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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 27, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," major victories for the trump and clinton campaigns. >> donald trump sweeping all five states. hillary clinton falling just short of that feat but it's looking like a turning point for the bernie sanders campaign. we have full analysis just ahead. dangerous storms are missing the plains, tornados and hail threaten 50 million people in the path of more wild weather this week. damaging hail and flash floods are causing trouble overnight. we'll have the latest on where the system is headed. >> living on the edge. record rainfall taking out the ground from underneath these houses. landslides and erosion threatening to completely destroy neighborhoods. and how to make sure your wedding turns out absolutely wonderful including how to take care of the riffraff when their antics might take away from your big day. advice for everybody in part two of our wed
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on this wednesday, april 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> is it not socially acceptable to get on the pole at the wedding? >> is that frowned upon in in crowd. >> come on. judgment. >> what kind of a lame party is this anyway. >> good morning. >> maybe we both need a taste of the wedding etiquette. welcome back. >> good to be here on a monday. wednesday. it is great to be here. >> it's your monday though. >> nice to be back from vacation two makeup shades darker. >> a little tan in brazil. >> yes, absolutely. >> good on you. we gin with the race for the white house and the front-runners roaring to victory in the northeast. >> donald trump swept all five states up for grabs promptly declaring himself the presumptive nominee as trump inches closer to the republican nomination hillary clinton now has 90% of the delegates she needs to clinch on the democratic side. >> clinton won four out of five
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island. it's your voice, your vote. the latest from the are abc's elizabeth hur in philadelphia. >> a big night for donald trump trouncing his rivals and hillary clinton coming up big on then mini super tuesday. >> the best way to beat the system is have evenings like there where you get record setting votes, record setting delegates. >> with your help, we're going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention with the most votes and the most pledged delegates. >> reporter: the front-runners projected to win most of the delegates helping solidify their quest to clinch their party's nominations. for trump, it was a clean sweep. he's now calling on his rivals to drop out. tweeting, this joke of a deal is falling apart. to stop trump, ted cruz and john kasich had promised to split the vote in future primaries and that pact losing steam. >> i never told them not to vote for
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tonight, this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain. >> reporter: for clinton, with these victories she's even closer to that magic number and closing out bernie sanders challenge once and for all. but sanders is refusing to give up. >> the fight that we are waging is not an easy fight. but i know you are prepared to wage that fight against the 1%. >> reporter: sanders could soon be in for a reality check. his top strategist says they will be reassessing where his campaign stands later today. with these victories certainly adding to clinton and trump's momentum. diane and kendis. >> elizabeth, thank you. sanders congratulated clinton on her victories and he attributed his single win in rhode island to the fact that it was an open primary where independents could vote. >> he has been hammering home that point. trump is calling on
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as he's concerned, it's over. abc's rick klein breaks it down for us. good morning, rick. >> reporter: diane and kendis this was a donald trump romp. absolutely domination through five northeastern states puts trump back on track for the nomination. he's going to win the lion's share of delegates blowing away the competition in each and every one of the states on the ballot coming on the heels of the victory in new york, it puts donald trump in commanding position potentially to get a first ballot victory. and it means that the indiana primary a week from now will be even more important. the anti-trump forces already beginning to marshall. it is going to be ground zero for both his attempts to get the delegates he needs and the attempt to stop him. almost as big a night on the democratic side for hillary clinton. she wins four out of five states. a psychological blow at the least to bernie sanders. sanders need to be making up grounds and going in the wrong direction. hillary clinton taking a turn toward the general election. bernie sanders beginning to
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recalibrate his message last ditch appeal to delegates to remember independents vote too, but realistically, hillary clinton in a strong position as ever and a strong night for both front-runners. diane and kendis. >> thanks so much. donald trump may have to testify in the case against his now defunct real estate school. >> a new york judge ruled that the lawsuit against trump university will go to trial after a settlement could not be reaped. trump is accused of using his celebrity status to persuade students to enroll in expensive courses that failed to deliver on promises. he said last night he's going to win the case. should point out our tom llamas was one that asked minimum about that at the press conference lafferty night. trump said he's going to win it. it's a civil case. nothing criminal. >> he's going to win the election, going to win the race. he's got it all under control. >> he's going to rule the world. >> that's what he says anyway. we're going to hear more from donald trump later this morning on "good morning america."
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plains. bad weather stretches from texas to nebraska and eastward to west virginia. oklahoma is getting hit the hardest. there were severe thunderstorms there with winds as high as 70 miles an hour and several unconfirmed reports of tornados. thousands of people are also without power. and the storms delivered heavy rain, strong winds and hail as big as grapefruits. four inches in diameter to parts of kansas. a flash flood warning in effect in wichita. some streets are already flooded. overnight that rain is still coming down. the most severe threat is moving overnight to the east from oklahoma, kansas and nebraska into the ohio valley and mid-mississippi valley. there isn't as much danger further south. some storms are still likely today. investigators have discovered the missing data recorder from the ship el faro deep in the waters off the bahamas and trying to figure out how to retrieve the recorder. it sank last october while traveling between jacksonville, florida, and puerto rico with 33 people on board.
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hoping the recordler reveal something about the last moments of their loved ones lives. >> another security breach at the white house. a pan fleeing the scene of a robbery jumped the fence of the isz eisenhower executive office building, part of the complex. the man was arrested. the secret service has worked to increase security after a string of fence jumping incidents. now to a chilling phone call to a suburban cincinnati emergency services center. a man actually admits his crime right to the dispatcher. >> what can i help you with. >> i just shot and kid my wife. >> that's right. he just told the dispatcher that he shot his wife. jeffrey hawkings was waiting for the police. he himself is a 12-year veteran of the chicago police force and told authorities he got mad after his wife cleaned out their bank account. he's been charged with murder and held on $3 million bail. the fbi is not likely to tell apple how it broke flow the iphone left
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san bernardino smoothers. in fact, fbi director james comey says his agency is still studying how a third party gained access to that phone. it has been reported that the fbi paid $1 million to that group to see what was on the phone. and apple shareholders might not want to watch the value of their investment today because apple just reported its first drop in quarterly revenue in 13 years. that drop blamed on showing on slowing iphone sales during the first three months of the year. apple though is also predicting another revenue drop for the current quarter. analysts think things will improve in the fall when the next generation iphone is expect plaintiff while we're talking about money, it's a good time to be a full-time employee of the chobani yogurt company. >> the company's ceo, the guy seen in the middle, handed out envelopes to 2,000 full-time workers yesterday. inside, the details of how many shares of the company they would have if chobani ever goes public or sold. >> for
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worth about $150,000. others who have been there from the beginning would get shares worth over $1 million. >> wow. >> $1 million. >> that's a pretty nice letter >> the boss said i built something i never thought would be such a success. i can't think of it being built without all these people. this was his way of paying it forward. apparently he's attempted before. >> the company worth about $3 billion around since 2005. a lot of success in a very short period of him. >> and it's delicious. >> yes. coming up later in the mix," a real-life homeward bound story. >> first, where they once had a yard, there is now a canyon. landslides are putting these homes on the edge. what, if anything, can be done to stop them from crumbling into the abyss. >> also ahead, what every good wedding guest needs to know if you thought simply showing up is enough. we're going to help everyone figure out how to be a good guest and how to handle bad ones. >> remember to find us on
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you're looking at a from the high seas about 40 miles north of cuban as three cubans transferred from a disney cruise ship to the u.s. coast guard. the cruise ship staff found them cling doing a rescue. terse out they were
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connection with credit card charges in louisiana and it's believed they were trying to escape the u.s. because of those charges. >> oh. >> kind of a little interesting twist. >> were they hoping to not get rescued or -- all right. at least we know how they'll pay for the rest of that cruise. here on dry land, families in one community in colorado springs are hoping for a very different kind of rescue. >> their homes are sitting on increasingly unstable ground as the earth crumbles beneath them triggering a fight over who is responsible. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: after record-setting rainfall in colorado springs, last summer, cracks began appearing in catherine and rick sisco's yard. they've now grown to this. where you once had a yard, you now have a canyon? >> yes. >> reporter: an investigation by "the denver post" found that for two decades, geologists warned the city of colorado springs and developers about the danger of building homes in potential landslide zones.
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warnings that over time were allegedly ignored. this house was built in 1964. the siscos bought it in 2010. they say they had no idea their dream retirement home was in danger of a landslide until about ten months ago, when the ground started to fall away. so far, at least 30 houses have damage, but thousands more may be at risk. the city says all building regulations were followed, but it is now reviewing whether those regulations need to be toughened. to know if your home is at risk, experts recommend getting your property evaluated by a geologist. and, think about extra insurance. most policies, including the siscos, do not cover landslides. >> it's an act of god, and you can't blame anyone. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, colorado springs. >> and the denver post is now reporting at least 70 property owners are seeking this kind of federal aid for their property. >> and it could be just a problem that will grow because there as clayton mentioned there
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built in that area. they knew about this problem since the mid '90s. this is isn't something new at all. >> officials apparently say it's more a problem of lack of communication. that a lot of people that should be informing you your home is built on this land they don't know. a lot of people expect their realtors to disclose. partial a lot of them are not aware of this or weren't till now. now i'm hoping at least they're infored. >> i think they know it. it's a room with a view now. >> a room with a view. looking at it on the positive side. >> always positive. coming up in our next half hour, the much anticipated daytime tv reunion. kelly ripa returned to live after learning about michael strahan's departure. what she told fans and michael. >> first, part two of our wedding series. yesterday we gave you tips for the modern bride. today dos and don'ts for guests. stay tuned. you're watching "world news now."
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>> announcer
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♪ so chances are sometime in the next few months, we will all be an honored guest at a wedding somewhere. but beware. nothing gives the bride those wedding bell blues faster than when you commit those major braechz of etiquette some of us may be guilty of. >> when you get overserved that happens. yesterday we showed you tips for the modern day bride including how to politely tell guests to leave kids at home.
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advice for guests, what is and what is not expected of them. here's abc's bride to be nikki battiste. >> reporter: this is a bride's worst nightmare. that token terrible and out of control wedding guest. hoping to avoid my own ruined reception and bloody nose, i popped over to new york's plaza hotel to get the wedding guest 101 from ed ket expert micah myer. every wedding has the token person or bridesmaid who is out of control. how do you handle it? >> i think that's the job of the bridal party. >> please let my bridesmaids be on their best behavior. >> you look. >> megan, are you okay. >> oh. i think i just -- my dress was probably tight. >> whatever your role, don't forget. pay attention to the one lady wearing white. >> as a guest, you
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clear of flew light colors, white off white, even a light, light blush that could be mistaken in certain lighting for a white or off white. >> it's 2016 and social media etiquette has arrived. >> you want to look for clues. if the bride and groom put on their wedding website or even their invitation a lsht for the wedding that, pretty much means they're open to allowing to you take photos and put it on social media. i say you never assume that's okay though. >> is it generally okay to take pictures of a bride walking down the aisle. >> nowadays it is as long as the phone is on silence and you are being respectful. >> reporter: another tricky topic, addressing newlyweds. today roughly 20% of brides keep their names. >> you can put that on your wedding website. mr. smith and mrs. burke. >> reporter: make sure you never congratulate the bride. only the groom. after all, an he's the lucky one. for the bride, it's best
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put your fork down after four bites. >> just like so. to grab your glass, you want to reach to the bottom of the stem with your index finger and your thumb and you can use a third finger for support. the lower down on the stem you go, the more elegant it is. >> reporter: dining etiquette says the least amount of noise you make, the better a guest you will be. >> when you cheers you only make eye contact. no clinching. >> don't do that. >> just a raise, eye contact and drink. >> reporter: but by all means, you'd better make some noise on that dance floor. nikki battiste, abc news, new york. >> so we learned something. is it supposed to be that loud? >> i think it's supposed to be a little less aggressive. i'm glad we have super sturdy mugs and not glasses. we have a new one on the list. don't smash the champagne glasses. >> don't get wasted. don't say congratulations to the bride? >> tha
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♪ it is time now for "the mix." and i'm a big fan of the movie "homeward bound, the incredible journey." we very something even better. the true version of this story. you're looking at farmer allan james. either way, the story is about two farmers. one decides he has a sheepdog, one of 15 dogs on the farmer and finds another farmer who he thinks would be a good match. he gives him the dog. the second farmer lives 240 miles away. however, guess who shows up to farm number one. >> he ran back home. >> that's right. the dog's name is paro. he apparently was not happy with this arrangement his owners had made. so he came back. 240 miles. th
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showed up, seeming well fed and in good health. they assume he somehow got people to take care of him along the way but found his way back home. they decided once they saw him this must be fate. >> he did that in less than two weeks. >> they say we're happy to have him home with us. >> they're not going to put him on an island there time. >> no. he's home now for good. >> some of us might text and drive. and a lot of people text and walk. now there's a town in ba jair in the south of germany that has come up which a solution for there. traffic lights that help people go around texting and give you a sense of when it's legal or safe for you to walk. it else is you if a tram is copping. >> look both ways. it's not going to happen anymore? >> just keep looking down, keep texting. > i did have a man once who was
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behind him and directly behind his son was me. we're all walking on the sidewalk. the man was texting. grabbed my hand and started walking me across the street. i looked back and his son swrugd lis shoulders and followed behind. we made it all the way across the street before he realized he was holding the wrong person's hand. >> that is the best pickup move ever. >> this one is for the ladies. you want to put on a cute pair of open toe shoes but you realize you could use a pedicure? a japanese fashion company found a solution for that. you are looking at actual stockings that are an automatic manicure. they're designed to fit over each individual toe and give au immediate pedicure. you can pick from all sorts of designs and patterns. even give yourself a french manicure if you want. >> even hello kitty? >> i'm guessing hello kitty, as well. >> that's kind of freaky looking. >> you don't have to wait for
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this morning on "world news now," a super tuesday sweep. donald trump taking all five states in the republican primary. while hillary clinton widens her lead over bernie sanders in the democratic race. going to have the overnight reactions from the campaigns. >> and an outbreak of severe storms across a large part of the country. ominous clouds are putting communities across the heartland on edge watching for tornados overnight. recast. ve the accuweather >> and new this half hour, the bombshell dropped about prince. >> what we're finding out about what the superstar did not leave behind. a will. so who stands to inherit his fortune worth an estimated $300 million? we have the full story straight ahead. and honoring america's 100 most influential people. who turned out last night for the "time" 100 gala. that story ahe


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