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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 25, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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only fios can. good morning, america. breaking news in the brussels terror attacks. at least seven suspects swept up in police raids overnight. a massive manhunt for the two suspected members of that terror cell still at large as authorities say they have foiled another deadly attack planned in paris. and this morning, the american victim who survived the brussels airport blast and two other terrorist attacks speaking out on "gma." the war over wives strikes a nerve. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> ted cruz hits donald trump after the gop front-runner shares this image. now a former trump employee opens up about what it's really like working for the donald as a woman. breaking right now, a giant explosion caught on camera after a tanker collides with a train. 10,000 gallons of propane on
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a whole town being evacuated. ♪ head with hair take a look at this baby bombshell wowing the world with this head of hair. but there's another surprise in store when the family joins us live this morning. we do say good morning america, on this friday morning. great to have amy back from brussels and we have breaking news. police operations are under way right now and, amy, you really saw a city on edge. >> yes, everywhere you looked there were heavily armed police presence and military. the most unnerving part was getting out because the airport there closed through saturday, at least, so everyone packing into those train stations trying to get to paris or amsterdam and the level of security there was unprecedented. every article of clothing looked through. we were patted down just to get into that traintation to leave, understandably a city on edge and they are taking every precaution. >> as they should. >> of course, there are concerns in paris, as
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have been made too and just learning two americans have been killed in those attacks in brussels. secretary of state john kerry is there this morning where seven people were detained overnight as the massive manhunt continues for two terror suspects still on the run. abc's alex marquardt is in brussels with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. there have been new police raids this morning to try to prevent new attacks and to capture those two suspects who are still on the run. this country is still reeling from those attacks, the identities of the dead have not yet been confirmed and among those unaccounted for are several americans. overnight, belgian anti-terrorism police carrying out raids in the neighborhood where tuesday's attackers stashed their bombs. across brussels, seven detained. their links to tuesday so far unclear. this as the manmuppet continues for two of the five attackers still on the loose. this man in the plaque hat seen on an airport surveillance
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bombers and another man spotted in the metro with the other suicide bomber. this morning, disturbing new images of the bombmaking safe house. detectives finding few items left behind but did find over 30 pounds of explosives, a suitcase of nails and screws and an isis flag. and overnight, just outside paris, a pliskova raid on an apartment. the bomb squad on the scene. french media now reporting that weapons and explosives were found inside. they were led there after arresting this man, france saying he was tied to the paris attacks mastermind in the advance stages of plotting a high level attack. these were belgians' worth ever terror attacks. this new video taken seconds after the two blasts at the airport. fires and screams. belgian prime minister saying the liberty of daily life was slaughtered but amid signs of intelligence failures, he rejected the rig
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his justice and interior ministers. belgian officials have claimed that the bakraoui brothers both suicide bombers on tuesday were not known for their links to terrorism. but one of them, ibrahim, one of the airport bombers was deported by turkey for being a foreign terrorist fighter. a warning sent to belgium which they now admit they ignored. and khalid was wanted for his ties to the paris attacks. now the new chilling revelations that it was these brothers who secretly recorded a top belgian nuclear scientist coming and going from his home using a hidden camera to film him, ten hours of video discovered. their goal unclear. but western officials have long feared that isis might try to build a dirty bomb. belgium has now dropped its terror alert level to its second highest level but that means they still believe that an attack is serious and likely. secretary of state john kerry will today be holding meetings to discuss security issues
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support for belgians. >> thank you. we want to turn to abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz with more on those so-called dirty bombs. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the fears of a dirty bomb which would combine explosive material with radioactive material are very real and intensified after 9/11. in fact, many new york city police officers have radiation detection devices on them in the case of the brothers in brussels, experts say they may have been planning to kidnap the scientist to help build the device or threaten his family to try to force him to get radioactive material, robin. >> very, very disturbing. we want to note dirty many bos are not the same as nuclear bombs. >> no, they're not. a nuclear bomb is millions of times more powerful and causes a nuclear explosion not a convention explosion so the immediate death toll would be contained to the blast area of the bomb but t
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material could contaminate an area even miles from the explosion, making it uninhabitable and, of course, the psychological effects of detonating a dirty bomb, robin, would be enormous. >> yes, that's true. martha, thank you so much. george. >> thanks, robin. back to brussels now where we are joined by mason wells, one of the young americans injured in the brussels attack. remarkably mason was also on the scene of the attacks in boston and paris and mason, i know you're still in the hospital. how are you feeling today? >> well, i'm feeling better than yesterday if that's worth anything. i'm feeling bet sfler that's progress right there. i know your injuries have been significant. when do you expect to be released. >> after talking to the doctors, there's no way right now to really put a date on how how long lie recovery will take. expected to take a bit of time but i feel confident in those who are taking care of me doing a really good job. >> good you have confidence in them. we hope
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the airport. what do you remember. >> i was actually conscious for like all of it and through the hours after with the bombs, and the blasts were really loud. really loud. i remember being mipicked off t ground and really hot and cold sensations on my body. i saw fire on my face and in front of me. perhaps how close i was, i was very lucky to escape with the injuries that i have right now. >> amazing and your parents tell us that despite those burns, you were calm through all this, even maintained your sense of humor. how did you do that. >> i think that there's only one person that could have helped me stay as calm as i did and that would be god and the peace in me, the calm that i was able
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feel, it was something that was beyond just a physical shock to my body. >> your faith sounds so strong and now you've been on the scene as we said. you were on the scene of the boston marathon bombings and in paris during the paris attacks and now this. how do you wrap your head around that coincidence? >> something my parents always told me that everything happens for a reason and i don't know why i was in those places. i've been in places when things happen. i would have the feeling is that i believe that god's plan is a lot bigger than maybe we imagine. my faith is something that's my whole life. it's something that i build upon and through experience and know why i was where i've been, i don't know. i do
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have been taken care of and by incredible people that have supported me and i'm so thankful for all those people from a young age even that have been such good mentors. >> well, mason, we're supporting you as well and glad you're on the mend and thank you for joining us this morning. >> no problem. >> that is one strong young man. >> you said it best. his faith remains very strong. to the race for the white house and war of words over wives. ted cruz attacking donald trump for retweeting this image, a picture comparing his wife with trump's and abc's jon karl has the latest and joins us from washington. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. ted cruz is now saying to donald trump, leave my wife the hell alone. it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kid, that'll do it
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donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> reporter: ted cruz reacting to something donald trump had retweeted. an unflattering photograph of heidi cruz next to a glamour shot of melania trump. the images are worth a thousand words. megyn kelly who has had other own run-ins with trump over allegations of sexism reacted on twitter with a single word. seriously? this whole bizarre episode began when an anti-trump super pac launched this attack on melania trump, featuring a photo from her days as a model. trump responded by blaming cruz, tweeting, be careful, lying ted or i'll spill the beans on your wife. of course, trump has been under fire for the way he speaks about women from the start of the campaign. >> bimbo, dog. >> reporter: this ad features women reading actual quotes from donald trump. ted cruz hasn't said much about trump's controversial words on women until now. >> donald does seem
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issue with women. donald doesn't like strong women. strong women scare donald. real men don't try to bully women. >> reporter: trump says he, quote, cherishes women. >> i respect women incredibly. i had a woman who was in charge of the building of trump tower many years ago before it was even thought -- before anybody would have even thought of it and did a fantastic job. >> reporter: the woman who helped build trump tower, barbara ress wrote a book called "all alone on the 68th floor." >> he was respectful of me and the other women. he had several very strong women working for him. i think that the donald i see now is very disrespectful to women. he's disrespectful to a lot of people. >> reporter: all the controversy surrounding trump's comments on women seems to be taking a toll. in one national poll this week, only 26% of women voters said they have a favorable opinion of trump. a whopping 67% say they view h
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unfavorably and, george, if trump doesn't find a way to bridge that gender gap it would be virtually imssible to win a general election. >> okay, jon, let's talk about this more with kristen in washington this morning. so far he's been teflon with so many of these comments. is this one going to hurt him? >> at this point donald trump is already so close to the republican nomination, he already has so many delegates that it's really hard to see him getting completely thrown off track. but even half of republican women have an unfavorable view of donald trump and this sort of thing going after your opponent's wife, not on an issue position she's taken but on something like her looks is really beyond the pail and i think it's got a lot of women and men thinking is this the way we want our president to treat women. >> and the question would be, you know, you mentioned what's happening in the republican primaries. if, indeed, he did get the nomination as jon karl just pointed out could lead to a massive gender gap in a general election. >> that'
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she believes being the first woman president gives her a big leg up when it comes to winning over female voters. she's had some weakness among younger women in some of these primaries but if donald trump's the republican nominee, it's pretty clear she's going to win a large portion of female voters if she's the democratic nominee in november. >> kristen sole 'tis anderson, thanks very much. >> to the severe storms and flooding down south. pounding rain making a messy commute. in florida, take a look at this, the dugout at florida atlantic university in boca raton. totally swamped. players wading through the water and ginger has much more on the storm. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, robin. it's that same storm that is creating thunderstorms later for the northeast here but all the way down to florida, kicked off the storms, almost a half foot of rain in parts of southeast florida and severe storms, the count, almost 40 from texas to florida this morning. >> cars are literally sinking here. >> reporter: a wet and wild
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aggressive rains dumping at least five inches in boca raton. flooding the streets, slowing down highways, filling this dugout with water. baseball players taking cover. from texas to florida, damaging winds up to 70 miles per hour. thunderstorms diverting at least 187 flights from atlanta's harts field-jackson airport. an ef-1 stripping the roof from this home and in kansas a state of emergency. >> the fire started coming up the driveway and we couldn't leave. >> reporter: wildfires scorching at least 273,000 acres, firefighters only containing 15% of the flames. and at this hour we've already seen severe thunderstorm warnings in florida this morning. the severe storms still possible for the northern and central parts of that state. as you move up the cold front look at that squall line moves through new york city later afternoon into the early evening hours, we'll deal with that. freezing rain happening in new england for parts of vermont through
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for now back to robin and george. >> all right, ginger. we go to amy as we said great to have her back from brussels. she has the morning's other top headlines beginning with an entire town being evacuated. >> that's right. a town in western minnesota has been evacuated after a freight train hit a tanker truck carrying propane setting off this massive explosion. the driver thankfully escaped but two people on the train were injured. hundreds of people have been told they will not be allowed back into their hopes until at least noon today. also breaking overnight new video of an american arrested in north korea. kim dong cho was reportedly detained back in october accused of spying for south korea. just last week north korea sentenced a student from ohio to 15 years of hard labor. as millions of americans hit the road for the holiday weekend gas prices are on the rise. the national average price at the pump now tops $2 per gallon for the first time since last year. and remember the days when you rented movies from a video
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well, a guy in north carolina remembered the hard way. james meyers pulled over for a broken taillight the other day when to his surprise he learned there was actually a warrant out for his arrest. he was taken into custody and here's why. back in 2002 he apparently rented a2d tom green movie and never returned vhs tape. tom green heard about it and now promising to pay the fine but no word on how much that will be. the video store, by the way that he forgot to return the tape to shut down like nearly a decade ago and he doesn't know where the tape is so that's a really painful lesson. >> who knows where any tape is. >> exactly. >> and now we'll remember garry shandling. the comedian who created a new kind of tv show and became a household name with the "the larry sanders show" is being celebrated with friends and fans and a look back at his greatest hits and a gift for making so many laugh. >> this is first time so make him feel welcome. would you
7:17 am
shandling. >> reporter: he did stand-up comedy. >> thank you. wow, that's very nice. i'm so excited to be here. i had a great day. i went to the bank earlier today and have you gotten your free pen yet. >> reporter: he sat in for johnny carson on "the tonight show". >> i till love you. >> you want to watch the show together tonight? ♪ >> reporter: he starred in a self-titled sitcom. >> no, no, i know, i know. i'll show you my photo album. >> you know, i feel like i'm on "gilligan's island." i can't get off this date. >> reporter: but what garry shandling will be remembered for most is the "the larry sanders show." >> oh, you could be the sour booker. >> why? >> huh? >> why am i the sour booker. >> it's just a character. >> whatever. >> reporter: he starred as the dysfunctional narcissistic host? what's my name again. >> all: larry. >> reporter: why were we ready for a show that embraced that awkwardnes
7:18 am
and now and then i would get a call from one or more of the actual talk shows on saying, that actually happened. did somebody tell you that? >> reporter: one of his last appearances with jerry seinfeld earlier this year on the web series comedians in cars getting coffee. >> what i want at my funeral is an actual boxing referee to do a count and at five just wave it off and say he's not getting up. >> reporter: fondly remembered this morning for his comedic integrity, an inspiration to so many. >> thank you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> so funny. >> yeah, you saw him crack jerry up and comedians loved him. now back to ginger with that rain. >> oh the rain in florida but we will talk more about that northeast tern and new england storm. first your local forecast brought to you by the weekend getaways by walmart.
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chance for showers this morning. remember, you can always track our live doppler via our free stormwatch7 weather app while you're on the go. the wet weather will end by lunchtime in the dmv, with a few showers possibly still lingering over southern md. skies will turn partly to mostly sunny with highs, quite warm, in the upper 60s to low 70s. it will also be breezy. if you're heading out this friday night, skies will be clear with temperatures falling into the 50s late this evening and into the upper 30s to low 40s by daybreak. we've got a nice spring weekend in store! highs tomorrow will be a bit cooler than the past few days, but it will
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>> coming up, the flight attendant charged with trying to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine through the airport appearing in court after nearly a week on the run. the search for an accomplice right now. that baby with the incredible head of hair. look at that right there standing by to join us live right here on "gma." got to be a wig. lowe's one year guarantee on plants means anyone can have a beautiful garden. finally, something in this yard as beautiful as me. enjoy.
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>> anchor: we want to get a check of the forecast right now. here is alex liggitt. >> weather: thank you. we have been seeing plenty of warm air the last couple of days. today more of the same. highs in lower 70s. we have some showers to speak of on live doppler radar. right now heaviest of it lining up along the blue ridge. some of it now moving into nortr
7:27 am
so see heaviest north of frederick along 15. moving into thurmontas we speak. heading through late morning hours. better chance of rain inside of the dc metro. 10:00 this morning. through the afternoon clearing skies west of dc. and chance for a few showers southeast. could effect some commuters ring southeast. but how is it this morning? >> reporter: well so far so good. most of the major enter changes. we are seeing some delays from earlier accident activity. in takoma park. we have a closure for folks on 59ne branch and eastern avenue. northbound lanes are blocked with the crash clean up. meantime a live look at traffic flow around the capitol belt way. earlier crash has cleared. all lanes open as united states approach georgia avenue. now we are dealing with a crash on alexander side traveling near van dorn. back to you brianne. >> anchor: thank you. funeral held today for jacai colson, the police officer killed on the job earlier this month. colson hit by
7:28 am
while a man opened fire outside of police headquarters. casket will arrive at the first baptist church of glen arden in 30 minutes. developing. now a person struck by metro bus last night in allergic tonight. victim rescued from under the bus. and it happened along southeast and 15th streets in crystal city. no word on what led up to the accident or the victim's condition we know that person was sent to a local trauma center. you can get more traffic, weather and news updates on good morning washington. on newschanel 8.
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking at new video, police raids in belgium overnight and we have breaking news this morning. we've just learned at least two americans were killed in those terrorist attacks as authorities continue their hunt for two suspects still on the run. also right now, the south recovering from severe storms overnight. pounding rain has led to a pretty messy commute in florida. the storms now weakening but still could produce gusty wins and heavy rain in the southeast. and rolling stones getting ready for a huge concert in cuba tonight. putting on a free one and mick jagger is greeting everyone in spanish when he landed and says he's happy to be on the island. also this friday morning, we all know. you've got a great head of hair. that's real. it's all his. take a look at this. take a look at this baby. 2 1/2 months old, 2 1/2
7:31 am
ole. little baby izzy. >> that's a girl. >> that's a girl, yes. 2 1/2 months and getting so much reaction online and we're going to talk to the proud mama and papa coming up. >> she looks like elvis. don't you think? >> she looks pretty calm too. we're going to begin though with that drug bust of a flight attendant caught trying to smuggle nearly 70 pounds of cocaine through airport security. authorities charged after she was selected for a random security check the flight attendant ditched her bags and ran. abc's david kerley has the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. ditched her bag and ran and apparently flew to new york the next day talking about $3 million street value of cocaine that she allegedly was trying to get through security. caught on security cameras at l.a.x., authorities say this flight attendant fled barefoot leaving her bags in which this nearly 70 pounds of cocaine was found. the former jamaican beauty queen's family came to her defense. >>
7:32 am
in the bag. >> reporter: saying in court documents she became nervous when officers asked to search her suitcases. this alleged cocaine caper started friday when the jetblue atechtendant showed up in stree clothes at a known security checkpoint. after flashing her i.d. she was randomly selected for a secondary search. nervous she got on her phone, was speaking in a foreign language, had to be told to keep up with the tsa officer as they walked to the secondary search area. when that officer was getting ready to search, reynolds, a former track runner at nyu reportedly kicks off her heels and bowled down the up escalator and out of the terminal before authorities could find her she flies to new york on the loose for five days. >> she turned herself in because i think she realized that that was the right thing to do. >> reporter: reynolds is expected to be released on $500,000 bond later today. but authorities have made it clear they are looking for a
7:33 am
co-conspirator. still, the former beauty queen, track running flight attendant will be walking out of jail with an ankle bracelet suspended from her job and facing charges of possession with intent to distribute. that flight attendant will be in court again today to see if she can be released later today with that bracelet on her ankle and, robin, if she is convicted, up to ten years in prison. >> that's right. all right, david, thank you. now to a murder mystery, a husband on trial after his wife died from a gunshot wound at home. her death was initially ruled a suicide but years later, new evidence emerged leading authorities to charge her spouse. abc's clayton sandell has that story. >> reporter: new year's day, 2012, ashley fallis lays dying from a gunshot wound to her head and husband calling 911. >> please, help me. please help me. >> reporter: only hours earlier, the couple dancing in the new year. five separate law enforcement agencies ruled her death a
7:34 am
the case closed. >> the forensic analysis done did not support any indication that tom was in proximity of ashley when the shot was fired. >> reporter: but this morning tom fallis, a former colorado corrections deputy is on trial for her murder. a grand jury investigation opened in 2014 when new witness statements emergeed. one neighbor claiming he overheard fallis confessing the murder to his parents. something he denied in court. >> he proceeded to say i shot my wife. >> reporter: fallis is charged with second degree murder. >> i didn't shoot my wife. i don't want her gone. i want her here. >> reporter: his lawyer telling jurors the mother of three was unstable. >> it was determined to be a suicide in 2012 and it's still a suicide in 2016. >> reporter: and that she had even written a
7:35 am
summer before her death. >> dear tom, i'm sorry the trouble i have caused. i'm not happy about it. i'm sorry for your pain but i can no longer go on living this life. >> reporter: the prosecution claims that new year's eve night tom fallis had become irate with his wife the two in a heated argument just before she died. >> no one noticing her being anything other than her being happy and excited. now she's dead. >> he has plead not guilty. >> we'll bring in abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams for more on this. dan, it goes from being a suicide to a homicide. how is the trial going right now? >> well, for prosecutors this is a tough case. you're talking about a case where they have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt and the evidence that they have, one or two people saying that they heard what sounded like a confession, him seeming angry at a party the night before, et cetera, i mean, together this is
7:36 am
possibly but proof beyond a reasonable doubt, i think the prosecution has a serious uphill battle here because even the physical evidence, i mean, you had a crime scene specialist come in and say that based on what you saw at the crime scene it didn't look like there was a struggle at all. so i think this is a tough case. >> we heard in clayton's report that ashley's mental health is being called into question. how do you think that will play out. >> that's the defense. the defense is going to say that she had actually written what seemed like suicide notes before. that she was on antipsychotic drugs that this is someone who committed suicide. i mean, that is the heart of the defense here. >> there is a civil suitcase pending. ashley's family has filed against the police saying in essence because he, the husband, was a former corrections deputy that law enforcement was protecting one of its own. how will that suit possibly play. >> it's a new police department who is actually leading the case at this point. but it does make it even tougher for prosecutors, right. because you had the victim's family w
7:37 am
with the police now sort of saying the police messed this up. the police made all these mistakes. and that's not helpful either for the prosecution in a case like this. so you got a lot of challenges in this case. >> sure do. all right, dan, thank you. okay, thanks, guys. coming up here microsoft in damage control mode after an experiment with artificial intelligence goes wrong. what their robot said that is causing so much outrage. a new study linking caffeine to miscarriages. the everyday drinks that could cause trouble. we'll talk about that coming up. come on back. le think californis live in our own reality. with our heads in the clouds. like a bunch of space cadets. huh? what? i've drawn a blank. what's my line? [director]: reset! maybe we do live in a fantasy... our own little bubble. just hangin' out! as if we're not completely down to earth. but just a bunch of dreamers? no way! we're just like everyone else. you know, average joes. start dreaming big at
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we're back at 7:41 now with a robot gone, oh, so wrong turning into a public relations nightmare for microsoft. the tech giant launched an artificial intelligence program to interact with people on twitter. but soon the robot picked up some very bad and offensive habits. abc's david wright is here. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
7:42 am
programmed to engage in conversations on twitter and to learn from each interaction tay got a crash course in vulgarity and quickly became a pr nightmare for microsoft. hello, world. @tayandyou first words 8:14 wednesday morning promising the more you talk the smarter tay gets. microsoft designed her software to mimic the speech patterns of 18 to 24-year-olds, tweet to tay and the bot tweets you back but it did not take long for internet trolls to poison tay's mind. soon tay was ranting about hitler, one twitter follower asking did the holocaust happen, tay replied, it was made up launching racist and anti-feminist attack, some of them so rude we can't even show you them. one critic tweeted microsoft, you didn't anticipate this? said another, what did they expect it would learn from social media. parents, take note. >> you build the
7:43 am
monster and you have to control it once it's out in the public and have filters in place to make sure that these bots are being respectful to the community that you're unleashing them on. >> reporter: but hang on, we've seen this movie before, right? >> open the pod bay doors, hal. >> reporter: whether "2001: a space oddy" or "war games." >> shall we play a game? >> reporter: shouldn't we know this never ends well? less than 16 hours after tay's birth -- >> danger, will robinson. >> reporter: microsoft's shiny new chatbot lost in space in full damage control mode deleting her most obscene thoughts pulling the plug. the lesson -- >> a strange game. the only winning move is not to play. >> reporter: we ought to pay closer attention to the movies. microsoft called this a coordinated effort by some users to abuse tay's skills and they
7:44 am
adjustments. now, this -- it's important to note -- is not the movie where the robots go evil all by themselves. these were human beings training them and surprise, surprise, computers learn fast. >> danger, danger. >> how do we make adjustments for our kids. >> that's the big question. coming up, the baby wowing so many with that beautiful head of hair. she is joining us live with her mom and dad. and there is a lawsuit over "say yes to the dress." we'll have why a bride-to-be is upset her episode is airing. that's coming up this morning. yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use... ...febreze fabric refresher whoa hey mrs. webber inhales hey, it smells nice in here and try pluggable febreze... continuously eliminate odors for... ...up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher...
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$50 on groceries. see store for coupon. we are back now with baby izzy, the little girl born with an enormous head of hair most of us could only dream her. they showed off her luscious locks on reddit. several memes. here's one of our favorites, baby izzy as mr. las vegas, wayne newton himself. i think that's pretty spot-on. joining us via skype, baby izzy and her parents, david and mackenzie kaplan. good morning, she's beautiful. >> good morning. >> hi, thank you. >> all right, so i have to know what the reaction was when she was first born because she was born with all of that.
7:49 am
>> well, she was a c-section so i got to see her first and i saw that head of hair but honestly we were just happy to see her. she was two weeks late already. we'd already been to the hospital once before so we were just happy to see her at all. >> i totally under stand. she is folically gifted. does her hair just go like that. are you coiffing it or is that how it lays. >> she woke up that way. >> very good. very good. >> just looks so perfect. so i don't put any product in it. we just let it go. >> what do you guys think of this internet stardom? izzy is famous now for that head of hair. >> it's crazy. i think that's the only word to use in this situation. here i was thinking, you know, it's a friday. cheers to the weekend. going to take a selfie of my daughter and i, run some errands own who knew this would happen? it's insane but it's been
7:50 am
of fun and i think that it just brings a smile to everybody's face so that's what we're really excited for. >> hoping to bring a smile to you. we noticed the similarity actually to someone here on the set. look at that. izzy and george. i mean, it's almost identical. >> separated at birth. >> the part. >> all right. >> she wears it much better than i do. come on. >> that's pretty scary. >> we are sending izzy some "gma" onesies and thanks again so much for joining us. we appreciate i she's beautiful. >> yes, she is. she woke up that way, looing at that. coming up america's new bachelorette. jojo opens up here on "gma." trugreen presents the yardley's.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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>> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: we want to get an update on the forecast. here is alex liggitt. >> weather: thank you. we have seen temperatures in 70s last couple of days. today more of the same. not warms as yesterday. but lower 70s. showers to speak of. cold frontal boundary approaching from north and west. through frederick into loudon. and zoom in. moving along 270 and 70 right now into the city of frederick. knocking on leesburg doorstep as well. when you get to dc metro 10:00 this morning. and clearing out tonight. lows back in the 30s and 40s. but a beautiful easter weekend ahead with temperatures in the 60s across the region. should be beautiful. angelia how is traffic this morning? >> reporter: traffic is not bad for the most part. especially fairfax and montgomery county. right now we have closures in prince george.
7:57 am
george's police officer jacai colson. southbound lanes are closed on parkway close to 495. live look at 495. capital beltway. you can see the funeral procession left side. inner loop where we are closed from bw parkway all the way to 202. expecting other closures for this funeral procession on 193. watkins park drive as well as central avenue. and 202 largo road. so be alert. again inner loop is closed between bw parkway and 202 for funeral procession of officer colson. elsewhere quick look at 95. everything is back open. and moving freely. as you pass the prince william parkway from the earlier crash activity. no delays on your way to springfield interchange. brianne back over to you. >> anchor: thank you angelia. new this morning, fairfax county man jailed in north korea. country said
7:58 am
collaborated with spy agency to bring down north korea. south korea denies it. kim born in south korea and became a naturalized u.s. citizen and lived in northern virginia until 2011. for more traffic and weather and news updates tune in to good morning washington on newschanel fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet
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8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. "say yes to the dress" lawsuit. the bride-to-be begging producers to hold her episode. >> it really has kind of whirlwinded into this nightmare. >> will her wedding be ruined before she even walks down the aisle? the new study this morning links caffeine to miscarriage. the everyday drink as could cause you a lot of trouble. ♪ shut up and dance with me america's new bachelorette, jojo, opening up for the first time. what she's looking for in a man and will she fall in love again? >> i am actually feeling feelings which i didn't expect so early on. >> reporter: inside the new season this morning. ♪ welcome to my house and the nfl stars trying to tackle a day at
8:01 am
plus a big chef showdown as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. we say good morning, america. on this good friday. it's a big and busy friday here in times square and nice out. >> it's beautiful. very mild before the storms. >> did you -- the easter bunny is stopping by "gma" early and chefs rachel blais and anne burrell are here for our spring it on chef showdown using amazing ingredients and the easter bunny will have a mystery ingredient. >> here's what they don't know. the mystery ingredient unveiled by the easter bunny right now, let's see it. >> there it is, mint. >> they didn't waste any time. they have 45 minutes to cook this dish beginning right now. >> guys,
8:02 am
three pro football players who are taking on the ultimate challenge, they'll be "gma" interns for the day and it's all part of a program to help players prepare for life after football and their first challenge, obviously, getting us our scripts in a fleaflicker. >> fleaflicker. >> fleaflicker. >> well done, guys. we'll have a lot of fun coming up with you and now amy with the morning rundown. >> we begin with new details about the attacks in brussels. two americans have been confirmed dead in tuesday's attacks. their anyways, not yet released. also this morning we have learned alex and sascha pinczowski were killed. police picking up at least seven more suspects. and for the first time we're getting a look inside that apartment where police believe the bombs were made. authorities say the two brothers who attacd
8:03 am
airport and subway secretly recorded a top nuclear scientist raising concern that isis may be trying to build a dirty bomb. two suspects are still on the loose including the man in the black hat who was seen on airport surveillance video and was also on a u.s. terror watch list. meanwhile, overnight police near paris arrested a man they say was in the advanced stages of plotting an attack. his plot was not related to the brussels attack. well, now to the presidential race and the verbal smackdown between ted cruz and donald trump, not over yet. cruz furious at trump for retweeting an unflattering picture of his wife heidi next to a glamour shot of his wife melania saying the images were worth a thousand words. cruz lashed out calling trump a sniveling coward and warning him to leave his wife alone. trump responded saying he didn't start the fight. well, democrats are demanding an investigation into the long lines during tuesday's primary in arizona.
8:04 am
state officials reduced the number of polling places this year and critics say that move disproportionately affected urban and minority voters. prosecutors in utah have dropped criminal charges against olympic skier picabo street accused of throwing her father down the stairs. her lawyers say it was self-defense. gerber is recalling two types of organic baby food pouches because of a packaging defect that could result in the food spoiling. our website has complete details. and finally, who is smarter, blonds, brunettes or redheads? a new study is defying the stereotype of a dumb blond. researchers actually found that blond women have a higher mean i.q. than women with brown, red or black hair. the study also found that blonds are more likely to be classified as geniuses, but there could be a flaw in this study.
8:05 am
people surveyed may have lied about their natural hair color and as i throw it back to robin, another incredibly intelligent blond, we would never lie about our locks. >> no, never, never, amy. thank you so much. >> i'm going to stay so far away from this story. >> you were leaning out of it. you didn't want anything to do with it. we have a big health headline for you now. heart disease, the leading cause of death among women. now a new report reveals that mammograms primarily used to screen for breast cancer may also one day help diagnose heart disease. abc news chief women's health correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here to explain. so please do. >> good morning, robin. so basically this study was based on two observation, one that women having routine mammograms are often found to have calcium in the arteries in the breast and the second that heart disease is associated with calcium deposits found
8:06 am
corps row nary arteries so they looked at under 300 women having c.a.t. scans of their chests and compared it to mammograms. let me show you what they were looking a you'll see these are normal blood invests in the breast. this is a ct scan of the heart. if you look at this image, this big white here is calcium deposits in the breast artery. here you see calcium deposits in the corps row nary arteries and the findings of this study were significant. they found that the two were associated so the thinking is can we one day look at calcium found on mammogram and predict risk of heart disease in it's not uncommon to be told that you have calcium deposits when you have a mammogram. >> exactly and by the way, that's really different calcification. tiny flecks or micro or macro calcifications and they occur all over our body, often normal part of aging, in the valves of
8:07 am
>> so break it down for us. when you see the headlines saying that mammograms could lead to be able to detect heart disease. >> we are not there yet. it needs a lot more study. what i like about this is a holistic type of thinking meaning if you look at something and see it on one part of the body could it indicate something going on in another part and heart disease the number one killer of women so being able to predict that risk is very important. >> another big health headline saying there's maybe a link between caffeine and fertility. >> this is going to get a lot of attention. this was actually an interesting study because it looked at behavior before conception and early in pregnancy at both men and women and their intake of caffeinated beverages but energy drinks and sodas and found those couples men and women who consumed three or more caffeinated beverages a day
8:08 am
pregnancy loss. now, again, we have to interpretinter pretty this with caution. jemly 200 milligrams of coffee while pregnant is fine but this is significant because first time that it shows that what men do can impact and behavior before conception can also -- >> that's a big deal. we'll be following it but as i say if pregnancy were that fragile, the human race would have ceased to exist a long time ago so we should just be cautious. >> you know very well with all that you do. all right. jenkins, thanks very much. you'll take questions as always on twitter and facebook. now over to jesse with the "morning menu." >> thanks, robin. a look at what's coming up on "gma morning menu." the bride says no to "say yes to the dress" opening up exclusively on "gma" about why she took the reality show to court. and a woman who's hoping to wear a wedding dress soon, jojo fletcher giving us
8:09 am
the new season. our interns here learning what it's like to be in front of the camera. that signal. i used to get that all the time from my coach. argenteuil all that and "batman v superman's" amy adams and the easter bunny live in times square. what's up, guys? "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. this kid makes stains like crazy so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent.
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♪ welcome back to "gma." our nfl ink terns, they're studying their plays for the morning. we will talk to them, i don't know, after football if this will be in your feature but the
8:14 am
so you have to get ready for that next act. >> yes, we do. >> another fleaflicker here. why is george's smile owe big? we'll get them later with this. george. >> that is a good smile right there. we'll move on to our exclusive interview with the bride-to-be who sued "say yes to the dress." she claims the show is running her big day -- is ruining her big day by airing her episode before the wedding but a judge has ruled against her saying the show must go on. abc's nick watt has the story. >> reporter: an excited bride, her dream dress and a reality tv show. what could possibly go wrong. >> it really has whirlwinded into this nightmare. >> reporter: ali godino will parry jeff may but she will appear in that dress on tlc's hit show "say yes to the dress" that airs tonight. >> i'm pretty sure every woman who's ever been married or dreamt about getting married can understand. >> reporter: the groom can't see the dress, no one should see the
8:15 am
dress. here's what happened. september 1st ali flies from her home in vegas to new york city. drops a reported 20 grand on a dress according to her legal complaint, one of the most elegant and expensive in the store. producers from "say yes to the dress" approach. their bride has bailed. would ali save the day. she agrees she says only if it airs after her big day in may. she signs this appearance release, fast forward to february. she hears it's airing tonight. she pleads producers won't budge, can't budge. yesterday just 32 hours until air, they're in a manhattan courtroom. >> what the judge decided was that ali, if this episode went through, went on tomorrow, would not be irreparably harmed by it. >> reporter: tlc saying many of them have had their episodes air before their wedding and an air date is not promised or solidifi
8:16 am
move forward with the originally slated airing of the episode. >> everyone has seen me as a bride before i was actually a bride. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> that doesn't seem right. >> no, it doesn't. but like they said they don't really promise when it's going to air but you would hope they'd be able to work something out there. all right, but now to a woman who's hoping to wear a wedding dress soon, new bachelorette jojo fletcher opening up filming for the new season has already begun. jojo says she's ready for romance that lasts. look at the love. abc's kayna whitworth with all the details. >> i would like to please welcome our new bachelorette, jojo. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: this morning, 25-year-old jojo fletcher is speaking out telling "gma" that although her breakup with the bachelor ben higgins was tough there are no hard feelings. >> i went into that morning feeling like i was going to get engaged. i had mentally prepared myself for that but, you know, it didn't work out.
8:17 am
>> i didn't know if i could find lo love. i found it with you but i found it with somebody else more. >> reporter: ben and a don't communicate. i kind of have my relationship with lauren which is my first priority. i spent those last couple of days and weeks trying to recover from my breakup with ben. >> reporter: and ben's not the only one who fell in love with this brown-eyed beauty. america cheered on the charming texan week after week. now, a group of eligible bachelors ready to win jojo's heart. she's opening up about what she's looking for in her future mr. right. >> i'm looking for a man that can make me feel safe and protected and somebody that i can trust. >> reporter: filming under way and jojo revealing sparks are flying. >> i am connecting with these guys. i'm having fun with them. i'm actually feeling feelings
8:18 am
on. >> reporter: hopeful that this time she'll get her happily ever after. >> i want to be engaged. i want marriage. i want a family. so i feel like this could happen right now. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> we'll see what happens. the new season of "the bachelorette" premieres may 23rd. >> amy and jesse. >> we are here with our nfl stars tackling a new role this morning, "gma" interns for a day but we're not the only ones putting them to work. they are part of a program helping athletes develop career skills. >> abc's linsey davis has a look at what they can really do. >> reporter: after a long grueling football season, you could blame players like patriots star rob gronkowski for kicking off the off-season like this. ♪ >> reporter: but not everyone in the nfl is spending their time twerking. some are spending it
8:19 am
will allen is best known for his work on the gridiron. >> will allen with the big hit. >> reporter: but in his downtime allen is an intern. >> how may i help you? >> did you ever imagine you would be walking and working the halls in the capitol? >> no, i didn't imagine it but it is exciting. >> reporter: he is 1 of 26 nfl athletes taking part in the nfl players association's internship program where some of the league's hardest hitters try to tackle the idea of a 9:00 to 5:00 unpaid internship. >> the average career is less than four years and we knew we needed to get players out into the working world. >> reporter: he is working for congressman bobby rush. >> he is teaching me how bills are written and passed. >> reporter: the only downside -- >> hold, please. hold on. i'm sorry. is this a scheduling issue? >> reporter: a few fumbles on the phone. >> i never had to learn how to transfer, put a number in transfer, send a
8:20 am
>> he is banned from the phone. >> you're not allowed to answer the phones anymore? >> reporter: just last month nose tackle darius killgo was holding the lombardi trophy but instead of take a well deserved vacation he is holding down a job the underarmor. >> an opportunity i couldn't pass up. >> football only lasts so long. >> reporter: eight nfl players are interning at the sportswear giant. they're doing everything from meeting bigwigs to putting the brand's apparel to the test. even designing their own shoes. >> just some different color ways. >> it's an experience. way not use every experience you have to figure out your career. >> the program is monday through friday 9:00 to 5:00 for three weeks and just finished up the third year of the internship program with record participation. it's all part of implementing a new playbook for the day these guys hang up their cleats and walk away from their day jobs for good and makes a lot of sense. i didn't realize just 3 1/2 ye
8:21 am
in that's incredible. look who we have here. great to have former pittsburgh steelers safety will allen who interned on capitol hill. frankie hammond jr. who interned at underarmor and then we have former washington redquinns fullback darrel young at underarmor. was it easier or harder than you expected being an intern? >> oh, it was hard. you know, because we are a out of our comfort zone. i was on capitol hill doing my thing and being this an actual congressman's office and seeing just how the ins and outs of politics is just amazing, but crazy but it's necessary. >> transitional standpoint what do you think the hardest hinge is to replace for a former professional athlete once they have to go into the real word. >> i think finding out what you like. i think we're in situations every day we're in our comfort zone and go to work in our slippers and sweats and now we got to go in suits and stuff and ability to step out of your comfort zone. >> with these experiences what are the
8:22 am
important skills you have to have to be successful. >> i think the biggest skill we already come set with. being team oriented and going to meetings on time so it's like when you go to a job and you fill out an application and say you played in the nfl, it's kind of like, okay, we already have these certain skill sos they look for within an employee and i think those things are like little intangibles that come with perks of being in the nfl and being an athlete in i'm certainly impressed. you filled out your resume right here. we have a lot more coming up with you. so thanks for being with us. first outside to ginger. >> that was so much fun and so is this. look at this crowd on a beautiful 53-degree morning in new york city. we'll start in florida where they've had strong storms and could still see gusts up to 40 or 50 miles an hour along with heavy rain. that will stall out over the weekend, not the best weekend or start of the week in parts of florida. and then you look at the extended outlook, a much cooler
8:23 am
of the great lakes, northern plains all the way even into the deep south. sliding east will br chance for showers this morning. remember, you can always track our live doppler via our free stormwatch7 weather app while you're on the go. the wet weather will end by lunchtime in the dmv, with a few showers possibly still lingering over southern md. skies will turn partly to mostly sunny with highs, quite warm, in the upper 60s to low 70s. it will also be breezy. if you're heading out this friday night, skies will be clear with temperatures falling into the 50s late this evening and into the upper 30s to low 40s by daybreak. we've got a nice spring weekend in store! highs tomorrow will be a bit cooler than the past few days, but it will still be and best bunny impression, go. >> beautiful, very nice. jesse, let's get some "pop" with the hops. >> bring some chocolate with you from some of those little mini easter bunnies. time for "pop news" and we begin with a big "pop news" exclusive to supersize your morning. that's right. we've got your very first look
8:24 am
founder," michael keaton's new film about the man who turned mcdonald's into a billion dollar empire. what you call a mcdream coming true and here's a sneak peek at a major mcmoment from the movie. >> michael. >> reporter: he plays ray kroc who started out as an illinois salesman for taking over the fast food franchise, two years in a row he's starred in the oscar winner for "birdman and "spotlight" and with the "the founder" in theaters august a5th, it's certainly -- >> he's on a roll. >> i was going to say. >> good idea too during "the founder" if they served mcdonald's french fries or mcdonald's in the theaters. >> put the aroma in the theaters. >> no pressure. >> they almost switched it. mutiny. >> you can't do that.
8:25 am
it's a unanimous opinion here on the "gma" set. also trending high you'll want to may attention. yesterday's "pop news" dance party, here's what you missed. ♪ say geronimo say geronimo >> what's wrong with him? >> what's that? >> that reminds us he s me of u and george. i love you, george but -- >> that's it. everybody having fun in the car and there's one guy in the back -- >> now you know why i wasn't here yesterday. >> also want you to know i didn't say anything during that piece. i wasn't pointing any fingers. >> oh. >> sea bass over there. >> that's right. >> you're the one that brought it -- yeah. moving on, since we have some extra help we have our nfl interns and "gma" interns, our nfl stars this morning, i think we should put them back to work a little bit. come on in and help me out a
8:26 am
help me tell everybody what's coming up. will, frankie, daryl, are you ready. >> amy adams is here live. >> plus we've got our spring it on showdown. two amazing chefs are going head-to-head in the kitchen? a huge performance from zedd and aloe blacc coming up. [ cheers and applause ]
8:27 am
>> this is good morning washington update. >> anchor: we want to get an update on the forecast right now. here is alex liggitt. >> weather: tracking showers through the morning. here they are, on live doppler radar, exiting frederick and entering montgomery. northern montgomery. rain pushing east, howard, carroll, baltimore. heaviest stuff of the rain will move north of dc. but couple of showers may ling through 10:00 hour. before lunch time. highs in the lower 70s today. and the weekend looks great. 60 on saturday. mid 60s on sunday. angelia how is the traffic looking? >> reporter: well, we have had rolling closures on the baltimore washington parkway as well as the capital beltway. for the funeral procession for police officer colson. and we have closures
8:28 am
bw lanes rescoped p capital beltway. and rolling closures continue on 50. this is a live look at if i have. 202 largo. and central avenue. keep in mind watkins park drive will closed for funeral at first baptist church in glen arden. brianne? >> anchor: thank you. as you said people are lebing a hero. funeral held today for jacai colson. police officer killed on the job earlier this month. colson hit by friendly fire while a man opened fire outside police headquarters. colsen will be burreid in home state of pennsylvania on monday. >> and while the maryland terps are out of the ncaa tournament. tonight it is virginia's turn in spotlight. cavilers take on iowa state in chicago for their shot at the elite eight. our robert burton is in windy city for the game. tip off 7:10 eastern time. and robert burton weigh live report tonight on abc news seven news. >>
8:29 am
and news updates tune in to good morning washington on newschanel 8.
8:30 am
♪ i want to see you smile and welcome back to "gma." happy friday here as we head into easter weekend for so many. the easter bunny stopping by early. >> you know, he's everywhere this morning, the easter bunny. he's even with our chefs. i'm telling you. isn't he? >> talented. >> facing off in our spring it on showdown. they're upstairs whipping up spring inspired dishes. can't wait to see how they used the mystery ingredient. >> mint. appropriate for spring. now over to amy. >> all right, look who i have with me, amy adams, the five i'm time oscar nominee reprising her role as fearless reporter lois lane in the new "batman v superman: dawn of justice" movie. the battle between the two biggest superheroes in the
8:31 am
>> so who gave prototype military rounds to fighters in the -- >> ask, lois. >> fly to d.c. tonight, a couple of days there. >> go. >> coach, no extra legroom. >> economy plus. >> coach. >> i laughed out loud when i watched that. i bet she booked economy plus. >> she did. >> how fun to play someone like lois lane, strong, sexy, everything wrapped up in one. >> it is so much fun. i love playing her. i love that she's fearless. i'm not that way. so it's really fun that she really is not afraid of the consequences. >> you have played her before, obviously. >> yes. >> opposite henry cavill. a beautiful -- a lot of action but it was such a great love story. this newest installment is much darker, much more intense. >>ye
8:32 am
both movies. >> well, what was great about this is that as far as relationship with lois and clark goes, when we meet them you can tell they've been in a relationship for awhile so it was great to get to develop that sort of intimacy and that friendship i've developed with henry to bring that to the screen and, of course, for complications and drama to happen along the way bus it was a lot of fun. >> i understand there might have been a couple of times particularly a bathtub scene where maybe it was a little physically intimidating to be starring opposite henry cavill. >> it's like he's one of those men that like i don't know why him shirtless makes me have low self-esteem but that's exactly what it did. it was like two weeks of working out like i was like, wait, i'm never going to keep up with henry but i tried. >> you looked fantastic and the chemistry was palpable. >> thank you. >> we have some aspiring superheroes with us that i want to get to. they're a lot cuter than i am at asking questions. let's bring in nyla. >> hi, how are you. >> nyla has
8:33 am
take it away. >> do you wish you had superpowers too? >> sure. i would love to have superpowers. i'd love to be able to fly or read people's minds. that would be fun. what do you want to do? would you want to fly? >> yes. >> yes. >> she got a great question. lilly, you are up next. what do you want to ask amy. >> hi, amy. i'm 7 years old and my question is, many people think superman should be with wonder woman because they're both superheroes so why does he like lois lane? >> well, i think that superman likes lois lane because she sees that he's also a man and not discuss a superhero and also she's very smart, very caring, very loyal. very brave. >> that's great. what a good question, lilly. i love you as batgirl. okay, next, last but not least we have kennedy, wonder woman here. what is your question for amy?
8:34 am
superman, i think yes. >> maybe a little smarter, what do you think? >> i think i'm in trouble. these three little ladies showed their superpowers here's. you got a budding journalist career, all three of you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, guys. >> i love that. amy, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you're so welcome. "batman v superman: dawn of justice" is in sheathers now. don't miss it. robin. >> oh, hey, amy, i'm here with espn analyst and a good friend, former nba superstar bill walton, written a new memoir "back from the dead," searching for the sound, shining the light and throwing it down, chronicling his athletic highs, injury lows, so much more and sharing the lessons he's learn add long the way and i was distracted looking at all these pictures. >> yes, our
8:35 am
greatest dog in the history -- he just passed a week ago. it was the saddest thing. i was holding him in my arms and just crying. cortez, he rescued me and i wasn't able to do the same for him. >> oh, how did he rescue you? >> he gave me my life back. he became my service dog and service dogs, they make you happy. they open up whole new worlds and this dog was so kind and so generous and so gentle and so intelligent, robin. just beautiful. and i loved him so. >> i lost my jack russell after almost 18 years so i can sympathize recently. but you talk about cortez. you talk about that time in your life and when you open your book, start reading it -- >> it's very dark. >> it's a very dark beginning because you really had thought, hey, life isn't worth living. you had all these chronic injuries. >> my body failed me and as you and i both know, it's about health a
8:36 am
everything. i lost my job. i lost my hope. i lost the dream. i no longer believe that life was worth living and so i've got this partnership with simon & schuster. we're very, very happy and it's just been fun. it's been staggering to come here and spend the week in new york and to see the outpouring of love and all the stories that have come back and then to sit here with you and know your story and how my story is all played out and the roller coaster ride and we all think that we're just going to be able to just go right on through but that's not the way life works. to be able to come here today, sit on this stage with you and to see your empire just going so fantastic and then have these pictures and the coach and the bus and luke's wedding right there. >> your family. >> raising money for the children of lithuania with the grateful dead and chris mullen. >> see, that's you, bill walton.
8:37 am
people who are not familiar with you, your college career, the legendary john at ucla. >> i ruined his life. i had no idea. i was a teenager. i'm a hippie and he was so organized and so structured and was so used to everybody just saying, sir, yes, sir and i wanted to ask why. you know, why i had to cut my hair. why i had had shave. why i had to wear clothes -- >> you did it. >> i did it because there was nothing more important than being on the team and i didn't realize, robin, how special he was until i left because everything i had as a child, i had the greatest childhood. we had nothing but we had everything. we had family. we had san diego where i till live to this very day and then we had heroes and role model, bill russell, muhammad ali, bobby kennedy, martin luther king jr., sargent shriver, bob dylan, jerry garcia, neil young, all convincing us we could ring
8:38 am
we could get out there and make a difference and do something to change the world and then so i thought everybody had that same life and it wasn't until i joined the nba when i was 21 that i realized that was not the case at all. >> no, but you put in your contract with portland that you could be a free spirit. that you could -- >> they were all excited. everybody was all pumped up and signed the largest contract in the history of sports at the time, team sports. only thing i cared about nobody was going to tell me after four years with john wooden nobody would tell me when to shave, when to cut my hair or what clothes to wear supply love the fact you stayed in touch with coach wooden for -- >> 43-year relationship. high school student, he recruited me, college student, '70 through '74 and 36 years as his friend where i made a conscious decision, i was no longer going to cause consternation and problem in his life. and so there's one of the pictures where i got my arm around him. >> i see that.
8:39 am
used to have breakfast all the time and i begged him. i went to vip's but i couldn't get him to come out on the grateful dead tour. he offered to take me to the lawrence welk concert and also i couldn't get him to come to death valley where we loved to ride our bikes. >> we have will allen here an intern in the nfl and you have made that great transition from pro ball. >> will, i'm bill. i have two ls. do you have two ls, i do. >> you have a question. >> you had a successful career after sports. what was your number one tip you'd give to other professional athletes -- >> make your dream your job and make your job your life. >> make your job your life. >> and then you cannot finish unless you start. >> ooh. >> get in the game. do not wait for the game of life to fall in your lap. chase it down. just jump right in. you're going to fail
8:40 am
you're going to make mistakes, risk and failure are all part of it and when all fails and just totally lost, just call robin. >> just call robin. >> oh. >> she has all the answers. >> no. >> she's been there. she has done everything. she has built her life from the ground up. >> so sweet. >> the daughter of a tuskegee a airman. >> thank you, bill. >> coming here, the health challenges, building it all and because you're going to fail. you're going to stumble. >> absolutely. >> what you have to do is get back up and get going right away. jump back on that bike when you crash. jump back into the game of life. jump back into business. and always call robin. >> bill walton, ladies and gentlemen, bill walton is here in our studio. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> never forget it's about health and family. everything else is -- >> are you taking notes here. >> mental notes. from both of. >> you bless you, bless you, bless you. >> we love you, robin. >> we love you right back. "back from the dead" in stores now. do yourself a favor and pick
8:41 am
up. outside to ginger. >> robin, i'm with you, bill. i totally call robin on anything. the easter bunny is here celebrating early. if you had a dance move, what's the album move. a little hop? i might employ that. a quick look at the easter bunny cities and that is thesliding e chance for showers this morning. remember, you can always track our live doppler via our free stormwatch7 weather app while you're on the go. the wet weather will end by lunchtime in the dmv, with a few showers posçibly still lingering >> all that weather brought to you by king's hawaiian bread. robin. >> you may have the easter bunny but i got bill walton right here. coming up, our huge, huge cooking showdown coming up next. come on back.
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♪ i want to see you smile we are back now with our spring it on chefs showdown. anne burrell, richard blais. you had to create something with the secret ingredient mint. working up to the last second. >> anne is author of "own your kitchen" and "worst cooks in er
8:45 am
owner of crack shack in san diego so our "gma" interns are tasting the dishes deciding who is going to win. let's get started. >> it smells so good working right up -- >> this is serious like a dream come true on "good morning america" cooking against anne burrell. hanging out with you guys and so this is some spring lamb with a little bit of english pea hummus. >> english pea hummus. >> bus hummus doesn't have to be just chickpeas, it could be regular peas, why not. a little bit of lamb sauce there. a little salad and this is spring to me, lamb and pea -- >> how did you use the mint. >> the mint, we mixed it into our hummus and i also mixed it into this little honey glaze with coriander, cinnamon and a little mint we put in, as well. i think the bunny actually loved it. so i'm not, you know -- the easter bunny loved it so that counts for something. >> that does count. >> point out
8:46 am
actually. what are you making over here. >> i'm doing spring pasta. i mean, spring to me is like light green things like mother nature saying waking up like stretching and so i have sugar snap pea, asparagus, artichokes and meyer lemons -- >> oh, yeah. >> and then -- >> citrus but it's like -- this is one of my happiest smells ever. >> it's very happy. how are you incorporating the mint. >> so we're finishing the whole pasta dish with the mint. we have parmesan and fresh pasta i made by hand this morning and we'll toss it together and then minty fresh finish. >> beautiful. we have to go over to our "gma" interns, of course, and, guys, you are the guinea pig. you can huddle together and tell us who is taking home the golan bouqu bouquet trophy. >> ready, break.
8:47 am
>> congratulations, show. >> dream come true. and validated by the nfl too. not bad. any speeches? >> anything you want to say? [ cheers and applause ] >> i love you guys. thank you so much. i never thought this would happen. thank you. thank you. >> coming up here, zedd and aloe blacc perform live.
8:49 am
how i love this collaboration. back now with zedd and aloe blacc, they're performing "candyman," a modern remake of sammy davis jr.'s "the candyman" did you know that in honor of m&ms 75th year-long celebration. so, gentlemen, let's hear it. [ applause ]
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♪ ♪ living for tomorrow lost within a dream ♪ ♪ trying to find the answer to the question and it seems that love makes the world feel good ♪ ♪ singing in the moonlight dancing in the rain ♪ ♪ let the sunshine through to lift your spirit once again 'cause love makes the world feel good ♪ ♪ chasing after rainbows somewhere in the sky ♪ ♪ and it feels so good oh yeah ♪ ♪ and it feels so good oh yeah ♪ ♪ and it feels so good oh yeah ♪
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♪ said it feels so good oh yeah and it feels so good ♪ ♪ oh yeah and it feels so good ♪ ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ candyman can because he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good ♪ [ cheers and applause ] this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up.
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my giant. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. ♪ it feels so good "good morning america" is brought to you by jcpenney. ♪ and it feels so good >> beautiful music, everyone. thank you, everyone, zedd, aloe blacc and people were saying, can you? oh, you know a lot of people didn't realize the connection with sammy davis jr. if it's a nice connection. honored to be able to have that piece of history. >> yeah. >> it's beautiful. and not used to you not being behind the turntable, zedd. >> i like to switch it up. >> you do switch it up. thank you to the interns, you took off those
8:56 am
holiday weekend. have a great one, everyone. we have to thank the easter bunny, as well. there he is. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: let's check the forecast now. turn things over to alex liggitt. >> weather: good morning. we area
8:57 am
live doppler radar. right now, moving along 270 to gaithersburg and germantown. about to approach alne. back through eastern portions of loudon. will affect portions of sterling and ashburn soon. line continues to move toward dc metro next hour or so. 10:30 you see a line moving through dc metro. out. here by afternoon hours. should be nice today. breezy at times. highs in lower 70s. 60s to start the weekend. mid 60s on easter sunday. angelia how is the traffic this morning? >> reporter: good friday, good traffic alex. we are moving nicely. as a matter of fact. pockets of empty lanes on the capital beltway through some stretches start. you off on interstate 66 though. had an earlier crash westbound through centreville at 28. that's long gone now. we are still looking at some slow traffic in welling tonight. not on 66. but on 234. police tell us northbound lanes are actually closed between wellington road and route 28. meantime no delays reported
8:58 am
395 but a crash to would 95 northbound at howard road. beeian back over to you. >> anchor: all right. thank you angelia. and that funeral held today for officer colson, prince george police officer killed on the job earlier this month. colsen hit by friendly fire while a man opened fire at police headquarters. officer colsen's family will arrive at the church in the next few minutes. and if you are looking for something to do tonight. baseball is back at the national harbor. there will be a gnat's pepre rally at the wheel. 4:30. first 100 riders get limited edition capital wheel baseball. you can get more traffic and weather updates on good morning washington. tune in to newschanel 8. blank
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "batman v superman," amy adams. and from the series, "supergirl," actor peter facinelli. also, we wrap up our "new york auto show week" with a look at the latest s.u.v.'s. plus, "extra" co-host charissa thompson joins michael at the "live" co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are michael strahan and charissa thompson! [cheers and applause] ♪ charissa: hey! what did you do? twirl?


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