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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight. meteorologist steve rudin is here with what is happening out there now and when we might be in the clear. steve: we have to get through tonight and tomorrow morning and then a huge improvement tomorrow afternoon. looking at the doppler radar. we have widely scattered showers. heavier cells. but nothing is expected to be severe. wet roadway from fredericksburg to stafford. closer to the d.c. metro around the capital beltway. heading to northeast d.c. up to college park area. that is where we are looking at a light shower at this time. the nationals game i believe will go on. no problems. may drop rain drops here and there. we will see the temperatures around 70 degrees. fall to middle 60's by the time the game is over with at 10:00 tonight. we are talking about 80-plus degree temperature on the south-seven outlook. the
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minutes. maureen: thank you, steve. every water fountain and faucet in the district public school will be tested for lead after tests showed elevating lead levels at three elementary schools. sam ford is live in northeast with the latest developments in a story you first saw on abc7. sam? sam: we are outside minor elementary school in northeast washington. as you said, one of three schools in tests last august city found elevated led levels but it took eight months for the parent of the schools to learn that. the news arrived out the higher lead levels parents like melvin wellington who has a daughter at minor are upset. >> i didn't get a note this morning. i didn't receive a phone call. i found out about this lead through a parent right here. >> parents from capitol hill monte sorry had similar complaints --
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similar complaints. they learned they found elevated lead levels in tests last august and never flagged the information which sat in an online data base until a blogger found it this month and raised the alarm. >> to me that is almost a criminal act to know that there is an issue, a serious, serious health issue to affect our children. >> on the carpet the testing agency was promising to do better. >> anywhere in this process, councilmember, where there is a disconnect in communication i'm going to find it and correct it. sam: he promised to test or retest every device in the 113 d.c. public school for lead. as one member put it -- >> every hose, every faucet, every sink they will test every one of them. >> the parents question the competence of d.c. general services and this mom says for her two children at montessori -- >> i don't want them to drink the water
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>> that makes me wonder what else you're not telling us. sam: expert says there is no lead level good particularly for small children. the standard for d.c. general services is 15 parts per billion. the d.c. public schools said of the three schools miner and the others any of the hundreds of students who parents want them tested for lead the school system will pay for that. for the inspections of the 113 schools in d.c. the doctor of general says it should be completed in 60 days. reporting live from northeast washington i'm sam ford. abc7 news. maureen: thank you, sam. we are following the latest developments in the apparent suicide of a fairfax county firefighter whose body was discovered in shenandoah national park. nicole mittendorff left a suicide note in her car and was reported missing one week ago after she didn't show up for work at the fairfax county fire station number 32. in the past few
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become aware of online message boards in which mittendorff was the target of negative comments. the department is aware of the online activity but says focused solely on coping with the tragedy. bomb threat turned into a murder investigation in northwest d.c. police were called to an apartment building on tunlaw street this morning after someone called in the threat. police swept the building and found a woman suffering several stab wounds. she died at the hospital and police charged 59-year-old charles sykes with her murder. they believe he called in the false bomb threat as well. new push in prince george's county to fight sun violence. the bill is sponsored by representative chris van hollen, democratic candidate for u.s.
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this a political stunt. baker denies that. the move follows recent shootings that killed a prince george's county officer and a firefighter. new information coming in to us a day after the unexpected death of music superstar prince. tonight there is no word on what caused the 57-year-old's death. authorities said they did not find any signs of trauma and the investigation is ongoing. there are a lot of questions of what happened to the music legend. suzanne kennedy joins us with what we now know. suzanne: it will take several weeks for the autopsy to be completed. medics conducted c.p.r. on prince when they found him unresponsive in an elevator. but it was too late. >> ♪ purple rain suzanne: 29 hours in the investigation and authorities are trying to figure out how music icon prince died. a four-hour autopsy was couc
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with few details being revealed other than in all likelihood it was not a suicide. >> there was no obvious sign of trauma to the body that we observed. i don't know at this point what the medical examiner may have found in the autopsy. if anything would have shown. but there was nothing at all that indicated an obvious sign of trauma. suzanne: in washington, the tributes continue from musicians -- >> prince has always been a big mentor, a big part of my music career. to even hear about his dying, i didn't even believe it. suzanne: to fans. >> i am just shattered to pieces. his music meant so much to me. it's hard to put into words right now. suzanne: at the national portrait gallery a condolence book and still photo of prince hang in the honor of the 57-year-old musician. >> it's hard to say goodbye. a shock to actually know that particular life as ended and we are not going to get any more of that creativitya
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artistic talent. suzanne: at some records in northwest washington prince's last few albums sold out quickly. >> the hip-hop guys like him, rock 'n' roll guys like him, disco liked him. he crossed genres. you could be a punk rocker and prince is cool. suzanne: prince's remains have been turned over to his family. no word when the funeral will be held. live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. maureen: stay with abc7 as we continue to remember prince. we'll have the latest including reaction to his death at we also have a photo gallery looking back at his life. we would like you to let us know about your favorite prince songs on the coming up, a family targeted. latest on a shocking shooting spree in ohio. and the manhunt underway now for the shooter. plus a long roa
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the aid slowly pouring in after a powerful earthquake rocked ecuador last week. why some say the aid is not coming fast enough. a 2-month-old left in a hot car. life saving reaction of good samaritan and a police o
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maureen: eight people are confirmed dead at hour homes in central high school. victims were a teenager, 5-day-0 old infant and 6-month-old child found alive in the homes. authorities say they are all member of the same family. at this time police haven't made any arrests. >> the individual or the individuals who committed this crime obviously are dangerous. we believe that they are still at large. we do not know their location. maureen: the f.b.i. offered to assist ohio law enforcement in the investigation. schools in the area of the shooting went on lockdown this morning but return to normal operations late today.
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maureen: representtives of more than 150 countries are at the united nations to sign a landmark agreement to combat climate change. it was approved in paris last year and will go into effect when 55 countries representing at least 55% of global emissions have formally joined it. secretary of state john kerry with his granddaughter signed on behalf of the united nations. time to rock the red. caps just need one more win over the flyers. the excitement from the verizon center coming up. steve is back with the full forecast for the weekend.
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erin: the capitals have a chance to close out the series with the flyers tonight. how much pressure are the players feeling? plus, find out which all pro corner back visited the redskins today.
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maureen: a couple of good samaritans and a police officer in new mexico are credited the life of a baby of the it was all caught on camera. >> i'm trying to, hold on, i have rescue en route. maureen: the these good mare tans spotted the 2-month-old in a hot car and they called police. the baby was left there for an hour and a half. albuquerque police officer is seen in the video soothing the child until the paramedics arrived. the infant was treated for fever and dehydration but is going to be okay. the baby's father is facing charges. the capitals are one game away from moving forward in the playoffs. game five against the flyers is less than an hour away. tom roussey is live outside the verizon center where fans are beginning to pour in
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tom: well, maureen, if you saw us an hour ago you saw it was starting to be a sea of red. now officially it's a sea of red. we have all the capital fans here. they have opened the doors of the verizon center. let's go this way to show more of what is going on. is this series going back to philadelphia or ending tonight? >> it's ending this evening. tom: why are you confident? >> they have us behind them to cheer them on. tom: the fans are confident. they thought they might end it in philadelphia but they lost that one.
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streets out here. if they win it's over for this series. if they lose it would go back to philadelphia for game six. the fans don't want to thi about that. if they lost twice it would go back here for a game seven next week. most of the fans are confident saying it won't be necessary. it will end here friday night. i'm reporting live, tom roussey, abc7 news. maureen: okay, tom. we wish them luck. we are taking your predictions on twitter about who will win the series. and how quickly. so far 72% of you say the caps will win tonight. finish out the series. 15% say the flyers will take this to the end of game seven and win. head to abc7 --@abc7 on twitter to cast your vote. of course we know what our votes will be. steve: tonight is the night. it will happen. maureen: now or never. steve: exactly. we have a few showers out there now. th
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out to the advantage with the baseball game tonight. and tomorrow afternoon for the baseball game. we will get it all in between the two games. relatively nice weekend ahead. the daytime high today made it up to 76 degrees. still well above average for this time of year. the rain helping a little bit with the pollen. ee pollen in the high category. if you suffer from allergies that could be why. the grasses are in the moderate range. looking at the satellite and the radar. the clouds are here to stay. some of you may look at peeks of sunshine. strongest cells i could find, not severe. well west of us. just west of hancock, maryland. that is moving off toward the east. head down to fredericksburg and triangle. the showers have now come to an end. 795 drying out -- 95 drying out a little bit. old town alexandria, and flirting with the stadium for game tonight. looking at light shower activity. but by no means nothing like that is a heavy downpour. 72 in
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70 at frederick. reagan national at 70. andrews at 68. 67 in fredericksburg. if you have plans to eat outdoors temperatures will be in the lower 70's. the night time lows will fall to the middle 50's in the suburban locations. just around 60 degrees in downtown d.c. lingering showers. you may hear a rumble of thunder but the chance for the thunderstorms will diminish past midnight tonight. waking up tomorrow morning. showers, you may have to dodge a few of them. as you head out the door to walk your dog or go for a quick jog, temperatures are 60's inside the beltway. we have a nice warmup moving through the midday hours. the future cast looks like this. the shower activity limited at 8:00 tonight. notice how showers pick up. by 10:00 in the morning, we have a few wildly scattered showers concentrated north. but
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winds pick up. wind gusts up to 20 or 25 miles per hour. sunday if i had to pick the better of the two days this weekend, sunday by far. give it probably perfect ten with a lot of sunshine. temperatures near 70. tomorrow is not so bad. we have the showers in the morning. temperatures in the 60's. by late afternoon we will be in the lower 70's. the seven-day outlook likes like this. 71 on sunday. nice warmup. we will cool it down slightly. upper 70's, chance for showers on tuesday. maureen: thank you, steve. i was thinking about tom roussey. he is outside the verizon center. talking to the fans going in. our erin hawksworth is live in the verizon center right now to tell us about game five between the capitals and the flyers. erin: that is right. i was quiet here before. but not now. take a look. fans a
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thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. erin: i'm erin hawksworth live for game five between the
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back to philly. take a look. the fans are filing in. they are excited. they want this to get done here at home. this is the perfect time. i talked to some fans who said you know, we are a little bit nervous after game four. but they are still confident that the caps can get it done tonight. the players are also pumped to be back at home with all the energy from the home crowd. they will use last year's collapse in playoff as motivation and they know from experience how dangerous it can be if they lose to the flyers tonight. >> it will be fun. we control our des
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>> the redskins had a visitor. norman at redskins park. we don't have official word but they are serious about signing him and it would be great to have him at the corner back position to beef up the defense next season. this is a couple days after the panthers didn't put the franchise tag on him. we will keep it on that story but back to the caps. i predict they went 2-0. and it doesn't go to philly. >> good luck to the caps. steve: absolutely. >> and the nats. we'll have more for you about both the games and much more. "world news tonight" with david muir up next.
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dren to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message. tonight, breaking news -- the prince mystery. what happened in the pop legend's final hours? the autopsy just completed. authorities revealing two major findings. plus, new details on his mid-air health scare, as tributes pour in around the world. also breaking -- massive manhunt. a killer on the loose, residents forced to hide inside a church. already eight dead, including children. caught on tape, trump's top aide revealing the gop frontrunner has been playing a part that's about to change. ted cruz on the attack, saying the comments prove trump is a con man. mayday. the inside story of a catamaran capsizing. all of it caught on camera. the moment the ship goes under and the frantic effort by


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