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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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overnight, clearing skies. gusty winds. colder temperatures. freeze warning. 28 to 33. strong winds will make it feel closer to 20 degrees when you get up in the morning. we talk about the next cold front still to come in week in a couple of minute. jonathan: see you then. tonight's rain adds to the roller coaster ride we have had over the weekend that left us no with the trees and the wires down across the area with the heavy winds. the real threat of the next wave is a freeze. kevin lewis looking ahead to what the big chill could mean live from germantown. for farmers, this one is crushing. kevin: absolutely, jonathan! recent 70 and 80-degree temperatures have called the cherry trees at the butler orchard to blossom. you can see the white blossoms here. the staff tells me if the temps dip below 32 they will likely die. the temps are expected to dip that low. less than 1% of the cherry trees on the property have started t
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the other crop potentially at risk are strawberries. 15 acres word alone at butler's orchard. like the cherry trees most of the strawberry bushes are in the early stages of bloom. no doubt the temps will be cold tonight but the orchard recorded freezes as late as may 15. the or chard co-owner is cautiously optimistic. >> they are still protected by the plant. they haven't grown that month. this week with the cold weather i'm all about that. don't get too far ahead of ourselves. the formal average temperatures are great for us. they don't want the the 70, 80-degree days too. early for that. kevin: a closer look at some of the strawberry bushes. the take-home the more open the bud is the more vulnerable it is to cold weather. at 5:0
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technology is aiding here when it comes to the cold snaps. live in germantown, i'm kevin lewis. >> thank you. just to the north, the story is snow. enough snow out there and enough cold that the new york yankees "new york "new york posg day. >> it's too late for snow. >> dumping snow in april across new england. it looks pretty on the sidewalk, driving in it is a different story. >> stop-and-go traffic. >> we will do the best we can. >> a busy morning for the emergency crew responding to reck after -- wreck after wreck, killing at least one and conditions leading to a pileup along i
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involving 20 vehicles and injuring more than 30 people. in pittsburgh it wasn't snow but ice and slush. ground crews had to clear off the field for the pirates' season opener. from indianapolis to baltimore and new york city, millions are still recovering from a windy weekend. troppalling trees -- toppling trees leaving the streets littered with debris and homes damaged. >> i noise stopped. i came outside. this is horrendous. >> homeowners are still picking up the pieces. when you think you have seen it all from strong winds and rain and snow we are now told to brace for a cold blast. this is a typical april in the northeast. in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for abc7 news. jonathan: stay c
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the stormwatch7 weather team. at or facebook or twitter feed. download the stormwatch7 app to your phone or tablet for the latest forecast at your fingertips. jummy: in prince george's county police arrested a man they think stabbed three over people at a popular nightclub that happened this morning at martini's restaurant and bar on cady drive. brad bell is live with the latest including the possible weapon found on the street. brad? brad: a lot going on this afternoon. this is the establishment. martini's restaurant and lounge. it's quiet. it's not open now. but last night it was a chaotic scene. police arrived to find patrons running from the dance hall. and out into the street. a security guard yelling that he had been stabbed. a police officer spotting the suspect, giving foot pursuit and bringing him to ground and und
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this morning. we have been out here working the story. late this afternoon, very interesting twist. a customer at a nearby business found a knife. a bloody knife. in the parking lot. police came to investigate. we learned from detectives that they had still been looking for the weapon used in this case. they believe now this can be evidence to help them increase the charges against the suspect. >> normal pushing and the shoving match on a dance floor. security guard attempted to intervene. a simple, second-degree assault turning to first-degree assault. brad: first-degree assault right now are the charges against the man on the screen. 33-year-old phillip harrington. we said he was believed to be out on the dance floor enjoying himself when for some reason or another he got in a pushing match with another man on the dance floor.
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the two bouncers attempting to intervene suffering wounds. when we come back at 5:00 we have more on the case, more on the knife found and additional evidence that turned up here this afternoon. in fort washington, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. right now people are taking time to pay respects to a virginia state trooped killed in the line of duty. dermyer shot and killed last thursday in a training exercise at greyhound station in richmond. two women injured. the suspect shot and killed by other troopers. it's held in hampton, virginia. the funeral is in hampton tomorrow. today, maryland governor larry hogan signing a bill honoring two sheriff deputies killed in hartford county. i will ensure that deputies patrick dailey and mark logsdon's children are eligible for the state pension benefits from their fathers. now the troop earns were shoot and killed -- troopers were shot and killed after approaching a suspicious looking man at a restaurant in february. this ris
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receive benefits from 18 to 26. jonathan: prince william county police held a blood drive in honor of three officers shot in the line of duty. officer ashley guindon was killed february 27 in the shooting. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joining us live from the newsroom. how is the turn-out today? jeff: it was solid and steady all day long with many members of the community saying they were eager to come out and donate blood in the name of the three officers. the blood drive happening all day today at the prince william county police department in manassas. inova blood services coordinating event. the goal is to collect 100 unit of blood. it's called "the blood for heroes" in honor of officer ashley guindon and hemp top and mckeoen both injured in the shooting in february. officers we spoke with say they want to give blood to give back to community which they say has shown tremendous support sinc
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the memory of ashley guindon remains with them every day. >> the greatest way to honor her memory is to do the >> the highest level every day like she would want us to do. jeff: we got word that the goal, they are a little shy of it right now of the 100 unit goal. but still working on it. still two more hours to go. we also spoke with someone who knows what it means to lose a loved one killerred -- killed in the line of duty. that's coming up at 5:00. live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. new developments in the last hour. in the massive oil spill that took place in the gulf of mexico six years ago? a judge just granted final approval to a $20 billion settlement between b.p. and five gulf states as well as several local governments. that settlement includes $5 hadn't -- $5.5 billion in clean water act and billions more t
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134 million gallons of oil spilled in the gulf after an explosion on a deep water drilling well. michelle: the d.c. police need your help this afternoon. >> they need to find a man missing for a month. take a look at the picture right here. that is theodore snyder last seen in late february in 1900 of c street northeast. 5'9", 160 pounds. if you recognize him or if you have see him recently contact police. jonathan: well, "7 on your side" with a warning about speed camera tickets that may not be what they seem. >> that is right. later, who is number one. a look at the airline quality report. the two names in the top five talk about joining forces. jonathan: why wisconsin could prove a key prize in the race to the white house. joce: the big question tonight. why was the backhoe on the track in the philadelphia area train wreck? i'm joce sterman. coming up as we wait for the ntsb update we have a few reasons the equipment may have been in
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jummy: "7 on your side" with a warning about amounted ticket scam. someone is sending fraudulent e-mails that claim a person has received automated speed camera ticket.
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that if clicked on loads malware and viruses on to the computer. police say they only send automated speed citations to the postal service. never e-mail. jonathan: people who are on the am track train that derailed in pennsylvania over the weekend did arrive in georgia today. joce sterman is joining us live for the satellite center with new developments in the investigation in the crash. specifically what in the world was the equipment doing on the tracks? joce: that is the big question. we may get an answer in 90 minutes. the national transportation safety board is supposed to put out an update on the investigation at 5:30. why was the backhoe on the track that the train was using that is what they are digging into it as they investigate a crash that killed two on the railway. they were looking at the damage to the train. they are sending data recorders and camera footage to washington. scheduling we are told will be
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what was the equipment in the line of travel? we know sunday are a common time for the routine maintenance. saturday strong winds may have brought debris to the tracks that required clean-up and equipment. no trains are supposed to be on the tracks when equipment is there. that train we know was headed to savannah yesterday morning. struck the backhoe and derailed the lead engine. 300 people on board. 30 hurt. emergency responders said that most were able to walk out or be carried. did not have life threatening injuries but still a stunning experience for people on the train. >> what you could see when you got off the train there was aer the railment. and first two cars. the first one was hit. amazing when you look at the car there weren't more injuries. >> one of the people killed was operating a backhoe. the other was a supervisor according to am track. autopsies were conducted today. we will bring you the latest
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joce sterman, abc7 news. jummy: thank you. now to a story only on 72. training tool and response tool that police use in transportation facilities across the region. tonight abc7 is getting a firsthand look at how it works. i-view developed by the t.s.a. to help the local police agencies keep you safe but better respond to potential situation. >> go there before they enter. where they can take cover. where they can get shelter. access points for line of sight for potential sniper. jummy: see the whole story tonight at 5:00. jonathan: we are getting breaking news in the newsroom out of the district. where constitution avenue is blocked between tenth. transformer fire in the basement of the i.r.s. headquarters. not sure yet if the building those be evacuated. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we will get y
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information as soon as it comes in the newsroom and we'll pass it along to you. time for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is keeping an eye on the road for you. it's monday. everybody has the grind. there is more of the grind. jamie: this is the area you were talking about. 12th street near constitution avenue. you see owl of this heavy traffic. that is because again it is blocked off on constitution avenue between tenth and 12th street. and 12th street is blocked off as well. independence avenue is a good parallel. look at the waze map. wazers staying it is heavy on the beltway. we have it on the inner loop and the outer loop. i pull out a little bit we will show you the heavy traffic continues past the 270 spur. as we move to the maps, let's focus in on another issue we are seeing now. that is the volume on the freeway as well as that heavy traffic. 295 heading north and also
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slow for you on the freeway. i will take you three minutes as you head closer to the case bridge. reminder if you is to get to reagan tomorrow we have work that will be in place throughout the midday. g.w. parkway entering the airport on the south side will be closed. it won't affect the traffic but if you are catching a flight, keep it in mind. >> news overseas. heavy rain led to deadly flooding in pakistan. local officials there say 45 people died in and 34 others were injured in choppy waters. see them on the screen. the rain began overnight on saturday and triggered landslides and flooding in the northwestern part of the country and pakistan control kashmir. at least 60 homes were damaged as the storm caused roofs to collapse. jonathan: the big story for us over the weekend so many people talk about the wind. i was like a train through the area. doug: the timing was pegged
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the last time we remember something coming in so predictably with a big boom when it hit was that one. wild. >> people lost powers for days. doug: 60, 65-mile-per-hour winds. the good news is the front coming in now and two more coming later this week will not be that strong. it will be cold and breezy but nothing like saturday night. give you a time lapse from nationals park this morning. tons of sun. advance of the cold front from the north/northwest. we come to a stop, this is what it looks like now. see the rain not far north and west of the city. a big spread of the temperatures. warmer air south and east. 77 at the naval air station. 70 at andrews. progressively cooler the farther north and west you go. cooler air first and the colder temperatures beyond that. didn't pick up thunderstorms. a few in yellow here. heavier downpours associated with the front. rolling throh
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now. that is the story for the next couple of hours. the system moving steady south and east. later tonight the rain will be done and the clouds will clear out. gusty winds will develop and the temperatures will plummet. there is the cold air on the infa tread satellite. spilling across the lake -- intrared satellite, spilling across the lake effect snow. the skies clear and we are under a freeze warning from midnight to 10:00 a.m. all the areas shaded in purple. so it is a mighty cold start to the day. in fact the temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the 20 to the 30 degrees across the area. colder north and west. through the day we will only hit 47 to 49 for a high with gusty pleases. increasingly cloudiness. turning milder and below average at 58. thursday, period of rain and 52. colder with another cold front thursday and friday with the shower
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warmer on sunday. yes a warmer trend. michelle: just in time -- jummy: just in time for opening day. jonathan: coming up for out 4:00. >> we attempted to take them into custody but it took a while. jonathan: out there on the run. the four-leg friend who created a traffic nightmare on the west coast. look at him. kellye: i'm kellye lynn on the campus of george mason university where a student has written a book that is helping people embrace their differences. hear from the author coming up in spotlight on
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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jonathan: today there is a new portrait of gregory peck. his daughter was on hand to introduce the picture. part of 32 portraits focusing on hollywood and time. jummy: did you know that one out of every five adults in the u.s. is living with the disability? in today's "spotlight on education" kellye lynn shows us how a george mason university senior encouraging people with differences to embrace what makes them unique. >> look. now you are playing. kellye: when he is not in class, you can catch trace wilson playing video game in the dorm room with friends. >> he is one of those people that can look at somebody to say i know who i am. you could never tell me anything different. ke
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university marketing major knolls a lot about differences. he was born with only one hand. something he became acutely aware of around the age of 2. >> my mom said i was in the grocery store. and walking down an aisle. all of a sudden i looked down, realized it and asked her why do i have one hand. kellye: as a child he was frustrated be not looking like everybody else which motivated him to write a book to encourage others sharing a similar study. titled "uniquely me" and tells the story of a little boy who sets out on a journey to find out why he only had one hand. >> the boy noticed all his friends had two hands. kellye: he wrote it on his cell phone on a family kayvation and launched a kick-starter campaign to raise $6,000 to hire it straiter and have it printed. the book has been approved for a second printing. now the college senior who once hid
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>> at this point i look at it as an advantage. i make more one-hand jokes and puns than you would believe. it's great conversation starter. kiland uniquely him. at george mason university, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jummy: he is serving as a second book that would serve as a survival guide for people with disables and their family and friends. jonathan: handy resource. jummy: especially college student. i wasn't writing books then. jonathan: we know what his future will be. paving the way. coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> one of the nation's most popular game shows prepares to do business in washington, d.c. i'm suzanne kennedy. that is coming up. jummy: plus the latest act on the political stage. look at what is making wisconsin so important in the race for the white house. jonathan: as we head to break i want to take a moment and remember the reverend dr. martin luther king jr.
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assassinated on this date in 1968 in memphis, tennessee. he was in memphis to support striking tan sation workers when -- sanitation worker whence he was shot at the lorraine hotel after 6:00 in the evening.
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jonathan: i want to
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keeping tabs on. transformer fire in the basement of the i.r.s. service building was reported an hour ago. we don't know if the building had to be evacuated as a result. but we know that constitution avenue is closed between tenth and 12th street right now. a mess there. this is an area you do want to avoid. we do have a crew on the way to get to the scene. we will let you know when we get more information about the fire inside the building. it's reported an hour ago. no report of injuries or even if the building had to be evacuated. jummy: jonathan, the other big story is the rain. starting to move in the area. it's bringing a change with it chief meteorologist doug hill is here to track the forecast. doug: rain moving through ahead of the forecast. it's delaying the play of the orals home opener in camden yard in baltimore. for us, scattered showers but no detection of lightning from this. no thunderstorm yet. the system is moving to the southeast. show you the net result of what will happen after the
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it will get cold. freeze warning from midnight tonight to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. for a the areas in purple. this is a large area. the temperatures will drop in a hurry. 28 to 33 degrees. gusty winds and it will drive the wind chills to the teens. it's happened before. tomorrow night we could have colder temperatures. breezy tomorrow and sunshine. 49 at best. 50 on wednesday. another cold front brings period of rain on thursday. not happy about that. 62. showers late friday with another front. clearing. cold on saturday. watching up for sunday and 67 by this time next week. jonathan: that looks good. thank you for that. tomorrow is the deadline to register for the maryland primary vote in 2016. it is the deadline for the maryland voter toes apply to change the political party. all eyes will be on wisconsin which is shaping up to be the
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three events today to win over wisconsin. hoping to get enough delegates to claim the party nomination. >> if we do well here, folks, it's over. reporter: he faces uphill battle. ted cruz leads in polls here despite a recent "national enquirer" story claiming he was unfaithful to his wife and he responded to the allegation today. >> that attack was garbage. complete lies. it came from donald trump and his henchman. >> but today, trump targeted john kasich to repeat calls for him to get out. which kasich mocked. >> he is getting my votes and i want to have my votes. this is not fair. reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton in new york talking about a higher minimum wage hitting trump on that issue. >> trump said the wages are too high. reporter: why
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tried to woo wisconsin workers. is there when you want to think of the administration bernie sanders would have, kind of think about scott walker in reverse. scott walker wants to destroy trade unionism. i want to bilderberg trade unionism -- build trade unionism. reporter: in northwest, megan hughes, abc7 news. jonathan: in an effort to put $15 minimum wage plan on the ballot in november is moving forward. today a d.c. superior judge rejected the challenge from the former head of the d.c. chamber of commerce claiming that some member of the board of elections couldn't approve the measure because they are serving after the term expired and the chamber of commerce could still appeal the decision. d.c. bureau chief sam ford will have more at 5:00. jummy: tonight in the hat-trick, we -- tonight in district we have concept of the future of r.
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none of them include the current stadium. the idea is to redevelop the site. the meeting is set for 6:30 at the convention center. we have a look at the options coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". jonathan: new developments to tell you about in the debate over sexually explicit book in virginia school. governor terry mcauliffe vetoed a bill that would require the schools to notify parents if the children are assigned books with sexually explicit content. opponents call the bill a backdoor censorship. supports say this is about transparency and it gives the parents information on what the kids are reading. jummy: the crews are hard at work at the d.a.r. constitution hall to set the stage for next week's "jeopardy" taping. literally. suzanne kennedy is there where they are putting the pieces in place. >> this is the second full day of the setup here at the constitution hall for the "jeopardy" show taped in washington, d.c. i will be played before a live audience april 9-13. the setup is
4:34 pm
it will take seven days. five truckload of equipment brought in on sunday and another seven today. including a traveling set utilized to tape 20 shows. it's their fourth type to tape in washington. >> we have not been on the road in a while. in this election year we thought what a great thing to do to come back to washington, d.c. one of our favorite places. i think if we could pick anywhere to be in 2016, it had to be washington. suzanne: coming up tonight at 5:00 we talk to the "jeopardy" executive producer to find out why the game show is incredibly popular even after half a century. at d.a.r. constitution hall, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jummy: we have a live stream of the stage construction for you on the website you can watch it anytime. once the stage is built we will put together a time lapse so you can see it take shape in the entirety. jonathan: very cool.
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does mean road closures around the d.a.r. constitution hall. seeing the streets between 17 and 18th, those closures are off and on between now and april 14. get the exact times at our website at jummy: coming up here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- straight off a big win in martinsville. see what happens when a nascar driver gets stuck in traffic with the crowds leaving race. jonathan: but first, uninviting waters. the invasion proving offputting for those trying to head to the beach. brian: i'm brian van de graaff. it's national hug a news person day. bring it in. c'mon, jonathan. >> okay. go to break. jumm
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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jonathan: look at this. that is a bunch of jelly fish. lots of them. blue jelly fish. thousands watching ashore in florida. authorities posted the city of the facebook page for the city. they are all over the place. the jellyfish are not known to sting. good thing. bu
4:39 pm
portuguese man of war jellyfish. those guys sting bad. the city official say it happened every couple of years. jummy: all right. well, an unusual art exhibition debuting over the weekend in key west. this is more than 790 feet below -- 90 feet below the surface of the atlantic. drives installed photo illustrations on the 523-foot general hout s. vandenberg. this is the second largest artificial reef. created by art photography. jonathan: that is really cool. jummy: it is. jonathan: california highway patrol led on a wild chase across the san francisco-oakland bay bridge. they wanted a fugitive. this guy was tough. the run-away made the lives rough. there he is. not the guy on the bike. look in front of him. the teeny little black dog. he was a chihuahua. police received call of the ten-pound bandit --
4:40 pm
of traffic. they stopped the cars to retrieve theology. it got hairy. >> we attempted to take him into custody but it took a while. he was fast and running. we set up road blocks. he just ran around us. eventually. we were able to corral him. box him in. jonathan: throw a steak. that is all you is to do. the chase lasted five minutes. the officers finally won the game of catch. animal control have the chihuahua, they are holding the chihuahua until the owner is located. they don't have cuffs that come that small. jummy: they nickname from the show "c.h.i.p.s." what else will you name a chihuahua? jonathan: people sitting and wait when the traffic are blocked off for a half hour, why are we sitting there? there is a doubt there. jummy: i don't know if i'd be happy about that, but he is cute. jonathan: i was late to work because there was a dog on the bridge.
4:41 pm
jummy: geocacheing where the participants find hidden objects using g.p.s. devices. this is a six-week collaboration and challenges people to find them in nine parks throughout the state. it ends with a picnic at may 14 at a location revealed to the participants in early may. jonathan: that would be fun. coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> two more airlines joining forces in the friendly skies. what it means for the people at one local airport. details are coming up. jummy: i like the sport but i probably need like the definition of a basketball fan. find out why it make what is she has done all the more impressive.
4:42 pm
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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jummy: we are back with a "7 on your side" consumer alert about a cashew recall. snack company schneider's land issued voluntary recall of the emerald cashew roasted and salted halfs and pieces. the company says they could contain glass. the
4:45 pm
100-calorie pack with the upc number on the screen. the best before date of december 12, 13, 18, or 21. jonathan: for the fourth year in a row, very gin airlines, virgin america tops the list for airline quality. overall travelers have more complaints. they spiked to 34% last year the highest level since 2000. most of those happen to be on cancellations or delays. jetblue, delta, hawaiian and alaska airlines round out the top five for doing things right. spirit airlines ranks last. behind envoy, frontier and american airlines. jummy: two of those are looking to team up. alaska air group looking to buy virgin airline worth more than $2 billion. brianne carter has details for us. brianne: the deal complains them to create the fifth largest airline in the u.s.. under the deal, alaska airlines would have
4:46 pm
daily departure with expanded presence in california, new york and d.c. the deal is expected to give alaska airlines more gate space at the reagan national airport and create additional regional flights in the area. the combined airline is expected to focus on customer service and low fares. jim lee flies both frequently and thinks it's a plus for the passengers. >> i was surprised when they made the sale. on the west coast, alaska is a good, efficient airline. i'm like well, this is great. brianne: the deal has been approved by the board of both airlines it's not expected to be completed until next year. once completed virgin america loyalty members will roll in to alaska airlines milal plan. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. four of the nationals racing presidents were at the airport to help greet fans to atlanta for opening day. the nats have the home opener thursday. it will be chilly against the
4:47 pm
brazil? jummy: yes. jummy: listen up. tickets are still available for the olympic games in rio. they are looking for ways to boost the sales. brazil is facing a number of issues. the economy suffering the worst recession in 25 years. athletes and the health experts have concerns over zika. jonathan: on second thought -- jummy: maybe not? jonathan: no. nascar driver kyle busch won yesterday's race and decided to share the happiness. this is him after the race heading home. >> she is stuck in traffic. he is in traffic. >> that is kyle busch driving slow. a fan recognizes him, he said give me your hat. the traffic is moving so slow he writes his name, autograph her hat and hand it back. >> thank you. >> that is what a
4:48 pm
whose dog is barking? jummy: i don't know. it looked like she would climb in car window. then he waves goodbye. jonathan: they are not going anywhere. if you have ever come out of a nascar race, quarter million people hitting the road at the same time. that is the slowest he has ever driven the car. he went from 200 miles per hour to barely crawling. then having the fans recognize him. what a good sport. jummy: absolutely. and then to sign something, too. he could have been like hey. driven off. jonathan: good to see. jummy: there is a chance you haven't looked at the march madness bracket since the day the tournament began. brackets busted a long timing a. 17-year-old rebecca generalry who is not a -- rebecca gentry who is not a basketball fan is still looking at her bracket. she completely guess and all eight of the elite eight right. even if the final four. jonathan: no! >> everybody is like so how many mistakes do you got? they were telling 25, 30. i'm like did i really screw up.
4:49 pm
should there be more mistakes? jummy: my goodness. well in two and a half weeks of madest in she has only watched one game. she may not win $50,000 online e is happy to get free doughnuts from the teacher. next year, rebecca, go online and fill it out online. jonathan: her phone is ringing off the hooks. the bookies are like could you spend a few minutes with us. jummy: her parents are like ledge scholarship! money. jonathan: by the second game everybody's bracket was bucket. when michigan state disappeared, boom, gone. take a moment to look at the t-shirt. samantha posted on twitter after seeing the shirt at a wal-mart. she wanted to point out that the company that is selling the university of maryland shirt with a map of massachusetts. jummy: oh, no. jonathan: clearly they didn't study geography. she sent along maps of both states to emphasize the mistake. here is the map. you didn't do it right. wal-mart initially tweeted back
4:50 pm
to dip down and include the word "terps." really? not so much. they came back and conceded they were shaped similarly. they tried that. that didn't work. then the company sent a third tweet and said they are embarrassed and won't stick the head out of the shell again. just own the mistake. jummy: yeah. they don't really look alike. even if you stretch it or make it shorter. it's not the same thing. jonathan: not going to work. jummy: there you go. jonathan: sell more shirts, though. all right. get back outside to see what the weather is doing. what a roller coaster the last couple of days have been. jummy: i know. steve, what is going on? steve: i watched you earlier in morning it was sunny and beautiful. we had temperatures well above average. now looking behind me folks have the umbrella out. and cold front is going to drop temperatures big-time tonight and tomorrow. if you look at the radar you can
4:51 pm
if you don't is an umbrella you need quick running legs. there will be wet weather for the next few hours. if you are expecting anyone at hope on time, expect delays. wet road ways will go a long way when they coincide with the rush hour commute. cold front is on the way. that is going to drop our temperatures big-time. we have a freeze warning posted overnight to early tomorrow morning. it includes the district. surrounding counties. feast your eyes on the seven-day. if you look for temperatures in the 70's or 80's. you won't find it here. d.c. united this saturday the temperatures will be in the 40's. we will start off with sunshine. that is televised on abc7. get a check on the roadway on monday afternoon. straight to jamie sullivan. hi, jamie. jamie: as you mentioned it is wet. when you
4:52 pm
the accident it will cause a big issue. take a look. this is 95 in virginia heading northbound near the fairfax county parkway. accident activity past the sign. you can see a few flashing lights to take out the left lanes. everyone is bumper to bumper. this is in virginia on 795 northbound. so -- 95 northbound. if you are heading out of town, we will see the volume southbound. that's what we have. a look here, the waze map. i want to show you the closure in place in d.c. on 12th street as well as constitution avenue. between tenth and 22th street because of the fire department activity. as i pull out, you can see a lot of volume. this is what we are used to. especially at this time in d.c. heavy on the inner loop. tyson to 270 in the single digit. 270 will take you 45 minutes from the capital beltway to clarksburg. no crashes to report. like i said, when it's
4:53 pm
even takes it easy. that is what i advise. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- more people using debit cards means fewer bounced checks but find out what happens if you bounce your checking account. so you don't waste your money. jummy: at 5:00, a close eye on breaking news after transformer fire in basement of the i.r.s. what we learn in the last five minutes the building was evacuated. constitution avenue is closed between tenth and 12th. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we have more information as soon as they arrive. jonathan: ahead for us at 6:00 -- where drivers can pick up the pace.
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jummy: bouncing a check can be a costly mistake. now that they put everything on the card it's easier to bounce the checking account. consumer reporter john matarese show us what can happen and how you can pro
4:57 pm
your money. john: you have a debit card linked to checking account we have a warning for you. wait until you see what a surprise charge did to a woman's account and it could happen to you. >> nightmare scenario for everyone with a debit card. unexpected charge hits your account draining it to zero. her account was empty and she started to bowen the check. >> -- bouncing the check. >> i'm out $134. three debit transactions i didn't authorize. there is an overdraft fee for identity protection. john: we called her credit union and learnedded she okayed id theft protection when she bought
4:58 pm
>> i shouldn't pay for someone else's transactions and the overdraft fees. john: the credit union removed the overdraft fees after we got involved but there is a lesson. if you use debit monitor your account daily. set up alert on the phone and link it to a saving account or credit card for backup protection. one unexpected withdrawal and everything can bounce. set up protection so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. >> nerve-wracking. no doubt. snee at 5:00 -- >> at 5:00, the fight against mother nature. the temperatures prepare to plunge big-time around here. in the coming hours -- >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side.
4:59 pm
things will get down right cold across the area. >> but before it happens the rush hour drivers are dealing with the rain across the area. and doug hill is tracking it outside in the elements. >> i was here an hour ago and it's cooler now than it was then because the front is moving through. the cold front is nothing like the one that came through saturday night. a doppler radar. 100% chance it is raining in rosslyn. the rain continues but it's not heavy. just a couple pockets. we noticed a lightning flash near the frederick county, montgomery county line. isolated storm with the showers. the radar shows how widespread and the thin line stretches out along way.
5:00 pm
snow. the warm air is hanging on for the moment south and east of town. clearing skies the cold air is rushing in. freeze warning in effect from midnight to 10:00 a.m. why a freeze warning? look at the overnight lows. with the clear skies and the gusty winds we drop from 28 to 33 degrees. look ahead for the weekend. back inside. leon: the freezing temperatures heading this way will have farmers burning the midnight oil to keep crops protected. that includes those running the area orchards. kevin lewis is live at butler orchard in germantown. with the temperature swings like these have to have folks nervous tonight. kevin: no kidding, leon. if the temps are in 70's and the 80's the crops start to blow. if the temps get


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