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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 14, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," mamba out. kobe bryant's long good-bye comes to an end. one of the most storied stars of the nba lights it up one more time and making an emotional farewell to a city of adoring fans. >> we have new details regarding a secret meeting between donald trump and fox news megyn kelly. while hillary clinton and bernie sanders take to the streets of new york with two very different reactions. >> and new this half hour, jail time for the so-called affluenza teen. >> ethan couch got two years in jail and why his stay there will be a lot tougher than he and his defense team expected. . ♪ to the western sky as someone told me lately ♪ . >> >> and the 12-year-old girl who wickedly knocked it out of the park.
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>> you've never heard "defy aggravity" quite like this. that's ahead in "the skinny" on this thursday, april 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it is pretty impressive as a 12-year-old. >> what are you, simon cowell? >> it sounded a little pitchy for me. >> tough to impress. all right. >> we'll listen to it a little bit later on in "the skinny." >> kendis throwing down the gauntlet. >> great, fantastic. >> we begin with some history on the hardwood in oakland. the golden state warriors crushed the single season wins record set by the bulls in '95-'96 season with the victory number of 73 and, of course, kobe bryant walked away from the game after 20 seasons in front of a very appreciative hometown crowd. >> you know it's a big night for nba when this happens. even the president tweeting about it. he's a big fan of basketball and he tweeted big night for basketball. warriors chasing 73 and a farewell for an all-timer kobe bryant. you see
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little dance. >> steve curry dance. >> yeah, exactly. two extraordinary endings there in the nba. take a look. >> overnight not one but two historic moments in basketball with the nba saying good-bye to one legend and crowning a new one. the golden state warriors making history becoming the first team to go 73-9 breaking the legendary '96 bulls record of 72 wins with a victory over the memphis grizzlies. >> the greatest regular season in nba history now belongs to the 2016 golden state warriors. >> also taking the court, kobe bryant in his final nba appearance. >> for the final time, number 24 on the floor, kobe bryant. >> reporter: fans started lining up at the staples center nearly 12 hours before tipoff all to say good-bye to the man known as the black mamba. bryant spent 20 years with the lakers, the most any nba player has spent with a single team,
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impressive resume, nba all-star, five nba titles two, almost gold medals. on wednesday night, he gave the fans what they wanted to see. >> bryant for three. oh. >> this really was kobe's night. leading the lakers to victory with a whopping 60 points. >> kobe bryant. there it is. >> after the game an emotional kobe bryant addressing the sold out crowd and reflecting on his two decades in l.a. >> i can't believe how fast 20 years went by. this is crazy. >> it is crazy. what a big night it was. >> good for him. >> yeah, and i should tell you it was a packed house. there was no shortage of celebrities turning out for kobe's final farewell from jay-z and jack nicholson, see jay-z there, to shaq and snoop dogg all there at the staples there there to be seen, of course. >> they were not at all disappointed. kobe put on quite a show scoring 60 points in his final game. twitter nearly exploded with
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tributes and memories of kobe's illustrious 20-year career. congratulations to him. now a sign that the bitter feud between donald trump and fox news anchor megyn kelly may be coming to an end. kelly and trump met for an hour at trump's office in new york. she said the meeting was held at her request to "clear the air." they discussed a potential interview. and trump said she was very nice. trump has been criticizing kelly since she questioned him about his statements on women during the first gop debate. >> with the new york primary five days away, all five candidates are fanning out across the empire state today. nearly 30,000 people by some estimates cheering supporters turned out to see bernie sanders in manhattan. sanders told the crowd that his campaign has the momentum and slapped hillary clinton for backing the war in iraq and urged her to support an expansion of social security benefits. sanders and clinton both hit the picket line in support of striking verizon workers. clinton also
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she refrained from attacking sanders but tore into the republicans blasting donald trump and ted cruz for their policies on muslim americans and immigrants. >> this is a borough of immigrants in a city of immigrants in a state of immigrants in a nation of immigrants. and i am proud of that. >> clinton also proposed to -- promised to create the first ever office of immigration affairs to ensure immigrants and refugees become fully integrated into the country. she's leading sanders we should pount point out in new york by at least ten points in some polls. their next debate is tonight. >> a session of iraqi parliament descended into chaos even coming to blows. members scuffled and at least three were injured during fistfights. it all started when members called on parliament speaker and other senior officials to resign. >> the worst fears of many pregnant women in the u.s. and latin america have been confirmed. government researchers say there's no doubt the zika virus causes babies to be born with
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abnormally small heads and other severe brain defects. as evidence, cdc scientists found the virus in the brain tissue, spinal fluid and amniotic fluid of many babies. health officials are expected to strengthen warnings about the danger of mosquito bites as a result. a so-called bathroom bill in south carolina is coming under fire. the bill would require transgender people to use restrooms matching their sex at birth. it was widely criticized at a hearing on wednesday. opponents say it's simply an attack on the lgbt community. support others of the bill say it violates privacy. >> ethan the couch, the teenager who used the affluenza defense has been ordered to serve nearly two years in jail. but the judge has given the defense and the prosecution two weeks to file appeals indicate eg might consider. ears abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: the texas judge stunning a packed court today with that ruling against the so-called affluenza teen, ethan couch. >> after the first 1 d
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start. >> reporter: 180 days for each of the four victims. in total, the ft. worth judge ordering the 19-year-old to serve almost two years in county lockup for a probation violation. in 2013, couch was sentenced to probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. he was 16 then, turned 19 on monday. >> this favoritism that he's still a kid, or juvenile, is gone. it expired at 12:00 monday. he's now an adult. he needs to be treated like one. >> reporter: couch has been in jail since january, when he was extradited to texas after fleeing to mexico. with that mop of dyed hair and a shaggy beard, he was directed into court by sheriff dee anderson. >> certainly, this time that he spent, basically in a single cell, by himself, with no privileges, you know, that's a rude awakening for anyone. >> reporter: especially for a teen whose million dollar legal team argued couch was too pampered to go to jail. as part of his original
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a state-run rehab. but his millionaire parents said they couldn't afford to pay. so, the state stepped in, taxpayers shelling out tens of thousands of dollars, 17 times more than the couches. matt gutman, abc news. >> now we did mention the democratic presidential candidates visiting verizon workers on the picket lines. this morning, nearly 40,000 workers are still off the job after nine months without a contract. verizon wants to hire more contractors. and many retail employers who practice on call scheduling are under the microscope. attorneys general in eight states are investigating the employment practice saying it's unfair to employees who must give up other opportunities for a job that may not provide work. companies like the gap and j. crew have already ended on call scheduling but more than a dozen employers such as forever 21 and payless still use the method. >> i used to have to do on call stuff when i worked in retail at
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the roosevelt mall. >> of course. just imagine the big hair she had back then working at the mall. >> oh, the bangs. so nobody can argue that technology has its ups and downs but here is an amazing example of the good it can do. >> when a broken neck left a quadriplegic ian burkhart was resigned to living a life with the ability to use his hands. now thanks to chip implanted in his head, but now he can grab on to a bottle and even pick up a credit card using a computer plugged directly into his brain. >> wow. that's really, really impressive. >> yeah. science today. coming up, a growing scam targeting job seekers online. hackers are trolling sites like linkedin making tempting but bogus offers and ripping off job applicants. what you need to know before you log on. >> what jennifer lopez says is the hardest work she does and the dramatic reading of the rap she was born to recite ahead in
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nasa is ready to blast off to mars. the agency tweeted out this animation of their space launch system that's currently being built and tested. once built, the rocket will be the most powerful in the world and ready for those deep space missions. the orion's flight is slated for 2018. there's an alarming new scam targeting job seekers online. hackers posing as employ
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hiring hopeful candidates some tempting offers. >> tricking them into thinking they've been hire for a job even sending them signing bonuses. unfortunately, it's a trap. gio benitez explains. >> reporter: millions are searching for jobs online using popular sites like linkedin and indeed. it turns out some of the so-called employers are scammers hiding behind a screen. sarah wade of st. louis says one of these crooks sent her a job opportunity that initially looked legit. >> i went ahead and sent my resume to the e-mail he had told me to send it to. >> reporter: wade unsuspecting that anything would go wrong. >> with linked in, i had so much luck with finding jobs in the past that i didn't suspect this to be a scam at all. >> reporter: experts say here's how the scam works. the crook sends a desperate job seeker a check, a sort of signing bonus for let's say $2,000. then there's a catch. instructions to send most of that money back in
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gift card or wire transfer. the scammer tells them it's a one-time fee. the check of course, is a fake and now the job seeker's money is in the hands of the scammer. wade received one of those checks for 2400 bucks but she didn't play the game. >> i ended up calling up the bank and they proceeded to let me know that it was fake and for me to make sure i don't deposit it. >> the ftc admitting scams like these are a problem. >> as technology changes, the way that predators seek people out who are looking for these types of opportunities will change with that technology. >> reporter: and it's not just linkedin. karen kettering told our chicago station wls she used the job search site indeed and wasn't so lucky. she tried to deposit a check for almost $2400, a check that bounced and sent $2,000 to a scammer. >> to come out fraudulent like this was a real big shock. >> reporter: indeed tells abc
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news, indeed has an entire team dedicated to the search quality effort. and we do everything we can to determine a job's suitability. linkedin which sarah wade used telling us when this type of activity is detected we work to quickly remove it and prevent future recurrences. we have taken action on sarah's issue. gio benitez, abc news, new york. when we come back, the wicked performance of "defying gravity" that will seem to almost defy your ears. >> and what jennifer lopez says about her famous ex, marc anthony. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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>> time now for "the skinny." and topping our headlines this morning, the amazing performance on "britain's got talent" that you have to hear to believe. >> her name is beau dermott. she's 12 years old and she totally killed it during week one of auditions for "britain's got talent." performing "defying gravity" from the broadway hit "wicked." ♪ defying gravity i'm flying high defying gravity ♪
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>> that performance won her a spot in the live semifinals. and she's apparently no stranger to the stage. young beau has reportedly won a number of regional british talent contests in recent years. >> i have to say, i saw the show. i loved the show. i actually think she sounds better than the woman who i saw sing it on broadway. >> oh really. >> yes. >> you thought i was going in a different direction. >> i thought you were going a different direction. >> i thought she was fantastic. >> all right. not idina menzel. >> no, or related to johnny menzel or her cousin. >> next one of the world's most accomplished singers throwing some shade at her ex-husband, singer marc anthony. >> a whole lot of tea being spilled right now. giving an unfiltered interview to w magazine, in its may cover story, j.lo says she knew quickly that their marriage wasn't the right thing. seven years later, it ended and now she says coparenting their 8-year-old twins wit
3:50 am
>> meantime, it released a dramatic reading the superstar gave of sir mix-a-lot's cult hit "baby got back." turning it from a hard-core party tune into a psa about female body image. >> he had game, but he chose to hit 'em. i pulled up quick to get with him. so ladies, if the butt is round, and you want a triple x throwdown, dial 1-900 mix a lot and kick them nasty thoughts. "baby got back." >> that's a thing of beauty. >> "w" magazine says lopez is encouraging women all around the world to love their own butts. positive message i think. >> absolutely. we should point out why we were cracking up was in the commercial break, diane does a great rendition of "baby got back." okay. >> here is something else to love this morning. if you're into what we like to call celebrity real estate
3:51 am
important. >> john cusack has put his stunning malibu beach house on the market. the three bedroom and 3 1/2 bathroom home has a soaring vaulted ceiling in the living room. some beach views from nearly every window and a giant entertainment deck. now we're talking. >> the price is not bad. $13.5 million. but he's willing you let to try it out first for $75,000 a month. >> and here's proof positive that actor matthew mcconaughey is actually a vampire. >> that's the only conclusion we can come up with after seeing this. oh, freaky. >> a photograph posted by a reddit user who claims the photo is of his great, great grandfather taken apparently back in the late 19th century. >> the hair, the eyes, even his eyebrows appear to be identical. we can only conclude mcconaughey is either a vampire or he can interstellar his way back and forth through the time continuum. >> apparently his great, great great grandfather used to like saying all right, all right, all righ
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♪ look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities forget about your worries and your strife ♪ >> of course, i know. >> so believe it or not, it has been 49 years since our parent company disney delighted audiences with its now classic feature animation "the jungle book." >> the live action reboot hits theaters tomorrow. abc's rachel smith caught up with its young star. >> reporter: we're heading into the jungle, "the jungle book" that is disney's live action take on the rudyard kipling stories that inspired the 1967 animated classic. ♪ look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife ♪
3:56 am
is being raised by a pack of wolves but suddenly is hunted out of his jungle home by the vengeful tying area shere khan. >> a man cub becomes man and man is forbidden. >> it is unbelievable. >> yeah. >> reporter: so what better place to meet the man cub himself neil seth think than the bronx zoo's tiger mountain in new york. >> i'm not taking one more step. >> run mowgli. >> action. >> 12-year-old sethi in his very first acting role, is the only human character to appear on screen. in a film of cgi environments and motion captured animals. >> what was the audition process like for you? >> they wanted me to do a couple lines. i had to play imaginary tennis. i showed a karate move and said i don't need no stunt double and they started laughing.
3:57 am
>> reporter: the film boasts an all-star voice cast including idris elba, ser ben kingsley, lupita nyong'o, scarlett johanssen and bill murray as baloo the bear. >> what's that. >> that's a song go the good life. >> have you auditioned for any other roles? >> yeah, i have some stuff in the works. >> reporter: that sounds like such a hollywood thing to say, neel. you got to give me more than that. >> i can't. >> you have to. >> i'm not allowed. >> reporter: rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> i'm mowgli, and this is my home! >> it's really too bad they couldn't get any a list actors to voice in that movie. >> i love bill murray. do you know what mowgli and baloo in the disney version danced reminded me of a little bit? us doing "thriller." >> we're back at "thriller." lord. gloria estefan said the rhythm's going to get you so -- >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, hillary clinton and bernie sanders ready to rumble in a high stakes debate tonight ahead of the crucial new york primary. while on the republican side, word of dirty tricks and even death threats received by convention delegates. provocative acts on the high sea as russian warplanes come within feet of a u.s. ship. it's being called the most aggressive russian action since the cold war. so why now and what is the u.s. doing about it? the biggest automotive recall in u.s. history could be getting much bigger. the government has new concerns about those exploding air bags. and a historic night in the nba. golden state completing the best regular season ever while kobe bryant can't stop scoring in a sendoff for the ages. >> mamba out.


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