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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 31, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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you can see her clinging to the front door. you see that? before she's knocked off into the bushes. the bushes may have broken her fall and witnesses say the woman popped back up to chase the suv sub down the street. police are looking to talk to the two women who were involved in that argument. and what caused that? okay. a dutch mechanic undoubtedly also has a lot of questions to answer such as how he drove this porsche off the dealer lot into a canal. 911 gt 3 rs starts at $83,000 but the sports car may not be a total loss. the engine is in the rear. as you can see, it's not in the water. in fact, the extra weight in the back may be what kept the entire car from taking a dive. i think he's in some bit of hot water. >> probably. i hope he has a job. >> not for long. well he if you've been driving for more than a few
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days to drive at night. your eyes are not playing tricks on you. >> this new study that while today's headlights may be brighter than in years past, they're not as eb as they should be. david kerley covers transportation for us. >> reporter: watch the road. without enough light, a deer, unseen until the last moment. nearly half of all accidents happen in the dark or dusk. an exclusive look at the first-ever headlight testing by the insurance institute for highway safety. the results, they say, are dismal. researchers say low beams should reach 330 feet on a straight. the worst performers did just more than a third of that distance. >> if you're driving on the interstate in one of the worst performing vehicles, you probably shouldn't be driving faster than 35 miles an hour. >> reporter: of the more than 30 cars that were tested here to see how far their lights would shine, this dummy is at 50 feet, the deer at 200 feet, the worst performer, which is shining its light on me right now is the bmw 3 series.
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performer, this is the toyota prius v. look at the deer in the background. the light from the prius reaches, but the bmw doesn't. in fact, that toyota prius, equipped with l.e.d.s, is the only car tested that earned a good rating. while the bmw 3 with halogen lights tested at the bottom, another bmw 3 equipped with a swivel l.e.d. system tested in the top third. the best tip? if you're having trouble, do something that only 18% of us do. use your high beams. david kerley, abc news, washington. very interesting. coming up, it's one of the biggest, baddest snakes in the world. >> and it's invading the florida everglades at a dangerous pace but the burmese python may have just met its match. we're talking about kendis gibson. >> oh, my word. i still can't even look at the tape. >> announcer: "world news now" cont
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♪ baby snakes late at night is when they come out ♪ ♪ baby snakes you know what i'm talking about ♪ >> i'd never heard it. >> legendary frank zappa. >> of course. >> it's certainly not baby snakes invading the florida everglades at a dangerous pace. >> giant pythons thousands of them are creating a deadly problem but they're apparently
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we're up "up all nightline" with a report. matt gutman was too busy for. i got the ort straw. >> reporter: we're at the point of no return. they can grow to more than 20 feet long and have been known to eat alligators whole. >> so bill, there's no possibility that there might be a snake right around here? >> yeah, there is a good possibility. >> all right then. nice seeing you. we're on the hunt for the wild burmese python, one of the biggest, baddest snakes in the world and there could be danger with every step. >> i really have no idea why i signed up for this. i just jumped from a butterfly. so would you put your hand in there knowing there might be a snake down there? >> yeah, i don't have a problem with that. >> you don't think it might bite you? >> no. it might, but then i'll be able to pull it out of there. >> reporter: all righty. it's believed tens of thousands of these slither y
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here over the everglades terrorizing the wild. >> there used to be millions of birds, wading birds and the snakes sit here quietly and wait on them. the birds loss every time. >> the woman found a seven-foot burmese python hiding underneath stacks of clothing. >> well, we do know there's a lot of missing cats in that neighborhood. >> reporter: that's why bill booth, tampa firefighter and snake hunter, is here. he's one of over 800 people who have come from across the country to compete in the python challenge. >> people effectively removing pythons from the environment. >> reporter: a month-long contest to hunt, grab, and trade in wild burmese pythons for cold hard cash. dead or alive. >> all of our pythons are captured are going to be measured. >> reporter: the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission even has classes to teach you how to do it. >> hold it with two fingers. who wants to go first? >> reporter: the contest is open to anybody and i mean, anybody. >> how old is the kid that's out with the golf club? >> he's 8. >>
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python. >> yeah. >> reporter: that sounds safe. but this isn't bill's first rodeo. he and his crack team of hunters are confident they can slither away with enough of these snakes to win the competition. i'm riding shotgun on today's snake hunt but i have a confession to make. i'm terrified of snakes. >> do you think they can sense my fear? >> they probably do and they're going to probably be waiting for you. >> you're funny. do you see him laying right there in the water? his head's up out of the water right now. >> reporter: to my luck, didn't with have to wait long for my first sighting. > got one? all right. hold on. >> thinks they got one. >> oh, yeah, i see him. he's cold. >> oh. my god. >> watch it. come here. there he is. there he is. there he is. see him.
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>> reporter: these pros catch these snakes alive with their bare hands. >> freaky. and that was quick. no, no, no. >> whoo. >> reporter: unlike these first-time python hunter who are armed with a pillow case and golf clubs. >> you're like steve irwin back there as if you know what you're doing with these pythons. >> true. >> do you think do you? >> yeah. >> there's a sense -- >> you said no. >> reporter: a lot of people doing this have never gone python hunting before or even been out in the everglades. >> people want the challenge. a python in florida, let's go try and find one. >> reporter: is it dangerous? >> it could be. yeah. if you don't have the experience of handling big snakes, you're going to be in a world of hurt. >> reporter: and by hurt, we mean wrapped around -- >> choked out. you know, wrapped up. bitten. >> reporter: i'm still shaking off
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fanged friend, bill's teammates jacie and dwayne -- >> holy [ bleeped ]. >> reporter: have pulled in two more and then another. makes four. >> reporter: you look so pumped. >> i'm still shaking. >> reporter: they're very calm. would look great in a britney spears video. >> miley would probably like it, too. >> they are pretty. i still don't want to touch him. >> not even the back end of one? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: every snake goes to the university of florida where they stud them for environmental impact. >> the python is eating our native wildlife without a healthy food chain, you don't have a healthy environment. >> reporter: even though the fwc admits the number of snakes caught barely makes a difference, they say the competition brings attention to the problem. >> this is a serious issue. it brings the awareness to everyone in florida, united states, and the world of an invasive snake. >> reporter: much to my
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much backlash to this. even peta is okay with it as long as the hunting is done by experts like bill and the pests are killed humanely. as the day draws to a close, bill's team reaches the checkpoint. >> snakes have been in these bags all day long not moving much. you can slow down in opening that up. they're going to take them all out for a class picture. >> do you want to reach in the bag and get them out? >> i'm going to get him to hold the bag. >> no, i'm not touching it. throughout the competition, they end up bagging 33 out of 106 total pythons caught including this oh, my god, 15 footer. winning them $8,000 in prize money. nope. not worth it. >> what are you doing over there? >> i'm practically in miami right now. but i did make some progress. >> come on here. how good of a grip do you have?
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>> you're not going to play any games? >> i won't play games. promise. >> so you finally got up there? you truly are terrified. that wasn't an act. you're really scared. >> part of what you didn't see on camera, in the days after that, one of the snakes pooped all over the place. probably the reason why i got sick. it was kind of creepy and weird. >> i do remember that. >> but i mean i guess it's a good effort what they're doing out there. i want no part of it ever again. i'm told there is a similar competition in texas for rattlesnakes. the producers from "nightline" e-mailed me about that. had you. >> you are you going to do the rattlesnake challenge? >> huh-uh, there's no way. absolutely not. >> what did your mama say who also has a fear of snakes. >> she instilled that in me and has not watched that story to this day. >> you don't think there's a reason why you guys have a fear of snakes? >> yeah, we're black. black folks don't like snakes.
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coming up, the most expensive wedding ever.
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for better results, use finish jet-dry. ♪ the average cost of a wedding these days is just over $26,000. >> that's pricey. but for one lucky bride in moscow, that was the cost of her dress alone. abc's dan harris has more on what's being called the most
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expensive wedding ever ♪ >> reporter: it's hard to ignore the irony, the woman who once sang "love don't cost a thing" performing at what they're calling a billion dollar wedding. said gutseriev an oxford educated heir to a russian got married over the weekend. while nobody knows the total cost, the bride said i do in a $25,000 haute couture gown weighing i at a whopping 25 pounds. purported 600 guests entered through a walkway that could have rivaled cinderella's castle. the venue was pretty much carpeted in flowers and the entertainment, along with the aforementioned j.lo -- ♪ >> reporter: sting sang his classic "every breath you take," oh and enrique iglesias was there too. the night ended with a bang as wedding
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the couple is rumored to be heading to london soon to have another ceremony. dan harris, abc news, new york. that's all good and well and nice. i always believe you judge a wedding based on the wedding cake. how good was the cake? we don't have details what kind of flavor or who made the cake. >> i imagine it's a pretty pricey wedding cake. j. lo is probably on top at these prices. for the second part of the wedding that's going to take place in london, supposedly the wedding is at $1.3 billion, beyonce is supposed to perform and sir elton john, as well in london. >> wow. >> they had some 600 guests at the moscow one. incredible. >> what do you bring as a gift for a wedding like that? >> wow. a loan? ask for a loan? or something.
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this morning on "world news now," a 180 on 0 bortion for donald trump. >> supporting punishment for women then reversing course, saying women are the victims. the political fallout and how his rivals are reacting. >> break overnight, tornado destruction. a funnel cloud touches down in oklahoma sending residents into a panic. the severe storm system marching across the south as thousands are left without power. a wild encounter caught on camera. an extremely rare florida panther startles a woman during a their work. incredible odds of her discovering the nearly extinct animal. >> and a slightly warmer wildlife moment. a panda cuddling with a human companion who goes for a selfie and the bear posing lik


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