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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 2, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, severe spring storms. more than a dozen reported tornadoes tearing through the south. >> it's coming this way. >> high winds crushing home hom. washing away railway tracks and now the arctic blast on the way. caught on camera. gunned down. the moment a man on a chicago street live streaming on social media is struck by a bullet. the gunman stepping right into view. this morning, police on an all-out manhunt. think this morning, thousands of bees on the attack. >> they're swarming all in there. >> people running for cover from an angry swarm. >> can is see a bunch of them in
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open. >> how they were chased away and what caused this aggressive behavior. excitement in overdrive. tesla's new electric car for the masses, sparking a buying frenzy. the huge lines to reserve one. the impressive specs but can the company deliver on time? ♪ solo hey, good morning, the other big story we're covering the final four. a huge night two big n achlnaaa. >> syracuse and, dan, i know you had them going all the way. this he pulled off that upset and espn's tony reali will be here with everything you need to know for the big night. >> my bracket is pristine at this point but we'll start --s that a lie. we'll start with the ferocious storms. tornadoes tearing through the region. >> we we want you to look at this. slamming big rigs in thi
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parking lot and warner robins, georgia, 100 miles south of atlanta and hear those storm sirens. this weather on the move and there are some big and unpleasant changes, as well, in store for the northeast. rob issing practicing it all. hi, rob. >> a large lumbering system and now the tail end of it in florida. severe weather watch box that includes jacksonville, gainesville, orlando and daytona so severe weather likely here. this after an entire week really of severe weather across the country. overnight, more tornadoes and torrential rain creating a path of destruction. this dangerous funnel cloud whipping across georgia. >> it's coming this way. >> for the third straight day, the system inundating much of the southern states. roads opening up in alabama. emergency crews rushing to rescue three men clinging to a log after their canoes overturned in storm-charged waters. 19 reported tornadoes including this ef-1
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georgia. >> it's terrible. you didn't know there was a house here with the trees on top. >> it was scary. i thought we were going to get blowed away. >> reporter: 90-mile-an-hour winds sending trees into homes. >> it came falling down. i was going to sleep. >> reporter: the powerful storm credited for washing away a bridge leading to a massive train derailment. up north winter not letting go. an april arctic blast dropping snow and ice across the great lakes. let's talk about that april winter weather up north, two fast-moving clipper systems that will bring snow, winds. look at these. this afternoon in chicago, 38 miles an hour. high wind advisory for indianapolis, 44 mile and hour and sheer of wind gust, high wind warnings tomorrow, 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts and probably see tree limbs down and power outages, as well. another system on top of that coming in sunday night into monday. th
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with these winds and temperature near the freezing mark. these are the windchills tomorrow morning. 20 in chicago. 16 -- 10 in detroit. going to feel like 5 degree in buffalo and there is a snow component to this, as well. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. >> feels like we're regressing. i thought we just -- isn't it spring, rob? >> mild winter so we're paying the terrorize. >> that's true. we'll check in later with you. we want to turn to the bitter fight for the white house. donald trump trailing in the latest polls in wisconsin. hillary clinton and bernie sanders meantime, practically neck and neck campaigning hard this weekend to make up ground before tuesday's pivotal vote and abc's devin dwyer is in the thick of it in milwaukee with the latest. good morning, devin. >> hey, good morning, paula. donald trump has had one of the roughest weeks yet of this campaign. he trails as you said in the policy here in wisconsin offering hope to republicans looking to stop trump. after a rocky week for his campaign, donald trump is calling in
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>> i thank god that donald trump gets it. >> reporter: conservative firebrand sarah palin joins him on the trump today in wisconsin. tuesday's primary a major test for trump whose chances of clinching the nomination outright could be getting slim. >> to date our campaign has beaten donald not once, not twice, not three times but in ten states all across this country. >> reporter: ted cruz leads trump in wisconsin by double digits in the latest poll. even president obama taking a swipe at trump for saying japan and south korea should get nuclear weapons. >> the person who made the tapes doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula or the world generally. >> reporter: cruz is so confident he's taking a detour today to north dakota, courting critical free agent delegates that could help him block the nomination from trump. for the democrats, april fools was no laughing matter. >> secretary clinton owes us an
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apology. >> reporter: bernie sanders doubling down on the charge that hillary clinton accepts support from people in the oil and gas industry. and accusations that's getting under clinton's skin. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it. >> reporter: the clinton campaign refuses to apologize calling sanders' attack desperate and misleading. now, both campaigns have accepted contributions from individuals who work in the oil and gas industry, clinton more than sanders, sanders has won six of the last seven contests against clinton. they're neck and neck here in wisconsin. dan. >> stakes couldn't be higher. devin, thank you. for more let's bring in abc news political analyst matthew dowd who is in austin, texas, this morning. let's start with the republicans. how important is wisconsin for the republican race? >> i think it's greatly important. if you take a look at if ted cruz wins this race goes in a fundamental different direction. i think -- to quote robert frost two roads di verged in wisconsin and we are about to take the one less traveled by and the one less traveled b
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wins wisconsin, we are likely, very likely to be in a contested convention situation in cleveland. >> full employment act for political analysts like you. how bad a week was this for donald trump and could it hurt him beyond wisconsin. >> yes, i think this was his worst week of the campaign. he took incoming attacks. he made a series of missteps which is most of the problem that donald trump has, it's not the anti-trump, fo folks that h hurt him but donald trump that hurt donald trump andkaed him going forward and made him difficult to unite the party. he may till and is likely to still win the nomination at a convention, but it's made it very hard to unite the republican party going into a general election. >> a lot of people upset about his comments about abortion and also about heidi cruz. let's talk about the stakes on the democratic side. what would a sanders win in wisconsin mean for the chances of him capturing this nomination? >> well, dan, sanders has won five of the last
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a wisconsin win which i think is likely will put him on a trajectory where it is a possibility he could win more pledge delegates than hillary clinton which would be amazing and then i think he makes an argument to the super delegates if that happens to say you can't give this nomination to somebody who lost the delegate process in the states. so i think a wisconsin win for bernie sanders changes the nature of the race which allows him to make an argument to all those democratic officials that he should be the nominee instead of hillary clinton. >> stakes so high on both sides, our thanks to a robert frost quoting matthew dowd on a saturday morning. thank you, matt. >> thanks. all right, thanks, dan. thousand to a story i guarantee is probably going to make your skin crawl. thousands of bees on the attack in arizona. more than a dozen people were victimized before these bees were finally chased away. this video is alarming. probably unlike anything you've ever seen before and abc's marci gonzalez has the story for
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absolutely terrifying ordeal for these people. many of them were in a mosque when the bees suddenly flew inside and started stinging. the swarm was so big, roads in the area had to be shut down until crews could get the dangerous problem under control. >> they're swarming all in there. >> reporter: chaos in arizona when 20,000 bees sent worshippers running through the streets desperately swatting away an attacking swarm outside this phoenix mosque. >> there was a number of people there were at this church. there's people at a bus stop. people walking so we're gonna have a whole bump of them. >> reporter: the dangerous pests even flying into the building. >> i could see a bunch of them in that room where that door was open. >> they start to attack us then i run away. >> reporter: firefighters rushing to the scene keeping the enraged bees at bay by spraying the area down with a special foam that helps calm the insects. victims covering up with
7:10 am
tried to escape the angry swarm. >> crazy, blocking the whole street just because of bees. >> i saw people running everywhere. >> in the grass over there and started running. >> reporter: officials confirming at least 15 people were stung during the attack. one person taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> it was a very bad -- some people get hard pain but all of us right now we are good actually. >> reporter: then just minutes later, more bees seen here swarming a few miles south of the first attack. crews spraying that area with foam, as well. and there were no injuries reported in that incident, again, only one person hospitalized from that first attack. of course, it could have been so much worse. government statistics show more than 3% of adults have severe allergic reactions to stings from bees and other insects that of course can be deadly. >> absolutely. an father lactic shock. horrifying video. >> i've never seen anything like that
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septemb -- except in the movies. ron, we see you every weekend. >> fairly regularly. >> we want to see you more is what i wanted to say. >> that's what you're getting at. >> lost in translation. >> good morning to you. robert, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we begin with authorities in virginia disclosing that the former felon who fatally shot a state trooper at a bustation in that state was carrying an arsenal of 143 rounds of ammunition. the officer, 37-year-old chad dermyer had been taking part in a training mission when the suspect by the name of james brown allegedly opened fire. brown had previously served prison time for using a firearm in a crime. a drug charge and a domestic abuse conviction. officers nearby returned fire killing that gunman, james brown. u.s. officials say a drone strike in somalia killed a key leader of the terror group there. al shabab. hassan ali dore and two others were killed in southern somalia. dore, who was a member of al qaed p
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two attacks in the somali capital mogadishu more than a year ago that killed three americans. pentagon officials say they believe he was plotting more attacks against americans. new vims in the o.j. simpson murder case. authorities now say forensic testing confirms that the knife discovered on simpson's brentwood, los angeles, estate more than a decade ago was not the weapon used to kill nicole brown simpson. they say the case is officially still open. and it's been a long time coming but the city of philadelphia is now officially apologizing for a racist incident aimed at jackie robinson back when he played in 1947 fshl the tirade of verbal abuse he was subjected to, members of the phillies depicted in the 2013 movie "42." the philadelphia city council yesterday passing a resolution making april 15th a day of honor for jackie robinson's achievements and to apologize to m.
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became the first african-american player in major league baseball playing, of course, for the brooklyn dodgers. and say it ain't so, steph curry and the golden state warriors lost a home game. as dan would say, incredible. unbelievable. the warriors fell to the boston celtic, maybe that's dan's team, 109-106 ending their 54-game winning streak at home. the warriors' first loss since january 2015. they will not have to win five of their final six gapes to break the all-time record for wins set by the chicago bulls with michael jordan back in 1995/'96. finally you know the expression bull session -- you know that expression. some people don't. no? got a different kind of bull. >> bull what. >> what are we talking about. >> not a bull market either. some college students in new york city had quite the bull session. 2,000-pound bull jumping off a truck headed to the slaughterhouse. good idea to get off the truck and wandering on to the campus
7:14 am
new york. police were able to wrangle the animal and got celebrity assistant. jon stewart and his wife took the animal to an upstate sanctuary or they said they did. we don't know how tu wart got involved but a well-known animal advocate so i think the bull is probably safe and not going to be slaughtered >> that's an amazing escape. >> yeah, right. >> good on jon stewart for taking him in. >> jon just took the bull by the horns. >> ooh. >> ladies and gentlemen, the views of paula faris do not necessarily the views of abc news. >> what, am i little crazy this morning? speaking of crazy, things are getting crazy, down to the nitty-gritty in the ncaa championship. the final four will face off and tony reali breaking down all the matchups. hi, tony. >> let's go around those horns, paula and, good morning. >> ba-dum-dum. >> 60 games or so over the last two weeks. we still don't know who the best team in the country is.
7:15 am
step closer. villanova and oklahoma, north carolina and syracuse. four teams, two huge games. and tonight, two will march on and two will go home. most unlikely team still in the dance, that would be the tenth seeded syracuse orangemen. now all they have to do is beat the top seeded north carolina tar heels. >> up top. >> this is our 19th final four. if we play really, really well and get lucky perhaps we'll stay around. >> it's been a rough year for the orangemen. head coach jim boeheim was suspended after being cited for various ncaa violations. >> a bunch of good teams at the top and carolina is definitely one of them. you get excited for games like these. >> as for the night's other matchup, villanova and oklahoma. villanova hasn't won a national championship since ronald reagan
7:16 am
and even though wildcats coach jay wright has taken the team far before he is still feeling the heat. >> we never really felt the pressure but could definitely feel it now. >> reporter: ryan arcidiacono lifelong wildcats fan has his eyes on cutting down the nets in houston. >> we got to get past oklahoma first. >> buddy hield. >> sharpshooting oklahoma guard, buddy hield has a dream of his own. willing the oklahoma sooners to their first national championship. final four weekend, always a time when great players become legends and those names live forever. buddy hield, chivano rainier hield. and ryan arcidiacono. in italian it means television host with a beautiful tie so that's -- they're hoping to be legends tonight. >> speak of television hosts did anybody see tony made a cameo in
7:17 am
i was watching and cecilia vega was doing her report with david muir and look who shows up behind her. actually -- i took my camera out at home and recorded a close-up. there you have it. you could see tony reali wearing headphones and sunglasses. coming in out of the corner and walking through. looks right at the camera. >> yeah, well, you know -- >> you have no recollection. >> i have embarrassed myself on tv. this may be the most embarrassing. i was carrying two pails of paint like travolta in "saturday night fever." >> a brown paper bag. >> hey, congratulations, you became that guy. >> thanks for the call-out. >> you love you, tony. >> check the weather with rob. >> i hope you took the sunglasses off when you got inside. if you're skiing out west you're styling too. april. but a great time to -- this was taken just a day or two ago in breckenridge, colorado. seven inches of fresh. you can get fresh and beautiful sunshine. i think this weekend will
7:18 am
former, so party on because it's going to be good stuff out there. speaking of snow, here it comes. first week of april, no april fool here. we've got snow in the forecast with the great lakes with not one but two clipper systems that are going to roll across the area tonight. the second one comes in tomorrow night in through monday and this has some cold air with it. so as far as snowfall is concerned we talked about the winds which will be dangerous across the bigger cities. weather advisories across the great lakes here. we could one to as much as maybe 4 or 5 inches of wet snow in spots and may well stick around. mostly across central new england and across the northern great lakes here and, again, won't warm up until late in the week. meanwhile, warming up west. the trough thing and temperatures 10 to 15 degrees ryan: good morning. i am ryan miller. look for the rain to come to an
7:19 am
breezy this afternoon and cooler with high temperatures, 59 to 64 degrees. wind about 10 to 20 miles per hour. a wind advisory. it will turn windy across the region. look for a freeze watch for areas west of washington. the next seven days look like this. >> more weather in 15 minutes. a special guest in about five, mr. arcidiacono. did i say that right? >> arcidiacono. means handsome anchor with a colorful tie. >> isn't that i tatalian? >> yes, embarrassing i can't say it. >> we have a cool surprise for you. you may have noticed sara haines hasn't been around. that's because she just had a baby boy. >> we heard from so many of you. you guys want to know how she's doing, how the baby is dooshgs how the baby daddy is doing so here we go. we check in with them right now at their home in brooklyn.
7:20 am
>> hi. >> can we meet little baby alec. >> we've got little alec richard shifrin. >> oh, play the lion king song. >> oh, my word. ♪ >> look at that hair. >> so cute. i'm jealous of all that hair he has. >> he's got -- it won't go down. we accomplished a bath with all four of our adult hands the other night and we got it all down towel dried and it went shhh! >> i have two questions for you. are you getting any sleep and is max helping out. >> max is actually a much calmer probably better parent at this point. i throw my hands in the air when things shoot out at me and max is the one that tays a deep breath, sings to him and chills out. >> sara is shouldering the bulk of the burden
7:21 am
be the best sous chef i can. you're seeing it right now. >> tell us how life has changed. what's the biggest change for you guys since having a kid? >> the lack of sleep i think, right? i mean, that's the real difficulty that i think all new parents face and we're definitely struggling with that but there's a lot of special moments too in between the no sleeping. >> and the lag of a control. i'm a type a person a want to know when things are happening. >> really? >> and nothing happens on my schedule anymore. >> we learned something today. >> ron is giving you a hard time about the type a. >> imagine that. >> give him a mohawk. >> i said i would do this appearance if ron claiborne did not speak. clearly someone broke this deal. >> oh! >> bait and switch. bait and switch, baby. >> sara and max, we love you. >> come back soon. >> we love you.
7:22 am
>> that hair is special. isn't it? >> i know. >> oh, my word. >> what's coming up on "gma." this story is incredible. caught on camera. a terrifying scene. he gets shot. the motive and manhunt going on right now. tens of thousands are lining up for this brand-new tesla. the huge demand for the cutting edge company's first affordable electric car. ♪ feel like a star "good morning america" brought to you by the u.s. postal service. we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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ryan: good morning. we have rain showers areawide this morning. the rain pushes southwest northeast with an area of low pressure. movesf the activity across the region. look for the rain showers to come to an end. southern maryland may see more rain through the early afternoon. breezy conditions this afternoon.
7:28 am
advisory through tomorrow morning. gusty wind out of the west. of 50 miles per hour. a freeze warning for areas northwest of d.c. through the overnight. plants.t for sensitive temperatures could be at 32 degrees or colder tomorrow morning. days going to be a cold tomorrow, temperatures in the 50's. today, around 63 degrees. days, a dry day tomorrow. high temperatures near 50. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks.
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all right, welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. wild weather across the country. another tornado outbreak and torrential rains hitting the south. strong winds blowing into most major cities today with an arctic blast sending the east back down to winter temperatures as paula says. we are regressing. >> yes, we are. a wild police chase through the streets of miami. the red car not stopping until it was surrounded. even then he tried to back up. the shirtless suspect was pulled out and placed in custody. a reunion 23 years in the making. i can get behind this. the original members of guns n' roses taking the stage in west hollywood for a lucky group of 250 fans. it was announced 24 hours before
7:31 am
apiece. i would have brought all of you. i love a good hair band. "sweet child of pine." it would have been going down. >> it's really getting pathetic enough. not elevated enough for dan. >> the whole -- no, i'm down with guns n' roses, just -- anyway, here's what's coming up. the car everybody is talking about. the new tesla model 3, hundreds of thousands of people plunking down deposits on a car that won't hit the road for at least another year, a year and a half actually and we'll show you what all the excitement is coming up. ron will have that story coming up but first here a shocking crime captured as it was happening on a facebook live video stream. >> it's essentially a live broadcast. as he was doing so on a chicago street a shooter appeared on camera. now a massive manhunt is on to find that shooter. abc's eva pilgrim is here with more. hi, eva. >> what's up. >> reporter:
7:32 am
captured during a facebook live chat. this guy gunned down for everyone watching to see. that now a huge clue for police this morning as they search for a shooter. i have to warn you, this video is very hard to watch. >> what this he say they heard i was up for the kid though. >> reporter: this video streamed live on facebook that is going viral. watch as this chicago man brian fields shows himself back in his old neighborhood but somehow he knows he needs to watch his back. >> duck and hide for cover. >> reporter: then at this moment fields also noticed something out of the corner of his eye. the cell phone falls to the ground as it continues to stream live and the unidentified gunman's arm can be seen on camera while firing off multiple rounds. the suspect runs away leaving the victim 31-year-old brian fields shot multiple times bleeding in the street.
7:33 am
>> you know, one of the things he wanted to do was state, hey, i'm here, i'm brave, i'm strong. i am so strong that i could be in a rival group's neighborhood and videotape it. >> reporter: but his actions might have been too bold. fields suffering multiple gunshot wounds. >> no, no, no. >> oh, my god. i don't believe this. >> reporter: this incident comes at a time when chicago's violent crime rate continues to soar. chicago police reporting shootings across the city have risen 88% from a year ago with more than 675 taking place in 2016 so far. authorities are hoping that the shocking video of this shooting will lead them to the gunman. >> fields is still in critical condition in the hospital. police are looking into whether this shooting was gang related. >> tough days for chicago right now. >> hard to watch. let's check the forecast and get it back over to rob. >> windy day in chicago and followed by some cold air, a
7:34 am
check out some of these numbers as far as actual temperatures, a roller coaster. in the 50s and 30s at 7:00 a.m. across parts of the midwest into the 30s, that's your high temperature for the most part t at:00 p.m. 37 degrees in cleveland and then tomorrow morning, 40 degrees, near that in d.c. and this does not include the wind which will drop temperatures what they'll feel like in the teens in some cases. warm air tries to get into chicago or northeast. a little luck doing that and until mid to late week. storms rolling across parts of the south. tail end that brought severe weather to much of the country especially the south. this is eventually dropping down into southern florida. while it does so severe weather from orlando back through gainesville and daytona. finally some drier air getting into southern -- central florida after a very humid and wet couple of days here. across the rest of the country looking at pretty mile weather across the west, temperatures in the 70s in san diego, 10 to 15 degrees above average in the sierras back through parts of sklt, g
7:35 am
denver. 64 degrees and nice sunshine across the central plains including houston, 73 degrees, a little more humid there. ryan: good morning. rain this morning. we will see partly sunny skies this afternoon. the wind is going to kick up. tonight, a wind advisory through the overnight. tomorrow, very chilly. this weather report is brought to you by panera bread. making me hungry. hope we have food later on in the show. >> we do. tan by for that. coming up on the show, though, it's electric. tesla's new car. >> good one. >> buying frenzy. what the fuss is all about. >> did you come up with that. it's electric. >> it was on the teleprompter. >> do you read everything on the teleprommer. >> pretty much. and clean and real and looking good and sandwich and soup
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♪ i'm solo they're billing this as the electric car for the masses. tesla unveiling its model 3. >> and loads of people are waiting in line to plunk down a thousand dollars for the chance to own one. but will tesla be able to -- or actually not moving that quickly. they sped up the video. just wanted to let you know. will tesla be able
7:40 am
that's the big question we want to know. >> $35,000 question if you will. a couple of hundred thousand people are betting or at least putting down that thousand bucks that tesla will deliver coughing up that down payment for a car that's not only not been produced but never at that time even seen. this morning, the demand for tesla's new model 3 its most anticipated electric car yet surprising even the company's ceo. elon musk. >> this is kind of crazy. >> buyers flocking to their nearest dealer with their $1,000 deposits in hand. just to get on a list to get the coveted car. >> i've been waiting years for a tesla to come out in my price range. >> that's something that i can afford. >> the new sedan lists as $35,000. less than half the price of a current tesla model s. nancy feldman braved the crowds to secure her very first tesla model. >> the first guy in the line got there at 10:00 at night and he slept there. he slept in his car. >> and all of
7:41 am
are recorded before anyone even knew what the car looked like. >> so do you want to see the car? [ cheers ] >> reporter: his ceo raved about each new feature. the new tesla can go from 60 to 60 in six seconds. on one charge you can travel 215 miles, the distance of new york city to washington, d.c. >> so what do you think? you like the car? >> it even has an autopilot feature. in 48 hours the new tesla has racked up more than 232,000 reorders. ceo tweeting, definitely going to need to rethink production planning. so if you do the math you see that tesla took in, check this out, a billion dollars in deposits in those 48 hours and for those who rushed to put their thousand bucks down they can slow down the first of the model 3s won't be delivered till at the earliest end of 2017/2018. a bit of
7:42 am
>> it's a good-looking car. >> i don't know 35,000 qualifies as affordable but it's more affordable. >> hard to call that for the masses, per se, but an interesting car for sure. >> subjective. thank you, ron. >> you're welcome, paula. coming up, everybody, how to burn more calories just by changing what you eat. >> let's not even tell them what's coming next. it's going to be weird. keep it here.
7:43 am
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7:45 am
"has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. ♪ well, what if someone discovered a weight loss weapon that boosts your metabolism, costs pennies a day and requires no sweat or stress? sounds too good to be true. dave zin
7:46 am
belly diet" said he found that as well as the fountain of youth. this sounds amazing. too good to be true. >> look, i'm all about small change, big results. it's no exercise that's required, phobonus. >> what's number one. >> first drink tea. i the most inexpensive and powerful weight loss solution on the planet. you lower insulin, you crush cravings, you trigger your metabolism. we did a panel for a book called the seven-day flat belly tea cleanse. many panelists lost up to ten pounds in a week and somebody from samantha lost 106 pounds over six months. the only thing she did was added tea to her life. >> green tea. >> green tea is great for boosting metabolism but all teas have great benefits for sleeping more soundly, getting energy. >> number two rule, what is it. >> eat the whole egg. i -- >> every time somebody orders an egg white omelet. i cringe. the egg --
7:47 am
maligned. it should not signal cautionment it's where all the good stuff is. all the essential fatty acids and vitamin, choline, powerful compound that really helps to trigger metabolism. eat the whole egg. one egg is 78 calories and it's -- studies show it is not going to raise your cholesterol. >> let's no malign the yolk anymore. this last tip going to be music. eat full fat yogurt. no more low fat yogurt. why. >> no, because fat is not the villain. it provides flavor. sugar is the real villain. we get no nutrition in return but greek yogurt is awesome because it's nearly all protein, it's low in sugar and it has a ton of calcium which is a miracle mineral that helps strengthen bones so definitely the olympics are coming. have some greek yogurt. >> you say any time they reduce the yogurt they're adding sugar to it. that's the big culprit. the bacon, butter
7:48 am
whipping cream diet is coming up next, right? >> yes, yes, available this summer. thanks. >> coming up on "good morning america," who is happier, dog or cat owners? what a new study says and what dan harris has to say about this study straight ahead in "pop news." people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always stay you. lowe's personalized ever slawn care plan, up for i've been up on my hind legs trying to get a better view of his grass. it's so beatif - aghh! cramp! cramp! my tiny unicorn legs can't take it. get a free john deere® dump cart or spreader with purchase of a john deere® lawn mower, at lowe's.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by petsmart. time for "pop news." >> i'm sorry. i was out to lunch. >> ron is not per cussing. >> sports. >> what you got? >> we have some good stuff. we begin with amy schumer speaking candidly about her rise to fame. no surprise she's a major deal in entertainment with a emmy award winning tv show, a hit movie and don't forget her best friend is jennifer lawrence but j. law aside apparently all the limelight takes getting used to. speaking to journalists this week in her typical
7:53 am
self-deprecating fashion schumer joked she believed her fame would only last another six months. but all kidding aside amy had better get comfortable with being a household name because her show returns in april. it is already renewed for a fifth season. this girl's star is like definitely on the rise go she's got well more than six months ahead of her. >> oh, yeah, so just get ready. something else that's a very big deal right now, it's international tom hanks day. yes. right. it is a thing. well -- >> i have made fire. >> the oscar winning actor has his own unofficial holiday thanks to a bunch of his fans who dreamed up the idea. well, watching a movie marathon back in 2004, but two years ago they decided to make a splash on the global stage and now there are parties, you like that, thank you. >> oh i didn't get that? "spla "splash" is one of his earlier movies. around the world hanks himself is a huge fan of the idea and donates personal memorabilia to be auctioned
7:54 am
a huge fan. have a holiday in my name. >> he fully supports it. all the proceeds going to lifeline energy. his favorite charity and one he's very involved in. >> held the parties at the bubba gump shrimp factory. >> they should. that would be great. it would be big. >> or wilson volleyballs. >> i'm sure they've got all the -- >> never mind? one more push and dan will tell you general manager of the red sox actually discovered tom hanks back in the day. >> is that true? >> i didn't know. >> tom warner i think his name is. >> right, yes, for "bosom buddies." >> he's the coolest of cool. dan, you might want to cover your here ears for this one. i don't know how you'll take it. scientists -- >> i'll thank them in thank you. scientists at manhattanville college in new york discovered that dog owners are happier. more conscientious and less neurotic than cat owners. >> he's going to get angry. >>
7:55 am
methodology. >> okay. researchers surveyed 263 people and found pet owners were generally more satisfied with life than nonpet owners but dog owners scored higher than cat owners on all measures of well-being. they can be explained by dogs' -- >> cat owners are smarter and see through to the essential suffering at the heart of life. >> a filibuster going on. >> we'll talk about it later. finally this one is for you, paula. always requesting food. >> always. >> how about a sugar rush to get the weekend started. behold, guy, the italian rainbow doughnut. the latest viral craze to sweep the internet. it weighs two pounds. >> oh, my. >> wow. >> just might be. it's been kraded by -- >> i don't know how dave would feel about this. >> you got to indulge sometimes. created by glaze doughnut, a mom and pop store in new jersey and combines
7:56 am
a glazed doughnut. they only make them on the weekends and sold out before noon. >> i love it. >> thanks, rachel. >> see you tomorrow with more weekend "gma." have a great day, everybody. >> amazing. announcer: this is a good morning washington update. we want to get to your top stories. an investigation into arlington's first homicide of 2016. one person is dead and another injured after a stabbing last night.
7:57 am
stab loans. one victim died at the hospital. anyone with information should contact police. umbrella if you are heading to plan out. we are tracking showers for you. ryan miller is joining us now with more. rain showers are moderate to heavy. the weather front makes its way. we will start to turn the rain off. we have big changes coming our way. a wind advisory will kick in at midnight. excess of 50 miles per hour possible overnight. we have a freeze warning f
7:58 am
it could get 32 degrees here. noticeably cooler than what we saw yesterday. look for the rain to and around lunchtime. dry conditions tomorrow, but colder. 50 degrees, blustery, mild stuff monday. colder air tuesday
7:59 am
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announcer: jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." why are there mysterious white black bears roaming the canadian rainforest? right through those alder branches is the white bear. why don't penguins freeze in all that snow? kathaleen, i don't see how anything survives out here. and why do male lions have long shaggy manes? wowee. looking right at me, too. today, we're out to solve the mysteries behind some of our favorite animals. oh, my gosh, what is that? adam: that is a rattlesnake.


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