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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  April 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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jummy: the presidential race heating up in maryland today. we're five days away from the next group of primaries, and today is the last day of early voting in maryland. several candidates are turning to the swing states. a senator ted cruz just wrapped up a rally in frederick. sam: good afternoon. people started lining up at 9:30 this morning, and it was a full
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ted cruz came out here to spread his message of jobs, security, and freedom. even if he were to win this primary in maryland or any of the other primaries going forward, it would be nearly impossible for him to clinch the nomination and get enough -- before thethe convention. he would need a contested convention, but that is not stopping him rahm -- from asking for votes and money today. i believe the people want to get behind a conservative, positive, or would looking campaign based on ideas and solutions -- forward-looking campaign based on ideas and solutions.
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sam: ted cruz is asking people to go out to post today on this final day of early voting. otherwise, you will have to vote on tuesday. he is headed to indianapolis where he will meet with voters at a delicatessen. remember, polls close tonight at 9:00. jummy: in montgomery county, chelsea clinton is stumping for her mother. she's holding three organization events in maryland today. now, butsilver spring then she will move on to prince george's county and baltimore. clinton answered questions this morning on "good morning america " during a town hall. today back on the trail after taking a day off, still vowing to fight to the finish. clinton: that's up to him
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i would never tell anybody what to do. from: much different tone republican front runner donald trump, who tweeted yesterday that his rivals should get out of the case, but ted cruz and john kasich say they are not backing down, counting on the possibility of a contested gop convention. a streak of spectacular weather continues today, but we could see showers later on tonight. doug: the rain will be slow to arrive. it has been very dry for days. cloudy skies for now, but we will clear out a little bit more during the afternoon, and that will allow temperatures to rise. 64 in leesburg. 61 in manassas. we have cloud cover beginning to thin out a little bit. we will see lower temperatures and with that, 12, 14, 16 miles per hour sustained
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our forecast -- becoming partly sunny. overnight tonight, especially through the day tomorrow, showers, isolated thunderstorms. there is rain moving out of the area. the rain we will see is a cross of ohio and kentucky. we will have a look at the weekend in just a few minutes. developing now -- a tragic death investigation spanning from arlington all the way into fairfax county. police say a two-year-old girl .as found dead in a car >> it was a quiet morning today in arlington, but it was a different scene less than 24 hours ago after a little girl was found dead in a car. police say her caretaker forgot her in the back seat. wednesday morning, a man believed to be the boyfriend of the toddlers mom was supposed to drive the
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the different locations. police say the man dropped of the two older kids but then returned home -- the man dropped tee doubled its been returned home. >> apparently there was a break in the routine. he got home and forgot about the little girl. >> police say the man left the to thehome and drove pentagon city area to pick up the mother. police say it was not until the afternoon when the man got into his car in arlington and looks into the back seat -- looked into the backseat of the car that he saw she was unresponsive. at this point, no charges have been filed. the older children are with relatives as the investigation continues. a homicide investigation happening now in southeast
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police called for reports of gunshots this morning right near .nacostia high school police say a man was shot and killed. we have a look at the investigation right now. >> d.c. police investigating a homicide right across the street from a high school. .he crime scene is pretty large it goes all the way down to cute q street.two q -- to residents tell me they heard gunshots -- multiple gunshots, at least five. a few minutes later, police arrived, and that's where they found the victim with multiple gunshot loans. all they are saying is it was an adult male. he was taken to an area hospital and pronounced dead. sources tell us he had just gotten out of jail -- we are talking about her of ur
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>> it happened that night, but regardless, it is still next to a school. me they: sources tell are still receiving tips on what happened. at this point, they have not released a suspect description. they do not have anyone in custody at this hour, but they thisontinuing investigation. as soon as we have more information, we will pass it along to you. cruise in prince george's county working to put out hotspots after a fire -- crews in prince george's county. blaze breaking out at a uniform rental company .n laurel when firefighters g
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scene, they say the building was fully engulfed. no word yet on what caused this fire. investigators are asking for -- asking witnesses to come forward. for an unknown reason, a small .edan struck a utility truck this happened around 8:30 this morning. the driver of the sedan was pronounced dead at the scene and has not yet been identified. the utility truck driver was not hurt. for a look at what traffic looks like right now, jamie sullivan joins us. jamie: we are starting with an accident in maryland. behind me, solid red line with our traffic. only the right lane is getting .y already seeing slow traffic with this crash. earl
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inbound. everything is reopened. very, very light volume so far this afternoon. crossing the bridge, quiet getting into rosslyn and arlington. let's move back to the mat. we have midday roadwork in place. our traffic a little bit heavy as well on the inner loop. 95, same thing. watch the speed on maryland. same thing on the washington parkway. that is a look at traffic. back to you. now, arlington county police issuing an urgent warning after a man tried to lower three children -- tried to lure three children into his truck. those children made it away
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the truck is an older model navy blue pickup, and police say the man is hispanic. if you know anything, please contact police. s are still looking for a missing fairfax county firefighter. this is the third day of that search. fire officials say she called in and this past saturday, her car was found in the shenandoah national park. search teams have been scouring the park but have found no trace of her. up, it's being called an engineering marvel. all takingg bust place underground. plus, a major rescue after a car goes up in flames in prince george's county. how firefighters helped the woman inside.
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thelong rain -- reign, royal tribute today happening in london. plus, you wi
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people are in custody this noon after the discovery of a half mile tunnel underneath the california-mexico border. confiscated aals tight of cocaine and several tons of marijuana as well -- federal officials confiscated a tim
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on of cocaine. officials say it's the longest drug tunnel ever discovered in that region. legend has died. they found the 46-year-old 's body inside her apartment. no word on the time of death or there but authorities say was no sign of foul play. take a look at this -- a car .ompletely engulfed in flames the assistant fire chief took this video moments after pulling a woman from that earning car where along with -- pulling a car. from that burning they say she was suffering from an medical incident at the time. she was not injured in the higher but was taken to the hospital for
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was not injured in the fire. happening now, firefighters are battling a blaze in the shenandoah park. it even forced officials to close a portion of the appalachian trail. so far, no reports of property damage or injuries. that's not too far from us. doug: rain is coming tomorrow. better chance to put it out. dry weather has been our story for 11 days now. warmth, dry air and pollen has been the story again. lowything else is in the range. both trees, time trees, and cedar trees are the top offenders --
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pine trees, and cedar trees. wind out of the south at 60 miles per hour at reagan national. in the overcast, and that's why some places are at 70 degrees. will get the sunshine combining with a southerly wind, and i think we will get into the low to mid 70's across most of .he area meanwhile, keep an eye on showers headed to the west. speed is 12, 14 miles an hour out of the south. what you see is cloudiness moving across the area. that will be the story until late tonight when it becomes more overcast in the area. all of this emanating from a warm front moving just now through western maryland.
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wide and of showers, but as we get through ,he night and the day tomorrow as the front lifts out, showers may become more numerous -- this is not a wide band of showers. through the get late morning and afternoon, a little more widespread shower activity just ahead of the cold front and with that, possibly an isolated thunderstorm rolling through the afternoon. as wes our weather story get through the day, sunshine breaking through the clouds. we get through the overnight hours and become cloudy with a few showers overnight, very mild. through the day tomorrow, look for showers, isolated thunderstorms, a little sun at .imes highs of 78 degrees, and then we clear it out for the weekend. becoming sunny on saturday. 71 on sunday.
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here. next chance of rain will come on tuesday. jummy: our good friend queen elizabeth the second -- queen elizabeth ii celebrating her 90th birthday today. stephanie: today, queen elizabeth ii has reached another milestone as britain's first monarch to celebrate her 90th birthday. ramping upkingdom the pomp and circumstance for the occasion. the bells of westminster abbey wringing out in celebration and a royal gun salute for the queen , one of many events throughout the country -- the bells of westminster abbey ringing out in celebration. well-wishers
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for days with cakes and balloons, trying to catch a glimpse of her royal highness. what do you give the queen on her birthday? >> we regularly have a lot of debates. harry and i decided to have a joint gift this year. stephanie: prince william, who rarely speaks about his mother, opened up about how the queen a guiding force. william: having lost my mother at a very young age, it was important to have someone to look up to. stephanie: this image of the queen with her family will be on special stands to mark the queen's life. obama will also help the queen celebrate her birthday
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department is booting andrew jackson from the $20 bill and replacing him with harriet tubman. on the $10 bill, alexander hamilton will stay on the front, but a montage of leaders from the women's suffrage movement will be featured on the back. and this just in -- big changes coming to the national spelling bee. the final round will be longer and include more difficult words . these changes come after the last two spelling bees ended in a tie. the national spelling bee is may 2 through 22nd at the national harbor. coming up, a new weapon in the fight against the zika virus. the experiment
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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are hoping tosts use a new weapon in the fight against the zika virus -- genetically modified mosquitoes, bread and a florida lab and designed to kill off mosquitoes in a florida- bred lab and design to kill off mosquitoes that carry the virus. opposition says there's no plan to stop them if something goes wrong. researchers say the approach has reduced the mosquito population in brazil and other countries. senate gop lawmakers are today that will
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democrats. politicians say the virus primarily spread through mosquitoes, is linked to birth defects in babies. reveals bedbugs have developed a thicker skin, which protects them against commonly used bug sprays. according to researchers, the bloodsucking parasites have made a comeback in recent years, partly because trying to kill them has only made them stronger. ugh. rain is on the way the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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jummy: we still have that good weather out there, but maybe some rain for some books tonight. : cloudy at the moment. we will see some rain tonight wind.ind of sustained tomorrow looks like we have a much better chance -- partly to mostly cloudy. warmer, upper 70's. afternoon and evening, thunderstorms a possibility. we are hoping the showers will timet of the story by the of the nationals' opening game with the twins. jummy:
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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>> 1 player, 14 questions, $1 million on the line. that's what i call drama. that's what i call "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] good. our first contestant is a budding entrepreneur and hoping today she'll be able to expand her specialty cheese business after she gets a taste of the million dollars. from fort greene, new york, please welcome pam brewer. [cheers and applause] >> hey, chris. >> pam. >> nice to meet you. >> looking good. >> thanks. >> so you love the cheese. >> i love the cheese. it'


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