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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  March 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> increased patrols after a on a metroting platform. a devastating attack targeting and easter celebration. the pope calling for an end to all this violence. abc 7 news starts now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> in the last hour we learned the identity of the teenager shot and killed standing on the platform at the deanwood metro station. amy o bear was there shortly after that shooting saturday and she joins us with this new information. amy, what are you learning? brand-new information from police tonight identifying the victim of that shooting as 15-year-old davonte washington.
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behind me on the platform. family members say a 15-year-old washington was loved by so many. a statement from the family says the jrotc teen was involved in so much and touch the lives of allwho knew him, from generations, old and young. the investigation into the deadly shooting at the deanwood metro station continues. >> we don't know what the subject matter was. it's not believed to be random. amy: a day following the deadly patrolling onse foot. the station sat quiet on sunday. a few riders trickling in and out and transportation running as usual. >> we are moving forward with the investigation. wow, ok.ike a young guy got shot. that's sad. who did this? amy:
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want his face shone on camera says he shocked. >> when i heard about it i was like, wow. say the police presence on sunday is more than usual and he gives them a sense of security. >> can't go anywhere these days. it's good to have police somewhere around. you can still see a police presence out here tonight. the department offers a reward up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for any homicide in d.c. live in northeast d.c., emile bear, abc 7 news. theerly: starting tomorrow, district will be enlisting some private assistance to transport people who need an ambulance. 7 on your site has been reporting on liking response times for months. as diane cho reports, this plan is not sitting well with everyone. diane: starting tomorrow, if you
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have a private ambulance company known as american medical response taking you to the hospital if you're in the district. if it's not a life-threatening situation, they will move on to a more serious call and let the private company tape over. -- take over. the department transferred more than 117,000 people in 2015. >> the amount of demand is outstripping the available resources that fire and resources has. the important thing is we don't want to compromise patient care in any way. after the fire department medical director stepped down earlier this year and in this resignation letter she said, quote, people are dying needlessly because we are moving so slow, referencing a situation where it took an ambulance more than 18 minutes to respond to a man who was stabbed and lar
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when private contractors are used as a stopgap measure when things should probably be more -- diane: others in the district think it's a plan worth trying. >> this is the only available solution, then it needs to be done. >> if it's getting people to help they need now, let's take it. the deputyoing this, fire chief estimates a private company could potentially help with about 35% of their non-life-threatening calls. in northwest d.c., diane cho, abc 7 news. kimberly: when person is dead, a second injured after a shooting this afternoon in jessup, maryland right it happened around 1:00 at a truck stop. police say they are looking for the shooter but this does appear to be an isolated incident. we are keeping a close eye on a lot of developments tonight on the war in terrorism. today a memorial in brussels was taken er
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post them in streeters raise their hands in nazi salutes and chanted and my immigrant -- ant-immigrant -- anti-immigrant slogans. four people were arrested after 13 more anti-terror raids happened today. in the netherlands, police arrested a 32-year-old man at the request of french authorities on suspicion that he was part of the planning for yet another terror attack. tonight a faction of the talib and is claiming responsibility for a bombing that killed at least 65 people and injured 300 others. andappened this morning pakistan. investigators say the blast was in a park and specifically targeted christians who had gathered to celebrate easter. say they arrested two men in connection with the deadly attack in ivory coast this month. 19 people were killed when militants stormed a beach resort outside abidjan. three other suspects are already in custo
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tempered his easter message of hope by expressing dismay about the blind, brutal terrorism throughout the world. thousands packed st. peter's square at the vatican as the pope celebrated mass. pope francis called on european countries to welcome those suffering from war and hunger in other parts of the world. the warmest or brightest easter sunday here at home. we could see a little bit of rain right in time for the morning rush-hour. meteorologist devon lucie has these details. devon: we are looking for some rain to be tracking in. we will a you know when it begins, when it ends to where you are. we start with a live look outside national harbor. great sunday, lots of cloud cover built in. less night through the overnight hours, high-temperature did make it to 57. as we held off precipitation, we were able to get
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real-time temperatures not too far off from those highs, clouds hold temperatures up after sunset tonight. already seeing some sprinkles through leonardtown. king george, westmoreland county, even towards the eastern shore and torts maryland, and virginia out there. we do see rain south moving in. wrapping up by the time you are getting towards may be the earliest bus stops in the pickup hours on monday morning, then the winsd really start to pick up as well as the sunshine pops out. we will also discuss how strong those winds are going to be and what it does in the dropping of cool air wednesday. our complete forecast just a few minutes away. kimberly: we will see you then. ,oming up on abc 7 news blossoms blooming. we will take you right down to the cherry blossoms at fair peaks.
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kimberly: in vote 2016 -- >> our campaign has the momentum. you are the momentum. kimberly: senator sanders calling on the so-called superdelegates to rethink their support for hillary clinton. his call coming after sweeping the caucuses in washington, hawaii, and alaska on saturday. the campaign has not really addressed -- the clinton campaign has not really address those results. on tuesday, join abc 7
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debate the issues. we brought you the republican debate last week. tuesday at noon, only on abc 7. the current first family spent part of their easter in alexandria, th eobamas celebrating easter at a historic church. it's the same one the first family attended last year. unt turned into a shoving match in connecticut this week. organizers of this event say the hunt was supposed to take place in three stages so plenty of kids could take part in the fun. but parents did not seem to pay much attention to the procedure. >> it was like locusts. everybody descended and left. >> i'm not going to take my kid somewhere and now i feel like you're not putting their safety in any way, shape, or form. apparently the first parents got all the goods, leaving the second and third waves with nothing. there were plenty of disappointed children. it is a waiting game.
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that, and why the cherry blossoms aren't the only reason you can see a lot of traffic in the area this week, when we come back. we are going to check in with devon lucie for a look at what the weather will be like for your work week.
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kimberly: right now a glimpse of two superstars in the city. these are freedom and justice, the eagles of the d.c. police academy in southeast. the birds have nested there for the last 11 years, and they are watching over a pair of eggs which should hatch any day now. watch the stream live at plenty of people heading into the district this weekend to see the cherry blossoms at their peak.
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place it will be full of traffic this week. cheryl conner is live in southwest to explain the other events coming up. cheryl: it is chilly out here, but people have no problem coming down to visit the cherry lightms, even with some rain falling. certainly a lot of people out here on this easter sunday. you can see people walking by with their dogs, and the traffic has stacked up around the tidal basin. we did talk to one couple who took an uber down here. they said friday was worse than it was today. certainly a lot of traffic in this area. this week will cause headaches on the roads. road closures are starting today to prepare for the nuclear security summit. the secret service requested the mount vernon square metrorail station, it will be closed for two days, from wednesday evening until friday eveng
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secure perimeter. green and yellow trains will continue to operate through mount vernon square without stopping. once again, a busy week on the roads and rails expected. we are certainly seeing it out here on this sunday. we will have much more coming up at 11:00, and you can tune in at for all those road closures. back to you. kimberly: there's a reason for this urgency. sounds like the winds could wipe them out. devon: really strong winds tomorrow afternoon. i had a great opportunity to speak to discovery elementary. take a look at this. they did some of their own weathercasting. temperature was 80 degrees fahrenheit in the morning and 86 degrees fahrenheit in the af
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alexandria. with 0%k is in the 70's chance of rain. make sure you don't wear a jacket. >> hello. i'm going to tell the weather of the week. ok. monday, the high is 80 degrees and the low is 67 degrees. devon: just tremendous out there. thank you so much, megan, discovery elementary. all the fourth-graders of all their classes out there. great forecast. live look at national harbor, all that cloud cover held temperatures down under 60 today. we're still into the mid-50's. the cloud cover acts like a blanket in the nighttime hours to hold temperatures up. southern maryland might see a few raindrpos. -- raindrops.
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counties to the north. maybe a bit of this first drizzle activity, a few light raindrops. south and west of the region, you've got rain. a big rain shield moving our way. we've got light rain that is going to be here tonight, and then a cold front. southbehind that cold front, wis really ramping up. really strong winds coming tomorrow night. tuesday, those winds continue to blow from the northwest and that is what eventually ushers in that cool air. the big picture over the next few days, highly detailed forecast. talking rain tonight from 6:30 to 8:00. then it is the light rain to come in thereafter. 1:30 rush-hour up at. 7:00.
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over. midmorning we get a lot of sunshine tomorrow afternoon and mild temperatures, mid to upper 60's. look at these winds. two-minute wind average 20 to 30 miles per hour. a lot offternoon, those blossoms get blown away. lots of sun tuesday. a bit of a breezy day and it does -- it does drop in cooler air. abc 7 sky cast for you. watch this, it actually depicts the rain coming in towards the morning time frame. at sunrise the clouds are still around. the sunshine is out by the actually, and it's mild. just a very windy day coming back in. there's the morning rain. dayesday might be the best this week before a strong wind and possible thunderstorms thursday. if i look beyond that weekend to the following week, arctic air. highs of 40. kimberly: let's get to
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hot on the hard court. robert burton is in virginia.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by a local toyota dealers. have had three solid victories to get to the elite eight, and that's where we find robert burton and chicago, covering virginia and syracuse. robert: game day right outside the united center, where syracuse taking on uva as we speak. syracuse very dangerous so far in the double-a tournament. rightre in the elite 8 now, and they could very well go on to the final four. the uva team is on a roll.
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73-65 win in charlottesville. that's hard to do against the syracuse -- coming up on abc 7 i will sunday at 11:30, be here for the celebration. everything you need right here on abc 7. kimberly: we are looking forward to that, robert. rain averaging elites syracuse 28-16 in the first half. the ducks had no answer for buddy. oklahoma took a big lead early and never looked back. oregon trailed 48-30 at the half. oklahoma advances to its first final four since 2002. final score 80-68. kansas and villanova,
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30 seconds left in the game. kansas down by four. a huge three. villanova clinging to a one-point lead. closing second to the game, jayhawks can tie it here. defensive play by ryan archie. knocks the ball away from mason. villanova head to the finals. after a devastating double overtime loss to the timberwolves, the wizards hope to revive their very slim chance of making the playoffs when they the tonight in l.a. against lakers. the wizards are on a few game losing streak, and they need a win tonight as they trailed detroit by three games for that final playoff spot. tonight will be the last time wizards fans get to see kobe bryant. however, he is a gametime decision due to an injured shoulder. it's a liner up the middle for a base hit,
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murphy will come around and score. that will tie everything up at 1-1. moments later, ryan zimmerman hid the bullet to left. harper hustling around from second. that gives the nats the lead for good. they win big. 7-2 the final in that one. don't forget to tune into abc 7 sports sunday. robert burton will be live in chicago with the latest. >> cer
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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kimberly: easter monday is looking chilly and windy. devon: the wind picks up late afternoon. the rain is most important, that will be wrapping up around 7:00 to 9:00.
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