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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and the parking. it will be a mess out here over the weekend. >> it's beautiful out here. awesome. >> picture perfect weather assured to lure thousands to downtown d.c. this weekend for a variety of the high profile vents. with that expect the road closures, delays and the traffic tie-ups. >> it will be crazy down here. really crazy. really the traffic will be backed up. >> the cherry blossom parade kicks off saturday on constitution avenue. they are putting the final touches on the viewing stands and the abc7 and parade organizers are making sure it goes off without a hitch. soon after that another parade begins. the emancipation parade beginning at 1:00 p.m. >> at the end of the day people need to understand that equality is prerequisite of
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democracy. >> and the cap tam face off against the flyers at 7:00 p.m. sand and seasoned hordes of children and their parent expected to flock to the convention center for the all day science and engineering festival. hotels will be packed and roads will be too. >> all i can say is they are making money. >> this is a fancy gib camera to get the spectacular shots in the festival parade tomorrow. if you can't come out, you can watch it on abc7 news at noon and channel -- newschannel8 at 2:00. alison: thank you, jay. maureen: even more street closings. 19th street between pennsylvania avenue and g street and eighth street between 20
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pennsylvania avenue. they will be closed until sunday at 10:00. find a list of the street closings around the area this weekend at as jay mentioned the emancipation day parade means road closures in the district. the city holiday dates to 1866. but didn't become official until 2000. it imagines the date in 1862 when abraham lincoln ended slavery in the city. d.c. vote held a rally at the plaza before marking to the capitol. they want the residents to have the full representation and voting right in congress. this morning a mayor muriel bowser said she hopes to introduce legislation this summer to get the issue on the ballot in november. out of district now, 19
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taken to the hospital after a cool bus accident this afternoon. it happened in parking lot 8 at r.f.k. stadium. a parent on the bus says the driver was turning around when the vehicle hit the pole. all the injuries were minor and everyone should be at home later tonight. new information on the crash that tied up information for hours on thursday. witnesses are giving us accounts that did not match the initial investigation. one tow truck driver says the black mercedes that hit the trooper evan ganeshananda's patrol car was speeding down the shoulder just before the crash. but the other tow truck driver says that the mercedes was actually rear-eneded by another car before losing control. we do know that one of the drivers is a hero. >> hook it up quick. i drag
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pressure and the state trooper was. maureen: that quick thinking by tom herrera probably helped save trooper ganeshananda's life. tonight the tropper is still in critical condition but improve -- trooper is in critical condition but improving every minute. police are investigating what caused the crash. they believe another car that did not stop may have touched off the whole chain of events. police believe they caught one a man who sexually assaulted a woman inside her home in centreville. this happened last night. brianne carter is live at chantilly where the suspect worked in a rec center. brianne? brianne: that is right. many people here are attending the rec center tonight just learning of the 28-year-old malcolm hall. he is being held without bond tonight after he was arrested late last night. by fairfax county police. that arrest in connection with the sexual assault of a 77-year-old woman inside her centreville ho
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according to the court documents was facing a judge today. police say the assault happened on april 5. but the victim did not initially report it. now upon learning of the assault police stepped up the patrols in the area and canvassed the neighborhood in centreville. even passing out flyers. then new information came to light. as they were working on additional information to release to the public, there was that arrest. now hall had been working here at the cub run rec center at authorities part-time as a custodian and he is out of a job tonight. many people who use the rec center frequently are just finding out about his alleged actions. >> just turns to my stomach to be honest with you. the whole premise of what the guy did is mind-blowing that people can do that. that is what we deal with today. brianne: we have been digging through the court documents and according to the
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in the past. including other charges unrelated to this. including resisting arrest. now back to this case and this arrest late last night, we understand that he will be back before a judge in june. reporting live brianne carter, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. abc7 is fighting back against crime. one of the ways is with the spot crime map to help you see what is happening in your neighborhood. go to and click on the on your side tab. coming up at 6:00 -- >> it's not a crime to have corporal punishment. the school has a policy for corporal punishment. >> a mother's second thought and the video that has made her regret her decision to let her son discipline -- her son's school discipline her child. then a little later one country changes its name. plus -- sound like it and
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however you feel about the sound of cicadas get ready to see and hear a lot of them. doug: you may hate the cicadas but you will love the forecast for the weekend. trust me on this one. still to come on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from.
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that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
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maureen: hundreds were injured when the bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon. members of the men's titanic society gathered in the middle of the night to remember the evening luxury liner sank. they met in southwest d.c. at the memorial to the 1912 disaster. this is the 38th year the society has laid a
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georgia mother says she regrets giving her son's school permission to discipline her child after seeing the video of it. [crying] the video shot by shawna perez herself doesn't show the 5-year-old being hit. but it does show the principal of the school trying to hold him down to paddle him. perez says sher son was being punished for spitting at another student. she agreed to the punishment to avoid jail. >> if he is suspended i'll be arrested for truancy. she never denied that. and she never told me anything otherwise. maureen: the school district said they are only pandalled with the parental consent. sheriff said corporal punishment is legal in georgia with the parental consent and said the pri
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threaten the mother with jail. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- child's play. what canaled dates were up to today on the campaign trail. -- what the candidates were up to today on the campaign trail. >> we will check back with doug hill for weekend forecast. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up many sports we will show you d.c. united midfielder that has come a long way. caps need to settle down. i will tell you what that means when "abc7 news at 6:00" cont
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. maureen: the czech relub lick doesn't like the name anymore. it will be chechnia. they wanted a nice one-word name for maps, the national jerseys and the conferences. he's practice together. chechia. vote 2016. four days until the key new york primary. as the chief national correspondent scott thuman shows us the candidates are doing everything they can to stand out from the crowd. >> bernie sanders will not go quietly. >> i stood up against this be
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was a senator. i called them out. >> secretary clinton called them out. my goodness. they must have been really crushed by this. >> following a fiery debate on thursday and still trailing behind in the new york polls he left the state he left the country arriving at the vatican to praise the absent pope francis. if far flung speaking engagement cost him precious time on the trail. >> it was something i couldn't resist. >> on the republican side, donald trump penned an on-ed piece in the -- op-ed piece in the "wall street journal" to criticize the colorado delegate process saying they had an election without voters and they asked how has the system been working out for you and your family. >> what we see is a revolt. a million people were denied the right to go to ballot box. >> cruz took on the issue in a not so serious skit. >> i won the electio square
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and fair. >> trump taking on more heat from those fired from the tv show. >> trump appealed to the lowest common denominator of fear, racism and the divisiveness in the populist. >> it's unlikely that new yorkers will fire trump. he is leading by a wide margin. maureen: clinton won dominoes and she said she will take them with her to the white house. if group has been demonstrating all week but they decided to go inside the rotunda.
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bugs. this year we are in line for big ones. cicadas. billions of them should start popping up across the northeastern u.s. next month. once the soil warms to 64 degrees, the insects will start emerging in virginia maryland, west virginia and pennsylvania. it is all part of the 17-year cycle to search for a mate. the last-minute touches put on the year's national cherry blossom parade tonight. floats and the performers hit the street tomorrow at 10:00. abc7 is proud to be a sponsor of this year's national cherry blossom festival. it starts at 10:00. if you can't be there, watch it at noon on abc7. and again at 2:00 p.m. on our sister station newschannel8. it looks like the weather will be perfect for parade. >> the weather department has done its part. we special arrangement, repulled a few -- we pulled a few
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this is what we are starting with. live look from the weather bug camera along idaho avenue. clear skies again. so even when the temperatures are cooler it's comfortable. east southeasterly. this high is 64. but the average high now up to 67. 47 is the nighttime low. a degree or so warmer tomorrow. above average and close to 70 on sunday. 602 on if nose.
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mean is since midday on monday. so until it will break down or move off or both we don't see much change. it will modify to drift in the next few days to the east. tomorrow morning for the parade the weather is fine. it's clear, light winds. plenty of sunshine. the temperatures are the mid-to-upper 50's in the parade. sunshine will feel warmer. this time of the year that the sun angles are stronger and stronger. by tomorrow afternoon the weather will stay perfect for the d.c. united and the toronto f.c. the game is 5:00. it can be seen live on newschannel8. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's at game time. seven days in a row. tomorrow, sunshine. 68. sunshine, 70 on sunday. monday close to 80 degrees in the sun. a little cooler behind a front. clouds
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wednesday. wednesday is the coolest day at 66. the next chance of rain is friday. that's a chance. maureen: good news. thank you. good news for the caps. fans are happy last night. robert: so far, so good. a long series, though. it is playoffs. anything can happen. that is the only thing. discipline is the name of the game for the caps tomorrow night. we hear how the players plan to cut down on penalties. a d.c. united midfielder taking it one season at a time. his story is next.
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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robert: caps on right track so far taking game one 2-1 over the flyers. tomorrow is the next game at 7:00. take a look back at last night, final penalties by the caps three in the first period. that has to get better by tomorrow. disciplined. we have to make sure we don't put ourselves in the situations. >> we have to be even more discipline. robert: d
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toronto f.c. and building off last saturday's win against vancouver. a midfielder is building off his rookie season. really fast. that is the best way to put it. nick has gonen if the young rookie sensation four years ago. >> my mentality is stay hummal and ground -- humble and grounded. >> to a team leader. >> a growth experience for me. >> he has become part of the d.c. united core. >> not a vocal one. thawry lie on him e -- they rely on him heavily. >> you know what you get out of him. we are lucky to have him. robert: he is till adjusting to the new position. midfielder. he says whatever is best for team. >> there is a lot of passion behind the
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you can feel it. >> a fun weekend. doug: yes. >> the weather is chilly but there is no frost. clear and 45 in the morning. tomorrow with the sunshine. 70 on sunday. the news will get better and close to 802 for sunshine by monday. tonight at 11:00 steve rudin will have the latest outlook. the next chance of rain, too. maureen: a nice weekend coming up. enjoy it. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. see you at 11:00.
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family.
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kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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breaking news this friday night. another earthquake, this one even bigger. the second one in 24 hours. authorities say this time, many buried alive. the dramatic pictures coming in now. fire in the sky. the landslide. and the urgent hunt for the missing and the trapped. also breaking, the tornado touching down back here at home. and now, the tornado watch in effect this friday for millions. the controversial video. the paddle used in school. a kindergartener punished. the video more than a million have now seen. we want your opinion. the manson murders, and the stunning development. all these years later, the fate of the homecoming princess turned killer, and what she told diane sawyer all those years ago. and, the schools on lockdown. this mountain lion on the loose. the aerial images as it all plays out.


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