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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 29, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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treatment starting next week. dickinson is suing for defamation and later today his attorneys will ask that that case be dismissed. a threat by a boycott, georgia's governor vetoed his state's anti-gay rights legislation. conservative groups are promising a fight while supporters of same-sex marriage were claiming victory. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: across the country, georgia's conservative governor in this deep red state -- >> good morning. >> reporter: -- has won both new friends and new enemies. >> georgia is a welcoming state. >> reporter: for weeks, more than two dozen big name companies were threatening him, promising to walk away billions from georgia, in movie-making and other business, if he signed his name to a bill that would allow any faith-based business to refuse service to gay couples. corporate america felt the law would legalize discrimination against gay residents and the governor agreed. >> i do not think that we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based
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and my family have been a part of for all of our lives. >> reporter: since the u.s. supreme court made gay marriage legal nationwide last summer, religious groups and lawmakers have moved the battle home. what happened in georgia today is proof that big business can make a big difference. some of these faith-based groups here in georgia say they're not done. if not this governor, then the next. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. you're going to have to wait at least one more year for calory counts on restaurant menus. the federal government has put off implementation again after fierce lobbying by supermarketed, convenience stores and other retail percent. the rules would require businesses with more than 20 locations to put calorie counts on menus. the stores say they offer too many item fords that to be practical. >> it's helpful to know when you go to a restaurant. >> it's helpful to say no, no, no, no. >> well, electric legend gordie howe was celebrated last night in detroit on
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birthday. there was a big cake and the national anthem singer led about 20,000 fans singing happy birthday. >> the red wings made sure it was a happy birthday as they held on for a 3-2 victory over the savers. bhou's birthday is hurs. >> happy birthday, howe. >> it's going to see he's still around. he is suffering from dementia and some other illnesses but he looked good. coming up, the end of a tradition for the obamas. a big party on white house lawn. >> also ahead, finding fellowship in virtual sisterhood online. the woman logging in and joining a sorority on the internet. and cracking down on the colorful cartoon characters greeting tourists in the middle of a new york hot spot after our forecast map as we say. it's 45 degrees for the good people in great falls, montana. happy birthday to our director. >> david. >> he's 28
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it started off as a high speed chase in houston and ended with the suspect stuck in the mud. driver cut through fields and construction sites and then jumped into a muddy river perhaps hoping to escape by swimming away. instead. he needed officers' help. they pulled him ashore with a rope. there's no word on what led to the chase or why he took his clothes off. >> all right. never know. here in new york city, tourists have taken note of a philadelphia fairious costumed characters harassing for tips in the heart of times square. it's really annoying. >> is it? >> yeah. >> the encounters may be fun for some but the opposition to the relatively new neighborhood fixtures has been steadily growing. former "world news now" legend rob nelson reports for wabc. >> elmo, arrested. for aggressive solicitation.
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groping a teenager. these are just a few samples from a long list given out by city leaders looking to reign in commercial activity in new york's pedestrian plazas. one-times square employee wrote "a friend's son was grabbed by one of the costumed characters to solicit a photo op. the mother was told to give $10 and the character would not let go of the child until the money changed hands." susan, a manhattan resident said, "i have been aggressively approached multiple times by the cd and picture hawkers who don't much like the answer no. it makes it highly enpleasant to walk through the area." the new law would give the transportation department the power to regulate plazas including regulating zones a move designed to give people the option of avoiding the characters and topless women who have generated so much controversy in recent
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>> we need to protect the uni e uniqueness and excitement of times square while bringing some order out of the chaos. >> reporter: city council members and times square alliance leaders surrounded themselves with supporters of the law including the naked cowboy, a times square fixture. ♪ this is my occupation, that's why i pledge my full support for little regulation ♪ >> the end. >> yep, that happened. meantime, leaders stress that this is not any kind of ban. just an effort to try and better contain the chaos. when elmo grabs your [ bleeped ] in times square, your childhood is immediately ruined. these are real tweets that come from real people. this is a real issue. >> reporter: the goal for supporters to get the law passed and in the books before the start of summer. rob nelson, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> i took the kids to toys 'r us in times square over christmas. >> hate being harassed by them. >> yeah. >>
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>> i was kind of curious about the banana loose in the newsroom now. nobody called security? nobody called security. >> i do recall that's the first time the naked cowboy is supporting anything that's little. >> anything that's little >> he said. >> very interesting. >> it's a little thing that he could do. >> coming up, folks, secret sorority online. >> who is that banana? >> and an exclusive look at sisterhood in the digital age. you're watching "world news now." we don't know what fruit is going to come out next. might be an apple, might be an original. >> what are you calling me
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♪ we are family, i've got all my sisters with me ♪ ♪ we are family >> colleges, universities around the nation, their institutions. but sororities can sometimes get a bad rap. one woman is working to change that through a digital sisterhood. >> a secret online community for
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women that could be shaping the future of how friendships are formed. kayna whitworth is getting a inside look. >> reporter: when most of us think of sororities we think of i think like this. >> this is a sorority house? >> but emily nielsen is turning that image on its head creating a similar experience digitally. her group girls night in is the 21st century's answer to friendly neighbors but ladies only. >> when people call this kind of an online sorority, what's your take on that. >> it's a club and it's a bunch of girls or at least people who don't identify as male getting together and doing all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: there are nearly 2,000 ladies in the l.a.-based girls night in ranging in age from 18 to their mid 40s. everyone from executives, former reality show contestants, actresses and models getting into the highly selective group is tricky. at least three veteran women
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members and even then, this he have to be deemed worthy of entering. >> one of the most interesting things about girls night in the exclusivity. they krul member who are not active because those are lurkers who might spill the secrets that allows it to be this be really supportive bare all your dirty laundry community. >> reporter: posts are about everything from politics, relationship advice, designated drivers and, of course, fashion guidance. >> so i'm a guest in the group today. we just post aid picture of me asking if my outfit looked like pajamas. it's a fair question. it's been what, three minutes. and there are almost 30 comments. >> they're supporting your choice to wear fashionable pajamas. >> reporter: then there are the more serious posts. >> one person share had they had been raped, right? within the group and threw felt that was a safe place to talk about that. >> any experience that these people can can have does get
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connect in bern not just through a computer, it's not unusual to place a post and see what happens. analyst sa's suggestion of an online wine and pizza party brought a dozen people to her home within an hour. critics say similar to real life sorori sororities, the group's exclusivity gives it a bit of a mean girl persona. but members say it's about the supporting one another. >> it's not excluesive in like a snooty way, a way where we want to keep the group of people that we can trust. >> reporter: kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. and we should thank our sister network the fusion for supportingthon story. >> i like that. it's a community where anybody could go at any point. you don't have to be in the same room together. i like the sisterhood. >> nice sisterhood. where is the brotherhood society? >> maybe that's your next calling. > good deal.
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♪ to the good old days whether he the mama sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out ♪ ♪ ♪ wish we could turn back time to the good old days when the mamas sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out ♪ >> well, finally this half hour with president obama's presidency going into its final months, the first family system saying good-bye to one tradition after another. >> and the annual easter egg roll turned into a star-studded event for the obamas, their
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guests and their kids, as well. serena marshall was there is. >> reporter: it was a monday fun day at the white house. the obamas hosting the annual easter egg roll. >> this is always one of our favorite events of the year. it's so much fun. >> reporter: the event in its 138th year could put some state dinners to shame. featuring the national anthem sung by idina menzel. ♪ and the rockets red glare >> presidential escort by none other than storm troopers and appearances by athletes including shaq on the basketball court. the obamas even treat ago the kids to an animated reading of "where the wild things resolution." they roared their terrible roars. let's hear a roar. roar. >> you can do better than that. >> one more time. roar. you don't have your claws up. >> reporter: families from all 50 states partake in a lottery to be one of the
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on the south lawn for the white house's biggest event. activities like yoga and soul psych were part of the day's fun. tying into the first lady's let's move campaign. it also included the first ever fun run around the white house lawn. >> you've got it. run hard. you're almost there. >> reporter: but if running and spin were too extreme in your easter best, dancing was always an option. >> we've got a little whip and a lal anyway anyway or however you do it. something like that. >> reporter: serena marshall, abc news, the white house. >> i'd never seen him do the anyway anyway or is that the whip? >> it looked like just a royal wave was what the president did. >> it is. it's coming to an end for them. a few months. >> all the traditions going away. we're going to whip and anyway anyway out of here. >> you do it, you lead.
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this morning on "world news now," gunfire at the u.s. capitol. >> the frightening scene as a man with a weapon is shot by police. the details emerging about the suspect who was known to investigators on capitol hill. >> terror accomplice. the intensifying manhunt for a man seen in the brussels airport wearing a hat. what newly released videotape shows as police across europe are on the lookout. >> security breach. how did a woman barrage past airport security and take a seat on an airline jet without showing her ifrg d. or her ticket. the investigation and fear among passengers. >> later important lessons to be learned at sean p. diddy's new school. the music mogul's amendment to rethink education one charter student at a time. it is tuesday,


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