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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 30, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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>> thanks, guys. >> reporter: republican susan collins also telling wgan she will meet with garland, too. >> there are some who are unhappy with me, but this is a solemn responsibility. >> reporter: even senate judiciary chairman charles grassley believe the democrats could force the nomination to the senate floor telling roll call, i don't think there's any way republicans can keep from having a vote. >> there's really no precedent for this. for this to be the state of the court for a year or a year and a half, the court doesn't function very well with only eight members. >> reporter: there have been at least two split decisions following justice antonin scalia's deaths, an the latest tuesday. a 4-4 vote in a high profile union case brought by teacher rebecca friedrichs with reason magazine. >> it's time for individual rights to be placed bob the rights of powerful unions. >> she argued she shouldn't be forced to pay fees to a union she doesn't want to join.
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court would rule 5-4 in her favor. but the state police decision means the appellate court decision stands favoring the unions. new details out this morning shows the toll alzheimer's happens to be taking on patients and caregivers. researchers predict 476,000 cases of dementia just this year and more than 5 million americans had some form of dementia last year. caregivers say they're 28% less likely to skip meals or sacrifice their own medical care because they're tending to the needs of a loved one with alzheimers. >> more troubles with volkswagen. the federal trade commission is suing the automaker claiming its clean diesel pitches were false advertising and says volkswagen sold more than half a million cars based on fraudulent claims and should compensate the owns are. the company is facing a criminal probe and many
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>> anyone remember the land line telephone back in the '80s? anyone still have one except for me? google is going into the land line business with its $10 a month fiber phone business. because it's cloud based, you can answer and make calls from other devices. the service will only be available in areas served by google fiber. i'm a big believer, my husband and i have this dispute whether or not to get a land line. i remember 9/11 not being able to use cell phones. i remember feeling paralyzed by the white house the morning of 9/11 and just wanted to call my parents to tell them i'm okay. i believe in having a land line. >> i suggest signing up for an aol account next. be futuristic. >> current cia detect cor uses an aol account, right. >> that was weird. a couple of unusual menu items coming to a fast food restaurant mere you. first the angriest whopper from burger king. the food giant i
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burger with hot sauce baked into its fiery red bun for a limited time at some restaurants. >> the second is a ram many burger at red robin, the sandwich between a noodle bun. mixed with chili infused cabbage, carrots and basil leaves. >> it looks pretty awesome. and we should point out, those are both law carbs. >> low carbs. how many weight watchers is points are we talking about here? >> forget about it. coming up, putting turbotax to the test. can a professional accountant do a better job preparing your tax return? >> also ahead, the sudden popularity of the o.j. simpson legal team decades later. the success they're enjoying after a cable tv series. >> and the tributes coming in for patty duke, the star known for memorable roles on and off the screen into after our forecast map. 55 degrees where the great folks in great falls, montana live and 89
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wny fabric conditioner. give us a week, and we'll ange your bed forever. want more freshness? add new downy fresh protect. tense moments in the town of halifax. massachusetts says crews rushed to rescue a worker trapped in a collapsed trenches stuck in an eight-foot deep hole filled with dirt and sand, digging frantically with his hands, he was alert, even communicating with a 911 operator. paramedics managed to provide a heater till he was rescued two hour hours later. >> janice dickinson's defamation lawsuit can proceed. a judge says a jury can decide the credibility of the reality star's claims against the comedian. she is one of dozens of women who say cosby sexually abused him. she sued him after he denied her claims. the judge said she was not ruling on either party's statements only deciding if a trial was worthwhile. >> we are saying good-bye this
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who passed away yesterday from a sepsis at the age of 69. >> she had a remarkable life on and off the screen. and kabc's george pennacchio has a look back on duke's life and care career. >> reporter: after first playing the role of deaf and blind helen keller in the miracle worker on broadway, a teenage patty duke did it again, this time in the 1962 film version. she won an oscar for her performance. a year later, she was starring on television playing identical cousins on "the patty duke show." ♪ ♪ from zanzibar to barclay square but patty's only seen the sites a girl can see from brooklyn heights ♪ >> a year after the show she left squeaky clean behind to play a showbiz hopeful who becomes addicted to drugs in the jacqueline suzanne
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melodrama ma "valley of the dolls." >> i've got to get up at 5:00 in the morning. and sparkle, sparkle. >> you know it's bad to take that with those pills. >> they work faster. >> reporter: there were flowers today on her her star on the walk of fame. we were there to cover the ceremony in 2004. her actor sons mckenzie and shawn were there to entirety their mom. sean as tin he told me he's now proud to be an ambassador for his mother. >> the overwhelming outpouring of love and support for her from all quarts. for me it's like your life flashes before your eyes. this is exactly what's supposed to happen in this moment. they're remembering the best of her. >> reporter: "the miracle worker" came full circle in 1979 when duke took on the role of and i sullivan with melissa gilbert playing helen keller.
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depth of talent, a fantastic sense of humor and survived being a child actor in the worst of circumstances. she was an extraordinary human being. this is george pennacchio reporting for abc news. >> what a life. ly no idea that apparently her real name was anna marie and her parents sent her off to manhattan to work with a couple who deal with chide actors and they told her your name is patty. anna marie doesn't exist anymore. >> she was relative young. 69. marlee matlin among those on twitter yesterday saying she was brave, outspoken and most of all, a humanitarian. >> back in the days when she is moo movies ran, there was always a moral message. it wasn't just drama. there was a great vibe out of it. we'll miss an incredible actor. we'll be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" continues
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the o.j. simpson case is known as the trial of the century but it's already captivating a new generation. >> the popular series "american crime story"" is parking new interest and new key figures from the case finding success again. abc's david wright with more. >> reporter: for a generation too young to remember the slow speed chase. >> tonight o.j. simpson is a fugitive. >> reporter: for the bloody glove or johnny
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famous refrain. >> if it doesn't fit you must acquit. >> reporter: there's now a whole new market of fans. now you too can dress like the world's most famous freeloader, kato kaelin marketing his own line of slacker wear. on ebay the vicinity and versace suit he supposedly wore on the witness stand sold for $4,000, two to three times what it was worth brand-new. detective mark furman's book sold more copies in the last few months than in the past five years combined. >> across the board we see that most of these books are selling between eight and ten times what they were selling before the series aired. >> reporter: sales of jeffrey toobin's book on which the series is based are up 900%. >> this story combines everything that obsesses the american people. it has sex. it has race. it has violence. it has sports. it has hollywood. and the only eyewitness is a dog. what more
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story. >> reporter: the people versus are o.j. simpson harkins back to a name when the name kardashian meant a very different sort of reality tv. >> that's o.j.'s garment bag. >> reporter: that's ross from "friends" playing kim kardashian's dad. he was o.j. simpson's lawyer, part of the dream team. >> i think it's a terrible idea. what if it doesn't work. >> reporter: or the original cast 20 years later, it's deja vu all over again as o.j. prosecutor marcia clark recently told "the view." >> for me it's reliving a nightmare. it's all of. every bit of it is all of, hard for me. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. >> marcia clark i would think it would be hard. that's why i can't bring myself to go back and watch it. living through it, it wasn't easy. >> it divided the country. >> very much so. >> it's tough to go back to that when the country's so unified now. coming up, maximizing your tax refund. >> testing which method of prepping your return will give you the
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♪ >> well, the only thing in life that's certain is death. and taxes and don't look now, but one of those deadlines is kind of right around the corner. >> it's coming. yep. but everyone wants to get the most of their refunds. one family tested three popular filing methods to find out which one is the most effective. rebecca jarvis was with them. >> reporter: we asked a new jersey family to go the extra mile. >> hi it, we're doing our taxes three different ways. >> reporter: we're tagging along as they try a store front tax preparer, an accountant recommended by family and friends and turbotax. first up, turbotax. the deluxe program else is for
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$55. they say it took an evening to complete. total refund after fees, $1353. then down the road to the store front. >> she basically promised us within a couple days our taxes would be completed. >> we spent about 90 minutes on our second visit and went back for the third time and things weren't quite finalized yet. >> reporter: it took four visits and a curveball. >> they originally estimated it would cost you between $300 and $400. >> yes. >> reporter: how much did they want to charge you? >> $806, more than double. >> reporter: after some negotiating they came down to $400. that total refund after fees $2434. the family and friends recommended accountantent cost $350. and delivered the biggest refund after fees. $2858. plus, the liaus found out they overlooked something in their
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> i made a mistake. >> reporter: with that new information, they amended the filing and more than doubled their turbotax refund to $3274. that's the one they're sending to it the irs. >> i should point out there was one other guarantee in life. it's called an end of an era. for that i'll throw it to reena who is not here because she's up there. she's in the control room. and she's speaking. right now, we're saying good-bye to our producer scott.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump's campaign manager in trouble. >> the reporter who says she was grabbed at a campaign event. the charges that were filed and how trump is standing by his man. >> iphone hack. the san bernardino terrorist phone unlocked by the fbi. now apple wants to know how it was done. the exclusive developments. air scare, the jet hijacked from egypt to cyprus. what the passengers saw and heard and how the suspect's domestic problem turned into an international affair. and later, life-saving discovery. national guardsman running out of options posts a desperate plea for a donor kidney on facebook. the rest of the story you have to see. it's wednesday, march 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now."


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