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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  March 19, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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kimberly: we cannot stop giggling about the same patty's day celebration in clarendon. erin: apparently we missed it. kimberly: jeff goldberg saw i
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it is in the 30's. we will be looking at most of the precipitation, light, drizzles. sunday afternoon come evening, overnight into monday, we have the rain mixture changing over to snow. the temperatures all above freezing. kimberly: don't go to bed yet. we are full of surprises. we have more news coming up.
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rist attacks in paris. >> one of the most wanted man in the world charge with murder. the was arrested friday. officials say he was dragged into custody. the so-called eighth attacker from the paris massacre wanting a long after the police shot him in the leg. he was released from the hospital into police custody. >> we will refuse the extradition. reporter: he had been on the days, the lone surviving terrorist. believe that he drove the car to drop off a team of suicide bombers that targeted the soccer stadium. the authorities believe instead of detonating his own suicide vest, he fled back to belgium. law enforcement focused their search on the brussels neighborho
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nothing until tuesday. over four months, there was a massive manhunt in belgium and beyond. in this building, just a few hundred yards away from his family home come he was found. after a shootout, his figure prince were found inside. he tried to escape ray back window. 72 hours later, the police moved in, the raid ending with the man and four others in custody. now is thatportant he is under arrest. covering metro, 600 underground cables and over 100 429s of track closed metro hours this week. investigators found 26
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were some of the cables and connectors needed to paris placed. brianne carter sat down with the metro general manager to ask if it was worth the shutdown. weighed on meis heavily about what's going on. : 24 hours after 26 defects were found, the metro general manager says policy changes are coming. >> it's not acceptable. waysll come up with other to make sure this does not occur. routine track inspections, resources, and technology will be part of the plan to detect potential hazards before another tragedy on the tracks. virginia congressman gerry connolly said that employees who do not see the need to report potential public safety issues should not be employed. >> that has to be addressed. that is why some
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roll at all levels. >> i'm looking at it with that perspective, too. it is not a witch hunt. we are getting people who understand what we are doing and doing what they can. this is riders hoping just one step in making safety a priority. >> at least they are trying to fix it. >> i hope they have gotten to the critical issues, but the management and maintenance has been very poor. a developing story from the district tonight, the police are investigating a reported rate at one of d.c.'s most pristine just schools, sidwell friends. sam sweeney has more. sam: these are serious allegations, and if they prove to be true, it could be a black eye for
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the alleged incident happened at the high school in northwest d.c. according to the police report, there are very graphic details involved, and it says a student here come a female student, was forced to have sex on wednesday afternoon. theces tell abc seven news student involved was just 16 years old. the report goes on to say the two students had a sexual relationship in the past. sidwell friends released a statement saying they are fully cooperating with the investigation and officials involved with the investigation, but do not release details. at this hour, no charges have been filed. the student involved in this has not then arrested. sam sweeney, abc 7 news. on the hill, president the supreme for court began me
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senate minority leader harry reid and patrick leahy, the ranking member on the judiciary committee. republicans are backing garland's nomination --blocking garland's nomination. >> he is leading his troops over the cliff. republican say with less than a year in obama's term, the next president should be the one to choose the nominee. garland is the chief judge of the federal appeals court in washington. -- details on a consumer alert involving popular brands of canned tuna. more possible snowflakes on the way. forecast coming up.
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kimberly: unfathomable, that is how the prince george's county fire chief is describing actions putting firefighters at risk. somebody is intentionally destroying firefighters gear. brad: firefighting is a dangerous job. this video taken just this week in montgomery county. >> whoa! brad:
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a burning town house collapses, eight firefighters have to be helped from the rubble. they are safe with minor injuries things in large part to their protective gear. that's why tonight prince george's county firefighters union president is sounding an alarm. somebody come he says come has been damaging the safety equipment belonging to the career medics and firefighters at the glass manner oxon hill firehouse. >> we feel that is an unsafe working condition. to theccording firefighters union, the incident started last november when they found what they believe to be a the after that, a firefighter reports two cars stolen from his home, then several incidents where birds were put in firefighters protective gear. they are now reacting in a video , bl
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gear. >> it has occurred multiple times. i sure you wit will not be tolerated. brad: a full investigation is now underway. no suspect has yet been named. in oxon hill, brad bell, abc 7 news. we have new developments in the lawsuit against rolling stone magazine. the woman who was identified only as "jackie" once a deposition order against her thrown out. at issue, a discredited article alleging gang rape at the university of virginia fraternity. the uva associate dean is suing the magazine and the author for defamation. 7 on your side with the consumer alert -- first it was bumblebee tuna, now chicken of the sea is recalling more than 107,000 cans of tuna. both recalls involve five ounce cans of chunk light tuna.
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undercooked and could spoil because of an equipment malfunction. recall tuna was canned in february. we have more information about the codes in dates that you need to look for on our website at aboutis concerns tonight tickets to the upcoming tapings of "jeopardy" in d.c. tickets are popping up on secondary sales sites. legitimate tickets are only available on ticketmaster, and there are concerns about forgery. "jeopardy" does not charge for tickets for your show. unless you get your tickets through ticketmaster, it could be fake. or tune in monday for a chance to win free tickets from abc 7. will be the tapings for the power players shows. still ahead -- could tomorrow be a preview of what we can expect for the national cherry blossom festival?
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forecast. --
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kimberly: just hours away from the official kickoff of the national cherry blossom festival, but with the forecast some are wondering about the future of the flowers. suzanne kennedy went to ease the concerns. >> so beautiful. suzanne: the blossoms that are synonymous with spring in d.c.
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but unseasonably cold weather is forecast for the nation's capital. that means everyone is watching the delicate buds. >> one of our indicator trees. suzanne: roller coaster temperatures have made the predictions difficult. they are cautiously optimistic that this weekend's weather impact will be minimal. >> this is right before they go to peak, when the blossom is exposed. if it was that way, than a freeze or snow would be of great concern. suzanne: the tidal basin is packed with visitors. >> we were off by a week. maybe next time. >> i can only imagine what it would look like for stop suzanne: -- it would look like. suzanne: charles is excited. >> eve
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it be a shame. suzanne: suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. kimberly: stay with abc 7 and to go inside the festival over the next month. media sponsorsd and we will have updates on schedule events for the cherry blossom festival. a lot of us have worried about the cold wet weather impacting the blossoms, but seems they are at a hardy stage right now. said, it the director was right before peak, a wind coming in, a little bit of snow, that would affect it. what we got today is not completely done for the winter weather. the temperatures, we may not get to freezing monday morning, so not a worry. we are holding steady, well above freezing. that
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means we are still at the melting and freezing temperature. doppler radar, the last couple of drizzle drops, flakes falling down. effectively done with precipitation tonight. doppler radar shows that going through. that is round one. the information today, came in a couple days ago, then came back. the trend is we will get they storm system over the atlantic. we are sure of that. how much that it strengthens is the question. the big picture, the system expands. the precipitation wraps around behind it. snow more possibly coming back in. the wind shifts, monday afternoon. out, thosesoms were might be getting blown away. they will not be blowing off this time around. a very high resolution forecast, confirming no precipitation overnight towards the morning. it is light him a fine.
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overnight. no ic spots. -- no icy spots. the snow that is still falling come hits the warmer air, turns into raindrops every time. the rain develops in the afternoon, evening timeframe. the northeast wind brings in the colder air overnight sunday into monday. one last chance of the snow coming in. the ground temperatures, the year temperatures, still above freezing. that means no worries on the road for the morning rush. 7:00 a.m., the latest forecast shows it pushing east. other forecasts have it sticking around. the latest data that just came in, goes with futurecast, a chance of snow monday morning in the rush. but it is only wet roads. then the sunshine by the afternoon. the seven-day forecast,
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just about 26 minutes from now it actually begins by the calendar, spurring does. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, good days for the blossoms. and friday, cooler weather coming in over the weekend. united, if you are a true fan tomorrow at rfk stadium, you will brave the coldest rain. it will not be very nice. make sure that you have the rain gear and keep warm. kimberly: about the worst possible record for a soccer game. next up -- law enforcement in virginia gathering to honor those who have shown great valor.
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kimberly: honoring heroes, this week the prince william county chamber of commerce said thank you to firefighters, law enforcement, and rescue crews. jeff goldberg has more. [bagpipes play] honor thevalor awards men and women who wear the uniform in prince william county. this year it comes at a time of great pain. >> it helps strengthen our resolve, recognizing the vast majority of folks we deal with are supportive of the police department and emergency services. jeff:
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police chief is leading the department as they recover from the fatal shooting month of 28-year-old officer ashley guindon, which also injured two other officers. >> we are doing better day by day. >> please join me in a silent tribute. all three officers receiving prayers and honors and a sign of support in the form of a blue ribbon. >> there are people in the world looking out. >> such a tragedy come incredibly sad. we are all praying and thinking about their families. jeff: on this day, those who have done great work are rewarded, b each day they remember the ones who gave everything. >> there is still some healing going on and that will continue. one of the officers continues to recuperate at home, while the other is still undergoing surgery.
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