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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hearing so far that the trooper's injuries are in fact the most serious involved in this crash. now, the secondary fact, tremendous injury done to the early stage of rush hour. the beltway in its entirety the outer loop remains closed. all the traffic is being detoured off. that means that the secondary roads in this area lanham up to greenbelt all of them are very slowgoing at this hour. but our jamie sullivan can tell you more about the traffic. she is monitoring that aspect of this story. jamie? jamie: brad, it is rough out there right now. i want to start with the current shot that we have. the chopper overhead. this is the inner loop. traffic is moving near route 450. it's the issue with the outer loop of course. all of the lanes blocked. we are hearing it may be a few hours that they have the outer loop closed. if you are thinking you head home around 5:00 and it may be cleared up at that point it's like it wil
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cleared up. all of the lanes blocked. look at the backup. this is a big backup. we are seeing this traffic bumper to bumper. comparatively seeing you can see the inner loop how traffic is moving. as we move to the maps i want to talk about how big the backup is and where it begins. seven miles currently and building as we get into the thick of the afternoon rush. you start off with the delays past richie marlboro road and continue north. they are of course diverted you off at route 50 because it's just past that point near 450. 13 miles per hour is the average heading northbound on d.c. 295. a lot of people using that because it similarly runs parallel and will get you in the same direction. but this is bumper to bumper. a lot of the bail-out roads heading northbound you want to use unfortunately we are seeing heavy volume as well. back to you. leon: what a mess! thank you, jamie. we'll check in with you later. more breaking news this evening as well. metro train stuck outside the rosslyn station. taken out of service now. tom roussey is standing by there. we are hearing the train was
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rosslyn and foggy bottom? tom: it was. it was stuck for an hour. passengers and metro tell me if you see the tunnel behind me. the train was trying to come out of the tunnel and it never made it. instead between foggy bottom and here, a hundred, 150 feet down the tunnel it got stuck. passengers say the power went out. i got very hot on the train. again, it was coming just like this train right now trying to come through the tunnel. they say metro tried to push the train and was unable to so they had to be rescued a different way. here is what one of the passengers on the train had to say. >> you could hear the engine shut off. it was shaking, just shaking. it felt like we were going in reverse. tried to start it up. they kept doing that. for a second i thought maybe earthquake. it was a weird rattling on it and shaking. then the engineer came on and said it was going to be a few
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tom: now that passenger told me that it was a scary situation, especially in light of the other issues that metro has had, including the smoke incident that also happened in the general area of the potomac river, which is basically where this train almost got stuck under. she said you know what? i'm done. i'm not riding metro anymore. she said she didn't ride it much anymore and she said she is not going to take it. she said it was a scary experience. in the end, everyone was okay. by the way, the passengers tell me this is one of the brand new trains. one of the ones without carpet. that is what broke down and lost power according to the passengers. they couldn't believe a new train was losing power and having issues after it had just started service sometime recently. reporting live inside the rosslyn metro station, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. leon: good point there, tom. those cars are literally just a matter of weeks old now. folks, if you are away from the tv don't miss breaking news update. log on to and sign up
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alerts and then enter the phone number and choose what alerts you want. we will keep you informed wherever you are. in the meantime, if you see something, say something. that is the mantra these days. members of a d.c. neighborhood did just that. michelle: this car has been around the area for a while in the 900 block of n street and northwest. it turns out the man who owns it had a warrant out for him. d.c. bureau chief sam ford caught up with him and sam, why is this guy still free? sam: well, why is he still free? apparently they don't have anything to hold him on. even though he is an irritant to some of the people who live here. but this car we are talking about was actually towed away from here in the 900 block of n street. a couple of hours ago. the beat-up spray painted mitsubishi with the indiana tags belongs to 29-year-old kyle pettigo. it has been collecting tickets and drawing the ire of neighbors who asked why it
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allowed to say so long. locked up by the secret service after acting strangely outside the white house. they came here and discovered he had an outstanding warrant from indiana. but it was later dropped. and after he spent four days in jail he was released and back here on m street to the chagrin of residents. >> he has been living the car. for basically except for the period of time he was taken away by the secret service and put in jail for four days he has been sleeping and living the car. in front of the building. which is concerning to those of us who live and work?o here. sam: the residents tell us that he managed to actually get a tow truck and the car left here perhaps a couple of hours ago. the city did nothing to review the vehicle. that has angered some of them. we have more on the story coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". you will hear fr
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himself. sam ford, abc7 news. leon: nice work. thank you, sam. the deadline to file paperwork is approaching. memorial bridge is in need of a full renovation to keep it from shutting down. the national park service says it might miss the deadline to apply for federal funding to repair the bridge. construction has to begin by 2019 to prevent a full closure in 2021. 68,000 cars cross the bridge every day. michelle: on metro, new station open on the silver line there could be other changes to the met as well. metro customer service committee approved changes two to stations. smithsonian could be the smithsonian-national mall. foggy bottom-gwu could add "kennedy center" to the stop. the full board must approve the changes. if you're wondering d.c. would have to pay for sign changes, not metro. leon: we are looking at a pivotal night ahead in the race for
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senator bernie sanders and former zest hillary rodham clinton squaring off days ahead of the new york primary. sanders trying to climb in the new york polls and put a dent in the delegate lead. marci gonzalez is in brooklyn with the debate night preview for us. marci, yeah, the begin begins here at 9:00 p.m. candidates on both sides are all in new york city with five days left to win over voters here. a democratic debate battle in the big apple. the rhetoric increasingly contentious. tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take the stage, facing off for the first time in more than a month. following a massive rally last night in manhattan -- >> we left new york city when we were kids. it is great to be back. marci: brooklyn born sanders back in his home borough tonight.
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state where she lives. both hoping the new york connections will help gain leverage with the voters ahead of tuesday's primary. >> i am so glad to be back in bronx. marci: the republican candidates -- >> thank you. marci: -- also in new york. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich all speaking tonight at a fundraising event for the new york g.o.p. following clashes outside of last night's trump event in pennsylvania. tonight the nypd is prepared for possible protests here. trump leads in the g.o.p. polls here in new york. on the democrat side, clinton is pulling ahead by double digits but the gap has been narrowing and sanders hopes tonight's debate could be what he needs to secure a win here next week. live in brooklyn, new york, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. u.v.a. students can breathe easier tonight.
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much as thought. if you are already enrolled the tuition hike is half of what was planned. so bottom line it equates to $168. u.v.a. getting an influx of $3 million from the state. the state budget included $120 million specifically to help keep college tuition cost across the commonwealth down. president obama will deliver the commencement address and receive an honorary law degree from howard university this year. the ceremony will be held on saturday, may 7. the president will deliver commencement addresses at rutgers university, and the air force academy as well. leon? leon: well, michelle, a day game at nats park getting underway really two minutes ago. that is not the big deal in town. the big prize is the caps. they are hosting the broad street bullies in the first round of the stanley cup playoffs at the verizon center. a big day in d.c. sports ahead tonight. kevin lewis is down at the verizon center now. i am hoping you are seeing a lot of red out there tonig.
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punched through thursday afternoon. we are seeing fewer business suits and more red jerseys here around the verizon center. there is also a handful of street performers that have gotten into position. right outside of the gallery place chinatown metro station hoping the fans will give them some spare change. look at the video we shot only a few hours ago. crews using a hydraulic lift to replace georgetown and wizard banners with the capitals playoff banners. the puck drop against the flyers is at 7:00. the next matchup is on saturday. then to philly for three and four. it's in the caps' favor. washington is favored to win the stanley cup 4-1. philadelphia is 33-1. >> ovechkin, this is thi
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>> caps. all the way. >> i am really excited. i will be excited to finish the work day and come for good. this is where i want to be. the caps were in playoff last year and lost in the second round to the rangers. leon: you could have left out the rangers. we don't want to see a replay of that. the beginning of the playoffs have everybody wondering how far are the caps going to go. this is the subject of the twitter poll. michelle: will they be one and done? the eastern conference final or all the way to the cup? that is the one we want. we want to hear from you another abc7 news. leon: in the meantime,
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4:00" -- a payout more than a decade in the making. we will take you back to the 2002 imf protest as we get ready for this year's meetings downtown. michelle: plus it's called "yards for yeardley." how they are honoring the slain lacrosse player yeardley love's memory. >> we are high atop the washington national cathedral where the second place of earthquake repairs are getting underway. i'm suzanne kennedy. ly give you an upclose look when we return. doug: another cold night ahead with another frost advisory. i will tell you where it extends at "abc7 news at 4:00". leon: thank you, doug. travel advisory for you, folks. we will continue to follow the breaking news on the beltway. update on the crash that injured a maryland state trooper and another man ahead.
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen,
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jamie: welcome back. i want to start off with an accident. this crash has closed down the capital beltway. earlier it was the inhofe as well as the outer loop. current -- the inner loop as well
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currently the outer loop is closed due to a serious accident involving a maryland state trooper. near route 450. behind me you can see the crews on scene. this is at route 450. they are diverting traffic off. the outer loop is closed. we are hearing it may be closed for several hours. let's move to the maps. i want to show you big the backup is right now. still currently seven miles as you head north from ritchie marlboro road to get closer to greenbelt. not going to happen. let's talk alternates. if you want you can make your way to 2795 kenilworth avenue and continue up to the b.w. parker. that is bumper to bumper. anything you take to head north will be bumper to bumper. you can always take 410 to 201 and head north. again, a lot of slow traffic. we will keep you updated on the beltway closure. michelle: thank you. more than a decade in the making. d.c. and u.s. authorities settling the final lawsuit related to arrest of hundreds of pr
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bank. the "washington post" reporting almost $3 million will go to four former g.w.u. students and their attorneys. but the authorities take no blame. in all d.c. paid $11 million to resolve lawsuits from the arrest of 400 people in 2002. leon: strong earthquake hit japan. 6.2 quake that struck and more rumbled are expected in the next week. 12 people were hurt and others remain trapped in collapse building. 19 homes collapsed. closer to home and speaking of earthquakes would you believe some places here are still recovering after the east coast quake of 2011? michelle: the national cathedral still has years of work ahead but progress is being made today. suzanne kennedy is there with phase ii. suzanne? suzanne: i am h
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north tier of the national cathedral. we are 12 stories off the ground. they will begin the second phase of the repairs here of the damage caused by the earthquake of august 2011. that earthquake was a 5.8 magnitude. it did more than $30 million of damage to this iconic landmark. this is going to involve 16 pinnacles to be repaired or replaceed. the person at the forefront of this is the head mayson. you have to show what you will repair and replace in the next few months. >> we do. you can see the top portion of the pinnac
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you can see how it rocks. this is how we found it. it went up and up and up. fenials the tall slender carved elements the joints pop. you can see the way the piece is rocking. we will pull this off tomorrow to lower it to the ground and repairing them, drilling, putting rod and reinforcement in the pinnacle to put them back. amazing to see how the 1,500-pound piece is rocking with my fingers. it has been like this since august 2011. suzanne: joe, thank you. it's interesting to see how much damage the power of the earthquake can cause. they have a crane on scene to lift giants pieces of stone off the top of the structure. bring them to the ground to begin repairs or the replacement of the structures. some of them have been carved and are ready to go. this ph
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take three to four months. once they get all of the money and that is a slow fund raising process, they are hoping to have all of these repairs done within ten years. leon: how about that? ten years to repair five or six seconds of activity there. michelle: incredible. the damage. wow. leon: ten seconds in ten years. doug: picking a good season with the summer. get the good outdoor weather time in. a warming trend is coming. let's get started to give you a look at the conditions seen from area on the idaho avenue. not far from the cathedral. high level moisture. this looks crystal clear.
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ton of sunshine is coming up. temperatures in the low to mid-60's. but they are below average. another frost advisory over a larger area. best way to describe it is west of 95. chance of frost with the temperatures approaching freezing. out west could be milder. downtown should be 42 degrees. 60 at lunchtime. 64 and 65 again this time tomorrow. again with the bright sunshine around the area. that trend continues on saturday. it will be in the 40's for the beginning of the cherry blossom parade. proud cosponsors we are. sunday is close to 70 and sunshine. monday a push of warm air and 77. a front comes through monday night and not change much. keep sunshine. tuesday and wednesday is cooler. next area of the clouds moves in thursday. it
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thinkia time here. this -- trivia time here. this is provided by mike jaffey. he previded the question and the answer -- he provided the question and the answer. we may want to verify the answer. what is the ideal temperature inside verizon center for the best ice quality? your choices are 55 to 59. 60 to 64 degrees. 65 to 69. we will give you an answer. leon: for those of us who have been there in the caps game you know how cold it is. >> just ahead -- >> with that the president kicks off a tribute for wounded warriors. the ride for the men and the women injured in battle coming up. michelle
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update on the zika virus. where the mosquitoes that carry the virus are found. what the link means for expected
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leon: president obama helped kick off the annual wounded warrior bicycle ride at the whit
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the soldier ride is a four-day long cycling event for wounded service members and veterans. mr. obama says it's near and dear to him. president obama: over the past seven years this has become one of our favorite traditions. this year we have 40 active duty riders and 20 veterans. a reminder of the power of a person to launch a movement that changes people's lives and a reminder that the sacrifices the men and the women in uniform made to keep our nation free. remind irfor those called to serve the mission doesn't end on the battlefield. leon: the riders will travel 60 miles in the four-day long event. in the visit with the president they took a loop around the white house, high-fiving the president at the end of it. this began in 2004 when chris carney cycled 5,000 miles coast to coast in support of the wounded warrior
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at 4:00" -- zika link to birth defects. the new warning for expectant mothers and where mosquitoes carrying the virus are being found. >> early voting begun in maryland. there are a lot of decisions
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: some of the top stories we're working on today. two injured including a maryland state trooper on the beltway in lanham. the outer loop shut down near 202 and will be closed for the next 90 minutes. we will have an update on the closure from jamie sullivan in a few minute. caps fans -- leon: rocking the read -- red ahead of game one. we will hear from the team as they get ready to go out and take on the broad street bullies. years in the making phase two of the repairs at the cathedral underway. still several years of work ahead. michelle? michelle: "7 on your side" with a health alert now. the c.d.c. now saying that the zikav
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deffect known as microcephaly, an arrest normally small and under developed brain. we have the you are vent warning from health officials. >> now that the c.d.c. confirmed that it causes a brain abnormality, the severe birth defects seen in babies born with small heads some americans are changing the travel plans. >> we have decided to cancel the wedding in mexico for the health and safety of family and friends. >> we wanted kids shortly after we got married. >> defeat the link between zika virus and birth defects the guidelines will not change now. they are advising president women and those trying to get
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the illness has been spreading. >> now is the time to take preventative action. >> get the water off the property. check gutters to get water off of there. >> other suggestions are spray bug repellent. wear long sleeves and pants if you are outside. at home put screens on windows and doors and keep it cool. >> it will reduce the likelihood of being bit by a mosquito. >> the white house says it is a positive step but it's far from what they need to prepare for the situation.
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>> the temperatures are cool. speaking of cool. the trivia question what is the ideal temperature inside verizon for the best ice quality? the choice are 55 to 59 degrees. 60 to 64. 65 to 69. leon and michelle are in the box seats today. michelle: 60 to 64. leon: i'm going for the same. i would cost a fortune to chill it down to the 50's. doug: the answer is -- 60 to 64. got it right. good deal. it makes sense to make ambient center chilly enough to keep the ice intact. that is the story. 60 to 64 is the outdoor range. we are looking at the temperatures at 66 for the high this time of year.
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>> 44 to 34 overnight. but at the ground level it can be degree or two colder than six or seven feet above the ground. that is why we call it patchy frost. three-day outlook the sweet. sunshine tomorrow. 66 on saturday. then it gets warmer for one day. cherry blossom parade saturday morning is perfect weather. cool in the 50's but it will warm up in the day. leon: all right, thank you. remembering and honoring yeardley love. she was the university of virginia lacrosse player killed by her boyfriend in 2011 who was sentenced to 23 years in prison but has been appealing since the conviction. today the boys latin school are running yards for yeardley. paul gessler is there. this looks like a great event. paul: yeardley love's legacy now is the one love fou
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and educating the young people about the relationship violence. on the surface at boys latin the run of the mill seventh grade lacrosse game. up 10-3 right now but this is about more than that. these are the eighth greater next. a million yards the guys will be running individually in 30 days. leading up to may. the eighth graders will play later in the hour. the former u.v.a. lacrosse player as well as yeardley love. she talked to the teams yesterday before hitting the field to stress importance of what they are doing. the one love foundation tallied 133 million yards to raise awareness to help stem relationship violence. the one love foundation reports one in three women and one in four men will be victim in a violent relationship in his or her lifetime.
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in north baltimore, i'm paul gessler. back to you. leon: thank you. michelle? michelle: the primary election in maryland is less than two weeks away. as maryland bureau chief brad bell shows us the voters begin casting ball lots -- casting ballots today. brad: early voting is underway campaigning at a fever pitch. this busy polling place, it heens the son of candidate ivey stands shoulder to shoulder with his dad's opponent anthony brown. >> how are you doing? >> senate candidate representative chris van hollen pressing at polls. his rival donna edwards does meet and great at a metro station. >> they are voting instead of on the primary day. >> get it out of the way in case i have something else on the agenda. >>
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brad: this year, paper ballots that voters fill out in privacy booths and run through a scanner. >> it seems to work. >> i haven't heard anything negative yet. brad: one of reasons they went with the paper ballot this year, there were so many candidates it wouldn't pitch on a touch screen. second page candidates didn't like it a bit. early voting continues to april 21 from 10:00 to 8:00 p.m. every day. primary day is april 26. leon: fairfax police reaching out after a 77-year-old resident was sexual assaulted inside her home.
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>> fairfax county police are stepping up the efforts to catch a male suspect accused of sexual assaulting a 77-year-old woman inside her home at a senior living facility in centreville. police stepping up. canvassing the area an the foot patrols. detectives were in centreville today this morning talking with the residents at the forest glen apartments to hand out this flyer with a sketch of the suspect. in the last few hours new information that changes the description of the suspect. a new sketch will be released soon. the police not saying what the new information is. a man walked through a closed and unlocked door to a 77-year-old woman's apartment at forest glen. authorities say he struck up a conversation with the woman then. sexual assaulted her befor
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residents are concerned with the construction happening there. too many unfamiliar faces are in the area. >> there should be more done about security and what comes in and out. >> we want to reassure the community we are there for them and we have obviously increased the efforts and the detectives are working around the clock aggressively on the case to get this resolved. >> the eagle point companies that owns forest glen saying in a statement today it is devastated by the attack. police will be holding a community meeting to address residents' concerns regarding the recent attack.
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a they continue to catch the suspect. leon: up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the roar and the sight of a russian jet buzzing destroyer in national waters. the white house responds next. michelle: plus the latest on inky's escape. you remember this guy. the octopus that escaped an aquarium. why he really ditched the tank and you won't blame him either when you hear the answer. that is next on
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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leon: the close call heard around the world. the russian fighter jet buzzing a u.s. destroyer taking place in international waters. crews filming this from the deck of the ship in the baltic sea. michelle: those flights described as almost rehearse tall like for a strike. there was no ammunition on the plane as it head several passes. leon: now the white house addressed that show of force today. >> it is not at all uncommon for russian military aircrafts to engage in acts like
4:44 pm
concerns about this through the military defense attache at the u.s. embassy in moscow. >> the posture now is not overly concerned. u.s. not wanting to escalate things further. michelle: now something from a hollywood movie script. leon: looked like it, too. michelle: determined octopus made a successful escape from captivity. leon: this is crazy. this happened at the national aquarium of the new zealand. officials there say that an octopus they have there named inky, perfect name, slipped out of his aquarium and slithered 13 feet across the floor. managed to squeeze his football size head down 16-inch drainpipe that led to the pacific ocean. >> he was able to work out he could get out through alert.
4:45 pm
and look for friends. michelle: animal experts say the octopus can survive up to an hour out of water. of course they have no bones. made it easier to slip and slide. >> one says inquisitive and the other says looking for a mate. which one was it? michelle: both. leon: buying low. it might be better to react fast if you find a dream home here. we explain the key reason why coming up. >> i'm scott abraham. time to rock the red. playoff hockey. game one. caps-flyers. we have a preview next. michelle: just moments away an update on the accident with injuries. we will hear from jamie sullivan. she is on traffic watch for us. the outer loop of the beltway in lanham is closed. we have a timetable for when it wil
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michelle: buying a home becoming less expensive for the third straight week. the average 30-year mortgage rate slides to lowest level of the year.
4:49 pm
3.58%. this time last year almost ten points higher. looking for a short-term loan, the average fell two points also. we are just over two hours from puck drop at the verizon center. leon: i know you can't wait because you are rocking the red. you beat me to the punch today. michelle: i am. leon: boys from philly sneaked their way to the final wild card spot and the prize is taking on the best team in hockey. our washington capitals. scott abraham at the verizon center now. you are rocking the red as well. give you credit. you told me you were going to do it. scott: i told you i would not disappoint, my friends. the philadelphia flyers have been full playoff mode for a month right now. they have been playing good hockey. grabbed the final spot in the eastern conference. scratching and clawing their way to the postseason. on the flip side the capitals have been on cruise control since the all-star break grabbing the president's trophy and the num
4:50 pm
the two teams know each other extremely well. the playoff format allows for plenty opportunities for rivals to collide when it matter most. expect a physical hard fought series. it all starts tonight inside the verizon. >> you can't go into it thinking that you are the top team or that you are entitled to something. you have to go into it ready to work for everything. we work all year for this to get the chance to make a run this time of the year. the boys will be excited. we have to have patience, poise. know when and where to use the energy. >> you can't get too high or too low. this is fun. scott: opening face-off scheduled for 7:00 at the verizon c
4:51 pm
every fan gets a bracelet. you know this place will be rocking. time to rock the red. i'm doing it. reporting sign did verizon center before game one, scott abraham, abc7 sports. leon: give you credit. pull out. show the pants, too. michelle: rock the red from head to toe. full suit. leon: rocking the red. michelle: pants included. >> there we go. >> i don't mess around. c'mon! when i tell you i will do something i will do it. michelle: go big or go home. that is the attitude. leon: all right. see you at the players ball. leon: we have excited and confident caps fans here. michelle: right. the twitter poll question is how far will they
4:52 pm
half think they are going to the finals. leon: fans are still being cautious. we have seen the story play out before. winning the president's trophy and getting the best record in league and stumbling out of the gate in the playoffs. one in five thinks they are one and done. washington hasn't gotten out of second round since they went to the finals in 1998. michelle: this is their year. leon: this is not a bad day to take a stroll. it looks beautiful out there. michelle: let me tell you. a lot of sunshine. not a cloud in the sky. the scaffolding is coming down and will be gone by january in time for the inauguration.
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the weather looks fantastic. it will fall to 50's. moving through the overnight hours the coldest areas north and west to us. 40 to 44 degrees. frost advisory north and west of us. tomorrow is fantastic. don't forget the cherry blossom festival parade this saturday. temperatures are cool in 40's and the 50's. rebound to the lower 60's. the next seven days are fantastic with the temperatures in the 70's next week. let's head back to jamie sullivan with a look at that. jamie: we are focusing in on the closure in place in prince george's county. this is right at route 50. this is still blocked off and won't be open until around 6:00. we have at least another hour. looking at t
4:54 pm
we have a alternate. horace holmes knows what it is like to be in the heavy traffic. horace: we came over the woodrow wilson bridge to this point, at about exit 16. the crash is up to exit 19679 we are in a standstill to see what happens as we get closer to the accident. jamie: thank you. bumper to bumper traffic. you can see on the map behind me. we have more on the clo
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michelle: a deputy constable in texas is expected to recover after overnight shooting. he was talking to another constable after a traffic stop in houston when someone came up behind him and shot
4:58 pm
leon: tonight an accident scene and a state trooper in the middle. why they scrapped a modern way to pay. two hours about counting before d.c. rocks the red. red verizon center for game one. five years later a new phase in earthquake repairs at the national cathedral. why the work isn't closed to being finished. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: we are going to begin with news chopper 7 over the beltway. the area is closed down for three hours now after a crash involving several vehicles including state troopers. this happened in lanham north of route 450. near good
4:59 pm
brad bell is live with a look at what happened. >> we just got a briefing. a maryland state trooper on the slow shoulder of the outer loop. he was dealing with an earlier accident. south of him in the fast lane there was another accident that involved three vehicles. a third is hit-and-run. leaving the scene of the accident. somehow winding through traffic and ending up on the right side slamming in the rear portion of that trooper's car.
5:00 pm
then a tow truck slams into this vehicle. the troop every trapped inside. then another tow truck arrives. a good samaritan see what is is going on. stops get out, hook up the hook to the vehicle that smashed into the trooper and pulls it away. so when rescue personnel rive they had access to the trooper to cut tree from the wreckage. we are told charges are pending against the driver. the one who left the scene and slammed in the trooper. that driver in the hospital center. the trooper is in bad shape. >> he is


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