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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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[explosion] leon: a man in a panda suit shot by the police after threatening to explode a bomb at a tv station. gunfire andard the i knew he was on the ground, i felt sick to my stomach. ur sister station in baltimore was evacuated as a result of the threat. tonight they are back in their studios with a story to tell. the suspected bombs were made up of chocolate bars. jay: jay korff has the details. jay: it all unfold it where i'm standing. the suspect barricaded himself behind the door. he eventually walked out here, where he was shot multiple times. the authorities thought he had a bomb strapped to him. it turns out it was actually
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of pieces of it on the ground, and tonight we are hearing from the man's father. wbff in baltimore, fox 45, became the news thursday. at 1:20 p.m., a man wearing a bizarre costume and surgical mask barricaded himself inside ,he station's vestibule demanding that they air information contained on a flash drive. in the parking lot, the suspect's car was on fire. a a producer other did a security guard, who evacuated the building. >> just trying to keep them calm. ,ay: when the suspect identified as a 25-year-old, walked outcome he ignored orders from authorities. >> they were yelling for him to get on the ground for a third time, then
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jay: police fired, multiple times. appeared to be an explosive turned out to be candid. >> chocolate candy bars with wiring connecting each of them. jay: third eye, they spoke with the suspect's father, who said his son recently suffered a mental breakdown. room andnt down to his said, there is something with a bunch of wires and everything, but did not think anything of it . jay: the suspect has not been charged. he is suspected to survive. nobody else was hurt. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, jay. hereing gears, only on 7, a scandalous event,
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the entire cast of "scandal" live in northwest. jeannette reyes has more on the star-studded event in our own backyard. very exciting. e: a little "scandal" hit d.c. tonight, but the good kind, in town for a screening tonight. politics arming things a little strange on the set. it is the show that keeps us all on the edge of our seats every thursday night. >> i joke with my friends i want to take over the world through television. it was a joke and it was not a joke. show is very much serious business for the tens of millions who watch around the world. >> we are in communication with fans in brazil, italy, south africa. we know what the show was called in all these different countries. jeannette:
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spoke about what they can as we move closer to the season five finale. lasten we read the script, our jaws hit the floor. jeannette: as the storyline gets spicier and more scandalous, the actor say it gets more truthful. >> sometimes it's outdone by reality. jeannette: and it is not just the scenarios that are eerily similar. >> she wrote characters doing very much what one of our presidential candidates is doing and behaving. jeannette: the cast will be partying this weekend. shonda rimes, will receive an international emmy award recognizing her
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entire night of prime time television and making it difficult for any bs to get anything done. leon: that is a heck of an cobbler schmidt. well earned. before tonight's event, the scandal cast spent the day out and about in d.c. what do you think of their favorite places to go in the city? we will hear from them later in the newscast. alison: when you want to know about your doctor, maryland offers a public website to let you dig up some dirt, but the 7 on your side i-team discovered that page could hide a position's past. joce sterman explains. joce: gallbladder surgery should have been routine for this montgomery county man, but he seemed to know from the start he would not make it. >> he said i will die in the hospital. joce: they left them with pictures to remember him
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he was going to die. : his family sued his position in 1995 area the lawsuit claimed he made a mistake in surgery and failed to treat complications that followed. indward denied the claims court papers, saying that he complied with the standard of care. the case was settled, but never reached reaction from the maryland board of physicians. how many accidents need to take place? >> i would like to say>> one. they have never taken any action against dr. woodward. according to a state website, he looks flawless, but the 7 on your side i-team found out that is far from the truth, cases people do not know about because they do not appear on his public profile. if you had known he had wrongful death lawsuits against him, would you have trusted him with your health? >> no.
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spring sued woodward and reached a settlement in 2007 after she claimed she was not treated for a life threatening competition after surgery. woodward said he complied with the standard of care. >> he was killing me. had no idea that woodward had been sued for negligence or malpractice in his past. case, but settled five others. she wanted to know why the medical board never acted. so did we, but they turned down a request for interview, saying their records are confidential. >> one doctor in maryland who had eight hospital actions and was not disciplined at all. sidneyor decades, dr. has tracked medical boards. they are made aware of lawsuit payments involving physicians becaus
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to the national practitioner data bank, set up by congress to protect the public. theonly problem is much of information that contains can be kept secret from you. patients,mportant for and they do not have access to the database. holdswhile the database on to malpractice payments dating back 25 years, maryland state law says they only have to tell you about the last five, and only if there are three or more payments of 150 grand or more. >> they have a duty to the public to get that information out. it is like a big secret. why should it be? you put your life and that dr.'s hands. made 7 on your side numerous calls and visited dr. woodward's home three times, but he never answered us. he permanently surrendered his license in janua a
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board investigation. he operated on the wrong part of a patient and failed to report it to the hospital, the loan blip on his public medical record. >> the mistakes he has made over 20 years that nobody knows about. joce: joce sterman, abc 7 news. aison: the best way to get comprehensive picture of your doctors past is to look at their public profile with the maryland board of physicians and to check any lawsuits filed against them in a case search online. maryland's medical board is quick to emphasize in woodward's case and others, settlements and payments on malpractice cases do not necessarily mean negligence occurred or that care was substandard. as for virginia and d.c., their public pages do not list lawsuits at all. leon: a thriller for those rocking the red at the verizon center tonight. the caps off read over time now with the penguins in game one of their series,
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back and forth all night. tom roussey is live at the verizon center with an update on the excitement. they are in overtime and we are in cardiac arrest. what's going on? tom: we wanted to bring you fan reaction at this point, but it's not over because of overtime. folks out here on a smoke break in between regulation and overtime. pretty much everyone is back inside, winning to see if the capitals can pull off game one of second round with the penguins. i asked capitals fans of they were nervous. one said, not really. >> we have the best goalie in hockey. aps of old, i would be terrified. feeling all right now. feeling all right. tom: we will see if that holds. he is relying on what he says is the best goalie in hockey to give the team the victory. this is a best-of-seven series, a lot of hockey to go, but a lot of fans very nervous, on the edge of their seats at the verizon center. we will ta
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ends. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: fingers crossed. leon: not again, please, please. aison: still to come -- dramatic makeover for metro. the top, plus how the safety overhaul will impact your commute. app is not just for rides. the exotic new offerings from uber. steve: we are tracking showers on radar right now. you will need the umbrella again tomorrow.
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a bold theft at a victoria's secret.
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loading garbage bags with lingerie. this is at the st. charles town center in waldorf. a customer called this on tape. if you recognize the women, you are asked to call the police. there is a $1000 reward for tips that will lead to an arrest. leon: bold developments with metro to report tonight along with changes at the top. u.s. secretary of transportation anthony foxx members of metro's board and replace them, this is the system undergoes major repairs. expect single tracking in some areas and delays all weekend long after a long series of delays and disruptions. throughe going inspecting all the insulators, replacing them if they need to be, cleaning them if they need to be, looking at all the cables , just cables in general, track, with the third rail itself,
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problem is old leaks underground. metro is making repairs, but a permanent fix may be years away. alison: tomorrow the fairfax county fire department their findings on cyber bullying in the case of o in the wake of the tragedyrff. -- in the case of nicole mittendorff. leon: 7 on your side with health matters and two new cases of the zika virus in northern virginia, new cases, three in d.c., 11 in maryland. upry case that has popped has involved people traveling outside of the continental u.s. you are urged to clear standing
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up to protect yourself from mosquito bites. a tiger mosquito, which is very common in our region. it is the mosquito that is trans boarding it now -- transmitting it now in many parts of the americas. season officially start sunday. alison: we all know that you use uber to call for a car, but how about a yacht? yachts right, uber launches into by saturday -- launches in dubai on saturday. the cost, $82. you just have to reserve your spot with the uber app two days in advance. is nothing. dubai alison: maybe we can get that over here. steve:
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person, or just 10 minutes. there has to be some fine print on that. we have rain on the way again tonight and for tomorrow, but we are one day from the weekend, which we know what that means -- the farmers market. alison: of course. steve: come on, saturday morning. alison: are they paying you? steve: no. 56 degrees was the high today, well below average this time of year. monday was 86. 48 right now at reagan national, cloudy skies, showers. the oldest of the air well to the north, middle 40's frederick. 47 hagerstown. it is not feel like the end of april or early may. fredericksburg, elkins, west virginia, 56. the wider view, the milder air is located to the south. have a cold front that divides us from
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the day tomorrow. it will cloudy with some showers, patchy fog early in the morning. the showers rolling in right now, heading closer come inside capital beltway where it is drive. annapolis is where we have showers at this time, not amounting to a whole lot, but they will continue to doubt the radar through the overnight. before you head to bed, put the umbrella by your door so you grab it as you head out. isolated showers, patchy fog tonight. not enough to call significant travel delays tomorrow. air traffic should be fine. amtrak will be fine, but the roadways will be wet early tomorrow morning, so leave extra minutes traveling the capital beltway. degreeswood, about 51 dale city. the futurecast, a model that we used to forecast when we expect the rain to move in.
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showers. through the later hours tomorrow, friday evening, may have another batch. saturday evening, for the white house correspondents dinner, does not look good, lots of rain on the way. most of it out of here through the day sunday. the daytime high tomorrow, just about 60 degrees, that's it. the next seven days, below average. maryland day on saturday, lower 60's. then we will be back into the 70's by wednesday and thursday of next week. we had a really nice stretch of days, now we have a really long stretch of not so nice days. but we need the rain. leon: we do not want the night to go on much longer at the verizon center. scott: in overtime right now. the capitals trying to keep home to, the nationals trying avoid a sweep, and the redskins made some moves in the nfl draf
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yeahwe love low no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers.
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hockey, my friends. semiastern conference finals is the dream matchup for hockey fans. game one inside of the verizon center, and my friends, this game just ended. it was tied at 3-3 going into overtime. the capitals with the big game one win, 4-3 was the final score. they are actually going to review this. actually, the goal is under review right now. hold the phone. you have to love live tv. right now pending the review. if the review accounts, it would be 4-3 and they would take game one of the eastern conference semi finals. we will keep you posted. big night for football fans, the nfl draft in the spotlight, the redskins could go in several directions. they traded down a spot to the
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offense, selecting a tcu receiver. weapon for a young quarterback kirk cousins. waspick of the night ezekiel elliott, the ohio state running back arriving at the red carpet event. what you think, leon? that.i don't know about on the diamond, the nationals trying to avoid the sweep i the phillies. jonathan papelbon gives up a deep fly ball. harper gets turned around. two runs scioore. the phillies complete the sweep over the nationals. baltimore, the orioles broke out the offense. chris
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then manny machado it's a grand slam. the orioles showing off offensive fireworks. baltimore beats the white sox 10-2. and today's final note, the nba playoffs, the atlanta hawks eliminate the boston celtics in game six, 104-92. and the goal at the veracity or is still under review. as of right now -- oh, they just told me, it's a goal. it's a goal. the washington capitals take game one. go on social media, get on twitter, game one goes to the capitals. alison: break the crop top and celebrate, leon. leon:
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guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint.
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no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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set in d.c.,how is so what did the stars of "scandal" do when they are here? m, they fond of the newseu smithsonian american history museum. i went to milan oh yesterday, it was for stop today, we went to ben's. "scandal" cast
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will be on "good morning washington" tomorrow morning. fans leaving the verizon center thrilled.
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steve: more rain, grabbed the umbrella tomorrow, but it is friday. we will be in the upper 50's, near 60. saturday, cloudy skies through the day, showers late in the afternoon, evening, lower 60's. middle 60's with showers sunday, same on monday. sunshine returns tuesday and wednesday. alison: caps fans do not care about the rain. leon: they will smile because of this. they pulled it off tonight. they needed to. that look on their
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight chadwick boseman, chris hardwick, from the los angeles rams jared goff, and music from nick jonas ft. tove lo, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪


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