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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 15, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle in brooklyn over everything from judgment to guns to minimum wage. >> now, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. >> that 's not accurate. >> the republicans also in new york making their cases while protesters have their say outside the event and inside, as well. earthquake aftermath is going on right now in japan. rescuers are combing through the wreckage of the deadly quake looking for more victims and finding at least one very young survivor. smash and grab. a convenience store taking the brunt of a brazen robbery attempt. the search for those responsible. and make your plans just like your favorite nfl team is doing now that the upcoming season schedule has been released.
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stand against the name of another. a good friday morning. we begin with the new york fight night, otherwise known as the democratic debate, sparks were flying as the candidates delivered their sharpest attacks yet. >> yeah, hillary clinton and bernie sanders laid out their differences in debate number nine for them. it was a contentious face-off marked by a string of fiery exchanges on everything from gun control to big money donations. our coverage begins now with abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: a democratic debate battle in the big apple. >> senator sanders did call me unqualified. i've been called a lot of things in my life. that was a first. >> reporter: increasingly heated rhetoric between hillary clinton and bernie sanders coming to a boil here in brooklyn. >> does secretary clinton have the experience and the intelligence to be a presiden
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but i do question -- but i do question her judgment. >> president obama trusted my judgment enough to be secretary of state for the united states. >> let's talk about judgment. and let us talk about the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of this country. >> reporter: with less than a week before new york voters go to the polls, the rivals clashing on guns, raising the minimum wage. >> history has outpaced second clinton because all over in country people are standing up and they're saying, 12 is not good enough. we need $15 an hour. >> reporter: and on foreign policy -- >> he could not answer about afghanistan, about israel, about counterterrorism. >> reporter: just a few miles away in manhattan all of the republican candidates together. protesters chanting outside.
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>> all: shut the whole system down. >> reporter: as donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich spoke at a new york gop fund-raiser. and all of the candidates will be campaigning today in new york except sanders who is speaking today at the vatican. marci gonzalez, abc news, brooklyn, new york. here's what is at stake. nearly 300 new york delegates are up for grabs next week and the latest polls indicate hillary clinton with a 17% lead over sanders. >> for more on their shift in tone and what we can expect in the next few days and weeks we turn to abc's political director rick klein. >> reporter: kendis and diane, the healing in the democratic party will have to wait. this was perhaps the most bitter and most personal of the debates so far. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going at each other over basic questions of judgment and qualifications in addition to policy and tone. rhetorical differences that have real policy ramifications and i think now given t
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this race hillary clinton coming in with this big delegate lead and bernie sanders with the momentum. nothing is going to change sides in a big way. if anything this sets up another six weeks of harsh, intense campaigning. the delegate lead unlikely to be overcome. new york now setting itself up as critical for the remainder of these contests now the two circling each other with light barbs and friendly encounters for so much of this are now setting up a very harsh ending to the campaign. bernie sanders making clear he expects to win the nomination threatening to take this fight all the way to the democratic national convention so for all of the divisions we've seen on the republican side, a very clear indication that there are more divisions to come for the democrats. kendis and diane. >> rick, thank you. turning now to the republicans, all three candidates were under the same roof. >> the presidential hopefuls took turns making their case in new york last night. at the state's gop gala. the event came on the same day
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endorsement from former new york governor george pataki and "the new york post" backed donald trump. >> right now millions of votes ahead of my closest rival. millions of votes. people don't talk about votes anymore. they talk delegates. by the way, i happen to be hundreds of delegates ahead too. >> we risk losing everything from the white house to the courthouse to the statehouse if we don't advance a positive, uplifting unifying message to this country. that is what we need to do. >> if hillary clinton becomes the next president for four or eight more years, the people of new york know full well what comes from that. and so the question we have to ask collectively is how do we win? >> and there were hundreds of anti-trump protesters outside the hotel and some made their way inside and as such more than 30 people were arrested. later
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chairman of the republican national committee. one of the volatile issues the next president will have to deal with is the provocative behavior of north korea. >> today really is a special day in the secretive communist country and one see vent marked the occasion and did not go as plan. lana zak has details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is the birthday of north korea's founder kim il-sung and they celebrated with missiles. a missile test was ordered to celebrate and to continue the posturing at a time of tense relations. reports say the missile believed to be a musadon. the u.s. military said it tracked the launch and while there was, quote, an explosion it isn't clear if that explosion took place in the air or on the
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but in either case what is clear is that that missile didn't go where kim jong-un wanted it to. >> also breaking overnight, southern japan being rocked by aftershocks after a deadly earthquake. >> we are getting dramatic new images and including this rescue of a baby. the 8-month-old was pulled out alive overnight from the rubble of a collapsed home but other rescue efforts, i should say, have been hampered by dozens of those aftershocks. at least nine people were killed in the first quake that hit at night spinning a high-rise camera and sending people in a newsroom diving under desks. entire buildings fell to the ground and scattered glass and debris. people are sharing their experience on facebook. >> we're staying out here kind of in the open where we're not surrounded by any buildings and we're ariel to get away from any structural damage that may happen to anything
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possibly hurt us. >> about 44,000 people evacuated their homes and stayed in shelters. many expected again tonight depending on the condition of their homes and whether power has been restored. back here in this country for much of the people in this station spring has definitely not sprung at least not yet. >> take a look at these images from central florida. hailstorms worthy of a winter forecast rather than spring and more of the same on the way today for the entire southeast possibly lasting all weekend. but an aeneasier system is brewing on the other side of the country and it's packing wind, rain, hail and snow. colorado could get up to three feet and southern california is likely to see wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour. powerful enough to bring down trees and power lines. >> seems to be nonstop. well, coming up, tens of thousands of cradles being recalled. new details ahead. plus, an airliner's emergency landing. the cockpit wds
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see what caused the damage. on the loose, a chimp named chacha taking the high road and creating a frightening situation for those trying to get him home.
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well, that's one way to break into a 7-eleven. this is video from ohio. brazen burglars used a van to smash through the glass and take the atm. security cameras captured the wreckage from several different angles. a 911 caller said she saw a white man take off with four men inside. another spotted it on the highway but the burglars did get away. tense moments for passengers aboard a delta flight heading from nashville to new york. >> a bird strike cracked a
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landing and it touched down without ins defense, nearly 60 passengers on board the plane and no serious injuries reported. and a new plane was sent to pick up those passengers. microsoft has launched a new front in the battle over individual privacy rights. the tech giant is suing the federal government over a law that requires the company to turn over customers' private e-mails and personal files often without notifying those users. microsoft calls those n nondisclosure orders a violation of free speech. now to an important consumer alert for parents. fisher-price is recalling 34,000 cradle and swing products when the seat peg is not fully engaged, the seat apparently can fall unexpectedly posing a risk of injury to the child. no one has been hurt so far. the products were sold at bye-bye baby, target and other stores and online at and other websites from november to march. more details at well, when we come back a
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the swarm all going in the same direction. something usually seen in insects. >> closer to home we're seeing plenty of problems for your morning commute. heavy snow from northern idaho and montana falling as far south as arizona and new mexico and you can expect wet roads from the dakotas into south texas and across the southeast. if you're flying today denver has the exclusiven delays. after nearly half a century in prison a follower of cult leader charles manson may go review. >> a review board recommended parole for leslie van houten convicted in the gruesome 1969 murder of a los angeles couple. this was the 20th time van houghton has appeared before the parole board. former ap reporter linda deutch has covered the murders from the start. >> no one will ever really forgive those crimes. there is a point at which you say, well, she has expressed remorse after and over again.
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in every way possible. >> well, the final decision now rests in the hands of california governor jerry brown. families of victims of the sandy hook shooting rampage may have won a victory. a connecticut judge ruled the proceeding can go on. the chase of a runaway chimp electrified a live tv audience in japan and even sparked a brief power outage. take a look. chacha escaping from a zoo climbing to the top of an electrical pole. he stubbornly refused to come down dangling until he just couldn't hole on for another second. the good news we should point out chacha survived his ordeal with just a few bumps and bruises. >> good to know. troubled quarterback johnny manziel is getting tough love from his agent who says he needs to get help or get lost. manziel has been fired bring
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cleveland browns and his former agent. now his new rep drew rosenhaus says he's done unless manziel gets substance abuse treatment in the next five days. numerous videotape clips have surfaced recently showing manziel drinking and appearing impaired. a major meeting in new york city with nba owners, they're expected to take up the question of whether to move the next all-star game from north carolina. the nba has been urged to undertake such a move to protest the so-called bathroom law in that state and the nba commissioner called that law deeply concerning. time now for some sports highlights. those from our friends at espn. >> kevin connors, nicole briscoe. second night of the playoffs and best team in hockey opened up their run. capitals taking on the flyers. ovechkin there. caps on the power play. marcus johansson sees the shot deflected in front and gets past
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watch it deflect off of pi evacuate eduardo belmar and caps win, 2-0. >> how about the islanders on the road game. one of their series against the panthers. third period tied at three. john tavares comes up with the steal. oppose so pooks it away and islanders grab a 4-3 lead and under a minute to go panthers, jaromir jagr almost puts it in but thomas greiss sprawls across the net and islanders steal it 5-4. sharks and kings in l.a. second period. sharks down 3-2. jonathan quick gets the save initially but thomas hurdle there to score on the rebound. tie game at 3. third period, actually 17 seconds into the third, joe pavelski scores the
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goal. pavelski with two goes and the sharks win this one, 4-3. that is stanley cup playoffs. nba coming up on saturday. see. >> see ya. there are 146 days until the nfl season begins. but the new schedule is out this morning. >> never too soon. it all kicks off thursday september 8. make your plans now with a super bowl rematch between the panthers and broncos. week one wraps up the following monday with the los angeles rams visiting the 49ers. >> all right, marking it on the calendar. on the giants schedule this one is making headlines. the team is apparently taking a stand against the redskins name listing them only as washington instead of by the team's mascot name. >> washington beat them quite a few times or a couple times last year so that could be why. a little sour. up next in "the pulse" if you loved the original "avatar" there's even more in the works. and if first you
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♪ time to check "the pulse" beginning with a slew of sequels for "avatar." >> we had james cameron who's been quiet about the future of his box office biggie but appeared at cinema-con and announced four sequels in the works the first rolling out in 2018. >> the first one was in 2009 and was the all-time grossing film up to that time. and an adventurer in florida is bursting with excitement despite a major setback with a giant plastic bubble. >> he is trying to make it from south florida to bermuda to back in this floating bubble and took off this week only to be pushed back to
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now he's just waiting for some better weather to try again. >> so bellush chi's plans to spend up to 45 days in the water and he's doing it for a good cause. raising money for a children's charity. >> all right. i like his determination, too. yeah. >> easily gave it when winds -- >> too much determination going out and getting a tattoo but a fail. it turned into a social media sensation. >> a woman from tennessee named holland christianson was conned into getting this tattoo on her leg which she thought was a chinese phrase but it turns out it was actually the name of charlotte hornets point guard jeremy lin. >> she shared it online and guess who spotted it. jeremy lin himself. he then used a sharpie to draw the symbol on his own ankle and hopes to meet him. >> of course, his is removable. >> hers, not so much.
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today is april 15th. and for many of us, the weekend is just a couple hours away. and even more good news-- there will be a lot of sunshine overhead when it gets here. good morning washington. washington. toss to eileen frost advisory remains in effect until 9am for counties west of i-95. today: sunny and delightful! highs: 62-68 winds: e 5 mph tonight: clear and chilly. lows: 38-45 winds: light saturday:
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highs: 67-72 winds: ne 5 mph 95 stafford south capitol st today..
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of service in boston, as the city observes the third anniversary of the the boston marathon bombings. a moment of silence will be held at 2:49 p.m-- when the first of two home-made bombs detonated near the finish line. 3 people were killed and hundreds were injured. days later -- the bombers, tamerlan and dzhokar tsarnaev, lead police on a wild shootout through the city. tamerlan tsarnaev was killed, his younger brother was eventually caught and convicted of the attacks. lawmakers, including vice president joe biden, have designated april 15th as "one boston day" and encourage residents to participate in acts of kindness like community service or giving blood. back here this morning.. a performer with the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus is recovering from an accident last night. this video was shared with a-b-c seven by a viewer who tells us she was just a few rows back when it happened. the circus tells us the person injured was a b-m-x rider... who received immediate medical attention.
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another accident involving e-cigarettes seriously injures a teen in new york. now his parents are demanding answers. leor domatov says it happened while he was testing an e-cigarette at a mall kiosk. the teen says the device exploded in flames leaving him with serious and possibly permanent injuries to his hand and eyes. local and state laws in new york say its illegal to sell the products to minors. domatov is just 14 years old. mall management isn't commenting- but domatov's family is speaking with an attorney- as he continues a long road to recovery. kobe bryant's swan song performance left the lakers with more than just a win. it turned into a real cash cow.
4:29 am
played his final n-b-a game wednesday night, he helped the lakers and the staples center set a record for merchandise sold. fans bought 1-point-2 million dollars' worth of kobe merchandise at the game. some of those fans must have had pretty deep pockets. hats started at 72 dollars each -- jerseys were 800-dollars and more. and some leather jackets fetched nearly six thousand dollars. it's xx and we're just getting started. a twisted wreck. a maryland state trooper is in critical condition a maryland state trooper is in critical condition after a chain reaction crash on
4:30 am
the beltway. how it happened.. and the latest on the injured drivers.. rock the red. the capitals take care of business in game one of their playoff series with the flyers. but players aren't celebrating. we'll tell you why. good morning washington. frost advisory remains in effect until 9am for counties west of i-95. today: sunny and delightful! highs: 62-68 winds: e 5 mph tonight: clear and chilly. lows: 38-45 winds: light saturday: sunny and seasonable. highs: 67-72 winds: ne 5 mph developing right now...


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