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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  WJLA  April 16, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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kimberly: 7 on your side with a consumer alert, a software security warning from the government to people who are still using a windows computer. only security telling windows users you should uninstall apple's quicktime because they will no longer release security updates for the windows version of the program and without proper support, uses are at increased risk for viruses and other security threats. if this does not make you smile, nothing will -- this is a duck named philip back on his feet thanks to woo friends at a local middle school. he lost his feet because of frostbite, but a middle school teacher and his class stepped in, crafting him the
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a 3-d printer. it took a few tries, but yesterday philip got to test .hem out and he was waddling a little wobbly, but back on track. that is super cool.
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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kimberly: we hope that you got to enjoy today sunshine, but more is coming. josh: another chance tomorrow. if you go back to work on monday without some sun, he did not do something right. tomorrow will be great, spot for you until the end of the week. tomorrow, more clouds monday, 80. mid-70's tuesday. the coolest day this week's 68, which is right at average. things are looking pretty good.
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>> now saturday news extra come on your side. confusionsadness and tonight, one firefighter dead, another hospitalized in critical condition. pulled, were the man who the trigger has been released from police custody and is not facing charges yet. all this as the community rallies around the fire departments impacted by the tragedy. roz plater has the latest. roz: an emotional scene outside of engine company 30. prince george's county firefighters mourning one of the rhône come a tough loss. firefighter paramedic john ulmschneider gunned down in the line of duty. new details emerging about the deadly incident friday night. firefighters responded to a home on sharon road in temple hills. the brother
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homeowner called 911, thinking there was a medical emergency. identifiednders themselves and knocked loudly three times before deciding to enter the home. >> i heard them banging on the door. suddenly the banging on the door stopped and the gunshots rang out, like 6, 7 gunshots. roz: the homeowner shot the two firefighters and his own brother. >> he was in pain. he was asking for help. nobody could get to him at that moment. they eventually got him to roll and crawled down the steps, through the driveway, and into an area of the street where they could get him and carry him to the truck. roz: the police took in the homeowner for questioning, but released him and he does not currently face charges. the case is still being investigated. some neighbors believe he was trying to defend himself. >>
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years trying to break in. roz: roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: more traffic coming at tysons corner and with it more crimes. the police have a surprising new statistic about the surge. jeff goldberg tells us what is being done about it. since the silver line opened nearly two years ago, it is delivered many more visitors to tysons corner. but all the extra traffic has also created significant problems. >> with more people also comes more crimes for service -- calls for service and more crimes. jeff: people are grabbing expensive items from stores in the mall, shirts, and an xbox. >> simply ran towards the train. between 2014-20 15, a 58% increase in felonies, 34%
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increase in misdemeanors. the trend is continuing in 2016. >> it makes me sad. at the same time, i cannot say it's surprising. fairfax county police are also seeing an increase in organized crime groups hitting the malls from new york, michigan, illinois, and beyond. month, they boasted three suspects from florida accused of taking $76,000 of high-end clothing and accessories from stores of the tysons corner mall. theftng the overall depends on retailers keeping a close eye on crimes. >> and to have officers to be able to staff tysons corner to help the retail crime seven days a week. despite the increase in property crimes, fairfax county police have seen no increase in violent crimes against people in tysons
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keep it that way. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. kimberly: 7 on your side fighting back against crime. jennifer donelan explains the new tool that you can use that is just one click away. jennifer: this is exciting, this is the chance where 7 on your side help you fight back against crime. just go to our website, , where it all starts. this is about trying to find out about crime happening in your neighborhood. you may have no idea that someone was robbed two blocks down or a house was broken into. go to, then go to the menu and click on 7 on your side . "spot crime" map is right underneath, which is your new crime-fighting tool. what we do is enter an address. i have the icons, a number of thefts just across the river from where i work
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right here, this little spray can means there was a vandalism that happened at troy and wilson street on april 5. figure out what's going on in your neighborhood or around your work or around where your son or daughter attends school, giving you more knowledge of what's happening. find out about crimes, check the patterns, and keep on top of what it's happening -- what is happening around you for stop this is fighting back against crime. to find themember, "spot crime" map, go to . it is under the 7 on your side tab. controversial falls church gun store has close just to months after opening doors. nova firearms met from -- met with opposition from local itsdents because of proximity to st. james school across the street. the owner of nova firearms says that gun
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one of the reasons he decided to close. >> over the two months, we did not see enough business to justify a, barely got our heads above water, did not meet operating cost. small business economics. kimberly: nova firearms' location in mclean will stay open. still to come, a school surprise. a member of the air force deployed for months surprises his daughters at school. the emotional reunion coming up. plus, five-year since the
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
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kimberly: a local military mom missed the holidays and most of the school year, but back from deployment she reunited with her husband and young daughters in alexandria. was carter-conneen therefore the surprise appearance at woodley hills elementary. rehearsals for a schoolwide assembly came to a halt when michelle miller surprised her daughters after more than a half your deployed overseas. >> hi! her birthday is in two days. she wanted mom home for her birthday. surprise. she's getting it. mike: with both parents in the air force, mom in jordan last several months, it has been a team effort taking care of the girls, with a lot of help
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school and their church. >> thank you guys so much! ke: numerous times last minute i would call for help and they were there. it such a blessing. >> when they cannot have that because they are serving our country, that's when we do our part to help. master sergeant miller was welcomed home with hugs, flowers, and photos. >> it was amazing how everyone came together to help my family. mike: making it less difficulty. >> lonely come just me, my dad, my sister. one: they spoke on the phone facetime in skype, but that does not compare to this. >> is you get to hug her and kiss her. mike: mike carter-conneen, abc 7 news. kimberly: that is awesome.
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at the norm is challenge repairing earthquake damage at the washington national cathedral.
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"searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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kimberly: it lasted 5 to 10 seconds, but five years after the earthquake and mineral, virginia, repairs are still underway
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national cathedral, and will be for years to come. suzanne kennedy reports. see the part that is cracked. suzanne: nearly five years after the earthquake, only a fraction of the repairs are complete. the second phase is getting underway, a million-dollar project involving work in the north. >> we have four grand pinnacles this ise to be symbol, repaired come, and put back together for stop suzanne: $34 million of damage. was exterior repairs, but only 13% of the outside restoration work. $23 million is still needed for the iconic site to be made whole. >> the stonework is very difficult and complex work.
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up close, the significance of the work that needs to be done in the next 3, 4 months. part of it is securing the ornate pentacles. >> they will drill a three inch diameter hole about 21 feet down into the pinnacle, and a large stainless steel rod will be and aed into the hole special grout is pumped in. suzanne: suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. cathedral is the highest spot in all of washington, d.c., and to be up there on the scaffolding? a little scary. amazing work. josh: they at least are getting nice weather to get things started. we have sunshine again tomorrow. this pretty shot is from page county to the west. lake arrowhead, a beautiful da
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picture. some fun happening thanks to the pretty weather. we are back to 49 degrees. upper marlboro, maryland, 49 is where we are sitting at riverdale baptist. the chilly temperatures moving in, clear skies in control, the high pressure off to the north. that continues to dominate the weather as we go through the overnight and into sunday and monday. overnight temperatures dropping, chilly7 degrees, not as as this morning, but a cool start sunday. keep that in mind as you are getting off to church or starting the day all for with a jog, 44 degrees at 8:00, mid 50's by 10:00, mid 60's by lunchtime. the highest through the day, 75 winchester, 75 urbana. similar numbers in
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d.c., 74, 73 clinton. cooler annapolis along the water. charlotte hall 71. manassas and woodbridge 75, 74 stafford. further to the west, lots of 74's and 75's. tomorrow is just the beginning of the warm up. 80 degrees monday. 75 tuesday. the coolest day this week is 68, right around average. through thursday, but friday, saturday, a chance of showers. neither day looks like a washout, just looking for scattered rain at the end of the week. looking ahead, if we jump forward to next monday, looks like we could see temperatures close to 90 degrees. kimberly: i knew you were going to say that. josh: still far out, but that piqued my interest. kimberly: up next --
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kimberly: we kept you updated on historic trip to cuba with a maryland group of students. amy aubert heard all about it. amy: it's their first week back after the historic trip. >> an amazing opportunity because is not every day, oh, we will go to cuba. amy:
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significance. >> very important, especially since we been cut away from it for so long, learning about other cultures. schools said of the students spoke spanish to other kids, visited museums, and ,earn the culture firsthand saying there is no replacement for hands-on learning. bookeing what you saw on a and experimenting outside the classroom. so you know how it feels. >> we learn as much as we can, but over there you learn more. amy: getting right back to the lessons. students say they enjoyed the trip, but they are happy to be back in the classroom. >> a lot of people have been talking about it. a lot of people have been really happy since we got back. amy:
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language but having students use it firsthand. >> it was fun talking to them. amy: an historic journey they will not forget. in fort washington, amy aubert, abc 7 news.


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