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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  March 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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down. video to show you what the area looked like at that time. as we got here we saw throngs of people pouring from the capitol. raced up the hill to visitor center we encountered a u.s. capitol police officer. she drove us back and told us to get going, get out of the area. a very intense situation. we understand a raced up the hiy known to the u.s. capitol police came through the the metaltector -- detector at 2:39. went off. he pulled a weapon. he pointed it at capitol police officers. they opened fire. we talked with the people as they were rushing out of the center. moments after this went down. this is what one of them had to say. were sitting outside. we just toured the library of congress. we were sitting outside. and we saw a mass of people running from the capitol screaming, "shooter, run for your lives."
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and we started to run with everybody. i was scary. then they had actual people that work in the facility come down. "run. it's a shooter. run!" off running with everybody. then we saw police officers with the m-16's out. they were terrified. stephen: that is what we were ofring from a number people, throngs of the people pouring out of the capitol. situation.e the individual who pulled that weapon, taken to the hospital this his condition not known at this time. wereinitially there reports that a u.s. capitol police officer had been shot as well. was preliminary and false. but a woman, another visitor timee capitol at the injured, slightly injured in the melee. extent ofnow the the injury or what happened. not serious. that is the latest from the this time. everything is pretty much back to normal now. reporting
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live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you for the update. so it is still very early in investigation. but we are beginning to learn a little bit about the suspect here. leon: that is right. papst is standing by in the satellite center. what do we know at this point? far, abc news reported that the man's name is larry dawson from tennessee. the soleieved to be suspect involved in this situation. it has been reported he was washingtone hospital center under police escort. that is what the "washington reporting. now abc news reporting this man's name, we went back to look at dockets. in october of 2015, there is a man by the name of chargedwson who was with unlawful contact and assault of a police officer ther an outburst in u.s. house of representatives. we went back to c-span and we video of the disturbance. in the beginning if you listen hear what then man is saying. he is saying, "i am a prophet
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god." he is then instructed by the police to be removed by the arms and removed from the u.s. house chambers. he was charged, as we said contact andawful assault of a police officer. it is likely that happened confrontationnt in which he was then removed from the u.s. house of representatives. him beingo video of removed. just the video of the front shot you see there. what we know so as we get more information we'll bring it to you. in the satellite center, chris papst, abc7 news. leon: all right. get back to us if you hear something new. we are hearing that the police are investigating a suspicious to the bowected botanical gardens. very close. is diane cho is there now. what is going on there? thee: we are near gardens.nic guard there are officers surrounng
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now. they have been blocking the truck for some time. since we arrived here in the or so.n minutes tennessee tags. we are told that the suspect according to the authorities is from tennessee. we do know that the officer located the suspect's vehicle on the u.s. capitol grounds. they haven't specified exactly where it was or provided a description of the vehicle. we do know that authorities are waiting on a search warrant. through the go vehicle at this time. we should know shortly if this the suspect's vehicle or not. if they start to do that soon, again that the tennessee.from we did ask an officer on the scene as we were approaching cameras to verify if this is related to what happened earlier. could notus they confirm the information. as soon as anything develops at the location we will bring you live.ation to leon: okay. thank you, diane. alison: now let's go
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go to joce sterman who has been on the scene since early on. leon: that is right. a couple of blocks away. right now at the second and the east capitol streets. matter of fact she has been theing to people leaving capitol vilsor center there. now?is the latest right joce: a drastic difference from two hours ago when we showed up here before 3:00. the street was lined, ambulances, fire engines, police cars. 200 people standing on the spot. looking to see what was tour groups to see what is happening. people trying to get in told they could not. even employees from the visitor center on the outside barricade. to get in touch with family were concerned what they were doing and if they were safe. we spoke to individuals who were in the security line when the shooting happened. we're spoke to a gentleman who dropped his phone and wallet. he put them through to go through the metal detector. they said, "active shooter, get out, g
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everything and ran. he still doesn't even have his stuff back. scene. a lot of stories of people to door tog door look for rooms to go into when they called for active shooter and the lockdown situation. they told us they had, actually had to text someone in barbara mikulski's office a safe haven. they were able to go in and watched the press conference live on tv as they saw in an office on lockdown. drastically different scene. andletely calm at second capitol. back to you. alison: she had interesting interviews this afternoon. leon: yes. voices still trembling. they just came out of the building. leon: when you consider what we are hearing there may have been a number of police officers shooting a at suspect thee with the gun in voices stl visitor center where there were thousands of people. you can understand why folks would be worked up. >> absolutely! let's go now to find out the latest from the d.c. bureau medstarm ford at washington hospital center. leon: we understand that an ambulance folwe
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of hours ago. do we know more who may be there? problem, is the leon. i haven't been able to find out from any of the hospital folks here to pick up the phone. have been standing here. nevertheless, as you said, ambulance,n ambulance 23 came here to the entrance. car followed the ambulance. i went up to them and they wouldn't say anything to me. they had security here to remove us. but that is the situation here. we understand from the news suspect isthat the undergoing surgery right now. clearly here at medstar they work.ot of particularly on the gunshot wounds and things like that. of course it reminds many of of 1998 in july when eugene westin shot his way in the u.s. capitol building. he killed two u.s. capitol officers. in fact, they were both flown here to medstar.
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the suspect westin was put in a d.c. ambulance and driven to that.c. general hospital was still open at that time. and senator frist who was i think the republican leader but definitely was a medal doctor accompanied westin to the hospital. and in fact westin survived. he is currently still being held. officersed the two died. and a big tragedy. this afternoon initially we aboutt we were talking u.s. capitol police officer here. but now we understand it was a suspect or a woman who might hit by shrapnel. the vehicle stayed here for some time but left. what wepoint that is know from here. we are still trying to find into thiss taken hospital. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: sam, we will let you get back to it. we want to check in now with jennifer donelan. atson: she is standing by the location where officials just held a press conference a short time ago.
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latest? sitting herem with 16-year-old ryan. haven't out here, we talked about that but it has been incredible all afternoon. especially with everybody outside. be it has been bad, hasn't it? >> it has. jennifer: you were inside at the time. in the room right next to the shooting. you didn't hear the gunshot. >> i did not. guide whothe tour said something is going down. >> yes. told us something going on and said it might be -- well, she said it was probably just a drill. they directed us to a room away from the shooting. there forkept us in 20 to 30 minutes. escorted us out of there. gen not just anybodiers counted you out. armed.oaded, >> they got us
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it. jennifer: her mom is down the street. she didn't want to talk on camera. you weren't here on a class trip. with the younger friends. one of the things i was taken by is how many young people were visiting today because of the spring break. calm? >> very calm. capitol police and the police a great job to keep the order and stop the panic. atnifer: were you scared any point? >> we were all playing it off. a little bit. jennifer: sure! you come to d.c. and visit places like new york, washington, d.c., places that byer it's totally understandable. you are in there for 20 minutes. phoenix.rom this isn't something you live with in phoenix, is it? >> no. i have never been part of anything like this before in my life. jennifer: yeah. to know now that the shooter, this was not terrorism
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known toa guy who is the u.s. capitol police who brought a gun. feel safel, did you given everything that happened today? you think you would come back here? >> i would. i'm comfortable about it. i believe that the capitol when they say it's a lone wolf. single guy. they did a great job stopping any other further collateral damage or anything bad from happening. i felt safe. jennifer: okay. thank you so much. we hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. studio.the leon: all right. thank you, jennifer. so quite a couple of hours there on capitol hill. stay on top of the story. we are trying to get more suspect.on on the the other woman who was injured by shrapnel inside the visitor center. one we get more details the story we'll bring it to you here. alison: in the meantime, more news today and the weather. doug, jen, mentioned it's really windy out the
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wind advisory in effect. at the congressional country club the winds are blowing strongly there. miles per hour. the temperatures are comfortable enough. the area.s across nice to look at. not so good? you are flying in. hour andan seven-minute delay for the flights arriving at washington-dulles. ofbably wave off because the strong wind. the wind advisory in tan for the entire metro area and point north and midnight. we have had the wind gusts in the past few minutes to 45 miles per hour in hagerstown. manassas. 38-mile-per-hour gust on the surface at reagan national airport. fortunately the temperatures are nice and mild. in the lower 60's now. 64 at manassas. in washington. bit cooler north and west. 68 in fredericksburg. we head through the evening hours we will keep the gusty winds but eventually overnight winds will diminish and go from windy to breezy at 15 miles per hour. with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" will be back after
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott,
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-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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is that back now for the breaking news of the day. a shooting at the u.s. capitol visitor center. alison: jeff goldberg is there. bring
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is there. give us an update. jeff: this happened this afternoon and a man was going to visitor center on the east side of the capitol. something happened with a alertedtector that police. a a heck broke loose and police officer got his weapon and took a shot at the suspect. suspect was shot. no police officer hurt. no idea whether it was one or more police officers who did the shooting. the man is in surgery now. are not giving his name but it's interesting. the police did say they know the man has frequented the area before. many times. cherry blossoms are out and tourists are here. so the police were concerned -- about that. the capitol police, secret police, and metro police. this is the biggest update we have. weng a fluid situation will learn a lot more. from what i understand the
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according to the chief of police, for business tomorrow. reporting live from capitol hill, i'm jeff barnd, back to you. you. thank the shooting comes before the in the security summit city that will bring 50 world leaders to the capitol. that means roads and the station will be closed down for security reasons. it could impact you. be a tough traffic day on thursday for the evening commute. friday again. brianne: two dozen streets around the white house will be as the world leaders come to town this week for the nuclear summit. parking restrictions are already in place in neighborhoods surrounding the convention center and security surroundings and businesses are expected. wednesday through friday metro close the mount mount vernon
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thousands of bus riders who will diverted. >> a corridor that is affected is the 70 and the 79 bus route. it is top two, top three in the city.dor >> no one is looking forward to it. be bad. brianne: michael jenkins says there is stepped up security in his neighborhood and nowhere to park. his fiancée are getting out of town. in addition to road closures that will last most of the there will be rolling road closures and closures that will happen portions of the day along 17th street. coming up tonight at 6:00, hear how all of this is in northwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. get a closer atk at the road closings go to the website and search "nuclear" to help you get around town tomorrow. alison: now turn to the weather on a windy monday. leon: it would have been the headline today. yeah. it still is. in many portions it's tough landing today if you
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family members, they will have stories to tell you if they landed this afternoon in the area. alison: memorable. a few diversions. doug: delays over an hour right now at dulles with the planes coming in. are coming in and they get waved off until the winds settle down and try to hit between the gusts. tough coming in. alison: okay. doug: as far as the numbers go, tell you about the temperatures in the 60's now. we look at this from national harbor. you can see the potomac is choppy from the sustained winds. it's still gusting in excess 40 miles per hour. we have had a gust of 50 miles in germantown. children hospital with 50-mile-per-hour gust. collegee, montgomery gust of 49 miles per hour. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. the wind chill is not a factor but extremely windy. the wind advisory will remain until midnight. but by 8:00 or 7:00 it 9:00, it 8:00 or should come down. it will be windy but
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abate.o 25-mile-per-hour sustained wind in leesburg. 26-mile-per-hour sustained reaganeported at national airport. on top of that we have the gusts flaring up well in 40 miles per hour. fredericksburg is 68. the farther west it's cooler. cooler. will be won't be terribly cool. breezy. but not windy. progress. tons of sunshine for the next couple of days. skies.sunny wake up temperature is 39 in germantown. in largo. 42 in waldorf. 45 in dale city. cloud wise, a lot of clouds. this morningn that blew out of here with the cold front. still rain across new england. of thee band appalachian mountains only a few thousand feet tall but they are keeping all the to the west. in our area east of the mountains we are going up to the sunshine around the area. delightfula evening, just a bit on the breezy side. give you the next seve
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days here. the temperatures will go down a bit and then back up. tomorrow is sunny and breezy, 63. 61 on wednesday. thursday a warm front will come through. then thunderstorms a possibility. cold front on friday. cooler forn weekend. 61 on saturday. upper 60's on sunday. tuesday. monday and back more with more weather updates and strong winds and the wind advisory in a little bit. okay.: we will see you then. thank you. of course, we are continuing to stay on top of the breaking after the shooting at the u.s. capitol visitor center today. we get let you know if new information on the investigation. leon: first, go to break with a quick look at what is coming up on abc7
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stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. leon: "7 on your side" with health matters. a new study may provide a new to conduct concussions. research done at florida hospital saying there may be a protein in blood that can be to head trauma. and the protein can be in the week after for a the injury. arestudy says the results preliminary and blood test is years away. nascar driver dale earnhardt jr. wants to step up and help out with the concussion research underway. he tweeted he wants to donate his
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pair ofred a concussions in 2012, you may recall that caused him to miss two races. declaration after seeing a link about former pro football players who are theirng to donate brains. alison: we are following some more breaking news tonight as ae f.b.i. investigates computer virus that has now crippled computers at the metstar health chain. mike carter-conneen is at the live desk now with the details could impact the next hospital visit. tell us about this. clinicalr says all facilities are open and functioning and there is no evidence that the information has been compromised. a spokesperson tells me this computer virus impacted in thestar facilities d.c. and the baltimore region. we learned about the computer staff member at the washington hospital center who told us someone has hacked into the computer system and asking for several million dollars in ransom. that staff member told abc7 with the computers not working today, the staff members
5:26 pm
manually and there is concern could affect the quality of care. the f.b.i. confirmed today it is investigating the incident. asked if this is another case of the so-called randomware, reported by the hospitals in california and kentucky be the hackers extort money to return a victim to normal, a spokesperson for the f.b.i. in baltimore would only say the bureau is aware of the incident and looking into the nature and the scope of the matter. spokesperson declined to elaborate about the possibility of this being ransomware. healthatement the chain says the virus prevented certain users logging into the acted and medicare quickly -- medstar acted fromly to prevent it spreading throughout the's. they have moved to backup paper with the transactions where necessary. of course, this is a developing story. big story. my colleague roz plater looking in the impact tonight and will bring you updates as we get them. live in newsroom, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news.
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when we come back we'll get another update on the breaking news from capitol hill today. a shooter at the u.s. capitol visitor center. we'll be right back.
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leon: back now with an update on the breaking news of
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center.visitor alison: we told you earlier that the police are neartigating a vehicle the u.s. botanic center on the maryland avenue southwest. our diane cho is there right update for us. diane? diane: well, you can see that the u.s. capitol police are surrounding this silver dodge truck. u.s. botaniche garden. we got here were already here be time we arrived. theyrities confirmed vehiclethe suspect
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jennifer: she was taken but calm by the time she walked out to us and spoke with us. they were in a huge crowd. they were on lockdown for 30 to 45 minutes. they all say they got updates from the police. she is a person that she triballed hearing the gunshot -- she described hearing the gunshots. a lot of people were close. they were next door or in the movie theaters. but i think the security the way it was handled, everybody is talking about that. the gunman as we know and we will report again is in surgery. might be out of surgery at this time. we haven't gotten a recent update from the police. he was a lone person shot in this ordeal. we had a woman inside, unclear if she was a civilian or a tourists. or she was injured and police haven't said how she was injured. that is the latest from delaware and constitution. michelle: thank you very much. so in addition to the capitol, the white hous
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horace holmes is there. the white house placed on the lockdown this afternoon how is it now? horace: the big vent here at the white house is the easter egg roll. thousands have been in and out of the south lawn of the white house. a big group filing in right now. if final shift. they stayed for two-hour shifts. i talked to a gentleman. there were thousands of people on the white house lawn when the white house was shout down at the shooting at the capitol. i talked to a gentleman there. it was festive before it happened. music. there was a d.j. then everything stopped. no announcements made about what was going on. it was quiet for an hour. to an hour and a half. they turned the music back on and the lockdown was lifted. it has been a very
5:35 pm
a unique day when the people get to come to the white house grounds. but everything is fine at this point. back to you. leon: a strange day for the visitors down there. thank you. 35,000 people expected to show up there at the white house for the egg roll. so we will take a look at the event for you coming up after the break. don't go away.
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steve: i'm steve rudin. temperatures in the 60's. by thursday and friday around 70. can't rule out a chance for a thunderstorm or two. talk about the upcoming weekend. a bit breezy on saturday. temperatures around 60 degrees. upper 50's on sunday. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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leon: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. your devices may go on the fritz. since releasing ios 9.3, many users are complaining with links to other apps. in some c
5:39 pm
freeze up. apple hasn't acknowledged the problem but the forums say the tech company is working on a solution. alison: at least ten rapes since january reported at george mason university. today, it was already planned. but the campus is kicking off a program to protect students. jeff goldberg has more to prevent other crimes. jeff: the message is one of solidarity and passion in a fight against an issue -- advocates say is more widespread than believed. >> it's uncomfortable to realize but it's a problem. jeff: she is a grad student and a victim of sexual assault. she is speaking as part of a week of action against sexual violence at mason, in an effort to stop the problem through conversation and awareest inness. >> of course, i would have preferred to not been raped. but someone who has been sexually assaulted it ha
5:40 pm
with people. >> in the first three months of this year, 11 cases of rape or sexual assault reported to the mason police. far more than the three reports filed by this time last year. the administration says the increase is evidence that the victims are feeling more comfortable to report the crime. >> the investigator -- university is behind this. they want people to investigate. reporter: patriots in action are leading the week's effort. >> this is a tough topic. it's so taboo. jeff: they believe it is a safe campus but no means is it immune to the sexual assault. >> making sure that people know it is an issue. it's not just a myth it is happening is the biggest challenge. there are plenty of events, victims' rights walk and candlelight vigil. in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- only
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enjoying march madness. alison: we will take a look at the trip just ahead. narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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alison: laughter and music echoed from the south lawn of the white house today. leon: even giant bunnies showed up as well. alison: and a few eggs. leon: more than 30,000 invited guests were there for the annual easter egg roll. always a good time i have found. michelle marsh has a recap. michelle: this year's roll had five souvenir eggs similar to the ones behind me. four are stamped by the president and the first lady signatures. there is also a gold egg with the signature and the paw prints of the first family's pets. every child who attended took one home. [applause] michelle: with the whistle, president obama whistled in the egg roll. the day was filled with events including a fun run, basketball shot cot
5:45 pm
music. despite all the fun for the first family the day was a chance to reflect. >> today is a little bit bitter-sweet for us. this is the obama administration's last easter egg roll. yeah. if we think about what we have accomplished over the past seven years it's pretty incredible. michelle: that is one of the reasons many celebrates showed up, including jay-z, beyoncé. this was the 138th year of the easter egg roll. and fun was had by all. leon, alison. leon: that little thing, too, the president was only partially fake. every year you get a sense that family really, really does enjoy this event. alison: fun. michelle: remember, we'd see the girls. now they are too grown up for it. alison: they are over it now.
5:46 pm
alison: fun. thank you. leon: see you in a bit. alison: another easter tradition continued today. this for the 125th year. family gathered at the national zoo. this is for easter monday. hundreds of families gathered for the event that started in 1891. this is as an alternative for the african-american families who were not allowed at the white house. even though the white house egg hunt is for everyone now. the popularity of the easter monday never wavered. >> we are going to do the easter egg hunt here. look at the animals. a lot of fun stuff. alison: that sums it up. in addition the children got to meet a number of zo animals, watch live entertainment, too. the event ended a few hours ago but the zoo is open until 7:00. leon: the weather cooperated this year. the national cherry blossom festival still underway. the sun did come
5:47 pm
high winds, though, have got everybody out there. watching the trees closely. that is the worst enemy right now. the concern is that the wind could impact the tree to send blossoms flying around. peak bloom started last friday and brought hundreds to the tidal basin over the weekend. abc7 and newschannel8 are very proud to be sponsors of the year's festival. alison: it is hard to believe the parade we're part of isn't until the 16th. a long time to go through the festival. we want to thank all of you who sent amazing pictures from the blossoms this year. look how beautiful this is. david sent us one. of all the people out there trying to snap the perfect picture, too. leon: a few hours ago there was an word of an active shooting situation at the "sportscenter u." joce sterman is standing by
5:48 pm
what have you learned? joce: things changing here. the capitol police cleared out the media that have been standing here. a gaggle of a hundred people were here, the media outlets from across the country and around the world. they are preparing to opening east capitol streets from earlier when they shut it down. earlier today when we talked about in the lockdown situation people inside the capitol and the vis store center specifically, when this happened. they knew the drill. they knew they would have to go through security. they are prepared. this is a city on high alert and they'd have to deal with these things. they did not anticipate active shooter. they knew of a drill earlier today. it was on their minds. but when someone said, "active shooter, active shooter, run, run, run."
5:49 pm
we talked to a lobbyist who was going through security at that moment and dropped everything he had and ran outside the building. here is what he had to say. you left your wall let behind? >> and my cell phone and everything. another my whole life is in there. but more important to get out when the active shooter is there. joce: what happened? >> i'm with colleagues to lob beau and we went through the centreville security. as ill -- the visitor center security. we ran out and we were relocated out from the building. they escourted us to the building -- escorted us to the building. joce: you talk about it and -- >> sure. anxiety-producing. the people concerned. they knew they were in capitol. the family and the friends trying to get in touch with him. we have to tell you he was using somebody else's phone to let people know. the visitor center did not reopen in the afternoon. we have to wait to see what
5:50 pm
back to you. leon: thank you. a lot going on around town. traffic is a factor everywhere. jamie, how does it look? jamie: i want to give an update with the closures and what has reopened around the capitol. first street is closed constitution to independence avenue. as well as the c street from second street to third street. what has reopened independence open and constitution avenue. area best to avoid right now. 15-mile-per-hour in independence. on the freeway heading to 3952 we have a crash at main avenue. that drops you down in the teens. you can see volume on the inner loop and the outer loop. sun glare mixed in, too. doug: let's show you an alert
5:51 pm
the area in tan. metro, washington, the metro-baltimore area. all the area in tan. virginia, pennsylvania, new jersey, farther north than that. it's very high winds developing behind the cold front that went through this morning. wind gusts to 38-mile-per-hour at reagan national. 40 at b.w.i. 45 in hagerstown. the same gusts reported at washington dulles. that has slowed the planes coming in. a tough afternoon. winds will diminish. breezy and later tonight they will get below the 40 miles per hour, the 45 miles per hour gust threshold. 63 at the reagan national. 64 in manassas. 67 in fredericksburg. cooler north and west. through the everything, texass will fall. steadily drop. we will expect to be 10 to 15 by the morning with the lows of 37 to 45 degrees. the future cast shows the gusty winds coming in and moving offshore.
5:52 pm
throughout the day today. that will warm us you up here. tomorrow look like this. the temperatures warm up with rain for thursday and friday and clearing out from the weekend. that is the latest. back to you. leon: all right. take moment to check out the stunning picture. severe weather rolling in. what would you call that? doug: that is a gust front coming in. leon: crazy! doug: scary looking. leon: yeah. it happened at the astros-braves spring training game in florida on sunday. as you might expect the game was rained out ultimately. alison: that looks like a florida storm. erin: the rain must have lingering because the nationals game was also rained out. leon: which was
5:53 pm
erin: off to west palm beach next season. leon: good for you. erin: if i get to go. let's talk about the scene after virginia suffered the brutal collapse against syracuse. cavaliers no longer in the big dance we still have a local school headed to the final four. george washington left today for the latest challenge. the final four. >> syracuse. erin: no, not the final four that syracuse crashed. the other final four. >> we are excited. watching the game it is fun to be playing. not in big dance but excited to play in a great tournament. erin: g.w. is in the n.i.t. final four. not a bad consolation after miss out on the ncaa tournament despite 23-10 record this season.
5:54 pm
erin: they are hoping to make history. in madison square garden. >> mecca of basketball. it's exciting. erin: g.w. takes on san diego state tomorrow night. win that and g.w. would be one win away from the program's first national championship. >> to have the ability of playing in a tournament like the n.i.t. >> i'll enjoy myself. i'm going to soak everything in. leon: make us all look g
5:55 pm
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leon: we have more breaking in coming in this afternoon. now word from the f.b.i. which is now saying that it has found a way to hack into an iphone without getting help from
5:58 pm
the agency gaining access to the san bernardino's phone. this and week-long dispute between apple and f.b.i. over whether they would be forced to create software to break in the phone. no word how they pulled that off. alison: developing now civil rights groups filed the first challenge to a north carolina law they say is discriminatory. it bans people from using bathroom that do not match the biological sex. it also bans the cities from having the own antidiscrimination policies. north carolina's republican governor signed the bill 12 hours after it was introduced and voted on. >> because of the political pressure. because of partisan politics they have gone on and taken the fear of new and stoked the few of many. alison: after the city of charlotte allowed transgender people to use the bathrooms
5:59 pm
based on their gender identity, the republicans called a special session of the legislature to pass this bill. that will do it for us at 5:00. breaking news now at 6:00. leon: we have new information coming in right now at the shooting at the u.s. capitol visitor center a couple of hours ago. a man with a gunshot by police and taken to the hospital. the live team coverage continues right now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: chaos today at the u.s. capitol visitor center. this is video taken inside as the visitors run for cover. leon: the scary scene unfolding this afternoon. tonight we are learning more about what sparked this. jennifer donelan has been there since the beginning and is live with us on capitol hill. she has breaking
6:00 pm
jennifer: we have news just in from law enforcement sources that the weapon at the center of all of this appears to not be a gun. we have learned from the law enforcement sources that the weapon that this man pulled out was an air soft type of weapon. like a b.b. gun. it looks like the real deal. when that is pulled out, the police officers respond. just about an hour and a half ago we had a press conference. just about a block away with the united states capitol police chief. here is what he says happened. >> during routine administrative screening the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at officers. an officer fire and struck the suspect. who was subsequently tweeted by medical personnel. the suspect was taken into custody. transported to the hospital for treatment. gen i don't know if w


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