's talk basketball. college park is hopping right now while the terps get ready to play all the way across the country. abc7's sports scott abraham is in spokane, washington, where maryland hopes to avoid an upset. scott: game day is finally here in spokane. a long trip for the maryland men's basketball team from college park to spokane. but what about the fans? there is a strong contingent here supporting the terps. >> it's easier to get in here than go to philadelphia and try to get in there with 5,000 maryland fans getting in there. >> go terps! scott: coupled with the fan support, mar
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more experienced team this time around in the ncaa tournament. they had been built for a run in march. >> this year we have a team that could possibly win it. everyone is more focused. >> this year, after the first two rounds. we didn't make it out of the second round this year. everything is not easy. the first game. >> the first obstacle is south dakota state. remember they are called the jackrabbits. the childhood story of the tortoise versus the hare comes true today in spokane. reporting, scott abraham, abc7 sports. jonathan: coming up here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a hotel merger has been called off. michelle: the local chain outbid in a multibillion dollar deal. jonathan: plus he left virginia to join isis and now he is saying it's a big mistake. the american picked up in iraq opens up. michelle: still ahead, treating eating disorders. the changes that could come t
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life-saving help. update to a "7 on your side" story in 15 minutes. jonathan: it's official. out of the shell. mr. president and the first lady showing off the eaglet for a brief time before lunch. we have a check on the national ash retomb first family coming up. and there is eaglet number tw
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jonathan: if you are just joining us an update on the terror raid from belgium. a paris terror suspect captured alive. there was a firefight. he was injured but he is alive. salah abdeslam has been on the run now for months. they have been looking for him for a long time now. chief political correspondent scott thuman had been in molenbeek following the paris attacks. today at 5 centre, scott will pro -- 5:00, scott will provide insight during the raid that took place a few weeks ago. all of them trying to find this guy. now they have him. michelle: more developments in the war on terror. an american captured by kurdish forces earlier this week opens up on tv. meanwhile, this afternoon, u.s. officials are trying to get the young virginia man back to the states. leon harris explains how the man tried to join isis. leon: he said he made a huge mistake. >> i wasn't
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regretted -- leon: mohamad jamal khweis speaking out for the first time to kurdish television in an exclusive interview. the 26-year-old american picked up monday by kurdish forces in northern iraq. >> when we began to learn about the religion, there was an imam who taught us like the sharia and religion. jonathan: he was discovered with the virginia driver's license on him. leon: that is where he was born, raised and attended college. he is giving detail of the last month he spent in isis-controlled mosul, iraq. >> we got to another house. a lot of foreigners were there. all the foreigners had to give their i.d.'s and passports. jonathan: khweis said his journey began in december. he traveled to europe and headed to turkey where he met an iraqi girl before arriving in iraq in
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outside khweis' virginia home earlier this week, his father, aggressively telling reporters his son had nothing to do with isis. a high school friend recounting how he lived a normal life. >> he wasn't violent, he wasn't religious. we did the same things and got in the same type of trouble. leon: khweis says living in mosul was horrific. and those who control the iraqi city don't represent ice lam. leon harris, abc7 news. jonathan: marriott will not get a piece of starwood. they were outbid. starwood calling off $12 billion buy-out agreement at the last minute. instead a group led by chinese insurance company will get starwood upping the offer to more than $14 billion for the purchase. starwood, which owns the sheraton and the westin brands is paying marriott $400 million just to go away. all right. time now for a check of the traffic situation. jamie, it's friday. everybody is in a rush to get home and start the weekend. that looks nice. it is moving.
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the traffic heading in. you can see volume. we don't have accidents or anything on 66. this stretch i would call a major slowdown. there are no major accidents either. as we move to talk about how slow you are there, 15 miles per hour. short stretch just before that point. then, of course, as you saw you loosen up. the northwest corner of the inner loop is heavy from tysons to 270. continuing through montgomery county. you get a break after silver spring. 95 in maryland heading south from cherry hill road to the capital beltway slowing. in d.c. you have the volume northbound kenilworth avenue trying to get closer to eastern avenue. as we move to the waze map, here is what we have. one of the wazers reporting an accident on rock creek parkway. heading northbound, i want to give you an idea. this is k street near georgetown. of course k street is backed up. not seeing that big of a backup, though, because of the accident. a minor accident and that is it. from the roosevelt bridge, though, we do have the volume. that is a look at
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back to you. michelle: thank you. take a look at this. it's called pluto's haze. nasa giving us a closer look at it after analyzing more of the pictures sent back by the new horizon spacecraft. there are 20 layers seen in the picture. some of the layers appearing to descend down to the surface of the dwarf planet. jonathan: it is probably all the spag from people using s.u.v.'s up there. what do you think, doug? doug: a lot more to learn about pluto. a lot more to learn about. jonathan: no question. michelle: our skies are beautiful out there. doug: it's crazy but it's true. 66 degrees and sunny. gorgeous afternoon. jonathan: so nice. doug: this time tomorrow we'll have rain and maybe wet snow in part of the region. let's get to it and tell you the weather story. i will tell you the weather story here will have a happy ending. right now we are looking at a time lapse. we will start that in motion from the mclean school. fair weather clouds moving through. 61 in mclean. low of 47. beautiful afternoon. we have a cool eve
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pleasant evening. no weather to deal with tonight. cooler temperatures. the pollen count is in again. we are now registering the low amount of the grass pollen. mold stores are low. weeds are absent. the high range for trees. in fact, right now versus what we normally have in the second week of march as far as the tree pollen go, we have three times more tree pollen in the air than we normally do in march. all signs that spring is ahead of schedule. the effects of the spring weather here. 66 in washington. 62 in annapolis. fredericksburg at 67. 64 in leesburg now. 62 in hagerstown. as far as the evening goes we have a cold front that will come through this evening. the only effect is that the winds will go from west/northwest and it will turn colder overnight. look at the day planner. 44 in the city. maybe mid-to-upper 30's in the suburbs but tomorrow morning. we start with the morning with sunshine. high pressure will hang tough longer. all the attention goes here to an area of the low pressure that will develop and swing to the east and the southeast and up the coast. developing into a substantial late
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center. what will it do in our area? here is what the computer models think. late tomorrow afternoon, rain will move in. temperatures will be in mid-to-upper 40's. however a higher elevation, especially west of town a few degrees colder. but still above freezing. the snow as it falls and develops will melt. by and large as we get through saturday night, overnight through sunday morning even through part of sunday, most of the snow that falls in will be on the grassy areas. very minor accumulations, accept in higher elevation where several inches is possible. it will come to an end on sunday. we think a trice to an inch for most people. south and east not much at all. potential for higher total in the elevation above 1,000, 1,500 feet north and west of washington. no way to cut it over than a lousy weekend. 40's tomorrow. 40 at best on sunday. which is the first day of spring. hello! monday, breezy. look at the warmup. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. temperatures climbing from the 50's to the 60's to the lower 70's by thursday and friday.
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turn out the lights and go to sleep, kids. michelle: nice recovery. doug: it's all good. jonathan: well done. thank you, doug. video on the big screen. want to show you something. on the one side on the left that would be the picture earlier when the eaglet was actually coming out of the egg and you could finally see the baby for the first time. mom couldn't be happier. on the right, that is a live picture now on the nest. mom is calmly sitting on top of baby, doing what she has been doing for the last couple of months. michelle: we are waiting on the second egg to hatch. we can see the new baby eaglet. noon is about lunchtime for eagles as well. that is when mr. president and the first lady brought back the fish for the newborn that you see on the left side of the screen. all right. cheryl conner is at the national arboretum. cheryl, turning away from the eagle cam before the hatching was tough enough. good luck now, right? cheryl: yeah, that is right, michelle. what a great day out here. we still are seeing people stop by. they are looking up at the tree. you cans
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back. but two are left here. there is a tree that holds the nest that has the baby. it is 95 feet in the air. we have been keeping an eye at the national arboretum right as we learned around 8:30 this morning that the baby was born. the public is held back. several hundred feet. we are thankful to show us the baby coming out of the shell this morning. mom and dad, first lady and mr. president as we know them are the arboretum first nesting pair of american eagles in more than 70 years. we have been keeping our eyes on the camera. we notice the parents nestled over the baby. we explain what is happening. >> there is a cup, the nest cup in the base of that, or the bottom of the nest. so when she is sitting on the egg-stravaganza and the eaglet, she is not -- when she is sitting on the egg, she is not sitting on the
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>> it's so fragile. cheryl: fragile is right. the eaglet weighs 4 ounces. you might want to know the sex of the burn. we won't learn that until about six week old when a blood test is done. coming up at 5:00 we'll go inside what else the eagle academy where the 0students have had the camera on in the classroom all week long. we're live in northeast d.c. cheryl conner, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. getting help for the deadliest of all mental disorders is tough. but now insurance coverage, what it covers could change. update to a "7 on your side" story that w
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jonathan: if you were diagnose knowed with cancer the medical coverage covers the treatment until you're healthy. michelle: but the same is not if you suffer from eating disorder but it may be about to change. consumer investigator kimberly suiters joins us live with news of historic legislation gaining traction on capitol hill. so many people are affected by eating disorders. kimberly: you are right. this is historic. "7 on your side" following up the report about millions of americans who suffer from an eating disorder but do not receive treatment. either because a medical professional missed it or because insurance did not cover it. >> this alexandria family lost their beautiful daughter leslie to anorexia and
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they paid out of pocket for nearly all of her medical care. looking back his daughter's illness was treated as a medical one, not a mental one which partly explains why eating disorders are the deadliest of all mental illnesses with a 20% mother tallty rate. >> the -- 20% mortality rate. >> the general practitioner said leave her alone. she is fine. leave her alone. we stupidly followed that very, very bad advice. five weeks later she died. kimberly: katie says she would have died from the eating disorder without the life-saving intensive long-term therapy at the renfrew center in florida. just like patients who complained around the country, she saw how insurance coverage could make the difference between life and death. >> the family insurance is monumental. cadillac of coverage and it wasn't enough to cover? >> you would see people here one day and not the next because the insurance didn't cover it. >> b
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legislation to help people with eating disorder passed out of a senate committee with unanimous and burnett support. this includes training for the health professionals and awareness measures for the public so all of us can better identify an eating disorder. improvement in insurance coverage for the life saving residential treatment. finally it sends a message that the patients deserve the same access to quality healthcare that is available to those suffering from other medical and mental health conditions. michelle and jonathan, there are heart-broken families waiting for a second for the words to be printed in a congressional bill. it has a good chance of passing. jonathan: anyone who dealt with the illnesses they know it doesn't last 30 days. it doesn't have a shelf life. this is a long-term thing. kimberly: you can treat what looks like the physical symptoms but there are the internal symptoms which can be the deadliest of all and that takes time to treat. jonathan: thank you very much. well, coming up next for us on "abc7 news at
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it's usually packed on weekends and is now suing city regulators. the city's response is coming up. michelle: still ahead -- uber to mexico. where you can catch a ride and cross the border. that is c
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: it's a bar fight. in one corner you have a popular d.c. hangout, the other the city. madam organ owners say they are being harassed by the d.c. regulators and so it's suing. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has the dispute. sam: for two decades, it has been a main stay in the madam organ entertainment district. numerous groups have performed here. the owner has filed a lawsuit against the city alcohol control alleging harassment. >> they treat people so poorly because they can. they run roughshod because they have no one looking over their shoulder at any given time. they are just out of control. sam: he said 393 people can be in the club, not 99 as abra claimed said he is challenged so m
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behind the bar. >> we have to keep a copy of the court of appeals decision and show it at least once a week when the people come in. over the same issue. sam: but the latest has an issue when they bounced the inspector from entering. here at the headquarters they say they cannot comment on a pending case. although they did release their public record. >> this is the abra report on madam's organ. if you scroll down you see it says supervisor stewart with the badge displayed identified himself to mr. carr, the bouncer as an abra investigator and attempted to walk in the establishment. mr. carr stayed in front of him blocking his path. he argues with the video. no badge was showing when the inspector came in nor was he blocked. he said it's harassment. he is suing the agency and three inspectors individually. abra's case against him has yet to be set.
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washington, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. let's talk weather. doug is back. we just found out that d.c. mayor samir bouzid enacted the snow team for saturday night. meaning the plows are going out, and they are going to treat the roads. doug: really? okay. jonathan: i guess they don't want to get caught. doug: rather be safe than sorry. jonathan: make overtime. doug: let's tell you the weather story. looking live at the campus of montgomery campus in rockville. the cloughs -- the skies are cloudy but the temperatures are nice. this is a weak front with it. the temperatures will fall from the lower 60's now to mid-60s in the metro to the mid-to-upper 30's north and west of town from 40, 42, 43 degrees in the city by morning. fairly comfortable. but the temperatures aren't going to climb that much tomorrow. here is a look at some of the zone forecast. the wake-up temperatures from 38 degrees in german town.
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41 in waldorf. 43 in brentwood neighborhood of the city. we are expecting sunshine in the morning. increasing cloudiness. as the storm system the first wave of it, the west will swing to the southeast and intensify. we will see the rain moving in. probably late afternoon from the southwest, even though it is in the 40's. there is areas at the higher elevation north and west that could begin as wet snow. maybe some accumulation in those areas but it will be a split with rain mostly to the south and east. snow continuing d.c. metro west and northwest. we are thinking maybe only trace to an inch on the grassy areas. the metro region a couple of inches. two or three inches the higher elevation north and west. then we begin a slow warmup but an impressive warmup for next week. we'll be back with you for a few minutes to talk about the weekend and the seven-day. michelle: thank you. developing story out of the district. police are investigating a reported rape at one d.c.'s most prominent and prestigious private sc
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sam sweeney explains. sam: good afternoon. these are some serious allegations. and if they prove to be true it could be a black eye for sidwell friends. the alleged incident happened right behind me on the campus of the upper school. that is the high school here in northwest d.c. according to this police report, there are very graphic details involved. it says a female student was forced to have sex wednesday afternoon. sources tell abc7 news the boy involved was just 16 years old. the report goes on to say that the two students have had a sexual relationship in the past. sidwell friends did release a statement saying they are fully cooperating with the investigation. and the officials involved with the investigation. but they did not release any details surrounding this incident. at this hour we can tell you that no charges have been filed. and the student involved in this has not been arrested. reporting on the campus of sidwell friends in
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d.c., i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: a close call for customers in northwest d.c. car crashing in front of the four seasons on south dakota avenue. no one inside the store was hurt. we are awaiting an update on the condition of the women who was behind the wheel at the time it happened. we are told she was alert when the paramedics took her out. michelle: around the nation now, police report show a chicago police officer gave different accounts of the events leading up to the fatal shooting of a bat-wielding teen and a neighbor. officer robert realmo initially told investigators lagreere had the bat raised over his head and refused to drop it. two days later realmo told investigators that legrier tried to hit him with the bat twice. jonathan: well, terrifying moments for passengers on an american airlines flight from raleigh to new york city. passengers say the plane experienced severe turbulence as it approaches the airport. that is when the plane carrying 60
4:37 pm
crew was hit by lightning. now rather than just landing at laguardia airport as scheduled, the crew diverted to j.f.k. because it's closer and it has longer runways. >> it was bad. i thought we got hit by a missile. >> no! >> it was a flash of light. and a big explosion. the plane dipped 100 feet. i don't know. it felt like i was on a roller coaster. then i smelled smoke. jonathan: that is all scary there. photos taken after the plane landed did show burn mark to wings and tail. despite the cosmetic damage commercial airlines are designed to withstand lightning strikes michelle. former toronto mayor rob ford is back in the hospital. i was announced a couple of years ago he had cancer and he is continuing his battle right now. ford now, 46 years old, made headlines across the world for his controversial comments and the alleged drug use that was caught on camera while he was in office. jonathan: coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how
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lion problem? big problem. apparently fake killer whales not working so well. we'll show you what is actually doing the trick now. michelle: and you can uber to mexico. that is right. border crossing service now available in one city. we'll let you know where it is offered and how much it will cost when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns.
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jonathan: you have probably seen them waving to you driving down the street. michelle: fun to look at. jonathan: they are. michelle: we are talking about inflatable air dancers designed to draw people to the store for sales or other event s. in a store in oregon they are used to keep the sea lions away. they cause more than $100,000 in damage every year. the mammals hurt the local fishing industry. so far the plan appears to be working. >> we know it deters the sea lions. michelle: last year astoria used a giant fake killer whale to drive the sea lions away.
4:42 pm
than before. how about uber? they are launching cross-border service between mexico and the united states. jonathan: can you imagine jumping in uber. going to tijuana. the ride-sharing service is the uber passport allows the riders to travel one way from san diego to tijuana. uber officials say they chose the city to launch passport because they are sister communities that are closely linked. michelle: this is how the pricing works. it begins with a $4 base rate. 30 cents per minute. $2.35 per mile. jonathan: the wait at the border can be a long wait. they opened in 1994 and it's the largest plant. it's en route to germany where the car's buyer lives. special
4:43 pm
will come with the car. michelle: cool test drive course that you can enjoy the ride. jonathan: put it through the test. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- smoke detectors for the kitchen. a nuisance or necessary? it depends what kind of a cook you are. closer look at the ones labeled kitchen safe and which type you really need coming up. michelle: first, the first weekend of the cherry blossom festival. that is not the only thing happening. kidd o'shea's weekend k
4:44 pm
we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done.
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and i approve this message.
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michelle: there is never a shortage of what to do in the d.c. area over a weekend. jonathan: especially now that the cherry blossom festival is kicking off. kidd o'shea has a look at the first event and much more in the weekend kickoff. kidd: it's that time of year. bring on the cherry blossoms. you can show your support for the vest value by attend -- festival by attending the pink tying fundraising vent. or take a stroll around the tidal basin to see the buds. peak bloom is expected the middle of next week. tomorrow head to annapolis for the sixth annual oyster roast and the sock burning. the tradition is meant to mark the arrival of spring and the sta t
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annapolis maritime museum. after lunch, you can stop by some of the historic homes and tour them in the maryland day celebration taking place this weekend. many tours are free. or cost less than $2 a person. and sunday, it's time to cheer on d.c. united as the players face colorado rapids in the home opener. the match starts at 5:00 p.m. at r.f.k. stadium. whatever you do this weekend i hope you have a great weekend. i'm "good morning washington"'s kidd o'shea. jonathan: the cherry blossom festival kicks off this weekend. we're proud media sponsors of the event. tonight is the annual pink tie party. i will be there tonight. joining us live from the ronald reagan building the site of the party is the president of the cherry blossom festival, diana mahue. tell us about the festival. it's been going on for ten years. is that right? >> yes. how are you? jonathan: i'm well. how are you? >> looking forward to s
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you. jonathan: i'm looking forward to it too. it will be fun. >> it will kick off tonight at the ronald reagan building where washington's social scene, the key city officials and the festival stakeholders and the friends join together to have a celebration of springtime. people donning their beautiful finest pink beautiful outfits. it's a fundraiser for the festival. we do get a lot of support from the d.c. government and corporations and the individuals come out to help support the event. as a fundraiser for the festival jonathan: so many people come from out of town to see the cherry blossoms and walk around the mall and the potomac to see the trees come to full bloom. talk about the festival. what does it mean to city and what does it mean for the area with how much it raises? awareness and also money. >> the national cherry blossom festival is four weeks long. we coordinate sometime in that time period the blossoms are blooming. but the festival goes beyond
4:49 pm
bringing 1.5 million people and $160 million to the region economy. jonathan: it's a great show and it's all done by mother nature. can't thank you enough. i'll see you in a little bit. >> thank you very much. jonathan: see you in a bit. michelle, doug? michelle: all right. so, we are very excited about the cherry blossom festival. cherry blossoms are wondering where is the sun? when they hear about the forecast. doug: it will get cold but i don't think it will get sub freezing. make no mistake the weekend outlook is not pleasant. let's get you started here. here is what we have for you. bottom line tomorrow, sunshine in the morning, increasing cloudiness. rain or developing late. continuing through the evening. high in the day of 48. then on sunday we may go the other way with the snow in the morning and rain in the afternoon. high around 40. so with the numbers like this we don't expect much of anything in the way of accumulation. in fact, calling for a trace to an inch through the area. that is probably most. if you get farther south and east it's all
4:50 pm
elevations above 1,500 and 2,000 feet. you could have several inches of accumulation but i don't think it will impact other than here. it's just not a pretty weekend here. as far as the weather goes for the united, playing the colorado rapids. sunday afternoon at 5:00. chilly. precipitation should come to an end. temperatures in the upper 30's. the seven days with a high likelihood of rain and snow around the day on sunday. breezy and cooler with a flurry monday morning of highs of 46. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, check out the warmup. 68 degrees by the day on wednesday. in the lower 70's i wish it was this weekend we had lower 70's. jamie: me, too. but at least we have something to look forward to, doug. that is a plus. not looking forward to it if you drive south on 95 in virginia. because it is bumper to bumper traffic. get through dumfries and continue closer to stafford county you are going to see heavy traffic. we move to
4:51 pm
how heavy and where it begins. you are pretty much clear from the mixing bowl toward wharton. as soon as you get to the occoquan you can see the bumper to bumper heading southbound to triangle. it will take you just under one hour. on the beltway outer loop approaching the wilson bridge in the teens. d.c. traffic is heavy. outbound on 66 we are seeing the same thing. inbound, too. a little volume near west moreland street. the typical delay on the inner loop from virginia to maryland, 25 minutes is the average from 66 toward the american legion bridge. i want to move to the waze map. many of the traffic watch 7 wazers reporting an accident on the roosevelt bridge. if you head east bunt on 66, take a look at the -- eastbound on 66 take a look at the backup. single digit. that is 9 miles per hour. it starts well before rosslyn. accident 66 toward the roosevelt bridge. we will keep you updated on the delay. back to you. michelle: thank you. this just in the a
4:52 pm
the u.s. army is investigating the death of a child at fort dietrich. forces tell abc7 the child is 7 years old. the child suffered some kind of injury at his post home and pronounced dead at the hospital. a death investigation is now underway. jonathan: well, baltimore ravens corner back trey walker is in critical condition after a motorcycle crash in miami. police there say walker was riding a honda dirt bike with no lights on it. also wearing dark clothing. his bike collided with another vehicle. the head coach released a statement saying they are praying for trey walker and his family. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- they are called the kitchen safe smoke detectors but the packaging is giving mixed signals. the ones to look out for and which ones really protect your home. michelle: new at 5:00, a "7 on your side" i-team investigation after a woman dies in a transport van. the simple step her family believed could have mad
4:53 pm
difference. the big arrest that stopped four major drug running rings as they come to the grips of a mother from the addicted drug.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
michigan smoke detectors are good -- michelle: smoke detector are good to have unless they go off at the wrong time. john matarese has a safety report. john: everyone knows you need smoke detectors in the bedroom and other room. what about the kitchen? tough call because of the stove and the oven. new deckers claim they are kitchen safe. but they really?
4:57 pm
>> he got this home and read the label that said don't use it in the kitchen. it says don't put it in the kitchen. john: can you have a smoke detector in the kitchen? yes. as long as you get the right type and don't put it directly over the stove. >> you can use it inside a kippen. >> the fire captain tells me
4:58 pm
well in kitchen. the photo electrics will work in the kitchens. they are not triggered by burned toast. they should change the packaging because the label says keep it ten feet from the stove. >> ten feet away from the stove is to put it on the front door. >> they tell us the model is designed for the kitchens. the bottom line they can work in the kitchen so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. leon: tonight, a sigh of relief worldwide. the last paris attack suspect now in police custody. scott thuman breaks down the anti-terror raid that led to the arrest. a transport van driver in court after a woman's death. her family says it could have been prevented. doctors said he wouldn't live past infancy. but he defied the odds. now a teen battling for his life once again. how a maryland community is
4:59 pm
announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: the cherry blossoms are getting closer to bloom every day. take a look at the beautiful shot. live look at the tidal basin where the trees are getting the most attention. this weekend's weather could take a toll on the delicate trees and our chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a check of the forecast. that is not as pretty as those trees. doug: it looks gorgeous out there now. alexandria. 63 degrees. we look live at the belle haven country club. a big change starts with the cold front and the falling temperatures. over the weekend it's nasty. andrews is 65 degrees. 64 in leesburg. the front comes through tonight we will drop. we have the sunshine in the morning. but the clouds will
5:00 pm
we will drop lower. we will have a wet snow. we will get to the mid-day and the rain moving in. then that is the story for saturday evening and saturday night to sunday morning. low impact except for higher elevation north and west. alison: breaking news now on a story we're monitoring all afternoon. that is the capture of the man who helped plan paris attacks. salah abdeslam was wounded in a raid in brussels.


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